Monday, April 18, 2016

Missing: Nicole Clary Mittendorf

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. -- State police are searching for a missing Woodbridge woman whose vehicle was found Saturday evening in Madison County.
Nicole K. Mittendorff, 31, was reported missing Friday, and her abandoned 2009 Mini Cooper was found shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday in a parking lot at the Shenandoah National Park.
State troopers and U.S. Park Police searched for Mittendorff through the night by ground and air and search efforts are still underway.
Mittendorff is described as a white female with blond hair and green eyes. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds.
The following was posted on a Facebook page for missing 31 year old Nicole by her husband.

 In asking for prayer, no request is made for Nicole; instead for family and searchers.  This could be a simple oversight, or it could be that with the vehicle found, perhaps evidence suggests something as well.  We like to hear from spouses concern for the victim, and a withholding of thanks while the search is not successful.  Also, from the way it is written, he may have dictated it to someone else.  See "...or they are being read to me..."  which may make posting challenging.   

Anyone with information concerning her whereabouts is asked to call Virginia State Police at 703-803-0026.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has viewed, liked, and shared this page dedicated to finding my wife. I am overwhelmed by the number of calls, texts, and social media messages that I have received, but have not been able to answer. I am reading them or they are being read to me and I appreciate them all during this difficult time; however, responding to them and taking calls is difficult right now. 
I must also thank my agency, the Virginia State Police, and the many other agencies (local, state, and federal) who have dedicated so many resources thus far into this investigation. The work is not done however and I continue to ask for your prayers for both our family and the many who continue to investigate. 
Please keep sharing to help us get the word out. 
--Steven Mittendorff

  "my agency"; if he takes ownership of the agency as law enforcement, his praise of the same is not sensitive nor unexpected.  


rjb said...

He (assuming the husband wrote this rather than dictating it) never uses his wife's name. He doesn't say, "My wife Nicole," but farther down in the post he says, "my agency," and then specifies, "the Virginia State Police," of which he is an employee.

Anonymous said...

Being an employee of the Virginia State Police, he may know more than a typical spouse of a missing person would know.

klv said...

He asks for prayers for the searchers and family... but not for his wife who is missing. Apparently he feels she doesn't need them herself.

klv said...
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klv said...
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klv said...

I think it was very difficult for him to make this statement; I think he is hurting badly.

That he doesn't use her name may be because he assumes anyone reading his statement already knows her name, since he was posting to a page created specifically to find her. He does show appropriate closeness by saying "my" wife.

He is both active and passive in regards to reading (or listening to) messages of support; I think that is appropriate.

He calls the ongoing process of locating Nichole "work". It certainly is, physically AND emotionally. This guy is drained.

I know some are suspecting this husband but for now I'm choosing to ignore the speculation & rumors seen elsewhere and go with what I see here: An emotionally drained man trying to express himself professionally, especially within the LE & Fire Rescue community that both he and Nichole are part of.

We shall see!

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

‘Horry County’s in big trouble,’ Moorers speaks after pretrial hearing

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Sidney and Tammy Moorer were both present during Monday’s pretrial hearing in connection with the numerous motions filed by Sidney Moorer’s attorney to have certain evidence dismissed before Sidney’s trial.

Following the judge’s decision to allow expert video witness Grant Fredericks to give testimony during the upcoming trial, the Moorer’s, accused of kidnapping in the disappearance of Heather Elvis were vocal about their experience with Horry County officials.

“We need new solicitors and Horry County Police Department cause all they do is lie on people,” Tammy Moorer voiced leaving the court house after Monday’s pretrial hearing. “Horry County’s in big trouble. It could be you next, honey.”

News13’s Luke Lalaond, walking alongside the Moorers, asked their thoughts on the testimony of Fredericks being allowed in Sidney’s trial.

“I really don’t care, stated Tammy Moorer. “I know where my car was and if they hadn’t hidden the black box you would too.”

“They know where it was, too,” added Sidney Moorer. “I feel like I’m being set up.”

Tammy Moorer went on to reference “pages” where children are the topic of conversation in violent situations.

