Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nathan O'Brien: Day Four

As the search for Calgary boy Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents enters its fourth day, here is a timeline of what we know so far.
Statements by parents indicate veracity.  

June 27-29: Alvin and Kathy Liknes hold an estate sale at their Parkhill home in southwest Calgary from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. MT Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. MT Saturday and Sunday. The couple had recently bought a house in Edmonton and planned to clear out some things before moving. The O'Brien family comes over to help out with the sale throughout the weekend.
June 29, around noon: A neighbour sees Alvin Liknes at a nearby park playing with Nathan.
June 29, 10 p.m.: The estate sale is over and the O'Brien family heads home after a day of helping out. Nathan's mother, Jennifer O'Brien, leaves him with his grandparents for a sleepover.
June 30, 10 a.m.: Jennifer O'Brien returns to pick up Nathan but finds he and his grandparents are not in the house.
June 30, 5:15 p.m.: Police issue an Amber Alert for Nathan.
June 30, evening: Police announce evidence in the house has led them to believe the disappearance of Nathan and his grandparents may be suspicious. 
July 1, 11 a.m.: Investigators say they have no "significant leads" about the whereabouts of the missing boy and his grandparents.
July 2, 3 p.m.: Nathan's parents, Rod and Jennifer O'Brien, speak to media. They call Nathan a superhero, ask him to stay strong as the police search continues and make a tearful plea for his return. Police say they have decided not to offer a cash reward at this time.
July 3, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.: Investigators are at the Parkhill Community Centre to speak with anyone who attended the weekend estate sale. People are being asked to bring photos of what they bought to help investigators catalogue what was purchased and what remains in the house. 


Kellie said...


Police: Hot-Car Dad Sexted Six Women While His Son Slowly Perished

Sent lewd photo to 17 year old!

Tish said...

O/T - Baden-Clay Trial

Peter, this is a transcript of the last few questions from Prosecution (cross examination) of Baden-Clay.

Baden-Clay extended transcript of final cross-examination exchange
Mr Fuller: “You killed your wife, Mr Baden-Clay.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “No, I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “You killed her either in or at your house at Brookfield that night or the early hours of the morning.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “No, I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “You attacked her and the only way she could respond was lash out and claw at your face and leave marks upon it.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “That is not true.”
Mr Fuller: “Probably as you smothered her and took her life from her.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “That is not true.”
Mr Fuller: “Perhaps she grabbed at your clothing. Is that why you had that injury under your right shoulder. Why did you have that injury?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I don’t know.”
Mr Fuller: “You have no idea?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “No.”
Mr Fuller: “You overpowered her pretty quickly, didn’t you?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I never overpowered her at all.”
Mr Fuller: “Perhaps her jumper came up, as she tried to fight you off, up over her head, and up around her neck, or did that happen later, as you moved her body?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I never did anything to physically harm my wife in any way, ever. So your suppositions to then take it further to suggest that I did other things as well, is absurd, and I object to it. So I can’t answer your question.”
Mr Fuller: “Her head came into contact with the fallen leaves at the back of your house, or the side of your house?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I don’t know.”
Mr Fuller: “As you put her in the Captiva.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “And she sustained perhaps a minor injury to some part of her body that caused her to bleed.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I did not have anything to do with anything you are suggesting.”
Mr Fuller: “That’s why the blood is on the right hand side…where the seats are folded?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I had nothing to do with anything you are asking me.”
Mr Fuller: “You transported her to Kholo Creek and then dumped her underneath the bridge, unceremoniously.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “No, I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “Anxious to get back to your children?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “The suggestion that I would leave my children for any time, in the middle of the night, is absurd, let alone do the dastardly things you’re suggesting.”
Mr Fuller: “That was all done by 1.48am, perhaps, which was when you put your phone back on its charger.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “You started covering your tracks then, I suggest to you, Mr Baden-Clay, toys in back of car, shaving, cutting yourself just at bottom edges to help disguise, and give some legitimacy to your claim that they were in fact shaving cuts.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I did not.”
Mr Fuller: “And then you told everybody they were shaving cuts, anybody who asked. And you were happy for the police to search your house, correct?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes, I had nothing to hide.”
Mr Fuller: “Because you knew there was nothing to be found.”
Mr Baden-Clay: “No, because I knew that I had nothing to hide. And I wanted my wife found. And they suggested that searching the house might in some way be helpful to that end. So I enabled them to do whatever they wanted to do.”

Tish said...

