Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lenny Dykstra Statement On Theft and Vandalism

When one is accused, we listen carefully for the denial, and using Statement Analysis techniques, we can learn the truth of what happened. 

Here is an accusation against former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra.  

He is accused of trashing a hotel room, and attempting to steal towels and bedsheets.  He is also accused of stealing the receptionist's sunglasses. 

Dykstra spent 6 months in prison in 2012 for various forms of bankruptcy fraud and has been a known drug addict.  

Here, Dykstra gives a "statement analysis confession" of his activities and he allows for a psycho-linguistic profile to emerge. 

Dykstra, 54, checked into the Hotel ZE in Southampton on Friday for two nights with a young brunette.

Guests complained on Saturday about noise and marijuana smoke ini the $1500 per night hotel. 

Owner Zach Erdem said, “You could smell the marijuana throughout the hotel . . . They were ordering a big bucket of ice and extra towels every few hours. At 3 a.m. Lenny called down, and my brother went to the room, knocked, and he was invited in by the girl who was fully naked.”

He continued:  “When Lenny left, there were open bottles of vodka and Jack Daniel’s, stuff everywhere. The cleaner saw [drug baggies], she said it was the worst room she has seen. He left a suitcase and a bag behind and a note to ship them to his home. But there were no sheets, pillowcases and towels left in the room.”

Erdem called Dykstra’s pals to open his suitcase, which contained 14 towels, pillowcases and bedsheets. In a laundry bag were 10 pairs of ladies’ shoes, a marijuana pipe and the hotel soap dish. “On the way out he also stole my receptionist’s sunglasses, we have it on video.

Dykstra denied the claims, said media.  

Instead, we find a "statement analysis confession" of his theft:

He slurred, “What? No! I didn’t steal anything. The stuff is still at the hotel. There was no maid service, towels and sheets were piling up, so I put it all in a laundry bag for them. I did them a favor and they call it stealing? This is ridiculous. Was I doing drugs? Absolutely not.”

Besides issuing an unreliable denial, by using one unnecessary word, "still", he reveals his intent to steal. 

Of the sunglasses, he continued, “Nobody took anybody’s glasses. They are saying the room got trashed like Keith Richards. It’s all lies.”

Does Lenny believe himself to be a "nobody" even while name dropping a celebrity?

Surveillance video showed him stealing the glasses.  

Next, he addresses his own impotency:  

About that naked woman, he said, “I might have had 10 women in the room, might have had 15, might have had 20. Actually, the only thing I had in that room was my d - - k in my hand.”

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His statement without the NY Post editorializing:

What? No,  I didn’t steal anything. The stuff is still at the hotel. There was no maid service, towels and sheets were piling up, so I put it all in a laundry bag for them. I did them a favor and they call it stealing? This is ridiculous. Was I doing drugs? Absolutely not.”

1.  He answers the allegation with a question. 
2.  He answers "no"; whereas "yes or no" questions are "low stress" for deception. 
3.  We count every word after "no", as a need to explain that is related to deception rather than reliability.  
4.  The Reliable Denial must have 3 components and only 3:

a.  The pronoun "I"
b.  The past tense "did not" or "didn't"
c.  The allegation specified.  

"I did not trash my hotel room" is a good example. 
"I did not steal the sheets or towels."

Any deviation from this formula = not reliable. 

5. The additional word:  "still."

This is an unnecessary word and it is an indication of motive. 

"The stuff is at the hotel", itself, is unnecessary, but he offers it as proof that he did not steal it.  Yet, that is not what he said. 

He said, "the stuff is still at the hotel."

The word "still" is not only unnecessary, it addresses the element of time. 

Lenny's intention to have it sent to him is here admitted.  

6.   The Good Guy:

Lenny portrays himself as the "good guy" here, even claiming to have done them a favor.  

This shows the need of portrayal of good, which is weak.  

For one who did not steal nor intend to steal, there is no need to be portrayed good or bad:  there is a psychological "wall of truth" that is protective.  

