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Blackburn Murder, What Detectives Think: "No One Is This Lucky!"

          What do experienced detectives think about the murder of     Amanda Blackburn?

What does the average person think about this case?

You have already heard from me in Statement Analysis where I have concluded:

The language of guilt, with the source of guilt not yet known.  

What do detectives who have no association with the case, but have many years of investigation behind them, think about the case?

When someone, anyone, speaks publicly, there is an expectation that the audience will have an opinion about what is said.  Some will believe; some will doubt, and some will disbelieve.  

Every thinking person has an opinion.  When the opinion is expressed, response follows.  

What does the public think?  This is easy to answer.  

We have thousands of comments.  Most comments conclude that police have the shooter and his gang members, but have strong doubt as to whether or not the victim's husband has any connection to the gang.  The public, overwhelmingly, suspects the pastor, and now his mentor wants a public apology as he ridicules those who disagree with his own opinion.  What's next, lawsuits? Comments here, as well as in various news articles, run, perhaps as high as 90% doubtful that the husband has no connection to the case.


Jeanine Shapiro, of Fox News, looked at the  initial statement of the husband and expressed a strong opinion.  She said, "Look at this, it is all about him!"  

She simply saw the emphasis of career while his wife had just been horribly murdered and the killer at large.  

Her judicial background entered into her thinking which thus revealed itself in her verbalized perception.  Several detectives felt it necessary to disclose their own personal backgrounds:  they are professing Christians.  Their backgrounds reference both murder investigations and faith. They recognize that this will influence their own thoughts and words, just as it did for Jeanine Shapiro with her legal background.  Several admitted feelings of shock and disgust at the videos posted with the following:

a.  "performance" obsession with success -some said they could not use the word "sermon" 
b.  Body language of "competition", "distance", "coldness" 
c.  Contempt; he had contempt towards Amanda'--humiliated her modesty (all), interrupted her, minimized her, etc..."like she is a prop" 
d.  Sex is used to sell, even at Amanda's expense-"how could he shame her?" and the "butter" reference produced angry responses 
e.  Descriptions of bad marriage strong, credible 
f.  Shock over using a gun in the performance 
h.  Those who professed Christianity said it is appropriate to preach on sex but "that is not what he was doing" (all) 

Overall, they had a very negative perception of the victim's husband from the videos.  They recognize the influence upon the as they examined the case details.  The analysis was all but impossible to do without outside influence (outside the words) therefore, this had to be repeatedly referenced in reminders.  

"What might we say about this word, if we had not known that...?"

This is what we all do, but for Blackburn's mentor, she should apologize for her opinion though she is paid to publicly give it.  
This is seen in two basic ways:

a.  The opinion frightens the subject so he wishes to silence it
b.  The call for apology is simply free publicity 

Perhaps, it is both.  

Recall the trend of government tyranny today:  If you disagree with me, you are morally unworthy of an opinion ("hate") and you are mentally incapable of reason ("phobia"), which are used to silence difference of opinion.  This is to show the road to losing freedom of speech is now traveled and in progress.  This was unimaginable just a few short years ago in our country but now is the powerful trend in colleges, politics and even now employment where people are terminated for an opinion that their government disagrees with.  It often speaks to the weakness of the policy that says do not question.  

If you speak publicly, not everyone is going to agree with you.  When they don't, do you demand an apology?  Do you sue them into silence?  

What do detectives unrelated to the case think?

Davey Blackburn, husband of murder victim, Amanda Blackburn, was said to be "100%" not involved, in the very first days of the case. This, say experienced detectives, was not an accident.

True, he was on video at the gym at the time of the shooting.  It is extremely rare that anyone close to a murder victim would be cleared this quickly but, as detectives pointed out, the phrase, "100%", if an accurate quote, shows an unnecessary emphasis.  This, some said, may not be as 'foolish' as it first appeared. To know what they are thinking, we listen to what they said.  This is in the present tense as it continues, with some affirming their thoughts with the release of the affidavit.  

What have detectives unrelated to the case said about it?

I.  First, they cite the same statistic Fox News referenced:  When a pregnant woman is murdered, the number one killer is the husband or boyfriend. Steve Doucie even mentioned this in asking the husband how to respond to it, to which Blackburn said,

"For us, we have nothing to hide" which not only is to invite searching into something that is hidden, but retreats to the pronoun "we", confirming it with the pronoun "us":  This is a very strong indication of both guilt of something, and of something thought of at the moment of this statement, that the subject does not wish to reveal.  For detectives without strong Statement Analysis training, "I have nothing to hide" is the same that parents of 7 year olds see:

Detectives:   He has something to hide.  

I ask that those unfamiliar with Statement Analysis view this basic and light analysis of Timothy Madden.  He, too, has nothing to hide.  It is a good, "101" analysis to introduce basic principles that consistently produce results in detecting deception.  Without statement analysis, having "nothing to hide" is, to detectives (and teachers, principals and parents) an "invitation to look."

II.  Next, detectives  step away from the religious setting and recognize that a church is a business, only that it's goals may be different than simply 'the bottom line' and that unless people come to it, bills will not be paid. Even those who may not want to take this view must because it is "imposed upon us" by the language of the victim's husband   

 Therefore, they view it from this perspective:  a business that must have customers to survive.  Many more customers and it does not survive, but it "thrives."  Blackburn came from a "business" that rather than seating 150 customers per week, sees as many as 16,000 customers per week.  His personal reference point is vastly different than the average "neighborhood business" (church) and even the publication of such numbers shows emphasis. 

Blackburn publicly shows his disappointment in failing to reach goal setting numbers but did so in context with what most people would consider a church's calling:  souls.  He used two numbers:  "16" and "400"

While Scripture speaks of rejoicing over 1 soul, he used 16 souls in contextual failure. 

The failure of the number of customers.  

It is easy, they said, to see how obsessed the victim's husband is with success. 

Detectives:   This guys lives for success of numbers.  

He lives for success and he, himself, has defined what "success" means to him, repeatedly.  

III.  Thirdly, they look at the Coincidental Nature of the Crime.  

This was the biggest "hurdle" and something they all repeated throughout and continue to.  

True, they have the statistic to look at the husband and then they have the husband's bizarre selfish initial statement, his subsequent 'corrections' yet even there, he could not stop himself with such things as:

'I'll tell you what to say to media
I'll tell you how to react, come and 'laugh' while the killer is at large
I'll tell you how to dress
and make sure you invite as many customers as possible...

Even under criticism, he adjusts his wording but still cannot conceal his true 'god' or passion:  he must bring in numbers.  

Some said that he is likely driven to bypass the success of his mentor who gets 16,000 customers.  

1.  A man who publicly speaks for a living is driven to success. 
2.  He tells the public that his marriage is bad. 
3.  He tells the public that his marriage went south with pregnancy. 
4.  He tells the public that, in his business, a wife can help bring success, or she can hinder that success. 
5.  When she is brutally murdered, what did he talk about?  Did he worry for himself or his child?  Did he worry about the killer coming back to get him or his neighbors?  Did he express hurt for himself?

No, they said:  he spoke about his business.  

This was repeated:

"No.  Not buying it.  When a guy has an affair and the wife turns up dead, we say he can't be that lucky, but when a guy tells everyone how bad his marriage is, even if he is using it to sell he went as far as to say how bad it was with pregnancy.  C'mon, now.  She is a hinderance to his success, he waves a gun around and she's gone?  Pregnancy is what he, himself told us that made the marriage worse and guess what?  When she's dead, she was pregnant?  No one is this lucky!"

They said:  The coincidental nature of the case is overwhelming.  The odds are as bizarre as his language.  It is like Blackburn just won the lottery. What are the odds?

Door unlocked?
On the phone for 40 minutes while remaining outside...

Why not take the phone inside?

'Just happened to be waving around a gun...not that it was in his mind or anything...just another coincidence, right?'

He tells us how bad his marriage is how pregnancy made it worse, but most of all, how his ministry is everything to him, so much so that he can't control how creepy he sounds with his "the best is yet to come" slogan?  What are the odds of pulling out a gun and then....?  Way too much. It doesn't pass the striaght face test and the *&^%% this guy shovels  and his hiding behind "we", and the constant selling and advertising....a divorce would have ruined his career!  

Detectives:   NO ONE IS THIS LUCKY

Loo, 'she is dead and he is not just not happy, he is in "salesman overdrive" and now he is telling us his plans?  Book?  Movie?  Hollywood?  He is going to beat his mentor!'

Maybe the100% was a clever   playing into his narcissism and letting him go on and on as they continue to seek the connection and make the link...

IV.   The Outcome 

The detectives saw this from a unique perspective.  The public sees it in the "here and now" of breaking news. 

I see it through the lens of the verbalized perception of reality.  

They see it in months and even years. 

Cold case detectives, in particular, sometimes lack camaraderie in general, which is natural.  It is not like internal affairs animosity, but when a case is closed, the cold case detective becomes the de facto critic of his comrade in arms' work.  

When a cold case detective focuses in upon someone that has been officially cleared (which is his job), those who cleared the subject are on edge, which is understandable.  They are also conflicted. 

They want justice but as human nature is, they do not wish to be wrong. 

Honorable investigators will accept this and be glad for justice. 

Others will be a bit defensive. 

Some may even be resistant. 

Some will go to great lengths to cover their own error, as was the case of Sheena Morris where they made the life of Sheena's family a living hell.  Thankfully, they are the exception.  

Amanda Blackburn's murder is a tragedy which we, the public, are going to have before us, quite likely, for some time to come.  Even the "demand for apology" brings free publicity, and the words reveal the intention of the husband to publicize the brutal murder, as he changed the language to "Amanda's Story" even before the killers were caught. 

Detectives stated that it may take months or even years, but all stated that "police are actively investigating" any possible connection to the husband, by any means. 

My conclusion remains the same:

The language of guilt. 

The source of guilt is something powerful enough to elicit the need to 'hide' in the plural, something seen in human language in children, in the Bible, in history, in an abundance of news stories of crime, and within the understanding of human psychology.  

The source of guilt?

I do not know, but it may be that the marriage was as bad as he claimed, and, in his perspective, he is not only relieved, but an extreme opportunist, who can feed the insatiable drive for success with the "story" of the brutal murder.  

Is this 'enough' to produce the intense guilt seen in the language?  

"The Stuttering "I" in Statement Analysis

I don't know.  This is a bizarre case.  It is the first case I have ever seen a public speaker stutter on the pronoun "we"; instead of only the "Stuttering I", with its "scale of anxiety" where the non-stutterer halts upon the pronoun "I", something he has used millions of times, with anxiety level skyrocketing with each "I" stuttered upon, until the highest level is reached:  "9", which is only seen in domestic homicides where the husband killed his wife, during a close relationship, in a physically close violent manner, where, upon stuttering to this extreme, the killer suffers a nervous breakdown and his hospitalized.  

Police will continue to investigate to learn if there exists a connection.  

In spite of the complaints, it was the husband's own statements that brought the public to doubt him.  Experts told me that the language was that of the "anti-social narcissistic' variety which was not lost on Jeanine Shapiro, nor the public at large.  

When asked about involvement, had he said, 

"I didn't kill my wife, and I don't know who did", this strong statement would have been reliable.  Had he then been asked,

"Why should you be believed?" to which the answer,

"Because I am telling the truth" would have meant 99.9% likely truthful.  

I would have closed my analysis with it.   

Instead, he said something else. 

Consider that this man is well above average in intelligence and his friends know it.  Those close to him already know the signals of narcissism in his language, as well as his competitive nature.  They know.  

If the average person has an internal dictionary of, let's say, 25,000 words, it is fair to say that this man is not average. 

