Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Human Nature: The Key to Statement Analysis

Why did he murder and injure so many?

Police rushed a killer armed to the teeth. This is what police do when the call of duty is made.  They do not stop to count the cost to their own lives nor the lives of their families.  They rush in.  They do this in big cities and they do this in small towns.  This is what they do:  serve and protect, at personal risk.  

 Thus far, no NFL player has risen from his knees to praise such bravery.  

Yet if one did, would corporate media report it?

Why did this killer open fire on a country music concert in Vegas?

To learn the answer to why, we will have to pay attention and not expect main stream media to report the truth unless it fits their narrative.  

Statement Analysis, like other disciplines, does not have one key to success; but many keys.  Some are more important than others, especially given the varied contexts we deal with, but there is one dominant key that analysts must seek to learn.

Human Nature.

A talented young analyst came up to me after a seminar recently and asked about my personal relationships and Statement Analysis.

This is not unusual.  It is often wrapped in nervous laughter. "How does your wife even talk to you?" is the single most commonly asked question during the first coffee break at seminars and trainings.

In Advanced Analysis, content emerges readily and as it does, so does profile, and "on the fly", leakage becomes inevitably noticed.  As a person speaks, his or her priority comes to the surface and the words they choose indicate dominant personality traits.  

I gave her my usual explanation:  being honest with your spouse precludes worry, and acceptance of human nature is key because we are all creatures of frailty.  Knowing human nature means not taking yourself too seriously.  

Show me the perfect family and I will show you the facade.  Show me the perfect man and I will show you a well polished surface.  

Perfection does not exist, including in marriage. Everyone has his struggles, failures, losses, hopes, dreams and victories.   If you have two imperfect created beings living together, you  have trouble. If both husband and wife understand human nature, however, the remedy once employed in self discipline, can be applied.  He learns what her nature must have, and she learns what his nature must have.  The complementary nature of marriage works well when human nature is accepted and we enjoy our differences.  

Many people expend a great deal of energy in life fighting against their own nature.  "Virtue Signaling" is something that we see in analysis frequently, just as we see it in life.

The mother, for example, who jumps up furiously when her toddler falls, making sure everyone can see how "concerned" she is, in a show of anxiety, does so in order to quell her own guilt.  

The child responds to the anxiety predictably; he or she develops anxiety.  Yet, the mother's  "show" satisfied a need within her to be seen as a concerned mother.  

The impact on others is also to be noted:  the mother who does not jump up may now feel as if she is not as good as a mother for allowing her child to experience a rough patch in life.  This is a regrettable consequence but it is the point of "Virtue Signaling."  It is not for the benefit of the child, nor society, but of self:  to let everyone know just how "virtuous" self is.

This same "Virtue Signaling" is being seen today in the massacre at Las Vegas.  These are those who seek to deny human nature for what it is.  

Yet, some are still asking the right questions:

1.  Did the shooter convert to Islam and do this in obedience to the Koran and out of loyalty to the Islamic State?  ISIS has not made a habit of false claims, though they could thus begin.

This would make him an Islamic terrorist.

2.  Did the shooter do this because the concert was "country music" often associated with conservatives?  The shooter was seen in a video at an anti-Trump rally.

This would make him a Left Wing terrorist, similar to Antifa or other fascist, communist,  or anarchist socialist organizations.

3.  Or, was there another motive we must learn?

Yet, neither of the first two motives would  fit the narrative of Main Stream Media which would respond in deception via deflection or withholding of information. 

MSM has been focusing its attention on minor issues, such as gambling debts.  Recall the lies politicians and media made about the Florida Islamist terrorist, first insisting that it was "homophobia" and then on to mental illness, and finally the weapon used.  They said anything but the truth to protect narrative.  

The deception from MSM bases itself on the belief that people do not have the ability to discern truth from deception, and will be enticed into helping shift blame away from where it belongs because they, too, want human nature excused. The entire "Black Lives Movement" and "take a knee" at the National Anthem is based upon hatred of police, with the deceptive claim that police are racist murderers.  It is the narrative of both the  elite and MSM. 

It is a lie that gets votes but it also raises anger and gets police killed. 

Deception always has its toll.  

Expected Versus Unexpected:  Behavioral and Statement Analysis 

In Vegas, if the gunman was upset about gambling debts, human nature, being what it is, would likely have found its outlet in going into a casino and shooting up the place where gambling debts may have accumulated, or some place similar, like a bank.  

