Thursday, November 30, 2017

Missing Mariah: Is Mother Cooperating?

On Wednesday, the sheriff, who was asked by the media if the family was cooperating.  

This is a "yes or no" question.  Once the answer avoids using "yes" or "no" in it, the question, itself, is considered sensitive to the subject.  Here, the subject is the local sheriff. 

That media asked this question tells us of their doubt.  

He said, "Let me put it to you this way: we talked to them and they talked to us."

This is to separate the law enforcement investigators ("we") from the family by deliberately severing interaction.  The use of the preposition "to" here is not something the Sheriff paused to consider using; it is an instinctive display of his perception of the cooperation by the family. 

The mother's language, thus far, has shown red flags for homes of child abuse and neglect.  In court entanglements, it is not always best for insight to see which side "won."  Sometimes it is the "lesser of two evils", and other times it is where one fails to prove a case.  

The language commonly heard in mothers where abuse and neglect is indicated  includes

a.  Focus on Self 

In the short statements by the mother, she shows a steadfast focus on what she is experiencing.  This ego centric view is often flagged by delivery room nurses when a child is born.  They note, instinctively, "virtue signaling", or mothers boasting, as well as placing themselves in a verbal theater of sorts where she is front, center, and the only star.  Generally, mothers are frightened, exhausted and verbally focused upon the child, especially in the immediate aftermath of birth. 

This mother went as far as posting on facebook her lack of sleep.  

The mother does not show concern for what Mariah would be, at present, going through.  This may suggest that mother knows the child is deceased, similar to the slipping into past tense language.  The reason I do not make this a conclusion is that neglectful mothers may mimic this language.  If it is combined with the past tense verb slip, the child is dead. 

Billie Jean Dunn on national television  talked about having a "tooth ache" while her 13 year old was "missing."  We knew it as a drug reference but it also showed her priority.  

Recall when the McCanns claimed their child was kidnapped.  There was a distinct void of language of concern by the parents, with my focus upon Kate McCann's language.  The lack of concern about what Maddie was going through, who was feeding her, how were they talking to her, did she have her special toy, and so on, indicates that a normally caring mother does not need to concern herself with what the child is experiencing.  Indeed, Madeline died and was not kidnapped.  How do I know this?  Because I followed and trusted the parents' language to guide me.   I began with the presupposition that she was kidnapped and sought to hold this position but the parents talked me out of it.  

b.  Distance

I have not seen the mother use Mariah's name consistently in statements.  She did, at one point, reference the name in distancing language, "she goes by Mariah."

This is a three year old child. 
This is a three year old missing child. 

She does not go by "an alias" at age three.  She does not "choose" or makes 
"preference" to the public on what to call her. 

This is not only a signal of distancing language, but a strong signal of child neglect.  The mother assigns an adult (and impersonal) status to the child.  The other children in the home are in jeopardy.  This is a mother who sees children as older than they are, which would alleviate her own responsibilities in caring for them.  These types of neglectful mothers (and fathers) will often boast how a 3 year old can make their own breakfast, including doing things, such as running an electric appliance, at an age where tiny fingers are in risk.  

The neglect parents boast of the "maturity" of the children, which allows them to not only sear the conscience, but lay in bed longer.  The hours that the child was up likely surprises no professional.  

By saying she "goes by", she verbally separates the child (de-personalization) from the name.  

This is not the instinct of a protective or normal mother. 

The psychological distancing of not using her name is to depersonalize and it is not associated with death where no guilt exists.  Mothers who have lost children to death will use the child's name, pulling psychologically close to the child.  

3.  Distinction 


We find terms associated with the afterlife to be, in deed, associated with the afterlife.  This status of "angel" bestowed upon a missing child, is another possible indictor that the mother knows she is not alive but "in heaven."

We also saw that the mother, speaking freely, said she would not let "her" go "again."

This indicatates the mother thinking about the time prior where she did let her go.    The mother did not stop, mid sentence, and ask herself, "Should I use this word, "again", here?"  

