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Pregnant Women Homicides

The videos of Davey Blackburn have caused many negative comments about his speech, mannerism, and content, especially about his wife, but the same commentators seem to be just as unified in their view of Amanda:

"Lovely" and "genuine" and "authentic Christian", "loving mother"  and so on, are the most frequent I have found and heard. 

 From her own words, she did appear to be a lovely Christian young woman devoted to her God and her family.  It is a terrible time for her family who has not appeared on television.  He has been on Fox, ABC, Inside Edition, and others.  (At Inside Edition we have him change his opinion of the photos, but we also have him incapable of saying "I loved Amanda", "Amanda loved me" and "Amanda loved Weston", including the moment where he appeared that he was about to; instead, opting for "Amanda loved people."  

Statistics vary but show that homicide may be the number one cause of death of pregnant women with most killed by husband or boyfriend.  
The studies show "killings span racial and ethnic groups. In cases whose details were known, 67 percent of women were killed with firearms. Many women were slain at home — in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens — usually by men they knew. Husbands. Boyfriends. Lovers."  
  1.  St. George, Donna (December 19, 2004). "Many New or Expectant Mothers Die Violent Deaths"Washington Post.

* Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to have been killed early in the pregnancy; which can make it difficult to identify the pregnancy and relate it to the homicide. 

* Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to be killed with a gun.  

--Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, February 20, 2001

Police may have one person in custody in the murder of Amanda Blackburn and must learn if her husband has any connection to the shooter.  This will be a thorough search to learn if the shooter has any connection or associations to the gym, the church, or anyone who has connection to Davey Blackburn.  They will need to check all:
a.  financial records
b.  phone calls, texts, tweets 
c.  computer post mortem 
d.  associations and identification everyone who knew him to learn if there is any connection.  
e.  months of video at the gym
f.  receipts, records of transactions 

Police are not ignorant of methods of creating layers, go-betweens and buffers in criminal matters and these investigators seem in earnest to bring justice for Amanda.  


Blackburn, himself, is the one who has brought suspicion upon himself.  

We would have known that Blackburn had no associative guilt in the murder if he had told us so.  Statistically, the reliable denial is very consistent in noting innocence.  It is highly reliable.  When given the opportunity to deny it, not only did he avoid it, but he gave an answer that raises the level of suspicion.  


"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate and so I guess that was to be expected on some level
but on another level just going through this trying time with  our family it was definitely difficult  to try to even kind of swallow that 
so for us, we don't have anything to hide. "

The switch to plural here, following so close to singular, may suggest involvement with someone else.  

1.  "I certainly understand. "
2.  "I guess..."
3.  "For us, we have nothing to hide."

He begins with "I" and then continues with "I" which now has established a pattern.  He is alone and speaking for himself, but when it comes to the time to deny involvement, he is thinking of himself and at least one other person and about himself and this other person, they have nothing to hide. 
Not only does this avoid saying, "I didn't kill Amanda and I don't know who did", or "I am not connected to the one who killed my wife, Amanda" or anything similar, it is to introduce himself, with at least one other person regarding having something to hide about Amanda's murder.  

It is as if to say, "Pastor Davey, who has nothing to hide?" and
"Pastor, who is this 'we' you have now mentioned that, besides yourself, have nothing to hide?"

"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate and so I guess that was to be expected on some level
but on another level just going through this trying time with  our family it was definitely difficult  to try to even kind of swallow that 
so for us, we don't have anything to hide. "

1.  With the close head shot murder of his wife, it is not expected that an innocent would allow for anyone to "understand" suspecting him.  This is something that is a red flag.  The crime is so vulgar that any suspicion should be met with a refusal to accept any of it. 

2.  The change in pronoun is consistent with deception rather than truth.  

3.  The pronoun "we" addresses unity and cooperation:  he seems himself in unity with someone else, or others, in having "nothing to hide."

4.  It avoids saying "I am not involved..." and is not a denial. 

Davey Blackburn does not, in this sense, issue a Unreliable Denial: He avoids making a denial.  


"The detectives have been extremely  gracoius and great keepuing us up to speed and we are really grateful for that. "

This, after telling GMA that they have not told him anything but what the press has been told. 
This gratuitous praise of police has come before any arrests have been affected and the killer is still on the loose. 
We sometimes find in guilty statements a praise of police, as if to be seen as good guys, while innocent people do not praise or thank police yet, not until the killer is found, or a great deal of time has passed.  


In Statement Analysis, leakage is subjective guess work. It is where the brain is thinking about what happened, and while talking, some words inadvertently 'leak' out.  

When asked about the gun, "I'm not sure of the viability of something like that..."

It is a strange term and made me think:  Did Amanda's family ask about the viability of their pre born grandchild?

When he spoke of suspicion, the man who not only talked about Amanda not satisfying his sex drive (the videos are still up at his church) he made an inappropriate sex joke about "bring the butter" to which the modest Amanda showed embarrassment and lack of understanding. 

It is with this in mind that I find it odd that he said, in the plural, that 'they' have trouble "swallowing" the suspicion that some have.  

Blackburn did not deny involvement and has kept the focus upon himself in the interviews, including "moving on" and using his church's slogan for advertising while speaking about Amanda.  All this is not likely lost upon Amanda's family.  

Here are some of the "oddities" or "red flags":

1.  He does not deny suspicion of being connected to the shooter. 
2.  He does not show any fear of the killer on the loose; not for himself, his son, or the neighborhood. 
3.  When he speaks about the killer in terms of identity or motive, he changes from "I" to "we,"
4.  He does not tell us he loved Amanda, or that Amanda loved him. 
5.  He complained about Amanda not meeting his sexual need.  We now learn Amanda may have been sexually assaulted before death.  

6.  He complained that pregnancy triggered the bad marriage.  Amanda was pregnant when she was murdered.  

The 911 has not yet been released.  This is likely due to the nature of the investigation.  When DA's are convinced the family who made the call has no connection, often the 911 calls are released to the public.  

If Davey Blackburn is not associated with his wife's murder, he certainly talks like one who is.  In the very least, his language and demeanor show someone who not only has avoided saying "I loved Amanda", but is glad she is gone.  As someone said today, 'I struggle to understand if his language is that of guilt, or it is from  this narcissistic bizarre blinding ambition for success that is talking."

For the dignity of Amanda, let's hope the resonate church takes down those videos. If the husband is involved, they will be likely a focus in court, just the same, but to hear a man over talk, embarrass, correct, humiliate and complain about his wife in this way, at this sensitive time, seems most inappropriate.  It is not how she should be remembered.  

I continue to search for, "I loved Amanda" and "Amanda loved me" but it is absent.  Perhaps tomorrow it will appear. 

"I love you, Amanda" is the simplest, easiest and most readily expected words from the husband.  

It is the most dominant in its absence.  


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Statement Analysis Blog said...


don't be discouraged.