Yet there is still one "motive" that all of MSM agrees with:

It wasn't the shooter who was responsible, it was the weapon.  If you say you "pray" for wounded victims, they say, your prayers "aren't working" and you, too,  are also responsible for the death toll.  

In fact, taken from the language, it is not even the weapon that did it, but voters who support the 2nd Amendment.  It is their fault, according to the celebrity elite.

 It is as if everything must have a blame assigned to someone or something politically. 

 When you heard an assistant Vice President of CBS posted that she had no sympathy for the victims in Las Vegas because the dead and injured were likely Republicans, you are looking at the pre civil war hostility and the baseness of human nature that provokes violence.

This is a subtle twist within human nature that helps expose itself:  it is not inclined to take personal responsibility for its own actions; it seeks to shift blame.  It has a deep powerful need  to shift or in the least, mitigate blame.  If you hear "Uh, I only had like 3 drinks", you almost intuitively know it was considerably more.  Law Enforcement professionals need little prompting to acknowledge truth about human nature. 

Human nature operates in denial and minimization, which is precisely what we find in language.  

By not acknowledging human nature, the politicians tell us that if we outlaw a weapon, the murderous criminal will, somehow,  obey this law and not act upon his murderous impulse.  Then, if you don't agree, you somehow "hate" others and want more violence.  This is how it works itself out:

1.  It removes human responsibility for evil acts
2.  It thus condemns and attacks anyone who does not agree in alleviating human beings of responsibility.  

It is like passing a law that says you must be 18 years of age or older to buy acid, as Islamists use acid to disfigure women who act like Westerners.

The thinking is this:  the acid is to blame, not the "honor culture" of Islam. This is an example of a political decision.   This is to pretend that one who is so calloused as to burn the flesh of another is going to be hindered by a law requiring ID.  The morals of one who would destroy his sister's face for dating a non Muslim will somehow be brought to heel by a minor procedural rule.  He will need photo ID to buy acid; that will stop the "honor punishments" of Islam.

The truth is that police are not killing black males and that gun ownership does not increase gun murders.  Yet, these truths impede politicians' ambitions.  

Victim Blaming

In statement analysis we always look for the guilt of a deceptive subject to find a way to justify his criminal action.  The number one justification?  Blame the victim.  

This is found in criminal statements readily.  No matter how hypocritical it may be, and no matter how subtle it may be, it is almost always present for the analyst to find.

"Well, the baby would not stop crying..."

Here we find in Shaken Baby Syndrome cases a subtle victim blaming.

Communicative Language

In criminal domestic homicide (and even domestic violence) the language of communication often tells us precisely where the assault took place.  We look for the word "said" to change to "told" to reflect the increasing tension and authoritarian position leading to the violence.  Even the deceptive perpetrator will perfectly guide us into what happened.  

Studying Human Nature 

In the seminar the young analyst explained that as a young woman, she had been confronted with training that challenged the narrative she had learned in high school and college.  She knew that men and women spoke differently, thus recognizing that the different in speech represents difference in thought patterns.  She represents a growing movement of those who have been under exclusive narrative teaching but are seeing its contradictory application:  it is not life.  It is not reality.  It is not truth. 

Police need little convincing that human nature contains evil.  Those who understand this grasp the purpose of self disincline, disciplining children, societal rules, restraint and other necessary elements within life that limit the damage that human nature can do in life.  

This understanding impacts every day life, from how they cast a vote to how they see the world.  More than anything else, it is the key to the "expected" within a given statement's work.  Those who accept and study further into the truth of human nature are best prepared to set up the proper expectation within a statement.  

It is a major key to success in detecting deception.  

To train in detecting deception, The Complete Statement Analysis Course is completed in your home, generally within 12 months.  


christina said...

I agree its never the gun that kills, or the acid that disfigures.
If suddenly your society was plagued by daily acid attacks, disfiguring & killing thousands of people then yes you would regulate acid sales and if it continued ban them entirely.

US Society is not healthy enough to own guns. The Swiss all carry guns in their homes (they get to keep their army gun, and army training there is mandatory) yet there is no gun violence.

The motive of the killer. Something does not sit well with the motive. Why did a wealthy 64 year old with no past criminal record or no known mental illness, no obvious ties to extremist ideologies, commit the worst mass shooting in the US?