“What do you think about the pages where they’re taking these children and they’re threatening to rape and murder these little children and they think its ok?” questions Tammy Moorer. “It’s ok to be stalked by a psychopath? It’s not. It really isn’t.”

“The solicitor thinks it’s ok,” suggests Sidney Moorer. “He lets it go on. He knows about it. He’s got evidence.”

News13’s Lalaond offers the Moorers an opportunity “to talk to people if [they’d] like to.”

“No, we can’t because of the gag order that’s also illegal,” claims Sidney Moorer before getting into a nearby vehicle.

Debbi Elvis, mother of missing woman Heather Elvis, says Monday’s ruling to allow the expert witness to testify is just one piece of a larger picture.

“We kind of expected it,” reveals Elvis. “We were just worried about [the judge] limiting his testimony. I think is more what they were worried about, but I think the judge did a good job in listening this time. I think he really listened to both sides and listened to the experts and listened to what everyone was telling him.”

Elvis credited the judge with understanding the case and evidence being presented.

“I think he put it together really good. I’m glad he did research before and really knew what they were talking about, but the most important thing is that we’re still looking for information to find Heather. That’s more important than even this. This is a step in the right direction, but this won’t solve our dilemma and that’s finding Heather, so we still are asking for any kind of tips or any information or any ideas on places to search so we can find her.”

Hey Jude said...

He says 'investigation' and 'work' rather than 'search' - does that indicate that he knows or considers it to be an investigation into a crime rather than a search for a missing person? The note is more about him than his wife, whose name he does not use.

'I' - seven
'my wife' - one

What is 'the word' he wants help in getting out? - (Nicole? Search?) It's vague, with no sense of urgency.

His purpose for making the post is to make known how much support he is receiving, for which he 'wants' to thank people. Second, he 'must' also thank investigators, which he maybe feels more obliged than inclined to do at this stage.

Anonymous said...

It's weird that he his first priority is to thank people for not only viewing and sharing the facebook page, but also "liking" it; why even mention that? I can understand he'd be thankful for people sharing, but liking?
No mention of his wife my name or concern for her wellbeing.
There's nothing in his statement that suggests he wants his wife found.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't sound drained to me at all; he sounds unmoved.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is a good statement to use when highlighting modern means of communication.

He, himself, tells us that posts are 'read to him' so we do not know if, for example, this was communicated to someone typing.

By itself, there are plenty of concerns. John pointed out some specifically, but in context, we have much to learn.

Here is what we do with such a statement: it is perfect for interview strategy.

It is there we seek to learn why the failed searchers are praised;
it is there we seek to learn why no prayer was sought for the victim.

Did the victim leave him? Was marital discord cited? Did he kill her? Did police tell him something about the vehicle leaving him to believe she is dead?
Why did they not want searchers? Answer: because they did not want the ground contaminated....this tells us that they are looking for a dead person. Might he know something along these lines?

This is why discipline is so necessary and the longer one is in training, the more readily they submit to the statement and to the disciplines of the science.

It may be a lot of fun to go, "Look! He did it!" anonymously on line and when another suspect is arrested, there is no need to answer for the error.

It is much different in life situations. Statement Analysis 101 will lead to error. It is necessary, exciting and fun, but if it stops there, error is inevitable.

Once one major error is made, the analyst is no longer desired and the science dropped.

This is why the micro expression training never brought success and why its founder, Paul Ekman, refuses to even give an opinion though he has an entire video of an interview.

It made for great TV, but little else.

Having said that, my sinus is acting appears to be deception.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hey Jude,

you are listening to his choice of words. It is a good first step.

You are considering what may have influenced his words; same solid step.

Context is key. He may appear guilty because he is guilty, or he may appear guilty because he is using language given to him by law enforcement.

Hey Jude said...

Thanks, Peter. I am leaning that way, but not with much confidence - as you say, the language could be that given him by LE. Yet, if he is LE he could just be using the language of his own choosing as he knows from the LE perspective that it fits the circumstances. Which would explain why he avoided the term 'search' and said 'work'. So he's appealing to people to spread 'the word' whilst knowing there is an investigation rather than a search for a living person.

Also, I remember you saying that after a crime, it is (sometimes or often?) the case that the victim's name is not mentioned - and he does not mention her name. Maybe he does in other posts - but then, it may not be him who has made all the posts.