There are people seeking to do right everywhere. They are not on TV, nor do they care to be. One by one, they are doing what is right, and caring about each other, their children, and their neighbor.

There are those in the Middle East today who risk their lives to help others and the killing and dhimmhtude is growing, as is their danger. They report back when they can but mostly work underground.

Don't think that this fluff is of any substance. Lots of well meaning people get caught up in it, but if there are 16,000 people attending one fellow's show, think of how many thousands show up for a hollywood Charlie Sheen type who say they will slope with him even though he has AIDs.

With 300 million people, you can join the church of Elvis!

The "View" yesterday said, in defense of Islam, that Hitler was a "Christian," They know he killed Christians and ranted his hatred of Christianity. They know it and they lie.

I read about it and chuckle.

People still sometimes get through to truth.


SC said...

The guy who is currently being held on unrelated charges has a fairly lengthy arrest history (Jalen Watson). You can see all his prior arrests (and the current one) by going to the public inmate lookup page and typing his name: Most seem to be burglaries, driving without a license, gang activity. I don't know what all of the letter abbreviations stand for so I can't interpret it any further.

Juliet said...

MzOpinionated - doh.Thanks for that - I'm not a twitterer, as my ignorance probably shows.:)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand, Peter.
It's not only a professionally responsible position to take, but morally responsible as well (as many people respect your observations)

Anonymous said...

I have considered that the "we" is those who are in the "community of Christ" with DB. From my own personal experience, I know this to be true about the new age Christian type: they see themselves as warriors for Christ and anyone who does not follow on their path of Christianity is not part of their "body of Christ." Everyone else (including Protestant Christians and, especially, Catholics and Mormons are not part of this unit, this "we."). I think he is wrapping himself up in the Christ community, the "WE" in his world. This would help him to deflect personal responsibility too---he can sort of blame it all on the will of God/Christ. I think DB is desperate to cling to the "WE" so that he can find a reason beyond himself for what I think are his sinful deeds: the murder of his wife.

Just some thoughts... I am so intrigued by your insight and analysis. It is amazing to me to see how language does really reflect people's truths. Thanks for work here!

OPN said...

It's possible that the 911 call is filled with very disturbing statements that don't need to be released to the public as they would cause unneeded stress to Amanda's entire family. Examples: "I found her bent over a chair without panties." "Her brains are all over the walls and floor."

Lord have mercy. (This is a short prayer.)

Sus said...

Oh man. I just wrote out this huge long comment and it wouldn't post. Oh well, it was mostly me thinking it out anyway.

It's just such a coincidence that he wants his wife gone, and poof, she's gone.

I can explain no caring for neighbors, though. People truly do not exist for narcissists. They don't love others. They don't hate others. People are for their use. So Pastor Davey really doesn't care about the physical safety of his neighbors. They are numbers on his count of Souls saved. Tally them up.

Anonymous said...

OPN, Lynda, Peter, anons, myself included: This is not to dispute with anyone, we have all had our individual experiences with those on drugs, both professionally and in our personal lives. I know I certainly have! I know the signs, even at times when they were not as obvious and I am trying so hard to overlook or excuse them, the caution flags waved in my face.

I have personally cured someone who was on all kinds of drugs right in my own home, the sharpest and slickest of the slick, which I was not trained to do. It took me six years, 24/7, but I DID manage to do it. I walked on eggshells and prayed a lot, however!

I also learned to sniff out anyone who applied for a job with my company; any hint of drugs of any kind, out the door or not hired in the first place. In my business, you can NOT run the risks of lawsuits. It would have cost me a fortune, plus I would have lost my license and my business.

Bottom line, Davey Blackburn HAS BEEN or IS on illicit drugs. FWIW, that's my belief. I'd put money on it. Any takers? So sad, Poor Amanda had to live with this too. Try as they might to deceive, "they are unstable in all their ways." ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
I have considered that the "we" is those who are in the "community of Christ" with DB. From my own personal experience, I know this to be true about the new age Christian type: they see themselves as warriors for Christ and anyone who does not follow on their path of Christianity is not part of their "body of Christ." Everyone else (including Protestant Christians and, especially, Catholics and Mormons are not part of this unit, this "we."). I think he is wrapping himself up in the Christ community, the "WE" in his world. This would help him to deflect personal responsibility too---he can sort of blame it all on the will of God/Christ. I think DB is desperate to cling to the "WE" so that he can find a reason beyond himself for what I think are his sinful deeds: the murder of his wife.

Just some thoughts... I am so intrigued by your insight and analysis. It is amazing to me to see how language does really reflect people's truths. Thanks for work here!

I have contacted a number of analysts asking, "Am I being cowardly or too cautious in my analysis...?"

Here is why:

Your comment is helpful and should be put in and tried.

Here is the problem:

He speaks for himself only UNTIL the sensitive points come up.

This is a signal of guilt. it guilt over hating Amanda and glad she is gone, or guilt from association of murder?

It can be 'marriage' as one put it, and it cannot be 'communion of saints' (both good points) due to the CHANGE in pronoun.

The change is where we discern deception.

His refusal to deny association is also taken into account.

I wonder if I am protecting my record, or if my caution is warranted because he is so acutely narcissistic that he refuses to accept the guilt over Amanda for himself, and must share it.

I am convinced that it comes down to these two points:

a. hatred and relief guilt
b. murderous guilt.

Thanks. Keep plugging away. I am reading comments this morning and perhaps we should shift to the chat



Statement Analysis Blog said...

Please noteL

The "we" here is specific.

"I think...."

"I feel..."

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

To turn plural, right here, is to join himself with someone else who has nothing to hide. This is the most alarming use of "we" in his statement.

imagine an interviewer asking him, "Who is this 'we' you speak of?"

He has been deceptively withholding his thoughts and emotions about her death, and about the identity of the shooter and about the shooter motive.

A very important question: DID police reveal, or did Davey see, the evidence of a sexual assault?


Sus said...

I agree with anon! Not only is he wrapping himself in Jesus. He has now sainted Amanda. She has forgiven him. Why he reads it in her Bible. (journal)

Anonymous said...

Yup. Agree. He definitely looks like he's pumped up on some kind of drug. The rambling on in the interviews seems indicative of DB being buzzed too.

I am not sure which comes first: the propensity towards drug use by a religious zealot or if the fervor or the religious high leads naturally to drug use----------or if a person is more "born" with a propensity towards both.

The religiosity of people like DB is irrational. It leads them to irrational behavior: using drugs, God complexes. That's what I see in this guy when he speaks anyway. I think his ranting will be his unraveling. Maybe the police are waiting things out in order to let DB talk himself to the truth by way of all his interviews and public displays (videos) concerning his wife's murder.

Anonymous said...

