Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eric Paddock, Brother of Terrorist Stephen Paddock


Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and injured hundreds in a planned terrorist attack at a Country Music Concert in Vegas.  

With unexpected rapidity,  local FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse in Vegas announced it was not a "terror" attack.  

The concert, itself, is considered representative of conservative Americans; those who wish to "conserve" that which established America.  This was not lost on a CBS executive who publicly posted her lack of empathy for the victims because they were different from her political ideology.  

If Paddock targeted conservatives, it would be Leftist Terrorism.  

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017,  the local Sheriff announced that he may have been "radicalized unbeknownst to us."  

The term "radicalization" is a  politically correct form of deception that avoids identifying obedience to Islam's precepts and precedent in the killing of those who do not adhere to Islam's ideology.  

If Paddock targeted Americans out of obedience to the Koran/Haddiths, it would be Islamic Terrorism.  

Corporate or "Main Stream Media" (MSM) has used headlines such as "gambling debts" and "prescribed anti-anxiety meds" to suggest motive.  

Politicians and the elite blamed the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

The crisis of confidence the western world has over its media is why we prefer to hear the words of people, for ourselves, rather than the narrative driven deception so common.  This is why lay people enroll in Statement Analysis training, including writers, bloggers and others interested in truth.  

Here we have the brother of Paddock answering a few questions from media. 

                            What do his answers indicate?

I.  Knowledge or Suspicion of Planning

Here, he was asked if he saw signs that indicated something was going to happen:
"I'm not even going to answer that stupid question. There's, I've already told. There's absolutely no. It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky.
If an asteroid fell right here, you would feel the exact same way as I feel right now. There's exactly no logic, no reach even for me, where my brother would have done this."

What  can we know about his answer?

1.  He initially refuses to answer the question.  This means the question about seeing signs or indications of something bad to come, however worded, is sensitive to him.  We would expect someone without any suspicion of a deadly attack to say, 

"I did not see any signs that he would become violent."  

Remember that the subject had a large cache of weapons; far more than self protection or hunting.  This, alone, if he was close to his brother, would naturally lead to a question as to why the volume of weapons was kept.  

This could have been addressed as well.  "My brother was a collector" or "my brother was an avid hunter..." and so on.  There are 59 dead victims and hundreds hospitalized, so the context must not be minimized.  

2.  After initially denying the question with "I'm not even going to answer..." we see the need to ridicule the question with "that stupid question."

The need to ridicule the question as "stupid" when it is a commonly asked question regarding startling events of all kinds, shows yet another increase in sensitivity.  It is not a "stupid" question in context of both the action, the toll and his cache of weapons.  There is, however, another aspect of the greater context involved:  money. 

3.  The question may have been in the form of "yes or no" as media generally asks leading questions or yes or no questions.  He does get to the word "no" here: 

There's, I've already told. There's absolutely no. 

This broken communication tells us that he is self-censoring his information.  He began by saying he would not answer the question and then answered it with ridicule, and now we have indication of missing information.  

4.  Passivity 

Passivity, or in lengthier views, "passive voice" is used to distance oneself from responsibility.  A basic example is "the gun went off..." which avoids telling us who caused the gun to go off.  We note passivity and then assign it a classification of appropriate or inappropriate.  If someone said in a riot, "rocks were thrown", the passivity may be appropriate if the subject does not know who threw the rocks.  It would be inappropriate if the subject knew, but sought to conceal the identity of the rock thrower (s).  

"There's absolutely no" is not only to use passivity but do do so 

a. in the present tense
b. in self censoring

This will only increase concern that his brother either knew or was suspicious of Stephen Paddock's attack.  

As you will see when he answers the question about money, Eric Paddock's concern is Eric Paddock; not the victims, the victims' families, the country, nor even his own family.  

He now offers his reason why he had no suspicion of his brother's intent.  This is, in this sense, a "hina clause" where the need to explain why is given when no such question has been posed.  It is a signal of very high sensitivity:  

It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky.
If an asteroid fell right here, you would feel the exact same way as I feel right now. 

He has used a hypothetical comparison regarding his own emotions, telling the interviewer that the interview would feel exactly as he does in this moment in time. He does not say he was surprised but gives a specific imagery to declare what "you", the journalist would experience. 

This is to avoid plainly stating, "I was shocked." 

Leakage In Statement Analysis 

"Leakage" is an advanced form of statement analysis in which we ask why certain words are used and what they may possibly indicate.  With detection deception normally running at or near 100% accuracy, and content analysis at 80%, leakage is speculative.  It asks questions that sometimes means answers come later. 

An example: 

Baby Ayla was reported kidnapped by her father, Justin DiPietro, from his own mother's home in Waterville, Maine, several years back.  The case is covered here in the blog of which using the search feature will give you analysis.  

Baby Ayla was not kidnapped as Justin DiPietro, his sister and his mother were all deceptive.  Yet, even in their deception, information was inadvertently "leaked" out. 

When confronted with the allegation that he was not cooperating with police, he said, 

"Contrary to rumors floating around out there, I have been cooperating with Waterville police..."

Police were thus advised:  search water for her remains as this was likely on his mind when issuing his denial:  "Contrary to rumors floating around out there, I have..."

Later, he was asked about his polygraph and he refused to answer if he passed or failed it, finally stating, "I smoked it."

It is no surprise that DiPietro was a drug user, as to why he would choose a dismissive, juvenile taunting phrase while his own daughter was allegedly in the hands of strangers.  

Another example commonly cited is when Cindy Anthony threw out Texas Equasearch from her home and told media why:  

"George and I don't believe that Caylee's in the woods or anything."  

As she explained why she demanded Tim Miller and Equasearch to leave, she inadvertently revealed her knowledge of Caylee's remains as they were found "in the woods" a few blocks from her home.  

Leakage warrants exploration and further questioning.  Here, we not only examine Eric Paddock's answer, but his choice of words in formulating his answer.  

It is interesting to note what imagery he invokes to explain why he has no knowledge: 

a large object falling from the sky.  

An astroid falling to earth not only invokes surprise, but damage from above.  

Advanced Analysis would consider this as possible leakage; the inadvertent dissemination of information.  

As we consider the rain of bullets poured from the sky into victims, this is the imagery that Eric Paddock has chosen to employ.  

It is now vital that we learn his linguistic disposition towards victims.  

There's exactly no logic, no reach even for me, where my brother would have done this."

The defensive posture for Eric Paddock is very high.  The answer reveals self protection without any mention of the victims.  

 II.  Money 

Stephen Paddock transferred $100,000 to an account in the Philippines a week before his attack.  His girlfriend was identified with the announcement that she was not a person of interest.   The transfer of money just prior to the terrorist attack means investigators must learn if Marilou Danley had guilty knowledge of what was planned.  It also means that investigators should seek to learn if his bother had knowledge, or in the very least, suspicion of what was to come, specifically through financial transactions.  

She left the country and then it was announced that she was a person of interest and has flown back to the United States. 

"Steve is the reason that she has substantial funds right now and is comfortable. That's the Steve I know. Now, the other thing someone said that Steve transferred $100,000.
Woo, a hundred thousand dollars. We're wealthy people, $100,000 isn't that much money, A., and I'm sorry if that hurts people or something, but a hundred thousand dollars isn't that huge amount of money." 

1. "That's the Steve I know" is now "separating" or compartmentalizing his brother.  This would suggest a positive view on giving away $100,000 yet it is found in the incomplete social introduction.  His brother has shot hundreds of innocent victims and he indicates a need to portray him in a positive light.  


The answer may be found in the choice of words. 

Note it is "the Steve" he, himself knows.  This is to deny knowledge of the "other" Steve.  The denial is about self, not about money and not about Danley.  

The focus shows self-concern.  This is important to recognize and consider, again, with the reminder that the dead have yet to be buried by the time of this interview.  

Again, consider the context:  the transfer was a week prior to the killing of so many.   This is suggestive that Paddock knew he would not survive the attack, whether by police or his own hand.

2.  He affirms the wire transfer with the explanation of "why" Marilou Danley's, alleged to be Stephen Paddock's girlfriend, has "substantial funds."  

3.  He avoids using Marilou Danley's name. This "incomplete social introduction" suggests a less than good relationship with Danley within the context of money.  

It could be not good because he does not know her.  Statement Analysis allows for a wide variety of causes, yet if he does not know Danley, he affirms knowledge of her financial status and does so within the element of time:  "...she has substantial funds right now." which suggest that she did not have substantial funds prior.  

Therefore, it is not likely that lack of knowledge has caused the incomplete social introduction.  

Question:  Maybe he is just  protecting her name from this mess?

Answer:  This is not likely either, since it has bee well published. 

The incomplete social introduction is in the context of money.  One might consider if the relationship was poor, either with her or even with Stephen, due to disagreement over her and money.  

Woo, a hundred thousand dollars. 

While there are 50 dead and hundreds injured, he ridicules regarding money.  

We're wealthy people, $100,000 isn't that much money,

There is still no mention of the victims, but note what now comes into his language:  

 A., and I'm sorry if that hurts people or something, but a hundred thousand dollars isn't that huge amount of money."

Hence, further insight into the calloused and defensive personality of Eric Paddock.

The words, "I'm sorry" often enter the language of the guilty.  

Question:  Who is the recipient of the ridicule?

Answer:  Those who consider $100,000 a "huge" sum of money.  