Its absence causes him to need many words where just a short sentence would have sufficed. 

Analysis Conclusion:

Deception Indicated. 

Lenny Dykstra was intoxicated with both alcohol and drugs.  He stole sunglasses and he intended theft of hotel items.  He caused damage to the hotel. 

The profile that emerges:

Lenny Dykstra feels now like a "nobody", as he identifies himself as. 

His boasting of large numbers of women is not only a tangent (change the topic of information) but another confession of sexual impotency (see his last sentence). 

Where his mind produced these words in less than a millisecond of time, we find our accuracy.  


Alex said...

I remember back when he first started getting into trouble he had the habit of referring to himself in the first person. I wonder why and when he stopped doing that.


Shannon In CA said...

A friend of mine has a friend who is Lenny dykstra's assistant and they were trying to find an attorney to handle a civil case for him (I think he was suing for being mistreated by the guards in jail...tbh, it sounded like he had a legitimate grievance from the info I was given). They asked me if I could take the case...I'm an attorney but I don't work for a law firm or even run my own firm...I'm basically a non-working attorney who takes jobs on a case by case basis...usually just things like writing a motion here and there. I don't represent clients in cases unless I'm employed by a law firm. So I tried to get some of our other attorney friends who DO work at firms to take the case, but for various reasons, it wasn't worth the hassle. He is basically broke and only had like 25k to offer the attorney e.g., which isn't much at would've cost twice that to litigate the case probably.

Anyway...they gave him my phone number bc they were hoping I'd take the case and he called me!!! Lenny dykstra called me and left me a voice mail. I didn't call him back. He terrifies me, lol.

Anonymous said...

The above post is written by an attorney?

Ann said...


Ya I know,right? I don't believe so. (tbh - bc and the over use of the word 'basically')

"I'm an attorney but I don't work for a law firm or even run my own firm...I'm basically a non-working attorney who takes jobs on a case by case basis." LOL a non working who takes jobs? Wouldn't that mean you ARE working,but you're a self employed (takes selected clients or one's who call you).

I read on another forum and the person 'claimed' to be also an attorney but the language sounded more like someone who was studying law OR has only some basic understanding of it and the sounded a bit immature,which is why I didn't believe then to be an attorney haha.


Ann said...

" So I tried to get some of our other attorney friends who DO work at firms to take the case, but for various reasons, it wasn't worth the hassle."

You said YOU were an attorney,so who's 'our' then? "DO" trying to persuade you have attorney friends? Are you trying to 'convince' us you even are an 'attorney'? Maybe you're an assistant who does write ups (client's appointments).


Bottle Cap said...

Hate mail to Beth Fukumoto‏, state rep in Hawaii. Amazing that a hater would send a letter with a cute penguin with a little heart on it.
Tweet 1:
Got this in the mail today. You need to understand your words have consequences

Tweet 2:
This article now includes the letter, the envelope and the USPS's statement that the letter was, in fact, mailed.

Article here

Trudy said...

Thanks bottle cap, this one's a beauty. I hope Peter analyses it.

-- "When she was a Republican, Fukumoto said, her colleagues would dismiss her any time she spoke of the racism and sexism she experienced or when she would point out the offensive rhetoric in Trump’s presidential campaign. She said Republican lawmakers would constantly tell her that it wasn’t true and claim, “You’re making it up. Nobody really thinks like that.”--

People constantly telling her that what she says is untrue. Really? People constantly telling her she's making "it" up. Hmmmm. Quick, better send a fake hate letter as "proof" of her, contantly dismissed, claims. I love the salutation "Dear Bitch" and the term "we Trump people".

--"Fukumoto’s office denied accusations they sent the letter to their own office, and said they would get the letter professionally analyzed if authorities recommend they do so."--

Well, I'm not an authority but I would strongly recommend "they do so". They won't, of course. It could be very embarrassing.