Yet, let's say he is average and has about 25,000 words. 

When he was asked to speak to the suspicion that he could be involved, via the statistic of police needing to clear the husband, he would answer by:

a.  Going into the dictionary of 25,000 words
b.  Choose which words to use only
c.  Decide the order of information 
d.  Put the words into sentences, which word going where, to make sense to the listener
e.  Choose which verb tenses to use
f.  Choose which pronoun to use, "I" for himself, or "we" if there is someone else with him who needs to speak to the suspicion that he could be involved;

This entire process takes place in the brain in less than a micro-second in time. 

The speed of transmission is very fast.  Not only is it very fast, but it is something the subject's brain has been doing, every day of his life, for more than 25 years.  The efficiency is powerfully accurate. 

When someone speaks the truth, they will speak from not only memory, but "experiential memory"; that is, memory that they themselves, experienced.  Memory could be:

the memory of what someone told me;
the memory of what I said earlier (self reference)
the memory of something I read or saw...

Or, it could be "experiential memory"; the easiest of all processing. This is powerful because experience means increased hormonal activity to the brain, 'cementing' or solidifying memory. This is why if you experienced something in childhood that frightened you, the memory remains due to the imprint left from the inclusion of elevated brain hormones.   (this is the basic source of PTSD like symptoms, including nightmares) 

Experiential memory, therefore, is not 'taxing' to produce, and it goes in time; that is, like life, living in time, it is in chronological order.  This is where children learn that lying is difficult because it is hard to "keep track of the lies."  Why is this hard?  Because there is no 'emotional' or elevated hormonal connection.  (Teachers use this to help mnemonics.  If I give you bare facts of two individuals' deaths, you will forget them.  If I use "narrative" (emotional connection) and say, "The queen died, and shortly after, from a broken heart, the king also died" you are far more likely to remember this even years later.  By including an emotional connection, the brain experienced a subtle increase in reaction, strengthening memory.  This is why a certain scent can trigger a 30 year old memory)  

Experiential memory is "easy" to recall.  

In order to go into this process and deliberately deceive, withhold, or even outright lie, one must disrupt the speed of transmission. 

This is the source of stress in deception.  

Even if someone has sociopath tendencies, and "do not feel like others feel", such as "Dr. Hannibal Lector", then they "can pass a polygraph because they don't feel guilt like you and me" or

"psychopaths don't have human emotion which makes a polygraph a waste of time."

                                       It is not true. 

It may be interesting or make for good drama, but it is false. 

The source of stress is not conscience (though conscience can contribute to one's stress:  we all have seen some kids so quick to say "I'm sorry!" while others dig in their heels), that we pick up in both linguistic indicators and the polygraph, it is the stress of disrupting the speed of transmission.

This is why in Analytical Interviewing we produce admissions because we use the subject's own language, and his own deceptions. 

This is why a polygrapher who uses the subject's own words and his own moment of disruption, will get results.  

When the subject was asked about police looking at him, as the husband, which is very personal, masculine and with no one else possibly being the husband of Amanda, nor the 'husband' of the statistic, he said,

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

This is both the language of guilt, and the invitation to search for that which is hidden.  

"Crazy Davey"

Interesting that the mentor said that there was something "wrong" with the victim's husband and that he did not feel comfortable with him until he met Amanda. 

Although limited in volume, Amanda's words seem to reveal a genuinely Godly, lovely, chaste mother and wife .


She was probably his single best advertisement for Christianity in his possession. 

She is now gone.  


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BallBounces said...

OT Peter FYI -- Study demonstrates a pattern in ‘how scientists lie about their data’

Statement Analysis Blog said...


are you saying that analysts might lie in submitting know, to the White House?


Thanks, I will look at it.


PS: I added a short ending paragraph to the analysis.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


"They said:  The coincidental nature of the case is overwhelming.  The odds are as bizarre as his language.  It is like Blackburn just won the lottery. What are the odds?"

-I completely agree with this, only I would say it's like he won the lottery multiple times!

It would be bizarre enough, if weeks after expressing his disappointment with his marriage, his wife was murdered.

Or, that after expressing his marriage got even worse with her pregnancy, that his pregnant wife was murdered.

Or, that no more than 48 hours after he wielded a gun, and 'shot' away his 'worries' in front of his congregation, his wife was brutally, and repeatedly shot.

Or, that on the day she was murdered his normal routine was disrupted, including lateness, and sitting in his vehicle outside his own home for an hour while his wife lay bleeding to death.

I could go on, but any single one of these 'coincidental' happenings would be eye brow raising. Taken together with his language post murder, it is beyond coincidence!

Anonymous said...

They might lie when submitting data. Data, data, data....kinda like dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.

My father, may God rest his soul though the preacher didn't think that would ever happen, reported to me that 3 (yes, three) sweet angels had called him and prodded him about events years ago. I believed him. Why? Some "god" had driven 500 miles to record him and play it back on my answering machine prior. The location from which the vehicle the tormentor was driving came from an appropriate local.

I tracked the number his wife gave me and yep...govt reporting data site.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Jen!

Unknown said...

Compelling! I've just discovered your page! Too many coincidences in this case to be comfortable with.

I think Watson and Gordon initially left Taylor at Amanda's house, because he told them he was there to kill her. It made no sense, as if there is any sense to this, that they would have left him there. It wouldn't surprise me if the reason they found themselves in that neighborhood, is because Taylor knew about Amanda's neighbors home being unoccupied. Taylor's reason for being there ultimately, to wait for Blackburn to leave. He knew the front door would be left open. They had broken in through the back door of both the previous robberies, yet went straight to Amanda's front door?

~mj said...

I'm am keenly interested in how this follows through. As a long time reader of SA - I am also used to waiting months or years to see what, if anything investigators bring to the table. (Dunn, Knox, Baby Ayla, sadly the list goes on) I can be patient for this.

My interest is because of the indicated guilt in DB's language. True, there are many reasons one may have guilt and they are not all reasons that make him crimminally responsible for Amanda's murder.

However, this public speaker is over-the-top confused on his pronouns. (says "us" and "we" when specifically asked about his personal involvment as his role as husband - is a great example, but so is all the other times where he is speaking about how he is feeling but says we, then flops back again by later talking about how everyone is coping and mid sentence goes to "I")

It is my opinion that he has massive guilt. Something huge, not just the type of guilt felt about promoting his business off the back drop of his murdered pregnant wife. Not just the type of guilt associated with wondering had he locked the door, had he came inside etc.

I base my opinion on his pronoun confusion, his utter lack of reference to his unborn child and what he himself has already said to the public both in videos prior to the murder and interviews after the murder.

I believe the videos prior to the murder speak to building an understanding of who DB is and what drives him. It gives us a baseline of how he talks, how he explains things. It also shows us a startling ability, he has the ability to "become all things to all sorts of people" - as did the Apostle Paul. I bring in scripture because DB was a pastor.

He has taken this ability that the Apostle Paul said Christians should have to a level that makes him quite possibly a con-artist. Putting on whatever needs to be for the success of his mission. He just gauged wrong as to what the public needed to see in him after his wife was murdered.

As far as his refusal to address or even mention his unborn child in any useful capacity, it is my opinion that is paramount. To add to all that Mr. Hyatt and the other professionals felt about the coincidences, DB states himself that their marriage was made worse by pregnancy and his wife is then found murdered and pregnant - but DB on top of all that will not state ownership of the pregnancy. It is as though the guilt of it all is too massive and should he state, "MY unborn child...." he would simply crack. (speculation here: it is my opinion it is easier for DB to "Amanda's Story" this way without addressing the unborn child)

Finally, I too find it disturbing that when 911 was called in, it appears that somewhere between DB and the 911 operator - the actual scene of what has happened to Amanda was not clearly explained. If DB, in fact, did not indicate that a crime had taken place, instead using soft language about an injury only. As though Amanda had fallen half naked in her own living room by accident. Then there is something to that. Why the need to minimise? If he did state the nature of it, why did the 911 operator not send the whole force of LE straight away?

Andrew said...

If DB is involved in this crime, he exercised incredible planning. That is clear.

Part of such planning would be, "how do I ensure the trigger-man does not rat me out if he gets caught?". There are few " levers of control" that would allow for this. Generally, it would involve either threats against or promises to the teigger-man's family. I would keep an eye on that.

Also, it seems to me that a vital piece of information is how they chose the Blackburn's house. Who's idea wa it? If it was anything other than random, that is a troubling sign

Buckley said...

I think the Fox News contributor/former prosecutor is Jeanine Pirro.

Anonymous said...

Peter, your final comment is both good and painful to read. As a student of ancestry, I see that women's significance (compared to men) is minimized throughout history.

Do you know if there are recorded statistics about murderers and their relationships with their mothers?

Anonymous said...

The Monroe County Prosecutor will charge Blackburn with Capital Murder right before Christmas. It will be the best present her family and friends have ever received.

BallBounces said...

A couple of observations.

1. Pastor Blackburn was criticized for using the language of remembering, laughing, crying, etc. when describing the hospital vigil for his wife on Fox News. I saw an interview where his wife's sister said exactly the same thing. Could he have been appropriating her language in his interview with Fox?

2. Statement Analysis deals with the expected and flags are raised when the unexpected is encountered. One is expected to express one's feelings, one's emotions. But what if there was a blocker ideology in place, one that would lead a person to distance themselves from their emotions, keep them from feeling and expressing their feelings? Is there such an ideology in the data? Yes, there is. Pastor Blackburn talked about the gap between feelings vs. faith in Amanda's diary, how she struggled not to succumb to emotions that contradicted faith. Later, he talked about how forgiveness was a decision, not a feeling. This suggests that their faith functioned as an override to feelings.

Based on this data, I believe that part of this couple's shared belief system was a commitment to walk by faith rather than feelings, which they viewed as antithetical to faith. While Pastor Blackburn's behavior remains incomprehensible to just about everybody, could this at least go part way in explaining his extreme disconnect from the expression of normal emotions?

Anecdotally, many years ago I had a friend who was a "faith-talker". He felt obliged to always express positive things about God and the state of his life, how blessed he was, etc. At the end of a prolonged period of trying times, he "broke down" as it were and wearily expressed how hard it had been for him to keep up the God-talk all the time. Just that once I saw the real guy, and it was just for a moment. I wonder if there might be something like this going on in Pastor Blackburn's life.

This would by no means explain the totality of his behavior both prior and after the murder, but it might be a factor to throw into the mix.

Skeptic said...


Blackmail is the most likely leverage DB would have used if involved because I don't think he'd have access to the kind of money it would take to get someone to take such risks.

The order to murder AB could have come down through a chain of command so that the people closest committing the crime have no idea who initiated it. They could have been told all kinds of stories about why they were to do this. It seems to me from reading the probable cause affidavit that only Taylor knew the true purpose for the "crime spree" (i give more detail to why I think that in the previous AB comment thread).

Andrew said...


Excellent comment! I have been wondering the same thing. Here is how I would phrase it: how would a person whose job is to promote faith talk of, at core, that person lacked faith? If the faith aspect makes people uncomfortable, substitute another "product," if you will. What if your entire life was based on being an effective seller of Ford cars, but you had come to some realization that Ford cars were crap?

How would this disconnect between pwrsonal beliefs and required words and behaviors show up in Statement Analysis? Would it look like Db?

Skeptic said...

Taylor may divulge who instructed him to commit this crime, but if he does that then he is essentially incriminating himself as the trigger man. If his lawyer tells him at some point that the evidence against him is overwhelming, expect him to talk.

Anonymous said...