Media reported that Stephen Paddock went to an anti Trump rally.  
If this was Leftist Terrorism, targeting "country music fans" due to their connection to working class status, consider the following:  

Here we have no empathy for victims, only a condescending insult regarding economic status.  This may be considered in light of the recent presidential campaign where "deplorables" (sic) were classified as lower income, lower educated people lacking the intelligence to vote for the "right" candidate.  

Analysis Conclusion:

Further investigation is warranted but in the least, Eric Paddock shows a need to avoid issuing a reliable denial. 

It is very likely that he had, in the very least, suspicion of his brother's activity.  Investigators will need to learn if he had more than suspicion.  

For training in your home, department or business, please visit Hyatt Analysis Services to learn how to enroll.  


Anonymous said...

"... I'm sorry if that hurts people... "

Very interesting choice of words to phrase speaking about money in light of the topic at hand.


rjb said...

In one of his first statements, Eric Paddock said that his brother was "not an avid gun guy." I wonder what an "avid gun guy" looks like to Eric Paddock.

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"... I'm sorry if that hurts people... "

Very interesting choice of words to phrase speaking about money in light of the topic at hand.


I agree KC, an unexpected choice of words.

Plus he starts with "...she has substantial funds right now." then proceeds to try to minimize the amount as insignificant. there are a lot of contradictions going on in his "tortured" language.

Anonymous said...

Godless people who love money. What could go wrong?

Delaney said...

Exactly, I thought that too. He could have said I'm sorry if that offends people or something else.

Anonymous said...

Why does it look like cnn photoshopped a victims gay partner onto a Las Vegas background. You can tell the guy is not actually there & he doesnt seem that upset about his gay partner having been shot dead. Can someone look at that over on cnn?

Terri said...

This all fits in well with the possibility that Stephen Paddock was a CIA employee. His brother likely knew that:

GeekRad said...

I hear deception in Eric's comments but wondered if he is trying to distance himself because he feels guilty. I one point he mentioned that if he had called Steve instead of texting him back maybe he could have intervened.

General P. Malaise said...

"He didn't plan this for 35 years. This happened to my brother -- whatever caused him to do this -- it happened over the course of months. And here is what I say to the people -- maybe no one will ever understand Steve," Eric Paddock said.

1) "he didn't plan this for 35 years" spoken in the negative indicating sensitivity. he tells us what his brother didn't plan. Does the brother know that he did plan this and that he also knew something?
2) Eric continues, "this happened to my brother .." then stops himself an indication of self censorship. "this" as opposed to "that". This being closer to him. Eric does not complete his thought "...whatever caused him to do this" again he stops and does not complete the thought. "it happened over the course of months." Here Eric now makes an affirmative statement as though he knows something was happening over the "course of months". So we have Eric telling us how long he was planning "this".
3) Eric continues starting with "And" used to join two sentences while often omitting pertinent information. "And here is what I say to the people ...maybe no one will ever understand Steve,". Is Eric saying this to "the people" who were shot?

Eric is making himself available to be interviewed (this is unexpected) (is he a crisis actor?) but he does not show empathy to the victims of his brother's shooting. He tries to show his brother as a positive force in life. The guy seems to be working off a script. He needs to hit a series of talking points. He says a lot of unexpected things in this interview and some of the detail about the money transfer make me wonder if he considers the money illegitimate. Eric also speaks like he has more knowledge of guns then he spoke of on an earlier interview. There is a lot of material in this interview.

Anonymous said...

I believe the shooting happened, but it is so odd how calm the people they are interviewing are. Even people who were actually there & lost a spouse/partner dont even seem to have jangled nerves. Why is that??

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I believe the shooting happened, but it is so odd how calm the people they are interviewing are. Even people who were actually there & lost a spouse/partner dont even seem to have jangled nerves. Why is that??

you mean like the parents in Sandy Hook

Anonymous said...

@Malaise, Yeah I know what youre saying about Sandy Hook--I havent done much research into it, but my son has told me that if I did read about it that there are a lot of reasons to think it was fake.
The gay partner on cnn does not seem upset, and it sounds like he's reading a script like he says somerhing like "No I havent seen him in the morgue yet but I should do that for closure" but with less emotion than I fwlt when my cat died.
Also, imo, the sound of gunfire heard on video taken at the shooting is much too loud to be coming from 32 nd floor of that building.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

General, he didn't plan it for 35 years. Believe him.

The element is time.

How long did he plan it for?

General P. Malaise said...

"it happened over the course of months." Here Eric now makes an affirmative statement as though he knows something was happening over the "course of months". So we have Eric telling us how long he was planning "this".

Can we say he knows it was planned? or is that conjecture?

General P. Malaise said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about the gunfire. The one recording is from the base of the hotel so very close. There is muzzle flashes which appear to be coming from the fourth floor, they don't seem like reflections. Another video hones in on the same location when the firing starts.

More questions than answers as usual.

Anonymous said...

But is there a broken window on 4th floor?

Also, weird about the $600 gun he purchased hours before the shooting that is now "missing" & was not found with him in hotel room.

Anonymous said...

Omg just now watching the brothers interview...his crying is so fake...he says abiut the $100,000 that its not that much money & "not everyone works at Taco Bell". First thing I thought of..."Breaking Bad" where the drug king operates out of a Mexican fast food place..,he & his bro were bigtime drug/gun dealers I bet!

Hey Jude said...

The full thirty three minute interview with the brother - it's probably the weirdest interview I have ever seen.


Reporter: What would you say to families who are trying to get some...

What I'm saying I'm cr - I'm crying. You know, you say 'How am I holding up? I woke up, you know, and once again it's - I'm not a crying kind of guy. I'm the guy - I'm the guy who helps everybody else -go round and ask my neighbour - the lady who pulled in, I helped her husband pull a tree off his house and stand up his - I'm the kind of guy who goes around and helps. I'm just that - I mean sorry, I'm just that kind of guy. Was I luck - I'm extremely lucky in life, you know...I, but I worked for it a lot, I mean, go find my history, I worked a billion hours, and was not home with my family, and etcetera etcetera, but I'm not guilty for being successful. But for all the rest of the people - for all that - here - once again, please..

Reporter: What do you say to the victims, to the families who are trying...?

EP : The families...

Reporter: To understand, to get insight...

EP Think about Steve - however you have to think about Steve. Here's my, here's my statement. If we have to have a funeral for Steve, here's how pragmatic this is - how pragmatic I am. If having a funeral for Steve, and letting all these people come and spit on his grave will make them feel better in any way, shape or form, I mean, I'm using the far end here ..c'mon guys, give me, give me a little stretch here - if having a funeral for Steve would help anybody I will do whatever is possible. I mean I'm - my heart is torn, is destroyed, for all these people - I -I can't tell you why Steve did what he did. It doesn't - It's so far over the side of the cliff from Steve that I knew. Did he grouse about people, yes? If you went into, I mean - you guys, come on - if you w- if you go into - do you guys ever gamble at all? - when you gamble and you win you're all happy, it doesn't matter if you're up five hundred dollars, when you lose you're not happy - so, you know, you're unhappy that you lost because you think you lost - but there's no - that's not -I mean -Steve didn't gamble that way, Steve gambled as a job.


I think he is very anxious that the media will uncover information about him which he would rather did not exist, though he says he has no criminal record.

He believes he is of great interest, as if he is the story. It can't be only that he is a totally selfish jerk, surely. Interesting how he asks and answers his own questions, as if to put off responding to the reporters' questions - manipulative. His voice keeps going falsetto - almost hysterical, as though under pressure, yet so willing to engage.

Bottle Cap said...

Here's some more from Eric's interview today.

More leakage?: 'My heart is torn... is destroyed for all of these people. But I can't tell you why Steve did what he did. It's so far over the side of the cliff from the Steve that I knew,' he said.

His 33 minute interview centered primarily on money. How poor his mom was, how his brother made them all rich, how rich his bother was with many specific lifestyle examples and on and on.

He said the FBI has not contacted him.

Here's the 33 minute broadcast of the interview:

Sean Hannity said on his radio show today that he was on the phone with Eric and Eric wanted a $million for an interview to raise money for the victims.

Money, money, money.

Hey Jude said...

His 'cheap little camper' - he's a bit confused as to whether he's wealthy, or not...he boasts, then says he has a cheap little camper.

Was the dead brother dealing arms? Some of Twitter thinks so, and that it was a set up, and that the dead brother was a patsy.

Eric seems a bit anxious about everyone's standard of living - does he worry he did not work quite enough billions of hours to account for it all, perhaps? So he throws in his cheap little camper, as if to say he was just boasting earlier, he's not really wealthy? Those thousands of dollars of sushi was all on the house, and only enjoyed on account of his dead brother.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the brother referring to Steve in the present tense repeatedly, then at one point he corrects himself when he talks about him in present tense and puts him in past tense, then shortly after that, he says that "Steve loved slash loves Marylou".

Still listening....OK, he just refers to Steve in present tense regarding how he feels about his past romantic partners.

Anonymous said...

Steve gambles "mathematically"?! lmao

Steve was doing illegal shit to win at gambling.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the "brain cancer" thing?

"He wouldn't have gone to the hospital and gotten treatment. He would have just died in 6 mos."

Hey Jude said...

"Was I luck - I'm extremely lucky in life, you know...I, but I worked for it a lot, I mean, go find my history, I worked a billion hours, and was not home with my family, and etcetera etcetera, but I'm not guilty for being successful."