I hope you will tell us more as to why it appears to be deception - I have a sense it could be - that's a heads or tails sense - if I had to choose, I could not be certain - I would say that he knows something, and that he doesn't want to put in Facebook that they are looking for a body. However, he may have been asked not to share that information, if he has been given it himself - so, he's being cagey, but I don't know why.

Hey Jude said...

OT - Gonçalo Amaral has won his appeal:,

Anonymous said...

he never once asks for people to help find his wife. The closest he got was saying help in getting the word out

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Hey Jude. Yes.
The mccann supporters are spitting tacks and at first claimed it was perhaps a reduced payment he would have to pay and then, as the details came out, claimed the Portuguese were idiots, they had driven a coach and horses through the human rights act, that a judge should have recused themselves because they voted in favor of Dr. Amaral in an earlier case.

They are now talking about writing a book labeling certain people paedophiles etc.
The mccanns have said they will appeal, how that will go i don't know since they have lost every appeal so far and it will pile more costs on top of their already numerous and expensive costs as they are liable for their own as well as Dr. Amarals.

They may get as far as producing it for the court, they will however lose.

This explains the flurry of non stories that came out over the last week, the traditional ones as the anniversary of Maddie's 'disappearance/death' plus the new ones that appear when bad news is about to be revealed (bad news for the mccanns that is)

Their supporters don't get that it was not a libel trial, it was trial for damages.
The mccanns claimed Dr. Amaral's book damaged the search for Maddie, causing people to believe she was dead and thus they wouldn't search for a live child.

They failed to see the hypocrisy by the mccanns with kate refusing to answer 48 question (technically it was about 56 since there were compound questions in some numbered questions)whilst kate admitted she was hindering the search if that's what the investigation thinks.

Apparently it is ok for the mccanns to sue, threaten to sue and bad mouth anyone who disagrees with their version of events, but not ok for someone to write a book using the knowledge gleaned from investigating the case and the police files which were released to the public by the PJ.

My concern right now is that faced with pretty much bankruptcy, soaring costs, their version of events being dismissed by the Portuguese (it is they who will prosecute them for homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report, not Scotland Yard which can only investigate the fund, and since they knew Maddie was dead when it was set up, it makes the fund fraudulent and they could face serious time.) that kate will act on her words of pressing a button and they would ALL be together.

Their house tonight will be a tinderbox.
Kate has a temper on her and she will be raging.
I fear she may take it out on the twins, especially if they have been asking questions kate and gerry would rather they didn't.

John Mc Gowan said...

VT of Nicoles husband, Steve Mittendorf, reading out his plea for her return.

Anonymous said...

This is a good reminder to slow down. Thanks,Peter.

bmills said...

IF it was my child or spouse, I would be crying visible tears...asking folks to find my loved one, called by NAME to make them real to everyone....searchers, abductor, etc.....asking for prayers by name...BUT, we all handle grief, fear, pain, guilt differently.....

Hey Jude said...

Tania - it must be dreadful, at least at times, now the twins are at the ages they are, and only likely to become worse - one has to wonder what effect it will have on those children, to have been raised in that environment, the family's life underpinned by the lie and 'the wider agenda'.

I think one of the twins may know what happened to Madeleine, but may not quite know that he or she knows. The one who was reportedly (by the neighbour above) crying 'Daddy!' while they were out, I think may have been crying, 'Maddie!' - either because she lay injured, or was already no longer there. I think that's why they strangely insisted she was always called Madeleine, not 'Maddie', while Gerry's 'Friends Reunited' account showed otherwise. That crying may have created trauma and memory in one or both of the twins, they were abandoned for so long - there may be a memory there which goes unshared, for now. It would be ironic if, after all their efforts, the twins, one day, turned their parents in - everyone likes poetic justice. It may happen - the little girl was canny enough to know she was being dressed in Madeleine's pyjamas, though she was not even two years old.

I think it may become interesting, as the twins become older - if Kate doesn't prevent them grower older by hitting that button. I don't think she will - she's too tenacious in her contempt for Gonçalo to give up the fight - it's not as if it is their own money at stake in going after him. I wonder if they will appeal - probably, as it seems to be so much about appearances for the sake of first her parents and their families, now also for the children.

'Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive!'

Kate and Gerry must have been away from their schools on the days they were meant to learn that. If they had been able to look into the future, and see their twins of an age to look the case up online, to read the forums, to ask questions, and maybe not be quite satisfied with the answers - would they have chosen the same path?

It's so sad for those kids, their sister is dead, their parents are living a lie, and have made them grow up living it their whole lives, too - if they have doubts about what their parents say, or memories which confuse them, it's difficult to imagine how conflicted, and possibly frightened, they might feel.

I feel sorry for Kate and Gerry, in a way, for how stress filled their lives must be - if they could have seen into the future, that they would still be under suspicion, Madeleine still in the news, they may have acted differently. Though maybe not so sorry for them now, as they still choose not to tell the truth - the longer they carry on, the more it seems something much more sinister than an accident must have happened to Madeleine. For a long time I thought accident and panic, and cover-up, maybe because they went to sleep drunk and without checking on the children, and that Madeleine had maybe lain dead behind the sofa all night - now I tend towards them having even more to hide, because still they are willing for their children to live life through the lie - the truth must be too horrible. they still rather the horrendous enough lie.

I was not sorry for them when Gerry snapped, of Brenda Leyland's death, that he wasn't there to talk about 'trolls', or something along those lines - cold as ice, and still no disowning of their insane supporters, so many of whom seem to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: more statements made by hubby...

""Sweetheart I love you. I am praying for you," said Mittendorf, appearing to restrain tears. "I'm not sure where you are, but know we are all looking for you and I look forward to your safe return."

“She was always happy, always wanting to help people,” Bowers said...
The Virginia State Police, which is leading the investigation, had asked Fairfax Fire and Rescue to limit its comments about Nicole’s disappearance “until the appropriate time,” Bowers said.

Anonymous said...

“As you can imagine, the pain of not knowing where a loved one is can be unbearable,” he said. Mittendorff thanked agencies and individuals who have been searching for his wife, and made a request of the media. “I ask that you not focus on the face of a worried husband or family members, but that you focus on broadcasting her picture, and telling her story, so that someone who has not seen the coverage, will,” he said.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...


I have a question about the use of "I". Listening to a Palm Sunday sermon,I noticed the guest preacher/evangelist used the word "I" a lot, so I began keeping count. In 55 minutes, he said "I" 135 times. I didn't count his use of "me", which was also in use a lot(as in, they invited me to speak at a world-wide conference, they said they'd slot me in, they slotted me in 6 times over 2 days, etc.).

So, if I understand correctly, he referenced himself on average every 4 seconds? Since this was a Palm Sunday service, I expected it to be mainly about Jesus entering Jerusalem and the Passover. Does this seem narcissistic to you?

sidewalk super said...

His "I" usage rivaled only by bho.
One of whose favorite activities is preaching to

Yuk !

Bottle Cap said...

"She could have tripped someplace or been kidnapped we just don't know it's been you know 20 years since we had any excitement here," said Stanton Braverman, a hiker. "We had a murder on Skyline Drive 20 years ago two young ladies got killed up there."


Bobcat said...

Fire Chief Richard Bowers:

She was always happy, always wanting to help people,”

Chief Bowers has done a lot of talking.

Bobcat said...

“If you have seen something, if you’ve heard something, if you know something about the untimely disappearance of Nicole Mittendorff, please contact the Virginia State Police immediately,” Bowers said. “We stand united, we stand strong, and we know that Nicole will be brought home safely.”
Bowers also sought to direct his comments to the missing firefighter, in case she might be listening. “And again, Nicole, if you hear us, please send a message,” he said.

"It has been almost a week and we are saddened that Nicole is not back with us," he said.

Bowers asked for a moment of silence for Mittendorff and said a prayer vigil will be held at the firehouse on Wednesday evening.

Bad Juju said...

Apparently Nicole and her husband are separated, and she's been living with a roommate.

Anonymous said...

The untimely disappearance of Nichole Mittendorf.. why is it untimely? Isn't that a word (untimely ) used in conjunction with someone's demise? Seems like a weird way to put it.

