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The Increase of Insight: 911 Call Revisited

Principle:  Social Introductions indicate the subject's perceived disposition of the relationship at the time of the statement. 

For example:

"I was told by my manager, Priscille, to have the report fully typed up; no shortcuts."

This is a statement made to me many years ago.  Priscille was a perfectionist who treated a $10 theft no differently than a $10,000 theft.  She pressed upon her investigators principle above any pragmatic circumstance.  This was consistent with the principles of Statement Analysis. In spite of many differences, the well educated high powered criminal has the same human nature as the low level pick-pocket and the same indicators of deception and guilt.  

Note how I introduced her:  "my manager, Priscille."

Priscille was both feared and loved.  She was feared that in the sense, an investigator who lowered a standard, no matter how personally close, could expect a cold rebuke.  She was loved in that she was respected for her honesty.  If she was wrong, the same response could be expected from her.  Justice was what mattered. 

1.  Possessive pronoun:  "my"
2.  Her title, "manager"
3.  Her name, "Priscille"

All three indicate that from the subject's perspective, in this case me, personally, the relationship is very positive. 

We use this principle in many ways, noting contextual exceptions, but overall, it is a powerful indication of relationship. Some of those advanced in analysis will grasp the reason why passivity entered the statement with "I was told..." I gave away the answer in the longer description that followed. 

Incomplete Social Introduction

I did not say, "I was told by the manager to have the report fully typed up; no short cuts." 

Here, passivity and the Incomplete Social Introduction tell a very different story.  The perception of the relationship indicates a very poor relationship.  The "manager" has no name and has no connection to me, the subject.  This is a "bad relationship" at this point in the statement.  Even if you think you know otherwise, or that someone with the case file says, "no, they are very close", if you want 100% accuracy in analysis, submit to the principle, and let the statement unfold. 

That which did not make sense at this point of the statement, will come together, perfectly like a puzzle with all pieces, once the full analysis is completed.  

Human nature is complex. 

This teaching is applicable in many ways, but one, in particular, stands out:


Domestic Assault 

Domestic Homicide

In domestic assaults and homicides, the social introduction used can solve the case.  It requires strict submission to the statement, believing the statement over all else.  This is where the accuracy unfolds itself as we avoid interpretation or even the attempt to synthesize information from outside the statement with that from within.  

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." 

Another principle we often discuss is the yield of information with repeated analysis of the same statement. 

The principle states that once an intellectual and emotional connection with a statement has been broken, the same statement may yield, upon repeated analysis, up to 40% more content.  

The decoupling of intellect/emotion from a statement is key.  

Steve Johnson, Detective (retired) has analyzed a particular 911 call many times.  It is a most unusual call and his analysis has always been accurate.  

Yet, in an advanced training with both talented and experienced investigators/analysts, Steve made a point of which I am not certain he, himself, caught. 

Team Analysis is in play with the "40% Principle" even without the intellectual-emotional disconnect. 


Simply because other analysts follow other scents on the trail to truth. 

When we work through a statement, it unfolds word by word, and what is discovered by one, may have an elevated reaction (increased hormone or emotion), including "aha!" moments. 

With the "aha!" moment, it is very difficult to move away from it because it left an imprint upon the brain. 

Yet, the person seated next to you noted the point, agreed with it, but did not have the same intellectual-emotional  reaction.  This analyst is "on" for another point. 

Hence, Team Analysis is a marvelous short-cut to deeper content analysis which leads to the natural revelation of the subject in the psycho-linguistic profile.  Steve is a proponent of repeated analysis and inspires investigators to revisit statements routinely. 

"Iron Sharpens Iron"

In our training, new enrollees are often impressed with how others are willing to generously share both knowledge and encouragement.  

Analysis without such formal challenging from professionals can readily go astray, as one of us is susceptible  to emotional persuasion at any time.  Working with others is not only challenging, but is a factor for accuracy.  That "no man is an island" is proven throughout history as stand-alones have none to correct error.  The safety found in a multitude of counselors  is abandoned  upon the singular, howbeit romantic, individualist. The ability to appeal to the larger, with any given point in analysis, is to expedite learning and accuracy. 

Up Next:  

The 911 Call


The insightful point from Det. Johnson.  

