Tuesday, November 28, 2017

North Carolina: Missing 3 Year Old


3 year old Mariah Kay Woods has been missing since Sunday night when her mother put her to bed. Woods lives with her mother and her mother’s live-in boyfriend in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Her mother's statement including referring to her as an "angel" and that the public "loved her to death."  These are words we do not like to hear when a small child is missing. 

"If anybody knows where she is at or any information, just please call the sheriff's department or notify anybody.  

"She could be anywhere. She is very sweet loving girl. Long brown hair, blue eyes. Goes by Mariah. She has walking difficulties, so please, if anybody sees her. She is 3 years old. Please notify them,”

“I love her and I’ll never let her go again,” she said. “I just want to hold her tight and see her smile."

It is not known if this next statement is in response to a direct question that included the words "last memory":  

“My last memory of her was feeding her and putting her to bed. “I told her I loved her and she loved me. 

In some domestic homicides, "I love you" pointed to the time of death.  These are not complete statements, so we cannot draw a conclusion. 

A wandering 3 year old is unlikely due to difficulty walking (reported:  leg braces). 

“It’s not making sense to me about where she could be at,” said Woods, “or who she could be with.”

One report stated that the mother last saw her at 11pm, but her boyfriend saw her at midnight, where the child got up and the mother's boyfriend told her to go back to bed.  This is important information, including time line.  The FBI asked for anyone who had contact with anyone in the household before this to call in. 

Mariah’s biological father, Alex Woods, said he found out his daughter was missing when the Amber Alert was issued Monday morning. 

He asks good questions:  

“Someone just walked right up in there, grabbed the 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream? Nobody heard anything? Four people in the house, two adults and two kids someone just comes up and snatches the baby and walks out?”

Mariah is a white female, approximately 2 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 30 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes.
If you have any information regarding this abduction, call the Onslow County Sheriff at (910) 455-3113, or call 911 or *HP.


malke said...

'This is my world, this is my angel,' said Woods. 'She was sent to me for a reason. This is my everything besides my boys, the love that I have for this girl. The bond that I have ..is my life. please, just don't take that.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5124713/Three-year-old-girl-missing-North-Carolina.html#ixzz4zljalWDG
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Anonymous said...

Sad. Good news is the FBI and the Marines are doing the search. The trailer park is devoid of autos. Was everyone asked to leave? Or, was it to protect them from the media accusers that has played out so often in these cases making everyone within several miles suspect?

The mother is shaken up. No doors mentioned or water...is that a good sign? Oops, someone wrote the back door was unlocked.

She goes to bed at 11pm and at 12pm the live in boyfriend tells the little girl to go back to bed.

They have issued amber alerts.

She speaks in present tense most of the time.

Anonymous said...


Has anyone in LE said if her leg braces are also missing?


Anonymous said...

Video of mother's "emotional appeal" is embedded in an article on WITN. It sounds bad to me - mother does not express concern about the child - its all about her (mama).

Sorry I'm unable to provide link. I live in eastern nc - heard a bit of mom on radio today & thought - oh,no, this doesn't sound right.


Pak31 said...

There still aren’t enough details yet to fully guess what happened but I’m sure it won’t be complicated. We’ve seen this scenario too many times. Boyfriend living with mother of young children. He was the last to see her. His explanation is poor. I read somewhere she slept in a crib. So she was able to get out of that and walk around without braces on and the boyfriend sees her and tells her to go back to bed? He didn’t ask her anything? She didn’t say anything? How would she get back in bed by herself? Feeding a 3 year old and putting her to bed at 11 pm sounds odd but I guess it could happen. This was a trailer home. Not big. How did she get out with no one knowing? Mom saying I’ll never let her go AGAIN caught my attention. I’d like to know how long the boyfriend has been living with her, how long he’s known them. We need more info on him.

tania cadogan said...

Sadly not unexpected. It sounds a lot like Zahra Baker who was murdered by her stepmom.

Disabled toddler,live in boyfriend, unexpected language big red flags.

