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Statement Analysis: Anthony Weiner Interview

Statement Analysis is in bold type placed within the interview from the NYDailynews.com

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Anthony Weiner says he didn't know if he'd get the chance to talk to New Yorkers about the issues that mattered in their lives during the Q&A at Bayside Batting and Pitching, Queens.

Anthony Weiner sat down with Daily News columnist Denis Hamill for a free-ranging one-on-one interview on Monday. Here are some excerpts of that conversation.
Q. So what kind of summer have you been having?
A. Wild. To some degree it's been exactly what I expected. To some degree, it's been the most surreal experience of my life. The great unknown when I got into the race was whether I'd ever get the chance to talk to the citizens about the issues. I knew what the guys who write the wood (front page headlines) would want to talk about. What the late night comics would want to talk about. And I launched this campaign on a gamble that I'd get to talk to the citizens about what they wanted to talk about. And the stuff I wanted to do as mayor. What immediately became clear, immediately, was that there was a disconnect. Citizens care about their own lives. They want to talk about what will make their lives better. They were not interested in all the other stuff in my personal life.
Note the first word is "wild" yet "wild" was, to some degree, expected.  Notice that "to some degree" is repeated.  "The" great unknown, is singular.  Note that "the issues" do not include honesty, fidelity, trustworthiness, going back to the same principle:
Can one ask strangers to trust him, when those closest to him cannot trust him?
Note any word repeated as sensitive.  Note the word "talk" but also note here, and for future answers, the word "stuff" as nondescript. 
Note that he believes that "citizens" care only about their own lives, not his.  
Q. You were making traction, discussing issues, ahead in the polls - until the second sexting wave hit.
A. Yeah, but even that wasn't such a surprise in retrospect. As inartfully as I did it, I told anyone who would listen that there might be another issue coming up from my past. People wrote headline stories about more to come. He doesn't know how many there are. I knew it would happen but I didn't want to lead a conversation about that. That was a mistake. I handled that part of my announcement wrong.
note that it wasn't "such" a surprise but this was only in retrospect, indicating that he was caught in surprise when the new sexting came out.  For readers unfamiliar, he had made a confession of his sexting activities when he resigned.  Statement Analysis showed missing information and minimization.  After his resignation, he sought "treatment" of sorts, and after the treatment, he resumed his illicit activity and still ran for office.  His words indicate that he did not expect the new sexting partners to reveal his infidelity, as he considered them "friends" (see below) *
Q. The second wave of sexting headlines has affected you in the polls. How has it affected you at home, your marriage?

A. It's hard, because remember that what's at the foundation of all this is something that I did to my wife. So it's very hard to have it come back no matter how much we might have expected it. It’s hard to be reminded how much dishonor I brought upon not just myself but especially my wife.
HIs answer is fascinating, especially if you follow the pronouns.  He resigned, did a minor mea culpa, treatment, announced himself fresh and clean, and immediately demanded that voters trust him, while returning to his deviant ways.  Yet, he uses the pronouns "we" and not "I", regarding expectation. 
The interviewer wants more information about this, perhaps not understanding why the pronoun "we" bothered him, and seeks detail:
Q. Does it come up at the dinner table, at breakfast, in private moments with Huma?
Weiner admits that dealing with the resurgent sexting scandal has been difficult, even though he and wife Huma Abedin had moved on from it.

A. You must remember this isn't something that happened yesterday. For us, this is an issue that's over a year old. And we'd gotten to this really great place with each other and we'd put it behind us to a place where we felt comfortable enough to move ahead to run for mayor. For us, this was a distant event. That doesn't change the fact that it's very hard to have it come up again.
Note that he begins with the imperative:  "you must remember" and not "I must" nor his "wife must remember", which is very important.  What is so important?  That "this" (close, and not "that") did not (in the negative) happen yesterday (the day before the interview).  How long ago did this happen?
He then says that "this is an issue" (this) "that's over a year old" 
Next note hyperbole ("great" place) which is qualified with "really" making it especially sensitive.  Astute readers will now wonder if his career is over, will there be a divorce following.  
If you follow the pronouns, he clearly states that he and his wife are running for mayor, not he, himself.  He is acutely aware that he cannot make it without the woman he has repeatedly publicly humiliated; a woman who sits on various boards making an incredible amount of money.  He is without a job. 