O/T Baden-Clay trial statement cont' Page 2 of 2

Mr Fuller: “And you kept up the facade of a concerned husband?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “I was a concerned husband and I am a very concerned father, I remain so. It’s not a facade.”
Mr Fuller: “And then you took some legal advice, and declined to provide a formal statement to the police?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “That’s right. I, to be perfectly candid with you, had no idea what a formal statement was, and I couldn’t see how it was any different to all the numerous questions I’d been asked previously. But my lawyer insisted upon it, so I followed that advice.”
Mr Fuller: “And you’re certain you never told Allison she was going to run into Ms McHugh the next day?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “Absolutely not.”
Mr Fuller: “Despite the flashbacks?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.”
Mr Fuller: “Despite the angst it had caused before?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.”
Mr Fuller: “Despite your newfound love and commitment to her?”
Mr Baden-Clay: “To Allison? Yes.”
Mr Fuller: “Thank you, your Honour.”

Anonymous said...

This might interest you...

Nic said...

That's interesting, Anonymous. I was also reading an article that talked about the Italians trying to extradite Knox via her ties to a cocaine dealer.

Anonymous said...

About the disappearance of Nathan O'Brien, Kathryn and Alvin Liknes...

When I read that they had posted their liquidation sale on Kijiji, the first thing that came to mind was Tim Bosma. He disappeared after posting an ad to sell his truck, although there is some dispute as to where this ad was posted. His alleged killer, Dellen Millard, and others, are awaiting trial. It's an ugly story that now includes three (alleged) murders, and an incinerator.

Is this a copycat? What else did Alvin and Kathryn Liknes post for sale on Kijiji? Dellen Millard competed in the Baja 1000 in 2009. Strangely enough, an "Allen Liknes" "liked" the clothing supplier for that event on Facebook (KLiM). Alvin Liknes has a brother by that name, and Alvin Liknes was headed to Mexico. An Allen J. Liknes and Alvin C. Liknes purchased property together in Evansburg in 2000 or 2001. Proves nothing, I know, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

In case you're not familiar with Evansburg:

Not far away:

Nic said...

Peter, did you have an opportunity to watch the press conference? Here is the link and here is a transcript. Do you have the time to analyze this, maybe tomorrow ... being that it's the 4th of July. My hinky meter pings big time. I'm interested in what your thoughts are, most specifically about the mom's comments. Thanks.

(Father) Nathan? Your mom and dad, Luke and Maximus, and your whole family loves you to every star and back. Nathan? You are our superhero right now, and we're going to bring you home very soon. Nathan, God is taking care of your soul and mom and dad need you to be brave right now. To whoever has Nathan, please find it in your heart to drop off our little angel, Nathan, to which he can be rescued and reunited with his brothers and his family. To the public, our son and family could be anywhere right now. If you have any information, anything at all, please contact the police. We are over, we are grateful for all the support from everyone we have received on-line our family and friends. Nathan, we love you big. We will see you soon.

(Mother) I'm Nathan's mother, Jennifer O'Brien and I'm the daughter of Alvin and Kathy Liknes. Um, this, I appreciate you guys being here because I need Nathan to hear our voices and I really, I am grateful for you guys to allow this to happen and I just

Nathan I need you to hear my voice right now and I need you to know that mommy and daddy love you more than anything in this world. And we can't be with you right now, but the best people that can be with you other than us is your grandparents and I know that, I know grandma is holding you so tightly right now and taking care of you and they are doing everything in their power to keep you safe. So I need you to know that. Stay strong Nathan, stay strong, we know you are our super hero and I just need you to stay strong, and we are going to see you. We're going to see you. And we love you so much.

(Mother) Thank you. (Father) Thank you. (Mother) Thank you for everybody's wishes and everybody's support throughout this investigation.

(Uncle) Hi my name is Jeff I'm the son of Alvin and Kathy. Um, I just have a few words. (Refers to sister "Jenn") Nathan was my nephew. My family and I would like to sincerely thank the Calgary Police and all the many people who offered their kindness and support during this difficult time. We ask that anyone who was at the sale on the weekend, please go to community hall tomorrow or contact the police. Uh, mom, dad, we want you to know that we love you so much and we're doing everything we can to get you home safely. Uh, please continue to pray with us for the safe return of our parents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, and our nephew Nathan O'Brien. Thank you. (cont'd)

Nic said...

Can you tell us about your parents and why they were planning to move to the United States. We've heard something about that...

(Jeff) Their planning on moving to Edmonton uh, for about three months. And then from there they're gonna go to Mexico, Mazatlan, for I'm not exactly sure how long. I'm not even sure if they knew? But they're planning on (sorry I'm a little bit shakie) Sorry, um, I'm not sure how long they are planning on staying there for. But then they're planning on moving back to Edmonton uh, because they bought a house there.