For training in Statement Analysis, please visit Hyatt Analysis Services. This training is done in your home, at your pace and includes 12 months of e support.  As an investigator, you will not submit a report with error, when you take advantage of our support.  The expectation is 100% accuracy in detecting deception. 

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References and Evaluations upon request. 

We hold a distinct seminar for those who work in Sex Crimes Units, as the language of victims is often with unique distinctive points that warrant deeper analysis.  

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John mcgowan said...


Although it should not be taken In and of itself for deception, it's frequency cropping up in false reports (crimes) is high.

Teen arrested for concocting fake story about Black men firing gun in home invasion


A 17-year-old boy in Los Angeles was arrested on Wednesday after he falsely reported that three Black men fired a single shot through his door and forced themselves into his apartment.

Police immediately responded to the teen’s 911 call in which he reported an armed break in. They were quickly able to determine that he was safe and home alone–his mother was reportedly out of town.

Los Angeles police Capt. Paul Vernon told the Los Angles Times that officers quickly became suspicious of the teen’s dubious story.

‘His story was made up’
“His story that three black men had tried to force their way into his third-floor apartment … was made up. The caller’s initial report to 911 said the suspects had fired one bullet through the door, into the apartment,” Vernon said.

tania cadogan said...

Off topic

Model Chloe Ayling isn’t bothered that people suspect she masterminded her own kidnapping.

“It doesn’t offend me, no,” she tells Australia’s “60 Minutes” news program, according to

The 20-year-old woman explains that she isn’t offended because she gets it.

“There are people just picking parts of the story,” she says, according to the website. “So I see why people have doubts, because if it wasn’t me, I would think it was just crazy.”

Ayling has said she was kidnapped in July in Milan, Italy, by two men who have since been arrested. She said she was held captive at a farmhouse in Turin for six days until she was freed. She said her captors demanded $355,000 in ransom. No money was ever paid.

Doubts were raised after the lawyer for Lukasz Herba, 30, one of the alleged captors, argued that the kidnapping may have been staged to boost Ayling’s modeling career. Herba went on trial in an Italian court last week. Cops say his accomplice was his 25-year-old brother Michal who has been arrested and faces extradition to Italy from Britain.

Ayling tells “60 Minutes” that she is ”100 percent” certain Herba and his brother are guilty, reported.

The website reported that during the interview, Ayling is quizzed on omissions and inconsistencies in her story, including why she did not tell Italian police she’d been shoe shopping with one of her alleged abductors during the ordeal.

“I’ve heard of Stockholm syndrome, but not shoe shopping syndrome,” her interviewer tells her.

In the interview, she describes her kidnapping in detail, the website reported.

“I was about to put my hand on the door that said ‘Studio’, just to open it, check if anyone was there and that’s when I was attacked from behind,” she says.

“One person put his arm around my neck and the other hand with a glove on my mouth and my nose. And another masked man rushed in front of me and held a syringe to my arm.

“Obviously, I was trying to fight back because I didn’t want that to go into my arm,” she says, according to

“I was trying to make a fist, but I can’t fight off two grown men, so they managed to get the syringe into my wrist and then I was unconscious.”

She says when she awakened she discovered “restraints on my mouth” and handcuffs around her hands and ankles.

“I was trying to feel where I am, I heard the engine so I knew I was in a moving car,” she says. “I started shouting ‘driver!’ like as loud as I could.

“They didn’t say anything. Not a word.”

She says she was injected with the party drug Ketamine.

She denies ever taking it before.

“No, I don’t do drugs,” she says. “I don’t even drink, really.”

If she had "restraints" on her mouth, how could she shout driver?

Why use the word restraints rather than gag or gagged?

Every time she open her mouth her story changes.
Even Aussie media are questioning her version of events, they don't buy it either

habundia said...

How would anyone known what kind of drug was injected if one never has used drugs before?

John mcgowan said...

Stockholm syndrome, but not shoe shopping syndrome


tania cadogan said...

She simply can't keep her story straight, it is laughable

tania cadogan said...

Off topic

The hunt for a missing five-year-old boy turned desperate on Monday as the search entered its third day.

Lucas Hernandez was reported missing from him home in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday by his 26-year-old stepmother.