I hope so Skeptic. The only thing that is concerning is, how close Taylor is to his friends. Perhaps he'll take the rap in hopes of keeping a weird friendship/loyalty to the person who may have put him up to it?

IE- the guy that stayed with his g/f at the apartment and had the other thugs go back and pick him up?

It all depends on how much he has to lose.

A-Tell the truth to LE and face life in prison.
B-Cover up and face life in prison, with outside friends who may help your commisary account.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the person that instructed the two ATM guys to go back and pick up Taylor not arrested for consipiracy? He knew that Taylor said he'd "Murder Amanda".

He knew that Amanda was murdered, because it was all over the news.
He neglected to inform police.

Is that not a criminal offence in Indy?

Something reeks to the high heavens.

Skeptic said...

DB staying in the car that morning would have been useful for one very important reason: to see when the neighbor arrived home. Give her a few minutes to see what's happened and call police. DB's 911 call was made only 5 minutes after the neighbor's, thus establishing that the break-in at his house and the murder of his wife was simply part of a larger crime spree.
See the pattern? The first burglary victim is conveniently AT home, not away for a couple of days. Her 911 call comes in first. Neighbor's 911 call comes in second. DB's call comes in third.

andrew said...

Let me be clearer about my post above, which was typed out hurriedly on a phone:

If Taylor is just a trigger-man, then whoever gave him the order must have a strong means of controlling him *even in the event that he is arrested and convicted.* Otherwise, it is safer just to do the crime yourself. Having no middleman is better than having an unreliable middleman.

The problem is that there are relatively few ways you can induce someone to commit a murder on your behalf and take the rap for it with any level of confidence that they won't rat you out, especially if it becomes a capital crime.

Basically, you would have to hold a threat over them that is worse than taking the rap (i.e., "we will kill your family if you flip") OR you would have to offer a reward that is great enough to risk death or lifelong imprisonment (i.e., "we will ensure that your children are well taken care of"). In such circumstances, fear strikes me as a more powerful control than greed.

Now, if religious faith is in the mix, that changes the game somewhat. It allows you to offer the rewards of heaven or the chastisements of hell, with the added "benefit" of eternity.

Does Taylor have any children? Any family members that he cares for deeply? What are the factors in his life, if any, that could be exploited to get him to do something unspeakable? Gangs have been known to force initiates to do terrible things under the threat of violence against their families...

And again--I am keenly interested in learning how the Kill Gang chose the Blackburn's house as a target. Was it truly random? Did one of them suggest this neighborhood, this street? If so, which one? Taylor? Again--if the selection of the Blackburn's house was anything OTHER than random, that is another disturbing sign.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if watching the news on TV and neglecting to report what crime you viewed to police is actually considered a criminal offense. Perhaps an expert could answer that, or at least you could call the police and ask for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Andrew 1:33

I often wonder if those who can't/won't stop the Jesus talk have struggles with faith. Why does it have to be All Jesus, All The Time? If you say it often enough, does that make it true, even though you are full of doubt?

Compare to Mother Teresa.

Anonymous said...

Not what crime that he viewed! He was actively telling the two ATM friends to go back and pick up TAYLOR at the house cause he threatened to murder Amanda.

He's family, etc.

Clearly he knew that Amanda was murdered at the hands of Taylor. Why isn't he arrested as a co-conspirator, as he knew full well WHO was at that house?

I hope i'm more clear :)

Skeptic said...


Taylor is only 18 years old. He ran away from a group home or something like that at about age 15. So right there that tells you he's had a troubled childhood. 18yr olds may think they are invincible, they are clever enough to get away with it. Plus, add a desperate need to belong to something or someone perhaps?

Alonzo Bull is the person who called Watson and Gordon and told them to go back and get Taylor. Why didn't they want to? They were completely freaked out that he hit her in the face with the gun, and hard enough to knock out a tooth. They didn't signup for that kind of stuff for that morning at least. Alonzo Bull is named in the affidavit, his name is NOT blacked out, but his girlfriend's is. The will be arresting him soon, but they need to figure out where he got his orders.

Anonymous said...

In Davey's case, he's sticking to the script. If he deviates from it, he knows he will mess up and this is why he continues to take questions, briefly answer them and spin right back to Jesus Christ. Davey has a past, one which deserves a good look at.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SKeptic! That is what I was wondering. Why is Alonzo walking free currently.

I do hope you're correct in saying that he will be arrested soon.
If Alonzo was the brains to the gang, i'd assume he's just as guilty as the rest of them.

It seemed they all reported back to Alonzo.

If anyone knew about any "murder for hire" it would be Alonzo at the root of it all. IMO

Skeptic said...

There is probably someone above Bull giving orders, a chain of command. The tangled web of contacts that links Taylor to DB is what DB was counting on to protect himself.

If involved DB was either blackmailing someone, or paid a relatively small amount of money (I don't think he had access to much). But there are too many people involved, and LE will be able to trace it back to him. Will they be able to prove the connection though? He should have hired a proper assassin. You get what you pay for (sick I know but I couldn't resist).

Anonymous said...

Alonzo Bulls girlfriend was reported missing sept 9th 2011 in the Indianapolis missing children bulletin.

Her name is Donae Mitchell. D.O.B. 8/30/1997

Wonder if she was kidnapped or simply ran away in 2011?

Anonymous said...

she's pretty. Alonzo an expectant or new father as well?

Skeptic said...

One more thought as to motive,

Perhaps DB is manic-depressive or just has manic episodes. I've had one manic episode years ago. I felt as if I could do nothing wrong, everything I did was exactly the way it supposed to be (and I was running around Australia on the Greyhound bus, drinking like a fish and cavorting with various and sundry). I didn't know what it was until years later.

This would fit his extreme energy. He almost comes off as hyper-active in his sermons, interrupting people and moving all over.

And everyone has a vague sense that he is not all that mentally healthy after watching his videos.

Anonymous said...

It made me laugh to realize we're reading the Probable Cause affidavit and taking the words of these thugs who make their living stealing as the gospel truth. No way they would alter the story to make themselves look less guilty, is there?
I imagine they massaged the tale as LE confronted them with hard evidence (phone records, etc.). The "stories" will most likely receive further alteration as facts become evident.
Someone made the point about their prison commissary accounts. That could go a long way toward helping these guys keep a secret. I have an acquaintance with a son in jail and she contributes liberally to his C. account because the stuff he buys is traded for safety and perks. It could be a scary life in prison with no assets.
I still believe that one day someone higher up the chain will be facing hard time and will offer up DB and/or his girlfriend in trade for a softened sentence.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all,

The probable cause affidavit gives such great clues. Before robbing the first house, the 3 perps were at a man named Alonzo Bull's house and also came right back there after. To hide a gun. He was also the one that told them not to leave Taylor at AB's house because he was "family." I bet Alonzo Bull is the higher up of the "kill gang" and gave instructions that evening and then followed up during. And after. They likely see themselves as "assassins." All of you investigators may wanna check out this Alonzo Bull guy.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Meg Griffith, the babysitter? Did she go silent after people started to look at her Twitter account regarding her earlier internship with DB and her move to Indy and into the home with DB and AB this summer? Is she still working for Resonate? There was just something odd about that relationship.

Anonymous said...

Ok we're all the same page haha. Just read comments

Anonymous said...

Bipolar disorder does make sense.

From watching Jodi Arias' trial and the various psychologists.
Apparently mental disorders don't normally stand alone.

IE- bipolar can also have sociopathy and or narcissism.

It would make sense if Davey had several. And in a manic state decided he needed to off his wife to be the super star of resonate.

Magical thinking

CK said...


So grateful for this site, I'm learning a ton through your explanation of SA. Like others I found the site through interest in the Blackburn case, but now I'm fascinated by everything. Do you have assessments of Ramsey parents and Scott Peterson transcripts? I'd love to look at those. Thanks for what you're doing -- really enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Your feelings about the Ramseys will be confirmed by Peter's analysis. Money and politics can indeed influence who goes to trial!

Oh no not her again said...

I know criminals aren't necessarily smart but really, who brings their cigars along to burgle a house?

That is just weird.

lynda said...

Magical thinking is what 4 year old have...that explains a lot.

I agree and have stated before that the affadavit is NOT carved in stone, was done thru the use of a confidential informant, and quite possibly is filled with lies about the events in accordance with how they happened.

We can only hope that the Crime scene investigators did the best they could right after being called. That they located, logged, removed, and photographed every bit of evidence possible.
That will eventually hang Davey.

I am thinking they will find no link between shooters and Davey because the shooters were hired by someone other than Davey. Shooter is going to have to roll on his boss and then that guy is going to have to roll on DAvey.

It's almost ridiculous how obvious it is. The hoodrats start the day early, B & E, stealing oranges and pink sweaters, getting drunk, until it's time, at which point they stroll right into the front door with DUCT TAPE. They were there for a hit. That's it.

Skeptic said...

It has to be Gordon who is the informant, the narrative is entirely from his vantage point. He could be minimizing his own role, or completely fabricating. I think the police believe him though. Has he been arrested? If he was I don't think there was a murder charge against him.

I swear this is my last post, for a couple of hours at least. I have stuff to do!

Anonymous said...

I have never believed Davey. When I first started watching Scott Peterson, I found him to be more believable then Davey.

How long did it take LE to hone in on Scott Peterson? Did anyone follow that case?


BL said...

Just a little thing that no one has mentioned, I think. DB said "We're certain it's a girl because I wanted a girl" or something like that, even though it was too early to determine the child's gender. First of all, wait -- you even get to control the child's gender?? Of course, because for "Amanda's Story" it would be so much more touching to have it be a little girl who was going to complete their family. (And if the, er, plan didn't work out, and Amanda lived and it was a boy, then the child could conveniently be called "Everett.") As Peter pointed out, DB never mentions the unborn child except once -- when he mentions that he was certain it was a girl because he wanted a girl ... (because it sounded better for the book and movie deal ...)

Question for Peter -- is there a "body language" equivalent of SA that works with LE? You purposefully look at the transcript to focus only on language and not be influenced by voice, mannerism, yes? Are their body language experts who analyze suspects and work in conjunction with SA experts?

Anonymous said...

Amanda Blackburn case: Murder suspects have gang ties (Indianapolis, IN): Back in 2009, they called themselves the FAM Gang. It was a gang comprising at least a dozen teens living on the city's North and Northwest sides. Police noted at the time that one of the ways to enter the gang – the initials stood for Forever After Money, but it also referred to FAMily Untouchable — was to rob someone.
Source: The Indianapolis Star Date: November 24, 2015

FAM="forever after money" Affidavit-use of phrase wanted money, wanted more money.
This little branch of the "forever after money" gansters called themselves "killer gang" the only $$$ in killing is for hire. I didn't see that Larry Taylor is identified being in the "killer gang" but accorder to Affadavit Alonzo Bull states he is FAMily. Sounds like FAM is a relatively small gang teenagers and if the "killer gang"is a smaller branch of FAM that does hits for $ it might not be very organized or experienced and easier to nail. Maybe these were bargain basement hitmen.

Skeptic said...

Ok one more and THEN I'll start chopping veggies

Once Taylor, followed by Watson, went into the Blackburn house, the plan fell apart. Taylor was going to feign surprise at encountering AB, immediately shoot her, then all go quickly to the get away car. But, having never done this before, Taylor hesitates - and only hits her in the face. Watson panics and runs back to car. Taylor, thinking quickly, gets the debit card and AB, scared for her life, tells him the pin. Taylor somehow restrains AB because he runs out to the car and throws the debit card in. Sends them on an "errand." He needs more time. If he goes back in the house and Watson and Gordon hear a gunshot - then they're leaving his ass, they want no part of it. Problem is, Taylor needs them to come back. He threatens them he'll kill the woman - they don't want that (of course he's going to do that anyway, that's why he's there). They do go back, but not to the house. Taylor has walked out and is walking down another street. Watson and Gordon probably said they would not go back to the house for fear of getting caught, they'd pick him up a couple of blocks away. What do you think about this scenario?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a valid scenario!