Peter -

Your question re: is it guilt over his relief that she's gone or guilt over his involvement. I can see that, but his switch to the plural only occurs when the question turns to his involvement - not with respect to question regarding how he is handling it, how he is moving on, etc. That is to say, the guilty indicators only show up when the topic is his involvement in the crime, not when the topic is his feelings about the loss of his wife and the future of his family.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Peter -

Your question re: is it guilt over his relief that she's gone or guilt over his involvement. I can see that, but his switch to the plural only occurs when the question turns to his involvement - not with respect to question regarding how he is handling it, how he is moving on, etc. That is to say, the guilty indicators only show up when the topic is his involvement in the crime, not when the topic is his feelings about the loss of his wife and the future of his family.

November 20, 2015 at 11:05 AM Delete


Hence, my 'cowardice'!

Thank you,


M said...

Peter - I posted in the chat room

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14

Check out these links....there are plenty more regarding Perry Noble. This is not an attack on churches or faith. This is FACT and worth looking into given the context of what is being discussed in this blog. This lawsuit DID happen. NewSpring WAS found at fault. Thier TACTICS is what I am trying to bring to light. Tactics employed by professed "men of God". Davy Blackburn as we speak is at NewSpring Church, so yes, I do believe this to be VERY relevant to this case.

(HolyRage at the Spring link provides FULL details of what transpired. It is disgusting and should be very concerning as to the lengths they went to with this professor and his family who DARED to speak out against his preaching/teaching.)

Statement Analysis Blog said...


"Deifying" someone after death is very common. I saw it in my own family 4 years ago and it continues. It is very sad.

In his deification, he still has not linked Amanda to himself. This is very strange, especially for a narcissist.

He has not once said, "Amanda loved me", nor "I loved Amanda."

The expected is: "I love Amanda" present tense. This is evident in his whispering that they will "continue their long term relationship" with the plug pulled.

This set off creep meters: not because he said it:

But because he has the need to tell the world that he said it.



Anonymous said...

The "We" may come from asking others if any stranger fitting the video was ever in the church. Church pulls in problem people-that's what they are there for-and, could a member or visitor be responsible?

Or, there are black families in the neighborhood. Does the "We" fit anyone they know or have seen?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

People have posted the links to the law suit and Blackburn's mentor frequently

Anonymous said...

please link chat.

Tony Snow

KD said...

In regards to the sexual assault...I am so confused as to why LE wouldn't mention this earlier. And even yesterday they backed away from it stating they couldn't confirm....

And 15 hrs ago an Indy journalist posted this:

Why such a hard (Period.) statement like that?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:46, I understand so many are showing extreme consideration and empathy for Amanda's parents, and I concur, but on the other hand, I do NOT find any excuse good enough for none of them not having set up a decent reward fund for the apprehension of Amanda's killer. Suspicions or not, $1,000K? That's an insult.

Like I pointed out previously, there are FOUR churches total that Davey & Amanda were involved with; count'em, FOUR, and not ONE of these could raise a tidy sum of money, not even a bake sale or a yard sale, to help in establishing a decent reward fund for Amanda?!! THIS is where my empathy for all of them other than little Weston cools off a bit. ABB

Anonymous said...

Could the use of "WE" be referring to the church (i.e NewSpring). NewSpring funded Resonate. CD is there now meeting with "leadership". This should be further investigated/explored.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Juliet said...

Well, it is the !cure for cancer' and sacrifice rant in the second part of the two-part interview, along with his not seeming surprised, much less traumatised, which makes me think he is involved - and he was so sure Amanda would forgive whoever had done it (yes, okay but there's still justice to be served, and Davey should want and be talking about that, regardless of Amanda's forgiving spirit - is he saying she would want, and think it best, that her murderer should be left at liberty?) Plus everything else. I can't believe he's not involved - it would be so many coincidences, too many, besides the convenience. And I think the Resonate community are all somehow colluders, too - because of that paltry reward - not suggesting they are in on it, just under Davey's influence, Amanda's murder is good for church growth - a convenient big bang moment, sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Again, ABB, there is plenty of time to set up extortion groups to be ready for the next slaying. At this time, all they needed was the videos, stolen car, photos at the ATM where her card was used, and witness statements.

Sus said...

Agreed Peter, but notice how calculated he is in sainting her. It is all for his own benefit. It is not that she is/was so wonderful (walked on water) He says he has a conundrum. Though WE want justice, Amanda forgives the unforgivable. He truly choked up here. For her killer??

And something about being near those others wouldn't. Maybe the untouchable. (Lepers. Haha) That could set up her knowing her killer or opening the door to a stranger.

mom2many said...

I have been reading for some months now, but first time commenter. In this article:

The last quote of the 21-year-old reads, "Like I said, that I got in the middle of this, I don't know how, but hopefully it's all situated and hopefully they found the right people."

FOUND...the expected would be FIND since he doesn't indicate knowledge of any other individuals arrested.

CJ said...


This morning I am wondering about the many references across interviews to eyes, and in particular Amanda's eyes, Weston having Amanda's eyes, what Amanda is seeing.

I've believed since the beginning that the very first, cryptic meme that appeared on the ResonateIndy facebook page the day of the shooting originated with Davey.

"We don't know what to do, but our eyes are on you."

Is DB the watcher, or the watched, in this statement?

In the Inside Edition yesterday when talking about Amanda seeing the end result, he punctuates his speech twice with the same gesture, raising his right index finger and pointing to his right eye.

Anonymous said...

Stop it Peter! You are not being cowardly. You are being honest. ABB

Anon said...

Donna said...

My mom is a narcissistic control freak, and she often uses the word "we" when she wants to be controlling in a passive-aggressive way: "when WE re-shingle the roof" (it was another family member's project and she was not involved in any part of the job); "I thought WE were closing that bank account" (when I was in the process of moving and closing old bank accounts but didn't close that one quite yet). My brother often says to her, "who is 'we'? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?"

I think in DB's case, the constant WE-ing is about control of the situation and deflection. He's a showman, and comes to the table (pulpit) with the expectation that peeps will just believe him, so he goes to his comfortable place of "ministerial-speak", and who's going to argue about that with him (thinking about interviewers)? Charisma and charm goes a long way, but he will trip himself up someday.

DB reminds me of Charles Stuart, who killed his wife in '89 and blamed it on a "black man"-- good looking, upwardly mobile successful guy seemingly beyond reproach, but no soul in the end. DB is a grifter.

Anon said...

That's just one of the videos but you can scroll through at the bottom of the page to view the rest of his sermons. He did one on mothers day and praised his own mother for doing such a great job. The only story he tells about amanda is when she accidentally let the baby fall out of his stroller and he got a big bloody gash on his forehead.

CJ said...

I just watched the shooting scene from the Worship is a Weapon sermon.

The church went to close frame for the whole thing, so the viewer doesn't see Zach, who is standing downstage in a hoody and being shot at in the back.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is about to do profile/story update.

Anon said...

And I believe the story about fighting abusive men is in his "love song" series. The one titled "how to win a fight"

Anon said...