Q. To see this woman (Sydney Leathers) you were sexting with get her 15 minutes in public must have hurt Huma, no?
A. Well, we look at less of that stuff than you might imagine. It's not as if we sit around leafing through the tabloids. But we don't have to. The level of venom directed at Huma has been so misdirected and unfair. Look if someone thinks I did something wrong, and a lot of people do, and I'm one of them, then I think it's perfectly reasonable to say I will never vote for that bum again. But to somehow make this something that Huma did is just not fair.
Follow the pronouns! 
"Well" is a pause meaning the question itself is sensitive. 
Note that he tells us what "we" do not do, making it sensitive, adding in body posture (sitting), showing tension.  This is likely something that has been done:  leafing through the tabloids, even as he reports what was not done, in specific language ("Leafing"):  since they do not "leaf" through them, we can expect that they do so on lap tops or iPads, but they do it.  
Notice how he changes the topic, however, from what he did, to Huma.  The level of venom is towards him, running for office ,and not her, yet he takes the scope off of himself and puts it on her:
"venom directed at Huma"
Note that he now says he only "thinks" he did something wrong.  This means that he may "think" otherwise and that others can "think" otherwise.  It is very weak and is consistent with the analysis of his original confession.  The Greek word for "confess" means to "say the same" or "agree" (homologeo), meaning that a true confession comes clean and tells the truth.  He did not.  Hear we see the clever politician attempting to 'defend' his wife.  Huma has not been accused of doing the sexting. 
Q. What's your reaction to Christine Quinn who is now the front runner saying on “Meet the Press” that you should get out of the race?
A) Let the record show I laughed at that. I would happily compare my political record to her record. I hope the irony isn't lost on people that one of my opponents voted to overturn term limits so Mike Bloomberg could have a third term would say that. This is after the voters voted twice in separate referendums to pass term limits.
Note he reports his reaction to it when it happened, but not now.  He would (future, conditional) compare his "political" record to hers record.  
Q. Do you think there is a double standard for you?
A. Nah, I don't have a beef about the standard. Look I conscientiously try to lead those 200 reporters who follow me around to see some of the issues they need to see. In the midst of this entire craziness I want to let them meet a group of women in Corona who have come out against violence. Let them see a guy in Tottenville, Staten Island whose house was wrecked in Sandy who got $150 from an insurance company. I understand that people that are following the other part of my campaign are just doing their jobs. But they are not going to decide who wins this election. They accuse me of turning this campaign into a media circus, but it is the media that dwells on this aspect of my personal life and then accuses me of making a circus. Cover the real issues I address every day and there will be no circus.
Note that "double standard" became "standard" in his language.  It is the expected for him.  
For him, it is not the people ("citizens") who have the "need" to see, but the 200 reporters specifically.  This is to show his goal.  
Note that females are a "group of women":  this is interesting as we watch what he calls the women (females) that he sexted with below. 
Q. How do you react to stories like the one about Huma's relationship with the Clintons being affected by your campaign?
Weiner asserts that weathering these storms during his campaign will make him a better mayor.