I think that Taylor will take the fall for everything though, unless and until Alonzo gives up the goods on why they went to that area.

I feel it was Alonzo all along calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

chop your veggies at the computer! I like your analogies! hehe

Anonymous said...

He has a much lighter complexion and also looks like he fits the body type of the surveillance video better. Older very seasoned with the tear drop face tattoos that signify murders committed.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the two perps in their police photos.

Taylor looks absolutely pissed. Where the other one looks calm.

I wonder if that is significant?

BL said...

Have there been any more revelations about an insurance policy? Seems like the only way payment for murder-for-hire could be accomplished (unless there was cocky confidence in massive donations to the church post-murder.) Was this the carrot dangled in front of them?

Anonymous said...

If the above posters comments are in deed fact. It seems this division of 'gang' is more of a beer budget murder for hire.

Perhaps the debit card withdrawl was sufficient?

Anonymous said...

Any possibility that far from DB hiring a hit man, he was being extorted, say for gambling debt or loans, and the killing was reprisal on him for failure to repay?

DB has a self-confessed addictive personality. He put locks on his sexual/porn addiction by using media devices and he warned church members against Fantasy Football (a recognized form of gambling). Repeatedly and with some urgency he advised church members against piling up debt and loans.

DB attended SWU on an athletics scholarship, so perhaps he came away without big student loan debt. Characteristically, in one of his humiliating, backhanded compliments to his wife he declared in a sermon she went to a terrible college because it was affordable, no big student loan debt.

Was his show of frugality a cover for narcissistic extravagance and hidden, addiction-driven debt? anon

Anonymous said...

Initial 500.00 turned to 400.00 plus a mac book.

So approximately 700.00.

That buys a fair amount of weed, i'd imagine.

Anonymous said...

For one of their date nights they went to a gun range. DB tweeted a selfie of them. anon

Anonymous said...

Larry Taylor was arrested and charged with PUBLIC INDECENCY/NUDITY a few months ago, right? Giving his python some fresh air in broad daylight ... he must be really proud of his member?

BL said...

Skeptic, I know what you're going through -- this site is addictive!

Anonymous said...

Do we know if Davey frequented that gun range often?

It would be interesting to know how the beer budget bandits spent their free time (other then getting high and breaking into houses)

From what I can tell Alonzo had a new baby.

Would anyone know Davey's birthday and year?

Thanks in advance.

Skeptic said...

Ok lane more I've waisted so much time already,

I saw a picture of Gordon in one of the articles - he honestly looks special needs. I think he is the informant (he needs protection from gang retribution for talking but it's obviously him). He is not savvy enough to lie to the police - look at the picture! His narrative is true.

JMTO said...

I wondered after watching the Worship as a Weapon gun video if he frequented the gun range. He seems to know the proper way to hold one.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3:56
Anything is possible.
DB's network of "churches" has financial seminars where they find out exactly what the "members" are earning and pretty much insist that they give a percentage (I have heard it is 20%) in order to stay in the "church". There is no shortage of info about them from "members" who have left. Many have likened it to Scientology, another of the highest "earning" tax-exempt "religious" organizations. Pajama Pages is a place to start in learning how they operate.

Anonymous said...

Guns not far from his mind. Shoot You Worries sermon/comedy show and also this -- "My little boy is so vocal when he watches these guys . . . And I generally want to shoot the TV - "YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW!!"" anon

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:00
I wonder if public exposure is yet another step in earning your position in this gang.
Public exposure at Target, no less!
Where did he get THAT car?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:00
Seems like I've read that public exposure is one of the steps toward committing rape.
Maybe rape was supposed to happen to Amanda but Taylor (or whoever) was too drunk to achieve an erection.
I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:17 PM

Thank you for the pointer. DB put finances high up on Resonate's agenda. Every church has to pay its expenses but DB seems to focus obsessively on growth. More than a typical franchise owner, he's big on projections for expansion.

His LILO (load-in load out) "Vision" video starts with his pitch for remaining in the north side middle school auditorium rather than move, as some had suggested/requested to locating frontage on 86th St. DB says:

"If we’re running a thousand people, as a church, which I believe is sooner rather than later, we are sitting there with 2 services at that facility with a potential of looking at a third, and at a thousand people, from a tithes and offering standpoint, statistically you would bring in $25 per person. Which means we would be bringing in in tithes and offerings *a hundred thousand dollars a month* (his vocal emphasis). Now, the most we will ever pay out in rent at Northview is going to be six to seven thousand dollars a month. So that means (excited) you got ninety four thousand dollars, of ministry money, that we’re able to use not, not (shakes head) to profit ourselves cause we’re a non-profit, but to help this city and to reach more people. So, doesn’t make sense for us to do that. We’re going to be in Northview’s facility for a long time. For the foreseeable future. And we want to create healthy systems . . . ." anon

BallBounces said...

Wanting to stay in a high school, rather than loading up on a costly building program, is to his credit.

BL said...

This article which quotes Kenneth Wagner telling how he and Davey spoke every Tuesday morning between 7-8 sends it home for me. Seems like he planned those 7-8 morning conversations as part of the whole thing, to have another alibi in addition to the gym, and to have a long time to be waiting outside on the phone so that she would surely be dead, and it would be with his best friend from college who would back him up as innocent without question, and would be looked on favorably because he too is a pastor. And that Tuesday of all Tuesdays, Kenneth Wagner tweets about having just spoken with Davey Blackburn? How many Tuesdays had they been doing this and had he ever tweeted that before?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:02 PM
Acc. to an Instragram, his birthday is Nov 2. anon

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:39
Wow, that's a cold way of looking at church growth, isn't it?
You know there have to be spreadsheets comparing the growth of each of their network of "churches".
(Sorry about all the quotation marks but I can't let myself speak of them in the way I do real churches.)

I picture meetings at the mother "church" where these young "pastors" are compared and criticized. (I can never remember whether it's New or Day or Life Spring. Something like that!). I could even see them getting financial bonuses for improving their numbers.

I contrast this with young men (and older ones) I've known who drove long distances to preach for poor people with no thought of making money or gaining fame. They do get some delicious simple home cooking!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57 BD is what I call "drunk of Jesus" meaning this is someone who otherwise would be an addict but Jesus is the only acceptable addiciton allowed (soceith, family, whatever). I know a few... All Jesus, all the time...

Anonymous said...

Because it seems so odd and too coincidental for Kenneth Wagner to post immediately after a phone conversation with Davey, I wonder the possibility of this:

Davey and Kenneth have long, private, conversation. Davey confides that he's having trouble with Amanda and that she's suddenly very suspicious of his every move. Kenneth offers advice. At the end of the conversation, Davey says something like, "Hey, man. I've been out here on the phone for a while. I know she's going to ask me who I've been talking to. Do me a favor. Can you just tweet something, so she has proof it was you I was talking to?"

I know we can speculate for days on "what ifs," but he also can't be SO LUCKY as to have his best friend conveniently post an alibi for him, can he?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most people remember Charles Stuart. This article tells the whole story with excerpts from the 911 call and a eulogy he wrote for wife he murdered (shot in head, emergency c-sect, son died 17 days later). It also have the racial problems this case now has:

BL said...

Anon at 5:11 -- that makes so much sense and totally fits in with the evangelical Christian emphasis on "accountability," especially for men. It would be easy for him to use Kenneth as his alibi on this, in the name of integrity and putting Amanda at ease. Also makes it sound like he really cares about what Amanda thinks, which will be useful later on to have people hear.

Anonymous said...

It could be totally coincidental and it's most likely just the "new-fangled" way of talking, but I find it interesting that Davey Blackburn used the word "fam" a lot in some of his tweets over the years. It was usually when mentioning relatives or church family, but I still find it strange with the news about the gang's name being "the FAM gang"..." from%3Adaveyblackburn&src=typd&lang=en

Another strange tweet (which could just be an inside joke among friends) was from 2009 when Davey referred to his "hitman skills"..." from%3Adaveyblackburn&src=typd&lang=en

May be totally coincidental, but nonetheless very creepy...

Anonymous said...

If people want to google him before the murder happened, you can set date parameters on google and you can add or minus terms you want or don't want like

"Davey Blackburn" (in quotes so the words stay in that order and together) -murder (minus references to murder) -Amanda -death

Sometimes it takes a string of adding and taking off words before you start hitting on thing helpful to what you want.

So your search can look like this:

"Davey Blackburn" -Indianapolis -murder -celebration +substitute +teacher


I have found very interesting infor for other cases using advance google search parameters.

Anonymous said...

Ballbounces @ 4:47 PM

Yes, it might have been to DB's credit in terms of prudent, thrifty planning. But if you watch the video (notorious for the reference to putting butts in seats) you might agree that what's communicated in this ostensible digression includes immoderate excitement over the prospects of monetary growth.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked to see if he has a periscope account? (I don't know how periscope works).

Hmmm said...

Alonzo Bull's wife (Donae Mitchell) posted this on Facebook today:

"I don't think anyone really knows what I've been through but I am so grateful for everyday of my life the good and the bad. I am happy to say that yes I've been through some things but I've overcome them all. And God has gave me some of the best blessings, my beautiful son, a man who's changed for better and for me who is also God-fearing and loves me flaws and all, a new home, food, clothes, my amazing support system and so much more. I'm happy y'all. Wish all my loved ones who couldn't make it here with us today a Happy Thanksgiving "

Sounds like he's gone through a conversion recently ("a man who's changed for the better")

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the SA since the beggining, and your comentaries. I cannot tell you, how happy I am I found this site. I never helieved in DB 's inocense, and I think he will be preaching in prison for the rest of his life :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting information about AB's "very serious head injury":

Anonymous said...

Have you people figured a way to make him cry during the Christmas season? Get down, roll on the ground, be depressed and show the TV style grief?

Surely there are many more crimes in the area you could pin on him too since a crowd is forming already.

What detectives think he is lucky his wife was murdered. Need names, please. Are they near the state in which the crime occurred?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm at 6:27
Did you look at the photo of Donae and her man?
I would have to wonder where a man who wears his pants way down below his bottom would work and earn enough to buy a house.

Anonymous said...

Donae's Godliness is not exactly shining through in her Facebook photos. One shows her man with his hand between her legs.

Anonymous said...

If he was using the phone call with his pastor friend wouldn't it make more sense for him to go in the house while on the phone with him?

Sus said...

To anon:
Swisher cigars is what you smoke weed in. WE learned that from Michael Brown. I think it goes along with Larry Taylor being "messed up."

Anonymous said...

I am feeling so much more afraid at home. I am going to see about getting better locks on my door and my windows.

Anonymous said...

"No one is this lucky."

Lis said...

BallBounces said:
"Anecdotally, many years ago I had a friend who was a "faith-talker". He felt obliged to always express positive things about God and the state of his life, how blessed he was, etc. At the end of a prolonged period of trying times, he "broke down" as it were and wearily expressed how hard it had been for him to keep up the God-talk all the time. Just that once I saw the real guy, and it was just for a moment. I wonder if there might be something like this going on in Pastor Blackburn's life."

I know exactly what you're saying, BallBounces, I have a friend who does this. It's almost painful to listen to sometimes, it's like a disconnect with reality; a person's disconnect with their own thoughts & feelings. Like it's up to them to help God be God.

