Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Terri Horman Statement

"I saw him walking down to his room. My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door. That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."

Terri Horman, the step mother of murdered Kyron Horman, recalling the last time she saw him, 6 years ago.  

Terri Horman has been indicated for deception in what happened to Kryon Horman.  

It is an interesting choice of words.   She does not say "I saw him walking to his room" but "walking down" to his room.  That she has been deceptive previously, and that police have suspected that she dumped the little boy in water, the word "down" is an extra, unnecessary word in the sentence. 

We may also note that she clarifies this as her "vision" and not what she saw.  Yet, even here, in the choice of words, the chilling imagery of the "back of his head" may contain truth, as the "vision" portion comes from somewhere, and it is not likely that she killed him while facing him but turning him away from her.  

She next uses "door" which has long been associated with sexual abuse, with an adult victim of childhood sexual abuse sometimes using this word in the free editing process 

She does not say, 

"I saw him walk to his classroom" being "almost in the classroom";  instead opting for "door" and the descriptive, "down" in the sentence.  

Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse were traumatized by the abuse (some predated speech) and the opening of a "door" was something that may be a 'sensory' memory that is predominant in that the elevated hormones (fear, fight/flight) came at the precise moment the door was being opened (or closed behind the perpetrator after he entered the room), embedding this memory so deeply into the brain that 'door' enters the language, as she considers what she did to Kyron.  

In her vision she "sees", in the present tense, while mentioning her body posture (sit) which gets our attention with an increase in pressure for her. 

Although she "sees" in the present, she does not continue in consistent speech:

"This is what I think" but "that's my last thought" which not only changes verb tense (time), but it is her "last thought" rather than her last recollection.  

She calls this her "vision" (with the pronoun "my" taking ownership) but then shows the struggle with present tense (sitting) and past tense, the last time she saw him. 

This is the linguistic struggle that deceptive people have.  She wants to convince of one thing, while her brain knows something else.  While speaking she has a duality of words:  she goes into memory bank where the brain knows precisely what happened to Kyron, but she does not want to reveal this, yet she must choose some words to use. 

Hence, we have 'leakage' in Statement Analysis. 

Leakage, or the inadvertent release of information, stems from the conflict that deceptive people experience.  This is why we bring them to the free editing process and do not interrupt them.  As they speak, the information comes out, and we ask our follow up questions using only the subject's language; even when analyzing on the fly. 

Her "vision" is a tense attempt to communicate something she knows is not truthful, yet she can gain confidence and some level of stress reduction, by choosing words from experiential memory, such as seeing the back of his head. 


Anonymous said...

some save science bracelets for the occasion?

stop_playing_dumb said...

"Vision" is also important because Kyron had very poor eyesight. "The back of his head" is also significant. Amazing that she made these statements.

Matilda said...

Good analysis Peter! Some of Kaine's statements are also quite disturbing.

Matilda said...


Do you think it's odd Terri uses the word "room" instead of "classroom"?

Tania Cadogan said...

"I saw him walking down to his room. My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door. That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."


Who is the Him to whom she refers?
Why not use his name which is Kyron?
Why not say the lasst time i saw Kyron , he was walking to class and was almost at the door.
"I saw him walking down to his room.

His room would imply his bedroom rather than classroom, otherwise she would have said classroom or even just class.
She introduces the word down making it a qualifier and sensitive.
Why would position and direction be included when not necessary?
Does downDownMy vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door.
She refers to a vision which is something often related to imagination, something in the mind's eye, as opposed to an actual view or sight.

She doesn't tell us she last saw the back of his head almost at the door, only that it was a vision, something she visualised.

What did she do when his head was almsot at the door, that she didn't stay to see him enter the classroom?

She saw him walking down to his room.
Her vision is of the back of his head almost at the door.
A change in language is a change in reality.

Note also she talks in the present tense rather than the expected past tense, is rather the expected was

She tells us My vision of him is the back of his head
Why only the back of his and not simply his back?
Why not say i saw him get almost at the classroom door.

Why specify a single body part?
If the back of his head was almost at the door, where was the rest of him?

She still hasn't told us it was in school or at the door to his classroom which, if she was innocent of involvement would be burned into her mind, seeing him walking to class and just at the door to his classroom.
This leads me to wonder if she last saw him at the door to his bedroom?

That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."
This is close, that is distancing, here she uses the word that twice in the sentence making it sensitive.
For there to be a that there has to be a this
She introduces body posture which indicates stress and sensitivity.
Does she think of him only when she is sat in her current location being interviewed?
Does she not think of him any other time?
See is appropriate here as she is talking of the present moment.

that's my last thought." This is the same as saying "that's all i know" or that's all i can say" or that's it"
It is seeking to end the topic as it is sensitive.

Her last view of him is sensitive, she doesn't tell us what she actually saw as it would incriminate her in his death, instead she tells us of her vision, which is not reality, rather it is a fabrication of realty, a fabrication of her reality.

Tania Cadogan said...


This would lead me to wonder if he actually made it to school since her vision makes no sense.

If she was in the corridor and watched him walk to the classroom so he was almost at the door then it is probable he would have walked into the classroom and been seen by the teacher and/or fellow pupils.
She would also have seen if there was anyone else in the corridor given she claims he was snatched from school.
If she saw the door and Kyron almost at it, she would have seen the alleged abductor since he would have to have been practically lying in wait to pounce and grab Kyron.

Had someone tried to grab Kyron just as he was almost at the door there would have been noises, Kyron shouting perhaps or maybe the sound of a struggle.
Given he was almost at the door to the classroom allegedly then it is highly probable the teacher, fellow pupils or others going to their classes would have seen something.
The same also goes for removing him from the school.
There would have been an unknown vehicle in the parking lot which, would have been noticed as it wasn't recognised as a regular, it would have been commented on, especially if the parking lot only had a few vehicles in it.

The alleged abductor would also have to get Kyron out the building and into the vehicle taking a big risk in being spotted by people coming into the parking lot, spotted perhaps from a window, of a child being carried or manhandled into the lot and then the vehicle.
There would also be the risk of CCTV in the building and also facing out into the parking lot, playground and generally around the external building as general security.

She speaks about the back of his head almost at the door, i wonder if he was killed from behind?

