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Fall - Winter Training Schedule and Opportunities

If you wish to study deception detection, we offer both seminars and at home training for professional investigators, law enforcement, human resources, corporate America, social service professionals, attorneys, journalists and other professionals in need of deception detection training. 

The courses and seminars both include:

12 months ongoing e support, which allows the student to immediately begin actual analysis, yet without any submission of errors.  

Entrance into live, ongoing monthly training (spaces limited).  This online, monthly live training allows for hands on application of analysis.  This is confidential training and is limited in both enrollment and acceptance.  A new monthly online training class will be opening up for new students.

These trainings are CEU eligible for professional licenses through the University of Maine.  

Seminars are 2 day seminars, they are intense, challenging and are specifically designed for law enforcement, security vetting, employment hiring, etc. 

Training at Home

Statement Analysis

We offer several courses and certification with the first course,
"Statement Analysis" being a complete course, rather than an introductory or "101" course.  It is thorough, challenging and will cover all aspects of analysis and equip the student for deception detection and content analysis.

The Advanced Course 

The Advanced Course is open to those with formal training and covers Anonymous Author Identification, Psychological Profiling from language, Language of Sexual Assault Victims, introduction to Analytical Interviewing and other advanced techniques used by active professionals.  


Statement Analyst I:  This certification states that the holder is a professional level analyst.  Satisfactorily completion of the Statement Analysis Course, a minimum of 60 hours of live training, and recommendation from 3 professionals.  

Statement Analyst II:  This level is of a professional nature where the analyst is equipped for advanced, in depth content analysis, consultation, advising and instruction.  Completion of Advanced Statement Analysis, a minimum of 120 hours of live training, with the submission of thesis paper, approved by 3 professional analysts (FBI, Investigator, Business Analyst or Psychological Analyst).


Coming:  Look for more monthly classes to be offered; 

"Distinctives" course, including 

Personality Types and Language 
Urban Speak
Ransom Note Threat Analysis 
Anonymous Author Threat Analysis 
Mental Illness and Language
Analyzing Through Contamination 

Fall 2016 Schedule:

23 September, 2016   HIDTA Training Phoenix, AZ    (closed)

27 September, 2016 Training (online)  9AM to 3PM EST 

29 September, 2016 Training (online) 12 Noon to 6PM EST 

17 October, 2016  Behavioral Science Unit, FBI Academy  (closed)

25 October, 2016  Training (online) 9AM to 3PM EST

27 October, 2016  Training (online) 12 Noon to 6PM EST 

12 November, 2016 UK Madeline McCann documentary 

22 November 2016 Training (online) 

24 November, 2016 Training (online) 

Peter Hyatt on "Crime Watch Daily":  Ayla Reynolds


Tiffany Gerik said...


Please tell me you're going to analyze the CBS special: The Case for JonBenet Ramsey. They have the interviews with Burke in there as a child, and he shows so much deception. I would love to hear what your expertise on the matter! His obvious deflections when asked about the bowl of pineapple and milk on the table, and his trying to convince the interviewer that he was in fact sleeping that night, is obvious to me as someone who is hiding and lying.

John mcgowan said...

OT Update:

Coming up this week on Dr Phil


Terri Horman Describes The Last Time She Saw Stepson Kyron Horman Before He Disappeared

Duration 5:05

Terri Horman On Disappearance of Stepson Kyron Horman: ‘I Did Not Kill Him’

Duration 3:32


I need people to know I did not harm my son,” says Terri. “I’m being unfairly portrayed in the media. I’m not this monster that people are suggesting that I am.”

“I’m not guilty. I’m not a person of interest, I’m not a suspect, and there’s a good reason for it: the fact is I don’t know where he is. I don’t know who has him,” Terri says. “I love Kyron. I miss him very much … I’m suffering, too, every day without him. People need to know that I have nothing to hide. I did not kill him, I did not kidnap him, and I just want him found. I’m an innocent person.”