Shannon In CA said...

On my iPhone, yeah. It's hard to write coherently on an iPhone when you're in a hurry.

Trudy said...

Beth fukumoto's tweets:-

Lots of people spent too much time disputing the letter's authenticity and too little time disputing the racist statements it contained
11:56 AM · Aug 24, 2017

I bet.

Shannon In CA said...

I used to work at a law firm. I was laid off, as was the first attorney who contacted me (the one who was friends with his assistant). She (the one who contacted me about Lenny) is still my friend, and she and I are both still friends with an attorney who works at the firm we were laid off from.

Then, when I was contacted by my friend (who was working at a different firm herself by then, and that firm had no interest in the case, so she was just trying to find someone who was), I had just finished doing some contract work (meaning, I handled the motion writing, but I was NOT the attorney representing the clients) for the old partner of the law firm I and first attorney were laid off from.

Since I could not handle the Lenny case myself, as I DO NOT WORK FOR A LAW FIRM AND AM NOT WILLING TO ACTIVELY REPRESENT CLIENTS, I asked FIRST LAW FIRM (the one the attorney who contacted me and I worked for and were laid off from) because I am still friends with an attorney there (as is the person who contacted me...the reason she didn't contact them herself is bc we did real property law there and she didn't think they'd be interested in his type of case...I figured I'd ask anyway bc they are baseball fans).

When they said no, I asked the guy I had been doing work for if HE was interested, but he couldn't do it either. And HE was, as I said, the former partner of the guy first attorney I mentioned (the one who contacted me about Lenny) and I worked for.

We worked for HALL and BAILEY (two guys, one law firm). She and I were laid off. We stayed friends w/ each other and w/ an Atty at HALL and BAILEY, which turned into the Bailey law group when HALL left. I did some work for HALL after he was on his own.

I therefore was contacted by my friend, I asked the BAILEY law group to take the case (again, my friend and I are FRIENDS with BAILEY LAW GROUP still, even though we were laid off from there). I then asked HALL (one of our former bosses when Bailey law was HALL AND BAILEY).

Got it? Complicated yes? That's why I wrote it in shorthand.

And ergo, OUR attorney friends.

Look me up in the California bar if you don't believe it. I don't really care.

Bottle Cap said...


Fukumoto's letter has many of the hallmarks Peter has spoken of before in fake letters:

- Salutation "Dear..."
- No threat
- No slurs for 4 of the 5 purportedly hated groups

Other weirdness:
- Who would ever say "We Trump people..."?
- Dropped pronoun in her tweet "Got this in the mail today."
- What "Trump person" would defend Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, and his Internment of Japanese Americans?
- The letter's use of ellipses which Fukumoto uses a lot in her tweets
- Refugee "folks"

Anonymous said...

What bout Harvey in Texas?

habundia said...

Dont wanna be rude, but why were you laid off?

Anonymous said...

I am not the one posting ad an attorney but my daughter wants desperately to be a prosecuting attorney. We homeschool so I have been talking to attorneys in our area to see if she can interview them, job shadow, etc.. Her plan is to go to the Airforce Academy, do her 5 years in the Air Force to pay for her law school zone and to hopefully become e a JAG officer. As I have been calling attorneys and explaining what we'd like to do, the overwhelming response has been to tell her to not become an attorney. Only 2 encouraged her to go for her goals and even they told her to only do so if she can do it through the Airforce Academy. They all say there is a flooded market for attorneys and the cost of law school is so over inflated that tm you don't make enough to make it worth the amount of debt incurred. They have given her solid advice about not taking on student loans, finding a particular niche that isn't over saturated, etc... The prosecutor she spoke with was the most discouraging and nearly begged her to do anything but become an attorney. This has been a process that has been over a year in progress and I have seen/heard enough to believe that attorneys can and do get laid off through no fault of their own. (Julie)

habundia said...

