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Complete Statement Analysis of Barbara Bowman

I was asked to do a deeper analysis of Barbara Bowman; more than just "veracity indicated."

There is a short article about "humor" in Statement Analysis, as well as a video just released by the Associated Press in which Cosby is asked, there times, about the allegations.  His answers are interesting and note worthy, as is his response when he believed the interview was over.  

What do we look for in a false accusation? We have seen them repeatedly, including "Fake Hate", which is posted on this blog.  

What do we expect to see in a truthful account?  

The following is an interview with one of the women who had accused actor Bill Cosby of sexual assault, including drugging the alleged victims.  The interview is recent, with the allegations years old.
For commitment to the statement, we look for, among other things: 
Strong pronoun usage
Past Tense verbs
We also need to note how she relates to "Bill Cosby", as the perpetrator. We will take note to see if there is any change in his name, in context of what happened. 

A truthful victim will show consistency in language. 

Also:  We know that first person singular, "I", with past tense verbs, connects to the past in a reliable way, yet victims of sexual abuse can suffer PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms, which can lead to some use of present tense verbs.  In these cases, we look for the context of present tense verbs:  is it directly linked to suffering?  This is critical. 

Is she telling the truth?  Or, is there indication of deception within her answers?

Is she making this claim due to rejection by him?  Is she seeking fame?

We let her language guide us to the truth. 

Q.  How did you know Bill Cosby? 

The interviewer introduces the alleged perpetrator as "Bill Cosby", full name.  

I was a 17-year-old model and up-and-coming actress in Denver, Colorado. My agent knew Bill. I was told that he wanted to scout some new talent -- if we were lucky, we would be groomed to go to New York and get more solid training so we could move up the ladder, maybe eventually get to audition for the Cosby Show.
Bill came to town, and my agent set up a meeting for us. I was told that Bill wanted to get to know me and my acting abilities and skill level, and wanted to know what sort of marketing ability I had. He had me come meet him whenever he was in town to do meet-and-greets, and he’d give me acting lessons. Then, he started flying me around to major cities to events to get accustomed to being around celebrities, and, he said, to see if I was worthy of mentoring.

She is now an adult, and no longer 17.  It is interesting that she used the word "groomed" here; when it is so often associated with child abuse. 
The word "we" is regarding those who would be "groomed" and not a connection between herself and the actor.  

Follow the pronouns and names. 

Name:  The alleged perpetrator is "Bill", first name only . 
Context:  Meeting him, him coming to town, her being tested to see if she was "worthy of mentoring." This is casual and not formal.  
What would a victim have a casual attitude towards the rapist? Note the answer lies in the context. If we see the word "we" after the assault, there is a problem.  In this case, the word "we" is about the potential stars.  

"I was told" is passive which seeks to conceal identity.  The passivity is appropriate if the subject does not know the identity.  "I was told" is not ascribed to an agent or anyone specifically.  This may represent the 'layers' between a celebrity and someone trying to break in to the business. 

What did she believe that Bill Cosby wanted?  This is important for us to learn if she is a jilted lover out for revenge and is deceptive, or if this is about her career.  Her answer:

1.  get to know me:  what about her?  She then gives specifics: 

2.  acting abilities
3.  skill level
4.  marketing ability 

"me" is first, but 3/4 are career, of which "me" cannot exist without.  This is not an indication of a personal nature, but of a professional interest. She does not indicate that she went into this thinking romance with Bill Cosby, but about her career. She gives professional and financial descriptions and not personal descriptions about herself.  It is not about her being "nice" or "kind" or "good" or anything personal.  It is about career ability and marketability.  The language shows a serious and professional demeanor. 

"He had me come meet him" is showing Cosby as being in control and in authority.  It is important that we learn whether or not she is truthful about the exploitation of a younger woman by an older, established star.  We need to know if this is true, by the language.  Here we see him in this status and ability to organize or orchestrate. 

Q.  What was it like having Bill Cosby as your mentor?

Interviewer continues with full name. The response is now contextually negative and she uses "he" and avoids his name.  

Here, we want to see if she will 'gush' over him, or if she will go to the seriousness of her allegations. A deceptive subject might gush: 

It was overwhelming. It was surreal and exciting, but it was also scary. He worked me over emotionally and psychologically. He broke me down and really preyed on my insecurities…  I had no father figure in my life, so he zoomed right in on that and tried to make me feel as though he loved me like a father would. 

1.  surreal and exciting is then minimized by the word "but" and answered with:
2.  scary.

She then gives us the reason it was "scary":
"He worked me over emotionally and psychologically"
He broke "me down"
and "insecurities"

These are not self flattering terms.  

Not only is he holding over her the status of celebrity, but also the void in her life:  a father figure. 

I was young, wide-eyed and impressionable, and he would play games with my head, and manipulate me into believing that he cared about me, that I didn’t have anyone who cared as much as he cared, that I needed to trust him, that I had trust issues and that he would help me overcome those, because they would limit me as an actress. He told me I needed to give into him 100 percent, because he was investing in me, he believed in me.

"would" moves from the strong, past tense connection, but is sometimes used to describe actives that were ongoing. 
Note also "told" is strong, authoritative, and consistent with a much older man and a 17 year old.  Communicative language is important to notice. 

"That I didn't have anyone" is the isolation that abusers use.  He cared "the most"  or more than anyone. 
Note she had to "give in to him" because he believed in her. 

This is the language of control.  She is not flattering herself as one seeking fame or fortune. 


Names and Pronouns are critical.  Let us note here:

"Bill Cosby" or "Bill", to the subject, is now only "he" in the context of abuse and seeking to get her to trust him.  This is distancing language. We note that she used "Bill" when hoping to meet him and be part of a select group "groomed" for something:  success in show business.  As she now describes him, she moves closer to him with:  "he worked me over", which is negative.  Thus, the distancing from him by refusing, here, to employ his first name, "Bill", which would suggest closeness, instead using only the pronoun "he."