A. I don't pay much attention to outsiders who want to say what this campaign should be about. There are going to be maelstroms, controversies, and crises when I'm mayor. That doesn't mean I'm going to curl up in a corner and not go out that day. I'm going to lead. If you want to run this town you have to be prepared to have people say tough things about you.
1.  The negative "I don't"
2.  "much" attention, not "attention"
3.  "outsiders" are those who want to say the campaign is about trust.  Insiders do not say this. 
He assumes he will be major, but does he believe it?  Note the use of the word "that" which shows distancing language. 
Q. The Daily News reported on Sunday that you spent campaign cash on hiring a private investigator and a lawyer to look into the hacking of your Twitter and email account when you knew there was no hacker. That it was you who'd sent the sexual tests. Care to respond?
A. It was after. I told the reporter it was wrong that I'd done it after.
Note that he does not say it was wrong, but reports only that he told the reporter it was wrong.  Please consider this in light of what he thinks is important for reporters who follow him to know, and not what citizens need to know.  This is a very self serving statement, as are most of his responses. 
Q. After what?
A. After I'd left Congress. After I had admitted I had sent the texts. We needed to hire lawyers. We needed to hire other professionals to gather up information. Remember the House speaker had initiated an Ethics Committee investigation. We needed to secure all our hard drives and everything else. So that story is wrong. Well, 85% of it was after I left Congress anyway.
Does he take responsibility for the illicit use of money?  Answer: Follow the pronouns.  "We needed to hire..." and not "I needed..." Please note that "lawyers" are not "private investigators"
He continues to accept responsibility and he continues to spread around guilt with "we"
One might question if Anthony Wiener has the ability to tell the truth at all. He avoids the private investigator and money question and uses "other professionals"...imagine what one trained in Analytical Interviewing would have done in this interview! 
Q. You didn't hire a private investigator to see who'd hacked your account?
A. No, the lawyers hired the investigator.
Note his answer in correlation to the word "we"
Do readers think the lawyers did this without his consent, or without knowledge that he had been sending the sexual texts on his own?
Q. Most so-called experts think you can't rebound from this latest round of sexting headlines. Do you?
A. I do.
Q. Why?
Weiner says his sexting days are behind him.

A. Because I have a sense I'm different than the other people running. I'm running a different type of campaign. I believe at that end of the day New Yorkers want to make this decision for themselves. They are more interested in ideas that affect their lives than my private life.
I think most people would agree that he is certainly different than the others running. 
Q. There is no one you are sexting now?
A. You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we're talking about is over a year ago.
Please note that he did not answer the question about current sexting.  This means that the question is sensitive to him.  We have a saying in SCAN:
If the subject has not answered the question, he has answered the question. *
Q. Is Huma going to continue campaigning for you?
A. Yes, I think so. You guys in the press kept asking "When is Huma gonna come out to campaign?" Then she did and gave a statement in a press conference. Then she had to go out of town on business and you ask when she's coming back. Look, Huma is committed to the campaign and she's been an enormous asset to it and I am sure she will continue to be.
Note that Huma may stop campaigning for him as his weak assertion shows. 
Q. Before we started the interview, you received a call from Huma. Do you two talk a lot during the day?
Quite the softball question, yet let's listen to his answer: 
A. All the time. We're married. We have a baby together. She's in Washington DC today and was concerned because the baby hasn't been eating properly. Something called a coxsackie infection of the throat. We talk about that. I'm running for mayor. She calls to ask how that's going. We talk all the time.
Note the need to say "we're married" is a very strong linguistic indicator of potential divorce.  Note "a baby" and "the baby" 
Weiner isn't interested in talking about his campaign manager's resignation.


Weiner isn't interested in talking about his campaign manager's resignation.

Q. Can you give me a blow by blow about what happened with your campaign manager resigning?
A. No, I'm not interested in talking about that. We're not talking much about hiring people. We have an amazing staff of people. My campaign manager did a great job and I wish him well.

Q. Can you tell me who might be the new guy or woman?
A. We're not announcing staff right now.
Q. Have you talked to anyone about it?
A. No. We have an amazing crew of people.
We view every word after "no" as important.  Do you believe that he has NOT talked about it? 

Q. Are you gonna do it yourself?
A. No, I have too much stuff going on in my life right now. Listen, the voters don't give a s-t how my campaign is organized. Who the campaign manager is. Leave that for Politico.com.
Q. Did you think the second shoe dropping would cause so much uproar?
A. I knew it would be bad. It's too easy this stuff. The puns. The jokes. The institutional frustration that I was doing well in the race. Look at the tenor of the editorials before this second wave. Shaking the voters by the lapels and saying "Why are you voting for this Weiner guy?" They couldn't understand that my message was reaching people. So now that they have something on which to hang their righteousness. I guess I'm not surprised. I've been in this business too long not to know it would be bad. It's not like some outside force did this to me. I did this to myself. This is my private life that is now public. Sometimes that happens when you're in public life. Voters know more about me than they know about any of the candidates. If the press wants to continue to talk about this stuff it will make it harder for me. But if I wanted it to be easy I wouldn't be running for mayor.
Weiner admits that he isn't sleeping well, but says he views the challenges he has faced as tests.


