Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dad Injured in Fire Makes Statement

A distraught father described to KCTV5 Tuesday night his futile efforts to pull his two young sons from their burning bedroom.
Officials are incredibly tight-lipped about a fire that claimed the lives of two children in Ray County. 
Ray County Sheriff Gary Bush said both parents are extremely distraught, and the children's mother was taken in for a mental evaluation after the fire occurred.
Randy Garrison said his 3-year-old son, Roger, and his 1-year-old son, Ashton, died in the fire. Garrison suffered burns to his hands and the back of his neck. KCTV5's Betsy Webster saw blisters on his hands and his hair was singed.
He described them as his rock, who were the reason he got up every day. 
"Don't look at me like I'm a bad father. I'm not a bad father. My kids were everything to me," he said. "Imagine being a parent and waking up hearing your kids screaming and their whole bedroom is on fire and you can't do anything ... I tried everything I could to rescue everything I had in life, my two babies."
Note the embedded words, "I'm a bad father" which then we find, "bad father" is repeated, in the negative.  
Was he accused of being a bad father?  In this situation, it is doubtful that a journalist would say such a thing. 
This then, in its offering, is very significant and likely is why officials are very quiet. 

Note the 2nd person language:  not at all expected.  This is something up close and personal.  
The fire was reported about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday at the home in the 9600 block of Shach Creek Road, which is just west of Route O near Orrick.
As of Tuesday evening, police, sheriff and fire officials refused comment. Ray County Coroner Toby Polley wasn't at his funeral home Tuesday evening and the woman who answered the phone said he was unavailable for comment.
KMZU spoke with Ray County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Brian Bush, who offered limited details. 
"There was a male subject that came out of the house. He advised that there could be two more subjects inside the residence. And since then two juveniles have been located in [there] at this time. We are waiting to notify the family before we release any names," he said.
Note that he quotes the male subject as only saying that there "could" be two more subjects inside the residence; reducing certainty.  This is a very strange statement. 
Garrison said he lived at the home with his children and their mother. He said they still lived together for the sake of the children even though their romantic relationship had ended.
Garrison told KCTV5 that he had come home from an overnight job about 6 a.m. He said his two children and their mother were in the living room when he went to sleep.
He said he is a sound sleeper. He said his boys' screams woke him up. He said there were flames and smoke throughout the house. 
"It was the worst thing you can ever hear in your life to hear your kids screaming like that," he said. 

Note the distancing language...very unusual for something so personal to have happened just a short time before this statement. 
He said he tripped over something while racing to his boys' bedroom. He said he tried to open the door but found it tied shut with something that he said looked like a bungee cord.
take note, in spite of this not being a quote. 
He said he escaped the house and ran outside. He said he tried to punch holes in the walls to get to his boys but couldn't.
He said the boys' mother wasn't in the home when he was trying to rescue the boys, and he doesn't know where she was. He said he has refused to speak to her since the fire. Authorities have not provided any additional information. 
Garrison said he named his oldest son after his younger brother, Roger, who died in a trailer fire in 1989 at age 5.
Additional fire departments assisted at the scene. The Missouri Highway Patrol also assisted. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for acting so quickly on this case. I immediately picked up the father's videotaped news comments and how he is concerned with how he LOOKS.


Suzanne said...

So many questions:

WHO tied the door shut and WHY?

Was the door tied shut from the inside (to keep daddy out) or from the outside?

Why say there "could" be 2 others inside the house when he clearly implies that he heard the kids screaming?

Since he didn't say "I heard my kids screaming" so I can't say it for him so perhaps they were already dead when the fire started?

Sad, the kids were so young.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for picking this up so quickly. I got chills when I read the fathers quote. Something about his statement is just off.

Anonymous said...

"He said he has REFUSED to speak to her since the fire."

Strange. It seems he has anger toward the mother of the children for something.

Elizabeth said...