Is she describing truthfully what she saw, the last moments of Kyron before he was killed?

Is she describing truthfully what she saw, the back of his head almost at the car door?

She uses the term his room which indicates the room belongs to him specifically.
She uses the term the door but doesn't tell us what the door relates to nor its location.

Is there any independent evidence he was even at the school that day?

Matilda said...

Terri said

"I saw him walking down to his room. My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door. That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."

From reading this statement, do you think it could also be leakage that Terri lured him somewhere? Like that she brought him somewhere and had him enter a room? Maybe someone else in the room is actually the one who killed him.

This is the thought that came to mind when reading this statement. Probably the primary reason for this is that she does not use the word "classroom" but the word "room".

It would explain too what Peter pointed out which is her drawing from experiential memory as well as what Peter pointed out with the word "door" having sinister connotations. What if she had brought him somewhere maybe somewhere he felt safe and told him to go into a room and there was someone in that room who killed him?

stop_playing_dumb said...

She knows he didn't get to his room. She said "almost" at the door. Why didn't she say at the door or near the door. Almost at the door. Almost made it. She knows.

The door can also mean a car or truck door.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

"I saw him walking down to his room."- Could this be truthful? His room could be his bedroom, his classroom, or a room designated as "his" if he was being held there by a kidnapper

"My vision of him..."- "Vision"? As Peter says, she is not saying she saw him here. The need to switch from actual sight to a vision is alarming and signals she is withholding information. Vision is used in reference to an imaginary scenario, reference to a apparition ("haunting"), or a prediction of a future event.

"My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door."- As Tania said above (8:41 PM Jan. 20), why only the back of his head? Positionally, we have may Terri above him with "walking down" and "the back of his head" together. What transpired that she envisions him "almost at the door"? The action, walking down almost at the door, is incomplete. Did something occur just prior to entering the door? What door? The classroom door? the door to his room? The truck door? One of the school doors (back parking lot door, boiler room door, side entrance to the soccer field & side-parking lot door? Someone else's vehicle door?

I find it interesting, given Kyron's pronounced poor vision that Terri uses sight words three times in such a short time span: saw, vision, see. Equally intriguing is that LE handed out fliers of Kyron with and without his glasses. IIRC, there were even fliers with pictures of his glasses specifically. So, we have a potential look-alike truck that LE distributed fliers and questionnaires about, a look-alike red-headed friend of Terri's (who co-workers looked for and were unable to locate on the landscaping job grounds that morning), and Kyron's teacher reporting Terri told her Kyron had a Dr. appt that morning. Did something happen to Kyron's glasses after the Science Fair set-up picture Terri took (marking him at the school that morning)? Was Kyron then directed to meet Terri at the truck [for a Dr. appt?], with Terri observing from the top of the stairwell to make sure he got to the [outside/side entry] door to exit the school? Was there indeed a truck waiting with a red-headed Mom-Terri look-alike to a very visually impaired little boy?

Anonymous said...

Peter, or anyone willing to help, could you please analyze this FB statement made by Noah Chamberlin's mother, Destiny? It was written about 3 days after he went missing.


(In the pictures section on this page): note: I inserted the paragraph breaks for easier reading.

My broken heart is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and prayer from across the world! Every person involved in finding my son- from the military to the law to the church families and to the civilian volunteers- your sacrifices to stay and find my son do not go unnocticed! I appreciate each of you so much!

To those across the world praying- thank you and keep those prayers coming- that is such a big help to me and my husband and my daughter and my family. Its encouraging us to keep on going! I have my faith in Jesus and know that He knows what He is doing and He is in total control of this!

I woke up from a crummy few hrs of sleep this morning to a sermon of Charles stanley and it was about when you dont understand why. And the first verse was Romans 8:28, that is why I posted it to my page this am. It was a reminder from God to me knowing that He is doing good in this and I praise Him for that!

I cannot wait until the moment my baby is back in my arms again and i can heat that sweet little voice calling mommy. Each moment that passes and he is not here is harder than the next but I know and believe my Jesus is a good God! And that He is sovereign!

----end quote

Also, on the same page,
I seen a post made by someone helping search, and it said that his (Noah's) mother had been out looking, and yelling for him, saying "It's time to go night night now". That statement sounds very concerning.

Things in her post that concern me:

She never says his name, Noah. She mentions him 4x... 2 times he is "my son", once he is "my baby" and the other is when she says "he is not here".

The post starts with her saying she is heartbroken. Then she immediately goes into praising military, law enforcement, etc. Her son had been missing for 3 days and she is already praising them. (Actually she praised them on day 2 as well but that post has since disappeared).

She only talks about herself, how she had a "crummy" sleep, how much Jesus is helping her. She never discusses the way Noah is feeling..possibly cold, scared, hurt, etc. There is no indication that she is really even worried about him.

Any thoughts?

elf said...

Wasn't there some kind of confusion about Kyron having a dentist or Dr appointment that day that Terri had mentioned to his teacher? And that's why the teacher wasn't alarmed by his absence on the day of the science fair?
What she's saying now makes me wonder if she took Kyron to school to drop off his project then took him back home and that's where it happened. Terri saying he was walking to his room instead of his class or classroom makes me think he was at home.
I also wonder at the choice of words (if they are hers and not just a headline) that she didn't kill her stepson. Isn't it expected that even a step parent would be clinging to the hope of Kyron being alive still if he was abducted? Especially since kids have been rescued that have been stranger abductions, like Shawn Hornbeck, Elizabeth Smart, the three young women in Cleveland, etc. Why wouldn't she say something hopeful? It's like immediately jumping the gun that he's dead. Which someone would only know for sure if they did it or saw it done.
I didn't think much of her saying 'down ' because I say down and up all the time lol I'm gonna go up to the store or I went down to my stepdaughter house, at my mom's we always went over to the store because it was across the street. My favorite is when my step dad would go down to The Wal-Mart :)
She gave away a lot of information in those two sentences. I wonder what else she said in that interview?

Matilda said...


Terri said

"I saw him walking down to his room. My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door. That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."

I agree with your thought that Terri is seeing him from the perspective of looking down from the top of some stairs as he "walked down to his room".