In the video I posted he says that his reaction to Saul would have been to take his glock and bust a cap in his head

Anonymous said...

According to this video report, two of the four people questioned yesterday remain in custody. The reporter says that they have been detained on unrelated parole violations.

As far as drugs, it could be Davey takes prescribed Adderall or some other drug for ADHD.

Anon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm posting here because I can't find my earlier comment on Daveys violent language. In this video he says that says that he would have wanted to pull out his glock and pop a cap in Sauls head. Right there he tells us, if he were angry enough to kill someone he would do it by shooting them in the head. That's his method of violence. To view the video you have to click the little film icon to the right of the description. It's under the microphone icon

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

So I don't want to detract from the conversation regarding DB but I wanted to respond to what you wrote. First, I value your work and intellect and it has really challenged me to be even more cautious regarding leaders of any kind and to take note of speech used etc. I recently finished my Master's in Counseling so I do have some experience in paying attention to body language, facial expressions and speech patterns but I learned so much more through these two posts and want to continue to learn how to analyze people's statements.

So to your point e. regarding men taking the lumps first, I see how this is generally true but not always true. For example we have Deborah leading Israel first as a judge and later leading them into war and in that same story Jael, a woman, is the one who nails a tent peg through the enemy's head. You have Joan of Arc leading the French into battle and later dying for the cause. We have female soldiers. So I see what you are saying, yes, historically men have had to take the lumps but historically women have been treated as property in that husbands owned their wives. So of course men acted as the "protectors" since they were protecting what they owned. That idea that women are property played out in America for ages, only recently did we get the right to vote and it took until 1993 for rape against a spouse be made nationally illegal. Before the argument was you can't rape a spouse... (and the underlying reason was that she was his "property"). That's only a fraction of my argument against the idea that women are to submit to husbands or that one is the leader. I think you have to have a give and take. Yes, you admitted their should be some mutual submission but overall men are "meant to take the lumps" and I just don't agree that that is biblical. I've heard that phrase (more or less) my whole life. And with careful research and hours upon hours of reading progressive and conservative theology on this topic I must say egalitarian makes way more sense. My husband and I both lead and submit and compromise and work things out. Neither takes the brunt of bad decisions, we take it equally. So I'd love to continue discussing this but I feel like I've gone on way too long of a tangent and don't want to disrupt this convo so please feel free to respond!! I love talking about this. My email is, twitter: @EKCasey1 or we could start a blogging convo (lol), I blog at

And regarding the article, I really do not want to come off rude, but I couldn't get past the line, "The Muslims enter, wild and uncontrolled, individuality as a suicide bomb, caring not for exalted systems." I find that incredibly insulting and I just don't want to get my blood boiling right now. Muslims by and large are peaceful people. I have friends who are Muslims, I studied the religion in undergrad, I studied the Quran and Muslim history. They may be going through a particularly bloody season in the history of their religion but can't the same be said of Christianity (ie. the Crusades for starters)?

If we don't keep discussing the gender roles that's cool too, I can understand and appreciate people who choose a different theology than what my husband and I ascribe to because at the end of the day we are covered by Jesus' blood and so I enjoy being challenged to think critically and so I thank you for that!!

Anonymous said...

No one will ever know what drugs he takes unless they take measures to violate his privacy rights or stalk him to the drs./pharmacy, go through his trash, or enter his home and pilfer through the medicine cabinet. Of course, they could pump a friend or relative.

Of course, you already knew that, didnt ya?

AliKat said...

I've barely got a handle on statement analysis, but I would think it still goes back to the principle that pronouns never lie. There would be no present tense "we" if somebody is dead. Just like dead squirrels (Casey Anthony ref) can't climb up into a car, there's just no way of cooperation with somebody who has passed on. Now speaking in the past tense reference, that would make some sense because "we" would have existed in the past... But speaking in the present, "we" would indicate another live being that would be able to cooperate.

Anonymous said...

There is a murder case in Jacksonville Florida that illustrates domestic violence and family dysfunction to a "T". Estranged wife, getting a divorce, had restraining order granted against her husband, the husband's attorney assured the Judge that he did not have a weapon and would personally see he followed the rules of the Restraining Order. The man killed his wife and her friend hours later.

The 911 calls show him blaming his estranged wife and his mother said if only her son had beat his wife, she might still be alive, because beating her would have helped him get his frustration out!

Quotes from the news article:

They say he told his father, "Dad, she's put me back in jail, I can't handle it anymore. It's over, she just won't let it go, so I did what I had to do. I can't go to prison, I shot two people." After the shooting, Judy Colley told investigators she thought her son may have headed to the mountains of West Virginia where they had relatives and told police they may never find him.

When asked about those marital problems, Judy Colley said that her son was upset over Amanda Colley going out at night. "You know what, my husband would’ve beat the hell out of me. He wouldn’t kill me, but he would’ve beat my a**. Maybe he should’ve done that and got that frustration out. I’ve been married 45 years and you know people don’t work on their marriages like we did,” Judy Colley said.

Shannon In CA said...


"We want to find whoever did this," Blackburn said. "It's such a conundrum. In our hearts, we want justice."

Am I correct in flagging "in our hearts"? So in his heart he wants justice but his head doesn't? I know you've talked about things like this before.

It's from this article:

GeekRad said...

Why is LE being so adamant that Davey is cleared? Or is it just that media keeps reporting that based off their first statement? Everything I read is about how he has been cleared and is not involved. I really can't believe they would do that bait him, but then I am not LE and I don't know what techniques are best applied at what times

Anonymous said...

They are saying he is cleared repeatedly so any moron caught stalking him will be arrested I'd assume.

Bradbury said...

IMPD has fast tracked DNA evidence before in high profile cases. I would expect no different here. Also they have refused to release 911 calls in the past where the call comes from a victim and due to the highly emotional nature of the call it was kept private to protect the victim. I'm not saying that is the reason for with holding this particular 911 call but it should be considered.

I find IMPD's enormous restraint in this case telling. Having lived in Indy when there were high profile cases in the past there were lots of press conferences. Daily updates. Constant news coverage of any angle they can find. Grainy photos. Sketches. Remember there is a murderer on the loose shooting and assaulting housewives in their own home. I would have even expected the mayor out in front of this.

I believe the police know exactly what they are doing and withholding lots of evidence to protect the integrity of the case. I also believe they will solve this.

rob said...

It's still hard for me to believe that if LE truly has eliminated DB as a suspect, they wouldn't be warning the community that a robber/ home invader/ rapist is on the loose. Be careful, don't try to apprehend him yourself, etc....

GeekRad said...

That is good insight Bradbury. I hope you are right. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Rob, perhaps the reason for the reward not being increased. Since DB doesn't resemble the hooded black man, was at the gym, and made the 911 call...noone else should be in the area looking for the robber/invader/rapist.

rob said...