Why so defensive? No-one suggested he was guilty for being successful - or of or for anything. I suppose he might feel guilt by association, but he's putting his guilt/defensiveness around his material wealth rather than his relation to his brother - but as it was his brother who apparently made them all wealthy, it could be guilt by association?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Steve had aspergers if he really was gambling mathematically and then came up with the evil genius sniper nest plan.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - He just died, so likely will still be referred to in present and/or past tense for a while, by relatives and close friends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, I have a feeling, at minimum, he knew that the "funds" Steve was giving to him and his family were gained illegally...Steve was apparently loaded, being comped thousands of dollars worth of sushi...obviously Steve was either VERY successful at using illegal means to win tons of money gambling or, and this is probably more likely, Steve and his brother were bigtime drug/gun transporters using Steve's 2 planes...

What was the job the brother says that he was able to retire from bc of Steve after he got burnt out from it? Was he a hitman?

Anonymous said...

Jude, regarding present could be right, but kinda weird the brother is saying that they won't be having a funeral because Steve likes parties while he is alive?

Hey Jude said...

I wish I did not like a good conspiracy theory.

Does it have any potential?

Hey Jude said...

'Evil genius' is unexpected, unless from one who might consider themselves as such - perhaps. At least, 'Evil b*stard' would be more expected, I should think, unless there was admiration for the 'evil genius'. What's 'genius' about a massacre?

Eric thinks he is pretty smart because he liked to hang out with dumb people who would get caught, while he did not.

He maybe should talk less.

Anonymous said...

Jude, thanks, I'll check out the link!

Yeah, you can tell he thinks both himself and Steve are "evil geniuses" who "dont get caught".
You are rught...he needs to stop talking & get a good lawyer...I cant believe he told everyone he owns a machine gun & also said how firing a machine gun will "tear up your shoulder" & then says "I have a fake shoulder" (?!)

Anonymous said...

Jude, I checked out the conspiracy theory...totally...the guy was prob undercover FBI...FBI is totally covering up that ISIS was behind the shooting & no way in hell did Steve get all that money from gambling. Steve bought a gun right before the attack that is now missing. The FBI prob gave Steve the planes too.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

1. "It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky. If an asteroid fell right here, you would feel the exact same way as I feel right now."

The problem with Eric Paddock's assertion is that, given current technology, we would have advance notice of an impending asteroid strike...quite a bit of notice and numerous advance warnings. So, Eric's non-denial hypothetical scenario seems like a wild attempt to deflect, even while actually confirming that he did have some prior knowledge (whether that was his brother was unstable/violent/mentally ill/idealogically compromised is yet to be seen).

2. "Steve is the reason that she has substantial funds right now and is comfortable."

For him to state this unequivocally (as opposed to the verbal dancing prior to this comment), he evidences knowledge of both Marilou Danley's normal financial state (the qualifier "right now") and Stephen Paddock's. It is expected that he'd have knowledge of Stephen Paddock's as the brothers share business interests, but Marilou's? It sounds almost as if Eric is resentful of the money "Steve" gave to/spent on Marilou. Is it because Marilou is not one of the "wealthy people", as Eric depicts himself, Stephen, and "the family". Eric is insulted and contemptuous that investigators and reporters are investigating money as a motive.

Eric also is more concerned about advancing the idea that Steve is generous with his money (image) than with the fact that his brother methodically gunned down 59 strangers and injured 500 more. So wealthy generous people can't plan and commit mass murders? So, because his brother is generous to his poorer girlfriend, Eric had no prior knowledge his brother was violent, gun-obsessed, mentally unbalanced, or involved in Islamic terrorism (yet to be confirmed)? I'm not buying that.

Fifty-nine people are dead and 500+ more wounded, lives are traumatically and dramatically permanently altered, and Eric's second priority is to minimize one specific $100,000 wire transfer. Why? If they're the business tycoon, investor wheeler-dealers Eric's claiming, why would he even be bothered by a simple wire transfer? If $100,000 is nothing to him/them (he, Stephen, or "the family"), as Eric claims, why the need to explain it away (yet Eric doesn't explain where the money came from, went, and why)?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just my opinion, but I think Eric may be parsing his words because he's afraid that the families of the deceased, as well as injured victims, will sue to collect damages from his jointly held business ventures/accounts with Stephen- which may impact both Eric's and "the family"'s portfolio. I'd like to think I'm wrong, but Eric's coming off as alarmingly lacking in empathy and compassion for the victims of his sibling's rampage. He seems to be in "cover ourselves" mode (even as he's bragging about how financially well of he and "the family" are). SMH

Hey Jude said...

Fools - was it Eric made the transfer to Marilou?

‘…so, the hundred thousand dollars for Mary-Lou, and it’s what I sent back …I mean, I’ll just try to say what I said before - h- that’s the Steve I know, that’s what, that’s something that makes sense - Steve would have wanted to take care of Mary Lou..’

Eric didn't know Steve and Marilou were no longer together, possibly - it's want Steve would have wanted - is Eric an 'evil genius' who used Steve's cards, anticipated what he would have wanted, would have done, etc -but possibly got that wrong.

Pretty sure he says 'it's what I sent back..'. hope others will listen and see if that is what he said. Pronouns don't lie, but my hearing might. :)

He does go on a lot about that transfer - and not being sure of Steve's relationship status, says he remained friends with his exes, looked after his friends. Maybe justification for why he would have sent $100,000 dollars to an ex - well, if it turns out they had separated.

I think he's explaining a lot for which no explanation has been asked - weird when he talks about the gun attachments that Steve would have bought, but then possibly not used and left in his bag - why is he thinking and talking and speculating on that?

Hey Jude said...

The people in the cab YouTube sound like crisis actors, which made me think it was a PsyOp, but this brother is acting guilty as heck - dunno what to think besides I am not convinced that the dead guy in the hotel room necessarily did the shooting.

Anonymous said...

The &100,000 was probably intended to be given to terrorists. There are pics of the girlfriend in Dubai on her fb page.
Maybe the brother seems guilty bc maybe he converted to Islam also? Maybe he radicalized Steve?

"Old-fashioned guy"
"Wife stayed home"
I read that the brother said Steve hated cigarette smoke so much, he would carry aeound a cigar and light it up and blow the cigar smoke in the cigarette smokers face cause it made him so mad. (Not typical of a gambler hanging out in casinos). Almost ISIS-like in hating cigarettes. Did he hate alcohol too? Brother goes on and on about socializing/eating/hanging out with Steve, but notice no mention of "having a drink" or any mention of alcohol or of earting red meat.

Anonymous said...

Reno cops just announced they believe Steve had an accomplice and an escape plan & a lot of fertilizer in his car for bomb-making.
When are they gonna admit ISIS was involved? I mean seriously.

Hey Jude said...

Gambling is forbidden in Islam, so if he was really a convert, he would have given up on casinos. A cigar is still smoking. Most sushi contains alcohol.

Is there any evidence he was a convert? Which imam spoke to him and which mosque did he attend?

Eric didn't think his brother was strong enough to sustain all that gunfire - that's why he used bipods. Anyone could be excused for wondering if he had thought it all out himself, and couldn't resist boasting.

It's a pity dead men can't talk. I wonder who would have stood to inherit all those "m... - LOTS", say Steve Paddock did have brain cancer and was considering suicide rather than treatment? £100,000 might make an interested girlfriend go away. I wonder if they had separated, or if a 'dear Marilou' note accompanied the transfer... too many wonderings.

Hey Jude said...

I think Eric invites suspicion, by not seeming to care for the victims, by going on about wealth and comfort, and explaining too much about Steve when nobody was asking - at least not for all that.

Anonymous said...


Sushi does not contain alcohol. Are you just making stuff up?

Hey Jude said...

And 'evil genius' - which he says he shouldn't have said - why not - He must have known it gave an insight into his own mind. Did he regard his brother as such? Why would he admire someone for the mass murder of defenceless people? What did he consider genius about it? There was nothing genius in killing defenceless people from a hotel window. So who, and what, was the genius, to Eric?

Hey Jude said...

Yes it does. :).

Anonymous said...

My husband is a trained sushi chef. There is no alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Sushi does not contain alcohol.

Just sayin': Listen to him go on and on of how "cool" hanging out with Steve was in the context of casinos, and restaurants, ordering thousands of dollars of sushi and not one mention of drinking wine, mixed drinks, nothing. Wouldn't you think he would have bragged of the super expensive bottles of wine the restaurant would comp Steve and his guests. NOt one mention of alcohol. Very strange.

He did not smoke cigars. He just carried it around to light it and blow it in cigarette smokers faces.

No hookers? These people hang out in hotels, casinos etc yet they never get laid? No gorgeous women throwing themselves at these super high rollers.

Something doesn't add up. Unless....they are Islamic.

Hey Jude said...

Facebook apparently removed the cabbie's video - it's still on YouTube. Why would they take it down?

I think they are crisis actors, or are there other reasons for it sounding like bad acting?

I know cabbies are calm, but this one is so laid back in the midst of all that gunfire as to be almost horizontal, which is strange in itself.
The kids are not even convincing to the cab driver - it takes her a long time to say she believes them, it is not a joke. Why would she even say that?
Were these kids present and witnesses, or are they kids who were nearby and who just wanted a free ride away from the gunfire?
They didn't want to go much away even, just any hotel - they were apparently not booked at a hotel, though at the (three day) festival. Broken leg, but they ask to be taken to any hotel rather than a hospital - then she drops them off, at a grocery store - with broken leg and they are quibbling over the eleven dollar fare - like who would care? So, IDK.