You also suggested a "boiler room".
I had looked carefully at this case, and had always felt that Kyron had been kept somewhere inside the school at least until the people from the science fair left. I do not beleive Terri walked out of the school with Kyron while there were all those people from the science fair bustling about. A) Noone saw them. B) It would have been too great a risk that someone would have seen him leaving with her. Other aspects of the case also led me to believe that he was held inside the school somewhere ie a janitor's closet, boiler room.

People tend to disregard the fact that Kyron's friend had said he was going downstairs (I believe it was downstairs) to see some cool electrical project when in fact there were no projects located on other floors. Because they are locked into thinking that Terri left the building with him.

I believe Terri was involved and that another individual had to have been involved also. I don't tend to think it was her gardener friend.

Matilda said...


Good point, good question.

You wrote

She tells us My vision of him is the back of his head
Why only the back of his and not simply his back?
Why not say i saw him get almost at the classroom door.

I think that she focuses on the back of his head and states this because at time she was hyperfocused on where he was looking, that he was NOT looking back at her and also, disturbingly, I feel she was focused on what or who he would see when he opened the door, in other words, the situation that he was walking into.

So much can be gleaned from her choice of these words that she was looking at the "back of his head"--it suggests that Terri had tricked him into walking towards "the door" perhaps telling him that whatever was behind the door would be really cool (perhaps the "cool electrical science project" that didn't exist that Kyron had told his friend he was going to go see. And that Terri was focused on whether he was looking back at her, was he going to keep walking forward, not look back, not turn back towards Terri, and enter the door.

elf said...

Too much about God and about how God knows best. What God would think it best for a child to be missing? It's like little Cooper Harris mom saying he's in a better place now.

mom2many said...

OT Statement found on Craigslist house listing:
This home was used the past four years by my daughter during her college tenure. She graduated in December and now needs to move on to her new employment. We are not local so the house is up for rapid sale. House has five bedrooms and two baths. Daughter rented our four rooms at $75 per room per week. She never had vacancies. Only rented to females that were fully vetted for criminal and financial issues.

Bad: house is in what was/is one of Murfreesboro's less desired neighborhoods; however, that is rapidly changing due to the need for affordable housing in the greater Nashville market. House has partial HVAC, uneven floors (needs some foundational levelling), and needs some painting, floor resurfacing/covering, new rear door jamb, etc...

Good: it is 2000 SQ.FT., close to everything in Murf, five blocks from campus, four blocks from square, four blocks from MTSU's new MBA campus, city has upgraded roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure nearby, four new houses adjacent, and within two blocks of "old money" Murfreesboro's most coveted homes on Main Street, new fencing, new vinyl windows, re-roofed in 2011, new upstairs wiring and HVAC air handler in 2010, etc... Within a few years the legacy image of East State Street (on which the house is located) will change and no home on such a nice lot will sell for that price given the expected population growth.

A bargain home price. We simply need to turn the property due to her graduation. New student: buy the home and save campus housing costs and then rent the rooms and make you some spending money (parents...this worked for us!)

I see dropped pronouns and need to persuade, particularly with regard to the neighborhood. But I'm most interested in the missing pronoun here, "Only rented to females that were fully vetted for criminal and financial issues." Was this the agreement with the daughter, but she didn't follow through? Who would intentionally put a houseful of young college women in a bad neighborhood? Did they know it was bad when they bought it?

Matilda said...


I just read the rest of your post. Kyron did make it to school because Terri took pictures of him with his science fair project at the science fair at school before school started. I agree with every question you raised however about how Kyron's abduction would have occurred from the school. My personal opinion is that the only truly possible scenario is that he was kept in a room at the school until the people from the science fair left or even until the entire school day was over. This, however, is not a popular view. However, I do not beleive Terri could have walked out of the school with Kyron with all those people around and not have been seen.

Juli Henry said...

Door? Which door? She doesn't say. Also, five years is a typical statute of limitations in a lot of states for certain crimes and civil torts. Not for murder, but for other things. Could that be one of the reasons she waited for over five years to say anything? She STILL hasn't done a thing to help find Kyron!

lynda said...

I think John posted an actual transcript of the interview with all the ums, stutterings, breaks in sentences in another thread. Very rarely in that transcript does she not stutter on the pronoun "I" she stutters it at least twice many times. I agree it was leakage and believe that she either hit/shot him in the back of the head or strangled him from behind.

John...can you bring over that transcript that you did on Teri when you get a chance.


Looks like they are close to charges being made.

Anonymous said...

What worries me about this case is the ethics of Mr Klein and if he has built this case on facts, or tried to make the case fit what he thinks are the facts. He is known for framing someone and is currently being sued for $8 Million dollars because of it. Maybe he is a genius and a dishonest story has been spun about him, but his reputation isn't the best, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Is there some significant milestone coming up? He disappeared in June, so what - other than guilt - is prompting her to finally speak?

I can still see the photo of her in Kaine's arms, taken after Kyron's disappearance. He looks devastated and bewildered; her eyes are so empty, her face so obviously phony and shallow it's chilling.

But it only takes the first domino among these survival-first sociopaths, and once she or her accomplices start leaking, they'll all kick into survival mode.

Terri is not the type to do her own dirty work though. She would manipulate somebody else into it, then hold it over the person or people to ensure silence.

But she would be more likely to sell him than just erase him. Whether to a kind family with money who badly wants to adopt, or a feces stain pervert would make literally no difference; whichever is the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Lol! 5 bdrms in 2000 sq ft? Must be closet sized~
Any neighborhood with a houseful of college girls is going to be bad soon. Lol! Throwing parties and then amazed at the crime taking over the other this advertiser heard a lot of complaints about the neighborhood.

Maybe something like this would be better:
5 bdrm, 2 bath fixer-upper near college campuses and historic district for sale. Recent improvements include new fencing, vinyl windows, and roof less than 5 years old. Nice sized lot with room for children, garden, etc. Priced to sell!

(This advertiser has reservations about living there herself; but it is college material)

Who knows? Maybe the kids can get together and terrorize the other neighbors into selling quickly too and they can flip those homes while attending school.

New England Water Blog said...

A denial from Amy Shumer

'I am being accused of stealing jokes and I wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name because I would never ever do that and would never have.'

lynda said...