Weiner admits that he isn't sleeping well, but says he views the challenges he has faced as tests.

Q. How much of this is fake outrage? Sex and politics is nothing new. Isn't it a little like the scene in Casablanca where the corrupt official is "Shocked, shocked," that there is gambling in Rick's?
A. I'll leave that to others to decide. I did these things. I did them to my wife. We have put them behind us. People have a lot of ways to judge my life. Thousands of votes in Congress. Sixty four ideas in my keys to the city book. This stuff. But I can tell you this: No other candidate in this race is getting tested like this. But I'm still talking about important issues no matter how difficult it is to get them out. I'm fighting for the middle class every day. Having 200 cameras around me in a senior center is not going to stop me from saying what I have to say. People can see how I can deal with pressure as mayor. I'm under pressure now and I'm gonna show them that I handle it head on.
Q. You look rested. Do you sleep well at night?

A. Not great. You learn to turn off your Google alert at night. I'm doing okay. You guys are tough. Look, this is hard. And I'd much rather that all this didn't happen but I'm doing my best to treat it as a test. I think in an odd way, this is a great test for the kind of mayor I will be. I will not quit on my stool. Just as I will answer the bell of every round as mayor for the middle class in this city.
Q. What about this idea that your campaign might hurt Hillary Clinton's political future because of her relationship with Huma?
A. Those people chattering about bank-shot implications of my campaign don't matter to me. And I bet most citizens when they get up in the morning and feed their daughter breakfast, send her off to a failing local public school, and go off to a job site where he's now a part-time worker so the boss doesn't have to give him benefits, and he comes home and the neighborhood shopping isn't what it used to be...I don't think that guy, when he tunes into politics for five minutes he or she can spare a day, I don't think he cares about my private life. I think he's saying which of these guys is gonna fight for me. So I don't think this other stuff really matters that much. I'm betting the house that it doesn't.
Q. Take this opportunity to answer that teacher in Staten Island who asked you how you could have the moral authority to lead as mayor.
A. Yeah, I don't want to be a mayor who sees it as his job to poke into the private lives of people who work for the City of New York. I want to know that someone is going to do a good job. I want someone who when he sets out to fix potholes, he's doing it. I want someone who figures out why a catch basin is overflowing in south east Queens. And when a cop is out pounding a beat in a tough precinct he's doing it to the best of his ability. You can say that I don't like what Weiner did in his private life. If you think that's important to your calculation for mayor then don't vote for me. I get that.
Q. What's the biggest issue out there on the trail?
A. The inability to buy a starter house for 50 grand like my parents did. Affordable rentals. Good jobs with benefits. In the communities of color the abuse of stop and frisk is an enormous issue. But it's rare that people come up to me and say they want to talk to me about a scandal in my personal life.
*Note it is "a" scandal.  His refusal to answer the question above has likely led readers, as it did with the interviewer, to believe that Wiener is still sexting.  Is he still sexting?
We do not have to wait long to find out: 
Q. Is there yet another woman's shoe about to drop in this campaign?
A. I have no idea. These are people who I thought were friends, people I trusted when I communicated with them. But who knows what they might do now. But none of it is new. It's all old stuff. So I'll be in this race for at least the next 44 days. And I think I can win.
It is very difficult to believe anyone who says that they have no idea.  Note that he calls the women "people" (note specific question) and he considered them friends, but no longer. Here he gives the reason for him staying in the race (see blue):  because these are "old" and he calls them "stuff"  
Note avoidance of original question and minimization.  


John Mc Gowan said...

There are three parts to this analysis,i found this to be the most revealing.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2470:
NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner &
His Wife Huma Abedin - Body Language Tells, Part II
(Video, Photos)


Anonymous said...

He is a complete, total idiot, and his behavior is a disgrace, even for a "politician".

Texas Anon

John Mc Gowan said...


Did Joshua Young help kill his stepbrother?

Trey Zwicker, 14, was found beaten to death in 2011
Young is charged with 'complicity to murder' in the death.

Listen to what his dad says @00:45.

What would statement Analysis make of his words?


Sus said...

Great analysis, Peter. Thanks.

His manager has left him. Huma and "the baby" will be next.