We've heard reports of a potential reward. (Inaudible)

(Father) Um, we're just working with the Calgary police on that, to um use that as part of the the investigation, right now. Thanks.
(Woman off camera) We'll keep you posted
(Father) We'll keep you posted.

So a reward is not officially being offered at this time?

(Woman off camera) Correct
(Father) Correct.
(Mother) It's something we're looking into as being part of the investigation.

Can I ask another question? Do you feel Nathan is out there and he can hear what you say?

(Father) I think so. Because Nathan wasn't suppose to there. So...
(Mother) I know he is out there. That's why.
(Father) He's out there.
(Mother) I know he's out there.

Can I ask you what you're holding in your hand? I'm sorry to be nosey ...

(father) It's just uh, a butterfly that my son had made.

Is Nathan old enough to know your address and your telephone numbers?

(Father) I don't believe so.

How important do you guys think it is for Calgarians and maybe even Canadians to be a part of this search.

(Father) I think it's..
(Jeff) extremely
(woman off camera) it's extremely important.
(Father) I think it's beyond Calgary, like Alberta has to stand up, it's, it's could be B.C. it could be Alberta, like these aren't, it's just not a Calgary thing, it could be anywhere (woman off camera) You just don't know.

Is there anybody who may have had a grudge against your parents?

Everyone shakes head no.
(Father) I don't know.
(Jeff) I don't believe so.
(woman off camera) I don't believe so. They're beautiful.

Nic said...

Is there any reason why they chose Mexico and why specifically Mazatlan? Did they own property down there? Were they planning to by property?

(Father and uncle talking over each other) It was family property. There were other family members who lived down there.
(Mother) My dad's twin brother owned a place down there and lots of family members actually vacation there. So..

So do they know a lot of people already...

(Father) They do.
(Mother) Yeah, yeah, so that's was, that was a recent property that they, they bought to spend their winters out there and be with family. Bring... us out for... holidays.

Mrs. O'Brien, when you left the estate sale, did you feel as though there were a lot of valuables left in the house that an intruder may want to target?

No comment.

Could you say a couple more things about Nathan just so that people ...

(Mother) Nathan was the most loving human being and throughout that whole sale, and I went there on Sunday with my son and he was there. And people would buy stuff and my mom was being herself being a sales lady and she was just so friendly to everybody and Nathan kept saying, "Gramma, gramma, you have to make sure that you tell them thank you!" I'm like, oh... My mom would say, "No, no. I know, I did" And he's like, "Okay." And he would a-greet them. And I guarantee you that if Nathan's out there, he's talking to everybody. He's so friendly. He is so strong. He left, he went everywhere forever in costumes. I think that he actually thinks he is Superman. And uh, we didn't even buy him clothes, we bought him costumes because he loved to uh, dress up. And that's why we refer to him as our Superhero because I know he is strong.

(Father) Um Nathan is the only person I, ..he is the glue in our family. Um, he's the glue between the brothers and us. He was our first born um, with Jennifer and I and he's the only person I've ever known that as he gets older, he gets kinder and more open to all the kids and the, all his friends in our bay. He's the glue of our neighborhood. So..

(Mother) Yeah, he's friendly. He's very smart. He's very religious. He loves God. He knows God's watching over him right now. And his gramma and him were best friends. So.. I take extreme comfort in knowing that his gramma is with him and that his grampa is with him because those two, it, it, it was like a second mother for him. She's a second mother for him. (cont'd)

Nic said...

When you left Nathan that day, was the sale still on and what was the last time you saw him?

(Mother and father look to side/person off camera for guidance) No comment.

(Paraphrasing) Question about what mother was carrying into press conference.

(Mother) Yeah, it's my son's it's uh,
(father)it's his shirt
(mother) inaudible ... I left him in and uh, when I went there to get him that morning, I had bought him, brought him a change of clothes. So I just brought it with me. It's clean... we tried to smell it and it smells clean, and uh
(Father) so it doesn't smell like Nathan
(Mother) It's a part of him. It's just, we need something, that's... Nathan we love you so much
(Father) Daddy loves you big, your brother Luke
(Mother) Mom...
(Father) and Maximus love you,
(Mother) Alvin, just stay strong. Keep everybody safe, I know you are. Love you all so much.

...Parents kiss

(Mother) Everybody, everybody's here for you guys. Everybody.

(Father) Anything else?

Can you tell me what you plan to do first when he comes back?

(Mother) Hug him, hug him and
(Father) never let him go.

How are his brothers doing?