Anonymous said...
What worries me about this case is the ethics of Mr Klein and if he has built this case on facts, or tried to make the case fit what he thinks are the facts. He is known for framing someone and is currently being sued for $8 Million dollars because of it. Maybe he is a genius and a dishonest story has been spun about him, but his reputation isn't the best, to say the least

I know the "backward speech" guy is all over him like a feral dog...BUT, FBI and local LE have been working with him unlike Mr.Frank Vilt, PI and he has turned over all info to them. Also, LE themselves had a media release stating they had "new leads" so I have a tendency to believe this might actually be true and we can finally find out what happened to this poor boy.

rob said...

If Terri was too stressed to be polygraphed (but none of the other parents were), then maybe she should go back to LE and volunteer to take another one now. If she truly wants to clear the air and move on.
She has tried to change her name, no luck on that yet. She has moved out of state. I would guess she may try a major make-over in her looks next.
But why is she telling her story now? what's in it for her? My guess is she's getting ready to write a book and tell her story of how horrible it is to be falsely accused. Maybe it's already written and she's getting ready to publish. A girls got to make some money somehow.
Something's up, she didn't come out of the woodwork for no reason. She has moved on from her daughter with no problem, no fight for her.

lynda said...

In other news.....

Davey had the great Perry Noble sub pastor this past Sunday. If my dad was a Pastor and showed up looking like Perry did to preach..I would crawl under the seat in embarrassment. The whole production was just..wrong. From Davey having people stand so Perry could see how his "investment" was paying off, to the backward ball caps and to tight t shirt and leather jacket that Perry was me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not to mention, davey is still hawking for contributions to himself

snap said...

This case is what originally got me interested in Statement Analysis.
I lived in Oregon at the time and this was a big case for a long time.
I would definitely say that Terri Horman has guilty knowledge.
For a long long long time I was absolutely sure she did it. Because of her behavior.
Then other pieces slowly started to come together.
One question that drove me to further thinking was:
How on Earth was she able to get the very best attorneys in the State of Oregon?
Who pays for him and why? Not only is he an effective lawyer; but, he pretty much only takes a certain kind of case.
Some facts that may explain Terri's affect: Terri was adopted, but not immediately-maybe a month delay- as a new born. Personally I think at times Terri behavior is consistent with persons who have Radical Attachment Disorder. This does not mean she is a murderer. Just a little disconnected/distant in her relationships and behavior- no genuine deep trust. Never feels completely safe.
It was reported initially that Terri and Kane were part of a swingers group in the PDX area. This lead me to think that might have compromised Kyron somehow. But I do not necessarily think so; at least not directly.
Kane worked and works for Intel. Intel is a HUGE employer for PDX. They went to a lot of effort to "assist" Kane during this time. A lot of people wanted to simply pin this on Terri for a lot of reasons. One thing I do know about Intel employees is that they have an interesting collective tribe "consciousness"/reality. I worked with them on a few occasions and they play by different rules. They are a little off. A little twisted as a group.
Another fact of this case is that Kane used steroids. They both worked out at the gym. But Kane used steroids. Many reports have indicated that steroids were sold at the Gym that they went to.
And here is where I believe it gets the most interesting. The cops in that greater PDX area have had a ton of trouble with steroid use- raging. There have been huge legal cases and there is a connection to illegal steroid dealing and use by the cops. Steroids and Rage are a big problem in this country with some cops. There has been a huge cover up.
Terri was a narc. She reported the cop dealer because she wanted Kane to stop using. Her phone call is documented. Her mistake was that she thought she could be anonymous.
I believe Kyron's "disappearance" was a retaliation (hence: guilty knowledge or just plain guilt) Kyron disappeared within about 24 hours of a related arrest and warrants issued on the steroid ring.
The chain of corruption involves some judges and at least one district attorney--- some of whom were initially representing/managing Kane
Also, if you want some good statements to analyze check out Terri's gardener friend- Spicer. If she is not telling the truth, then I do not know what truth looks like.
Also, PDX has some serious issues with their backpages. The owner (by way of a marriage) of which was instrumental in getting rid of a good governor. Children and backpages are a bad deal.
For at least a year I was certain that Terri really was the witch they needed to get to speak. I am glad I never wrote anything about it. Because now I am more sure and less emotional that she did not do it- this is a huge inner corruption of the legal/law-enforcement system. There will be a ball busting law suit if Terri can get through this alive. I just hope this was not part of the reason they had to get rid of the governor before he acted. I hope it is true he was removed because he did not consider an ethical problem with his lady's business dealings.

Anonymous said...

He was at school. The picture clearly demonstrates that fact. Someone must have seen him. Omission of facts sells tabloids and helps others with their reality show terrorism.

Now they need to work to find out what happened in between instead of hoping he's dead like they did in the Rain Peterson disappearance.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought is that Terri smashed his head into a door. I was looking for leakage in her language. May sound terrible, but that,s the first place my mind went. Maybe I,ve obeen reading here too long.

Anonymous said...


Amy Schumer is being accused of stealing jokes. Here are her responses...

"On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke."

Schumer also appeared on the Jim Norton Advice Show to defend herself against stealing jokes. She says, "I'm being accused of stealing jokes and I wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name because I would never, ever do that and I never have."


C5H11ONO said...

"My vision of him is the back of his head"

If she is claiming she saw him walking to his classroom, then surely there is a reason that her "vision" of him is just "the back of his head". It must play over and over in her mind.

Lucky for us, a narcissist just can't keep quiet. I remember how long it took for the crazy nut Josh Powell to speak, but he did. She's just dying to do the same.

Anonymous said...

"This gal seems to have anti-freeze in her veins. I mean she's under a lot of pressure," retired Portland police captain C.W. Jensen told ABC News. "I mean the investigation, the family turning against her, the community turning against her, a divorce a separation from her child -- all these that's a lot of pressure but it seems that she has the hubris so far to push herself through."

Seems to be a continuing theme. Perhaps the police chief and the former FBI agent thought if her thermostat blew, her head gaskets would go, two. Perhaps this is a nationwide epidemic of auto-policing.

C5H11ONO said...