Q.  When was the first time you felt uncomfortable around him? 

The interviewer now drops the full name and uses the pronoun "him"

None of the abuse or drugging happened until I was 18… But on our very first meeting together, which occurred in the conference room at a nightclub in Denver, he led me through an acting exercise. First, he told me to go to the bathroom and wet my hair down. Then, he told me to sit in a chair, close my eyes, and act out a monologue as if I was really intoxicated. And he was touching my neck and stroking my hair. 

Abuse comes before drugging, and since the question was "when?", the answer "until..." is appropriate. 

"First" indicates logic with "Then" continuing the logical thought.  The tension for the subject is seen in body posture.  
She does not say "he touched" but "was touching", which indicates that she may be reliving the event at this point.  
In the context of specific abuse, "Bill" is only "he" again. 

We see the disparity of sophistication:  the famous actor teaching the young, inexperienced, how to act.  This, again, portrays him in the position where he could exploit, and is not flattering to the victim. 

I felt absolutely terrified. I was so new to the business and this was my first experience with a celebrity of such power, so I thought, “Wow, maybe this is what you are supposed to do. This is about learning how to be vulnerable in a scene, and if anyone would know best, it would be Bill Cosby.” I didn’t want to disappoint him or for him to think I couldn’t follow directions. So I gave it my all.

Please note that the emotions are here, in the 'perfect' part of the statement.  This often indicates artificial placement; however:
This interview is years past the event, which means that the subject has had a long time to process her emotions and is not indicative of deception or 'editorializing.'
She gives her reasoning, which is common in sexual abuse victims. 

"Bill Cosby", full and proper name, returns.  The context:  is knowing a celebrity.   

Where does "absolutely terrified" come from?  Here she answers it quickly:  "I was so new to the business" goes to the career and the business of making television programs and movies.  This is about career, again, and not about a personal relationship  with him.  The mentoring, to the subject, is about career. 

We continue to seek if this is a jilted lover deceptively and falsely blaming the alleged perpetrator but it is not supported by the language. She did not want to disappoint him, professionally.  

Q.  What else can you remember? 

I was assaulted a number of times from age 18 to 19. Cosby would warn me before out-of-town trips, "You aren't going to fight me this time, are you?"

Here she uses the word "assaulted" (very strong:  "I was assaulted" ) and calls him the less respectful "Cosby" and not the friendly and familiar "Bill", nor the celebrity "Bill Cosby."
This is consistent with abuse. 

Once in Reno, Nevada, he flew me out for a celebrity ski classic. He got me in a hotel room and fed me a lot of alcohol. He pinned me down in his suite on the couch, and he had me masturbate him. He really intimidated me, and I panicked. 

In this very negative context, the pronoun "he" is used.  She avoids using his name. 

From them on, I would be praying and begging to God that it was in my imagination, it didn’t happen. I’d sit on the plane and say “Please God, please God, this is really about my career--I’m lucky.” And then I’d get there and he would just intimidate me and make me so scared... 

Note that sexual abuse victims are often in denial, and when they are not in denial, they wish they were.  They often blame themselves, but later, when finally accepting the truth, they say things similar in which they "wished" it did not happen, or actually wish they could blame themselves.  This is often associated with the guilt they feel.  Even children that are sexually abused find ways to both blame and punish themselves.  

"I'd sit on a plane" shows her body posture, which indicates an increase in tension/anxiety as she considers this topic. 

The first time I was drugged for sure was in New York, when he invited me to dinner at his apartment. There was a chef, a butler; we had dinner, it was all fine. I had one glass of wine and then I blacked out. I woke up throwing up in the toilet, and he was standing over me, pulling my hair out of my face. I was wearing a white t-shirt that wasn’t mine, and he was in a white robe.

The passivity of language is not only the language of sexual assault victims, but of PTSD or PTSD like symptoms continuing.  They attempt to deny, or even justify (career), or anything to 'protect the brain' from emotional pain. 

The subject is not certain if she was drugged on other occasions.  This may introduce alcohol into the equation, where as a youth, she was not handling it well.  This may also be related to the passage of years as she has likely suffered nightmares and night terrors, and spent a great deal of time thinking about what happened and wondering if there were other times she was drugged and could not remember. 

Alcohol memories may not be recoverable, while drug memories sometimes are.  The combination is not good.  
Note that "I woke up throwing up in the toilet" needs no additional words to persuade and no qualifiers.  It is a truthful sentence. 

I think the final time I was assaulted by him was in Atlantic City. He took me there for a show and got me very drunk. Later, [the hotel] lost my luggage, so I was on the phone with the concierge and he had an absolute fit that I was on the phone, and went ballistic. The next morning, he summoned me into his room and started berating me and calling me names and yelling at me, telling me I had embarrassed him, and he threw me on the bed and blocked me with his elbow and got on top of me and started taking his pants off and I was screaming and crying and begging him to leave me alone and I fought so hard and I was screaming so loud that he got mad and threw me aside and got away from me, and that was it. 

She continues the distancing language with the celebrity in context of sexual abuse.
"I was assaulted by him", again, needs no persuasive language and no qualifiers. On its own, it stands strong.  Deceptive people need to persuade us.  She does not. 

The words "I think" reduce commitment, which indicates that she is not certain this was the last time.  

Note that the perpetrator had an "absolute" fit that she was on the phone.  This is consistent with controlling nature of power/authoritative abusers. 

She connects herself to the past with strong pronoun use. 
"I was screaming" instead of "I screamed" suggests ongoing impact to the victim. 

Note "he summoned me" with "summoning" being a word of authority; one who "summons" is superior to the one being "summoned."  This is to say that he is the celebrity, and she is only there by his good graces.  

Note the use of "I was screaming" instead of "I screamed."  Note where these verbs are used instead of the stronger, past tense. 

This is indicative that the suffering went on in duration longer than her words are revealing.  PTSD and PTSD like symptoms come to those who have been sexually abused and they can, while talking of the abuse, slip into present tense language.  Here, we find some sentences very short, and powerful, while others will give a sense of continued or continuing suffering.  Next: 

I was ditched. I was dropped like a hot potato by my agent. I was thrown out of my housing. They pulled the plug on me and said I had embarrassed him.