If they don't want the child then hand them over to family or authorities.
Good question about the leg braces anon.

This does not look promising especially given the time of year and the claim she was reported to be only wearing pink panties according to one news report!

Toddlers should be in pyjamas not just underwear unless the house is really well heated 24/7. It is simply too cold for just underwear which begs the question, was this normal night wear or where her pyjamas removed?
If so why?
If so by whom?
Will they reveal evidence?

LC said...

In the soundbite I just heard, the mother Does use past tense, "She Was my everything". She also doesn't use the child's Name.
The crime show guests are Positive that the 3 year-old did not leave on her own, because of the braces - but she is able to be mobile enough to 'get up' and be sent back to bed on her own?

Gambler said...

Reply to anonymous K.C.

Last night I read a statement made by the grand-mother where she said,
she wouldn't be able to get very far without her braces, without
them her left leg goes out. (Not her exact words, I'm going by memory).

Gambler said...

Here's a link to a page with info on the search for
In this it says she would have trouble walking off, without braces
her left leg swings out.


Anonymous said...

Tania, let's hope there's never another case like Zahra Baker in the USA ever again. That was a stomach turner. I can reasonably accept Casey Anthony, stomach Billy Dunn, but Zahra Baker...I think death penalty on that type of cruelty and on after death.

Hope for the best. The only way to tell now is which news outlet is jockeying for first BS to publish and which "experts" have been pre-called to start the terror in Amerrar for the children.

They've interviewed the mother, boyfriend, and surely the two boys.

IF, and I mean IF, either adults are guilty they'll make it short and sweet and not run a 6 month reality show on them and their family.

Recall the little girl that pushed open the door and was found in the field? I don't even remember her name...thinkin' Rain....it was a sad day for the media after all the accusations they'd hurled.

We remember the accused first.

Anonymous said...

Thats bull that she needed leg braces or her left leg would swing out. No such disorder.

Maybe a Munchausen Mommy.
She probably killed her trying to induce illness.

Lemon said...


(maternal grandmother Melissa) Hunter said the family continues to hold out hope and has endured two days without much news from authorities on the status of the search.

Hunter ventured down to the JPD training center being used as a command post away from the residence and was told by an unidentified female officer that investigators were “still gathering information.” "


"Officials are tight lipped are on their strategy to find Mariah K. Woods who was reported missing Monday morning by her mother from the Dawson Cabin Road home she shares with her brothers, mother and her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

“We need a break at this point,” Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said during a telephone interview from his Jacksonville office. “We are continuing to find out where she is and what happened to her.”

Miller would not elaborate on what Tuesday’s game plan was and said Monday there were “boots on the ground and eyes in the sky.” "


Anonymous said...

I watched the interview with the mother 6 times in a row. There is not much sample to go on. However, here is what is jumping out at me:

1) The Mom is shaking her head "no" as if to say she doesnt want her to be found, she doesnt want info.

2) "She goes by Mariah".

Im going to be perfectly frank. Who says this of a 3-year old "She goes by Mariah". Linguistically, I have only heard that term "She goes by ---------" used in reference to a stripper's stage name. I believe Mariah was being sexually abused.

3) "She could be anywhere". This is odd. How would Mariah be able to go anywhere being 3 yrs old with leg braces. Im wondering if Mariahs body was discarded in water--then it would be true she could be "anywhere" (so to speak) as water flows. Or is there a possibility she was sold to a pedo?


Anonymous said...

I am getting a very bad vibe.

I believe she is dead.
Mothers 2 older brothers were there also when Mariah went missing.
They were probably all abusing her.



Anonymous said...

From Dailymail: Mother says she calls her "my angel" "because she got pregnant with Mariah after having her tubes tied".

Note: Calling children "angels"/"angelic" is often found in the language of pedophiles.
Recall Dr Paine saying Madeleine looked like an "angel".
That is known to be one descriptor used by pedophiles to describe children.

Anonymous said...