It is processed in the brain in less than a micro second of time.  She is thinking of a time when she "let her go" while her child is missing. 

Was there an altercation between mother and boyfriend in which mother had Mariah as a human shield?

Did mother "let go" Mariah to be exploited?

Did she drop her?  Fall on her?

Like Billie Jean Dunn, were they trying not to have a party?

With substance abuse, child injuries increase.  Recall the leg injuries, and eventual broken arm of Baby Ayla in which Justin DiPietro delayed 24 hours seeking medical attention.  

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Nic said...

Something else that is missing from the mother's vocabulary (aside from Mariah's name,) is the word "find". She asks people to look for Mariah, but she doesn’t ask for help finding Mariah.

John mcgowan said...

It’s not making sense to me about where she could be at, said Woods, “or who she could be with.”

If she has been placed in running water then her body will drift and this may explain why she doesn't know where she's at

tania cadogan said...

Off topic and damning reading.
If he can't deny it i cannot deny it for him.

The father of a toddler who died after sustaining serious injuries called the little girl a "bully" as he cried at her inquest.

Paul Worthington gave evidence at the second inquest into the death of Poppi Worthington, who was found with serious injuries in her home in Barrow-in-Furness and died in hospital on 12 December, 2012.

An inquest was held in 2014, during which a coroner decided he was satisfied to rely on the findings of a private family court judgment and declared Poppi's death as unexplained.

However, a family court judge later ruled the child had probably been sexually assaulted by her father before her death.

Mr Worthington returned to court on Thursday to give evidence, but answered many questions by referring to his statement of 2014.

Poppi's DNA was found on a swab of Mr Worthington's penis. When questioned, he referred to previous statements, which had offered the explanation that he had put his fingers in Poppi's mouth to clear her airway and had later urinated.

He also referred to his daughter, who was 13-months-old when she died, as a "bully".

When asked to describe Poppi, the 49-year-old said: "Lively. Bubbly. The happy one out of the siblings. Bully in her own little way."

During Thursday's hearing, he refused to answer all but one of the questions put to him - and simply referred to his previous statements under Rule 22 a total of 183 times.

The inquest was told the post-mortem examination of the toddler showed penetration of the anus.

When Mr Worthington was asked if he at any point penetrated her, he replied: "I refer to my previous statements under Rule 22."

He told the court he didn't know how her bottle or pillow got onto the double bed where he usually slept.

After completing the questioning, coroner David Roberts said: "Now you are perfectly entitled to rely on your legal right not to answer anything that might incriminate you, there's no inference drawn from that.

"That said, today is an opportunity for you to tell me anything you think may help me understand how Poppi came by her death.

"So I don't want you to leave court thinking you have not had the opportunity to tell me what happened as best you can remember about the facts of those hours.

"It's an opportunity. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?"

Mr Worthington replied: "No sir."

The inquest also heard from two police officers who attended Poppi's home, including one who found "kitchen roll" when asked to look for nappies.

Former Detective Constable Lindsey Bolton, who is no longer a serving police officer, said the laptop used by Mr Worthington to watch pornography the night that Poppi died was never recovered by officers.

He sold the device after her death.

Detective Sergeant John Carton told the inquest when he went to see Poppi there had been no visible bruising, but there was blood around the backside and in her nappy.

He said there has been no effort to remove the sheet she had been lying on, or the laptop, because it wasn't a criminal investigation at the time.

Mr Carton told the inquest a doctor he spoke to was concerned by Mr Worthington's "changing story".

Closing evidence, DI Amanda Sadler said she should have taken samples from Poppi and regretted not taking a DNA sample from Mr Worthington earlier.

No reliable denial, no denial at all, simply doing the UK equivalent of pleading the 5th, not the behavior of an innocent parent with nothing to hide.
Even demeaning Poppi who was 13 months old.

He needs to be prosecuted and locked away for life

John mcgowan said...


The search for Mariah Woods
Authorities offer an update on the search for 3-year-old Mariah Kay Woods, missing since Monday from her Jacksonville home.