Anonymous said...

Usually it's medium wealth older alcoholics on their 2nd or 3rd divorce who go for the phillipino or asian women cause they won't complain.

Is it possible Steve really wasn't that rich and he was a total alcoholic?

If Steve was such a high roller, he could get lots of girlfriends. Why would he have to settle for an already married old phillipino woman? That lady was married to another guy.

Unknown said...

Something no ones covered here yet, but, the “girlfriend” met him because she was “assigned” to high stakes rollers. She was more likely a paid companion. Her job was complete, and she received payment for such (as well as silence).

There was only one Starbucks in the town they lived & frequented. The manager, and baristas there say Steve was not a nice man & berated her when they’d get coffee. He’s often remind her that she was drinking coffee his money paid for, and she would usually stand behind him.

This was no girlfriend. This was a paid for “relationship”, and the brother knew it.

-bonnie blue

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude,

What about the video where the shooter is firing rapid fire and you can hear a gay-sounding guy calmly saying "We should move or we're going to get trampled". So calmly.

Anonymous said...

Unknown, OK so that proves he was a "sugar daddy" with no sugar. He's gonna bitch about shelling out 4 bucks for a coffee. There are sugar daddies like that, but that does not match up with him wiring her $100,000 just so she'll be comfortable.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - or some variety of Christian. Or atheist. Many people do not drink, smoke or use prostitutes. It's too much of a leap to claim that equals Islamic. The ISIS claim was that he was a recent convert - if the brothers have a history which does not include drinking or smoking, they probably just don't drink or smoke.


Yes, there is alcohol in the sauce, you can ask for no alcohol, or you might get a type without alcohol.

Unknown said...

PS there has been footage showing a clearly drunk Steve going through a hotel lobby. Old footage. Showing he did drink alcohol.
He was described as disheveled, drunk, with a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Well, why would you show off to your guests getting them thousands of dollars worth of sushi and not get them wine?

Steve's personality probably sucks and that's why he had to pay an old phillipino lady to be his girlfriend, otherwise with his money he could have gotten younger women.

Any guy who bitches about paying for a cup of coffee either has no money and is a cheap bastard or he has money and he's a cheap bastard--he's not gonna gamble or buy elaborate meals. Trust me, I know very wealthy men married to younger women who are cheap as shit but they don't throw their money around gambling or buying giant spreads for their guests. jmo

If Steve was a cheap asshole he would be like that all the time with everyone. NOt just selectively and if he's bitching about buying coffee he's as cheap as they come. Very unattractive quality...he's not gonna keep an attractive woman for more than a day. It's hard to believe he could even keep the phillipino older woman--she's attractive enough to get someone way better.

Steve wasn't the man his brother is portraying throwing money around and treating his guests to giant meals. No way.

Anonymous said...


Sushi sauce??? What are you babbling on about?? Quit making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Steve's the kind that's counting every penny and getting money from women. Bitching about coffee types...those kinda guys are horrible in bed and they are cheap across the board with everyone, usually last for about 2 seconds in bed.
They typically may end up with someone they can completely dominate and they will get large sums of money from the woman, not the other way strange as it sounds oftentimes they pick someone way shorter than them...just like Steve is saying his brother was much much taller than the phillipino lady.
So, if anything, Steve was getting money from the Phillipino lady. So hard for me to believe he wired her $100,000 unless it was to give to terrorists.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - no, I have not heard that one.

You could be calm at a distance, whilst anticipating a stampede.

Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

I'll try to find it.

Anonymous said...

His brother, naturally, wants to remember the deceased in the best light. He has his kids and mother to think of as well as other relative. He has no crystal ball, though the media does and their always wrong retired federal agents will have an answer that will also be wrong but others will accept as the gospel.

Fla. news agencies do ask "stupid" questions, you have to admit. I am surprised he'd even give them an interview AT ALL.

In the months preceding the rage killings, this drunkard, computer addicted man received anti-anxiety medication. No one mentions why. Did he have high blood pressure, something making him anxious when he's normally a laid back 'just a guy' kinda guy? Hormone imbalance?
He was 64 years old, after all.

Anonymous said...

Jude, sorry I can't find it...I'm sick righ tnow so not that great at finding things...cnn had it up before...I looked at other videos and it seems clear the shooting did happen but there must have been an accomplice.

Hey Jude said...

If Steve was a multi-millionaire why would he send only $100,000 if it was intended for his terrorist brothers? For a cause to which he had 'sacrificed' his life, a measly $100,000 of his millions. As Eric said, it's not a lot to wealthy people.

If Steve intended to die in the cause of ISIS, and really was a convert, why only €100,000 of his millions? Why not at least some millions of his millions?

If you wanted to get rid of a hostess girlfriend, or if possibly your brother wanted to get rid of someone he thought was your girlfriend, sending her out of the country on the promise of $100,000 might do it. If she was out of the country, she would not know who was round her boyfriend, or former boyfriend around the time of the massacre.

Marilou out of the picture, out of the multi-millionaire brother's life, him also out of his own life, before he had chance to top himself due to terminal, if you had a brain tumour, going over a cliff might seem preferable to treatment. If your brother knew that, he might have an interest in securing the family's continued wealth and comfort. He might bandy around the phrase 'evil genius' despite it did not apply - there is nothing of genius about a cowardly mass murder. Waste of energy to cart that arsenal up to the thirty second floor if you were weak with cancer and were only going to use two guns - even if he got a bellboy to take it up, it still needed loading and transporting to the hotel, and generally was superfluous. Why, really, was it there? Set up for an arms deal during which he was killed by the buyers/killers? Speculation, but really, how often do sixty-four year old professional gamblers take to Islam, not only take to Islam, but to ISIS, and then to set about slaughtering their fellow citizens? I think it's preposterously unlikely - more likely that it either was a set up or he went crazy with a brain tumour. His brother hopes he will be found to have had a brain tumour - why? Because he hopes it then will be deemed due to a brain tumour - ruling out other possibilities? IDK.

From the cab driver video, it sounds as if there was more than one shooter.


Eric sounds almost hysterical - why is he like that?

Hey Jude said...

Maybe he had anti-anxiety drugs because he had terminal cancer, which would be anxiety inducing...

Eric said Steve would get the casino to pay for things - he makes it sound as if he was generous, with the casinos' hospitality. He also said the family's wealth was due to Eric - they couldn't have got wealthy on complimentary goods, so presumably he means the real estate business, yet mostly he speaks about his gambling as source of income.

Was Steve unstoppably gambling away the inheritance, the family fortune, which he and Eric had built together through their real estate or other business?

Hey Jude said...

^ Family wealth due to Steve, rather

Hey Jude said...

Mirin or Rice Vinegar as common sushi ingredients, Anon = alcohol.

Bottle Cap said...

The ongoing investigation is international.

FBI states there are multiple leads around the world involving the travel patterns of multiple people in this investigation. Link to video:

Also a timeline of events at 7:09 and 8:38 and 9:05 of this video

Hey Jude said...

Fuller video of the FBI Special Agent:

Anonymous said...

Jude, Very interesting observations, however I believe he was working for ISIS. He seems like he is a loner type, he probably had been wanting to lash out/explode since he was a kid due to his father abandoning family and being a bank robber and on America's Most Wanted for 10 years, he seems intelligent and like the "planning aspect" would appeal to him, he is very cheap (and I really can't stress enough how indicative that can be of so many other terrible qualities including violent tendencies and abuse). Not saying a guy needs to have tons of money or even lots of it, (and actually this is somewhat similar with women) but people who are extremely stingy with what they do have, they are angry over spending $4 on a coffee for their girlfriend, they charge a member of their own family who hasn't eaten all day for a tofu dog...

OK let me just make a list of people I've known who were VERY CHEAP

--Guy friend who liked me more than I liked him and did not pay for my dinner and then when I paid for my half bitched that I needed to cough up another $2 for my coffee (I dumped him on the way home from that)--This guy borrowed $1,000 from his previous girlfriend and became violent when she asked him to pay it back. This guy sucked in bed worse than anyone ever. This guy was a cheater. (All of this could be foretold from the refusal to pay for my dinner and demanding $2 for coffee).

--My sister--I used to buy her dinner all the time cause I would have money and she didn't, and in fact all my friends and even guys I was dating would buy her stuff if she was out with us...dinner, drinks, lunches, etc...even guys i was dating--they would buy her dinner, my dinner, drinks for both of us!!! Because I don't date cheap assholes! One time I had to crash at her dormroom for 2 nights cause I was going through some hard shit...I had no money on me...I had not eaten all day...she gave me one tofu dog...I said "I'm really hungry can I have another one?" She said "if you want to pay for it and give me
$1.00" I said "I dont have any money." and she wouldnt give it to me. OK, this sister of mine is insane and everyone knows it...she has rage fits, psycho behavior, she has been put into mental observation by a cop because she was acting psycho in a park...she has bashed her hand through windows bc a door was locked...she is totally mean and very jealous.

My mother is cheap also and she is literally the most psychotic person I've ever met.

My father is not cheap and he is a much warmer and less psychotic person.

People who are very cheap, meaning they are not generous with what they have (it doesn;t have to be a lot that they have)--this is a HUGE red flag for someone who is very psychotic with violent tendencies.

Chaim Lech Maneuver said...

Asteroid? Islam? Maybe this is a coincidence, but ...