The stepmother, who is not being named, told cops that she last saw the boy around 3pm, when she went to take a shower and then fell asleep.

When she woke up three hours later, Lucas was gone and the back door was open, she said.

Lucas lived at the home with his father and was enrolled at Beech Elementary School.

Police quickly jumped into action, using K9 units to search the home, surrounding neighborhood and a nearby park for clues. But they turned up empty handed.

Locals questioned why an Amber Alert wasn't issued for the boy, but police say that's because there's no evidence he was kidnapped.

The FBI is working with local police to locate the boy.

Lucas is described as having brown hair and eyes. He is about four feet tall and weighs approximately 60 pounds.

He was last seen wearing a gray shirt with a bear on it, black sweatpants and white socks.

Kristin Edson, a cousin of the stepmom, told KWCH that Lucas' dad and stepmom are both distraught.

'Very distraught. Very upset. Devastated. I mean, can you imagine?' Edson said. 'They're just very distraught and worried about his safety. It's cold out. We don't know where he's at.'

But other relatives say they knew the family had issues.

Sally Rasmussen, Lucas' great aunt, and Jeannie Houchin, Lucas' great grandmother, told The Eagle on Sunday that they had concerns about the boy's welfare in the past.

Rasmussen said she contacted the Kansas Department for Children and Families last spring about the boy. Houchin said the agency confirmed it was investigating. They did not go into details about their concerns.

Anyone with information on the boy's disappearance is being asked to call 316-383-4661.

Judging by the state of his teeth (metal caps) neglect seems to be the order of the day.
Reports are also mentioned that family members had concerns about his welfare.
The general consensus seems to be the step mother and or father are involved and that he is no longer alive.

tania cadogan said...

Off topic and out friend chloe again

A video showing a British glamour model taking investigators back to the cottage where she claims she was held captive, has been played to an Italian during the trial of her alleged kidnapper.

Chloe Ayling claims she was kidnapped and by Polish brothers Lukasz and Michal Herba, while the brothers say Ayling was complicity in the kidnap as part of a publicity stunt to boost her career.

In the video, Ayling, can be herd telling investigators she is afraid to return to the building, saying 'Oh My God' as she nervously approaches the property in the remote hamlet of Borgial, about 60 miles from Turin.

Crime scene specialist Gianluca Simontacchi is heard telling Ayling that she has to return to help in the investigation, and Ayling strides up a grassy slope to the building.

Once inside, Ayling points out a double bed where she slept alongside Lukasz Herba, who claimed to be a member of 'Black Death' - a criminal organisation that operates on the dark web.

'This is where I slept with Lucas,' says Ayling pointing to the right side of the bed and adding: 'He was on one side and I was on the other.'

Ayling, dressed in a low cut grey top and short denim skirt, was accompanied by a translator for the visit.

She wore blue forensic gloves as she toured the building, pointing to the stone floor where she slept for one night in a sleeping bag.

Earlier today, photos from the Milan studio where she claims to have kidnapped from were shown to the court.

One of the photographs featured an advert bearing Ayling's name, found on the floor at the studio where the model had been lured with the promise of an assignment.

The model's trainers and discarded clothing, including her jeans and leather jacket, were scattered on the floor.

Her smartphone and silver wallet containing credit cards were also shown as part of a collection of crime scene photos.

Another photo shown to the judge and jury was that of Ayling's black carry-on suitcase with her wallet left on top.

Herba looked on impassively as the video and crime scene photos were shown in court.

Prosecutors have claimed Herba, who may be jailed for up to 25 years if found guilty, had planned to sell Ayling as a sex slave on the dark web.

After the alleged abduction, Herba called Ayling's agent Phil Green and demanded a £230,000 ransom, warning Green that he was a killer and a member of Black Death.

Ayling claims he later decided to let her go without the ransom, after finding out she was the mother of a two-year-old boy.

Herba's brother Michal is in jail in Britain awaiting extradition to stand trial on kidnap charges.

Ayling will not give evidence at the trial, as the Italian court has decided not called her as a witness and will rely on hours of taped interviews.

During proceedings, a police forensic scientist told the court traces of the drug Ketamin were found in hair samples taken from Ayling after she was released.

They also found a needle mark on her hand that was not visible to the naked eye.