I read in a comment that the Mom disappeared for 2 hrs w a suitcase the day before.
My guess is the Mom threw the suitcase in water--that is why the Mom is saying "she could be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Biological father said he had custody of the three kids for awhile in the past while CPS investigated Mariah's mother. Not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That sucks. May indicate why she got her tubes tied, trouble caring for the kids she had? And not wanting more?

Yeah, everyone's saying "boyfriend did it", but I'm not so sure. He was the last to see her which is statistically very significant in putting him as a suspect. However, my instincts are leaning towards group abuse and possible homicide by the mother.
If she was an unwanted baby (Moms tubes were tied) that puts her at risk. There are linguistic indicators that the mother objectified/sexualized her; (I wonder if the mother ever worked as a stripper from linguistic indicator "She goes by ------") That is exactly how people linguistically refer to stripper's stage names. I also get a bad vibe off the fact that she seems always dressed up in princess dresses or fur coat wearing a crown. Tinges of Jon Benet Ramsey (even the suitcase bit), and the Madeleine case is also coming to mind with the word "angel" (I see Peter commented on that also--I don't like that word either in missing child cases--never a good sign).

dadgum said...

I wondered that as well, about the braces. Did she wear some at night?
Also, for an amber alert don't they require info other than just the child? A car or a possible kidnapper?

elf said...

If the mother didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of the baby, why did the father find out through the Amber alert? Wouldn't that have been the first person she suspected?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Mom did it.

The boyfriend looks too creepy to be a creep.

Why the f&ck would the mother say "she could be anywhere"?

Leg braces or her leg wobbles?

I notice the mother pumped out extra fake tears when she said "she has walking difficulties".

The mother did it.

Probably jealous of her. Mother is very plain-looking. Probably jealous of daughters looks. Very sick, but I think thats actually ONE reason my mother hated me as a little child.
This is a very serious situation & already Im doubting they will find her. Another Ayla Reynolds case where these inbred people somehow have enough criminal intuition to pull off getting away with murder while the cops are nothing but puppets on their string doing a search for a live kid when they know the kid is dead. Meanwhile the Mom and her cronies clean up all the details of their fake disappearance stiory.

Hey Jude said...

Bio dad and his wife/partner say they were prevented by the mother from seeing the children, have been trying to get custody to prevent something like this from happening - both speaking of Mariah in past tense. Dad does not believe Mariah was abducted. They are hoping she is alive.



Hey Jude said...

'...- lot to this community, and people who are here looking for her, love her to death.'
Sounds edited - that's the mother's partial response to a question..

The mother is Kirsty Kay Hunter -posting publicly on FB. Photos public - Mariah did not appear to wear leg braces when photographed. Apparently the mother asked a neighbour for loan of a piece of luggage for a trip, and returned home two hours later without the luggage. There's a lot of support, also much abuse on there - someone asked how she did on her polygraph. Police presence outside the home is much reduce according to neighbours - speculation that there has been a development further up the road on which the family lives.

Grandmother apparently discovered Mariah missing at 7.30am in early reports - reported also that mother said she discovered Mariah missing at six, though I don't think she has actually said her name in any of the clips I have seen. I think the mother knows she is not going to see her daughter alive again. She speaks of her as an angel, uses the phrase 'love her to death', eulogises on the child's personality - she does make an appeal for her baby to be brought back, but she does not express concern for what might be happening to her.

Anonymous said...

They've aired a potential sighting at a Wal-mart. Doubt it's her as she has blonde hair and the girl Mariah has a sandy blonde/ brown hair. And, it appears shorter than any of the photos unless she recently had it cut. Probably to make shoppers fear going to the store for a while or generate money for a reward that will keep the media airing the story.

They live in a trailer park, so it's safe to assume they want their trainee journalists in there blaming everyone.And, there is plenty of fodder for the FBI to throw under the bus to promote them self.

Sounds like the trailer park backs up to a military base.It's likely we'll be seeing this photo, and age enhancements, for years if not decades.

BTW, a club foot COULD be the reason for the braces.

Peter Hyatt said...

"Crocodile tears" can discredit body language analysis.