Question:  "I was ditched":  is it personal, romantic, or professional?

Answer:  " my agent."

This is not a woman who is seeking revenge on her former lover with false rape claims.  This is about her career, and the forced silence and disbelief that increased her suffering. 

In specific abuse, she appears incapable of saying his name. 

Short sentences are often best.  "I was ditched."  This is short and credible.  This is the result of her fighting back (above) 

Cosby said “I better never ever hear your name or see your face ever again.”

Note the narcissism. 

In quoting him, he remains only "Cosby", particularly here as he is shown as self important, so much so that he warns her that he had not even "hear" her name, as if somehow, he controlled the universe.  Remember, this is her language; her perspective and it fits the perspective as one who is star struck, beneath a celebrity, and now discarded.  

Note that there is a change of pronoun use:  he said these things to her, but when it came to housing, it was "they", indicating others backing what the celebrity mandated.  The language remains consistent. 

Q.  How did you feel?

this is a good question to ask, particularly at this point.  Will the emotions, having long processed, indicate veracity?

I was afraid he could directly affect my career by blacklisting me in the casting world and labeling me a troublemaker. I had no idea what sort of repercussions I would be exposed to; I knew I could be shut up real quick, and it didn’t feel good. I was afraid he was going to hurt me. I was afraid that because of his power and influence I would never be believed. He was Dr. Huxtable at that time. Everyone revered Bill Cosby. He could do no wrong. He was America's dad...

Once again, as a celebrity, he is "Bill Cosby" and not "Cosby"
Now note her emotions.  Will they be 'personal'?  This is very important in determining if she is truthful, or if this is personal revenge.  
Note the order:

1.  affect my career by blacklisting me
2.  label me a trouble makder
3.  Repercussions
4.  Being shut up.  This is also the language of those sexually abused in childhood:  having no voice, not being believed. 

Note that she does not include any personal hurt over rejection by him.  This is not about revenge. 

Q.  Did you tell anyone?
I told friend, who took me to lawyer… He laughed me out of the office. He thought it was absolutely preposterous... He treated me as if I was delusional.

Straight forward language. Note "a" friend is unnamed, and "A" lawyer is as well.  She withholds the names of both.  With the lawyer, however, she adds that she was not only not believed, but to be mentally ill to make such an assertion. This is what she listed as being afraid of.  This is another example of  consistency in language. 

Q.  Why did you finally speak out?

I heard about [Constand’s] case on the news in 2004, when I was living in Phoenix. By then, I had been married for several years and had two young children at home

This is a very typical pattern for adult female victims.  Note how she marks time by her life's changes:
marriage, and having children. 

Having two "young" children is mentioned specifically.  This often triggers victims simply because they now consider what this treatment would be like if it happened to one of her own.  Women who have been victimized sometimes do very well, for years, but when they have children of their own, triggers are set off.  Here, we find that she doesn't simply say that she reached a certain age, instead marking time by the important events of marriage and childbearing. 

. It enraged me that they were painting such an ugly picture of her being a liar and a slut. 

Note the target of her anger:
It is not Cosby
It is not her career

It is because another victim is not being heard and is being disparaged. 

"liar" making up allegations

"slut" for having participated in the sexual activity. 

This was too close to home and it "enraged" her.  It would be like being re-victimized by Cosby.  She felt like a "liar and a slut" for her time spent with him, yet her language is void of personal connection to him; with heavy professional leanings. This indicates that if she is false in anything, it is in blaming herself.  

Victims of sexual abuse fear being labeled liars, promiscuous but also insane.  Childhood sexual victims feel silenced.  Many were threatened into silence, others were coerced into silence with, "you will destroy the family if you tell..." or "your father will go to prison.  You don't want that to happen"

This is done to children.  

It is something that adults could not bear up under, so one can only imagine the impact upon children. 

Children are stifled and need to be "heard."

Adult victims need to be "heard" and not silenced by being accused of lying, or sexual promiscuity, or mental health issues. These are all ways in which voices are squelched. 

I went on a crusade to be heard--I started to call everybody I could possibly think of who would listen to me. 

Note how consistent her language is:  she needs to be "heard", therefore, she seeks out someone who would "listen" to her. This is a consistent theme and speaks to veracity. 

I reached Andrea’s lawyer and I found out that 12 other women were involved in this
"This" indicates closeness; while "that" is distancing language. 

At first, she recommended that we all stay Jane Does, and some girls preferred that, but I said, “Hell no--I have been hiding this--it has been a secret--for too long. I am not going to sit in silence anymore.” 

The request to remain "Jane Does" is to protect and embolden victims. 

Note that she negates this with the powerful word, "but" in the middle of the sentence. 

Note "hiding" and "secret" are related = veracity. 

We now continue to listen for "voice" and being "heard"

We also listen for "attendant" crimes.  Rape is not a singular action, but it is an action of violence; specifically, sexual violence, which then revictimizes repeatedly, through accusation, horror, memory, and other forms of "abuse", including emotional abuse.  

We listen to her language to see if the theme continues, or we encounter the "unexpected" as we do in deception: 

I want to be the voice for women who are too afraid to speak up. 

Please compare the consistency of language with that of a false victim in "Fake Hate" (Charlie Rogers)  

If I show the courage, maybe that will encourage others to do the same thing. This man cannot get away with this. He cannot use his power and his money to abuse and rape young women and hide under this veil of wealth and celebrity status and intimidate us any longer. So I put my name out there. 

See the video of the 70+ year old Cosby and how he attempts to act intimidating and controlling. Now roll back the clock to a younger Crosby and a much younger woman, new to the celebrity world to get an idea just how intimidating he was and likely still is:
"abuse and rape young women" is not just "rape" but "abuse"

Note his use of "power and his money" to accomplish this and the opposite of disclosure and openness : "hide under this veil of wealth and celebrity status"

My only motivation was to support Andrea; my statute of limitations had long run out. There was nothing in it for me monetarily. It was strictly to have my voice heard and my story told.
It was also because I needed to heal. It is probably the biggest demon that I live with today. 

