Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time for Justice For Hailey Dunn


Enough patience has been shown by those who pay the salaries of those entrusted with bringing the perpetrators of the murder of 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, to justice.

It is time for locals to be heard.

It is time for citizens to be heard.

It is time for the letter writing campaign to begin in earnest, and there must be those willing to organize, protest, and pressure the media into competition for coverage.

It is time to get the Governor involved.  He has shown an ear for justice and can review the case himself, and insist on prosecution.

This is not a "who done it?" debated by experts.

It is time for tax payers to DEMAND that the child pornography be prosecuted FEDERALLY, and not locally.   This is key.

Letters:  Print them out and mail them.  The extra effort speaks volumes.  Post your results here, on Facebook and anywhere else you find an outlet.

Address the Politicians:  These people only hold jobs for a short period of time and they need attention and often don't care if it is negative or positive.

YOU  are offering them a chance to be associated with crime fighting, justice for a child, and a stance against child pornography.  They'll jump on it.


Walk in circles and carry signs.

Call the media, and get them envious one over the other.  Do whatever it takes to get attention.

Write to the Nancy Grace Producers.  Send emails but send LETTERS via USPS.

You MUST WRITE TO FEDERAL PROSECUTORS and demand federal prosecution.  There are enough adept researchers here, at this blog, who will gladly give a list of places and names to write to.

Write often!  Demand, do not request, justice!  YOU pay their salary and you do not pay for them to Alex Hunter it a single day longer.

Share any and all analysis you've read here:  Permission granted to those who copy it in its entirety.

FACEBOOK organization. UNITE.  Forget petty differences.

There are those who, even as journalists, have done their homework and they know the truth.

Forget the few who use many names to appear otherwise, there are PLENTY of civic minded decent people who want Justice for Hailey and who despise the mockery of justice this case has become.  Forget any small differences and unite for a cause.  If the Governor reviews the case, he is a lawyer, and it will be a very simple thing to grasp.  This is no mystery.  Sex, violence and drugs turned the fantasy into reality.  It is not hard to connect the dots!

WRITE to the District Attorney.  Write well, and write often.

MAKE noise for Hailey.

She can no longer speak.

Will YOU be her voice?


Anonymous said...

thanks peter...keep motivating

Anonymous said...

United States Attorneys Office
Lubbock Office
1205 Texas Ave., Suite 700
Lubbock, Texas 79401-40024

Mailing Address
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Delivery Address
Office of the Governor
State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701

- Buckley

Anonymous said...

" If the Governor reviews the case, he is a lawyer, and it will be a very simple thing to grasp. "

He got a bachelor's degree in animal science. He is not a lawyer.

- Buckley

Sus said...

Child pornography is most often tried in the federal courts, and I've often wondered why Shawn Adkin's case is different.

Either the pornography is a false rumor or Texas told the feds to stay out of it.

If it is the latter, I feel that's a bad move because child pornography conviction can net you a lot of prison time not to speak of the pressure on SA to turn on BJD.

Anonymous said...

Since the Texas Rangers, the FBI and police investigators in two counties have spent considerable time investigating Haileys' disappearance and murder; it would appear that if anything were going to be done any time soon in the possible apprehension and arrests of Shawn Adkins & Billie Jean Dunn, and/or others, it would have already been done.

Maybe there's more involved here that meets the eye? Maybe someone within LE was involved in the child porn with them and has prevented their arrests, knowing they would be jeopardizing their own future?

However, in murder cases; if you look into cold case files that took many years to prosecute the guilty criminal(s), sometimes coming right back to the one(s) who were the original suspects, (and sometimes never); it's not too hard to visualize that this could go on for years before Shawn & Billie or anyone else are brought to justice.

Sus said...

By the way...I'd be using the same type of strategy in Ayla's case...federal drug and racketeering charges on Justin Dip. Sadly, federal time on those charges get you more time than murdering your child. JD could plea down and tell where Ayla is.

Local anon said...

I do intend to be heard. Thank you for the addresses. When I lose hope I try to remember that Hailey's remains have not been released. Being held for evidence. I hope so. Local anon

Anonymous said...

"Share any and all analysis you've read here: Permission granted to those who copy it in its entirety. " - this coming from a guy who never gets permission to copy and paste entire articles on his blog with no acknowledgement of the authors or source site ever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the addresses Buckley!