Was Stepmom of Missing Kyron Horman Involved In Murder-For-Hire Plot

Stepmom Of Missing Kyron Horman Claims She Was Told To Lie To The Media

Nic said...

That interaction between Ayla's mom and paternal grandmother bothered deeply me and I couldn't figure out why.

It interesting how I was conditioned when I was growing up, to "interpret"/create a narrative that didn't exist because it wasn't "nice" to say otherwise and how it's warped my perception of "reality". I am raising my kids very differently, but it doesn't preclude the fact that my filter is still very much "warped" as proved by the above-mentioned confrontation you analysed.

Anon "I" said...

Congratulations, Peter, on your well-spoken interview for Alya. It
was clear and should convince many of the truth.

Anonymous said...

How do I sign up for the online courses? I see the On-Demand Training on, but not the scheduled courses. Please advise.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

(Continued from previous comment) Sorry! I've just realized that the two sites aren't affiliated. But I am still interested in the online courses mentioned here, and would like more information.


GeekRad said...

Good interview Peter and thank you for the links John.

John mcgowan said...

My pleasure, GeekRad

I found this, too.

"I Didn't Kill My Stepson" Kyron Horman

Misleading headline

Snipped from Vt.

(DP) "Never....harmed my son. "I never wanted to harm my husband"

From last year.

Crime watch Daily:


New details on a Crime Watch Daily mystery in Portland, Oregon that's made national headlines: Kyron Horman, 7, disappears after being dropped off at school by his stepmom. Now for the first time the family has invited Crime Watch Daily Correspondent Jason Mattera to join in the search for Kyron.

(Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)

tania cadogan said...

12 November, 2016 UK Madeline McCann documentary

What type of course is this Peter?
Is this one i can do and, if so what is the cost please?

Alexandra said...

Off Topic: Re: Brangelina break-up: Very limited info regarding what caused the split. Angelina filed for divorce and either she or her spokesperson is asking for privacy but is saying that Angelina filed for divorce "for the health of the family". I thought that was an odd word to use--"health". Anyone have an SA take on it?
My first instinct is that Brad was doing something "unhealthy" that affected the family. It is is only one word "health"...but the opposite of "health" is "sickness" or "disease" which really makes me wonder if something bad was going on. Any thoughts?

Juli Henry said...

Why would police tell Terri to lie about her marital status? If you watch the interview, you will hear her say that. Marital status and divorce are public information, and anyone who is seriously nosy or curious only needs to look it up at the courthouse! Telling Terri to lie about it does not make sense.

Sella35 said...

I find it odd when Phoebe Depuckio says, AND....she says, "I believe she is alive, AND tell us what you did with her." The AND is similar to saying,'s trying to convince people listening. It sounds like AND to me at 54 seconds or so into the clip. Later it sounds like THEN...around 4:32 into the clip. Even if it is is still similar to using the word JUST to me...she is trying to convince me that Trista has Ayla when she really knows or believes it isn't true.

In part 3 Justins sister says, "OKAY, ON THE RECORD, I will say,Tha...(pause)... THAT WE do believe she is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE". Okay this is ODD, so we now know that the Depuckios do not think Ayla was abducted by aliens!! What would she say if it is off-the-record? Why does she change carefully from I to WE and pause...and of course she is out there somewhere...she doesn't say alive or dead. I believe that Christopher Columbus is out there somewhere...what the BLEEP!!!!!!

At 1:26 on the 3rd clip, the reporter asks his sister, "What would explain the blood?" The sister doesn't answer about blood. She says, "She had been vomiting QUITE a lot, she had lactose issues. " "So she had been sick." The reporter doesn't ask her about vomit, she asked her about blood. And the sister answers in past I find it odd she didn't say, Ayla but instead used SHE....We do not know what was cut from the film footage, but not once did the AUNT call her niece by her NAME!