Photographs of Ayling that appeared online also showed her with dilated pupils and her appearance was consistent with being drugged, the court heard.

A witness giving evidence in court later cast doubt on Ayling's story, saying he saw the model and Lukasz Herba together several times in one day and thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

tania cadogan said...


Pietro Pellegrino, who lives in Borgial where Ayling was held for six days, said he saw the pair together in a Volvo car and Herba appeared to be holding her hand.

He told the court Herba has always been very kind when they saw each other in the remote hamlet and smiled and said hello.

In an interview broadcast by the '60 Minutes' show this week, Ayling dismissed the claims that she had conceived a publicity stunt to boost her career, but said she understood why people doubted her story.

Asked if she is offended there are people who suspect she masterminded the whole thing and made the story up, she told interviewer Liam Bartlett: 'It doesn't offend me, no.'

She added: 'Because I get it, there are people just picking parts of the story ... So I see why people have doubts, because if it wasn't me, I would think it was just crazy.'

Ayling, from south London, who now lists her home as Los Angles, told the TV show: 'I was about to put my hand on the door that said 'Studio', just to open it, check if anyone was there and what's when I was attacked from behind.

'One person put his arm around my neck and the other hand with a glove on my mouth and my nose. And another masked man rushed in front of me and held a syringe to my arm.

'Obviously, I was trying to fight back because I didn't want that to go into my arm.

'I was trying to make a fist, but I can't fight off two grown men, so they managed to get the syringe into my wrist and then I was unconscious.'

She added that when she came round she found she had been gagged.

'I didn't know what it was at first. And I had hands in my handcuffs, and my ankles were handcuffed as well,' she says.

'I was trying to feel where I am, I heard the engine so I knew I was in a moving car. I started shouting 'driver!' like as loud as I could. They didn't say anything. Not a word.'

So many discrepancies.
Innocent people would be pretty pissed off that their story was being doubted, not her she gets why they doubt her.
Also i note she says 'This is where I slept with Lucas,'
This to my eyes is unexpected.
She takes ownership of sleeping with her alleged abductor not that he slept on the bed with her.
She uses his forename rather than perhaps he or him or his surname.
She doesn't say he slept on the bed next to me or he slept on my bed, instead she sleeps with him

She added that when she came round she found she had been gagged.

'I didn't know what it was at first. And I had hands in my handcuffs, and my ankles were handcuffed as well,' she says.

'I was trying to feel where I am, I heard the engine so I knew I was in a moving car. I started shouting 'driver!' like as loud as I could. They didn't say anything. Not a word.'

If she is gagged how could she have screamed driver?
Not as loud as she could but like as loud as she could.
I also don't 7understand why she is not being questioned as a witness in the trial of her alleged abductor?
Surely the defense has the right to question the witness?
More and more people are doubting her story and seeing it as a way to self promote herself.

habundia said...

I had hands in my handcuffs.....really? Did she took them to the "scene" in her black suitcase?

If she was handcuffed to the bed, when excatly did she sleep on the ground for one night?

Anonymous said...

Could you analyze these children. Coached or real?

Lucia D said...

She was on Dr Phil if you want to watch her interviewed about it.

tania cadogan said...

During proceedings, a police forensic scientist told the court traces of the drug Ketamin were found in hair samples taken from Ayling after she was released.
How much ketamine was found in her hair sample and where in the hair?

It was have to be close to the root to show up as it would have been recently given.
If it was found anywhere else in the hair even to the roots then she had taken ketamin previously unlike her claim to not have taken drugs.

Ketamin is a sedative usually used on horses and it is a firm favorite in nightclubs.

And I had hands in my handcuffs, and my ankles were handcuffed as well,' she says.
Spot the missing pronoun.
Whose hands were in the handcuffs and she tells us they were her handcuffs.

Why not say "i was cuffed hand and foot" or "they cuffed my hands and feet"?

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rehearsed in my opinion. scripted. politicized language that is unexpected and clearly enunciated by school kids. it isn't off the cuff speaking. it sounds like a political commercial (which is what I think it is).

interesting how this school had active shooter drills just prior to this "active shooting" incident.

Anonymous said...