I tried to get some info out of the local New Spring people here in SC, and they ain't talking. First I emailed that article about 3 suspects being questioned yesterday and the response was 'good' I asked my friend, did they tell you not to talk? and she got bent out of shape and won't speak to me.
If someone affiliated with my church was killed in a home invasion, I'd be closely watching for someone to be arrested. I'd be taking up money to increase the reward.
How would you explain it to the church 'NOT' to speak about this? Why not? And this is not the church in Anderson, we are in a neighboring city that has 2 large branches of New Spring, and they each have a pastor, but they also watch Perry on telecom at their meetings.
I'd had heard some flakey stuff about the church before this, but I didn't really know, and a LOT of people have left traditional churches to join this group. Now the more I investigate, I have to agree, it's flakey.

Ode said...

A must watch, 11/20/2015
this compiled from Media, statements
made by Davey, Davey post Amandas' death

Davey before her Death, his thoughts (sermons)
on Amanda, while she was alive: SMH

His disdain for her, of her, he is disgusting.
He so boastful, his disapproval for her
*he has nothing to hide, as he animatedly on
stage shares to all, his " truths" he loathes her.


rob said...

Anonymous rob said...
It's still hard for me to believe that if LE truly has eliminated DB as a suspect, they wouldn't be warning the community that a robber/ home invader/ rapist is on the loose. Be careful, don't try to apprehend him yourself, etc....

Sorry, I just re-read my post- I meant they 'WOULD be warning.'

tori said...

Ode! Great link! Whomever made that youtube is observant!

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Peter (and community)
Also I posted this article on my blog:
and referenced a lot of your work! Thought I'd share. It's so hard keeping up with the comments, they're all coming in so quickly!

Ode said...


Link 8 uploaded: 11/19/2015 by Resonate Church, portion of sermon where Davey Blackburn repeatedly points and shoots a guy on stage with an air soft gun, shouting, "BOOM!" in his sermon at Resonate Church on November 8, 2015, 2 days before Amanda was murdered, shot in the head in her home.

Statement Analysis by Peter Hyatt of statements by Davey Blackburn in the days after the murder of his wife Amanda:

- See more at:

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @ 10:53
Peter @ 11:00 Post 1 of 2

I think you're both right about the shared guilt. I also think that Anonymous has hit on something with the "We"-ness Davey keeps espousing. Bearing in mind that he appears to be a big Paul fan, I think Davey sees himself as some kind of a second Paul building the church. He speaks as one with authority, who expects to be believed and followed. In reality, he's twisting the scriptures, but the Resonate people are too spiritually immature to know that. Because of his "energy" and charismatic/dramatic personality-style and his "openness" about "taboo" subjects, he resonates (pun intended) with those who are un-churched, dissatisfied with more structured/organized churches, or have had "bad" church experiences. Having done his marketing research and homework well (devotee of NewSpring and Perry Noble), he tailors his product, programs, and delivery to that niche. He's been carfeully coached, perfectly groomed (look at Perry Nobles crew-they all look the same-same clothing styles, similar hair styles, and eerily similar preaching styles).

IMO, he's positioning himself as suffering loss like Paul; counting her a loss, soldiering on for the cause of Christ (a misinterpretation at it's worst and harmful to his congregation). Frankly, I'm a little surprised Job hasn't been thrown into the mix, except that Job loved his wife and children enough to perform daily sacrifices in case they had sinned. He's more than willing to accept her murder as a sacrifice because it gives him a platform to grow his church, as Peter and so many of you accurately stated. There's a HUGE problem with that though...Amanda did NOT die or give her life for her faith. She wasn't a Christian beheaded in a third world country or a Sudanese child crucified for refusing to renounce Jesus. He's more than happy to martyr her- why? Because in his twisted theology, it will get him closer to that 400 benchmark in his service. Wake up Resonators! The real message is: "You are not enough because my church is not big enough, we don't even have 400 people. We need to get more people in,increase my numbers, so I can be successful.". Davey has big dreams that involve him standing on a much bigger stage,with thousands hanging on his words= power-tripping! He berates and manipulates his congregation when they fail to hit his benchmark 400 (see video Peter posted). God help those people. I'm willing to bet his Resonate planning meetings with his inner circle have seen Davey's temper, but it's been excused in the name of him being passionate about Jesus and people (as well as some crude comments when the subjects warrant it-just Davey being Davey.) I'd also bet Amanda's primary function was to follow along behind Davey smoothing out his "rough spots" and that's what Perry Noble was alluding to at Amanda's funeral with Crazy Davey.

Davey has no choice but to publicly acknowledge Amanda and her death and he does he does so...grudgingly. He obligatorily discusses her only because he has to, then immediately pole vaults over into his "building the church" message. I don't believe he's personally suffering the loss of Amanda per both his language, his behavior, and his recent inconsistencies (I'm going to preach like normal- No wait, I'm going to take a few days off-No wait, I'm going to do 3 interviews and go out to dinner w/ church leadership- No wait, I'm going to sit in an empty church and pensively twist my dead wife's rings and make sure I mention the baby this time, etc.).

GeekRad said...

Wow Ode! The youtube video is chilling. Looks like there is at least someone outside of this blog asking the questions we are.

Fools feedonfolly said...

Post 2 of 2

IMO, Davey's putting on a show for consumption-it's no different than his carefully scripted and practiced sermons, designed to be most effective at specific points. That's why he painfully stumbles and fumbles when asked to discuss his feelings and relationship w/ Amanda. Genuine Christianity is all about the brokenness of humanity and what God does in the brokenness...and we all have brokenness. Authentic Christianity is about our coming to end of ourselves, realizing we are the be-all, end-all. With each interview,analysis, and subsequent feedback, Davey merely tweaks and improves his "performance"- being careful to stick to the script and conscious of plugging the holes as he springs leaks(awkward). Clearly he's been taken under someone's wing and is being heavily coached. Which begs the question, why the need for coaching? Who's doing the coaching? We're seeing the circling of the wagons, so to speak. Who has the most to lose? Davey, Resonate, Perry Noble, or NewSpring?

The robber/murderer is not really the threat here, which is why Davey isn't too concerned about it about anyone’s safety or a murder’s soul. Neither is NewSpring, which can well afford to up the reward money. The loss of followers and potential loss of income is the real threat. The empire could potentially crumble if this "situation" isn't handled "correctly" or at least lose an income producing arm in Indy. The irony is: what bragging rights and media attention you could get if you could get your pregnant wife’s murderer saved.

Any pastor worth his weight or salt (Biblical reference Matthew 5:13) would have allowed his fellow pastor to be broken as he should be on losing his wife. Any Biblical pastor would have counseled Davey to take a break/step down w/ the shape of his marriage and his "filtering issues" (Davey alluded to those pesky filters- Amanda has a filter, I do not). Bad marriage aside, he should at least be feeling the loss of a mother for his son's sake and be taking an extended break from the pulpit Weston's sake. He can't (needs to adulation) and he won't (has to grow the church, increase the numbers). Without a performer, the show can't go on. This isn't "The Church" people.