Vt, 47 mins ago

John mcgowan said...

Forward to 2:40 ^^^

Anonymous said...

Tangents, distancing language, no ownership, it go"s on and on


Jay-Z Just Explained Why He Cheated On Beyoncé
He revealed that the infidelity was caused by him "shutting down" his emotions.

Speaking to the New York Times, Jay said he cheated as a result of "shutting down" his emotions.

Jay said:
You have to survive. So you go into survival mode and when you go into survival mode, what happens? You shut down all emotions. So, even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can't connect. In my case, like, it's deep. And then all the things that happen from there: infidelity.
He went on to describe how painful it was to reflect on the hurt he had caused.
Jay said:
Most people walk away. Divorce rate is like 50% or something, because most people can't see themselves. The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone's face that you caused, and then you have to deal with yourself. Most people don't want to do that. You don't want to look inside yourself, and so you walk away.
Jay also revealed that he and Beyoncé addressed their marital issues by creating music together for a joint album that was never released.

He explained:
We were using our art almost like a therapy session. And we started making music together. And then the music she was making at that time was further along. So her album came out as opposed to the joint album that we were working on. It was uncomfortable. But I was really proud of the music she made, and she was really proud of the art I released. At the end of the day we really have a healthy respect for one another's craft. I think she's amazing.

Anonymous said...

@Tania, So the guy sexually abused his 13 mos old daughter & calls her a "bully". He deserves to be hung.
Instrad he'll get a comfy cell, drugs & 24 hr cable TV.
I hope the inmates take care of the situation promptly.

Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
@Tania, So the guy sexually abused his 13 mos old daughter & calls her a "bully". He deserves to be hung.
Instrad he'll get a comfy cell, drugs & 24 hr cable TV.
I hope the inmates take care of the situation promptly

It could be worse. He could be honored by a film festival or held up as an icon.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - he hasn't even been prosecuted - he's a free man living under witness protection, and described as 'vulnerable' by his lawyer due to threats he has received. He refused to answer the coroner's questions from behind a screen so that the public could not see him. Also, his 'right to a private life' has been 'seriously jeopardised' - presumably by the publicity surrounding the horrific death of his daughter. He may never be prosecuted due to mistakes made early in the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Peter, So true, The society becomes more & more rooted in victim-blamimg while celebratimg the perpetrator.
In my local paper today, there was an article about Trump's "anti-Muslim" tweets and the article actually blamed the 9 yr old boy who was thrown off the roof by Muslims, saying that the video did not show the context that there was "blood on the hands" on both sides. They threw a 9 yr old boy off a roof! Oh, but in the beginning of the article they describe it as "the boy FELL off the roof.
The pity was given to the child-killers.
Sick world.

Hey Jude said...

Here is a clip which includes two questions by the interviewer:

KW: Please - bring her back - and I love her - and I’d do anything - that I can - whatever you want - just bring her home please - safe and sound - she’s my baby - she’s my everything.

Interviewer: What does she mean to you and to your family in this community?

KW: She’s like a angel - I had my tubes tied and burnt - on each side, I found out I was pregnant with her - so we call her our little angel - she’s got the personality of making you laugh, she’s goofy, outgoing, talkative, she knows how to make your day brighter - a lot to this community, and people that are here looking for her, love her to death.

Interviewer: What would it mean to you to see her face again?

KW: Everything in the world - just to be able to touch her, and hold her, and not let her go again - I’d give anything.


KW: Contact Onslow Sheriff Department- please, and let us know - and whoever has her- please - I’m begging you - bring her home safe.

Hey Jude said...

^^ That might be 'I'll do anything' rather than 'I'd do anything'.


The mother found the need to say she’d had her tubes tied and ‘burned’ ‘each’ side - ‘burned’ - unnecessarily dramatic, or sympathy seeking. as presumably she was under general anaesthetic, felt no burning, and knew tubal litigation involved tying and searing both tubes. Is she suggesting she somehow went to extra lengths - even suffered (was burnt) in order not to have any more babies?