I'm not sure if a normal person can become as disconnected under such extreme circumstances as DB is, but as one can see from his videos, he isn't quite normal... something is missing, including the ability to know what is appropriate and what isn't. Possibly he has been raised and constantly indoctrinated that the only thing that matters to God is the church and the growth in numbers and he actually thinks he is doing the right thing by blanking out his personal feelings and "using all to God's glory" so to speak...

His language does show that he is hiding guilt, though, the pronouns changing consistently. But at this point no one can say what the guilt is over. Does he feel that it is his fault this happened? Something he did or said or thought? Something he cannot face? Was he having an affair? Or some such.

Peter, I was thinking back on the case where the 2 cousins were abducted (Lyric & Elizabeth) and the parents' language had a lot of flags, yet it turned out it was due to other factors (guilt over other things?), I can't quite remember.

Anonymous said...

If he went into the house while on the phone with his friend, he would have to go to the trouble of appearing shocked upon finding Amanda. He's not even doing a good job of that weeks later, he certainly couldn't have pulled it off in the moment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if DB's awkwardness in his comedy stand-up sermons this fall indicate that he was following strong suggestions from NewSpring to spice things up so as to "grow" the church. He behaves as if he was sexualized in some lousy way somewhere along the line. Far from composed, he's not in control of his own libido. He struggles with a desire to share or leak libertine sexuality. He indulges this desire by mentally seducing at least one or two people in his own audience/congregation. It's classic. Take his citation of the Andy Samberg /Ben Stiller skit on the double V. DB cites it to form a bond of complicity with anyone in the audience/congregation who "gets" it. Ditto for the "butter" remarks. He justifies this by claiming an absolute difference between sexual interest levels in men and women. This is an absurd distortion and lie. Many women think about sex, enjoy sex, and are knowledgeable about sex. Not all men think about sex the way DB does. DB, after 7 years of marriage and the birth of one child, still had not found a reliable key to his wife's desire. Sexually, he displayed the mentality of an adolescent who believes in the supremacy of men. I would guess his mind-set made him exquisitely vulnerable to manipulation and direction from men in the movement hierarchy. anon

Anonymous said...

You all may think this to be off the charts, but I don't believe Davey Blackburn is feeling any guilt at all. One must have a conscience to feel guilt and I'm not seeing or hearing one. I keep looking to find one but so far I haven't. ABB

Lis said...

Anonymous said...
"Very interesting information about AB's "very serious head injury": "

Wow, once again his comments are just so off-the-wall inappropriate... I think the man is just disconnected to reality by his religious beliefs.

If only he and his supporters could see how off-putting this is to the people they are trying to draw in. It is the picture of someone totally disconnected from their feelings and humanity. It's just very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice that Davie Blackburn literally points at himself when discussing the question of who killed Amanda Blackburn? Anyone?? This happened a couple times, in different interviews. I'll see if I can find it and post...

Lis said...

Anonymous said...
"You all may think this to be off the charts, but I don't believe Davey Blackburn is feeling any guilt at all. One must have a conscience to feel guilt and I'm not seeing or hearing one. I keep looking to find one but so far I haven't. ABB"

You have a point there... I think "guilt" in terms of statement analysis may have a slightly different definition, having more to do with the desire to hide information that might be incriminating/embarrassing/etc. Peter?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous said... @ 9:13 A.M. November 26, 2015 Amanda Balckburn Murder: Opinions Part 1 of 3

I brought this over because Anonymous' post is a great find. I'm pretending this is just a random person speaking. These are just my opinions, as I hopefully understand Statement Analysis. This is long, I know...please bear with the me.

1. "... I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie...
"Got caught" is passive language, avoiding personal responsibility. This is not to say "I lied." Note the lie is a "serious" lie. What does the subject consider a serious lie? A lessor lie? That the subject has categories for lying tells us that he lies; this is not an exception, but rather a practice. Note the lie is nameless and without detail, at the point of this "confession" to this audience. Who is the intended audience? The subject wishes to hide the nature of the lie from this audience.

2. "...that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach.
The subject's primary concern is his reputation, not his moral failure of telling a (single lie) or multiple lies (serious vs. non-serious). Note the continuing lack of concern for how his "serious lie" has impacted others.

3. "...I had spent several years building up a reputation and"
This speaks to a concerted and strategic effort to engage and manipulate others to produce a favorable outcome (i.e. win people over). His targets/audience? His teachers, the faculty at his school, his baseball coach. Who is "the faculty at my school"? Principals? Athletic Directors? Guidance counselors? Note that the people he has sought to manipulate, convince, win over are those in authority over him. Note this "remembrance" is being shared with an audience and the subject has indicated he has willingly and skillfully manipulated and deceived others for "several years".

4. "in one fail swoop,"
Note the spelling error- the expression is "one fell swoop", yet the subject writes "fail" in recounting his failure in his ability to deceive. "In one fell[sic] swoop" is casual language,directly contrasting the "serious" lie". The subject is attempting to distance himself from responsibility in the lie. " my hands" signifies power, influence.

5."everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands..
What is the "everything" the subject had worked for? The reputation he spent years building up. Note "everything" is carefully crafted and "crumbled in his hands"- Dramatic language for effect speaks to his awareness of the audience and his ability to manipulate. Note that instead of working on his character, the effort was expended on his reputation,how he presented himself. Note the context now, he is presenting this remembrance to a target audience he wishes to influence.

kimisan03 said...

Anon @1:57, you're absolutely right. I am a Christian. I don't talk about it all the time or shout it from the rooftops all day, but all of my friends and even my most casual acquaintances know it. I wonder if these so-called "Jesus freaks," for lack of a better term, talk about "all Jesus, all the time" because they struggle with faith. This could be comparable to Peter's references to couples who constantly post about how happy they are on Facebook really being in a bad marriage or parents who brag about their children's willingness to be friendly with anyone really being a sign of neglect. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Anonymous said...

At 5:29 Davey Blackburn says that a husband dying for his wife is "a genuine authentic display of love".

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous said... @ 9:13 A.M. November 26, 2015 at 9:13 Part 2 of 3

6. " I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that.
Note that the subject equates alone and empty with losing his reputation with his targeted audience. Note dramatizing language "I had never felt so alone and empty." and implying that even his friends deserted him are attempts to emotionally manipulate his current audience. Note that the "serious" lie" affected "even my friends" in that they "didn't look at" him "the same after that[getting caught in the serious lie]. The subject has told us that how he is viewed and perceived, and his reputation are most important to him. The subject has yet to acknowledge his victims' feelings and the damage done to them by his "serious lie"...and there were multiple victim (teachers, faculty-plural, baseball coach, and friends). "Even my friends"-It's as if his friends had no right to treat him this way.

7." They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk.
Who is they? His teachers, the faculty at his school, his baseball coach, and his friends. How did they "know"? The "life I professed". What is "the life I professed"? Christianity? The subject seeks to hide this from his current audience. Why? Because he knows that, even as he speaks (the need to conceal important details), that "his actions do not line up with his talk" and he doesn't want his current audience to know that. His use of "but" negates what came before. It's akin to saying I went to all this trouble and effort and I got no credit for it. "All that mattered to them" evidences, even now, that he is angry and incredulous that they could see through his carefully crafted deception...they did not believe or respect him and no longer held him in high regard (reputation=ego), even though he had worked so hard for several years to fool them all, hiding his true nature. Can you hear the arrogance and contempt? Note the personal pronouns in " actions did not line up with my talk.". This is an embedded confession. Note the subject has yet to say "I lied." Note the word "talk" in close proximity to "the life I professed". Note that speaking is likely the vehicle that the subject employs to manipulate, deceive, and lie to others (including the current target audience he wishes to influence with this remembrance).

8.It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.
This statement is likely true. Note that the faculty at his school and baseball coach are now missing and "my" parents have come into play. Note the priority and strategy was to "build my credibility back up", as opposed to actual personal repentance and change- choosing to be truthful, honest, or sincere with everyone going forward. His credibility is his priority, not honesty. This is to lie, deny, and hide- only do it better - learning from getting caught and determining to not be caught again. This speaks to continued deception with the focus on and effort generated towards not being "caught" again... That is pathological lying.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part 3 of 3

9. But, to be honest with you.
"But" negates what came before. "But, to be honest." is that he is aware he lies/manipulates/deceives and is telling us that he is not honest or trustworthy. It's spoken in an attempt to convince his audience that he is honest. that's manipulation.

10. ... I wouldn't change that situation if I could,
An easy claim because it impossible to change what is past. He's attempting to bolster his claim of "honesty".

11. because that situation taught me that I can't get away with lies, I can't get away with sin, and it has partially made me into who I am today
Note the lesson is NOT that I shouldn't lie (it's a terrible sin that steals and destroys people's trust,hurts God and others, makes God look bad-"the life I profess"). The lesson he learned is that "I can't get away with lies", "I can't get away with sin." The subject doesn't consider lies a sin- he differentiates between them. So what does he consider "sin"? " [that situation] has "partially" made him who he is today? Partially? How so? In what way? Who is he today? Who he is today is notable to him. Note the context of that situation- he has "been caught" by those in authority, in "a serious lie", and "everything he had worked for crumbled in his hands" because his "actions did not line up with his talk", after "spending years" "building up a reputation" via "a life I professed" and he is very angry and incredulous because "all that matters is that my actions did not line up with my talk" and he is not believed and trusted...he has lost his influence and ability to manipulate.

12. . Here are three things the Bible points out that we have to do when confronted with sin in our life and the consequences of that sin.
Concludes his "talk", employing the vehicle previously used to deceive and manipulate others (the "life I professed").

P.S. Anonymous- Very good find! You really should choose a name. There are too many Anonymous'-it's like trying to talk to a flock. ;)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

OT- Posting sick here and somehow managed to make 2 posts to the wrong thread. Seriously? :/ How do I remove a post?

Oh well, at least the Turkey Verification squares are amusing!

Melissa said...

Among a basquillion other things that don't make sense about this case, I'm very confused about DB noticing (quoting directly from Affidavit): "the Swisher Sweet cigar package on the counter. David Blackburn stated a Swisher Sweet cigar package should not be in the residence." So his wife is lying face down in a pool of blood, half nude, unconscious...but he notices there's a pack of cigars on the counter that shouldn't be there? You know what should not be there, DB? YOUR WIFE LYING FACE DOWN IN A POOL OF BLOOD.

So aside from how bizarre that is, is how a non-smoker (??) like DB would even know what Swisher Sweets are. I've been a smoker for decades and only know of Swisher Sweets in the last couple years because the local Speedway sends out printable freebie coupons for 'em, if you're on their email list. They come 2 to a pack, normally priced at 99 cents, are labelled as "cigarellos" (I think) and are flavored (grape, fruit punch, chocolate, etc.). They are rather nasty, but will do in a pinch (free is free).

I keep a couple freebie packs in the freezer if I run out of cigs before I can get to the store. I would never pay for them. I don't know if they're a fun thing for older teenagers or young adults on their way to a party or something...or if the main deal is using them to roll blunts (apparently their biggest use, per wiki). HMMMMM.

Question is, how could Pastor DB identify a pack of SS on the counter (and make a point to tell the cops later they didn't belong there), while standing in front of his dying wife?

Lis said...

"Sexually, he displayed the mentality of an adolescent who believes in the supremacy of men."

This is the big new thing in those branches of the "church" that are driven by numbers, as in Mark Driscoll & his failed Mars Church. Anything to fill those seats, you know.

BL said...