Anonymous said...

My point is that extreme cheapness indicates someone who is evil. Evil meaning extreme self-focus and lack of empathy with another person. Also, extreme selfishness which is evil.

Point being if the shooter is extremely cheap like bitching about paying for a cup of coffee, he is a total jerk and the mentality of ISIS probably appealled to him.

Regarding the FBI video posted by Jude, I'm hearing the word "trust" "you trust us, therfore we can't tell you anything" seems indicative of "we are lying" "we are covering something up" "you cant trust us".

Anon said...

"From the cab driver video, it sounds as if there was more than one shooter"

Sounds like an echo to me

Anonymous said...

That is weird about the meteorite. Hmmmm.

The brother acts so super weird.

He makes other really strange references that sounded like he could have been thinking of videos created by ISIS.

He acts hysterical and like he has almost mentally thought about how he would act in such a situation as the press gathering in his you know what i mean? Like his behavior seems almost rehearsed, not so much what he is saying, but the theatrical hand gestures he uses often, etc.

Anonymous said...

Like he acts like I would picture someone would act who was picturing what it would be like to have the press asking him about his brother being a mass murderer and as if he is alone standing in front of a mirror simulating what it would be like...with the hand bouncing his hand off of his face repeatedly like "oh I just can't fathom this!" It looks like someone rehearsing alone in front of a mirror.

Anonymous said...


God you're like the energizer bunny, you just keep going on and on.

Rice wine vinegar is NOT alcohol. Mirin is not used in sushi, it would distract from the taste of the fish, but it is a common ingredient used in other Japanese food.

Quit making stuff up.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - the same then could apply to Eric, as they shared the same Most Wanted father. I get what you are saying, he maybe was just a nasty piece of work who decided to do that, and did it. Could be Eric is panicking and near hysterical for selfish reasons.

Other Anon - some people in comments about the place have counted the gunshots in each volley and say they are not echoes - different number of shots. I have not counted them but am sure they have.

Well, the FBI are not going to say everything they know while they are investigating.

I will watch it again for the hand gestures - trouble is, I start watching, then after a while, put the video down into PIP and push it off screen so I can do something else - I think I watched it, but have mostly listened.

Hey Jude said...

Anon - it is used in sushi, and it is alcohol - if you want to be religious about it, it evaporates during cooking, but the rice is cooked with alcohol. :) So we're both a bit right and a bit wrong, but win if you like, I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Plus, why did Steve have all thos guns in his hotel room? Seriously. Why? He kinda reminds me of the Batman shooter but the Batman shooter was insane. Steve wasnt insane. So was he selling those weapons or was he expecting help with the attack? Like was Eric supposed to show up and then he failed to?

Chaim Lech Maneuver said...

Interesting. I have finally seen an excerpt of the interview video with him outside a brick house, the one from which the image in this blogpost is taken (cf.

I had to stop the video thirty seconds in because I got a sickening vibe that this guy is withholding a lot of information and the writhing, sputtering, sniffling and weeping suggests he is straining to hold it all back like the Hoover Dam.

I had a hard time sitting through the squirming, the nasal squealing, the tense, awkward gesticulation, the dramatic, adolescent "Wowwws", and the equally adolescent voice-cracking.

He repeated himself: "That's the Steve we knew." "That's the Steve I knew." "That's the Steve we know -- knew." And repetition indicates sensitivity. He is aware of the Steve he "didn't" know, and that's the important and relevant Steve, the Steve he is withholding.

I further got the impression him going off on tangents about his Mom growing up in the depression and the story about the "thousands of dollars" [his whiny gushing emphasis] of sushi, and so on, were internal red herrings to cover up or to take the place of more salient, substantive information he is withholding.

Misha said...

Hey Jude and anon

I am sure I have read reports covering other terrorists where they were clearly shown to drink and watch porn etc. I expect they are no different to other humans in that respect where they spout one thing and do another.

John Mc Gowan said...

Shooter’s Brother May Have Just Busted This Investigation Wide Open: “Steve Was An Arm… I’m Sorry… Please Don’t…”

Alternative media sleuths across the world are trying to get to the bottom of the Las Vegas shooting and the following video, made available by Twitter user Red Pill, is going to lead to even more questions.

We won’t put words into Eric Paddock’s mouth. You decide what he intended to say:

“Steve had no help… Steve didn’t take help… it did not take a village for Steve…”

“Steve was an arm…

**Eric Paddock Realizes Mistake**

I’m sorry… Please don’t…. I’m using a colloquial term…”

There are two likely possibilities for what Eric Paddock meant to say.

First, shooter Stephen Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a country known for an illegal arms trade that in 2014 led to the arrest of a Californian Senator. Thus, is it possible Eric Paddock meant to say, “Steve was an arms dealer,” prior to cutting himself off?

Or, perhaps, he intended to say, “Steve was an army of one,” a slogan used by the U.S. Army in recruiting commercials.

You decide:

Clip link including comments:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

How did this 64 year old handle such a powerful firearm for 10 minutes...physically?

Even trained professionals must be in good physical shape to do so.

Anonymous said...

It's not odd that some that were there are calm. Not odd at all. I wouldn't expect a lot of hysteria unless it happened in Fla.;it did not.

Why clip and paste a photo of the brother that shows him in a angry posture, Peter? It's sad the blog lacks substance that is relies on such tactics.

His brother will not be a source of information no matter who often they "pseudo-investigate" him. It has been proven most the guns were bought in the last few months which aligns with what the brother said about what he saw when he helped him moved.

Can anyone name one mass murderer that someone came forward and said, "I knew this would happen one day?"

Anonymous said...

it rested on a bi-pod

Hey Jude said...

That YouTube link I posted to the cabbie video, and which was there a few hours ago, now says the video is not available. Some people downloaded it, so it probably still is available somewhere and will keep being reuploaded.

Anna said...

Agreed Bonnie Blue! Have you seen her statement issued via lawyer ?

Anna said...

Marilou Danley, via attorney:
“I am devastated by the deaths and injuries that have occurred, and my prayers go out to the victims and their families, and all those who have been hurt by these awful events. I have faith in God, and I will continue to pray for everyone who has been harmed or hurt. I am a mother and a grandmother, and my heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones.

I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him. He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of, that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.

A little more than two weeks ago, Stephen told me he found a cheap ticket for me to the Philippines and that he wanted me to take a trip home to see my family. Like all Filipinos abroad, I was excited to go home and see family and friends. While there, he wired me money, which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. I was grateful, but honestly, I was worried that first, the unexpected trip home, and then the money, was a way of breaking up with me. It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone.

I have not made a statement until now because I have been cooperating with the authorities, and I voluntarily flew back to America, because I know that the F.B.I. and Las Vegas police department wanted to talk to me, and I wanted to talk to them. I will cooperate fully with their investigation. Anything I can do to help ease suffering and help in any way, I will do. Please respect my privacy and my family’s privacy.”

Anna said...

“He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of, that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”
...”but honestly”...
“...not made a statement until now because...”
What is she hiding ?
Also, she went to the Phillipines, left to Hong Kong, then back to Phillipines. What’s that about?

LuciaD said...

Peter, the girlfriend has issued a statement. Would you analyze it? She sure gives lots of qualifiers. Don't know if English is her first language though.

John Mc Gowan said...

A little more than two weeks ago, Stephen told me he found a cheap ticket for me to the Philippines and that he wanted me to take a trip home to see my family.

The law of economy states the shortest sentence is the best. Any additional language may yield information the subject wishes not to conceal but does so with extra words.

A little more than two weeks ago, Stephen bought a ticket for me to the Philippines and that he wanted me to take a trip home to see my family.

Short and to the point yet this is not what we see.

This has been niggling me.

Apart from "told me" which is stronger language than "said", although some people habitually say "told" instead of "said", but this comes in conjunction with "found" a "cheap ticket".

Why "found", was he shopping round for a "cheap ticket"?
Did he not want to draw attention to her, himself?

Now we know he wired her a hundred grand, but why by a "cheap ticket" if he is supposedly affluent.?
Was there an argument and he thought %£5^ you can can have a seat in the cattle shed.?
If there was what was the argument about?
Were they the only available seats on that flight at that time on that day? If that was the day she wanted to go?
Why not wait if that was the case for a flight with better accommodation.?
Did he want her out the way?
Did she want to get away from him.

He bought the ticket two weeks ago.

Why the "cheap ticket" emphasis on "cheap" and "Found"

Anonymous said...

A first glance look at flight prices from Nevada to the Philippines gives one way prices all under $500.

He may have found much better. Maybe gambling tours offer better prices, too. Did she have his casino card and are they usable abroad?

Housing, though, depending on location, appears iffy.
They have 3 bdrms in under 700 sq ft. Must be closets lined with mattresses.

GeekRad said...

Eric does appear to be hiding something and cuts off what he is saying several times. He also sounds like he is trying to convince himself of what he is saying. I hope he gives more interviews/statements. He is sure to leak.

Anonymous said...

Look at the shoes Eric was wearing in the pic of him supposedly lying dead on hotel floor. They are mens dressy shoes that slide while walking...are those the types of shoes someone would wear to run back & forth between 2 sniper locations & firing thousands of rounds & then try to escape? Wouldnt he have worn sneakers or boots? I know people who do target shooting for a hobby & noone would wear dress shoes to go target ahooting. Also was ge wearing any kind of protective eye gear especially with all the smoke?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant look at the shoes Steven was wearing

Anonymous said...