Why does she say it? How does not wanting any more babies make Mariah ‘like an angel'. She doesn't say she calls Mariah her little angel - 'we call her our little angel' .

'She knows how to make your day brighter' - distancing language, I think a three year old shouldn't need to 'know how to make your day brighter' - it's a self-concerned thing to say, especially on a day when you supposedly believe your baby has been kidnapped.

'A lot to this community, and people that are here looking for her....'. - maybe she includes herself somewhere there. Many people in the community didn't even know of Mariah's existence, according to one report.


I think her FB is now private - but while it was public I looked back to the birth photos of Mariah - there seem to have been some problems, as the baby had a feeding tube, and from the comments, people,were celebrating that she was finally able to bring the baby home. Accompanying a photo of the newborn, mother's (unenthusiastic?) comment was - 'Here she is.' Another photo had no comment - that's not to say none did - I only clicked on those two.

Whichever poster said there is no such disorder as Mariah's leg problem was described - there's a video of a neighbour demonstrating how Mariah walked, her left leg swinging out to the side - she said she'd take a couple of steps 'and she always fell over.'

Some neighbours must have been aware of her existence, if she 'always' fell over.

Hey Jude said...

'This is my world, this is my angel,' said Woods. 'She was sent to me for a reason. This is my everything besides my boys, the love that I have for this girl. The bond that I have my life. please, just don't take that.'


‘This is my everything’ is ‘the love that I have for this girl’ - the love she has is her everything, rather than ‘this girl’ herself. ‘This girl’ is distancing. She says ‘my boys’ but in the same sentence chooses ‘this girl’ rather than ‘my girl/daughter/baby/Mariah’.

‘The bond that I my life’ - it is ‘the bond’ which is her life, rather than her daughter? It seems a convoluted way of avoiding saying that she loves her daughter - is she actually, without meaning to, saying something else? She did say, elsewhere ‘I love her’.

Was she not bonded with Mariah, and is trying to persuade that she is? Does she have thoughts of ‘the bond’ - potentially of being on ‘bond’ - and/or a life sentence, or death penalty? The bond is her life, which she pleads not to be taken - does she mean her own life? She says, ‘the love I have for this girl is everything’. Does she believe her life may be taken away if she cannot persuade everyone of the love she has for Mariah - ‘this girl’, whose name she does not use - (beside ‘she goes by Mariah’).

Her daughter is missing, yet it is ‘the love that I have for this girl’, her ‘bond’, which is ‘everything’. and of which she pleads ‘just don’t take that.’

I think there she is pleading for herself rather than for her daughter.

Anonymous said...

I can't pinpoint why I don't believe Kristy Woods. I just don't. Even if she said all the right words I think her body language & facial expressions would still give her away. How long are her & the "live-in Boyfriend going to keep up this charade? I'm afraid forever. They don't want to go to prison. Will Mariah's body ever be found? We could be looking at another Hailey Dunn situation where a child is murdered by the "live-in boyfriend" & doesn't pay. Whatever happened to Shawn Adkins? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:08...I agree. Young mothers tend to be self-centered as they are immature, but her body language is off and the lack of using her name is way off.

Hope we are wrong. The population is around 70,000 and the avg. age is 22-23, which means anything could have happened.

If they let it get out of control like other cases, there will bodily injury and more work for police. Hope they don't try the bullying game in order to stretch it out to promote their 3d cameras, water-sniffing dogs, and crystal balls.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, Good analysis.
That is interesting about "bond" perhaps leaking fear of jail/out on bond.
I did not know that the Mom said she had her tubes "tied and burnt". What is disturbing about her saying that is she is trying to get pity for herself with imagery of her tubes being "tied and burnt" while her daughter has just gone missing.
I hope she is not doing what most abusers do, which is to state that what is or has been done to their victim physically and emotionally is what has been done to them like they are the "real" victim.
ALL abusers do that.
I hope she didnt tie up her daughter and burn her.
Cause there is other stuff leaking out in that statement like "bond" can also mean "tied".
"Brighter" makes a person think of the sun or fire.
I have a very bad feeling about what they may have done to Mariah.