Good point on the Swishers ... and if Amanda was in the living room, why was he in the kitchen anyway? Why would he leave her side except to frantically run around to see where Weston was and if he was okay. And if you're frantically running around looking for Weston, how on earth would you notice a specific type of cigar by name? Maybe it would flash by as just an item on the counter but that's it -- why would you stop and actually read it's name? I've never even heard of them and so I'd have to stop and read in order to remember a specific name like that. I assume the print on the package isn't huge.

Anonymous said...

wondering if DB searched inside the house? intruders may hide if someone returns home. did he state he searched the house? danger could have been still present. only searching would prove area safe.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of that Anon at 8:16!
Seems like he would have been in a wild, scared fit.
Wife on the floor half naked and dying.
Son in bed upstairs and has he been hurt?
Someone still in the house where he left the door open while it was still dark?
What to do? Run for the gun? Try to wake up the wife? Lift her in your arms and cover her so she isn't cold and exposed?
Expected behavior from a man who is drowning in the unexpected!

Anonymous said...

Starting at 11:05, Davey Blackburn's right hand becomes a truth-telling puppet, and points to him as guilty when he says "The most confusing things in life are when bad things happen to good people, and Amanda [points to self] didn't have an enemy in the world [gestures outward]" and again at 11:39, when asked "What do you say to anyone who knows?" he pauses and finally says "If I could say something to somebody who knew something, I would beg them [points at self with both hands @ 11:52] to come forward..."

Anonymous said...

Some of us choose to use Anonymous when commenting on the blog because the crazies pounce when a name is used. It's just less stressful to state your thoughts and leave them with no name to slam. I'm sorry. I know it's annoying to have to respond to Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:38,
Dr. Lillian Glass would have a field day with that on her body language blog. She has so far not evaluated DB.

Anonymous said...

Wondering how much the police have asked DB for in terms of personal financial info, cell records etc., and whether he is cooperating.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:33,
"truth-telling puppet" = so funny!

Anonymous said...

Why do people feeling guilt want to tell the truth, to the point it seems beyond their conscious control?

Anonymous said...

DB's recollection of the Swisher Sweet package on the counter, as recorded in the Probable Cause document, may have been elicited in response to police questioning after AB was hospitalized. For the purposes of his statement he would have been asked to put down everything he noticed.

If I came home and noticed a cigarette or cigar package on the counter, I'd be alarmed and aware that an intruder has been there and might still be there. If nothing else were amiss, that would be the focus of my alarm. If someone were lying in a pool of blood, that other minor cause for alarm would sink into the background yet nonetheless be available for recall as part of the scene.

A Swisher Sweet package must have been taken into evidence. The Michael Brown case implanted Swisher Sweets in the public imagination. I think it's a stretch to speculate that DB planted the package for "staging" purposes. anon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ at 8:48 PM Good question! Murder will out! anon

Anonymous said...

If you're hiding something, what is it in you that makes you literally point to yourself? Is it because we are hard-wired to tell the truth in serious circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Anon, ref your post @3:56, you said:

I quote: "Repeatedly and with some urgency he advised church members against piling up debt and loans."

My thoughts are these: While there are a few scriptures in the Bible that discourages debt (there are scriptures in the Bible pertaining to everything); these scriptures are more frequently used to ones personal benefit, particularly as it relates to churches raising money. I think of these types of churches as big money making machines.

As we've all observed, Davey's main message is all about increasing his numbers, using the Name of Jesus in the mix. Consider; to increase numbers (butts warming seats) means increasing the take. To increase the take means discouraging members from going into debt, (all to the glory of God, of course); more to the churches benefit than it is to the member although it sounds good on the surface that members not carry much debt.

However, in the big picture, if the member is deeply in debt, then the member won't be able to pay his/her tithes and offerings, nor will they be able to fund the big new (long term) building program still under wraps; while visions of sugar plums danced in his head. Get it? Gotta keep the sheeple outta debt, right? ABB

trustmeigetit said...

I was talking to my husband and son (age 7) about this case.

Both kept wanting to defend his "us" and "we" in his "for us, we have nothing to hide"

So I said I could explain.

I looked at my 7 year old and go "did you take my pie" knowing full well he did not.

His repose was "no I didn't"

I then said see. You just owed the denial with "I"

I had him ask me the same question to which I said "no we didn't" and both then got it.

We made no sense. It's just most people don't notice. People whole follow this blog do, but the general public..they don't.

But I still think that was his most faking statement to date.

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeed 7:49

I've found two of DB's old blogs from 2006
and 2007

If he takes them down, I copied 55 pages of text and can search for anything you like.


Anonymous said...

On the Swishers on the kitchen counter.

1) We can't assume that the kitchen counter was separate from the living room. Need to see a floor plan. Many newer houses in Indiana (this one dates from c. 1990) are open plan with kitchens separated from the living room by a counter. First update old house buyers (and flippers) do is take down that wall.

2) The PC doc states DB noticed her credit cards were on the floor and her purse on the counter. Then noticed the Swishers package. If the house (which is small) is open plan, he could seen all that at a glance while standing beside her body. anon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:08

If you google the B's address, there's a house for sale in the neighborhood (like 2 doors down), which *appears* to have the same exterior appearance, and perhaps the same interior layout. The website (zillow, trulia, etc) has interior photos.

Anonymous said...

March 2006, DB Blog:
"Lent Hurts
My thoughts were pretty crummy today until God smacked me in the face. Normally I wouldn’t tell you guys about this but to be honest, I want my life to be transparent for everyone to see. I want you to see my weaknesses and how God uses those to strengthen me. Last night, my girlfriend told me that she was giving me up for Lent. My first reaction was something like, “What!? That’s crazy! Why would you give up something that’s going so well? Doesn’t God want us to be relationships that challenge us to seek Him, and are fruitful? Doesn’t He want us to be happy, especially if we are impacting each other so well spiritually. He doesn’t want us burying out talents, right?”

My girlfriend lives 12 hours away from me. WOW! Just thinking about that seems like forever away. Neither one of us are very good “phone” people but we’ve done so well, and the phone has really been the major vehicle for our relationship. Good, long, fruitful, fulfilling, and challenging conversations on the phone are all that we have had to grow on these past five months. So when she told me that she had to give up talking to me for Lent because that is what she felt God wanted her to do, my mind was racing with a ton of PRACTICAL objections. (b.t.w. God doesn’t work practically) I mean we were talking about the extent of our relationship—PHONE CONVERSATIONS. Take our phone conversations away and you have no relationship, right?

Again I tell you guys this because I want you to see how wrong I have been in approaching this scenario. If she knew I was posting this on my blog for everyone to see she would probably not be very happy. Good thing she is computer illiterate. HeHe. My initial response to her, though, was shock and dismay. Why would she want to give me up for Lent? She proceeded to inform me that I was the only thing in her life that she would really notice and suffer over if I was gone because she cares about me so much. “That’s flattering, so why are you giving me up?” And as flattering as that is, selfishly (my human nature kicked in) I didn’t want to give her up for forty days. That’s a long time! Initially, my thought was that she was just over-spiritualizing things and that she just wanted to find something that she could suffer for to show Jesus that she is willing to suffer for Him.

THAT’S WHEN GOD SMACKED ME IN THE FACE!! I could not have been more wrong. And I want to apologize to her before everyone. Because while inside I was accusing her of having wrong motives, I was having the worst motives of all! I’m so blessed to have a girlfriend that would follow God’s direction before her own agenda. I’m so blessed to say that my girlfriend loves Jesus with her whole heart and she’s not going to let anything stop her from being obedient to Him. I’m so blessed that she is only reliant on God and not our relationship!"

I think it's odd that Davey says God SMACKED him in the face (twice!). I get what he is saying, but the word choice makes God sound like a mean guy.
He uses the phrase "to be honest" again.
He expresses that he is blessed to have Amanda as a girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:08
Seems the key word here is not her "body" as she was still alive.
I still can't get past him finding her alive and not covering her. She was still semi-naked as described by EMS. Would you not have been holding her, trying to keep her warm with some sort of cover? If you looked around and saw the out-of-place cards and Swisher Sweets and the tipped lamp, wouldn't you panic, call back 911 and say a crime had occurred? You wouldn't still think she'd fallen and hit her head, would you?
Hopefully, the 911 tape is going to tell us something.
So strange it hasn't been released, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:48: Ref your: "Why do people feeling guilt want to tell the truth, to the point it seems beyond their conscious control?"

To begin with, first this person has to "feel" some guilt and Davey Blackburn doesn't. The sociopath does not feel guilt, or empathy, for those they have hurt; therefore, IMO, he is in control of his conscious control, being that he is also a practiced pathological liar. This didn't just happen overnight.

Amanda Blackburn lived a nightmare life far beyond anyone's knowledge or imagination even before she met with her tragic and final nightmare death.

If I am correct; Davey Blackburn will most likely never admit his lack of empathy for Amanda or that he has ever done or said anything wrong, even if it has been proved, and if he ever does it will be to his benefit alone.

Peter has analyzed him as being above average in intelligence and IMO, in this way he is. The sociopathic pathological liar is always one step ahead of the game and is incapable of feeling guilt and admitting truth, compounding their lies and stories with more lies and stories. Be damned with who gets in their way or who gets hurt; they believe and prove to themselves they are smarter than we are and are highly skilled in their game. This IS who they are. I'm not sure there is even a cure for them. ABB

Anonymous said...

DB blog Feb 2006:

"If it weren’t for Jesus Christ dying on the cross, we would have no shot at getting into heaven because our salvation would be totally based on what we DO. I don’t know about anyone else but if my getting into heaven was based on my measuring up to a strict set of rules, I would be doomed to suffer the tortures of hell for ETERNITY, because I’m the worst of all sinners. And we all DO deserve hell. But Jesus offers us a FREE gift (admittance to His kingdom for eternity, and the key to our very own mansion once we get there) and all we have to do is accept that free gift and enter into a personal relationship with him. Jesus wants us to be the on the VIP list to the phattest party that was ever thrown."

In 2006, he said he was the worst of all sinners!?! Yipes.


Anonymous said...

Is it because our connection to others is the immutably most important thing, so when we do or feel something that makes us feel separated from the group, we cannot control our many subconscious impulses to be "truthful", to "confess", and so on?

trustmeigetit said...

He does. Google "statement analysis and Ramsey or which ever name.

I came here too thru a case that didn't set right. That was 2011 and now I hardly go a day wth out coming to read here.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading livinftherealworld blog and if anyone has any doubt he's probably a narcissist m, here ha go: "I want to tell you why this story is so cool (baseball teammate got saved), because I feel that God spoke to me in this experience than he did to Bud (that's his guys name) or anyone else....

God answered Davey with his life's plan...

Ugh. This dude is messed up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ at 9:27 PM

Yes, my error with "body," AB was alive. Cover and hold her? Cover her might have been a good move to alleviate shock in her. But if he had run around the house to fetch a blanket, we might say that was putting on a show. Moving an injured person by holding her is medically inadvisable until first respondents arrive, unless you're a medic and know how to deal with the specific injury. anon

Anonymous said...

Can you link the sentences on DB's Caipha blog where he says no one wants to play games with him because he is so competitive, that he is always "in it to win it"? I couldn't get them to copy and paste.
So telling that all these years later, he still seems to be completely consumed with winning in the seat-filling business.
It lets you see how distressed he would get if a wife was not sling shooting his ministry.

Anonymous said...

*God spoke more to me than bud or anyone else"

Anonymous said...

That would be sling shotting!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:52
That one got me too!

Anonymous said...