It's highly unusual that the FBI would leak death scene photos, and that the FBI would allow the suspect's family member to have bizarre news conferences with anonymous reporters. The reporters' questions are also atypical--more like BAU than CNN. It's also strange that there have been a number of questionable unfavourable stories of people who interacted with "Steve" (neighbour and Starbucks employee). My guess is that the FBI suspects the brother, and that they are attempting to provoke the brother into entrapping himself somehow.

Anonymous said...

Right but they are also covering up that Steve & Eric were working for ISIS. Check out daily mail, Steve had planned to shoot up Lallapolooze a few mos ago, and he also had targets in Boston in mind, but like OK Doh...they are not going to admite these guys were working for ISIS. Why? Cause its a kick in the teeth to Trump administration that Steve is white & not someone from one of the Middle Eastern countries on the travel ban. I have read a lot about ISIS, and every fiber of my being knows Steve was working for ISIS. And also, whoever the "missing gun" went to was prob working for ISIS.
This is why I CRINGED when Obama was letting ISIS take over in the middle east...bc it was so obvious to me that they would attract many followers in others countries, they would infiltrate other countries to the point where it wpuld be like metastazsized cancer--by the time realizes the extent of the problem, its too late to eradicate it. With the Vegas shooting, I guarantee there is a large terror cell connected to it, right here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Also, I dont disapprove of Trumps travel ban...ots just that people dont understand the nature of the disease of ISIS or their war is like metastized cancer & the world didnt seem to get that a very powerful group (ISIS) calling for worldwide allegiance to their caliphate would lead to things like the Vegas shooting by yup a white guy.

Anonymous said...

The whole family seems to be troubled. This is a video of Eric’s son who currently is a choir director at a church in MI. Another brother has a long rap sheet, Bruce. Only brother Patrick is currently silent.
I remember seeing their father’s FBI poster in post office. My father had a mail order business so I was here frequentl6.
It seems they had a bad time as children. I don’t say that as an excuse. There is none.
The shooter video poker player liked to think he was very smart. I am curious is there real evidence he was a millionaire? Seems to me, he was more a scammer and a very sick person. Drinking himself to death. Was Valium only drug they found?
I would be interested in what you think of live in girlfriends statement. I don’t believe it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wow, he seems kinda retarded. Why are the brothers so spaced apart in age?

Anonymous said...

lots of material coming out. ISIS connection. Now we know why MSM and political elite tried to bury it.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend says he was screaming/moaning in his sleep. Eric saying something happened that made Steve descend into hell. These people were picking up on Steve becoming demonically possessed (which probably led him to join ISIS). Ive been in a casino once for like 6 hours & I transfered planes in Vegas once & there were tons of slot machines: both places I felt the weirdest & worst energy (and I actually have no problem with gambling) like there is a very empty feeling with very dark entities floating around, like the casino I spent time in (not in Vegas) felt like a portal to hell. Even driving up the long road through the woods to the casino I could feel the bad energy. I couldnt figure it out, I thought maybe bc it was on a reservation & maybe some weird thing where the casinos are "repaying" the Indians for all they have lost, but that wasnt it....there are very dark entities that are attracted to the atmosphere of felt like a portal to hell. I hear people saying how much they like going there & I dont get it cause itvwas the worst energy I ever felt. In Vegas I could feel it too--the dark entities like the slot machines. Weirdest thing. I dont feel even alcohol attracts those kinds of entitues--they are not in bars but they are in casinos. They probably possessed Steve.

Anonymous said...

Im not afraid of casinos...I just pick up on dark entities in them. They are dark entities that are attracted to the slot machines & card tables. They are also attracted to tarot cards, but within a casino, there are a LOT of these dark entities. I can sense them. A person cant be possessed by them unless they allow themselves to be possessed, but within that environment, they could take a toll on someone.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why they like cards & they like the energy of gambling, shuffling, people reading cards,'s some kind of a portal but they like to stay and hang around that energy.

Anonymous said...

Also, the hopelessness in gambling...many people probably "sell their souls" especially someone like Steve who was winning a lot...he might have had these dark entities doing stuff to the machines/cards to let him win in exchange for letting them possess him.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

The thing I find interesting and very odd is that Stephen Paddock very likely had to have spent some time somewhere along the way over the last few years target practicing at at least one shooting range. Laser scopes and add-ons may be perfect your aim, but they're nothing if you don't know how the gun itself will react and "feel" when you shoot it. This guy had to have been shooting/practicing regularly or fairly regularly somewhere, in my opinion.

He also had to have somewhere to store his ever increasing "collection", along with his ammo. If it was in house, then either Marilou knew he had weapons and ammo or she knew somewhere or something (gun safe, locked closet, etc.) was "off-limits" in the house. Of not in house, then storage unit? Warehouse? Relative's house? Business Office?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

For one who made and lost money, gambling did not cause him to be connected to the New York bombing material.


Anonymous said...

I want to see the security videos from the hotel/casino showing Paddock carrying all the guns and ammo to his room. Oh, right, there won't be any.

Nic said...

Peter said:
Here we have no empathy for victims, only a condescending insult regarding economic status.

I agree that he does not show empathy for the victims and their families. Regarding their economic status, I'm half wondering if the dissension is more about how his brother gave away his wealth and to whom (not Eric).

Two things stick out to me in his statement. He groups both family and victims as "people" and the $100,000 his brother gave away is top of his mind (money).

I interpret his statement dripping with braggadocio/indifference and NTP.

We're wealthy people, $100,000 isn't that much money,

We're wealthy people
Not “my family is rich”, or “we are wealthy”, or better still, "I am wealthy...". He defines his family as "people". "We" goes with "people", which is distancing/a generalization. That he doesn't use the term "family" makes the sentimentality of "family" sensitive. Peter, isn’t this statement in the same vein as announcing, “I’m a good mother”, or “I am normal”? Am I wrong in thinking, the “we” combined with “people” is akin to “spreading” the blame, or in this instance, “wealth’? That Eric Paddock at least, is not as wealthy as he proclaims hemself to be? Then he goes on in the negative, to persuade how little money $100,000 is -- "woo" is more NTP.

A., and I'm sorry if that hurts people or something, but a hundred thousand dollars isn't that huge amount of money.”

“or something” conceals what is comparative to “hurt" Most of his response centres around the $100,000 and the inference of how "much" he (people) don't need it, and not only that, but the “ hurt” of giving away $100,000. “hurt” is being compared to something else. Envy? Jealousy? Anger?

Here is another statement from Eric Paddock:
Steve had no help. Steve didn’t take help. It did not take a village for Steve. Steve was an ar… I’m sorry. Please don’t. I’m using a colloquial.

Perhaps there was more than just another person of interest? ("ar")


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Even the sheriff ridiculed the idea that he could alone, handle such weaponry.

Nic said...

Two things stick out to me in his statement. He groups both family and victims as "people" and the $100,000 his brother gave away is top of his mind (money).

Does Eric Paddock feel like a victim?

Nic said...

Also, he has given a few statements and now wants to be paid $1,000,000 "for victims"

Eric Paddock said his brother Stephen was ‘driven to pit of hell’ before Las Vegas shooting
STEPHEN Paddock’s brother Eric has opened up about his brother’s mental state at the time of the shooting as he seeks $1 million for victims.

Nic said...

Hey Jude said...
"Was I luck - I'm extremely lucky in life, you know...I, but I worked for it a lot, I mean, go find my history, I worked a billion hours, and was not home with my family, and etcetera etcetera, but I'm not guilty for being successful."

go find my history
history is written; research it yourself; prove otherwise

billion hours
defines his wealth in hours, not years

etcetera, etcetera
conceals what else was going on when not home with his family

[but] I’m not guilty for being successful
what follows “but” is of particular importance
what is stated in the negative is sensitive
guilt and being successful (money) are close together

Nic said...

"It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky. If an asteroid fell right here, you would feel the exact same way as I feel right now."

If an asteroid were to fall out of the sky and kill 59 people at a concert, would we consider it an act of God?

Subliminally, is this deity leaking into his statement? Blamelessness?

Nic said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

2. "Steve is the reason that she has substantial funds right now and is comfortable."
For him to state this unequivocally (as opposed to the verbal dancing prior to this comment), he evidences knowledge of both Marilou Danley's normal financial state (the qualifier "right now") and Stephen Paddock's. It is expected that he'd have knowledge of Stephen Paddock's as the brothers share business interests, but Marilou's? It sounds almost as if Eric is resentful of the money "Steve" gave to/spent on Marilou. Is it because Marilou is not one of the "wealthy people", as Eric depicts himself, Stephen, and "the family". Eric is insulted and contemptuous that investigators and reporters are investigating money as a motive.

Note, too, irrespective of who has the money (Marilou) or not (Eric), on one hand he minimizes how "much" $100,000 is, and then on the other hand he defines $100,000 as "substantial".

Anna said...

It’s interesting to me that Eric introduces the concept of his own guilt.

Anna said...

“My heart is destroyed, for all these people, but I can't tell you why Steve did what he did," Eric Paddock said. ”

rob said...

Brother doesn't like people looking into the family business. Girlfriend was an idiot to come back to the US.
I say both of them knew Steven had a plan and was ready to act.

General P. Malaise said...

anyone have the transcript of the interview with Eric?