The reporter asked her, "No foul play?" She then responds, "NO FOUL PLAY,....(and adds)" in the houseTHAT night." I wish the reporter would have said, "Was their foul play on the previous night, or in the morning?" No one knows EXACTLY when baby Ayla was killed. It must have happened before THAT night. She first mimics the question, NO FOUL PLAY , she adds "IN THE HOUSE THAT NIGHT." Maybe Ayla was killed outside, or maybe the night before, or maybe the morning in foul play that night tells me she was killed before THAT night. Sister also says, "He's my brother, he's a good father"...she never says he is a good father to Ayla. Maybe he is a good father to his other child(ren). he LOVED his daughter. (So he no longer loves her???) Oh never mind, she caught herself and adds, "STILL LOVES HER." (drops an important personal pronoun- HE) She does not say "HE still loves her."

Trudy said...

Good on you, Peter. You presented yourself very well on the Crime Watch clip.

Alexandra said...

Peter, Great job advocating for Ayla and Trista. I dont know how Trista keeps her composure with Justin. I also think, just as you pointed out Phoebe was bullying Trista, I believe she was also bullying Ayla. I think she was heavily involved in Ayla's demise.

Sella35 said...

I forgot to say.....It upsets me knowing, no one is being held accountable for this baby's MURDER! The report says their is plenty of evidence to show Ayla is dead. It should have said Ayla was killed, murdered by 4 people.

If their is PLENTY OF EVIDENCE..their is NO EXCUSE not to charge all 4 of the murderers. I understand the police can not put the finger on the person who did the actual killing.

If 4 people go in to rob a bank and 1 of the 4 shoot and kill someone...all 4 are culpable. All 4 are then charged with MURDER. So it should be with the life of an innocent child. 3 chose to not assist while 1 did the killing. ALL 4 BELONG IN PRISON. A baby doesn't start bleeding without a reason!!! Why are 4 adults, who are guilty of MURDER still walking the streets? Justin, Phoebe, Alicia and the EX! ALL 4 SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS and this angel should have JUSTICE! I do not think it was by chance Phoebe was "away from home" on the NIGHT they decided to report the false claim.

Peter, thank you for this post. I love your tie...and I will be seeing Bob Dylan Oct 22, and think of you and SA! :) Keep Ayla's murder in the media, so she can get justice someday.

New England Water Blog said...

OT. I agree with the first poster regarding the Jon Benet Ramsey case. After all these years it looks like the real answer has been found but it will be most instructive to have the brother raked over the SA coals...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Phoebe's whereabouts the night of Ayla's disappearance have been kept top secret? How is that even possible? If you look at the Horman case, everyone peripherally related to Kyron's whereabouts before, during and after the time of Kyron's disappearance have been placed under a microscope. Phoebe can just say "Id rather not say where I was" and OK, no problem?!?!

Linguistically, Phoebe blamed Ayla for JUStIN'S pain during the "fall" that broke Ayla's arm, as she specifically said she was more worried about his wrist which had allegedly been broken into a million pieces previously while snowboarding. I can extract from that that Phoebe's extreme reversal of reality where Ayla was being, in essence, demonized by Phoebe for having been physically abused (oh poor Justin he may have hurt his wrist while breaking Ayla's arm) may very well have been responsible for Ayla's murder. Why else in God's name would she reverse reality like that and demonize Ayla?!?! Phoebe's language contains the most significant leakage also regarding "Pandora's Box" as well as "Good Samaritan": These things always led me to believe Phoebe disposed of Ayla and that someone (a Good Samaritan) may have seen Phoebe's car somewhere while she was disposing of Ayla and asked if Phoebe needed help, was her car broken down?
The fact that Trista restrains herself from punching Justin in the face after her baby has been declared dead and missing under his watch and the fact she says she sees in his eyes that he wants to tell but is scared leads me to believe Phoebe must have masterminded the plan and Trista senses something like that. This is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

May be you just bout gots it figured out Sella35.