*Done ranting and writing to everyone's relief* ;)

trustmeigetit said...

Any of the more experienced SA peeps have time to analyze a short exchange.

My friend thinks her boyfriend stole her clarinet (worth a couple grand) Mind you he has no job and him, his brother and dad share a small part with no jobs and are barely getting by...

He has a key to her apt and often stays there. As does his family sometimes.

So he texted her the following after a mutual friend mentioned she was suspicious.

Boyfriend "I know your upset, understandably so about your clarinet. Neither I or anyone in my family had anything to do with it"

The talked in person but she doesn't remember much of that.

I told her to ask him flat out why she should beleive him.

He responded "there's no reason you shouldn't"

To me that last part was not good but still learning.

Anonymous said...

Lt Riddle IMPD spokesperson denied that they have determined Amanda had been sexually assaulted as earlier reported by a high ranking source within IMPD. He goes on to say they do have DNA evidence in this case. He then does a very interesting thing and changes the term assault to the term abuse when he says they have not confirmed or been able to say that Amanda had been sexually abused.

I believe this means they've found evidence that something was way off with where DNA was found and other physical signs. If this is true, I'm sure they are having a hard time tying it down to abuse or as being related to the murder.

Skeptic said...

Peter, I have to add that Hitler was raised as a Roman Catholic.. And even if he did renounce his religion, Germany was an overwhelmingly Christian country at the time about evenly divided between Roman Catholic and Lutheran denominations. So his hench-men/SS whatever...Would have called themselves Christians.

Anonymous said...

Blogger trustmeigetit said...
Any of the more experienced SA peeps have time to analyze a short exchange.

Vicki said:

Well I doubt I am more experienced than you but I came across this the other day with my son and I had to ask him *twice - why should I believe you? before I got my answer...(because I am being truthful). I mention this because several times I have had to ask twice to get my answers... But from what you stated above he flat out said she shouldn't believe him.

Anonymous said...

Now looking at the double negatives, I'm not so sure.. I would ask him again, lol

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, how did Amanda survive for over 2 hours after being shot in the hand, head, and torso. It doesn't seem logical for her to have been shot right after CD left for the gym. Could it be that she got shot after he returned?

Skeptic said...

Police don't have a time of death to work with. She could have been incapacitated the previous day or night - knocked unconscious by blows to the head. The autopsy might reveal something like this. When was the last time someone else saw or heard from her?

Anonymous said...

Good point skeptic. On another note, I watched the Fox News interview, and I bet Steve Doucey was thinking all along that Davey was insincere. Steve asked him about losing his wife and he gave him a mini sermon. I'm a Christian, but God never expected us not to be devastated over loss. Davey looks like he's having fun. His wife and baby we're just murdered, and he is not heartbroken! That is not normal. That is not of God. This case is very strange, but I will be very surprised if he is not involved in the murder in some way. You would think he would have said "If only I hadn't gone to the gym. If only I had come home sooner" or something like that. This guy is a performer. It's so tragic. Her life here is gone and he could care less honestly. It's sickening.

Bubbles said...

Sus @ 10:55: "he wants his wife gone, and poof, she's gone."

Of course!! He's a true Christian and his prayers were answered!!! If we were better Christians we'd get what we want, too!!!

Skittles said...

Couldn't LE get into enormous trouble for stating to the public that they know the man in the security camera footage is the shooter if he isn't? This is something that I can't make fit with my own personal theory of how this all went down. I can't imagine it's legal to essentially put out an APB for this guy- stating he's black, etc.- and then having him not be the person actually responsible. It's almost slanderous if it turns out not to be true.

Anyone know if this could be remotely legal? Is this type of thing EVER done? I'd otherwise believe that it's a case where the PD through people of a trail for specific purpose of hoping who they really think committed the crime will loosen up, but generally only stating that someone is "not a suspect" (what often is said), and actually calling out a specific person and stating their race and that this person did it is very different. It's frustrating to me, b/c I cannot bring myself to believe this murder happened the way the PD is saying it was.

Skittles said...

"throw people"... clarifying typo.

Anonymous said...

We know that Amanda's parents are afraid (as they should be) that if CD never gets charged, they will lose their grandson, who is staying with them right now so they're lying low. We know they loathe Davey so at least their working from that angle.

To the person who posted the above segment:

I missed the chat, but THIS was exactly why I posted the story of my relative's murder and her child's abduction, as a warning to Amanda's parents in a way...

For my relative, Grandma was Mom's daycare, and was the PRIMARY caretaker for the child's entire life up to 7.

Dad had only met her three times, and did not have a solid relationship with her. When dad never got charged, and was given custody without question, he took control(shepherding?) of the child and any information(stories)the child was later told about him, her mother and the murder, to protect himself...

He took her from the family, and "disappeared" her several states away, always with an excuse to grandma, and no address...When she was able to find out where he was from his parents, he'd up and move citing work, or an unsafe area, etc...never giving up the physical address...This is also ILLEGAL, constituted kidnapping by not providing an address, and frustration of court-ordered visitation by the grandma, and our family. Thank GOD he got himself thrown in jail for drugs finally, or we'd have never gotten her back.

If CD is involved in her death, he WILL distance himself and Weston from anyone wanting the real truth about what happened and who caused it, as well as justice for Amanda and her fetus.

This means HER family and friends, especially if they do not trust him, or have suspicions he is aware of...

It is a self-protective measure the guilty often employ to control the situation around them, and avoid detection or proof of their crimes against the victim, and the child.

They should seek legal counsel secretly before its too late, and if he is deemed innocent of her murder, they should still perhaps seek custody since he likely has some sort of deep emotional and mental issues that make him so off he has no business raising a child , it would be mentally harmful to brainwash said child with his corrupt and twisted ideology and logic, he will grow up to be like CD.

Anonymous said...

Why is it still being reported that Amanda had been sexually assaulted? Yesterday Lt Riddle IMPD spokesperson denied the previous report that they had determined she was sexually assaulted. He said they have DNA evidence in this case, and have not confirmed and are unable to say if she has been sexually ABUSED. The term being changed to sexual abuse says they are looking at a whole different scenario surrounding their physical findings. This is so key, why is it not being pointed out?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Skeptic said...
Peter, I have to add that Hitler was raised as a Roman Catholic.. And even if he did renounce his religion, Germany was an overwhelmingly Christian country at the time about evenly divided between Roman Catholic and Lutheran denominations. So his hench-men/SS whatever...Would have called themselves Christians.
November 20, 2015 at 3:10 PM


why do you have to add this?

If he denounced Christianity, ridiculed Christianity, and persecuted Christianity,

I fail to see your point.


Anonymous said...

yeah, so I could not let this one pass uncommented on, its just too deserving!! LMFAO seriously!