How did the Parkland school just "happen" to have 2 fire drills that day.
Also, I read that some of the dead bodies were left overnight in the school so investigators could investigate the crime scene?!
The FBI is so dumb that they couldnt figure out WHO owned the youtube account even though it had he was posting under his exact name?!?!

Anonymous said...

Is the FL shooter a patsy?

Anonymous said...

The FL shooter didnt post the youtube comnent, did he? Someone else posted it bc they were setting him up to be a patsy.

Anonymous said...

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. -- The parents of a North Carolina girl who was missing for years before her father led them to her skeletal remains in 2016 will be charged with murder, reports CBS affiliate WBTV.

A grand jury on Monday indicted Sandy and Casey Parsons on charges of first-degree murder, felony child abuse, felony concealment of death and felony obstruction of justice in the death of their daughter Erica, the station reports. Erica Parsons went missing in 2011, when she would have been 13, but wasn't reported missing until two years later by her brother.

Sandy Parsons and his wife Casey are both serving sentences in separate federal prisons after being convicted of fraud for taking federal adoption assistance money meant for the girl long after she was last seen, the station reports.

Testimony at the fraud trial unveiled a pattern of abusing Erica, who was adopted and lived with the family from 2000 until she disappeared in 2011.

Sandy Parsons was in prison in August 2016 when he allegedly admitted that the girl's body was "discarded" on Dec. 19, 2011, and that it could be found in Pageland, S.C., near property owned by his family, reported WBTV. A judge approved an escort team to transport Parsons from prison to help investigators locate the body, and they uncovered the girl's remains in a shallow grave the next month, the warrant said.

No plea deal was offered in exchange for the information, officials have said.

"That day in South Carolina was tough on all of us," Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten said in announcing the charges Tuesday. "I saw some pretty tough cops take it pretty rough."

The body was returned to a Rowan County for an autopsy. On Jan. 9 the autopsy report was received from the medical examiner, which Auten called critical in moving forward with the case. The report, obtained by WBTV, found that Erica died of "homicidal violence of undetermined means." The coroner wrote "we cannot exclude the possibility of a terminal blunt force injury, suffocation or strangulation."

The autopsy found the girl was malnourished and had been abused over a long period of time. Sandy Parsons has allegedly admitted his "harsh treatment" of the girl, including beating her with a belt, bending her fingers backward, locking her in a closet and choking her. According to the warrant, UNC School of Medicine Dr. Cynthia Brown called the abuse "child torture."

Auten said he was at times critical that the medical examiner's report took such a long time to complete, but said the skeletal condition of the remains and the long period of time the body had been left undiscovered made the case unusual.

Auten said the case has "haunted" the community and law enforcement for years. He said he's relieved to be able to move forward with the prosecution phase and finally seek justice for the child.

"There's people that think the Parsons should have already been hung on the square," Auten said. "But they'll have their day in court. We'll let a jury decide their fate."

He said more than anything, he was glad that the girl's remains are back in Rowan County and that she was able to have a proper burial.

"We just did not want to leave a little girl out there," Auten said. "We wanted to bring her home."
© 2018 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Habundia said...

So did cloe only knew ketamine was used because of the test done? Or did she tell about it before the test result were known?
I wonder

Anonymous said...


Search warrants provide new details in death of Mariah Woods

ained against Earl Kimrey have given new details to police investigating the murder of Mariah Woods, the Onslow County toddler whose body was found in a Pender County creek about two months ago.

According to WITN, in one search warrant application for the mother's van, a sheriff's office deputy said that witnesses told them Kimrey was seen around 11:30 p.m. "placing an object in the van 'bigger than a book bag' and then leaving the residence," the night of Nov. 26, which was one night before the toddler was reported missing.

The documents also revealed that Kimrey made the 911 call on the morning of Nov. 27.

little girl, she is missing," said a distraught Kimrey. "Ok, now how old is she," asked the 911 operator. "She's three years old," Kimrey responded.

WITN reported that Kimrey told 911 that the pajamas Mariah's mother put her to bed in were found on the floor beside her bed the next morning.

"Me and my girlfriend put her to bed right when we came in. We came in from a trip last night and everyone went to bed around 8:30, around that time, I can't say for sure," Kimrey told the 911 operator.