John Mc Gowan said...

Hope for Hailey.


Please pray for Justice for OUR daughter Hailey. It has been too long, she shouldn't have to wait any longer. She should be allowed to be laid to rest and be given the peace of knowing the monster that murdered her is paying a severe price!

Hope for Hailey.

2 hours ago via Mobile.

Hello everyone,Billie here. I'm awaiting calls for updates on OUR baby's case, any news really,just to know the case is still very much active. With Hailey's birthday approaching it tears me up to realize it's another birthday without her,another year, I can't let her become one of those many unsolved cold cases. I keep praying for a confession & I ask that all of Hailey's supporters to continue to pray for answers & justice for her too. Pray for LE to be given that break in the case & the patience to wait for it,the clarity to see it. I pray for all of us the patience.

When a parent says "our" daughter, or "our" son, this is an indicator that a step parent, (or step caretaker, etc) is likely involved. When biological parents speak, it is not the norm for them to say "our daughter" as they, even when speaking together, still use the natural, "my" daughter.

I wonder who she has in mind??

john said...


Anonymous said...

Get out observer...

Anonymous said...

Sorry John for my very Abbey,observer

Anonymous said...

Have we so quickly forgotten what an ill prepared prosecution results in? Any reasonable doubt and there goes any chance to retry.
We should hope that the time being taken is crossing Ts and dotting Is.

Remember also Federal trumps state with laws and they are all well aware of the jurisdictions they have.

Just A Suggestion said...

CC is the abbreviation for carbon copy. It is used to list the recipients to whom a copy of the letter has been sent. All recipients will see this list.

Just A Suggestion said...

You are an impudent one Anonymous 3:32 PM.

Anonymous said...

Its"observer"She stalks Peter hyatt.

Anonymous said...

There is not a single politician who will listen to the trashy comments posted by most claiming they want justice for Hailey. The truth is that they want attention through Hailey. It has been a disgusting display and the host of this site has ran the circus.

Anonymous said...

"has ran the circus"


Anne said...

Is there still a gag order on the gentleman who found the remains? I was curious if he had any insight on why LE is taking so long to make an arrest.

drdebo said...

I will.................

Anonymous said...

"Write to the Nancy Grace Producers."

"Share any and all analysis you've read here: Permission granted to those who copy it in its entirety"

And here Peter goes again.... he would do anything to get Nancy Grace's attention. Long time readers have seen this request a number of times before... but then he trashes her in posts he later deletes.

bigmtn said...

Billynotdunnothing. We won't stop until you are in jail where you belong. I am writing! I think I will go to Waterville with a sign as well.

We will never forget!

bigmtn said...

You too Justinpissofcrap.We are all watching you and waiting for your just desserts.

We will never forget.

Anonymous said...

A New York firefighter who helped two others raise a U.S. flag at ground zero in what would become one of 9/11's most iconic images said in a rare interview they never intended to draw attention.
"We stood there and looked at it for a second and went about our ways," William "Billy" Eisengrein told

The FDNY veteran, now in his 26th year, clearly remembers the morning of 9/11. It was bright and sunny in New York City, and the sky was blue. Six men on their shift at Brooklyn Rescue Company 2, where Eisengrein has worked for 17 years, arrived at ground zero first and went to the North Tower. They all died, along with many more.
"I lost 100 friends that day," Eisengrein said.
He heard the news about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center while he was at his girlfriend's home, watching TV. And then the second plane came. That's when Eisengrein hopped on his motorcycle and headed to the Brooklyn firehouse, reasoning his bike would be the best way to navigate traffic.
"I saw the plane crash into the tower, and I said, 'Alright, I have to go to work,'" he said.
When he arrived at ground zero, at about 10:45 a.m., one of the most eerie parts, he said, was the "absolute silence" accompanying the dust and papers strewn throughout the downtown area. Around 5 p.m., after spending the entire day searching the pile, all emergency responders were told to leave, out of fear building 7 was going to come down.
Eisengrein was sitting on the front bumper of his rig when he noticed two other firefighters carrying a flag. One of them was his good friend, Daniel "Danny" McWilliams, now an FDNY lieutenant in Brooklyn in his 21st year with the department. The other person was someone Eisengrein didn't know at the time, but would soon be linked with for the rest of his life: George Johnson, who is now in his 20th year with the FDNY and a battalion chief in Brooklyn.
Both McWilliams and Johnson declined interviews with