Anonymous mom2many said...
"Only rented to females that were fully vetted for criminal and financial issues."
If it was a house in a bad neighborhood, I suspect the house was rented by a bunch of strippers. don't they all say they are stripping to pay their way through college? That's probably how they are stretching the truth. I wouldn't be surprised if the talk around the neighborhood was about it being a house of ill-repute.

Anonymous said...


Lol! Not only does the person have a house for sale, but a business plan as well.

Why mention the gender and background checks?

mom2many said...

Anon @ 6:03
Your listing is much improved! The mother is pushing too hard. I lol'd at the new house-flipping side business.

C5, your thoughts are pretty much what I was thinking, too. The Google Earth shot shows a boarded up house. I didn't look to see what year the image was taken.

mom2many said...

OT - Also, the weekly room rental amount certainly doesn't imply a college target. I would expect a monthly or semester rental fee. Who wants students in and out weekly?

VLW said...

Snap, I live in the Pacific Northwest/Portland area and I've never heard any of this about a steroid cover-up/PDX/etc. Where are you getting your info?

Trigger said...

"My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door."

This sounds odd. Almost like something a husband or boyfriend would say when a woman leaves them, then breakup violence erupts. What follows is, "I just snapped" and hit her.

I could imagine a violent man saying, "My vision of her is the back of her head almost at the door, at that moment I snapped, then realized that I had just killed her."

The focus of the attacker is the back of the head so the victim cannot see the attacker coming at them. This would make the attack easier to execute as the victim would not have time to defend themselves or run away from the attack.

Anonymous said...

Mom, maybe the window replacement was necessary.
Some are forcing abandoned homes to have a poly type plexiglass installed instead of boarded windows as not to destroy the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Broken windows and graffiti can and will destroy a perfectly good neighborhood in a short time.

VLW said...

And all this about Kyron Horman brings me to another mystery... when is LE going to do something about the Hailey Dunn murder and also about little Ayala's disappearance (and probably murder?)

lynda said...

Thank you CJ for transcript. As I stated before, she repeatedly stutters on the pronoun "I" which is sensitivity/take note.

"I saw the bus go up the hill and he wasn’t on that side of the bus, we kind of looked at each other like well he must be on the other side coming down the hill and so it went up and came down and the bus driver Jennifer stopped and she said “He’s not on the bus.” And that was our first inkling that something was wrong. I borrowed Jennifer’s cell phone to call the school. That’s when I learned he had not been at school that day and had been unaccounted for for six hours. And nobody called me and that’s when the panic set in"

change of pronouns. She saw bus go up hill, changes to "we" saw it coming down other side. "Our" was something wrong. Then change again to "I" borrowed the phone, called, learned, nobody called ME, panic.

She makes excuses for failing the first poly but does not mention the 2nd and 3rd. Nor does she mention her location being pinged and her denial she was there. She never speaks about Kyron...what is HE going thru, what he went thru, etc. It's all about her. She states she doesn't know what happened but then says "she thinks someone took him" Does she know what happened or not.
Weve already been thru the "vision"

She definitely has guilty knowledge and I'm prone to believe that she murdered him where her phone pinged, or that is where his body is.

Whatever happened with that "friend" of hers that wouldn't talk? Where is she in all this now?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Mom, since she is SELLING house, she does need to persuade. The dropped pronouns mean nada. In fact, she said too much already. She isn't persuading well.

Obviously she felt it safe for her daughter or her daughter talked her into buying the house while going to school. If she had others living there it would be safer (in her mind that is).

She needs to sell the house. Old boarded up windows mean nothing either. It's what it looks like now that counts. It will sell better prior to the beginning of school instead of in the winter.

mom2many said...

Anon @ 1:01
Sure, there is an element of persuasion necessary to sell a house, but I've read a lot of craigslist house listings and this one stood out. Most listings are very matter-of-fact. There is sensitivity in her story, and it might work against her selling the house quickly. I found it an interesting example of a non-crime related statement. Since my family is hoping to move out-of-state towards the summer time, I'm trying to learn about the area and hone my senses to try to avoid major deception. Now I know to avoid this particular area.

Whether or not the boarded up windows are meaningful depends on when the photo was taken. To me, it lends something to the analysis of the neighborhood, and potentially how well the house has been cared for, especially if it sat vacant for a length of time. If the photo was taken while her daughter occupied the house, that'd be something else again.

lynda said...


I thought the bus "storytelling" and the detail of the makeup was noted by me as well. Plus she states
"What if I, I didn’t wear makeup that day? What if I had took five minutes to put makeup on would that have changed everything, would have that changed the, the butterfly effect?"

Her first sentence implies that the time it took to put on her make up could have affected what happened. The next sentence, she denies putting on make up by stating what if I had taken those 5 minutes to put on make up? She's stating she wore make up and then says she didn't ..which is it? I'm unsure about SA principle here but when someone states they DID something to alter time, then states they DIDN'T do that particular the whole statement a lie then? If yes, why mention it at all? Would this just be a pathological lie for no reason? There is no gain to her.
It was "we" when they were looking and waiting for bus, then she takes ownership of everything after that which was the awareness that something was amiss.

lynda said...

I also think her "vision" is an odd thing to say in terms of, she is on her way out, there's kids going to class, so busy hallways and she what? Stopped in her tracks to watch the back of his head going towards his room?

Skeptical said...

I have been reading this blog for several years. Today it made me sad because the missing children it has profiled are frozen in time. They never got the chance to grow up. Kyron would be 13. Hailey Dunn would be a high school graduate. Jon Benet would be in her twenties. Caylee Anthony would be 10. So many more; a litany of the missing and the dead.

Anonymous said...

Peter - If you're interested in doing SA on this case, I know I'd definitely like to hear it.

Laila Marie Daniels (murdered), aged 2, was beaten and starved so bad, her pancreas was split in 2. Foster mom Jennifer Rosenbaum denies child abuse and murder allegations, stating that the child died as a result of her attempts to use the Heimlich maneuver while Laila was choking. The autopsy reports that "... [Leila] did not choke."


Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Lynda, i also spotted she t6alked about a first polygraph and failing and explaining why, yet makes no mention of other polygraphs of which there had to be at least one.
Did she fail those and well and her deaf excuse didn't or wouldn't have worked?

Next i saw this.