"The irony is: what bragging rights and media attention you could get if you could get your pregnant wife’s murderer saved."

SO, all they have to really do is hope the shooter gets caught, and goes to prison. He will then convert and be saved immediately, like MOST convicts do after realizing they are trapped and must submit to the system. Convicts often use being saved or born-again as a means of deflecting their guilt and personal accountability for their crimes, and a tool to earn leniency while stuck on the inside, and future leniency with the parole board...

They just have to wait, then visit the shooter in prison, and PRESTO...they will have a saved soul...But I think that is not what they mean by the UNFORGIVABLE being forgiven...CD is referencing himself I think, under the guise of forgiveness for the shooter...does he really think she would forgive being shot in the head and elsewhere, being sexually assaulted(if this is true), having her FETUS deprived of life, and her son deprived of his mother for life? People always say they would forgive, once it happens to YOU yourself personally, its a whole other story, and is near impossible to forgive. I am a survivor of rape and attempted murder that left me permanent physical damage. There is no way I will ever forgive what they did to me, and no one should EVER speak for me in this regard without my consent...I am in awe he did this, he was not the one violated.

I don't think she would have forgiven this ultimate trespass. Doesn't the bible also speak of avenging wrongs, like an eye for an eye?

The concepts of forgiveness and revenge for wrongs ARE mutually exclusive, but is JUSTICE seen as revenge for him? I don't get it, unless he's talking about forgiveness because hes involved,and will want this when the news breaks.

Anonymous said...


I just want to thank you for the time and thought you have put into these posts. I've been following them closely as I am very intrigued by this case (and very suspicious of Davey... he gives me the creeps).

In videos of Davey and Amanda together, I see so much tension and discord. It's actually really painful to watch. I find it extremely coincidental that the victim of a random, unfortunate crime just happened to be in a miserable marriage with a controlling and borderline abusive (speculation, here) husband who wouldn't miss her at all. My gut tells me it can't be coincidence.

I know others have asserted similar thoughts as well, but in my own mind there are only two possible scenarios here.

1. Davey is uninvolved in the murders, but is NOT sad about it. He must also then be pretty lucky for such a serendipitous event (tragic sarcasm).
2. Davey is involved in the murders... and, naturally, still NOT sad about it.

Honestly, as a married woman... if I was brutally attacked and killed and my husband showed zero grief, sorrow, outrage, or concern for justice... I would roll over in my grave with fury. It would just show how much he DIDN'T love me. Maybe that is dramatic and irrational... regardless, it bothers and almost infuriates me that this is also missing from Davey's statements.

Anonymous said...

Peter, his point, I think, may be that Roman Catholics aren't considered Christian.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @7:18

I hear you and understand (in as much as I am able) why you feel the way you do, both on the prison conversion thing and regarding the rape.

I do some work with prisoners and that's always in the back of my head too. You'd be surprised how much I apply what I've learned from Peter. LOL Recently, I received a self-published "book" from a former prisoner (politcally correct= "ex-offender") who wanted me to know his story. I was so thankful to have this blog because I literally went line by line through his missive, noting sensitivity, passive language, lack of RD, following pronouns, looking for changes in language, etc. Then, I went to my superior with his book and my notes and said, "I don't want this guy in my program and here's why.". I expected her to tell me that I wasn't being fair to him or some such. She studied me long and hard, burst out laughing, and said, "He's scamming. He hasn't taken responsibility for his crime.". My superior looks like a soft touch granny, but she's really a tough old bird who shoot from the hip.

My comment on bragging rights for Davey if he can get the murderer saved was me attempting to enter Davey's language about Jesus and Amanda loving the unlovable, forgiving the unforgivable. One would *think* he was referencing the murderer. I was pointing up that if Davey is as concerned about saving souls as he *seems* to be with the 4Indy/FOR INDY campaign he and Resonate are trumpeting loud and proud, then getting her murderer saved would be a priority. For a narcissistic pastor, it would be the ultimate achievement, and one that would certainly fill a few seats come Sunday. ;)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Please stop posting all these samples and analysis! I'm not getting much done. My family keeps telling me that my computer has a tractor beam, sucking me in (as in Star Trek). ;) If I weren't sick, I'd never have time to sit around and catch up! If you've got be up sick all night, SA is the place to be. Ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Skeptic! I'm not so sure Hitler was raised as a roman catholic. There are varied and conflicting stories about Hitler's early childhood. For one, I read sometime ago that Hitler was partially raised by his stepfather who was a Methodist minister, and also violently beaten by that step-father during those childhood years. There are all kinds of stories about Hitler's life, perhaps at some point he did attend a roman catholic church or school, but so what, that does not a killer make; the stories that were authenticated are that he had a very troublesome childhood being bounced around hither and yon and on the run at a young age.

Did you know, he supposedly has a son out there somewhere? A HITLER SON? We don't know this to be true either. Right?

One thing we do know for sure, remnants of his body were never found, not one scrap of bone, hide nor hair; and we can't even say for sure that he died in his bunker or anywhere else. He could have walked off into the forest, shaved and put a sling on his trembling arm, changed his name and taken up residence just about anywhere. ABB

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:14, it would be difficult to speculate that Skeptic's point could be that Roman Catholics aren't considered Christian. This above all cannot be true since all who believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, born of the blessed Virgin Mary, are Christians. Catholics believe this to be true. The word Christian in and of itself delineates one who believes in Jesus as being the savior of the world; it does not distinguish their denomination. Christian = Christ. The teachings of Catholicism signifies them as being of the Christian faith.

Actually, I think Skeptic's point was not well thought out before the post was made and probably regrets having made it. Haven't we all done a similar thing a time or two in our lifetime? I think this should be forgivable, drop it and move on. In spite of it, skeptic is a lovely person, whose name rather says it all: skeptic. I get that, don't you? ABB

Anonymous said...

FoolsFeedOnFolly; I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you soon recover; maybe a week-end of bedrest? I read an article once, with pictures, how to enjoy yourself while being sick.

First, gather up everything you will need to make yourself comfy in bed for a coupla days; clean sheets, fluffy pillows, tissue, meds you can slurp on, ice cooler with drinks within reach, magazines & books you might want to brose, a bedside radio for easy listening and falling asleep, and the tv tuner.

Put on your prettiest nightgown and use your best comforter. Now go to bed, and stay there. If you have a little bell, jingle it when you want someone to bring you snacks. There ya go. Have a good sickness! (P.S. I've actually done it). ABB

Anonymous said...

P.S... Oh, and don't forget your laptop if you have one, just in case you want to post all week-end. You could take your greeting cards and notes to bed with you too, that way you can catch up on all those people you've been planning to touch base with during the past year. You can drift in and out of sleep to your hearts' content. You can make this last for a good two or three days.

Course, you'll have a big pile of crap on the other side of the bed by now so your hubby will have to find another place to sleep for a night or two, (if you have one) but the whole object is to enjoy being sick, right? Go for it! By golly, that'll teach 'em not to mess with you when you're not feeling well. ABB

Unknown said...