People can cry for a variety of reasons.,

Innocent mother can cry for the child

Guilty mothers can cry for the child, too, or from fear of consequences.

The timeline is similar to homes where abuse/neglect are indicted.

Any child can wake up at midnight at any time, yet we also know that neglect households do not have boundaries of safety and health.


Anonymous said...

Calling a child an angel is popular among those whose invoke deity and purchase angel pins, angel ornaments, etc. Possibly a fad thing and has entered language such as: gnarly, dude! You're a hoot! and, bad to the bone.

The Bible describes no female angels.

I agree with the one who said putting her to bed in just panties seems odd.

Still, I hold out hope she wasn't tortured and killed in her own home.

rob said...

The house does look tidy, not the usual pig sty some of these families live in, but if the grandmother lives there, she may be the one who cleans it. That's a lot of people living in a single wide mobile home, I can't imagine a whole lot goes on in there that everybody in the place can't hear.
I'd like to hear what the children were taken from the mother for previously.
I'm afraid it doesn't look good for little Mariah.

CptKD said...

You 'Hit the Nail on the HEAD', AGAIN - Tania!
Like, EVERY Other Time . . .
I will say it, AGAIN & Once more!

If they DID NOT Want that
Little Baby Girl . . .
I'd have taken her in - HERE!
IN to my Home & LOVED Her, To LIFE!

ELLIMINATING Any & All - HURT, HARM & HORRIBLE 'Horrors' to have ever befall, or bechance THIS Tiny, defenseless HUMAN 'Being'!

There's just too many of
THESE Poor Babes Being 'Done' With!
When does it end??

How does one 'choose' - To bring THIS little Life into the World ...
Only to DESTROY Its 'Spirit'
Then further 'Decide' to TAKE its very LAST Breath ~ AWAY from it?

I'll never understand ...

CptKD said...

I almost get a ... ¿?
Oh - IDK?
A more 'Matured' - Hhhhmmmm...
OLDER Version of Misty Croslin?
Coming from THIS woman . . .

NOT many words ... More 'Hyming & Hawing'
And when she 'does' TALK - Her vocabulary is very basic & Kept to a minimum!

I've not had a chance to look over much ...
So, excuse me if I'm way-WAY-Out THERE!

The ONE short video I saw, seemed as though she was trying to keep the USE of Sentences LOW!
Going for 'Sound Effects' (Tears & Moans/Groans) & Using one word answers Thru/Via forcing Announcer to ask MORE 'Wordy' Questions!!!


CptKD said...

It's been ruled

Woman who it IS - Feels badly, as her Daughter was born with one leg shorter than the other, and so she understands the misunderstanding ...
Feeling Terrible that it does not bring RESOLVE to the Family!

Nor is Mariah found, as of yet!

Anonymous said...

CptKD,if you watch the Texas church shooting interviews, it's easy to see country folk do not ramble on and on about useless media type trash. I thought one guy was gonna slap a woman as he was ready to get on TV and tell what he didn't know and make up a few things. But she kept on and on like he was a talking head that would be able to remember and respond to 5 or more complex questions asked at the same time.

Even the guy that drove the man who shot the mass murderer answered simply.

It's that type of behavior that makes them appear dumb and incapable to media people.

The bio dad's significant other cries harder than the mother. And, they had a feeling this would happen?

They know something about the relationship with the mother and the little girl. In the photos, she looks well attended to. Great girly toys for a mother that only wanted boys.

Anonymous said...

"just please call the sheriff's department or notify anybody."

"Notify anybody" stands out. She's not concerned anyone has any information at all. Or if they do, to tell anybody BUT the sheriff.

Specifics are key to truthful communication. I work in advertising and know a specific ad is trusted much more than a vague ad...and for good reason. Knowingly or not, terrible products, like terrible people are vague for a reason.

A parent who is serious about rescuing their missing child would be giving out relevant phone numbers and email addresses.

Peter Hyatt said...

we note this for possible death for a reason: many assign angelic or Deity like qualities to the deceased.

I know of no connection of its use with sexual abuse. I have not seen that indicated in my work nor in others.