Anonymous said...

Plus, what are the odds she's tellling the truth about having her tubes tied & burnt? These days that operation is done so well that noone gets pregnant afterwards. So why is she using that imagery? Plus, she says Mariah could be anywhere.
They intentionally killed Mariah is what I believe.

Nic said...

Hey Jude @ 5:57,

Those are excellent points about "bond".

"this girl" versus "my boys"

And "my baby" has a different connotation now that you talk about being able to finally take Mariah home. Maybe she didn't bond.

Anonymous said...

Someone commented under a youtube video 7 hrs ago that authorities had found Mariah's body.

Seanacyblue said...

Hello Peter,

Is there a reason that parents of children that have gone missing/killed by their parents hands speak in past tense so quickly about the child? It just seems so odd that within hours you will hear parents use past tense expressions when pleading for their child to be returned to them.

My husband died quite expectantly and it took me probably a year before anything about him was past tense. I still speak of him in present tense of occasion.

Thank you for your insight on all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for solving this crime everyone.

Anonymous said...

Nic said...

She’s like a angel - I had my tubes tied and burnt - on each side, I found out I was pregnant with her

Sometimes the tubes are cauterized, sometimes the surgeon uses a band. Bands aren't always 100% if they are not clamped properly or if the clamp "fails". I don't know how the American health care system works i.e., if it costs more for the tubes to be cut and cauterized or for them to be clamped. Maybe it boils down to the provider paying for the clamps and the patient paying the difference? Either way, "burned" is sensitive, so I suspect maybe she only had her tubes clamped.

Nic said...

You can't have your tubes tied and burned. They are either tied (clamped) or severed and cauterized. But the generalized/laymen term when saying what [you] had done is "tubes tied".

Nic said...

Interviewer: What would it mean to you to see her face again?

Everything in the world - just to be able to touchher, and hold her, and not let her go again - I’d give anything.

When was the last time somebody saw her daughter but didn't "touch" her?

justto be able to (impedance)
not let her go again

Mariah did spend a month with her bio dad and fiancee while bio mom and boyfriend were investigated by CPS. That is more in line of "staying with" her dad. It was a temporary arrangement while the investigation was going on. She didn't let her go, it was a matter of the authorities "temporarily" removing Mariah and the boys from the custodial home.

On another note, I read bio dad and fiancee have been cleared.

Nic said...

KW: She’s like a angel - I had my tubes tied and burnt - on each side, I found out I was pregnant with her - so we call her our little angel

This strikes me as victim blaming on account of she does not call Mariah her daughter, only angel. Angel is associated with the word "like", so to her Mariah is not angel, she is "like" an angel, and "unplanned pregnancy". Typically there is a lot of negativity associated with an unplanned pregnancy.

"so" (sensitive) we call her our little angel

Also, she combines angel (heaven) and burnt (hell) together.

Nic said...

Check out the picture of Mariah and bio mom on Mariah's birthday. Looks like Mariah was tired of playing along.

Alex said...

KW: She’s like a angel - I had my tubes tied and burnt - on each side, I found out I was pregnant with her - so we call her our little angel

What I find unexpected in this statement is her saying "both sides". Maybe she has discussed with others what could cause an unexpected pregnancy after a tubal ligation. Maybe someone said, "maybe one side came untied"? It seems odd to me, story telling.


Anonymous said...

The mother mentioning her tubes were tied & burnt could be leakage so to speak that Mariah was sexually abused before/during her death. Tubes are reproductivd/sexual organs. Shes trying to get pity someone "harmed" her inwardly (her tubes), therefore it could indicate someone sexually abused Mariah.

Anonymous said...

@Alex, shes saying that to "prove" what a miracle Mariah was, bc "both" sides of her tubes were tied & burnt. It is a need to convince that her falling pregnant with Mariah was "miraculous". Maybe indicates narcissism. She can conceive children "miraculously" with divine intervention like the Virgin Mary.