(Father) Um, well, his older brother's, he's uh, he, he's doing, he's coping. Um, he's in safe hands. And uh, his younger brother Maximus, he's turning two here in a couple of months, uh, he he's a baby, so ..

(Mother) Yeah, but he knows
(Father) he knows
(mother) what's going on, and he's comforting us, he's feeding me. He's the only that will feed me. And everyone's trying but he's the only one who gets through, and he's actually extremely warm and he doesn't want to get away from us and he wants to be close with us, so...
(Father) so...

(Paraphrasing) How have you guys been coping? How have you been holding up?

(Mother) Oh, we have amazing support. The family...
(Father) And Friends.
(Mother) Nobody's left our side. The amount of messages I've gotten. Just the people coming out and the things they say. Like I may not be responding but I just want everybody to know that we're getting them. And that's, that's such a huge support system and it matters and it matters huge to us.

(Press) Thank you very much...

Anonymous said...

@Nic: I've posted on one of the threads for Nathan his great-grandmother's obituary. He is referred to by name, but the other great-grandchildren are not named -- the "steps". There is also a statement from an online posting by Kathryn that she has 10 grandchildren by her husband and one of her own. It was from about 2011, before the birth of Nathan's younger brother. This means, IMO, that Kathryn did not consider Nathan's older brother "one of her own". So was the older brother Nathan's stepbrother by another mother? It's so confusing, and I don't know of any grandmothers who would distinguish the specialness of one grandchild over the others. Is Jennifer Alvin's stepdaughter? It is not clear, but something's convoluted in this family. RO's statement seems to indicate that Nathan is his first child with Jennifer? I'm no expert.

Nic said...

Anonymous, the oldest (Luke?) is RO's from a previous relationship (marriage?)

I caught Jennifer referring to her "dad" by his first name, so I'm ASSuming that he is her step dad. I think there was reference to there being a blended family.

Re past tense by mom, I just rec'd a "news alert" from my radio station and LE confirmed at the press conference today that there was a "violent incident in the home they were last scene". So that could be by the mom switches from past to present tense when in 'free edit'. She has been walking through the home with LE so she sees images of what happened day in and out. It can't be easy.

Though, I still am of the opinion that whomever invaded the home was known to at least one person secreted that night.

Nic said...

*by should read 'why'

OldPsychNurse said...

Parents are very distraught. They must have been told that something terrible has happened to Grandpa as he isn't mentioned. :(

The words "stay strong" are repeated many times to Nathan. They are worried that he's hurt or might give up fighting for his life.

Lord have mercy (a prayer).

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog; found it today by accident.

Watched the latest news conference; police rep said based on forensic evidence found in the house he has to assume that at least one of the three victims must be suffering from significant medical distress. Since lab results aren't back yet, presumably this means the quantity and/or type of physical traces found.

No evidence of forced entry.

Anonymous said...

It is now being called a "violent incident". "We’re only five days in”, the police spokesman said.

What are the chances of someone surviving a "violent incident" five days on?

Strange, but the person driving the truck seems to have light or white hair.

Nic said...

Thank you, Anonymous. The last time I wept for a lost kid like I did today was for Kyron Horman. I don't ever think I can be more grateful for my blessings, but then along comes a case like this ...

Prayers for Nathan O'Brien and Alvin and kathy Liknes.

Ali said...

Nathan WAS the most loving human being.
He LOVED to dress up.
And his gramma and him WERE best friends. That's a lot of past tense to reference Nathan.

This is also a weird and creepy way to talk about the( not yet) two year year old, Maximus. "...he's feeding me. He's the only one who will feed me ( ?!)....he's actually extremely warm and he doesn't want to get away from us"

Wt? Did Nathan want to get away from them?

These parents are saying some very odd things. I can see a lot of red flags.

When asked to say " a couple more things about Nathan just so that people..." The mother launches into a rambling and bizarre account of the sale; her mother " being herself, being a saleslady" ( mild disparagement?) and God watching over her son. She does not say one word about Nathan's height, weight, eye color, hair color, health issues, distinguishing features, or clothing last seen in. In fact, NOTHING that could help someone identify Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Ali, i think the mother's rambling might be understandable if you consider that she was first on the scene and has had at least 2 other walk throughs with police. If the forensic evidence was in sufficient quantity for the police rep to say someone would be in medical distress, then this is a woman who right from the start has realized there's a strong possibility that her stepdad might be dead or dying. Her mother is vanished and possibly injured and most importantly, her son is also vanished and possibly injured. She's probably been wavering back and forth between desperate hope and the realization she may never see any of them alive again. She may also be medicated.