Nic said...
beginning @ 20 seconds


He has no police record. He doesn’t even have parking tickets probably. There’s (makes gesture of explosion going on in head)

How did you hear that he was…
We got phone calls. The Las Vegas PD. We’re coo-operating with the cops. (Opens eyes very widely.) We have talked to the PD. We…this is like you called me up and said, “Your next door neighbour did this.” And I’d go, “Wow, my next door neighbour did that. Hm. All I’ve ever seen him do is mow his yard.” I-I-I’m, th-the fact that my brother did this is … there’s no… (makes a gesture that there is an explosion in his head) there’s nothing. I mean there’s absolutely no…

Did he have kids,
We don’t understand

Did he ...

...with her
no, once again this is all simple public record stuff… iiiit’s (shakes head)

If you could once again, your message to these people, and these families
I- (long pause, look of disbelief,) I (long pause) -I there’s not even anything I can say. I mean I-um-I-how do you (makes another gesture of an explosion going on in his head,) I mean my brother did this. I-this is like it was done, you know, like he shot us. I mean wh-I- if he had killed my kids, I couldn’t be more dumbfounded. I mean I-I-it doesn’t…

So last communication
There’s nothing!

Last communication
There’s nothing!

after the..

I mean I can show you the text! He said, you know, “How’s mom” (laughs) “Did you get power.” You know, I mean, (laughs), that was it. There’s absolutely (hard blink) -we have noth-like I said, we have nothing for you. I-I mean I hope someone finds out-figures out because I-we’d like to know.

Were you guys a close family?
I live

Because, you know, I think it’s a good sign if he's checking on your mom.
I live, I live here, he lives in Mesquite. Once again, public record stuff you’ll find out. Th-the- I mean, I live here, he lives in, we’re not that close. I mean, we talk on the phone occasionally, he calls my mom and talks to her, there’s no, there,

There’s no mental health issues?
Not that we know of. I mean (shrugs, shakes head, laughs) I mean he was

Did you know him to have friends? Was he an avid shooter? I mean not that that would..
No. Not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kinds of weapons is (makes gesture of explosion in head) just. Where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He’s not, he has no military background or anything like that. I mean when you find out about him, like I said, he's just a, he’s a guy who lived in a house in mesquite. Drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. Uh, he did stuff. Eat burritos. I mean…

Nic said...


Was the woman that they were looking for his girlfriend?
Yes. Yeah, Marilou. I mean that’s why I was on the phone with the cops was because (laughs makes gesture of explosion going on in his head,) I mean, I-we were worried that he might hurt her too.

Police are describing her as his wife. Do you, so you..
I don’t (laughs) they might have got married but I don’t think they’re married. She’s just his girlfriend.

What do you know about her?
She’s a nice lady. I’ve met her three or four times. She’s got a Facebook page. She sends cookies to my mom. I mean, I -I (shakes head while looking at reporters)

Does sh-do they have kids. Does he have kids? Does she?
No. No. He doesn’t have any children or anything. I mean, yeah, there’s nothing. I’m, you know,

So you must be feeling pretty helpless when the police…
Well, we’re shocked! D-I mean, we're just, it’s like you think it’s a jooo, except it came in, all five of my phones in the house, and the cells and everything, lit up at the same time. You know, I’d have thought it was one of my friends. (shakes head) Joking. Wha-I mean when you get a phone call that says your brother you know, just killed a bunch of people, this is not (music of his cell phone) so I (shakes head)

What are you doing, what are you going to do now? I mean what is your next…
We’re going to hope that you people stay at least on the sidewalk. I’m answering, I mean we’re answering the phone and talking to random people. But we’re telling them we’re gonna put out like a five line statement that says what I've just told you. That we’re shocked, horrified, (makes gesture of explosion in head) completely dumbfounded.

Nic said...

The interesting thing about the above interview is that he refers to getting calls (plural) and then refers to the PD calling (one entity).

He changes language when referring to the PD calling (they are police) to "cops" when he is being interviewed. He makes really big eyes when he calls the PD "cops".

He has five phones "in the house". He differentiates between cell phone and (land?) line. He refers to release a "five" line statement.

He defines people as those who were killed, reporters, and "random" callers.

John Mc Gowan said...

“My heart is destroyed, for all these people, but I can't tell you why Steve did what he did," Eric Paddock said. ”

Believe him

Anonymous said...

Tannenite is available to many, Peter, as described in one article that some shooters use it to make targets explode.

Ammonium nitrate? Who knows? Maybe it was a bag of lawn fertilizer for his desert trees left in the car. The media likes to play up any angle.

Why would he need so many guns in that room when it's unlikely he used more than two?

His time spent in Texas may have taken a toll on him as he looks ill and is described as having pain upon waking in the morning. Severe pain would make him sensitive
to noise and he did call on the other hotel inhabitant prior to the shooting to turn the music down.

If he didn't like Texas-loud, obnoxious people always ready to engage in gunfire-his tirade may have played out in Nevada.
It is reported he installed a privacy fence after moving into the retirement village as he did not want people looking at him and he didn't want to see others.
(The backyard view is wonderful, so this may be a disdain for any neighbor regardless of how nice they are.) Why not buy a home out of a community? Surely there are plenty. He didn't leave much at home prior to hording guns within the last year.

He bought a Hyundai suv, and the salesman said Marilou wanted a Lexus instead.
She may have been haggling for more funds at the time of his downward spiral, which would have made him more resentful of people. Especially if he was ill, terminal even, and no one helped. Even his brother only texted. The other hadn't spoken in decades.

This man had to be the man of the house since age 7. And, be tormented with the legacy of his absent father. How he waited until age 64 to go on a rampage should be looked into as most mass murderers are at least 25-30 years younger.

General P. Malaise said...

more questions than answers.

Eric his brother says "... there’s nothing. I’m, you know, He says NOTHING a lot. sensitivity or is he telling us nothing happened?

I had been searching to see if there was a drill planned for this time period. well now there is a news outlet that mentioned one was scheduled for Monday, a mass casualty event.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The self censoring from the Sheriff is highlighted when he said about being "radicalized" yet...

no media asked, "Hey, you mean Islam?"

Then the statement about having help doing this...

still no follow up?

It does not fit the media's narrative.

This was a terrorist attack, with lots of planning. When we are told "we may never know the true motive", we are looking at deception. No mention of his browser history?

If you know even a small amount of information on fire arms, you should question how effective this terrorist attack was.

That he had items used in explosives along with the cache of weapons, the know how in using them, might just suggest that it was not for gardening.

This was well planned and well executed.

The rush to preclude terrorism, alone, is insulting to the public.


Nic said...

"once again"

"I'm not even going to answer that stupid question. There's, I've already told. There's absolutely no. It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky.
If an asteroid fell right here, you would feel the exact same way as I feel right now. There's exactly no logic, no reach even for me, where my brother would have done this."

"no, once again this is all simple public record stuff… iiiit’s (shakes head)"

This guy is a narcissist. He comes across like he's scripted and "people" aren't behaving like they're supposed to.

He keeps directing people to public record (police/proof) and history, like Facebook. History is easily written and/or erased, and Facebook doesn't validate anything. Even teachers say don't believe what you read on "Wikipedia". Lack of parking tickets ("probably" injected at the end of the sentence,) doesn't prove that his brother was "squeaky clean". I find it interesting that he keeps directing everyone to the internet/Facebook like it's a valid research mechanism. Like everything (nothing) is there and "that's it".

Note the dropped pronoun and he sounds like a powerpoint slide:

I mean when you find out about him, like I said, he's just a, he’s a guy who lived in a house in mesquite. Drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. Uh, he did stuff. Eat burritos. I mean…

"Eat burritos". Sounds like instructions.

Hey Jude said...

Eric does seem to have an issue about that €100,000 - he says perhaps 'they'll claw it back'. Why does he think 'they' would want or try to do that - or that it is any of his concern?

Anna said...

Agreed Rob, he mentions the business and money a lot but vaguely.

Anonymous said...

It is terrorism.

It's a gamble every day wondering if one will live from one day to the next. He lived that way.

He also made others feel the same. He built a fence that would not have prevented anyone looking at him.

Why stockpile guns that late in life? Why leave them in the vehicle in Vegas of all places? Then carry them in-one by one-for a preplanned event?

It makes no sense if he is pragmatic enough to save money on a car and leave all those expensive weapons behind.

Anonymous said...

Most is for media involved terrorism as well.

Posing questions like:
How did the German media get photos before American media?

The explosives may have been something they made up to insert themselves into becoming war correspondents like they often do.

The sheriff called him a psychopath. It's unlikely at his age when no one can say he displayed behaviors associated with his analogy. Simply '60s & '70s psychobabble coming out of the sheriff's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Nic, you come across like you are scripted and he isn't behaving like he's supposed to.

Type out a question and aswer sheet and pass it out to the press and the poor sap in their camera lens.

General P. Malaise said...

I agree Peter the Sheriff is being disingenuous as are the media. they may not need to take away the 1st amendment if the PC minded people can cow the majority into silence.

Anonymous said...

He was working for ISIS.
So obvious. It wasnt a brain tumor.

A few questions I have:

Why did he bring all those guns up there?

Why did he have "pain upon waking"?

Sounds more like he was more emotionally tormented by what he had committed to do for ISIS. Either that, or arthritis, which explains nothing.
Demonic Possession before or after committing to ISIS?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I may do a behavioral analysis article. I wanted to cover Trump's statement on NK first.

Please keep in mind the lawyer released the girlfriend's statement.


Butterfly said...