According to WITN, among items seized at the home on Dawson Cabin Road were receipts for different stores found in outside trashcans. Gray duct tape, part of a gray floor mat from the van, four bottles of bleach, syringes, a black bag with duct tape, a shovel, several pieces of carpet, carpet pad, a black flashlight and swabs from a black flashlight were also found.

Deputies also seized a section of the wall from a bedroom in the house.

When Mariah was reported missing in November, Kimrey told investigators that after her mother Kristy Woods, had gone to sleep, Mariah got up and Kimrey told her to go back to bed.

Kimrey said he left the home for a short period of time, leaving the door unlocked.

The toddlers body was found near a bridge in Pender County on Dec. 2 after an extensive search lasting several days.

Kimrey is facing the death penalty.

Habundia Awareness said...

"Judge Basinger told Fay the attempts to cover up the crime by disposing of the bodies and repeatedly lying to police about what happened were the actions of someone who appeared to be remorseless and psychopathic."

When i read these 'statements' i am thinking about kids who's mouths are full of chocolate and when you ask them: "did you eat a cookie?" and they say 'no' and keep saying matter how often you ask them.
We don't call these childeren 'remorseless and psychopathic', when they react like that.........we call them childeren......who are afraid to get punished for doing something they know is wrong.

So why would this be different when it comes to murder? Why would it then be 'remorseless and psychopathic?' Sure there is a big difference between 'eating a cookie when not aloud' and 'killing a person', but isn't the reaction on it......denial it happened and telling lies.....not just the same?

But maybe i just see it wrong?!

tania cadogan said...

Off topic

A new documentary series is aiming to tell the prosecution's side of the Netflix sensation Making a Murderer after its success was plagued by claims of bias.

The 2015 series followed the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who was jailed and then freed over a false rape charge only to be jailed again after being convicted of a murder alongside his nephew Brendan Dassey. Making a Murderer questions the men's guilt in the death of Teresa Halbach.

The new response series, to be titled Convicting a Murderer, is being shopped around by filmmaker Shawn Rech and his partner, Chicago Attorney Andrew Hale, and promises to look more closely at law enforcement's role in the case.

'When Making a Murderer was produced, many on the law enforcement side of the story could not, or would not, participate in the series, which resulted in a one-sided analysis of the case,' said Rech in a statement.

'This docu-series will examine the case and the allegations of police wrongdoing from a broader perspective. It will also share with viewers the traumatic effects of being found guilty and vilified in the court of public opinion.'

The pair already boast the access needed to get the details, including exclusive interviews with the likes of District Attorney Ken Kratz and lead investigator Tom Fassbender.

Rech made an impact with a previous documentary similarly about a possible miscarriage of justice: A Murder in the Park.

The 2014 film uncovered evidence that caused prosecutors in Chicago to overturn the conviction of Alstory Simon, who was on death row.

After the release of Making a Murderer there were similar calls for Avery and Dassey's convictions to be reversed. However, despite speculation and some movement in courts on the case, this scenario doesn't look likely.

Avery was denied a new trial back in October and Dassey's conviction was held up in December, although lawyers for Dassey recently asked the U.S. Supreme Court on to review a federal appeals court decision that held his confession was voluntary.

The series won't be the first effort of the prosecution to 'set the record straight'. Last year, Ken Kratz released a book on the topic called: 'Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What 'Making a Murderer' Gets Wrong.'

In an exclusive interview with last year, Kratz called for the filmmakers to be held to account and for the film industry to set standards for documentary editing to prevent similar misrepresentation taking place again.

'Making A Murderer is a very good piece of entertainment but it's not really what happened - it's simply not how the case happened in real life,' Kratz said.

'The filmmakers have distorted and misrepresented the case - this isn't what the jury got to see or hear when they decided Mr. Avery was guilty.

'Because law enforcement and the officers involved had chosen to stay quiet I decided somebody had to step forward and stand up for the victim of the case Teresa Halbach and also for the conviction itself.'

Nadine Lumley said...

Does below indicate CSA? Door...

I was about to put my hand on the door that said ‘Studio’, just to open it, check if anyone was there and that’s when I was attacked from behind,” she says.


Nadine Lumley said...

I note her use of the word "with" indicating closeness, not expected when describing her kidnapper.

'This is where I slept with Lucas,' says Ayling pointing to the right side of the bed