I was never asked in any polygraph if I had murdered Kyron, if I had harmed him in any way. Those are questions you would think that you would ask somebody if you were concerned that, about a child missing. I was willing to talk about anything. I want him home and yet those kind of ques–, the questions you would consider to be pertinent never, never came to light.

Uh, the answer is no. I never harmed my son. I never wanted to harm my husband. And there, there is just so much information that is not being told to the public

look at her question.
she claims she was never asked if I had murdered Kyron, if I had harmed him in any way.
Personally i doubt she was not asked said questions, either exactly as phrased (bad) or using her own language(good)
Note though she answers Uh, the answer is no. I never harmed my son. I never wanted to harm my husband.
She does not answer her own questions.
She does not say I did not murder Kyron instead she only answers the lesser question I never harmed my son.
Even then note her language.
Never does not mean did not.
She also goes beyond the boundaries of her own question by answering I never wanted to harm my husband. making her answer sensitive.

What has changed that has brought her out to make a statement after all the years of stoic silence?

Vicki said...

Plus it's "I had murdered Kyron" and " I had harmed him" embedded.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Search for Noah:Volunteers and Donations
3 mins ·

‪#‎Breaking‬: Sheriff Weaver confirms ‪#‎NoahChamberlin‬ found 1.5 miles from family's home. Asks for prayers for family. ‪#‎FindNoah‬

elf said...

I was hoping for a better ending. Poor little guy :(

elf said...

She could be telling the truth about not harming her son because her real son is older and still alive. Kyron was not her son. Not biologically.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with house hunting. Go see it first and go through the neighborhood at different times to get a feel for the area. 4 blocks away to a more expensive neighborhood means little as most criminals can walk or drive.

You are right, though. Strange ad. Describes and projects her thought process into the sale. Others may view it differently. Perhaps the garage has been converted and they'd prefer it back as it was.

Often bank repos sit a long time and that may be the reason for the broken windows. I knew one guy who had to wait two months for new windows after the first ones he ordered came in the wrong size. He lived in a boarded up house until they were replaced. Lol! Boy, was he hot! Big box stores...whatayougonnado?

Apple said...

I can't help but feel anger. Noah was found so close to where he went missing. My heart is broken for what he endured.

Apple said...

People mean well, there has been so much response to missing Noah on social media. There are many people who are hurting now after learning he was found deceased. However, or BUT, I do not like the saying "rest in peace" I keep reading. I do not like "he's an angel". I have a two year old. If I lost her, I would not want to imagine her resting in peace. Resting?? No, not a two year old. Running, playing and praising our Lord? Yes. Flying with angels?? Angels are separate from humans in the bible. We don't become them nor do them become us. It's a feel good saying. Wings? Where do people get that from the bible? I believe Noah is not resting but busy running and enjoying the kingdom of God. Off my pedestal..,

Juli Henry said...

"What has changed that has brought her out to make a statement after all the years of stoic silence?"

What has changed? The statute of limitations probably ran out on something. Not murder, but some other illegal activity in which Miss Terri was involved.

lynda said...


I did not know about the Ashton Kutcher movie with the Butterfly Effect, good catch! It does seem an odd turn of phrase for her to use. Unnecessary language, she's trying to persuade us and herself that things could have been different. It has NOTHING to do with her make up tho. At least I hope not. I hope that Kyron didn't mess with her make-up or make a mess with it and it so enraged her that she killed him.

In my day, way before Ashton Kutcher, it's called the "Chaos Theory". If I was speaking, I would never use the term butterfly, I would use Chaos. I think you are right CJ...she got that from a movie.

lynda said...

Just my opinion...

RE: Noah Chamberlin. About 3 days in I was getting more and more angry that this sheriff refused to bring in cadaver dogs or say that the search was no longer a rescue and was a recovery. Why did he do that?? Day SIX he was still insisting that he was in the woods and alive! Why would you do that to the parents? It was below 20 degrees most nights, he had no shoes, etc. That poor baby lasted a night or 2 at the most. So he let him lie out in the woods, already gone, for approx. 4 days because he was sure he was alive?? A mile and a half? A cadaver dog would have found him pronto and at least his parents would have known sooner that their boy was home. Ugh...just really peeved me off!

Lis said...

Lynda, and there's no way bringing in a cadaver dog would have harmed him if he was alive, either, if he was alive.

Lis said...

The back of the head statement is distressing. It's so focused, not on a *person* walking away, but this particular part of a person.

The back of the head is troubling.

The head is the person's personhood.

The head could be a target.

The back of the head is a place of vulnerability.

Why the focus on the back of his head.

Anonymous said...

RE: Noah Chamberlin

The Sheriff ran a piss poor search; he was in over his head and stubborn as hell. I have read so many posts that volunteer searchers made about wanting to go further, outside of the boundaries and they were told absolutely not. It was like the sheriff decided its was his way or the highway.

I wish someone would analyze the mother's statement, and also things the sheriff said.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, according to reports, cadaver dogs were used.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world did police make a special and hopeful announcement just yesterday about new evidence found by searchers in the woods (before his body was found)? Why did they always insist he was alive despite the conditions? Weird.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Desiree Young on Terri Horman's People interview




D_Train said...

Wow, I was just watching a video on this case last night.. thanks for posting. Please continue your fantastic work! Sending love from Australia :)

D_Train said...

Interesting the use of the word 'down' I recall this word coming up from the video I watched last night (from 1:17), Terri says; "We saw the bus go up the hill and he wasn't on that side of the bus we kinda looked at each other like he must be on the other side coming down the hill and so it went up and came down and the bus driver Jennifer stopped and she said he's not on the bus and that was our first inkling that something was wrong.."

Her focus is on the up/down of the bus, this side & that side.


Mickey q said...

I think she hit him on the back of the head to kill him. That's why she said it was her final image of him.

Anonymous said...

OT - Noah Chamberlin was found dead only 1/2 of a mile from where he was "last seen".

Does that sound fishy to anyone? A toddler traveling 1/2 of a mile when grandma only took her eyes off of him for a few minutes? I know adults who cant move that fast. And why wasn't that area searched? Why was the search radius set up from the house, and not from where he was last seen?

Something doesn't seem right.


Anonymous said...