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Father: Some kind of cord was trapping his sons in their room during deadly fire
Posted on: 8:27 pm, December 10, 2013, by Sarah J. Clark and Eric Burke, updated on: 08:55am, December 11, 2013
ORRICK, Mo. — A father is grieving the loss of his two sons after a fire claimed their lives Tuesday morning in Orrick, Mo.
Randy Garrison, father, said his two boys, Roger Wayne, 3, and 22-month-old Ashton Michael, were inside their Orrick, Mo., home when it caught fire late Tuesday morning.
Garrison returned home from a 24-hour shift around 6 a.m. Tuesday and went straight to bed. He later woke to the sound of his sons screaming.
“Woke up hearing them screaming at the top of their lungs,” he said. “Flames in my bedroom and flames in the hallway, flames through the whole house.”
Garrison said he first tried to bust through his bedroom wall but couldn’t. That’s when he ran into the hall and tripped.
“I fell over a bungee cord or something that was holding their bedroom door shut,” he said. “I ran out the back door around to the front, started ripping the sheeting off the house and trying to punch through that way and I couldn’t.”
Despite flash burns over his entire body, Garrison kept trying to reach his boys until he was overcome by smoke. He was taken to the hospital for burns and blisters but checked himself out and returned to the scene of the fire.
“The mother was in the house whenever I went to sleep this morning,” he said. “And I woke up to her not being here, but my kids were here. You’d think a parent would either wake up another adult in the house or take the kids with her.”
Garrison said his oldest son, Roger, was named after an uncle who died in a house fire in 1989.
“They were my rock, everything I had in life,” Garrison said. “The only reason I woke up everyday was for my boys.”
The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Garrison said he spoke with the fire marshall when he was in the hospital. He said he isn’t sure why the boys’ mother wasn’t home or if investigators have talked to her about what happened.
Garrison said he’s now forced to focus on planning two funerals

Suzanne said...

I wonder if his own brother's death in a fire when he was only 5 was ever investigated...

elf said...

If he saw that something was being used to tie the door shut to his kids room, why didn't he try to untie it or cut it off? And why the discrepancy in the location? When he got home, mom and kids were asleep in the living room, when he woke up the kids were in a bedroom with the door tied shut... is he intimating that the mother put the boys in their room and tied it shut before setting the house on fire? The way it read to me is that he tripped over the bungees cord on his way out of the burning house but didn't attempt to enter the children's bedroom until he was out of the house. Then he thought he could tear down the walls? Were there no windows?
I have to say if it was me, I would have never left the house without my babies. I would have got through their bedroom door or died trying to save them.
Those poor baby boys :(

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions, Peter. If he FELT like a bad father for not being able to rescue his kids or hypothetically for staying with a woman he believed posed a risk to his kids, would that explain the embedded language?

Also, as far as his saying the kids could be inside, isn't it likely in the confusion he wasn't sure? That either the kids' mother could have gotten them out or they could have someone gotten out on their own?

Unknown said...

Ok, so why didn't he untie the bungee cord, and open the door? Who would think that trying to 'punch' into the house from the outside was a more viable option for rescue than simply removing the obstruction, and opening the door?

I am with elf, no way I would leave the house alive, while my babies burned to death! He had 'flash burns', and blisters on his hands..not hardly the level of injury I would expect to see on a father trying desperately to save his children from a raging housefire! I had the exact same injuries from a grease fire in my kitchen..flash burns to my face & neck, singed eyebrows and hair, and blisters on my hands. A flash burn is a superficial burn to the outer layer of the skin, it looks like a bad sunburn...and the blisters were very bad, but I didn't feel any pain until after it was over.

His story doesn't add up, in my opinion!

S + K Mum said...

I wonder what he tripped over on his way to rescue the boys? Has to be important or the fact he tripped over is important to him.

He wants us to imagine what it's like rather than him telling us what it IS actually like to hear your children scream in a burning room. Does he have to imagine it too? Was there screams?

I may be wrong and it may depend on the type of walls and doors in the house but would it not be easier to kick in a door than punch through a wall?

Did the wife accuse him of being a bad father? Wanna-be hero or revenge on his wife because she left and wouldn't tell him where she was going.
He also tells us that the boys whole bedroom was on fire....not anywhere else in the house so I assume it was only their room, and they were locked in it. Doesn't sound like an accidental fire at all.

Amaleen6 said...

“Woke up hearing them screaming at the top of their lungs,” he said.

Really? Where's the "I"? It's like saying, "Didn't do it!"

elf said...

I wonder why the father didn't punch out a window? Every bedroom usually has a window and a door- 2 points of egress. I know I'm focusing more on behavior but the whole thing sounds hinky to me. And where was the mom? Did she put the kids in the room after being asleep with them in the living room? Did the dad put the kids in the room? Who tied the babies bedroom door shut?

Kellie Sue said...

Amaleen, he did say " I ". Listen carefully to what the man says here and also the info about the thing he tripped over.

What concerns me in this statement is when asked what happened he begins with "I don't know, I came in from work."

Kellie Sue said...

Also what he most wants people to know is that he is not a bad father. Of ALL the things he could have wanted people to know THAT is number one in his mind.

Shadows of BJD.....

Anonymous said...

He all but says his wife is responsible. He is overly anxious to establish he had been at work, he went straight to bed, he was sound asleep. It reminds me of bjd on nancy grace.. NG "tell us what happened" BJD "I was at work" if no one else is in the house its him. Ive never heard of random home invasions occurring for the sole purpose of burning lil boys alive.. no, he did it. He was burned not trying to ssve his children but when he lit the fire than ran around to where he had an audience snd started trying to break through walls to rescue his slready dead sons. We are talking bungee cords NOT a chained and padlock. His wife is prolly having a nervous breakdown because of what she saw him do and cops wont allow him contact. Hes a class c liar. Even falling over the bungee,... how could that hsppen if it was on the other side of door?
Electric chair would be justice


Anonymous said...

I know the past history of the mother, and you might want to watch the video of her mother closely. Margie Long has a history of covering up for her daughter's actions, This isn't the 'first' fire that Tamara was involved with children. She has 4 children, two of which were removed from her custody due to her criminal past. And rest assured, the mother is no angel. This man was a victim of that woman. And her mother is a spin doctor too. He defended himself because Margie started talking about him all over that town. The Garrison family has been very polite. The mother mute, the grandmother being her daughter's voice.

Jo said...

"Imagine being a parent and waking up hearing your kids screaming and their whole bedroom is on fire and you can't do anything ... I tried everything I could to rescue everything I had in life, my two babies."

He never gained access to their bedroom, how did he know it was on fire?

Also, he woke in the night to a smoke filled dark house. How did he identify the door was tied shut with a bungee cord?

He says "there could be" two more inside, giving himself the option to say he thought the mother had taken them with her but then makes the comment that he woke up to them screaming which eliminates any doubt that they were in fact in the house.

A parent would never say "I tried everything I could", there would always be doubt that they could have done something else. He says "you can't do anything...I tried everything" contradicting himself.

Anonymous said...

The article states: "He said they still lived together for the sake of the children even though their romantic relationship had ended."

How inconvenient that there should be kids in the way of him moving on from a failed relationship....

Anonymous said...

The mother is known for child neglect. Two older children that she lost custody of. Her mother was on her FB telling everyone a neighbor talked HER and said that he saw Randy start the fire before she fake cried on tv with her age old excuses for her daughter. This has played out over so many years and sadly two chikdren were saved from that drug addicted bad mother and now two more were lost. Do some research on Tamara Willis on Missouri Case net. Clay County

S + K Mum said...

Thanks Anon @ 1.43 am

I looked at and Tamara's name came up on different cases (not sure how many are her and how many are of anyone else with the same name).

I also typed in Randy Garrison, there was a lot there too - again, not sure if any are him or others with same name.

Do you know? Thanks

Anonymous said...

There are no articles concerning this house fire or Tamara Willis under the info posted at 1:43 a.m.

Google Randy Garrison house fire, Ray County, to view the news articles posted about this fire.

Shelley said...