Some intemperate points here, but if the mother proves to be guilty, the intemperate postings are difficult to correct.

The key is consistency in application; not only here, but in all cases.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...

News Video WITN-TV Greenville via http://www.whsv.com/content/news/460770083.html (the only link I could find without a lot of cuts)

"Everything in the world [pause] just to be able to touch her and [pause] hold her [pause] and not let her go again. I'd give anything...."
The unexpected here for me is "just be able to touch her" and it comes before "hold her". How is touching Mariah different than holding her? Why is it first on Kristy's mind? This may be my personal bias, but it reminded me of when I've seen family members and very close friends touch the deceased at a Viewing, as a final goodbye (almost as if they're compelled to by grief).

The "never let her go again" comment bothers me as well because it seems to imply that she did let her go at some point (as in, acquiesced parental authority/protection when she should not have). It kind of sounds a little like guilty knowledge, but I'm no Statement Analysis expert or anything.

The other thing that seems to be missing from the narrative/story (or maybe withheld-either by the mom/boyfriend or by police as investigative information) are the leg braces. They have no mention and they should as Mariah needs them. Three-year olds can't strap their own leg braces. Were they in the home or missing along with Mariah. *Hoping and praying they weren't found in the trash can LE took as evidence from outside Mariah's window.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I forget where I read it, but I remember reading that actual pedophiles often refer to children in extreme terms which refer to how "perfect and innocent" children are) are, (which is counterintuitive since the pedos are seeking to destroy their innocence) and I remember one of the terms used as an example was "angelic".
I agree with you--I havent seen that term come up often in these cases we look at--in fact the only example I recall is Dr Paine from the McCann case saying that Madeleine and her siblings looked "angelic" when he saw them the evening of Madeleine's disappearance. I believe I reas it was said by a family friend that they overheard Dr Paine making a remark that implied he could be s pedophile at a previous dinner.
I agree with you fully in that that word is not used often in any of these cases.

Anonymous said...

@9:34, Im not sure I agree with you that it is a fad to call children "angels", and if you picture a man referring to a living female child as an "angel" it actually does seem quite creepy.
And now the Aerosmith song "Shes My Angel" just popped into my head, and now Im more weirded out, cause if you know that song, the word "angel" is used to mean "lover".
Im just sayin that is what I read somewhere is that pedos use terms such as "angelic" to describe children.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to note that what I read was talking about actual pedophiles that that is their preference & they typically have many victims. That may be why we havent seen that word often in these cases could be bc statistically pedophiles make up a very small
percentage of the population.

Alex said...

When Billie Dunn reported the last time she saw Hailey in her bedroom the night before she supposedly disappeared didn't she say something like, "I didn't go in and touch her?


Peter Hyatt said...


yes. This was a critical statement of how we do not like to touch dead bodies.

As to sexual molestors, yes, they often use terms of endearment. As they continue to speak, they find subtle ways to blame their victims.

The "angel" is associated in language for most with afterlife. I would not be surprised to hear a perversion usage, but the consistency is in


Hey Jude said...

I read somewhere that Mariah needed to wear orthopaedic shoes to prevent her leg turning out - so maybe there were no leg braces, as such.

elf said...

If the mother didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of the baby, why did the father find out through the Amber alert? Wouldn't that have been the first person she suspected?

Nic said...

Elf, excellent observation. You think with a custody fight (bio dad hasn’t seen his kids in a year,) the bio-mom would have called him straight out of the gate. Or at least call the police and ask them to follow-up for her.

Bio dad interview in part:

stepmom: But at the same times it’s kinda like we ki-we’ve been fighting for so long to prevent this from happening. We tried to get help for tho-for the babies. And we couldn’t get help because we tried to prevent this. Cuz like we feared this was going to happen. Something like this was going to happen, already. It’s like deja-vu.

bio dad: Nobody wanted to give us the kids. They wanted to give them to Kristie.

stepmom: It’s like I-It’s like deja-vu. It’s like xx it’s like our heart is beating with them. And I know th-they’re - she wasn’t our-my child, but she-I loved her like she was mine. She was mine … too. Part of me, too. Cuz babies, I love all babies like they were mine. But she was my step-child and I love her like she was mine. I protected her like she was mine.