Baptists don't practice lent.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a trail of clues via videos in the weeks or months prior to his wife's murder, then having what would seem an airtight alibi, and getting away with the murder of his wife (via hit man) would be thrilling to a psychopath. A psychopath would enjoy the manipulation, the mind games, and really get off on it as part of the game. The people on this site might be interested in reading up on "duping delight" in understanding how some psychopaths minds work. I don't know if Davey Blackburn is guilty or not of being involved with the murder of Amanda, however, IMO, he seems to exhibit quite a bit of psychopathic traits. Another good book to explain the "successful" psychopath (as opposed to the obvious criminal type) is "Snakes in Suits". Very chilling how clever and manipulative they can be in plotting and planning to do someone in even in ways other than actual murder.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:47

I hate to get stuck on this but:

Your wife is lying in a pool of blood on the floor.
She's unconscious but alive.
You leave her bare bottom exposed and her top pushed up?
If it was nothing more than a kitchen towel or a throw from the couch or your own jacket on that cold day, you would cover her, no?
You would have some time after calling 911 to do this, wouldn't you? It would take them a little time.

I remember lying on the highway after a traffic accident and a stranger covered me with a shirt. It's just instinct.

Anonymous said...

I prayed that you would get through this holiday without too much pain.
My best to you.

C said...

I just posted the info about psychopaths above. Decided to choose a name of "C" for future posts. I also note that Davey is all about winning. This is a very strong psychopathic trait. They must win. Strong narcissism is also part of the psychopathic personality. If the FBI are involved in this case and are doing profiling, it seems they might have deliberately issued the 100% non involvement statement knowing full well a psychopath who is high in narcissistic traits would believe himself to be so brilliant anyway that he would buy it. They may if profiling him know full well he will take to the limelight and they may be hoping he inadvertently slips up eventually giving them something more to work with. Psychopaths are also impulsive so it is just a matter of time before he does something or says something on impulse which he may think is hidden from public view (like see his girlfriend or whatever)that they will be watching for. All just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Poor Amanda was probably so overworked trying to handle everything plus his unrealistic expectations and toddler. He was probably judging her for not being as good as him at this. She must have been exhausted. I think when she told him she was pregnant, that is when he decided. He was going to have to slow down and be more helpful to the family time and that also was going to side track any extra curricular activities he had going on.

Nope. God told him what he needed to go and he was going to do that no matter what.

I think he could be psychotic or maybe even schizoaffective but still knows right from wrong.

Or he could just be evil. That is a possibility.


Anonymous said...

Lest we think someone who is a complete nut would be able to lie without leaking, please read Peter's recent analysis of the
Timothy Madden interview. After reading it, google and find the live interview. And as you read about the case, you'll see that LE has Madden's DNA on her body. His is a textbook case of SA exposing guilt.

I've only been reading about SA since the Casey Anthony case. She was a practiced liar and most certainly had no conscience but SA highlighted her leaks.

It seems to work even with the crazies. DB will keep talking and one day he'll say the thing that highlights him guilty of something.
What that is, we'll have to wait and see.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:01

the authors of snakes in suits stated the psycopath has an ability they eqate with Evil. the book is directed to human resource professionals to screen out personality types during hiring interviews knowing the damage these people do. the religious psychopath is covered in the book also. most christians are naive, too trusting. having No discernment thus easily manipulated. especially the idealistic sincere younger ones. the mega 'so called' church seems like a modern protestant version of the medieval roman church.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:01
Oh, my! The first link that came up when I Googled "duping delight" was:
duping delight on 180 rule.
It so accurately described the weird smiling "micro-expressions" DB exhibited on the TV interviews.
Even when he tried to be visibly sad, that strange smile peeked through.
You are certainly on to something.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:21 - - yeh, but evil??

Anonymous said...

"How do I become superman? By not thinking that I am one but by entrusting other people with my vision and they can in turn propel me to think bigger and better than I ever dreamed of. I want to be the kind of person that people are drawn to because of 1) the way Jesus shines through me and is made famous in my life (it's not about ME becoming famous but about Jesus being so) and 2) the way that I empower people by entrusting them to excel in areas that they're passionate about."
Davey Blackburn livingthefreeworld blog June 26, 2006

Louise K said...

DB "to be honest" = the rest of what I say is a shameless bunch of porkies.

Mr Davey Blackburn CRAVES fame like the rest of us crave air.

Whats the bet the grandiose psychopath announces an Initiative Against Violent Crime In Jesus Name and approaches the White House....

Ugh ack he makes me physically sick

Anonymous said...

He wants to ride a wave of other people's excitement and enthusiasm so that their undulating energy propels him to megastar pastor status.

He's a vampire.

Other people are letting him down.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:27

"I still can't get past him finding her alive and not covering her."
OK, I accept what you're saying. While not moving her makes sense (this is ingrained in us by emergency instructions) not covering her perhaps does not. I remember my mother taking a blanket across the street to someone injured in a traffic accident.

The time to cover her would be after he called 911 (ought to be done immediately), while waiting for ENS.

If not covering her was deliberate, why would he choose it? As you imply (I take it), not covering her might signify an excessive desire "to preserve the crime scene." Too much consciousness that this is a crime scene. anon

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:29 regarding Anon at 10:21,

I have worked with a few evil people who could have been screened out if anyone had known to apply SA principles.
They came close to bringing down the businesses.
I interviewed some crazies and knew by instinct not to hire them. Having some guidance on discerning lies would have been helpful with others who were a bit more slippery though they ended up being no less evil.

Peter Hyatt includes Human Resource professionals in his teaching materials and seminars.

Anonymous said...

*EMS. anon

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 9:29
It's not odd that Davey Blackburn, a pastor, confessed that he was the worst among sinners. Millions of Christians confess that they are the first among sinners. Here is the Holy Communion prayer recited at every Divine Liturgy in the Eastern Orthodox Church which has 300 million members:

I believe and confess, Lord, that You are truly the Christ, the Son of the living God, who came into the world to save sinners, OF WHOM I AM THE FIRST. I also believe that this is truly Your pure Body and that this is truly Your precious Blood. Therefore, I pray to You, have mercy upon me, and forgive my transgressions, voluntary and involuntary, in word and deed, known and unknown. And make me worthy without condemnation to partake of Your pure Mysteries for the forgiveness of sins and for life eternal. Amen.

Louise K said...

She was still breathing, which means he should have placed her into the recovery position and yes, covered her.

As it was, what did he actually do?

Just sit there and watch her breathing her last?

Or already busy formulating The Best Yet To Come...?

OP said...

Anon at 10:05

I agree! If I walked in and found ANYONE part naked I would cover them from a sense of decency and dignity. If I was a conservative Christian man who's wife had been pure until her wedding night with me, I would DEFINITELY cover her either through a sense of decency and dignitary or some sort of proprietary sense of not wanting another man to see her like this. It would be my immediate reaction. Then there's the cold issue. I'd take off my shirt, even if it was sweaty from the gym.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:44
I don't claim to have figured out why he didn't cover her.
It's just one more thing that seems unexpected and can't be explained away.

I don't want to think he really wanted her humiliated because he was so angry with her, but I sort of do think that.

I really don't want to think he found her on the floor and staged her that way himself. Yikes! That isn't too farfetched though if he was involved and the thugs hadn't followed through on all that he wanted done to her. It feels terrible to even entertain that idea but so much doesn't fit.

I don't believe for a minute that he thought she fell and hit her head in the bathroom, then walked into the living room and laid her panties down beside her. One of his defenders here has tried to make that argument.

And good for your sweet mother! When you're scared to death, there is something so comforting about a caring act, no matter how small.

Louise K said...

While we've got the Scripture out -

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

Anonymous said...

Louise K at 10:53
Doing life with his roommate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.05

"you would cover her, no?....You would have some time after calling 911 to do this, wouldn't you? It would take them a little time."

Yes, I agree. Unless you were mostly focused on preserving a crime scene, or else in some weird state of shock and repelled by what you saw, you might well cover the exposed parts or her whole body below her face with a blanket or a jacket.

If you are aware not to move an injured person, you're probably also aware, shock and blood loss make people cold, warmth is needed. DB had worked in summer camps, so must have received first aid training. anon

Anonymous said...

OP at 10:54

Louise K said...


Even stupid DB mustve known that!

The correct procedure is Recovery Position, cover the patient, call 911.


Just stand there with your wife dying on the floor, her bits showing to the world...

For Gods Sake!

Put yourself in his place! What would YOU do if you found your spouse obviously bloody and attacked but still alive?

Sit down and stare? Or nurse him/her, offer comfort, wrap in a blanket while 911 was on the way?

You'd cover them up offer comfort and pray like HELL they were going to hold on long enough to receive medical help.

The absolute LAST thing on your mind would be Preserving A Crime Scene!

Oh just wait dying and gasping while I take some Crime Scene pics? Come on! Not even Police do that let alone a loved one!

I cant wait till his phone analysis is done.

Old Pastor Kenneth was on the phone the whole time, I bet my house.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I could think that he might not cover her:
On Law & Order, Criminal Minds and other shows where they profile, they say that a covered body means the criminal is close to the victim, that he cares about her.
Maybe DB watches lots of crime shows...on his the morning...on the car?

Gee, maybe I need to get a life!!

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

Why do people feeling guilt want to tell the truth, to the point it seems beyond their conscious control?

November 26, 2015 at 8:48 PM

Lying is stressful and the brain doesn't like being stressed.
To relive the stress caused by lying, the brain thus tries to tell the truth.
We can try to modify and control our language in order to deny whatever we did consciously, subconsciously though we leak the truth like marbles.

We open the door (our mouth) to make a denial and a marble of truth will escape.
It can be minimizing, omission, creating a new false reality and in the words spoken or written there we be a little marble.
it can be something as simple as a pronoun, something we all use without thinking, I, me, my,mine, we, ours, us, you, they, them, those.
it can an article such as A, The, it can a change in language indicating a change in reality,My car when working become the vehihicle when it is broken down.

When someone lies, they seek to hide the truth, the language they use will try to avoid the sensitive word(s) leaving a truth shaped hole, drawing attention to the listener as to why they won't say a certain word, performing verbal gymnastics.

For example instead of saying murdered the subject uses words such as event, problem, incident, development, result, causing the listener to wonder why they aren't using the expected word despite knowing the victim was murdered.

Listen for the expected and note anything unexpected.

This is why on confession the subject expresses relief, the stress has been lifted.
They feel better now the truth is out.

It is also why some people make deathbed confessions, to ease their guilt and stress and to clear their conscience before dying and meeting whatever fate they beleive they have in store for them.

Louise K said...

Speaking of the Cold issue

I used to be a gym junkie.

When you finish you are Soaking Wet.

Sitting about in a car in a driveway while you are soaked through to the skin with sweat, for 50 minutes, in the cold?

Who does this?

it's the quickest way to a virus that there is.

Sitting about in the cold and wet lowers the immune system, as well as being very uncomfortable.

Why didn't DB just move inside? He was on a cell after all?

Because he was waiting for Amanda to Hurry Up and Die So He Could Look To The Future...

Anonymous said...

"Canada "here.

Have folks looked at this awful video in which DB denigrates his wife? The whole thing is super inappropriate. He talks about how horny he was as a teen and how he does not have enough sex with AB. Shuddering.

Louise K said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Louise K at 10:53
Doing life with his roommate.

November 26, 2015 at 10:57 PM

Are we thinking old Davey Boy might be another Tyler Deaton?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:55

Unpacking this a bit further, one possible motive for leaving her uncovered might be excessive concern with his own innocence - "Look, I didn't touch anything, I didn't disturb the crime scene, it wasn't me, I'm 100% not involved." That excessive concern would make him a flawed person but not necessarily a guilty person.

Without the 911 call we don't know what he was TOLD to do. The right thing is to call 911 first off. What does 911 tell people to do next? anon

Tania Cadogan said...