The words "my story" are not words we expect to hear from a victim of sexual assault close to the time of the assault; it is too painful to be a "story" yet as time passes, and the brain has had the ability to process it, and distance itself from it, the softer language enters.  Years have passed by the time this interview has taken place. 

These are past tense, but she is speaking now, and I believe, based upon her language, that she, herself, needs to speak out now (new motives), due to helping others, but also for her own sanity.  She "needed" to heal, yet she lives with the demon "today." 

This is consistently seen in her language. 

Q.  Were you disappointed that Andrea Constand took a settlement? 

I was disappointed because I knew that would shut everybody else up, including Andrea. And although I am grateful she was able to have closure for her own growth, it sends the message to other victims that they can be shut up.

For many victims of sexual abuse, not being heard is often listed as the greatest fear.  This is from childhood right on up to adulthood.  Not being "heard" is not simply silence, but not being believed, or being thought mentally ill.  

Note that the subject still finds reason to be positive:  one victim was able to get closure.  Yet, her concern is for other victims. 
Note the absence of any verbal indication of fame seeking. This is confirmed by the distancing language; the opposite of name dropping is the very avoidance of the name she is associated with.  This is a name she is reluctant to use and when she does, she speaks as a victim with appropriate distancing language.  

Q.  Why do you think people find it so hard to believe celebrities can be sexual assaulters?
The media creates this idealized image of celebrities: that they are untouchable, that they’re not one of us... I don’t think people want to believe it; to believe would shatter the illusion.

The language is not only void of deceptive indicators, but is consistent with sexual abuse. 
The subject is truthful.  She is 46 years old, and still feeling the impact of not only the sexual abuse, but the betrayal and black listing.  

This is a truthful account by a truthful victim, who:

did not have a romantic relationship with Cosby. 

Who was bullied into silence. 

Who has suffered for decades and continues to suffer. 
Who appears to finally be believed.  

She had her career destroyed and her life ruined more than she is willing to admit.  

Please see the short AP video of Cosby next, which is posted here. 

See if the aged Cosby is similar to what she described above. 


GetThem said...

I think the final time I was assaulted by him was in Atlantic City.------ This sounds like she was "protecting her brain" like you mentioned Peter. Not allowing her brain to be certain if it was the "final time."

I was afraid he could directly affect my career by blacklisting me in the casting world and labeling me a troublemaker. I had no idea what sort of repercussions I would be exposed to; I knew I could be shut up real quick, and it didn’t feel good. I was afraid he was going to hurt me. I was afraid that because of his power and influence I would never be believed. He was Dr. Huxtable at that time. Everyone revered Bill Cosby. He could do no wrong. He was America's dad...-------- I actually love this part of her statement because she references everything in past tense and doesn't seem to be re-living it in her description. I also like that she puts Bill Cosby in the past tense too... "He WAS Dr. Huxtable at that time. Everyone REVERED Bill Costby. He could do no wrong.----Not anymore.

Megan said...
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GetThem said...

PS- In using SA on my own comment, the word "actually" really was comparing two thoughts. I was comparing the other portion of her statement to the particular paragraph that I cut and pasted. I read up on "actually" today on a Mark McClish article because I was trying to find out why someone used the word "actually" several times.

Tania Cadogan said...

two things caught my eye immediately ( before my meds really kick in)

First I fought so hard and I was screaming so loud that he got mad and threw me aside and got away from me, and that was it.
I notice she uses the phrase and that was it. Which would indicate a need to stop the topic at that point, to end the discussion, perhaps due to sensitivity.
I would ask what happened after he got away from her?

Second I was ditched. I was dropped like a hot potato by my agent.
She starts off by telling us she was ditched, but she doesn't say who ditched her.
She then tells us she was dropped by her agent.
Clearly ditched and dropped have different meanings to her.
She was ditched by...
She was dropped by her agent.

OldPsychNurse said...

Google another alleged victim of Cosby, Janice Dickinson. She is a washed-up model who has bragged about how many Hollywood stars she has laid. Accusing Bill Cosby of rape is very similar to her verbal castration of MANY male Hollywood stars.

Here are some castrating excerpts from her Playboy interview, “I’ve F***ed the World”:
"Did a bunch of lines with Jack Nicholson all night and when it came time to do the dirty, dirty - he couldn't get it up!"

“In my 20s I had them all on my speed dial. Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, Mick Jagger, you name it. It was fun, but the excitement of celebrity wears out really fast.

Mick Jagger was one of the worst. He was just terrible. I felt sorry for him. He was so bad and short. And just not good. I'm sorry, you were the absolute worst, Mick! You have the smallest penis alive."

In Janice Dickinson’s book “Everything about Me is Fake” (Yes, that’s the actual title.) she castrates Sylvester Stallone by stating he only wears custom-made elevator shoes and she was really disturbed about how short he was. But according to her book, her repulsion didn’t stop her from having sex with him. By her own admission, when Stallone tried to end their sexual relationship, she lied to him that she was pregnant with his child.

Read the story of another of Cosby's alleged rape victims, Therese Serignese. Her story is ridiculous. In addition to it's absurdity, it strongly suggests that she and her mother are gold diggers.

Stop being bleeding hearts! Recognize the pattern with Cosby’s alleged rape victims who had decades to report their alleged drug poisonings and rapes to the police, but didn't.

John Mc Gowan said...

Therese Serignese, Florida Nurse, Says Bill Cosby Drugged And Raped Her In 1976

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update's:

Army statement: Investigators have person of interest in death of soldier's wife

Madison Co. sheriff to hold press conference about Myra Lewis case

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - On Friday at 10 am, the Madison County Sheriff's Office will be having a press conference about the search for Myra Lewis.

The toddler has not been found, but it is expected that the sheriff will be giving an update in regard to the report issued by the Find Me Group with locations that needed to be searched.

The Find Me Group is a nonprofit organization of consultants, law enforcement officials and forensic experts dedicated to finding missing persons and they have been very active in the search for Myra.