I have to ask are these posts threatening in any way?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:46, it's a damned shame Amanda didn't run the other way when she had the chance back there in 2006 before she married Davey. I think it was then she decided the holy spirit was guiding her to sacrifice seeing him for 40 days, or something like that, during Lent. Well, I don't know anything about Lent or have any knowledge of practicing lent or ever knew anyone who did, but just MAYBE the holy spirit was trying to tell her to make tracks, period. Maybe she misread the holy spirit. Yes ma'am I do think it's possible to misread the holy spirit.

Satan comes as an angel of light, is highly deceitful. We can't fall for every beguiling spirit that tries to tell us what to do. This is how many murderers believe "God told me to do it," or "the devil made me do it." I believe they really were listening to evil spirits. In many cases, we can only use our best judgment. So be it; young as she was, it's too bad the poor girl didn't have the experience and wisdom to move away from him as fast as he could. He came on as an angel of light and she fell for it. Many of us have made that same mistake.

I read in another place where Davey is lamenting his heart sickness over not seeing Amanda for four or five months (something like that), and how much he had missed her, loved her and couldn't wait to see her. Right there, she missed another opportunity to dump him once and for all but again succumbed to his charms.

Man oh man, he sure changed! There's no way he really loved her after they married. He went through with charming her during the honeymoon, then right away is off and running and shunning her like she has the plague. It wasn't long after this, that he started belittling and mocking her publically, particularly kicking her like a mangy dog in his remarks concerning their sex life. Poor girl. What a shock she must have been living under, realizing from the start that he didn't really love her. Rejection is a very painful thing, especially by someone you thought loved you. I feel so sorry for her. What a dog's life she lived.

I'd guarantee he wasn't happy about her furniture refinishing business either. She would have been working so hard; this is not easy work. I've stripped and refinished a few pieces of furniture myself some years ago. It is very messy and grueling work. It's not a big money maker either as it takes so much time, money to purchase all the stuff you will need and the space to do it.

Now, since he criticized her as a wife, a mother and a bed partner, OPENLY humiliating and embarrassing her, you KNOW this must have nearly driven his up the wall. The son uv a b'tch. I can almost see him keeping her broke and having to beg him to purchase the items she needed; also not lifting a finger to help her load and unload heavy stuff. I wonder too, how distant he kept her from her immediate family. Abusers do this, alienating and isolating their abused partner from their loved ones. I have no doubt that she had a very hard life. ABB

Unknown said...

He actually produces a gun (air soft pistol) during the sermon, cocks it, and shoots it multiple time while repeating "instead of worrying, worship" (firing the pistol each time he says worship).

His wife was gunned down approximately 36-48 hrs after he put on this bizarre display for his congregation.

I just told my husband, when this whole story comes out he is going to go down in history as one of the most depraved, and cold blooded killers of our time.

Anonymous said...

Jen Ow, there hasn't been one threatening post on any of these articles from or too a single poster or non poster. I know, I've read them all.

Threatening? Threatening WHO? Somebody must have been too long at the bubbly, or whatever.... Eyes crossed, spaced out, glassed over. ABB

Anonymous said...

WOW Jen Ow. I didn't see that video, I wasn't able to open it. I have a lot of trouble clicking onto any of the links that are posted here. I wish it was easier like it used to be. I remember when we could click on the link, a little arrow would pop up and the link would open. Not any more. Oh well, it must be me.

I just CANNOT imagine a so-called minister of the gospel pulling off the many sick scenarios I've read that this fool has done. He HAD to be on something, Jen Ow, or either batshyt crazy from the get go. There is just NO WAY anyone, minister or not minister could do and say the things he did and come out looking innocent in their wifes' murder. How in the world any congregation could sit there and watch this disturbing show? How easily people fall under the persuasion of a cult leader! Sex and guns and violence? Sickening in a so-called house of God or anywhere else, yet he has followers. Words fail me.

What a horror he must have been to the gentle, caring, hard working, good-wife Amanda, trying to live with and love him. And her with no one to turn too, trying over and over to please him and keep it together. She was a pastors wife and had a public fa├žade she had to keep up, always maintaining the peace and appearances, smiling through the pain. I can almost imagine her uneasy and painful disappointment and heartache, knowing she had no way out.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets away with it. I am not convinced that LE is looking into him as a suspect or the possibility of his connection with Amanda's murder. I don't buy into their 'holding it close to the vest', 'don't want to jeopardize the integrity of the case' and yada yada. They were too quick to rule him out as 100% not a suspect. LE doesn't like to have to backtrack and eat crow. They are also frequently not very smart.

How many of those insane sickos have never been prosecuted over the years that we on this thread knew were guilty, and every trickle of evidence pointed to their guilt; cops would have had that same evidence and more, yet not a one of them have ever been prosecuted? Many.

We may be the only ones, right here, who seriously do suspect Davey Blackburn, or care, including his congregation and Amanda's own family. It wouldn't surprise me. ABB

Horse Chestnut said...

I feel such enormous sympathy for Amanda, to be trapped in such a loveless marriage, to an empty sociopathic, narcissistic bastard obsessed with sex. Can you imagine what it was like to have to have sex with him? OMG It's enough to make you celibate. It's enough to make you switch sides, or even become asexual. Not only is he a wanton man child, nobody wants to hear about someone's needs all the time. I once went on a first date with this guy and that was ALL he went on about, his needs. I knew immediately, without him saying so, that he had cheated on his wife. I asked him how his marriage ended, and he admitted he'd had an affair, because she had neglected his needs. I said to him, what about her needs? He was absolutely floored that I'd asked him that and then he turned nasty. Before I could get out of there, he'd blocked me from leaving twice, demanding that I come to his house. I finally got away and the next day received two emails asking when he could see me again. I literally, yes literally, had to break up with him. Every time Davey speaks I remember that emotional train wreck and I thank God for age and discernment. Had he come along ten years earlier, he might have been my mistake, too. Davey's "church" aka Cult of 'Personality' (or his version of it) is doomed to fail, regardless of any arrest. He is creepy personified. Because there is something wrong inside of him that his false spirituality will never fix.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the posts all night long. Just took an interest in this case. Pretty obvious he's guilty. Anyway, check out this picture from Amanda's twitter. She didn't know how right she was!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be petty here but what grown man goes by "Davey?"

Amber said...

I thought this too the older man younger lover coaxed to kill comes to mind.Brain washes teenagers to act for him.Sob story of woe easily believed by them

Amber said...

I thought this too the older man younger lover coaxed to kill comes to mind.Brain washes teenagers to act for him.Sob story of woe easily believed by them

Anonymous said...

Mandy; agreed. Remember Pamela Smart; the teacher who begins an affair with a high school student and then has him and his friend kill her husband?

I mean, we could all be off base here but I do smell a rat.

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