When was the last time you saw Mariah?

It’s been probably about a year ago.


Peter, could the use of past tense be because of length of time it’s been since they’ve seen Mariah? Step-mom appears resolved to the fact that whatever has happened to Mariah, is a tragic ending. “deja-vu”.

elf said...

Thank you for sharing. Heavy.com is good at summing things up.
One thing that's kind of weird is the mothers description of the little girl. She says Mariah has long brown hair, but all the photos look like she has long blonde hair. Could be a typo I guess but it's weird.

elf said...
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FoodieFoodnerd said...

Nic, a huge kudos for your specific, detailed transcription! The stutters, the pauses, the words and phrases chosen add so much important context to speech. As someone with increasing hearing loss, I wish many of those who caption and subtitle movies and shows had a tenth of your caring for detail.

Has the boyfriend made any statements, to police or publicly? As the last one known to have seen her alive, whether guilty or innocent you would think he has a lot to say.

The stepmom obviously loved Mariah, and seems to be showing a lot more emotion and concern for her than her bio mom shows, but the
"...Cuz, babies, I love all babies like they were mine..."

sounds very young, almost childlike herself,and kind of an odd segue in the middle of describing her personal relationship with Mariah.

I know it's usually a strong indicator of guilty knowledge when a bio parent isn't repeatedly using a recently missing child's name to publicize it, speaking to the missing child to assure her they're looking for her, or expressing concern about the child's situation.

But I think the bio father is the rare exception of an innocent parent who is just resigned to the horrifying reality based on how Mariah's life was before she disappeared.

As to reading statements by Christopher Lockhart and too many others like him, does anyone else picture and hear Jerry Lundegaard's "I'm cooperatin'!" with that weak,sickly smile?

Nic said...

Thanks Foodiefoodnerd,

Here's more. Somebody may want to verify and finish? I'm just getting to the part of the bio mom lying ... thanks!

Reporter: When was the last time you saw Mariah?

bio dad: It’s been probably about a year ago. The mother won’t let me have anything to do with her. Nothing to do with none of the kids.

Reporter: Are you father to her?

bio dad: Yeah, oh I’m - yeah, Ryan, Nate and Mariah. I’m father to all of them. I got… I’m suppose to see them on weekends and stuff like that but.

step-mom : we have court papers

bio dad: she won’t

step-mom: we’ve been going thr- in and out of courts with her.

dad: nobody will help us like, lawyers and stuff like that won’t you know help us. You go to court they say you gotta have 3-5-7 thousand dollars down, and you know I ain’t got that kind of money.

Reporter: When did you find out what was happening?

bio-dad: I found out yesterday morning about 11-11:30. It came on, I was at work and the Amber Alert came on the radio. And I heard it. And they said Mariah. And I was like, I got a three-year-old daughter named Mariah. And they said the whole name. And I was like, Mariah Kay Woods. I was like, “Thatsss my daughter’s name. No” And I thought about it for a minute and I was just like, “no, they just didn’t say that.” I called Heather and I was like, "uhhh, I need you to look up something for me and see if this is like for real. If this is really, you know, my daughter and that. Like I didn’t just didn’t believe it. And she called me back and she like, "yeah, it is.”

reporter: What went through your mind.

bio dad: (heavy sigh,) that it was like a nightmare, like I was dreaming, sleeping. I just didn’t…it didn’t seem real. I thought, “no, like that couldn’t have been. You know and then like I don’t know like, I didn’t not that I didn’t believe it at first but, I was just like I miss heard it or something, that’s why I had her find out. And when she said, “yes, it’s true.” You know, I was just like, “Oh my God, my baby, my kids," (inaudible) went crazy.

reporter: Now you said you haven’t seen her in about a year or so. Um, what do you remember about your daughter since the last time you saw her? What is she like? What’s her personality like?