Anonymous said...

I love your dry wit, Peter!

I think most people would agree that he is certainly different than the others running.
Q. There is no one you are sexting now?
A. You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we're talking about is over a year ago.
Please note that he did not answer the question about current sexting. This means that the question is sensitive to him. We have a saying in SCAN:
If the subject has not answered the question, he has answered the question. *

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, IMO, this fool actually has a shot at winning this election. He has no conscience, like so many others now who are so easily persuaded, inasmuch as they don't care about anyone else but themselves. They have no morals either and even justify not caring.

Ha, but if they think he could ever give a damn about them or their city, they are sadly mistaken.

Skeptical said...

The only way someone can become as big a scumbag as Anthony Weiner is practice, practice, practice.

rob said...

"Well, 85% of it was after I left Congress anyway."

If 15% of it was enough for him to resign from Congress, why is 85% not enough to keep him out of the mayor race?
Can you imagine this person being a father? Changing a diaper? Cuddling a child? God forbid.

I think he would be better off if he just came out and said, I love sexting, my wife doesn't mind that I do it, and I have no intention of stopping it.
I do feel like there is another shoe to fall, or perhaps a whole closet full of them.

Anonymous said...

Hes obviously raging homosexual just a Typical new Yorker.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you make your posts to the person who keeps writing the filthy observer posts, who pretends to be observer and who falsely accuses the observer, who is NOT the one making the nasty posts? You claim to know statement analysis? Then you'd better get busy at it since you are WAAAY wrong.

Anonymous said...

In his interview he was asked what he will tell his son. His response was, not a direct quote, we'll be living in Gracie Mansion, why complain". Perhaps one of you has the direct quote. An arrogant one he is. Local anom in the Hailey Dunn case

Lucy said...

OT: Remember baby Antonio West, allegedly shot in the face by two young thugs? It turns out both his parents tested positive for gun shot residue. Including his father who supposedly wasn't even there. Dad is currently in jail for aggravated stalking and probation violation. Hmmmm....



Trigger said...

"And I think I can win"

He's not committed to this statement.

Is he saying that his behavior does not matter to voters?

Anonymous said...

Shut up @ observer ^^^^^^^^

John Mc Gowan said...

Ive just stumbled across this FB page.

Justice Seekers: Hailey Dunn's murder ::: Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

I'm not sure if most people are aware of it.There is a lot of Peter's Analysis on this site.


John Mc Gowan said...

Check out the banner on this FB page.

Justice for Hailey Dunn.


John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...


Apologies for my robot post's though i cant get this mans words out my head.This is taken from my above post.

Q.Did you set up your son up to kill Trey Zwicker.

A:NO,absolutely not.

This is a yes no answer,anything said after is noted as sensitive.

He says "No" then weakens it by saying "Absolutely not",this type of language is also used to try to convince.


He says:"You know its one murder its NOT like its a whole punch of murders"

Going by what SA teaches us,that anything said in the negative we note as sensitive,then his words and language,for me anyway are disturbing..

I would look deeper into this mans background.
Has he been charged with violence before etc..

He is then asked:

"What do you want to say to her about taking her only son"

After 6 second pause he says:

A:"Were even"

That sent a chill down my spine.

I would like to hear what other members think of his statement's.

Read more:

Gouker tells judge he -- not his son -- killed 14-year-old.



shmi said...

Chandra Levy's case files to be made public. Should be interesting, considering the senator she was messing around with before her death never gave a reliable denial.

Anonymous said...

His nose looks like a penis.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the Justice Department's investigation of Trayvon Martin's murder?

Anonymous said...

Gullible and naïve Huma could find herself out of a job in the not too distant future. Hillary (& Bill) will not continue to allow this Weiner & Huma embarrassing nonsense forever, particularly if it might affect Hillarys' chances at a run for the White House.

Anonymous said...

Ask Monica lewinsky(spermy dress)to confirm the"clintons"high moral standards,observer

~ABC said...


Melissa Richmond found murdered.

Husband Howard has this to say

Howard Richmond
13 hours ago via mobile
My Melissa has left this world... But at the same time one close friend is getting married, another celebrates 25 years of marriage and yet another is about to give birth.