As the story goes, McWilliams, who had grown up with Eisengrein on Staten Island, found the flag on a 130-foot yacht in the Hudson named "Star of America," owned by Shirley Dreifus of the Majestic Star Co. in New York. As soon as Eisengrein saw McWilliams, he said, "I knew he was going to put the flag somewhere."
He hollered out, "Do you need help?" then joined them in looking for a place to hang it.
A couple minutes later, they discovered a construction trailer on the northwest corner of Liberty and West, with a big flagpole leaning against it.
"So we put a piece of tin on the ground up to the trailer and hiked up that, and raised it," Eisengrein said.
At the time, he says, his thought process was simply, "This country got attacked, there's all this devastation, thousands of people died; let's do something good right now."
The whole thing took no more than five minutes, just long enough to be captured by The Record photographer Franklin.

Anonymous said...

After taking pictures all day, Franklin said, he had nearly run out of space on his digital camera when he saw the firefighters hoisting the flag.
"I was about 30 or 40 yards away," he said. "Then all of a sudden the flag starts to go up this pole. I shot a burst of frames. It was over like that."
Initially, The Record ran the photo without identifying the firemen. Franklin hadn't tried to interview them afterward.
"It was a serious, serious news situation," he said. "I didn't talk to them, they didn't talk to me. We walked right past each other."
But after releasing the photo to the Associated Press the morning of Sept. 12, 2001, the picture started getting more attention. The Record decided to find the firefighters, who said they were unaware they had been photographed.
"To this day I still receive phone calls, emails and letters from people telling me what the picture means to them," Franklin said, adding he had gotten a letter in August from a young boy in the Midwest who asked for his autograph. "For whatever reason, people connect with this picture, even 10 years later."

"There were so many amazing photographs made that day. It was probably the most photographed event in history," Franklin said. "So many [of them] are of the horrific nature of buildings, planes crashing into buildings -- thousands of people running for their lives. This is a picture that's really about the opposite, which is HOPE AND STRENGTH, AND SOLIDARITY."

Trigger said...

Thank you for the addressees, Buckley.

I have my envelopes ready for my letters.

~ABC said...

Anon @ 5:27 pm

mmmm hmmm!
YES indeedy!

~ABC said...

World English Dictionary

— n
verbal abuse, esp as a crude form of argument

Unknown said...

What I'm wondering is why can't the police connect the dots? What are they doing all this time. They have enough evidence to arrest Shaun, and he'll roll over on Billie as soon as that happens. What the hell?

Anonymous said...

I will be writing letters!!

Everyone on this blog please do the same.

I saw more people protest over Trayvom when that kid jumped Zimmerman.

Yet Hailey was totally innocent and no one was protesting!!!


seriously said...

lol anon 11:23

your letters are a waste of time. you need a petition with over 10,000 signatures. good luck with that.

John Mc Gowan said...

I don't how to set one up,would an on line petition help?

ME said...

I think a "facebook Group"or"Twitter"campaign would make more of an impact.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi ME,that would be a good idea,wouldnt it get bombarded though by all the trolls?

ME said...

I dont know,But any really bad things said,ie slander can be investigated.

Mainah said...

I will write 2 letters for Hailey. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

It must have been Heather deleting all the (false) accusatory troll posts with more troll posts, and other filth, (while Peter deleted all those posts that were made by several who questioned some of his statements or didn't otherwise worshipfully bow to him; and Heather correcting misspelled words, and Heather verifying facts;

such as, "Aylas' blood was all over the house" as stated by Peter, when in fact her blood was found on the basement floor (already enough blood spilled to kill her) and not all over the house like Peter exaggerated; and Heather who would have verified that the Texas Governor did not have a law degree as Peter had stated and which Buckley pointed out differently, that he did not have a law degree; and so on and on.

It appears that Heather would have verified all these matters while Peter does not appear to verify anything before making these blatant statements and falsely accusing someone he despises for no reason other than pure hatred for respectfully sharing an opinion occasionally that differs from his own. No freedom of speech allowed here, right Peter?

So where is the lovely Heather?

Anne said...