(both laughing)

bio dad (step mom): Sh-she’s cool. She’s, ha, aww, she’s, she’s just so funny, she’s so like just carefree, I mean,y'know she's a little girl. She, she don’t know nothing right now, like about the world. She’s just (I miss her) she’s happy, I mean she was so happy. haha.. (I remember) loving,

step mom (bio dad): going to Christmas bed and going, shaking the bed and going, “sissy, sissy, (yeah), sissy, (uh-huh)” (laughs)

bio dad: Uh, she loved her brothers, oh man. Little Nate. He’d give her hell. But she’d sit right there and follow him around, crawl after him. Aw she was a trip. Eaten. She’d eat and make a big ‘ol mess. Smile Laughs.

step mom: She was always happy when around us. She was always smiling. Always so happy. Even with our other three, they always pack her around annn she’d always go after them, chase after them. She’s always happy. She knew when they’d get home from school. She’d wait for them.

Reporter: And I hate to be blunt here. Do you think your daughter was abducted? Do you think Mariah was abducted?

Both shake their head no.

bio dad: No. No. I think Max’s wife and boyfriend’s got something to do with it.

Nic said...

reporter: Why?

bio dad (step mom): If they was at the house and the two boys was in there, and somebody just walked right up in there, grabbed the three year old out the bed, she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream, she, nobody heard nothing? Four people in the house - two adults and two kids and somebody just comes up an snatches the baby up and walks out, like it’s cool, and nobody sees nothing. I mean I understand stuff does happen like that but like (plus) their doors ain’t locked? Really?

step mom: Plus in the past is what she like covered up about them in the past that we went to court hey’ve already been placed out of her care ...

Peter Hyatt said...

even bio dad uses her name.

Peter Hyatt said...



past tense could be with length of time, and suspicion.

Alex said...

Thanks Nic for the transcription.
This paragraph confuses me. First she uses past tense (loved) with past tense was. Then, present tense (love) with past tense was. Then back to past tense (protected). Does this matter or am I splitting hairs?
stepmom: It’s like I-It’s like deja-vu. It’s like xx it’s like our heart is beating with them. And I know th-they’re - she wasn’t our-my child, but she-I loved her like she was mine. She was mine … too. Part of me, too. Cuz babies, I love all babies like they were mine. But she was my step-child and I love her like she was mine. I protected her like she was mine.


tania cadogan said...

Off topic but oh so telling

The father of 13-month-old Poppi Worthington who died in 2012 has refused to answer questions 69 times at a fresh inquest into his daughter's death.

Paul Worthington, 49, repeatedly said: "I refer to my previous statements, I don't wish to answer".

Mr Worthington gave evidence at the second inquest into the death of the toddler who collapsed suddenly at her home in Barrow-in-Furness on 12 December, 2012.

The former supermarket worker has been in hiding since January 2016 when family court judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson, now Lord Justice Peter Jackson, made public his conclusion that he probably sexually assaulted his 13-month-old daughter before her collapse.

Poppi's father confirmed his full name, Paul Edward John Worthington, and that he was Poppi's father.

Counsel to the inquest Alison Hewitt explained to him there would be "no trick questions".

Miss Hewitt first asked him to confirm that he started his relationship with Poppi's mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in about 2009.

Mr Worthington replied: "I refer you to my previous statements. I rely on the right not to answer that under Rule 22."

Coroner David Roberts explained to him that under that section of the Coroners (Inquests) Rules 2013 he was not obliged to answer any questions tending to incriminate him.

He told him that Miss Hewitt's first question was "perfectly straightforward", not self-incriminating and he must answer.

Mr Worthington went on to confirm background details of the relationship with his ex-partner, including when Poppi's mother became pregnant with her and that he later had a vasectomy in 2012.

When the subject moved on to general sleeping arrangements in the household and how it compared with the night before Poppi died, Mr Worthington's barrister, Leslie Thomas QC, raised the possibility that his replies could be incriminating.

The coroner agreed and told him he was not obliged to answer questions on the matter.