Seems a very odd statement for someone who's just found out their wife was murdered and was too "distraught" to speak publicly when her body was identified. He's a Canadian Forces Warrants Officer. Me thinks something stinks.

Dee said...

OT Re: Ayla Reynolds...
Jeff Hanson, the spokesman for the family, posted this comment on the blog Justice for Ayla. Trista, through Jeff, will be releasing what was called by Jeff the "unequivocal evidence" Trista was shown by MSP that shows Ayla is deceased. She will be releasing the information after she recovers from childbirth (due in Aug) and is up to doing press on the subject.

Answers for Ayla (Jeff) said...I appreciate the vote of confidence (and the insightful post), but the truth is that It is difficult to predict the outcome of making said "unequivocal evidence" public. As such, I cannot put your concerns to rest, but I can tell you this:

The Dipietro’s were shown this evidence in November (notice the lawyer’s response): http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/Communication-improving-between-Aylas-father-and-police.html How much of this evidence was shown remains in question, but Trista was told that MSP showed them everything. ..and frankly, after reading the lawyers response, that is not possible, unless he is severely downplaying the evidence for the press.

A major concern in releasing this information to the public is not with the evidence itself, but with the tainted jury it would help to create. However, I’m told there are plenty of people who know nothing about this case that could fill a jury box. Just because we live with the case for Ayla every day does not mean that everyone else does (hard to believe I know).

The Maine State Police’s lead detective on Ayla’s case; Sergeant Jeff Love now has foreknowledge of this intent to post from discerning Justice for Ayla and United for Ayla’s previous comments and has spoken with Trista. In addition, Trista has received counsel from several involved parties and has based her decision on all the information that was available to her. Once again, Ayla will always be Trista's daughter and the choice was hers to make.

Trista has veered from the public eye since she saw the state’s evidence of her daughter’s blood throughout the Dipietro’s home,http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/investigators-meet-with-trista-reynolds_2013-01-04.html, but fully intends to hold a press conference soon after this information is made public. It’s her call and soon as she is well enough to make it (as most of you know she is due 8/15) she will set the date. That’s all were waiting for ..and I’m waiting too…

Thank you for the opportunity

brosnanfan said...

I used to find it interesting and educational to come here and read comments on the articles.

Now, I find it difficult to even FIND real comments because of all the spam and trolls.

Can't something be done?

John Mc Gowan said...

Dylan Redwine Update.

Exclusive: Dylan Redwine's father allegedly sent horrific texts.


Mark Redwine reportedly said the following (via text message) to Dylan's mother approximately an hour after it was confirmed that the child's remains were found:
"Gloves are off now I can tell the world what fu**tards you and your colon cancer riddled BFF are....I hope she rots in hell and you get cancer next and join her."


Anonymous said...

There speaks a "Brosnan"fan! Lmao hes POOP!

brosnanfan said...

Peter, just a gentle warning, there are always going to be people who care enough about the issues to be able to ignore and read around trolls, but these trolls just might turn away a lot of people who just might have become regulars and voices of power in the fight.

Anonymous said...

Brosnanfan, it is only one troll posting as a troll. It is a friend of Peters' who writes the ugly troll posts to and about observer, and pretends to be observer. Surprise, surprise; Peter is aware of this and allows it, which is the same as to encourage it.

Guess what? It is obvious that Peter occasionally makes some of the anonymous posts himself. I guess he/she enjoys this b'tch slapping, hate sickness; otherwise he would stop his deranged friend from making these warped posts instead of allowing it to continue. Shocking; yes, I know.

Obviously there's another side to Peters' personality that some don't realize exists..

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2475:
Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin Part IV
More Sexting Will Surface (Video, Photos)

Anthony Weiner still has more sexting which will surface. The following analysis of the New York City Mayoral Candidate's press conference last week demonstrates this clearly with both his body language and his paralanguage.

Beginning at the 8:32 mark when asked, "When was the last solicitous text message?" Mr. Weiner replies, "Um, I can't sa..., I can't say EXACTLY. Um sometime last summer I THINK." This reply is loaded full with paralanguage clues indicative of deception.

The following three photos encapsulate the nonverbal components of this ill-at-ease moment. We all collectively wince for Huma in these next few seconds.