There are so many parts of the narrative missing, how did the accountant become rich? You surely cant make money from casinos, unless he was money laundering. The brother that is hiding facts. He says that he doesn't own guns has nothing to do with guns and then he knows so many details about how guns work, talking about money all the time in the interviews.

The photos leaked from the suicide? scene shows a note on a table, yet the police have no motive..

story gets weirder everyday.

General P. Malaise said...

“There’s nothing I can say. My brother did this. It’s like he shot us. I couldn’t be more dumbfounded,” Eric Paddock told Eyewitness News.

1) in the negative, tells us what he can not say "nothing".
2) "my brother did this." spoken in a reliable manner with no qualifiers and has the correct pronoun of ownership.
3)How is it "like" he shot "us"? He changed from "I" to "us". Distancing from him (the brother) and safety in numbers "us". Why is he speaking for the rest of the family?
4) again in the negative (sensitivity indicated) what he could not be, "dumbfounded".

"You'll find, when you find out, he gambled at a high level," Eric Paddock said. "He gambled, you know, lots of money."

1) The brother starts out "you'll find," pause, self censoring, needing time to evaluate what he will say although he had a train of thought and stifled it. He continues "when you find out, again a pause of self censorship. He rejects what he had started to say. He then completes with "he gambled at a high level". "high level" is not an expected response and the brother might be leaking other knowledge as he goes on to substantiate his "high level" by adding, "he gambled, you know, lots of money". "you know" as if it is understood that "high level" means "lots of money" NTP.

"The fact that he had those kind of weapons is ... just...where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background," said Eric Paddock.

1) "the fact" here the brother is acknowledging that he had "those kind of weapons". then he stops himself, self censoring, adds the word "just" (comparative word which requires comparison in the mind of the speaker)and then pauses again and finishes the thought with a question. This shows sensitivity to the automatic weapons and is unexpected in the context.
2) "he has no military background. This statement is unnecessary, there is no requirement to have a military background to know of or shoot automatic weapons as there are many ranges that cater to the use of them as entertainment.

The few statements made by the brother of the shooter seem strange and unexpected. There are questions to how much the brother knows about the weapons his brother had.
The self censorship shows the brother sensitivity to what he was about to say and stops himself. He doesn't seem to be sharing openly what he knows

Anonymous said...

ISIS doesn't have a history of false claims?! Are you joking? They would claim responsibility for an earthquake.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
ISIS doesn't have a history of false claims?! Are you joking? They would claim responsibility for an earthquake.
October 4, 2017 at 10:50 AM

Can you give a few examples of ISIS taking false responsibility? There may have been one but this is debated. It is not their norm.

The Sheriff has now said he "may have been radicalized unbeknown to us."

There is also a report being followed up that he live streamed the shooting to an off shore location.

I understand if you do not want to use your real name.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Beyond the origins in history, I never saw the application of 2nd Amendment in the US until 2008. It was then that it became apparent why the need to protect self became evident to me.

My father said that fellow students carried loaded shot guns to school every day in Brooklyn New York, including on the subways. There was no fear of shooting.

Our government undertook a dramatic change to fill us with third world and Islamic ideology, which has increased the danger to all.

I regret to say that my European friends who are baffled at gun ownership are now beginning to understand the need for self protection. German women struggle to purchase pepper spray.

As no go zones increase and parts of Europe resemble the Islamic Middle East, they will see the need for protection.

I wish it were not so.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

MODEL Chloe Ayling has denied lying to police about being out shopping with her alleged abductor, defiantly saying: "I don't have anything to hide".

During a tough grilling by Piers Morgan on ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning, the young mum said "the truth will come out" over claims her kidnap was faked.

The Brit, 20, was quizzed at length over claims she was drugged, put in a suitcase and bundled into a car.

Polish brothers Lukasz, 30, and Michal Herba, 36, are in custody accused of kidnap.

Questions were raised over her version of events this week when a police dossier revealed that she had bought a pair of shoes while out shopping with one of her alleged kidnappers.

On Good Morning Britain today, Ayling said: "I didn't lie, I just brushed it off. No one understands the reasoning unless you have been through what I have been through.

"No one can tell me how I should have behaved with the kidnapper or how I am reacting now.

"Everyone is believing theories over factual information."

When pushed by Piers on claims the 20-year-old was seen "laughing and joking" with her alleged abductor, Ayling said: "I wasn't laughing and joking. I don't think someone should be judged until someone has been convicted.