I have seen other people use email (the governor should have an email address to contact him)and then make sure people know where to email their letters to. Large numbers of letters are easily sent/received this way.
Our union has used this avenue of communication to get notice or protest issues. It has worked.

Local anon said...

Anon at 10:12 is being compassionate. It is apparent there is some trouble in Peter's life and compassion is an appropriate response. There used to be a lot of compassion on this site for bloggers who were hurt or troubled. Unfortunately insults and attacks now dominate.

Shelley said...

I had seen this article about the sex offender that was granted custody of his little girl despite his charges being for molesting his step daughter.

I needed to do something besides sit here and be outraged.

So, I found the aunt that is in the article (Jody Coomer) and contacted her with some information on where to start in this fight. She has replied and shared the information to sign a petition, addresses of the attorney general etc. Anyone that would listen.

So she told me the mom has also hired an attorney that agreed to help for a flat rate of $2500 but that is still a lot of money. Especially with all the surgeries her daughter has had for her cleft lip and palette.

I know this site if for SA but I just feel like this child is serious danger NOW and they need this attorney on the case to get her away from this man and return her home to her mother.

I have also included information on how to help financially. Even if it’s just a few bucks, we all know it can add up fast. Also if anyone is willing to put on their Facebook or their own blog. I am spreading the word as well where ever I can find.

This is just an outrage and I don’t get how the laws would ever even allow this!!! Biological dad or not!

It’s time for everyone to stand up and try to make changes if we can.

Write those letters for Hailey Dunn and help even if its $1 at a time, get this little girl away from this man and home to her mom!!!

The article link is below along with information on how to help fund the attorney costs.

Thanks everyone.

And if you wanted to contact the aunt directly her Facebook profile is “Jody Knight Coomer”. Sarah is in her profile photo with her.


Shelley said...

As a note, I thought Billie had once commented something that seemed to imply that the local LE did have plenty to hide as well.

So the one that posted that maybe nothing has happened as LE is invovled... I sure hope that is not true but it would not be the first time!

Shelley said...

And my letters are written and addressed to all three addresses Buckley posted at 10:30!

Just need to head to the post office for stamps and they are going out!!

Shelley said...

Check out this article!

Progress of any kind is good!!

Trigger said...

My letters have been mailed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter for all that you have done for Hailey. Why don't we start a petition on It should be demanding that the governor take action on why the two haven't been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Shelley said...

Sign the petition for Hailey Dunn!

Shelley said...

It looks like some of us were thinking the same thing. I did the petition on before I saw the comments.

So the petition is started. Everyone sign it and have your friends and family also sign it!

Shelley said...

anon 12:08 AM

The petition is started. It can hit that many very easily.

There was one started for Marissa Alexander who was convicted to 20 years for firing a gun to scare off her ex husband who recently out of jail for abusing her her and against a restraining order forced his way in to her home and was threatning her life.

She shot the gun to scare him off only. It was pointed at a wall and no one was harmed yet she is serving 20 years while he has abused her and physically harmed her and several very little time.

That petition has 75,000 signers.

People need to stop thinking it cant be done instead of at least trying to do something about it.

Its too easy to just sit here and read these stories and go home and sit on the couch and do nothing.


Even if its as simple as signing the petition, you would be surprised how much this can spread!!!

Shelley said...

And again to: seriously said...

People like you who would rather joke about good intensions while you do nothing really are part of the problem in this world.

So many people sit back and do nothing which allows this BS to continue.

No one is held accountable and no one demands that they be held accountable.

It is just allowing this to continue.

And besides, the laws that fail to protect can some day come back to harm you.

So help do something even if its just a name on a petition.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Shelley!

- Buckley

Local anon said...

Good job Shelley. I am on on it and will tell my local FBI contact. It is not his jurisdiction but he is invested as he was part of the initial investigation.

Local anon said...

Ugh too fast and my grammar was not good. Sorry, I did not preview..

Sella35 said...

@shelley QUOTE, "There was one started for Marissa Alexander who was convicted to 20 years for firing a gun to scare off her ex husband who recently out of jail for abusing her her and against a restraining order forced his way in to her home and was threatning her life."

If ever the president should be involved this is the one case that I feel is lacking any national attention or concern. President Obama could say..."If I had another daughter speech..."