Re: Noah Chamberlin. The sheriff confirmed during Tuesday's update that cadaver dogs were brought in on day one. Noah's body is going to be autopsied.

Just my opinion but I think fewer volunteers would have come if they were told they'd be looking for a corpse and that may be in part why the sheriff kept calling it a rescue rather than a recovery mission.

When LE said they were searching the paths of least resistence, meaning the trails, people on sm got mad and said they needed to look in the woods off the trails. Then everyone talked about the sinkholes and how they weren't being searched well enough until the fire chief explained that they used cameras on any holes they couldn't see into or feel into.

No matter what LE did people complained. It's hard for those who have never hiked in such a large area of woods to understand the challenges of the terrain and the dense undergrowth so it's not surprising. But don't blame the searchers who worked in bitter cold weather day and night trying to find little Noah. They'll be blaming themselves for a very long time to come, they don't need the public doing it for them.

Nanaof4 said...

Regarding People Magazines comments on Terri Horman's interview:

"That's absurd. People does not pay for interviews. Rumors of a book deal are false," said People spokeswoman Caitlin Faford.

This is not a reliable denial. People magazine may not pay for interviews, but we know they can pay for all sorts of stuff surrounding an interview. We learned the jargon in the Caylee Anthony case. The grandparents were not paid for their interview, but received money. Symantics.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The "rumors are false"; not that they have not signed her to a book deal. It is to deny rumors, rather than to deny a book deal.


looked away too soon said...

keep in mind and consider the effects steroids may have on emotions.

lynda said...

D_Train said...
"Interesting the use of the word 'down' I recall this word coming up from the video I watched last night (from 1:17), Terri says; "We saw the bus go up the hill and he wasn't on that side of the bus we kinda looked at each other like he must be on the other side coming down the hill and so it went up and came down and the bus driver Jennifer stopped and she said he's not on the bus and that was our first inkling that something was wrong.."

Her focus is on the up/down of the bus, this side & that side"


Great catch DJ...your last sentence could also substitute a boat for a bus. Moving up and down and side to side in the water (which is where I think Kyron is) Very curious since her phone pinged at Sauvie's Island where water abounds.

Anonymous said...


matilda said...

"vision of him walking down to his room"

What if Terri's medical language leakage (telling teacher Kyron had daughter apt, driving around to soothe baby's earache, buying medicine for earrache)...What if she really did take Kyron to a doctor? What if the room Kyron walked toward was his doctor appointment room "his room"? What if Terri's use of the word "vision" relates to the "vision chart" that is used to test kids' eyesight before they walk down to the appointment room? What if the doctor was somehow complicit in Kyron's disappearance?

matilda said...

Her leakage..."doctor appointment, soothing earache, bought medicine"...what if he was brought to a doctor who could have sedated him, he could have been a child trafficker, or he could have killed Kyron? With Terri and the doctor being in on it together.

Anonymous said...

If she placed his body in the water, would the head sink last so her last vision would be his head going down?

Unknown said...

Terry calling kyron "her son" in the interview made me sick. I can only imagine how his real mother feels about that.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

“The truth will set me free:” Steven Avery sends letter to FOX6’s Ted Perry

~mj said...

No need to wonder, she responded like the class act that she is. My heart goes out to this woman.

mom2many said...

Oops, I guess the underlining didn't persist. Follow John mcgowan's link above to view the original.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Is anyone else having problems with this blogs home page?


mom2many said...

Yes, there is a coding error somewhere. I suspect an end tag got deleted from the HTML somewhere. I made a comment on the newest posts to alert Peter. Hopefully it will get resolved.

John Mc Gowan said...


Thank you

Matilda said...

I just watched an interview with Kyron's deskmate who says he last saw Kyron in the hallway and Kyron was on his way to see a science project. The deskmate also says he saw Terri leaving the school and that Kyron was not with her.
What do you guys make of this info?
There is so much medical terminology leakage from Terri. Could Terri have instructed Kyron to go to the nurse's office and someone within the school (in cahoots with Terri) snatched him? I cant get over my suspicion and that someone within the school was involved (although it could simply have been another individual who entered the school).
Could Terri have instructed Kyron "Go to X location in the school" as she was leaving perhaps telling Kyron that once Kyron went to that location that someone he was familiar with would be driving him to a doctor appointment?

Child Advocate said...

Wasn't she investigated for trying to hire someone to kill Kaine, her husband?

Anonymous said...

Watch the video of Desiree. She said previously that Kyron was seen outside leaving with Terri by multiple witnesses. Terri also sent the school an email saying Kyron would be absent that day. Terri's affect and demeanor are those of someone on the verge of a mental breakdown. I believe she replays the image in her head of the act of killing him by hitting him in the head from behind, and that's why she worded the statement as she did. Everything about her screams "GUILTY!". This interview will not serve the purpose she thinks it will. She will continue to deteriorate.

Tori said...


Hi Peter,

When google search your website, I arrive at a defunct page, which has no typing and cannot click on comment, etc. It shows the pictures, but nothing is able to be clicked on.

Am I the only one with this issue on this site?

Thanks in advance.

Matilda said...

Anon 3:44,

I have not heard that info before. I cant watch the video bc of the technical problems on this site. If Terri were spotted leaving school w Kyron and wrote that email, she would have been arrested for Kyron's disappearance. I feel sure Terri was involved as well as Kaine from looking at his statements. Kaine also just happened to be home early to go with Terri to get Kyron off the bus the one day Kyron isnt on the bus. Kaine knows what happened. I believe the plot had to do with Desiree wanting Kyron to live with her and Kaine wasnt going to let that happen. Why was Kaine home early from work the one day Kyron doesnt come home on the bus? Why did Kaine write that stupid email to his coworkers acting like he wasnt even panicked by Kyron being missing? I believe Kaine was in control of the plot...Terri was some kind of pawn or coconspirator. Kaine was definitely involved. He exhibits language of the guilty right down to saying how he hugged Kyron and told him how much he "loved" him before he went to science fair. Kaine didnt love Kyron. He took him away from
his mother and he saw him as a possession. Kaine is also intelligent and capable of scheming.

Lis said...

Peter, the links on your front page are broken for me (not clickable). I was able to get to this page by opening it from my history since I'd been here the other day.