Anonymous said...

Hi John. Thanks for the video link w/photos. I watched and didn't wince at Humas' smiling and wide eyed glances. Huma is a beautiful woman, but still a silly fool. She wants (and begs) to be lied too. She is atypical of the once popular song..."tell me lies, tell me beautiful lies, sweet lovin' lies..." and on it goes.

She has a young daughter to raise and is holding that child hostage to her sexually deviant father for years to come. Huma gets no sympathy from me. I don't even pity her. She's just as ridiculous as he is.

Anonymous said...

BTW, YES I agree with the analysis. Weiners' apologies don't mean squat. There is more to come and more recently.

C5H11ONO said...

I'm sure the "sexters" engaged with this creep are going to need counseling once they see who they were "sexting". Yuck. How could anyone, male, female, animal or inanimate object sext with this one-celled bacteria?

The wife is just as disgusting as he is. She needs to get some respect for herself. Maybe she is waiting for him to make more of a laughing stock of himself and she will then do a "coming out of the dark political tour" for herself. It appears that is "their" goal, since they are in it together.

C5H11ONO said...

Q. So what kind of summer have you been having?
A. Wild.
--If “wild” represents some of the honest marbles slipping out from his brain, then “wild” may represent how he felt about his sexting sexcapades. Especially since he was supposed to have stopped that nasty little habit of his. He must have felt like a wild beast during his clandestine sexting sessions.
Q. Do you think there is a double standard for you?
A. Nah,
--I guess “Nah” is the best response an aspiring politician can muster, since saying “no” would be difficult and stressful for him.

Q. Before we started the interview, you received a call from Huma. Do you two talk a lot during the day?
Quite the softball question, yet let's listen to his answer:
A. All the time. We're married. We have a baby together. She's in Washington DC today and was concerned because the baby hasn't been eating properly. Something called a coxsackie infection of the throat. We talk about that. I'm running for mayor. She calls to ask how that's going. We talk all the time.
It appears from his answer that they talk about the baby not eating properly, and she calls (present tense) to ask how running for mayor is going (in a distant way, since he stated “how that’s going”. They don’t appear to have a close relationship and he revealed it with this answer. He stated “we talk all the time” at the end. He is trying to convince us.
Maybe if listed in order you can see the true meaning of their relationship:
1. We are married
2. We have a baby together
3. She’s in Washington DC today
4. The baby isn’t eating properly
5. They talk about that
6. He’s running for mayor
7. She calls to ask how its going
8. We talk all the time.

sidewalk super said...

re the previous article about poor Kyron...body builder stepmother, suspect, terri horman has so much in common with this weiner guy...I wonder if she has already exchanged body part pictures with the candidate...

Jen said...

Anon 12:01

Apparantly you are the one lacking understanding since you fail to grasp that my comment refers to not feeding into YOUR repeated attention seeking posts, in which you defend 'the observer', and attack/insult Peter and others.

PS: You assert knowledge of the trouble maker's intentions (wants), which is something that only the 'trouble maker' could know for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Observer"has tried to ruin our Sa experience BUT has failed.GET LOST "Observer".

ltnt columbo said...

Yeah i agree

~ABC said...

Anonymous said...
Brosnanfan, it is only one troll posting as a troll. It is a friend of Peters' who writes the ugly troll posts to and about observer, and pretends to be observer. Surprise, surprise; Peter is aware of this and allows it, which is the same as to encourage it.
July 31, 2013 at 4:57 AM

You speak with authority! How do you know what you've said here is factual?

Lemon said...

One would think AW would learn the word 'difficult' and cease from his continued use of the word 'hard', given his circumstances. His communications director is overpaid, apparently.

~ABC said...


Only you would catch that! lolololol
ahhhhh very good...

Anonymous said...

Pinocchio is not fit to be mayor or any other public office.

~ABC said...

Nice try @ 1:42 am lol

Top Weiner aide (That even reads funny) is a female and as much a mysoginist as Weiner!


Anonymous said...

Stop bullying observer!!!!!!!!!

1:42 anon said...

Grow up _ABC u said"haaaaaa"u TURD!

Turding Turders!!! said...

He said"ahhhhhh"you TURD!