Regarding covering her.
Instinct would be to cover her and keep her warm as her body would be in shock, she would feel cold and be feeling cold.
Shock can kill.
Also given she was almost naked, instinct would be to cover her modesty as well, the gentlemanly thing to do.

A man wouldn't want to have medics coming in to the house with everything exposed, even though they may well need to expose various parts in order to check for injuries or render treatment.
Even in ER they will place a modesty cloth over the genitals when rendering treatment to preserve the patient's dignity.

Often in killings where the victim is known to the killer, the killer will cover the body or even just the face.
It can be a sign of trying to undo the crime.

A stranger killing doesn't usually involve any covering of the body.
They don't know the victim.

When a body is found covered in someone, it can be an indicator the victim knew the killer.

In parental killing of a child, the bodyof the child is often found covered or wrapped in some way especially if the killer is female such as the mother.
it is as if they are comforting the child, keeping them warm.

Louise K said...

im only seconds into this and already its obvious DB equates Thinking about a topic with Arguing about it.


"We all think about money and sex right? Hands up who thought about it this week? So we think about it and argue about it" (pp)

Um, No Davey.

I think about sex when im about to have it, mainly.

Arguing about it tends to mean you don't get it at all.

Just sayn...

So. Davey and Amanda argued about sex and money. Frequently by the sounds of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining SA tonight.
There are so many new people here because of DB's unexpected statements.
I so love the marble analogy.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't saying he was one or the first of many sinners. He was saying he is the worst sinner there is.

Louise K said...

911 would've said

Is she breathing? Does she have a pulse?

We know she did so the next thing would be "place her in the recovery position, and find something to cover her. She will be in shock and shock kills. Try to get a response from her"

Theoretically he should be covered in her blood crouched beside her holding her hand and talking to her, stroking her, trying to get her conscious. Talking and soothing the entire time unless Weston cried and forced him to leave her side.

What's the bet he was flicking through Netflix or tweeting his buddy instead.

PMSL I just got to the "great sex is Godly sex" thing on Vimeo. This guy is a riot eh. Great sex is Spiritual.

That is creepy dude. Great sex is great sex, the end. You can have it with folks you don't even like very much even!

Next sentence, sex is dirty, nasty, disgusting and gross.

This guy is an utter head case.

Anonymous said...

Louise K,
Their churches have done research and say that people think most about sex and money so they mostly "preach" about those topics. They rely on shock value too so they are constantly upping the ante (sp?) with more and more inappropriate skits and props and extremely personal stories. It's very sad but they attract many teen-agers and young adults.

To your point, DB is certainly one who argues and must be right so I can see where Amanda didn't stand a chance of being right. He says on that old blog that he is always "in it to win it". Sadly, he thinks that's a good thing. I'm guessing he thinks he won this?

Louise K said...

If he had a couch he'd be jumping on it

Anonymous said...

Louise K at 11:26,
Utter head case, for sure!
Even if he turns out to be not guilty in this murder, he is for sure guilty of being that!

Anonymous said...

I much prefer looking for cartoon robots to looking for mountains and cacti.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Cartoon turkeys.'s late!

Louise K said...

I simply cannot understand the ego of a human being who puts on a microphone and lectures an audience about what God wants.

Like he is the only link between God and his audience. The only one who KNOWS what God wants.

God wants a lot of recreational sex, apparently. Davey knows because God told him so.

When or where - no word on this. Perhaps he has a regularly scheduled Skype session every Monday 7-8.

I swear I would've walked out on this idiot 2 minutes in.

Oh and he's just admitted adultery, in so many words. About 13.30.

Anonymous said...

is new springs franchising itself? they refer to 'campuses'. but are they like independently owned offshoots of the parent corp? financing offered at terms similar to other business? scheduled debt payments w/interest?

Anonymous said...

so saddened by many comments. Are not any thankful this murdering 18 year-old was caught before he went on to murder more? What about the woman he wanted to shoot because of the cameras? With no one to stop him, he did what he wanted-he killed. And, he enjoyed it. That is what he wanted to do.

How long would it have been before he took a woman, a race of his own, and killed when displeased. How often?

Perhaps many lives were spared by the loss of Amanda's life.

Louise K said...

There's never a moment when God wont forgive you

In Christ there is ALWAYS healing and redemption

No matter what you do apparently

Very convenient eh

If you were of the wife murdering type

Gods got a plan for our sex life!!!! 18.00

Louise K said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
so saddened by many comments. Are not any thankful this murdering 18 year-old was caught before he went on to murder more? What about the woman he wanted to shoot because of the cameras? With no one to stop him, he did what he wanted-he killed. And, he enjoyed it. That is what he wanted to do.

How long would it have been before he took a woman, a race of his own, and killed when displeased. How often?

Perhaps many lives were spared by the loss of Amanda's life.

November 26, 2015 at 11:38 PM


Yeah, Anonymous, and what if this 18 year old was hired by the wealthier whiter DB to do the dirty laundry just because he was black and disadvantaged and vulnerable to some easy money?

What if he was pressured by poverty to perform the hit so he could join a gang, the better to protect his own mother and sister?

What sort of society produces such Haves and such Have Nots?

Such VIOLENCE that gunshots at 6.45am don't even turn a hair?

That's something we ALL own, not just one disadvantaged kid.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:38
What concerns us is whether this 18 year old would have killed anyone at all that morning had he not been hired.

The statements made by the accused in the PC document aren't necessarily the gospel truth.
What if Taylor knew he was brought along to kill someone that night and he was about to jump the gun (so to speak) and kill one for whom they had no contract?

Anonymous said...

our focus is the possibility this murder was planned. that also has long term ramifications. certainly grateful the trigger man is caught. the possibility of a more insidious criminal nature is being discussed also.

Louise K said...

Re the Franchise -

The Resonate Church began in Colorado and has now spread out.

DB in Indy being one of the Planters of the Resonate Seed.

I believe they'd been somewhere else first, also.

Louise K said...

If you want to be a bleeding heart, go to Websleuths.

If you are concerned with truth facts accuracy and Statement Analysis, stay here.

Anonymous said...

Louise: interesting catch: 1 MAN 1 WIFE for life. Not one man one woman. Not one husband one wife. Or is that a bible thing? Man/wife

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about the dog? Did it bark? Was it drugged? Was it out of the house?

Also, did DB use this account to communicate with the hit men or did AB suspect him?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at at 11:45 PM

"whether this 18 year old would have killed anyone at all that morning had he not been hired.

No evidence so far that he was hired.

Anonymous said...

Louise K,
I believe DB's "church" is a plant from Perry Noble's "church" in SC.
He speaks of PN as his mentor and said he was with his "church family" when he left Indy to grieve last week.
His interview was filmed at PN's "church".

Anonymous said...

An anonymous informer supposedly said the 18 year old killed her. The 18 year old pled not guilty and waived a speedy trial (good move). He has not been tried or convicted and has not confessed.

How do you know he is the killer?

Anonymous said...

i wonder if they plan on dominating the so called church market by franchising their brand and establishing copies of itself?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:54
"So far" there is only evidence indicated by Statement Analysis that Davey Blackburn is guilty of something. We just don't know what that is....yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:58
Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!

Louise K said...

There's far more evidence than that, Anon @ 11.58

Including DBs demeanor, the way he left Amanda to lie dying and uncovered on the floor, the sitting in the car for an extra 20 minutes outside in the driveway.

The dog didn't bark, and Weston apparently didn't cry.

All circumstantial but evidence none the less.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:56 PM

We don't know that the 18 y/o was the killer. He's innocent until proven guilty. All there is so far is Probable Cause. anon

Louise K said...

Oh and...

The first statement DB ever issued

I counted 17 references to Self
1 to Amanda
1 to Weston
0 to Everett

The first time DB appeared on tv GMA, HE SMILED.

All evidence.

Louise K said...

Im so glad I live in Australia

we don't have guns

and we don't do Religion

I personally do not know a single person who attends church

Louise K said...

Burglars don't drug dogs.

The Saintly Blackburns apparently kept their dog in the garage.

Like it was a freakin car instead of part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Canada here...

I found this link. It appears the Resonate "brand" is nationwide, or at least in pockets. The target is college students in this one. When people join, they become "owners." The videos show hip single young people. It has a cultish feeling to me; dividing into "villages" where one is held accountable. Tithing is required, no gossip allowed (there is gossip and there is voicing concerns about weirdnes) and, disturbing to me, obedience to the leader. While many Christian churches operate like this, the whole vibe is insular here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Some of my friends have experienced this:
After their wives died, not much time passed before single women were showing up at their doors with cakes and casseroles and other offers of help. I expect this will happen with DB as well, especially since he is so young. It makes me sad to think some other innocent who fits the criteria of being Godly and virginal will soon be caught in DB's web. Let us hope her family will google his name, read the Statement Analysis and stop her before it's too late. We should add that to our prayers.

To Davey Blackburn:
I feel sure you're visiting this site.
I hope you had no part in Amanda's death. I do.
I also hope you will read the words of the many professionals who have analyzed your statements and your behavior.
This should give you pause to think about getting treatment.
Everyone has the ability to change if they're convinced something is wrong.
Something IS wrong.

November 26, 2015 at 7:57 PM

The Beckster said...

He also pointed to himself when saying "if anyone is withholding information"

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I've seen a few people reference that the Blackburns kept their dog in the garage. I find this a little odd on one hand, given that the cooperating individual in Probable Cause documents states that upon returning from the ATMs, Watson into the addition to pick up Taylor. Wouldn't the dog have gotten loose and run the neighborhood, as she had once before (per Amanda's SM accounts)? I seriously doubt, with Amanda shot 3 times, any of them would have chased a loose dog at that point.

Secondly, many people are questioning why the dog did not bark. just because you have a dog doesn't necessarily mean it will protect you. A long-time friend of mine has a large inside golden retriever and a garage attached to the house. Her husband went to work before dawn and this particular morning, he opened the garage door and started the truck to warm it up. The garage wall is literally on the other side of their living-dining room wall. He went out to get in the truck, only to find a pretty big black guy already getting in his truck! Long story short, the guy ran and their dog never made a sound. It freaked my friend out completely, as she was often home alone with 2 small children and she and her husband had always just assumed their dog would protect them.

I know someone else who's chihuahua would lick you to death and loves to sit on laps and snuggle. However, if you were threatening her owner, I believe she'd shred you in a heartbeat. She's got that "She may be little, but she is mighty." thing down pat. LOL

The Beckster said...

There is a picture of Davey and Amanda at the gun range together. I think in FB. Will try to find link.

southerngal said...

Okay, but how would the "robbers" know that the dog was submissive in the first place? You see a dog, and the first instinct is not "oh, he must be a friendly dog while I am robbing the home"? First instinct = dog will bark. You don't wait around to see if dog is "friendly"

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Continuing my thought here on the dog being in the garage...

LE made kind of a production of saying when they arrived on scene, the dog greeted them with licks, complete with a picture of the dog. That was unexpected and seemed very odd. It was like they were sending a coded missive to somebody regarding the dog. Did they find it strange that the dog was not confined? I know 911 dispatchers often ask if there's a dog to prevent responders from being attacked and the dog from being injured or put down (in extreme cases). Did the 911 operator ask? Was the dog barking in the background? Were was the dog when Davey came into the house? When LE got there? They didn't specifically say-only the dog's demeanor and behavior toward them.

That 911 call must really be something, but I feel sure we're going to have to wait until the trial to find out.

Anonymous said...

The Beckster at 12:46 AM
It's on Twitter:
‏@daveyblackburn Mar 5 Date night = Shooting at the gun range, wings, and being mistaken for a 19 & 20 yr old


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