It has been nine months since Myra went missing from her Camden home.

Letters give mom connection to long-missing daughter

t is a moment Jonni McElroy cherishes and needs every morning.

"Every morning, I will never miss a letter to her until I find her. I will never miss a letter," Jonni said about her daily Facebook post addressed to her missing daughter, Christina Morris.

Read More:

Anonymous said...

Is "Paych" short for Paychotic?

C5H11ONO said...

I was ditched. I was dropped like a hot potato by my agent.
--You indicated that she was ditched by her agent, but it was interesting that other posters pointed out that is NOT what she said. She said that she was ditched, unidentifying who ditched her, then stated "I was dropped like a hot potato by my agent. Identifying who dropped her like a hot potato.

I was thrown out of my housing.
--I would like to know what housing arrangements she had that led to her getting thrown out. Was her housing paid for by Bill Cosby?

Anonymous said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I was looking at the overall context.

that her apartment and much else might have been paid for by cosby does not change the analysis

The analysis does not show a "jilted lover who is now falsely accusing" him.


Deejay said...

Everyone Barbara knew - her mom, her agent, her friends, other adults- would have encouraged her to gratefully 'follow' Cosby, no matter the price. The alcohol makes her memories hazy. You can see the moral dilemma in her words- she 'tries' to bring the relationship back to career again and again, and is shocked by the sexual behavior. It is not hard to get the Cosby father figure she believed in- Cosby was the ultimate father on TV. Everyone loved him. Plus young women are naive- I don't believe they readily understand the sexual drivers in the world. This was probably the hardest thing she ever did- and she was punished (as harshly as she had probably imagined) for standing up.

She was ditched by the whole world- no one supported her- a lawyer laughed at her. This story is about betrayal. She is standing up for all young women- and using her name- for the exact reason she says. To give support, to give a voice- Something no one gave her.

Skeptical said...

I agree with the old psych nurse. I'm tired of the dirty works at the crossroads, damsel in distress tied to the railroad track stories. There is no doubt that Bill Cosby is a dirty old man. There is also no doubt that these women enabled him. There is the adage to not blame the victim. These women are not true victims. They had choices. What I find disturbing is that they made some very bad choices and in their accounts are now trying to play the innocence card. Only when you own your stuff can you heal.

How many times did they get on planes to fly to meet him.
How many times did they drink the drinks or take the pills when they had been drugged before?
How much money over how many years did they accept?
How many times did they meet him on his own turf - his home or a hotel room after the first incident?

I don't hear an innocent victim in Barbara Bowman. I hear someone whose career was the most important thing in her life and was willing to do anything to achieve success.

It is difficult to admit mistakes but until she can admit to herself that she made some venal choices, all the work on behalf of others won't help.

I don't believe Bill Cosby will ever own his part. I wonder how far back his behavior goes? If any of the girls he grew up with were willing to be interviewed, it would be interesting to see if there was any unusual behavior on his part in his early years.

Deejay said...

Skeptical- You are wrong- she is a victim. Barbara was basically a kid; she had just turned 18. Her 40-year-old self would not fall for this.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

DANBURY, Conn. – A Connecticut father charged with causing his 15-month-old son's death by leaving him in the car for hours on a hot July day has pleaded not guilty.

The Danbury News Times reports that Kyle Seitz (sytz) entered his plea Friday to a charge of criminally negligent homicide.

Authorities say the 36-year-old Seitz forgot to take his son, Benjamin, to day care on July 7 and unintentionally left him in the car for more than seven hours while he went to work. Temperatures that day hit the upper 80s.

The medical examiner found that Benjamin died of hyperthermia, or extremely high body temperature.

Seitz has two other children and has been free on bail. His lawyer hasn't commented.

He faces a year in jail if convicted.


Information from: The News-Times,

Skeptical said...


Maybe said...

Another one

Maybe said...

And another

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Back in 2000

Maybe said...

And 1 more
This one is from 1965

Maybe said...

Ruehli didn't remain out for long, and allegedly came to with Cosby looming over her:

He was attempting to force me into oral sex. He had his hand on my head. He had his c--- out, and he had my head pushed close enough to it — I just remember looking at his stomach hair. And the hair on his chest. I had never seen a black man naked before.


Maybe said...

I'm not sure if this is true or not
Michelle Hurd

trustmeigetit said...

"we don't answer that"
"i don't talk about it"

To me it sounds like he is saying in his head "yep, it happened..... BUT WE/I don't talk about it.
To me he admits it's the truth. But just saying that they are not going to talk about it.

May even be that he stopped this behavior years ago and so now it's just his past that he "no longer talks about"

And for those that are blaming her, while I agree she should have stopped seeing him once he crossed the line, I think the fact that an attorney even laughed at her means she would have been facing a very big battle and would likely have lost. She probably knew that they would make her look like a tramp and make Bill look like a good guy trying to help.
She also had no one (that she knew of) to back up her story.
To go to the cops would also likely have led no where.
I doubt many would have believed her back then.
I am glad things are changing a bit, but it is still not a world that always protects the victims.
Add in the fake victims stories, it really is destroying society.

trustmeigetit said...

Saw this link. It's a timeline of accusations.

Note this began in 2002 and I can honestly say I have never heard a word of this until last week on this blog.

Tania Cadogan said...


Embattled TV icon Bill Cosby performed a parody about being 'an evil man' on Thursday night during his first public appearance since multiple fresh rape allegations were leveled against him.

Opening a comedy show for a charity organization in the Bahamas, the 77-year-old - who is yet to officially comment on the latest women who have come forward claiming Cosby drugged and raped them - put his head in his hands and pretended to sob, new video obtained by The MailOnline has revealed.

He joked that parents would not let their children near him, as fans in the audience laughed and applauded the skit.

'Parents are coming and taking their children home, saying to me ''Bill Cosby you are an evil man!'',' the entertainer said through faux tears on stage.

But the entertainer then shook it off, smiled, and started what became a well-scripted 90 minute performance.