Bobcat said...


Isn't a moment of silence also used to remember those that are dead?

Anonymous said...

Untimely- adverb-
1) at an inopportune time, unseasonably
2) before the due, natural, and proper time.
Merriam Webster
It sounds like that investigator doesn't hold much hope for finding her alive.

Bad Juju said...

I'm thinking she committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do. I wonder if he knows something first hand or if his language is because he's seen how missing person's cases usually go?

Anonymous said...


Bad Juju said...

Well I dont think she's fallen victim to a predator, because the authorities don't seem to think so (they said they don't consider her disappearance suspicious), and, based on her husband's statements, he doesn't, either. And I haven't felt a sense of urgency like she's possibly just lost/injured.

I follow a lot of missing persons cases, and when an adult is missing, and it's not suspicious, and people are talking like the person is dead: suicide. I think it's the most likely scenario.

Although, I think there's a tiny possibility she ran off.

There is a Fairfax web forum where people (primarily firefighters and EMTs) have been saying very nasty things about her for months now. Very ugly.

This was posted on the Find Nicole fb page a little earlier:

"Urgent help needed from attorney with expertise in telecommunications law, specifically 18 USC 2702.
Before she disappeared, Nicole downloaded to her cell phone several files that we believe may assist in the effort to find her. Are they maps? We don't know and our wireless carrier, citing federal law, will not provide us with the data even though Nicole's father is the owner of the account, and even though the carrier's website says account owners have access to "all data."
Law enforcement is unable to use a search warrant exception because Nicole's disappearance is not considered a criminal matter.
The exceptions the wireless carrier offered apply to minors and require a subpoena process that Virginia does not offer short of filing a lawsuit against someone, and we don't have that much time.
We believe another exception exists, however.
18 USC 2702(b)(8) allows a telecommunications entity to release information "to a government entity, if the provider, in good faith, believes that an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure without delay of communications relating to the emergency."
It seems to us that the scenario with Nicole falls within this exception.
We seek someone who can make that case for us ASAP."

Anonymous said...

I think Madeleine McCann was abducted and I think she's still alive and she'll be found, eventually. There have been cases where girls had been held captive for many years who survived and escaped.
I know Peter and SA say otherwise, and while I understand Madeleines parents sound deceptive at times...I just don't believe they murdered or accidently kilked Madeleine, let alone disposed of her body. (Where on earth could they have hidden her body in such a short space of time and in a very small area?) I can only imagine the torment her parents must go through every day she is gone. Am I alone in my thinking? Peter, is there ever a time when your SA of people and your gut instincts don't line up? I know I probably sound illogical because I'm listening to my gut more than science, but isn't that what faith is like? Believing or hoping, despite the odds, that a miracle will happen even when the odds seem unlikely?
I respect the science of SA, but I think SA is wrong about Madeleine and her parents.

Hey Jude said...

Anon above - 'the night we found her' :

Tania Cadogan said...

"I'm not sure where you are,

Shouldn't that read "i don't know where you are"?

If she went missing and he was not involved,then he wouldn't know where she was.
She could be absolutely anywhere.

If however he was involved, and perhaps dumped her in water, then he could truthfully say he wasn't sure where she is.
He would know where he put her, after that the water does its thing with currents etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link but it's not playing and a search only shows a foreign language interview. I'll keep looking but if you have another link can you post it please. Thank you.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Madeleine McCann was abducted and I think she's still alive and she'll be found, eventually. There have been cases where girls had been held captive for many years who survived and escaped.
April 20, 2016 at 1:17 AM

Hi Anonymous.
The mccanns have told us several times that Maddie is dead and that they know she is.
Kate first mentioned a dead Maddie when she used the word murder rather than the expected abduction, especially if they claim she could still be alive.
"They want me to lie - I'm being framed.
"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."'

Then we have her talking about committing murder suicide by pressing a button.

Then we have the ;
Kate said: "It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

The key word there is the word ALL
They could only ALL be together if she knew Maddie was dead otherwise she has just killed everyone and herself and leaving Maddie an orphan.
One also has to ask why an innocent parent would ever contemplate killing her remaining children, her husband and herself because another child is missing?
Innocent parents would never contemplate such an act, a guilty parent however would, especially if they feel trapped in a corner and that arrest is in the near future.