"If I was just a normal 30-year-old, not a 30-year-old model, do you think people would have the same opinions? No.

"I can answer all of them [the questions]. I don't have anything to hide, I want to answer questions, I don't care."

"Eventually it [the truth] will come out."

The model was spotted out walking her dog just hours after it emerged she broke down when it was exposed she had been shopping with her alleged abductor.

The police documents revealed she burst into tears when told a shopkeeper confirmed she was with Lukasz when they were bought. She told police: “It is true. I went with him to buy the shoes.’’

One officer asked: “So why did you lie to us?’’

Chloe, of Coulsdon, South London, again broke down before saying: “I don’t have a reasonable explanation.’’

Another cop asked in the interviews on July 17: “Don’t you think it seems strange that you went to buy shoes with the person who kidnapped you?’’

Chloe replied: “He was the person who could save me and who could help me regain my freedom. That’s the reason I didn’t fight and I didn’t ask for help from the woman in the shop.’’

The British model who claims she was snatched after arriving in Milan for a photoshoot plans to tell all about her Black Death sex slave ordeal in a new book.

Tania Cadogan said...


She told journalist Piers Morgan she was being paid "thousands" of pounds for the book deal.

She also admitted she was charging for interviews about her ordeal after being forced to put her modelling career on hold.

This week the young mum was seen strolling near her home in Coulsdon, Surrey, today as she took her pooch out to stretch its legs.

She seemed camera shy, turning and heading back the other way after spotting photographers.

In a statement Chloe said five people were involved in her kidnap but she had seen only two faces — thought to be the Herba brothers.

A 71-page police report on the case includes a photo of Lukasz and another man driving to the fake photo studio in Milan where Chloe was snatched from.

Another showed Michal lugging a suitcase as he walked with a man, believed to be his brother.

Italian cops say Chloe was later stuffed into it after being injected with ketamine. There is also a transcript of a secret recording made in prison as Lukasz called his mum in Poland.

He says: “This girl is trying to set me up. She knows I didn’t have anything to do with kidnapping her.’’

Westminster magistrates’ court ordered the extradition of Michal from Britain to Italy last Friday. His legal team have lodged an appeal, calling the kidnap a publicity stunt and a sham.

But Italian cops say they have more than enough evidence against both brothers.

Prosecutor Paolo Storari told The Sun on Sunday: “I expect this to come to trial by the end of the year.’’

Spot the oops :)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The Washington Post, of al places, had an article from an anti-2nd Amendment statistician who said that her belief that America was gun crazy and dangerous because of gun ownership underwent a dramatic change by studying the statistics.

She was guided by truth, not emotion, nor the presentation of main stream media.

I have added a chart to the original article.

Re fresh the post.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


if you get the chance, watch Ben Shapiro v Piers on you tube.

Its entertaining.


Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks Peter i will do.

Anonymous said...

He planned the attack meticulously. He was workinng for ISIS. I read somewhere that he had planned to shoot up a rap concert in Vegas a few months earlier but the rooms he wanted in the hotel were already taken.
Also I dont think he killed himself bc he had cameras to see when cops would be coming to get him & he actually shot a security huard who approached his room through the door. I think cops did kill him which is how the ISIS terrorists like to go out--as "martyrs". $100,000 wired to Phillipines prob was intended for ISIS.

LuciaD said...

Just a comment on the expected versus the unexpected. This is all very new to me, but brings to mind an old favorite saying "look for horses, not zebras". So we read statements looking for horses, and when a zebra pops up, it should catch our attention

LuciaD said...

I think it is highly likely this was just a miserable, angry, resentful guy who decided to commit suicide by cop. So he went to his favorite place, used his beloved weapons to get as much publicity and fame as he could on his way out.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Any chance the motive was politically motivated, as in not only an Anti-Trump supporters statement but also an attempt to highlight "gun control issues" and force de-arming of the American public via fear and outrage?

Maybe it's just me, but I find it very suspicious Stephen only wired $100,000 to the Philippines, given the amount of money Eric attributes the family as having. Listening to Eric talk, I'd expect Stephen to have been either "gifting" Marilou/her family significantly more (as Eric considers $100,000 such a paltry, insignificant sum) or "gifting" others more money.

Chris said...

To Anon at 1:58 -
Among the many snippets of information filtering out in media interviews, one official did say that the gunman decided when to "put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger".