Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince 911 Transcript

11:21, UK, Friday 22 April 2016

U.S. musician Prince performs for the first time in Britain since 2007 at the Hop Farm Festival near Paddock Wood
There are a few indicators of drug abuse that we look for in Statement Analysis; some of which would not come as any surprise to readers, while some of the minor 'hints' may. 
Context is key. 
When the mother of a missing child has the wherewithal to mention a "toothache", it is a signal of narcotics.  
Mentioning the ER on the weekend for "back pain" is another.  
The "flu" is very commonly used due to the flu-like symptoms of narcotics withdrawal.  When a celebrity is hospitalized and his or her PR team says "flu", it should be questioned if it is narcotic withdrawal or even detox.  
Here we see sensitivity that is from the subject (caller) regarding what happened.  Why the need for passivity in the language?
Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?

Unidentified Male: Hi there, um, what's the address, here? Yeah we need an ambulance right now.

D: OK.
UM: We have someone who is unconscious.

First note the caller uses the word "we"; an immediate signal that either more than one person is on the phone (not likely) or that there is a reason to be part of a larger group, not wishing to be alone. 
Next note that "someone" is gender neutral and deliberately withholds the identity of the victim
Thirdly, the state of the victim is "unconscious."  

D: OK, what's the address?
UM: Um, we're at Prince's house.

The subject does not know the address, but continues to use the plural "we", and presupposes that simply saying "Prince's house" will mean identification to the dispatch.  
"Prince who?"  
This suggests to us or at least invites us to consider that the caller may be one of 'self importance' with the expectation of anyone simply knowing who the victim is, who, at this time in the call, is "unconscious." 

D: OK, does anybody know the address? Is there any mail around that you could look at?

UM: Yeah, yeah, OK, hold on.

This may not have been something the 911 operator expected to hear.  "hold on" may be an imperative to the authority, which is not expected. The voice inflection, though not part of Statement Analysis, may give understanding if the context does not.  

D: OK, your cellphone's not going to tell me where you're at, so I need you to find me an address.

UM: Yeah, we have um, yeah, we have um, so, yeah, um, the person is dead here.

The victim was "someone" when he was unconscious, but now a "person" while being dead.  This, too, is reported by the subject using "we" for himself or herself. 

D: OK, get me the address please.

The 911 operator is now firm, yet remaining polite.  

UM: OK, OK, I'm working on it.

The caller now takes ownership for the first time, in the topic of getting the address. 
The 911 operator may have sensed a high-minded attitude of the plural caller:  

D: Concentrate on that.

This is fascinating.  The 911 operator feels the need to tell the caller what he must concentrate on.  This is to suggest to us that the 911 operator likely has a very strong opinion about the caller and it is not positive.  
The use of "we" in this call is very concerning.  

UM: And the people are just distraught.

Here, it is very important to the caller that police know that "people" are "just distraught" over this.  
Is it publicity mode?  Or, is there something else going on that is not simply crass publicity but having to do with the "unconscious" and now "dead" person?

***please note that if the people are "distraught", they did not intend what happened; this is offered in an "open statement"; that is, with no direct question, nor even contextual leading.  *This could be a signal of guilt.  The portrayal of the people is unnecessary, therefore, very important to the subject (caller), show a need to persuade. 

D: I understand they are distraught, but -

UM: I'm working on it, I'm working on it.

D: OK, do we know how the person died?

UM: I don't know, I don't know.

This produced the pronoun "I" and this question is what produced within the caller the need for emphasis.  
One may consider:

The caller may have had knowledge of what caused the death and this knowledge, perhaps even facilitation, may have caused the use of the pronoun "we" early on. 
Here, the caller feels the need to personally deny it, for himself, only, but with the sensitive repetition.  

D: OK.
UM: Um, so we're, we're in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we are at the home of Prince.

D: You're in Minneapolis?

UM: Yeah, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

D: You're sure you are in Minneapolis?
UM: That's correct.
D: OK, have you found an address yet?
UM: Yeah, um, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I need, I need the address here?
Unidentified Female: 7801.
Unidentified Male: 7801.

D: 7801 what?
UM: Paisley Park, we are at Paisley Park.

D: You're at Paisley Park, OK, that's in Chanhassen. Are you with the person who's ...
UM: Yes, it's Prince.

The caller may be frustrated that the 911 operator does not know who the victim is.  

D: OK.
UM: The person.
D: OK, stay on the line with me.
(phone ringing)
Ridgeview Ambulance dispatcher: Ambulance, Shirley.
D: Carver with the transfer for Paisley Park Studios, 78.
Ambulance dispatcher: Paisley Park Studios, OK.
D: 7801 Audubon Road.
Ambulance dispatcher: OK.
D: We have a person down, not breathing.
Ambulance dispatcher: Down, not breathing.
D: Yup.
UM: He's, he's -
D: We're going to get everybody, go ahead with the transmittal sir.
(Carver County Dispatcher 2 comes on line)
Ambulance dispatcher: Yea, Kayley, this is Shirley at Ridgeview. You can cancel anybody going to Aubudon, confirmed DOA.
Dispatcher 2: OK, thank you.
Ambulance dispatcher: All right, thanks, bye.

Analysis conclusion:

Police should learn what the caller knew about drug abuse and/or any possible illegal activity.  The caller's sensitivity may be due to egotistical projection, but it also may be due to possible involvement in obtaining narcotics for the victim and/or covering up for him.  That he used "we", and was deceptive about the victim's state are two linguistic indications of guilt that need to be investigated.  


Anonymous said...

With Prince, as with Micheal Jackson, one always wonders in whose hands he was, and who was supplying the drugs that ultimately led to his death. Once again, it seems that a celebrity's life is a lonely one, surrounded by enablers, handlers and sycophants who care just for themselves. Obviously the person calling was not a loved one. RIP Prince.

Nic said...

D: Concentrate on that.

This is fascinating. The 911 operator feels the need to tell the caller what he must concentrate on.

Each entertainer is themselves, a cottage industry. Whoever called 911 might have been someone who was used to delegating with little to no information, because everyone who works for Prince, within the music/entertainment industry just "knows". They know him, they know how the industry works, they know people who know other people who can get them what they want when they want it. Details are for the minions. Just do it. But,, the 911 operator is a real life "civilian" who does not depend on Prince for her livelihood and who could give a crap. She is the authority and that was her way of telling the caller to smarten up.

When I read the reference to "distraught", all I could think is: I bet they're distraught. Their jet-setting, indulgent, privileged by association way of life just came to a screeching halt.

Nic said...

One entertainer I feel deeply sorry for is Brittany Spears. She should be allowed to retire and live a quiet life with her boys. But if they allow her to do that, the money would stop flowing and the league of people who depend on her working to pay them, would have to look elsewhere for work. So they keep her on her meds (she is bi-polar,) numb, (her eyes are dead and her smile just for the camera,) and negotiate easy money (Vegas shows) under the guise that she doesn't have to travel, she just has to walk onto the stage. [They] say she needs the structure. I believe she could have just as much structure living her life outside of the entertainment industry, very comfortably with the money she has already earned.

It gives me pause for thought, who benefits the most.

rjb said...

I'm curious about all of the distraught people. The 911 call gave me a mental picture of several people being present at the time of Prince's death, freaking out and doing nothing practical or helpful until the person who actually made the 911 call arrived.

lynda said...

I feel pretty stupid because I have seen many people withdrawing from drugs and yes, it mimics the stomach flu. Diarrhea, vomiting, shakes, sweating, feverish, etc. It didn't even occur to me when media said he was recovering from the flu it could have been drugs. I immediately thought "flu", which is respiratory, and people can die from it if they develop pneumonia or they become septic, dehydrated, etc. This makes me sooo sad. It is extremely rare to die from withdrawal but it was stated that Prince went to the pharmacy 4 times in the last week. He wasn't getting heroin of course, but he could have been getting vicodins or percocets. He may have already been on Suboxone /Subutex if he was actively trying to get clean but if he dosed with other drugs, or did heroin on top of Suboxone, he would more than likey O/D. Prince was a genius..the music world lost a great one.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


there is no reason to feel stupid.

In analysis, such things are part of pattern recognition training. Due to both volume and frequency, they see enough statements with "I sent to the ER Saturday night when I threw my back out" coupled with deceptive indicators, or "I am home; I think I have the flu" in employment settings, that they simply always question it.

I have a short study on "dependent words" for those in training and I advise them not to seek to memorize or fret over missing them because it takes volume and time to have the brain recognize them instinctively.

There are other things where mnemonics is, in deed, needed, but I spare this deliberately, as we are not infinite creatures. I have them memorize larger principles, and then on to understanding because eventually they must see principles that come in conflict with each other, and learn why.

Without the discipline of training, they falter at this point. I have specific statements used for this very purpose.

But to "dependent" words, as well as "comparative" words (those that signal the subject is THINKING of something else), the pattern recognition is best.

Revisit the Sheriff's wife statement about "sheltering" her children. The mother uses the language of another.


Shannon In CA said...

Actually, I follow a blind gossip website that has a history of being pretty accurate...they said an actor had hiv and would announce "soon" and the clues pointed to Charlie sheen...and then a week or so later, he announced he is hiv positive. They've said there would be divorces, breakups, real pregnancies, fake pregnancies that would end up being called "miscarriages" (when the "pregnancy" was really just a publicity stunt).

Anyway, I believe most of what I read on there because they've proven themselves to have pretty good sources in the past, and about a week ago, they said another celebrity is hiv positive and was very religious and had stopped taking his meds years ago because religious leaders told him God had cured him, and nearly everyone said the clues pointed to prince. The website said that the celebrity actually had AIDS and would die as soon as this summer. The posting also said the celebrity had been in the news recently for health issues. Prince fit all the clues, including being in the news recently because his flight was forced to land because he was really sick.

And the flu WOULD kill someone with AIDS.

I believe the posting and blind gossip website, so I truly think prince had AIDS. That would fit with the deceptive 911 call. The caller DID know what killed prince and didn't want the 911 operator or anyone else to know the real reason.

Bad Juju said...

TMZ, which was first to report his death, is reporting that the emergency landing last week was due to him overdosing on Percocet and needing a "save shot." Imo, that makes more sense than having make an emergency landing 45 minutes from their destination due to flu.

Also, he was ok during the Atlanta concert last Thursday, then suddenly criticality ill afterward, then he was ok again the next day when he had a party at his house. Severe flu doesn't go "up and down" like that.

He had apparently been struggling with hip pain for several years. He's on video pacing in the Walgreens parking lot waiting for someone to pick up medication the evening prior to his death. He doesn't look like a person with a potentially fatal case of the flu in that video.

While it's certainly possible Prince had HIV, it seems doubtful the flu story is accurate.


Unknown said...


Is it possible that this person was trying to avoid saying exactly who it was because they were avoiding press. Maybe the caller wasn't sure what he was "allowed" to say but knew Prince needed help and wasn't sure how to handle the fame part.

It is not entirely unbelievable that a famous person could get caught up in drug abuse. I know mutual friends of Prince's and I am surprised at this. As I said, it's not impossible to believe a famous person can get wrapped up. The thought of drugs didn't even come to mind.

Prince had some serious medical issues, so I thought it would come out.

I am anxious to see if anything else will be said about his death in the future.

Thanks Peter!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hi Bonnie,

No, the person addressed "Prince" as if this single word would produce immediate recognition.

It does today, as his name is everywhere, but before his death?

I don't think so.

We have more celebrities using this name, "Prince Fielder" and "Prince Jackson" and so on. Someone who loved the music in the 80's might easily know, but this called was manipulative and purposeful.

Fame and drugs go hand in hand. You would be amazed at what does not ever make the press.

Give a 23 year old kid several thousand dollars in his pocket on a Saturday night in a big city and watch how bad it gets.

When you combine the often sensitivity of an artist, coupled with sudden adoration, it is a lethal mix. People all around you telling you, just because you can sing, that you are above all others only to have the public reaffirm this.

Wives of famous athletes suffer more than most would ever consider. The athlete often does not know how to turn off the competitive juices and he has women offering him sex on every corner. He has one argument with his wife over something meaningless and suddenly...

Biographies of "rock stars" are sometimes insightful even while being disturbing.

One can only imagine the intoxication of fame but when it is coupled with wealth?

A guy who pretends to be a bird, a giraffe and a tiger, in an office, suddenly pretends to be a world leader.

He walks away from the pretend world and he now THINKS himself a world leader, speaking out on world issues. The only thing more illogical than this is...

the public who listens to him (or her) on issues he has no experience with.

Heather liked some of Prince's music. Not so much me. But upon his death, he is now "genius" and "ground breaking" and "innovative" and so on.

As soon as Dylan dies, the same people who call him a voice "croaker" will anoint him with divine like attributes, just as a child molester became a "symbol of an entire race!" ...

Solomon said it long ago. As soon as he dies, he becomes "wonderful."

The caller should be investigated for drugs.

Rose said...

Peter, I agree with what you are saying. The caller wanted to 911 operator to recognize the name and thus know to deal with this in a discrete and VIP way.

Shannon In CA said...

Bad juju:

It totally could have been both drugs and hiv. I have an autoimmune disease and am in constant causes constant pain, too, so I've read...and it makes sense. If an autoimmune condition, where your body is attacking itself, causes chronic pain, AIDS is definitely going to cause chronic pain since you are fighting a lowered immune system. Anyway, my point is that I can't live without pain meds so if prince did have a medical condition, I could see him needing them, too.

I don't believe that he was going through withdrawals, though. People with money can get pills if they want them. I wouldn't have a clue where to get them on the street, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for rich and/or famous people.

Plus, while withdrawals are dangerous, people don't die from withdrawals generally. People have mentioned that withdrawals would explain flu like symptoms...but I agree with you...if drugs were involved, then probably there were NO flu symptoms and that was just a front for the real issue.

If his death comes up as a drug overdose, then I think you'd be right and he didn't have the "flu."

But, as you said, he still could've been hiv positive. That actually makes sense with the post I didn't say his death was imminent...only that it was coming within the next few months. That would then make sense why he could still walk around outside a pharmacy and be at a show...sick, but not yet quite so sick he couldn't still get around. And then one night....too much medication and that is what does him in. That might wry we'll be what happened.

If they hid his hiv status this long (assuming he had it...which I believe but also am willing to believe he didn't) then I doubt we will we be told he did have it. I guess just depends on what they find in terms of cause of death. If they double down on it being the flu...I'm sticking with my original thought. If they find it was drugs, then who knows what else he had wrong with him.

Less66 said...

Sorry, this AIDS speculation is absolute rubbish. Nobody in the advanced world and has money dies of HIV infection anymore. Antiretroviral therapy is 100% effective.

Anonymous said...

Another theory I read is that it might have been a combination of flu and drug abuse.

Les66 said...

Sorry Shannon Duane, I didn't read your post properly, you explain why in this case meds would be effective.

Les66 said...


I'm obviously too quick on the keyboard today

Unknown said...

I didn't see it that way until I read your reply Peter. You are right. They said his name more than once expecting the Operator to immediate recognize him. It couldn't have been to avoid unwanted press.

I did like a couple of his songs, but some of his older songs were a little bit too raunchy for me.

What a shame!

C5H11ONO said...

From the caller's responses my impression is that he is not a friend. I thought he was either an employee, a groundskeeper or was with someone that went to the studio/home. He was not part of the inner circle. Could it be that the use of "we" was an opportunity to include himself in this "inner" circle?

John Mc Gowan said...

I don't think "we" have heard the end of this.

"I'm sorry". Repeated.

Above all, this stood out to me.

"And the people are just distraught"

This is unnecessary. Why does he the caller feel the need to relay this.

The Jury, is still out!

lynda said...

Just who are "the people" ??

Peter, you were on as usual.

It's annoying that the man keeps saying, "It's Prince" Good Lord.

I will NOT be saying that about Bob Dylan, cannot stand listening to him! I never could. lol

Anonymous said...

sounds like "the people" are sorry.
Hmm, for causing his death in some way?

Anonymous said...

ah, Dylan !

Bad Juju said...

According to the press conference earlier, he was dropped off at home Wednesday around 8 p.m. and was alone all night. Yesterday morning when some of his staff could not reach him, they became concerned, went to the compound and found him deceased in an elevator on the first floor.

If I was calling 911 from Prince's house, I would probably expect the 911 operator to know who/where I was talking about, however misguided that might be, haha. He's been a well-loved part of the community for many years. He has concerts and such at his compound (Paisley Park), and LE said in the press conference it was not out of the ordinary for police to be called during his events (although they haven't been called there in the last year). The 911 operator certainly seemed to know what Paisley Park is. If the caller had said that to begin with, it probably would've helped.

Buckley said...

UM: And the people are just distraught.

Here, it is very important to the caller that police know that "people" are "just distraught" over this.
Is it publicity mode? Or, is there something else going on that is not simply crass publicity but having to do with the "unconscious" and now "dead" person?

Clearly, he's been insulted by the dispatch operator for not giving the street address quickly enough and uses "distraught" as an excuse for why he hasn't yet obtained the street address from others, as he doesn't know it himself.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the caller directed to check for breathing, start CPR?

Buckley said...

Good question

CptKD said...

PRIORITY - Was to get EMS on route . . .
Then CPR would then be instructed!
However; the 911 caller interjected BEFORE they could even get to that, that in fact Prince WAS Deceased and NOT simply 'unconscious' as initially reported!

In the case of 911 calls - Dispatching the Correct Services to the CORRECT ADDRESS IS PRIORITY and first & foremost!
Then secondary services can begin in/during the call . . .

I hope that helps explain the how/why process of a 911 Dispatcher!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

His people are now being investigated for drugs....

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Another theory I read is that it might have been a combination of flu and drug abuse.

April 22, 2016 at 1:58 PM Delete

Whenever "flu" is used in correlation to celebrity, look for signals of drug abuse. Locally, they made a big deal about Stephen King having the "flu" and it was only when enough people questioned it that a history of drug abuse was cited.

They are so better off saying nothing or telling the truth. When one lives by publicity, however, it is hard to get around the negative which impacts every house hold and every life in reality. Sadly, publicity and reality are not always on the same page.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Less66 said...
Sorry, this AIDS speculation is absolute rubbish. Nobody in the advanced world and has money dies of HIV infection anymore. Antiretroviral therapy is 100% effective.

April 22, 2016 at 1:55 PM Delete

Wow, this is the first time I have heard "100% successful" because of the attendant illnesses associated with HIV are complex.


Anonymous said...

I think his religious beliefs may have influenced his treatment plan.

Anonymous said...

What a tragic loss. I am still floored. I will admit I was angered by this post when I first read it (What? Drugs! No way! A vegan, non smoking non drinking person) but I will be so disappointed if he lost his life due to opiates. ~Christy

_kim_ber_ly_ said...

So here we are.. Two weeks later.. and it has come out that the son of an addiction doctor was the one who made the 911 call.

The addiction doctor could not fly to Prince in Minneapolis, so he sent his son with medication for Prince to get started in addiction treatment, which was supposed to be administered by a local associate physician.

The son was to meet with Prince at the associate physician's office, and when Prince did not show, the son went to the Paisley Park property to find Prince. Staff let him in and they discovered Prince in the elevator.

Peter's statement analysis rings true for this case: "Police should learn what the caller knew about drug abuse and/or any possible illegal activity." Since the caller was the son of the addiction doctor hired by Prince, he had knowledge about drug abuse.

"The caller's sensitivity may be due to egotistical projection, but it also may be due to possible involvement in obtaining narcotics for the victim and/or covering up for him." The son had controlled substance medications with him that he had transported to Minnesota, in order for the associate physician to administer to Prince to get him started on addiction treatment.

"That he used "we", and was deceptive about the victim's state are two linguistic indications of guilt that need to be investigated." Since the son was being ushered around the property by Prince's staff, 'we' makes sense to me, as he would not have access to the property on his own.

Anonymous said...

Peter would you be willing to analyze Prince's sister interview if i posted it for you. I see lots of red flags there.