We then also have gerry's contributions where he tells us they played no part in Maddie's death.

"There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death"
Except there is ample evidence that Maddie is dead from the reactions of blood and cadaver dogs Eddie and Keela both of whom had never been wrong in the 200 previous times they had been used and never wrong after they had been involved in the missing Maddie case.
They came up with the following excuses for the apartment, kate's pants, a child's red t shirt and cuddle cat and the hire car indicating for cadaverine as kate dealing with multiple dead bodies prior to the trip, Sean developing a taste for sea bass, dirty diapers, sweaty sandals and rotting meat and blood leaking from a package of meat.
Then kate perjured herself in the Leveson inquiry by claiming no bodily fluids were found, despite having come up for excuses as to why bodily fluids were found.
What there isn't is any evidence of an abduction by a stranger.

MRS McCANN: These were desperate times. You know, we were having to try and find our daughter ourselves. We needed all the help we could get, and we were faced with -- I know we'll come on to headlines, but "Corpse in the car"; I don't know how many times I read "Body fluids in the car". And it gets repeated that often, it becomes fact. There were no body fluids.
We desperately wanted to shout out "It's not true, it's not true", but when it's your voice against the powerful media, it just doesn't have a weight. We were desperately shouting out internally "Please stop, what are you doing? We're trying to find our daughter and you're stopping our chances of finding her".

Tania Cadogan said...


Then there is gerry's mea culpa on his blog
"Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand."
"An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."
"Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear."

Then there is kate confessing to her mother on the ‘phone,soon after Madeleine disappeared:
‘It was an accident, Mum, it was an accident'

Then we have kate admitting that Maddie's fluids were in the hire car from her book, page 242::
If, as the PJ alleged, Madeleine’s blood was in the boot of our car, which we had not rented until 27 May, how on earth had it got there?
Did this mean someone had planted it?
I could see no other explanation.
The police theory, it seemed, was that we had hidden Madeleine’s body, then moved it later, in the car, and buried it elsewhere.

She allows that someone could have found Maddie's remains and taken samples and planted them in their hire car.
If Maddie was still alive as claimed, there was no way anything could have been planted to indicate Maddie was dead.

Then we also have kate admitting Maddie is dead to her mom when she spoke of Maddie visiting her at night.
Tormented Kate McCann told last night how she is visited in the night by the spirit of her missing daughter Madeleine.
The anguished GP says she is regularly woken up by visions of the four-year-old in her bedroom. Kate, 39, revealed the visions to her mum, Susan Healy, who was worried about her daughter’s lack of sleep
Susan had assumed Kate and husband Gerry were being kept awake by her two-year old twins, Sean and Amelie.
She was stunned when Kate revealed it was missing Madeleine who was haunting her.
Susan, said: "She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night. I asked:
'Do the twins come and wake you up?'
Kate said:
"No, it's Madeleine. She comes in

Dead people haunt, live people don't.
Kate has once again admitted Maddie is dead

Then we have dear old clarrie dropping the mccanns right in the proverbial when he made this comment;
"I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine's death"

Then we have gerry's confession during an interview where he said:
nothing was as bad as the night we found her

Tania Cadogan said...


Then on top of spoken admissions, we have stacks of unexpected behavior, refusing to search, refusing to answer all police questions, refusing to cooperate even to doing a police reconstruction but perfectly capable of doing their own. ( they couldn't refuse directly due to bail conditions, so they had the tapas 7 make ridiculous demands to make the reconstruction impossible and thus stop the mccanns from taking part.
There is also all the physical evidence which points to death and subsequent disposal and cover up

The claims that she could still be alive and findable like other child abduction cases is false.
All the cases they refer to, the children are pubescent or teenagers, not three years old.
The girls were repeatedly raped and in some cases forced to have their rapists children.
In cases where very young children have been abducted by someone wanting a child, the child has either been preborn or newborn, not three years old.
Cases where young children have been abducted and found alive years later are invariably victims of parental abduction/ custody battles.