I am still flabbergasted(sp) by this verdict. The other one I will never understand is the pharmacist in Oklahoma City, who shot dead a man who tried to do armed robbery at the Pharmacy..and then instead of taking money/drugs and leaving, began to shoot the employees. The Pharmacist got life in prison no parole for being a hero..../SMH

Sella35 said...

@anon 11:19 pm quote, " Peter might learn how painful other families and innocent peripheral members feel all the while he is relentlessly attacking with vitriol in such an unprofessional manner."

Could you explain this statement? Basically, you start with family then move to members. Who is he attacking? I have read his blog for many years and have yet to see him attack anyone. If it is attacking in your eyes, could you give more direct examples. Thank you

she deserved 20 years said...

She shot the gun to scare him off only. It was pointed at a wall and no one was harmed yet she is serving 20 years while he has abused her and physically harmed her and several very little time.

lies, she shot through the wall into the next room that the guy was in, and she also knew his two children were in there also. she endangered their lives with a deadly weapon. she was in the garage and could have easily left, there was no self defense.

dadgum said...


"...The 9-1-1 call and the location of the bullet’s shell casing were evidential to the story that she walked in and fired at them.

Corey says the Stand Your Ground defense didn’t hold up to the judge because Alexander wasn’t in a struggle for her life. Alexander had a procedural hearing for the motion and the judge did not grant it.

There was a verbal argument, she says, and there were no signs of physical abuse on Alexander that day. Rico Gray was getting ready to leave the house with the kids when Alexander went into the garage, got the gun, came back, and fired it in their direction.

Corey said Gray and the two children didn’t come to court because they felt threatened.

“Rico Gray senior and his two children – and I emphasize children – were victims in this case, and we fought fairly under Florida’s laws to address the wrong that had been done to them, especially the children.”..."

There are several fact sources. She was charges appropriately, and sentenced for firing, and endangering 3 people in the home. No self defense, she was angry. She had the keys for the car in the garage, remembered the gun was out there, and went back in to confront. Not SYG, not self defense.

John Mc Gowan said...


Child Prostitution: FBI Sting 'Rescues Scores'

The children were being sold on the internet and trafficked at locations across the US, including truck stops and casinos.

An FBI investigation into underage prostitution has freed 105 children and led to the arrest of 150 alleged "pimps" across 76 American cities.

Read More:

John Mc Gowan said...

Im not savy with US tv,would the likes of,60minutes,Dateline NBC,48Hours and the ilk take on something like this?

If not,are there any US tv progs that would look into a case like this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the one above who reposted Peters' "Sadness in Statement Analysis" article link, which I find to be something of a mystery with no explanation given. Or better yet, an unanswered riddle. Almost like playing some sort of guessing game. Not my bag, which I didn't give much thought too, certainly not to the extent of worrying about Peters' personal life.

However, it is true that sometimes it is (momentarily) better not to know the truth, particularly if it involves someone or some thing that is close to us that affects our personal life. Not so in the long run, especially when we can look back and see the signals that were always there.

Although the truth, the horrific letdown and disappointment may hurt for a time; in time it is always better to have known the truth so that the issue can be resolved one way or another, rather than allowing ourselves to go on living in a fantasy world or a fools' paradise.

I'm sorry for whatever it is that cut you so deeply Peter; and as painful as it is, (I've been there) you're going to have to reconcile yourself to it, accept the truth and let it go. Sure it hurts, and hurts bad; but in the long run you really have no other choice. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John, for posting the child prostitution link. Oh God, what an ungodly sin against our helpless children. It is so sad, that so many young teenagers who are unhappy at home, with many being severely mistreated at home, feel they have to run away only then to find themselves in such an escapable horror. Where they go with their lives from where they are now, God only knows.

I'd like to see these foster care and welfare homes closely monitored at least on a monthly basis, and these children frequently interviewed and monitored as I believe this is where a lot of this child prostitution originates from; as well as all those parents on drugs and/or alcohol abuse. These children are totally at the mercy of their so-called caretakers.

Which brings me back to Hailey Dunn (AND Haleigh Cummings, at the mercy of her disgusting and abusive child molesting dope head father). His actions ALONE led to this childs' violent death.

Beautiful and bright, sweet Hailey Dunn, another child at the mercy of a dope addicted sexually depraved mother and her dope addicted, sexually violent and depraved boyfriend.