A total of nine women have now come forward this month claiming the famed entertainer abused them

While lawyers have called the accusations unfounded, Cosby cancelled at least two major TV interviews in the last month in light of the allegations.

He pulled out of scheduled slots with Queen Latifah and David Letterman and, when asked about the allegations in a November 6 interview with the Associated Press, said: 'There's no response ... I don't talk about it.'

Wednesday's show was a benefit for a professional women's service organization called The Links, a non-profit which raises money for African-Americans in youth projects, the arts and health services.

In a statement released Friday, The Links defended having Crosby as a guest, saying the booking was made to the rape allegations surfacing.

'The scheduling of Mr. Cosby to perform at the Nassau (Bahamas) Chapter’s fundraiser was done in good faith and in advance of the allegations coming to light,' the statement said.

'As a women’s organization committed to uplifting and empowering women, The Links, Incorporated does not tolerate crimes against women.

'Recent accusations against Bill Cosby are alarming and unsettling.

'We trust that the appropriate authorities will conduct a thorough investigation.

'Being that no formal charges have been filed against Mr. Cosby, we therefore don’t deem it appropriate to further comment on the accusations.'

Cosby's appearance coincided with actress Louisa Moritz becoming the latest woman to come forward and accuse Cosby of sexual assault, saying he once forced her into oral sex and implied he would further her career if she went through with it.

Moritz, 68, says she was backstage at The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1971 when Cosby stuck his penis in her mouth.

The One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest actress told TMZ, 'He took his hands and put them on the back of my head and forced his penis in my mouth, saying, "have a taste of this. It will do you good in so many ways."'

Cosby then left the room and said, 'Now you don't want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?'

Moritz says she now plans on filing a civil suit.

Then on Friday, model-actress Angela Leslie came forward alleging that Cosby assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 1992.

In an interview with The Daily News, Leslie, now 52, was reportedly invited to meet Cosby at his hotel after sending him a letter and photograph hoping for help in kick-starting her career.

She said Cosby tried to ply her with alcohol and told her to act like she was drunk as part of an 'audition'.

He told her to go wet her hair in the bathroom and, when she returned, Cosby was allegedly naked in the bed and forced Leslie into a sex act.

She told the News: 'He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock.'

Tania Cadogan said...

As for Thursday, Cosby failed to make an appearance at the after party reception held in his honor following his show, which his wife Camille attended instead.

She left the luxurious Atlantis Resort after an hour in a second hand Toyota Jeep.

Dressed casually in loose sweatpants, a grey sweat shirt bearing the words 'Hello Friend' and brown sandals with socks, he paraded around the stage acting out anecdotes from his childhood.

He recounted arguments with his younger brother Russell, being reprimanded by his mother and being punished by his father.

He talked of his hard younger life 'living in the projects' in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And he described how his mother beat him 'within an inch of his life' with a belt and threatened to have him 'given to another family'.

He continued to describe his time in the US Navy when he and his contemporaries would 'spend the afternoon lying'

Members of the audience joined in as Cosby described how children from the South would be told to cut a 'switch' to be beaten by their angry parents.

He went on to tell anecdotes from his long marriage to wife Camille.

However Cosby did not mention his years of adultery or the growing allegations that he drugged and raped over a dozen women.

He said he learned long ago to 'do what I was told' when it came to his wife, and told a story about his granddaughter's first birthday.

'I said I didn't want to go, that my grandchild would not be scared by her granddaddy was not there. She wouldn't even know! But my wife said, ''you're going!''

Cosby went on to describe his time in the U.S. Navy. He said: 'We would sit around lying.

One guy would say; ''I scored the winning touch down for some important football match''. And the other guys would say that had done the same, at the same match!'

Cosby described his early life growing up in the projects of Philadelphia. He said: 'Life was tough growing up in the projects. Life was lived in public, out loud. If my mama was going to beat me she would let everyone know.

'She would announce it to the world, ''I'm going to beat you to within an inch of your life'', she would say. That was a difficult judgement. What if she went just a step too far!

'But it was my dad who had to carry out the punishment. It's dads who have to kill the kids.

'He would come up the stairs ready to beat me without even knowing what I had done!

'He would say: ''what have you done now?'''

Cosby also told the audience how he had been accused of being 'evil' by members of his church when he was a child.

He said: 'When I went to church the elders thought is little kids were evil.

'The pastor said young children were evil.

'I was four and a half years old!

'I didn't like going to church. I liked going to Sunday school because it was all about Jesus and Jesus was good. But I didn't like going to church. Church was not a nice place to go.'

Tania Cadogan said...

Strong Armed security guards patrolled the theater throughout Cosby's 90-minute set enforcing a strict 'No Photography' policy.

The audience were warned not to take pictures or record any of the show with their smart phones or be ejected from the theater.

However Cosby alluded to the sex scandal surrounding him on an ab lib when a phone phone went off in the audience.

He broke off mid sentence to say: 'Tell them I'm not here'.

Cosby was given a rousing applause as he left the stage.

No one from the audience mentioned the sex assault allegations against the star.

Cosby fans tonight also gave the star their backing.

David Friemann, 62, from New Jersey, said: 'I don't care what these girls are saying about Bill Crosby I like him, he's s good guy.'

Duane Boakes, 57, from Atlanta, Georgia, said: 'I love Bill Crosby. He has been my hero since I was a kid. I ain't going to stop supporting him now.'

Nine women have come forward in the last month saying they were attacked by Cosby, with Louisa Moritz and Andrea Leslie the latest additions.

Four of the women claim they were teenagers at the time.

One of the accusers is supermodel Janice Dickinson, who claims that during a dinner in 1982 the actor gave her a pill and when she woke up he was on top of her.

Another four ladies; Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Tamara Green and Therese Serignese have all shared remarkably similar stories in which they claim to have shared a drink or a pill with Cosby and then woken up after or while they say he was sexually assaulting them.

Also coming forward recently is Carla Ferrigno, wife of Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno, who says Cosby tried to sexually assault her during a gathering at his house in 1967.

What's more, Cosby allegedly tried to use a friend to help court Ferrigno, and allegedly made his move on the former Playboy Bunny just moments after his own wife, Camille, left the room.

