Thursday, November 9, 2017

Billie Jean Dunn's Attorney John Young: A Study in Depravity

John Young, the attorney for Billie Jean Dunn has finally been brought to justice.

He has been sentenced to 11 years in prison after a career of ever increasing depravity and perversion of justice.

John Young threatened to "show Peter Hyatt what Texas justice looks like", and "we're gonna bring this, this fool... here to Texas and show him..." on television,  due to the analysis of the murder of Hailey Dunn, but shortly after making this bold claim went to the home of a police officer, with alcohol (and possibly cocaine) in his system and pulled a gun on the cop.  Disarmed and tackled to the ground, Young was able to wiggle his way out of prison time and was even able to continue practicing law while being "mentored." 

How many people pull a gun on a police officer and live to talk about it?

The need to insult, rather than answer the analysis' accusations, was noted. 

At the time, it was conceivable that such an event would have a sobering impact upon Young, but the  opposite is true.  Where justice is perverted, dismissed or otherwise not employed, an emboldenment takes place in the human heart, as well as in the hearts of others who observe the profiting from illicit and illegal behavior.

The pulling of a gun on a police officer was not John Young's first entanglement with the law, having killed a woman with his car, the jaded attorney was able to claim that the victim was intoxicated and stumbled out into the street.

The problem with this assertion?

Close connections in what was called "the good ole boys' club" led to learning that the victim was  cremated, perhaps quickly and quietly.   Young emerged victorious and steadfast in his life of flamboyance,  publicity seeking and exploitation.

He was an incessant insult to law enforcement, including local and the Texas Rangers.

Accused of constant bribes, quid pro quo deals, and a serial philanderer, John Young took on the case of Billie Jean Dunn "pro bono", yet used language to suggest a much deeper relationship with stripper mother Billie Jean than professional ethics call for.  He called Hailey "our little girl" and "our child" and had a need to persuade and threaten, rather than answer analysis.  He showed himself to be a pathological liar, incapable of even self honesty.

He kept friendships with money, and stood as an embarrassment to justice and a thorn in the side of law enforcement.  It seemed that for John Young, there was no bottom.

His last acts of an attorney appear to have taken on a sexual perverse client, with child pornography, which fits his psycho-lingtuistic profile, and orchestrated his new client's fake will to entrust millions to...


The Texas Rangers stayed up on this one, however, in spite of any political pressure and influence Young could muster against them.

John Young is a career offender, exploiter and an example worthy of study in understanding human nature and the ancient understanding what happens to society when justice is delayed, destroyed or ignored.

His law career over, his family is left bereft of its provider, which may be the best thing that could ever happen to them.  The money he earned in living the wealthy life style was dirty, from A to Z, tainted through perversion of justice and exploitation.  They have benefited on the destruction of others and may find some semblance of peace by honest work, instead of the scheming and exploitation of society. 

The article about the defense's attempt to mitigate sentencing (a co conspirator got 6 months) is fascinating.  The defense called 26 people to swear how honest this most dishonest man was. As expected, the defense blamed alcohol (an inanimate object) for much. Defense even tried to copy "the race card" with the Orwellian "restorative justice" claim: 


The defense urged the jury to consider "restorative justice" with a community supervision or probation option requiring Young or his family to pay back the estate.
"Make them (the Young family) pay," said Daniel Hurley, an attorney on Young's defense team. The easy option, he said, was to put him in jail and "let the taxpayers pay."
The prosecution team said Young had three years to pay restitution before now and "probation is not revoked for a failure to pay restitution," especially if the defendant has no assets or income to pay with.
The prosecution also pointed out that Young transferred ownership of his 5,000-square-foot home to his wife about two and a half weeks before the trial.

Prosecutors were able to introduce the death of the woman from Young's car, his pulling of a gun on a law enforcement official and his exploitation of justice, women and society.

After listening to more than 2 dozen "character references" who swore, under oath, as to John Young being an honest, religious, God-fearing family man", justice came swiftly to Young, with the sentence and fines.  At this point, it is likely that investigators will have to seek to learn where Young hid money and assets.  

The Texas Rangers deserve the highest praise for staying the course, and the prosecutor's office for looking not just at the crime, but at the man, himself, and his impact upon society. 

Society is now just a bit safer with John Young behind bars. 

The Texas Rangers can stand just a touch taller having not yielded to political pressure in an age where perversion of justice has become deeply emboldened, not just in Texas, but across America, as some of the highest level felonies ever in America have been, to date, swept under the rug. 

This, however, may not remain this way, as I have hope for 2018 that politicians, in particular, will all be put on notice should the international felonious crimes be prosecuted.  

For John Young, himself, I pray for mercy.  

For those unfamiliar with the murder of Hailey Dunn, it is a case which is of assistance to learn deception detection.  

The mother reported her 13 year old "missing" and went on national television and lied from the opening statements.  

From her first appearance, Statement Analysis showed:

The child is dead; the mother needs an alibi. 

This continued in appearance after appearance, failed polygraph, drug abuse, child pornography, bestiality, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, and "blood lust" videos.  