I am wondering if you would be willing to do analysis on Bill Gothard who made some statements in an article on Gawker about the upcoming lawsuit against him?

"The Washington Post was able to reach Gothard by phone on Wednesday, at which point he apparently denied the allegations saying, 'Oh no. Never never. Oh! That’s horrible. Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that... That really is not true.'"


"My actions of holding of hands, hugs, and touching of feet or hair with young ladies crossed the boundaries of discretion and were wrong. They demonstrated a double-standard and violated a trust. Because of the claims about me I do want to state that I have never kissed a girl nor have I touched a girl immorally or with sexual intent."


Anonymous said...

I can read the newer articles, but like the others, the links aren't clickable and I can't get to the comment section.

D_Train said...

@lynda oh really I didn't know about the cell phone ping how interesting.

D_Train said...

@lynda oh really I didn't know about the cell phone ping how interesting.

snap said...

It is
pretty easy
to cast a finger ( how many pointing back at you ... 3 ... magic number...3 ... I see... )
at the
that looks
the most obvious.





to entrap
her (Cops can't afford to lose. School can't afford to lose. Intel can't afford to lose. Naive Desireee and her cop husband can't afford to lose

Save face. Sacrifice the redhead. Sacrifice the easy target stay at home mom witch

Look no deeper

She really is a sleeper

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red-headed witch her. So easy and convenient.

Oh that crucible
that crucible

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Why did you not speak.
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You made us drown you.


Bitch. It is all your fault. All your fault.

You live
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death and

Why won't you
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so we don't have
try anymore

to think

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think just a little deeper now

When we all just want to go to sleep now.

Too much to lose
too much to lose.

So random

believe whomever you want
choose not





are here
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Here and now

Wake up

Wake up

Easier to point the finger.

Thinkers need not apply......

Nic said...

"I saw him walking down to his room. My vision of him is the back of his head almost at the door. That's what I see when I sit here and think about him- that's my last thought."

My impression is that she watched Kyron being ambushed on his way to his bedroom.


"his" room shows possession.

It would be interesting to know the floorpan of the house. Is there a bedroom door slightly before his on the opposite site of the hall, a third party could be hiding?

What if... Kyron was never "abducted"? What if... the plan was "always" (agreed upon) that he would drop his project off at school and willingly leave with his stepmom under the impression that he was to participate in some other "activity" (for lack of a better word) later on that morning?

So the understanding was that [they] would drop his project off, take a picture to commemorate the event "for mom", and then leave to go back home (Terri told him she would work out his absence so he would be carefree and willing to leave in amongst the busy-ness)... Back home they were idle, waiting for... (someone to arrive? time to leave for....?)

However, the reality was there was a maleficent third party in the house.

Nic said...

"that's my last thought"

I interpret this to mean that this her last memory of Kyron. Somebody else removed Kyron from the home. She spent her subsequent time "being scene" (at the pharmacy (?)). In other words, whatever befell Kyron was premeditated.


Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...


"that's" (my last thought) is distancing.

Nic said...

"his room" implies possession, like "his locker" would show possession, (something that is not shared); versus, "his (first) class" or, "his (math) class" or, "his/the classroom"

"My vision of him is the back of his head "

This really sticks in my craw. If you've ever watched your elementary level kid walk through the crowd of a busy school hall, or play in the yard at recess time, you can't see the back of their head. You can only see the TOP of their head and even still, maybe not all of the time because of their height. It is reported that Kyron was 3'8" and 50 lbs. in Grade 2. So not in the tallest demographic of his school. When Terri Horman is said to have left the building at 8:45, it would have been especially busy with parents, teachers and students (probably siblings, too) touring the science fair. In my opinion too busy to see the "back" of his head.

All reports of Terri Horman leaving the school at 8:45 are based on what Terri Horman reported to police, not any third-party sighting. The only third-party sighting reported of Terri Horman and Kyron at the school was at 8:15 by the president of the school PTA. So it could be plausible that Terri Horman and Kyron left together shortly after that; and, that makes two windows of time that need to be investigated. (8:15 to 9:15 when Terri Horman is accounted for at the car dealership.) If this hypothesis is correct, then Terri and Kyron were at home throughout the science fair.

"almost at the door"

He didn't make it to the door of his room. The word, almost, implies the effort wasn't fulfilled. As in very nearly, but not quite. So what (who?) impeded his ability to "make it" to his door? If that was the last "vision" she had of Kyron, could it be that he walked into the house ahead of her and she didn't see the struggle, but could only imagine it? Does she imagine that he didn't make it to his room because there was no sign of struggle when she followed-up afterwards?

Was there a key to the house kept outside and/or did they not lock the door? Her friend DeDe didn't arrive to work until 9:00AM. If my hypothesis is correct and TH and KH left the school shortly after 8:15, could DeDe have been the third party waiting for Terri Horman and Kyron to arrive back home? The last TH and KH were seen by a third party was at 8:15. How long is the drive to/from school. How long is the drive from the Horman residence to the DS's place of work?

Was he ambushed and drugged and kept in DS's truck until such time that TH could pick him/DS up at DS's place of work (10:10)? Then they disappear together for a period of time. (The period of time TH says she is driving aimlessly to "soothe" her daughter.) TH checks into the gym with her "sick" daughter at 11:40, works out and then leaves at appx 12:40. DS is unaccounted for at work (did not answer her cell/call for lunch.) How long of a drive is it to the Horman residence from the gym? Eleven miles? There is 30 minutes unaccounted for as TH is on FB at 1:21 posting pictures. DS reappears at work at 1:00PM.

That makes a 30 minute window unaccounted for and quite possibly KH could be somewhere between the Horman residence and DS's place of work.

This is my opinion/hypothesis based on my application of what I am learning about statement analysis and its application and what I have read about Kyron's disappearance in the news and about the people named in the investigation of his disappearance, including their own statements as reported by investigators.

Nic said...

I notice on Google maps that there is a trail head to a four-mile trail (Waterhouse Trail) in very close proximity to TH's gym. If you google map the trail and use Google Earth, you can see that that specific part of the trail is heavily wooded. Namely, Moshofsky Swamp and adjacent to it is Moshofsky Woods Natural Area.

I wonder if this trail has ever been explored/investigated.

Tarot for Missing People said...