When asked to speak about these claims in an AP interview, Cosby said he had 'no response' and 'no comment.'

These allegations are already having a major impact on his work however, with Netflix postponing the airing of his new comedy special, Bill Cosby 77, which was due to air the day after Thanksgiving, and NBC pulling the plug on a comedy project they were developing with the Cosby Show star.

TV Land has also announced they will no longer air reruns of The Cosby Show on the network.

Read more:

Kellie said...

I'll be soooo glad when everyone catches up to the fact that many of these women have been speaking out about this for years! It was only when a not-well-known, black male comic made a joke about it that anyone paid attention!! THAT in itself pisses me off....

But truth found a channel in his unrecorded act which someone just happened to record on their cellphone and then uploaded it to youtube. He told people to search it and they did and now EVERYONE is dropping this man like a hot potato. Hollywood does not turn it's back on a celebrity of his "purported" status as easily as they are turning on him! Seems Mr. Cosby's "juice" was only in his own deluded mind.....

Kellie said...

Guess what one of Bill Cosby's biggest disappointments is.

Bill Cosby Quote
"Some people are acting with abnormal behavior, trying to make it normal and that's insane."

Check him out telling everyone how to make "character corrections" HA!

John Mc Gowan said...

Cosby Show producer describes sexual assault accusations against comedian as 'beyond our knowledge or comprehension'

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Three Years Marked Since Disappearance of Erica Parsons

See more at:

John Mc Gowan said...

Law & Order actress details Bill Cosby's attempted sexual assault of her while working on The Cosby Show - and claims he did drug at least one woman on set

Michelle Hurd, the actor known for her work on Law & Order: SVU and Gossip Girl has come forward to share her story about Bill Cosby
Hurd says Cosby touched her inappropriately and asked that she eat lunch with him in his dressing room when she worked on The Cosby Show
She says Cosby told her to 'NEVER tell anyone what they did together'
Then, one night he asked her to shower at his apartment, but she declined
Hurd eventually spoke with another woman who said she woke up at Cosby's apartment drugged one morning
This as Cosby's lawyer is calling the growing number of allegations against the actor 'increasingly ridiculous' and 'completely illogical'

Read more:

Sus said...

Does anyone else notice Bill Cosby's fascination with showering and/or wet hair. Several of his victims mention that he had them wet their hair and take showers. What's up with that?

Sus said...

BTW, I was interested in what kind of childhood Bill Cosby had. Bingo...He was known as a liar through his school career. He tested as highly intelligent, yet failed a grade, switched schools, was still failing, and finally dropped out at age 15. After a Navy stint and getting his GED, he went to college, only to drop out there. He fell into standup comedy filling in for the no show acts where he bartended.

His father "drank heavily" and was gone most of BC' s childhood serving in the Navy. His younger brother died at the age of six and bc was eight.

Bill Cosby was the first African American to win an Emmy and he won three years in a row for his role in "I Spy."

John Mc Gowan said...

Sus said...
Does anyone else notice Bill Cosby's fascination with showering and/or wet hair. Several of his victims mention that he had them wet their hair and take showers. What's up with that?

Note any inclusion of "shower" or "washing", "water" can be an indication of sexual abuse. We look for any repeat mentioning as highly sensitive and important. Given most of the allegations mention this. Was he himself abused ?

Anonymous said...

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

3 years later: No charges in missing toddler case

Investigators are still searching for happened leading to the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds in Waterville.

Maybe said...

I was wondering the same thing.

Maybe said...

(My last comment was to Sus, about Bill Cosby's fascination with showering and wet hair.)

When she confronted Cosby asking what he'd given her, he answered, 'It was just a Quaalude

elf said...

How dare you judge another person for keeping their secrets and shame to themselves? Bill Cosby was a star, he had the power and those women didn't. Who would want to admit they were raped, especially back then?!?
Its clear to me you've never had to experience being raped. Lucky you.

John Mc Gowan said...


Did This Grandma Know That Her Husband Was Sexually Abusing Her Granddaughters? (VIDEO)

This is only a short clip. She may have issued a reliable denial, however, here she does not.

Although her husband was convicted of 151 counts of sexual misconduct, Peggy refuses to acknowledge that he was a molester — even with his own step-granddaughters as victims.

“I believe we all come to points in our lives when all things wrong can be made right,” Dr. Phil says to Peggy. “I think in your heart of hearts, you have to believe that this guy — with alcoholism and all the things that were going on at the time — was making some really bad choices.”

Peggy denies that she ever saw her husband act inappropriately with her two granddaughters and claims they’ve now ruined her life with the allegations. “What do you want?” she asks her granddaughter, Ashley, 30. “You want, ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry for what? I didn’t see anything!”

This is not a reliable denial.

Always note when the word "sorry" enters someones statement. She repeats it twice making it sensitive.

“The least that you could do is say, ‘I know what happened, and I’m sorry,” Ashley says.

(In the clip) Not noted here she replies "I did not know what was happening and i can't say i'm sorry. This is reflective language and is deemed unreliable.

Dr. Phil steps in. “Do you believe that Joe is guilty of any wrongdoing with any minor girls?” he asks.

“No. I really don’t,” she says.

This is a yes/no question and deserves a yes/no reply. Yet she goes beyond the question with "i really don't". These words are unnecessary and qualify her answer therefor weakening it. Anything beyond the answer yes/no is noted as doubly important.

The word "really" tell us she does have an idea of "wrongdoing"

Dr. Phil offers advice for how this family can move forward on his show, Friday. And, he shares what every parent needs to know about child abuse. Check here for local listings.

John Mc Gowan said...

Grandmother is latest to accuse Cosby: Former talent agent says the comedian 'drugged and attacked her during a party at his home while his wife was out of town'

Kristina Ruehli, now 71, claimed the comedian attacked her in 1965
She met the 77-year-old while working at a Los Angeles talent agency
He invited her to a 'party' at his house, but no one else was there
Cosby then poured her two bourbons, she claimed he drugged them both
When she came to, he was on top of her with his shirt off

Read More:

Anonymous said...