Maddie is long dead, the parents have told us this repeatedly and using the process of free editing.
Believe what they are telling us.

This means the fund is fraudulent and they could face prosecution in the UK for that.
They could possibly face charges for fraud in any country they made requests for donations either through paypal, their website, buckets or envelopes stuck through the door.
They had a dollar paypal button on their website which if used could perhaps result in them being charged with wire fraud.
Then all the fringe benefits, free accommodation and food, free travel etc, obtaining money and services by deception, which could also include dear old clarrie as well since he asked for donations to be sent to kate and gerry on the envelope and it would get there.
They could also possibly face money laundering charges in relation to where the money was going (why did they not sue halligen for fraud?) and then we have all the libel awards from the media who could now demand it be paid back with interest.
I wonder if the tapas 7 will demand the return of any money they handed over to the fund in order to pay back what they were awarded from the media cases for libel?
Will it be sue and counter sue?
Then all the people who donated to the fund and who could now demand recompense, plus the money from the book needing to be repaid.
On top of all this they now are in hock for hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs, their own and Dr.Amaral's, They already owed tens of thousands from their previous failed suits.
Could they be sued by their attorneys as well?
Could carter-ruck demand payment for services rendered, even though the mccanns claim they are pro bono.
Very expensive and high caliber attorneys from carter-ruck are not the kind to do pro bono work as even the dimmest attorney would look at their statement and the forensic evidence and conclude the obvious reason and their guilt.
Could clarrie potentially sue them as well?

This just gets better and better.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi anon, the link for the video where he says "the night we found her" isn't very clear as he is over spoken by the interpreter who is translating it. The subtitles are also in a different language as well.
I have looked for a better quality version with no success as yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response, Tania. There's a lot of info I didn't know about and it'll take some time to go through.
Quickly though, I don't think Madeleine "visiting" her mom is an indicator of death. She could just as easily be so desperate to see her daughter that she manifests in her dreams. If one isolates just that one statement it doesn't sound ominous.

Anonymous said...

I'm still looking but have to get ready for work now. I appreciate your time and responses.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi anon, she doesn't tell us that she dreamed that Maddie visited her, she tells us that No, it's Madeleine. She comes in as in a physical manifestation, a ghost.

Kate is telling us there that Maddie is dead.

Live people cannot haunt, dead people can.

Why would kate be haunted by a visitation/dream from her live daughter, she would be overjoyed if anything.
That her daughter came to reassure her she was OK and would be found one day, perhaps even to given a hint of where she might be.
It would be a visit/dream that would bring comfort not fear or sadness.

Kate however would be haunted by a visit from her dead daughter,she would feel terror and guilt.
There would be no escape from her guilt, no escape from her dead daughter.
She may have thought with Maddie dead, everything would be perfect, she would have the good life, twins a husband, a good job, social standing, a big house, roles with charity and maybe even an honor or political role with gerry.

Instead Maddie is a bigger millstone around her neck dead, than she ever was alive.
There is no bringing her back to life and apologizing.
There is no way to undo the crime and have her fostered out.
There is no way to escape from Maddie's presence.
Whereever she goes, Maddie will always be right there with her, even to haunting her.

I wonder if the ghost said anything to kate?

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 9.02 - the link does work - just keep trying.

Hey Jude said...

Gonçalo is intending to sue them, and the MCanns are appealing his victory - it never ends. Those poor twins. I so want for that fund to be declared fraudulent, yet not to the further detriment of the twins. It may never happen, it would leave egg on the faces of too many influential people.


Great posts, Tania - if anyone was in doubt, you're not leaving room for much to remain.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

tania said:
Instead Maddie is a bigger millstone around her neck dead, than she ever was alive.
There is no bringing her back to life and apologizing.
There is no way to undo the crime and have her fostered out.
There is no way to escape from Maddie's presence.
Whereever she goes, Maddie will always be right there with her, even to haunting her.

It is ironic, isn't it? The reason Madeleine "disappeared" was because of their neglect. Yet, she is the glue that binds her parents together forever more, all the while garnering their undivided attention every second of every day, until the day they die.

That's what I call karma.


Shecametomeinadream said...

He killed her