IMO, there is nothing these two would not have done, or allow to be done, to their innocent little "money-maker", "ripe and ready for the taking", Hailey; to increase their dope purchasing urges, including throwing her down in the face of their dope dealer and anyone else who would share their dope and party with them.

These people have no limits to their sick depravity. If they hadn't already started selling these children for drugs and video taped child porn, they soon would have. This is what they do.

Anonymous said...

I think (could be wrong) that some of you are making too much out of Peter having breakfast and lunch four times a week at a diner. Big whoopee. What's up with that silly speculation?

Lots of husbands stop off for breakfast on their way to work, especially if their wife works too or when/if she has been up late, which IS the norm. Also, someone mentioned that Heather is no longer on Peters' Face Book. So? Maybe she doesn't have time for it (OR Peters' Statement Analysis) for the time being. Or maybe she's lost interest entirely? Ever think about that? Or maybe she ran to the end of her strength?

A wife DOES need some rest and frequently gets precious little. I don't know of any working wives any more who hop up and run make breakfast for their hubby whose perfectly able to make his own breakfast or stop off somewhere else to eat breakfast. Ditto for lunch.

Who in their right mind has time to cook and wash dishes all day, also having a hot lunch ready for her hubby to run in on his lunch hour to eat? Then still has to prepare dinner for the family. Jeez, breakfast and lunch are both pretty cheap, depending on where one eats. So big deal, he's not a child. Let him look after himself.

Whether the wife works outside the home or not; She STILL has children to take care of, raise and feed, a home to run and care for, homework, food shopping, cooking, laundry, and a thousand other things she has to do, AND GO TO WORK after she gets the kids off to school, having only gotten a few hours sleep; if she works outside the home, which most do. The poor thing is exhausted.

I've seen Peter posting here as late as midnight and as early as 4:30 a.m., frequently, and off and on during entire week-ends. Where is Heather supposed to get all this time, energy and strength to get everything done and still forever be able to stand right by his side? Everyone has their breaking point and a limit to their strength and mental wherewithal.

Sure, the hubby loves her to death for doing everything for him; HOWEVER, it is the wife, house/home/childcare slave who needs help from the hubby, NOT the other way around. See? But certainly no big deal when/if Heather takes a much needed break, God bless her; and absurd to make a hypothetical issue out of it. Just MOO.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Heather is sick of Peters perverted public fantasy posts. The man cannot post anything without conjuring up his own twisted fantasies and putting them on the families of the missing. He is a true narcissist and I feel sorry for his wife and children.

Local anon said...

Neither of the links posted here took me to the petition for Hailey. Any suggestions?

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Local anon,this one worked for me.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You make a good point Anon @ 8:30. One of the problems is, that when you live with and constantly justify, support and defend a spouse who is so negative in so many ways, you become more like that person when you were not a negative person initially at all. Negativism is contagious to those who live around it. It becomes a constant war within the soul which robs you of your peace.

Sometimes we have to give up and move on from unnecessary obstacles that are consuming our time and our lives. I had the thought that maybe Heather concluded, having become worn out in mind, body and spirit; "look, this statement analysis never ending blog and your never ending face book posting is your baby, your choice, you deal with it; I've had enough"... or something to that effect. Just MOO. Could always be wrong, of course.

Local anon said...

Thank you John I will give it a try.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Geez, leave his personal life alone.

Where is Ayla?
Where is Baby Lisa?
Where is Isabel?
Where is Justice for Hailey?

- Buckley

marietje said...

DeDe Spicher has been cooperating with the grand jury in the Kyron Horman case as Desiree Young drops her lawsuit against Terry Hormon due to inability to access police records under public records law. Thank you for the addresses to write for Hailey Dunn.

marietje said...

DeDe Spicher has been cooperating with the grand jury in the Kyron Horman case as Desiree Young drops her lawsuit against Terry Hormon due to inability to access police records under public records law. Thank you for the addresses to write for Hailey Dunn.

Anne said...

OT: I am hoping Peter does SA on comments made by Josh Young and his father. There have been statements made and then changed by the father.
I hadn't heard much about this case until the last couple of days.
I am still reading to see how I feel but the stepfather of the victim and father of the boy being accused of being involved is a sicko.