What Skeptical said on 11/21. Also Old Psych Nurse. I agree. These women, every one, put themselves in the unfortunate position of being fondled, groped, drugged, molested and in some cases coerced into having copulation with disgusting Bill Cosby in one fashion or another, and in more than one case went back for more in the hopes of furthering their (her) career. Now they want to be heard for the shame they felt, for what they allowed themselves.

The lucky ones got away from Cosbys' sexual advances with no harm done other than unpleasant memories. It happens all the time. However, how could any woman in her right mind not realize that the possibility exists where if a man is spending his money and time to 'mentor' her there just might be a payback time expected? What, had it not occurred to her that she 'owed' him? In the broadest of terms, how is this any different from prostitution?

I'm not excusing this filthy rat Bill Cosby for treating these women less than dirt; but what does a woman expect to happen when she sets herself up for a situation like this? Yes, I do believe them, for the most part; however, in Bowmans' case how could she not have contemplated the unfortunate outcome of being used and tossed aside?

Lastly, I submit that if any woman was truly 'raped' by Bill Cosby, where's the evidence? Why didn't a single woman in all these years ever report her rape to LE and go for a rape kit investigation at the time it occurred?

Where's the beef?

Skeptical said...

I find it strange that Gloria Allred hasn't made an appearance on the Nancy Grace show representing someone. Is the Bill Cosby situation too sensitive even for her?

Buckley said...

"In the broadest of terms, how is this any different from prostitution?"

A prostitute *consents* to sex for money, that is the difference. Would you say a husband who provides for his SAHM wife may drug her and screw her while she's unconscious?

Sus said...

I'm shocked by the number of commenters under news stories (and a few here) who do not know the definition of sexual assault/rape. It matters not if a woman met alone with Bill Cosby, if she was in her pajamas, if she received money from him, if he was her mentor, on and on.

What matters is was she a consensual partner in the sexual act? Could she say yes or no? Was she in her full capacity to choose...of age, sober, free physically and emotionally of coercion? If not, it is sexual assault/rape. Simple.

Now look at the claimant's words and decide for yourself if they have veracity. That's the issue. Everyone one that I have seen, save one, seem truthful to me.

Trigger said...


I saw the Dr. Phil show. I too noticed that the "grandma" did not issue a reliable denial.

She blamed the victim who was six years old when the abuse began. She disparaged the victim and called her a liar.

The grandma couldn't let herself admit that she knew about the abuse and did NOTHING to protect the little girls.

The grandma knew that her grandchildren were being abused.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Trigger,

That is the only clip i have seen, and as usual Dr Phil wants to be center of attention.


Cosby insider speaks out: 'Fixer who once paid off women, wrangled a harem of models and helped beloved star fool the world' comes forward
Former NBC employee Frank Scotti, 90, worked for Bill Cosby during the 1984-1992 run of the Cosby Show

He claims Cosby funneled thousands of dollars to women during that time, like Shawn Thompson, whose daughter claimed to be Cosby's child

Scotti says Cosby had an agency bring a rotating line-up of young models to his dressing room -- some as young as 16
The NBC veteran says he finally walked away from the star because he felt sorry 'for the girls'

Read more:

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Anonymous said...

It does seem weird for so many victims to come forward, seemingly, all at once, but the closer you look into this, some of these women have come forward sooner. Even if thet hadn't gone fully public, I don't understand why that's a reason why people don't believe them. Many people are (sexually) abused, and either only tell a very select few, or sometimes never tell anyone. Sometimes they do wait many years, for many different reasons - a few of which were listed by the victim in this post. Sexual assault is very personal, and the victim often feels shame, and they feel like no one will believe them, and they actually try to bury the assault(s) in their mind. It might get buried for a while (years), but the memory is still there.

I don't know if ALL the women are telling the truth, because we do know that when something of this magnitude comes to light, there are sometimes people looking for either a payday and/or 15 minutes of fame, BUT I won't consider time passing as a factor for not believing them. I actually wouldn't be surprised if there were other women still too afraid, confused, and suppressing memories to come forward.

At first mention of this Bill Cosby "scandal", I didn't believe it either - before I read any of the womens comments, and Bill Cosby's LACK of comments. His lawyer probably told him to zip his lips, but with such allegations, I would expect at least a simple denial, even if that was his only comment on the allegations. How could you not deny such allegations, if they weren't true? THAT is unexpected to me, and that is what SA is based on right?

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon November 23, 2014 at 8:54 PM

If he were innocent as claimed, there is nothing to stop him making a strong reliable denial regarding such allegations.

Why would his attorney advise him to say nothing if he didn't do it?

I would be expecting him to be shouting from the rooftops that he didn't sexually abuse or rape the women or any woman.

Guilty persons on the other hand are advised to say nothing outside of a court of law and preferably nothing in said court of law since they could reveal incriminating evidence or say something which could give the prosecutors something to work with, such as introducing something new which would open the door to cross examination.

As anyone familiar with SA knows, by not answering the question, the subject has answered the question

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I thought I would share:

This article was amazing near the end where it explains the statements made (and why) regarding the death of Elvis Presley.

Anon "I"

impulsive said...

Backstage at a recent show he did have a bit to say:

"I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos," Cosby said in a backstage interview with Florida Today prior to his show. "People should fact check. People shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos."

John Mc Gowan said...


Amanda Knox exposed in recently translated conviction report

Anonymous said...

Exactly, thanks for your response Hobs!

Anonymous said...

"A guy", "innuendos", and "people". He's being to vague.

Maybe a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendo's, but what about him specially, and the specific allegations?

Jay Raskin said...

Bowman first accused Cosby in 2006. She had eight years to change, research and sculpt her story. We don't know how many times she has told it and to how many people.
The story has changed significantly since she first told it in 2006.
If I tell a story and it is not believed, I can change a piece the next time to make it more believable. Through experimentation, my story can become more and more believable. After eight years of acting out the same story, it can be pretty convincing.