Mr Worthington declined to comment about earlier statements and accounts on sleeping arrangements.

Then, the coroner informed Mr Worthington he was not obliged to answer any questions about events on the dates of 11 and 12 December.

Mr Worthington chose not to answer Miss Hewitt's questions about similar previous statements he had made about those dates.

Poppi's mother sat in court next to her legal team and held her head in her hands.

She left about 40 minutes into Mr Worthington's evidence.

Mr Worthington smiled slightly when first giving the same answer to the questions.

He smiled slightly again a number of times as he repeated the phrase throughout the afternoon hearing, which lasted just under two hours.

He also refused to answer detailed questions about the minutes and hours leading up to Poppi's death.

Miss Hewitt asked Mr Worthington: "Do you agree that from 2am, 2.30am on the 12th of December that the events from that point onwards to you carrying Poppi downstairs not breathing, that you are the only person who can account for the events between the two times?"

Mr Worthington replied again: "I refer to my previous statements."

He was also asked about his use of a laptop in bed, which he had said previously he used to view "X-rated adult stuff".

Miss Hewitt asked about the reference to pornography and the type of pornography.

He refused to give an answer.

The coroner adjourned the hearing with the words: "It's been a long day for everybody."

The court will reconvene at 9.30am on Thursday.




Nic said...

Alex said:
This paragraph confuses me. First she uses past tense (loved) with past tense was. Then, present tense (love) with past tense was. Then back to past tense (protected). Does this matter or am I splitting hairs?

Per Peter's response, above, it could be because of the amount of time that has passed since they've been allowed to see her.

Hey Jude said...


Mariah needed orthopaedic shoes to walk - the shoes were left in the home.

Bio dad and step-mom I think they use past tense because they are resigned to the likely outcome of Mariah's death - their long held fears have been realised.

Nic said...

bio dad (step mom): If they was at the house and the two boys was in there, and somebody just walked right up in there, grabbed the three year old out the bed, she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream, she, nobody heard nothing? Four people in the house - two adults and two kids and somebody just comes up an snatches the baby up and walks out, like it’s cool, and nobody sees nothing. I mean I understand stuff does happen like that but like (plus) their doors ain’t locked? Like, really?

step mom (bio dad): Plus in the past of what she like covered up (I mean) about them, in the past. (it’s, it's just funny) that we’ve been, that we went through to court and she th-they’ve already been placed out of her care for their safety once. (And then they got put back in there.) And she lied. And she went to the courts and lied, and falsified documentation to her lawyer - to the judge - to Judge Hartenson (spelling) and they got placed back in her care. And we have all court documentations proving this and they got put back in her care (step mom cries) (and they came and took them from us) And they were being physically and se-abu-an (physically) physically, mentally (emotionally abused) emotionally, sexually abused , an (inaudible) (they said they was even better and happier with us. The school, like they’re “we see a change in Ryan.” like, “you know, he’s better off with ‘y’all.” ppfftt ) So that’s why, (They don’t care cuz she’s the mother. ) cuz she’s been she been caught. (They took em right back to her.) And the lies and everything. That’s why and then their, both of their anger and their drug usage, we’re just. And we’re hoping she’s out there safe. (Hoping) And we find her. God, we hope to God she’s safe. That’s all we can really think about right now.


The last paragraph is difficult because of the dad/step mom talking over each other. Not to mention the tears.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the step-Mom is the bio Mom
of Mariah.
This is what she is telling us, and it makes a lot of sense considering Mariah's Moms tubes were tied when she allegedly conceived Mariah.

Pak31 said...

I found the pink and white panties description odd too. I couldn’t figure out by the wording if that was ALL she had on OR if that was just one item of clothing descriptive enough for identification. If that’s all she was wearing then that is odd. Being fed and put to bed at 11 pm in just panties. Wow.

Tabitha McLaurin said...
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Tabitha McLaurin said...

I immediately caught the "she could be anywhere" comment too. It's very SUGGESTIVE in nature, like leading you to think what I want you to think.

Anonymous said...