As if all attorneys who do work are great lmao.....there will always ve work for attorneys so i would say to your daughter...follow your dreams and dont let those attorneys discourage your dreams. There will always be crimes and people needed to represent suspects or clients....and there are so many bad attorneys maybe she can becone the best��

Ann said...

I don't buy Shan/onymous "Attorney" post's. Something tell's me that Shan is lying about being an 'attorney'. She can't/wont give a first name to some of her 'friends'and IF she was an attorney,did she get laid off by Hall & Bailey as she keeps bringing them up. And who is 'she',the assistant and why not no name? Too much omission it's not even funny. (Shan has the word 'attorney' 7x's in her post)

Anon sounds like an AD for her daughter/ or for herself. Better yet,it sounds like 'she' wishes to be one (again) maybe? To me anon and shanON are the same -

"They all say there is a flooded market for attorneys and the cost of law school is so over inflated that tm you don't make enough to make it worth the amount of debt incurred." Abbreviated word(?) 'tm', just like "Shanon/ymous". Sometime's it's hard to break writing habits,even when 'anonymous lol.

If your name is 'Julie',why not pick a name and not be under anonymous?

(Anon has the word 'attorney' 8x's in their post)

Shan/Non/julie is 'advertising' here,showing she was

Wants to be in the Airforce for 5 yrs to pay for her law school
Wishes to become a JAG Officer
Was suggested not to become an attorney (that or she had second thoughts on her own)
Was encouraged to go through Airforce Acadamey
Is being told the attorney marketing is overflowed and believes law school overly inflated and is worried about the debt to pay back for the schooling
Has been suggested not to use student loans or anything that is over saturated
A Prosecutor was discouraging - so she tried begging the Prosecutor to do anything so she can become an attorney (again?)
Believes she 'didn't do 'anything'' to deserve to get laid off. Whether true or not,she want's to be back where she was working at or working as an attorney again.

Saying about Prosecutor,she may be having hired one to reclaim back her position where she was 'laid off' from,hence the "this has been a process that has been over a year in progress". A process of trying to reclaim position or get money for 'wrongfully' laid-off.


Ann said...

I wonder if the guy is a kleptomaniac who sees and steals and lies about the stolen things etc. I see also a bit of self entitled / narc like traits.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Ann, good observations.

How's this for irony?

I'm a native New Yorker; Heather is a Mainer.

For the lengthy flight to Europe, I bought "The Bad Guys Won"; the story of the 1986 Mets for her, a few weeks ago.

Upon arrival here, the Lenny story broke. She had been just reading about him.

We began the seminar with Lenny's quotes.

The investigators were sharp, but one, in particular, with a legal background (interestingly enough!) went right to the profile and asked, "Does Lenny see himself as 'nobody' here?"

This, with the name dropping of a celebrity.

She saw (and others quickly joined in) the narcissism of such.


Ann said...

Thank you Peter,

Yes,the narc trait pick up may come from having a keen sense of observing ppl (and things lol), I also study/research on Narcissism and Sociopathy,and I also have a couple of pages on fb on Awareness and have some books on those subjects as well.

It's fun for an English refresh course but also 'relearning' English in a non-Interpretative way. We are either taught or self taught to Intemperate things and in some ways that's how we get into 'trouble' mis-understanding others. Once we 're-learn',we can be better 'listeners' and gauge a reacting/opinion/answer better.


habundia said...

"The girl that freaked out because of the fire" instead she was trown into the fire.
How can people be so cruel and heartless!

habundia said...

I am a member of fb groups about narcissism maybe its yours?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I hope to put up an article about the recent training in Switzerland. Most attendees (or close) did not have English as first language.

Ann said...

Is there a way to tell if articles are dropped on purpose compared to someone who has good English but with minor (small amounts) of miss-spelling espec. if English is not their First Language?

Anonymous said...

Shannon, it's probably a Good thing (for the Clients) that you won't directly represent them, especially in a jury trial...

Unknown said...

Real classy, Lenny ...Oy.