The $100,000 payment to the girlfriend could have been "hush money" since she was likely to have observed some suspicious activity.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, the FBI is saying that the killer had a plan to escape. So, maybe he wired the GF money so he could join her overseas and have $100,000 to use once he met up with her.
Why oh why did he bring all those guns to the hotel though? Did it somehow make him feel "safer" for when cops came for him?

Anonymous said...

He filed taxes on $5 mil in '15. $100,ooo is not something he would have needed.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 4:58

He is thinking like a Texan at that point. He would not have needed that many guns.

It's overkill.

I think he wrote himself into some type of movie where he's the villain and wanted the fireworks for display.

Why buy a new car? What was wrong with the old one? What about rental?

Putting that privacy fence up gets me. Note how there is no fence in the front and others could easily walk into his back yard.Did he think a snipe would pick him off should he ever go outside? Through the window? A window would have been easier to cover.

Wonder if someone has been shot though their window at some point in Texas or Nevada or anywhere else he bought guns.

Anonymous said...

$100,000 cash he may have wanted cause if he's trying not to get caught, he's not going to want to be using ATM/credit cards or writing checks. Im saying he wanted to take a plane overseas & have cash so he couldnt be traced.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is the devil's spawn.

Anonymous said...

If he was trying NOT to be caught, he could have found a perch outside of the hotel instead of walking in and out under the cameras frequently. He knew he'd be caught.

Don't rely on what the sheriff says. Look at what the man did.

He stockpiled weapons and ammo
He bought a new car
He sent his girlfriend away
He only texted his family in Fla well after Irma and not during
He made provisions for his girlfriends family, too

Maybe this is something he's always wanted to do and thought he'd put it on his bucket list.They said he was the least violet of them all.

Anonymous said...

Whyd he buy a new car if he thought he was going to die?

Anonymous said...

Why did he stop into the senior center where he liked to eat lunch & ask the cook for a burrito recipe a few hours before the attack?

Anonymous said...

I just think its creepy how the government is covering up the fact that it was an ISIS attack & people are such sheep they believe it. Even now that its come out some other guy with ISIS had been planning to shoot up music concerts in NY. I mean seriously how stupid are people they dont think the Vegas shooter was with ISIS?! (Unkess Trump telling FBI to keep it on the downlow so as not to interfere with Catching the rest of the terror cell.) And the liberals with the whole "poor him he must have been mentally ill" and "evil doesnt exist". WTF THESE LIBERALS ARE MORONS!!!!!! I wish Trump would pay for their birth control so they dont reproduce. Gawd they are stupid and debased people.

Anonymous said...

And these liberals foaming at the mouth over right to late-term abortion?!?! Even the male liberals?! I mean seriously these liberald should NOT reproduce! They should be sterilized--the men included! My son was born at 28 weeks & libtards make shit up like 22 weekers brains arent set up to feel pain yet these same libtards are vegan and complain about chicken abuse from harvesting ehhs and bee abuse. Are these people as sick as they seem? Its one thing if in 1st trimester but these liberals fiend for 20 plus week abortions?!?! So sick. And they condescend about quality of life & honestly some liberals tend to be butt ugly and seem mentally retarded so wtf?!?!

Anonymous said...

At the first interview Eric said things like "We weren't that close" and "Steve only had a of couple guns and a rifle that were locked up." At the later interview he said "Steve didn't like bump stocks" and he also said "I have an automatic." Also, it was interesting that he mumbled something about "I'm sure that Marilu has already cashed in the transfer and it's in her account now." "I doubt that she would send it back." How did he know that his brother didn't like bump stocks, if Steve wasn't into guns? Also, why is he so concerned about the $100,000, and keeps brining it up. He even hinted that she probably would not send it back. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Good questions.
Also, why did Eric say "He's just a guy...who lived in a house...who ate burritoes"? Isnt that kind of weird since it later came out in the news that Steve stopped at the senior center a few hours before thr attack and asked the cook for the recipe for his burritoes? I am starting to get the feeling that Eric must have been in the car with him when he stopped to ask for the burrito recipe & that Erc must have also been with Steve a few hours before the attack when Steve bought the $600 gun that is now "missing". I feel like Eric must have been a partner or employee of Steves in hid black markwt gun sales. I feel like Eric DID know of Steve's plan....its the way he exaggerates his denials like bouncing his hand off his face and saying "I got nothing" (meaning he has no idea why Steve shot all those people. I dont think Eric helped him do it, but I think he knew about the plan & was with him a few hours before the attack.

Anonymous said...

Going off total gut instinct, Eric acts like he somehow made the attack hapoen just so he could get attention from media. He seems like he's eating up the attention & eagerly gping on vernal tangents about his mithers life history, his bank robber father, Steve, he's painting these colorful portraits of these family members of his for attentiin. I know that sounds weird, but Ive known people who act like him & I feel like somwthing is very weird about his verbal tangents & soaking up the attention.

General P. Malaise said...

Nic said...

What makes me go "hmm" is that a rich guy, living large and habitually gambling 10's of thousands a dollars a day in Vegas, chose to kill himself but not without taking many others with him, first, using a cache of fire arms. That his brother wants him known as "just" a guy who lived in Mesquite who "drove" (once?) to Las Vegas and did "stuff", like he was an every day Joe eating a burrito, is the minimization of the century.

I think this is a false flag meant to separate everyday Americans from their guns.

[They] didn't ban planes after 9-ll.

[They] didn't ban back-packs and flip phones after the Boston bombing.

... or underwear (underwear bomber)

...or fertilizer.

...or box cutters.

Nic said...

Don't forget, it's only "just" a guy who eats burritos that takes a drive to Vegas who would own a mega cache of automatic weapons.

Sarcasm intended.

Anonymous said...

I have not read all the comments yet, only half, but I think Jude is on to something. How often do 64 year old men convert to Islam? If that is the case here, it's the first I've heard of. Steve, a successful millionaire, a gambler, an evil genius is not the type to convert. The people who convert to Islam are usually young, dumb, broke, angry.

I think it's more likely that he had all those guns and stuff for a sale that went wrong. It's possible he didn't even do the shooting. He may have known the buyers were Muslims intending to do wrong, but didn't care one way or another. Isis could be taking responsibility for this massacre because they did the actual shooting. Where is the video footage of suspicious people entering the Mandaly. Mandalay will NEVER let that get out. It would cost them millions in future revenue

This feels like another story that the general public will never know. Like Davey Blackburn. We think we know, but we really don't because we don't have all the facts and never will.

Does anyone know what business Steve was in/retired from? Or his brother?


Anonymous said...

check 4 yt vid of police scanner FULL versions b4 AND the one after, they are calling in multiple shooters, multiple casinos, there are vids of shooters at other casinos, there is a vid of guys w guns pointed at casino goers escorting 2 guys out w a bag, payoff? not in cuffs, not real cops? someone said looked like the brother chromedaffodils on twitter posted a bunch of links 2 help

posting vegas shooting videos as many orig as possible w research tools in statement analysis inc links to audio & police scanner feed pls share
scroll thru tweets
wonder if trump in office is related? research via my tweets

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The mental illness is precluded by the planning.

This is not to say that anyone who shoots up innocent people is mentally healthy.

It is to say that the push of Corporate Media is narrative driven and not true.

This is a terrorist attack in which we need to learn what ideology inspired it.

He left a note in which investigators claim was not discernible due to being "personal to him."

Analysis of the note is likely to yield much info


Natasha said...

You don't date cheap people but you sleep with them.
Everything you said about being cheap being related to psychosis is anecdotal and preposterous. It's also clinically incorrect and there is no correlation at all. Your words are offensive. Stop.

Natasha said...

Published under wrong post sorry

Hey Jude said...

Anon - Stephen Paddock's work history, from Wikipedia:

In 1967 Paddock completed his studies at Richard E. Byrd Middle School, then graduated from John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in 1971,[13] and from California State University, Northridge in 1977, with a degree in business administration.[14]

Paddock worked for the federal government from about 1975 to 1985. He was a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service from 1976 to 1978. After that, he worked for six years as an Internal Revenue Service agent until 1984. Then, he was a federal auditor for one year, in 1985, focusing on defense contractors. Towards the end of the 1980s, Paddock worked for three years as an internal auditor for a company that later merged to form Lockheed Martin.[15] His work career after this period is not entirely clear. He is known to have run a real-estate business with his brother Eric.[16] He lived in the Greater Los Angeles Area and owned personal property in areas including Panorama City, Cerritos, and North Hollywood from the 1970s to early 2000s.[15][17] He also owned rental properties around the country, including two rundown apartment buildings in the working-class neighborhood of Hawthorne, California. In addition, he owned an apartment complex in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, which he sold in 2012.[17]

Relatives said Paddock was worth at least $2 million when he sold off the real-estate business.[18][19] Among his most profitable investments was an apartment complex purchased in 2004, which gave him more than half a million dollars in annual income by 2011. The IRS records show he made $5 million to $6 million in profits from its sale in 2015.[20]

Paddock was a prolific gambler,[21] but the extent to which he may have profited from it is not clear.[20] He was not well known among high-stakes gamblers in Las Vegas and was not considered a "whale" by the casinos.[22] His game of choice was the solitary video poker which he had played for over 25 years; unlike traditional poker which involves bluffing, the primary skill is mathematical precision calculating odds.[22][23] He lived a mostly nocturnal life, gambling after dark and sleeping during the day; he generally disliked being out in the sun.[24]

Personal life