Anonymous said...

It is so messed up they are not charging any in the house, especially after having just watched all 3 segments...the cops actually have a theory that after she was killed and blood spread all over the house that she was wrapped in a blanket and put into something--(I couldn't understand what Trista said she was put into)...if cops have some kind of evidence of exactly what she was disposed in how in the hell do they not have enough evidence to charge? They have the blood evidence. I could prosecute this friggin case. You have MORE than enough circumstantial evidence to charge the child's guardian who was present in the home. It makes absolutely no sense why they are not prosecuting. You have a history of abuse towards Ayla. The case is a slam dunk as far as putting Justin behind bars.

Anonymous said...

You have blatant telegraphing "You will not see Ayla again" (There's nothing subtle here!)
LIfe insurance policy taken out days before disappearance
Blood evidence
History of physical abuse
Missing person (toddler)

I could prosecute the case. It's a tightly woven case. There is no room for any "reasonable doubt". I could prosecute this with not one juror having any reasonable doubt that Justin and Co. killed Ayla. Everything, everything points to Justin (and Phoebe).

tania cadogan said...

In part 3 Justins sister says, "OKAY, ON THE RECORD, I will say,Tha...(pause)... THAT WE do believe she is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE".

This is stating the obvious since she is not in the house or in their care ie. In here, Ayla must therefore be out there.

Peter Hyatt said...

Use the contact at the website to sign up for courses.

Nic said...

@ Alexandra,
My first instinct is that Brad was doing something "unhealthy" that affected the family. It is is only one word "health"...but the opposite of "health" is "sickness" or "disease" which really makes me wonder if something bad was going on. Any thoughts?

Fighting makes for an "unhealthy" environment.

Both are rumoured to have dabbled/used drugs, from pot (BP) to heroin (AJ). If I recall correctly, AJ is on record about heroin.

I heard a rumour about there being an affair and there being fallout from it. Something you would read more about in the months to come.

Alexandra said...

Nic, Yes I read about Brad's affair. I dunno. My read on the energy of the whole thing: Brad and Angie had a lot of chemistry in Mr and Mrs Smith, yet I always got a very heavy vibe off of them as a couple. If you look at Angie w Billy Bob, I think they were perfect for each other...they are both kinda crazy but I think Billy Bob's whackiness was a good kind of whackiness that made her feel safe and less whacky, and I think he got a kick out of her.
Angie with Brad, there was a heavy, sad, trapped vibe even early on. I dont think they felt comfortable or relaxed around each other. Also, I have felt that vibe around couples where the husband is oppressive and abusive to the whole family, yet Brad seems so "benign", yet is he?
Now, regarding, the "health" of the family, I would not be surprised if info comes out that Brad was violent to either the kids, her, or both. Why? Have you ever seen the "Tree Of Life"? Phenomenal movie in which I thought Brad Pitt had done his only superb acting job, but was it really acting? He plays a father whose mere presence is scary like at any moment he could lash out. It really was a uniquely good acting job bc Brad is scary without being blatantly sinister which is a lot if times how some of these actors pull of being scary like the actor in "Sleeping With the Enemy"....he is scary but it's kinda over the top sinister...with Brad in "Tree of Life"...he is scary but it's a more subtle, believable acting job. Now I never thought Brad was that great of an actor..,so, maybe it wasnt really acting? Jmo.

Anonymous said...

Out of her very own mouth...

Nic said...

It interesting how I was conditioned when I was growing up, to "interpret"/create a narrative that didn't exist because it wasn't "nice" to say otherwise and how it's warped my perception of "reality". I am raising my kids very differently, but it doesn't preclude the fact that my filter is still very much "warped" as proved by the above-mentioned confrontation you analysed.

September 21, 2016 at 10:39 AM

Anonymous said...

Huh? What is your point? ^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Can you analyze the Burke Ramsey interview with Dr. Phil?