The mother and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, are still not charged with Hailey's death and remain judicially innocent. 

The mother later verbally signaled where the body would be found and her large sample allows analysts in training to learn, step by step, both deception detection and content analysis.  Journalists familiar with this case, alone, have enrolled in training, as they were able to learn how to follow principle, even from instinct, and sharpen their own investigative journalism skills. 

A great exercise for advanced analysis is to compile Young's statements, particularly in TV appearances, for a fuller profile.  His language is, if anything, consistent in what it reveals about his interests, priorities and his background. 

For training for your department, or for training for individuals in their homes, go to Hyatt Analysis Services to register for our 

Complete Statement Analysis Course. 


tania cadogan said...

Yaaaaaaaaay About bloody time.
I hope his time in prison is as miserabl;e as possible.
I also wonder if he will start talking to try and earn some leniency such as a better paying job or maybe some time off if he talks about what billie jean told him?
no doubt he will have a lot of names and secrets in his big black book just for such an event.

John mcgowan said...

Can, open, worms, everywhere. :)

elf said...

I wonder if Billie testified for his character?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had feared for your (wife's) safety to some extent, though I never knew you'd actually been threatened by a Texan. They are nasty people at times.

Glad you never got that bright orange longhorn emblem in your rear-view mirror on the way home or had one call the dog catcher out prior to a serial kill on their behalf.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how he gathered the entire state of Texas to get back at you, Peter.
Is he so unsure of his ability to get back at you that he has to recruit others?

Anonymous said...

The above is a link to Young's deceased client of which he is accused of forging the will.
The house looks like a beginner home and this dude's worth $8 million!
He hires homo brothers to set up Internet and Facebook.
He is caught calling the Girl Scouts via old 911 call data and his real phone number.
He has $8 million and the bail bondsmen think he'll run? REally?!!
While on their watch he croaks. Ribbit,ribbit.
Then paperwork ensues and phone calls made and...presto...he's cremated.

oddfellas those Texans

Anonymous said...

You, Peter, should feel proud that the accused sexual abuser of boys really wanted the estate to go to the boys he abused and, I guess, a Catholic trust Saint Pious X??

In the Dunn case, surely protestant charities were set up to prolong the finding of her body and keeping the search alive. (??)

The earring found in her father's home reeks of a coyote hunt by the name of elnegro.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Seen this yet? Sherri Papini abduction twist as CCTV shows her running around car park at 4am hours before she was found chained up by roadside

Wish we could get a statement.

CptKD said...

I am so with you, Tania!
As is typical of the 'Wheels of Justice' ...
Slow as they move - Once, they do get 'Rolling'!
They WILL - Roll on, 'RIGHT' over the GUILTY!
⚖ CptKD

CptKD said...

Good one, John!
Me, no like 'Worms'!
STILL, I'll stomach 'These' ones with a big Ol' smile on my face!!
⚖ CptKD

Anonymous said...

I figured out where the phrase "wall of truth" came from: it's an early European term coined for the 'mail slot' in a wall that allowed citizens to write their reports on their neighbors, people in the market place, and almost anyone that came within the distance to be heard and/or seen.

Then they could be dragged into court to defend themselves from the rash of accusations regardless of evidence.

Though the attorney is in prison,he cannot be forced to feed the media with confidential information.

In fact, the media-more than the accused attorney- is more responsible for those two going free than anyone.

Deejay said...

Peter- why has Texas not brought Shawn and Billie to trial for this poor child's death??

Anonymous said...

In the Papini video, I only read that her hands were tie-wrapped to a chain around her waist and her ankles had like plumbing/hose straps on them; not that her feet were bound together or the chain was tightly wrapped to disrupt flow of arm and elbow above any certain height.
I assumed she'd be able to walk/run according to the description I read.

Peter Hyatt said...


a great question.

I don't know the answer, though I believe justice will come.

Initially, I believe there were some serious issues of jurisdiction that led to disputes.

Also, Shawn had child porn on his person, but also at his grandmother's house (and computer)_ and others had access to it.

I spoke to several prosecutors and the one consistent answer I received was this:

The case of child pornography should have been turned over for federal prosecution. They have a great record of convictions and the murder issues would have likely come to the surface through this.

In the least, since local prosecutors knew mother and boyfriend did it, they could have gone the route of Florida in the death of the little girl with Misty Croslin and Ron Cummings: get them put away for drug crimes, in the least.



Wow. Finally. I had lost hope that Young was ever going to be held for anything. He came across so slick and schwarmy. "our girl" statement made my skin crawl. I won't forget the interview he did with Hailey's mother when she brought out all of the printed out documents alleging Peter's attacks and lies about her. They really did plan to go after Peter. But then, Young pulled the gun on the officer and was busy dealing with getting himself out of a mess. Billie moved away. And then, Hailey's remains were found, supporting Peter's first assertion based on Billie's first statement on Nancy Grace.. that Hailey was dead.

I hope this means that justice is on it's way for Hailey Dunn.

Thank you Peter!

Peter Hyatt said...


he made Jose Baez look better