I watched the video link that was shared above.

First thing that I think is off. He is not emotional. Your boys just died a horrible horrible death. You show no emotion?

I don’t care what anyone says about people handling things different. He is handling it like a guilty person. These were his babies. He should be overcome with grief. He is fine.

I have the exact words from the clip shared above. I see a couple issues.

“I woke up hearing them screaming at the top of their lungs. And flames in my bedroom. And flames in the hallway. Flames throughout the whole house.

I come running out of my bedroom after trying to bust through their bedroom wall and I couldn’t. So whenever I went down the hallway, I fell over a bungee cord or something that was keeping their door shut.”

1. “I come running” present tense. He is making this story up at this point
2. I would like to see a floor plan. I am curious if his room shares a wall with the kids (he said he came out of his room AFTER trying to bust through to their room meaning he would have been doing that in his room)
a. This floor plan would also let us know if there was a window and if there is, the fact he does not mention trying to break that means he probably forgot as he was putting this “story” together (I would not be surprised if he later comments on trying to break the window – or excusing this lack of breaking the window due to the “backdraft problem”. Like Hannah Anderson. Making up more stories to explain away…
3. I would ask him what he used to try to “bust through” the wall. . As a person hands cannot do this. And if there was a hammer, bat etc used, depending on the fire damage it may still be in the room to prove that. We have my husbands metal baseball bat under our bed just in case. That would survive most fires. I hope the cops ask.
4. The bungee cord is clearly a fabrication.
a. If it was keeping the door shut from the inside. He would not know from the outside. AND would not trip over it. And that would mean that someone else had to do this and would need to leave from the room another route (window is the only option)
b. If it was on the outside, he would just be able to remove it. Still not able to trip over it since the only place to tie it on would be the handle and that would not be something you trip over since it would be at your waist.
5. Why was he sleeping at 11:30 am?
6. And this "There was a male subject that came out of the house. He advised that there could be two more subjects inside the residence”. If this was in fact said is clear cut proof he is lying. Since he states he heard the screams. AND if he was trying to save them from the outside too as he also claimed, the cops would have found him outside trying to break in and once they arrived begging and pleading for them to save his children. Not COMING OUT OF THE HOUSE and not stating that “there could be” more subjects in side.
7. He calls his kids “his rock”. They are 1 and 3. They are NOT his rock. He should be theres. I have a 6 yr old. I have never called him my rock. I do not lean on him. I protect him. Dad does not protect his kids.

No emotion

His story line does not flow

His story does not make sense

He is lying.

This man did NOT try to save his kids.

Why would you NOT try to save your kids?

Because you set the fire.

Still also bothered by grandma. She too seems just fine. Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

To the questions about casenet, regarding Tamara willis, look up her dissolution divorce with children and read that first. Also, take a look at her 2011 drug docket, you'll not that on Dec, 9th, the day before the fire, there are entries in it for a judge assigned and an admin transfer in the case.

I am a family member, who has dealt with and continues to deal with the custody situation regarding her two older children, one of whom she and her mother Marj Long still haven't bothered to contact, care about, etc...

If you also take a look at Marj Long's FB page, as well as Randy Garrison's FB page, you'll see some strange things on there.

Tamara's brother Kevin Dieball has been on FB ranting about all of this, Marj always uses the excuse that Tamara is bi-polar, and when Tamara does run into the law, it's always her MOTHER that speaks for her. In fact, Tamara never bothers with custody, court, etc...except when her mother drags her to court.

Take note of what comes out in the media in the days ahead. You are going to start seeing alot more of what kind of mother Tamara really has been in life. This is NOT the first time that Tamara has neglected children nor locked them in rooms.

In fact, read the divorce and custody case on her casenet dockets. Tamara Willis vs. John Willis. Her oldest daughter and oldest son were around the same ages as these little boys when all her shit went down back then.

I do believe that the poor father is innocent of killing kids. I think that Tamara did her usual run and hide, run to Mommy to cover for her. I don't necessarily want to believe she torched a house to kill those boys and her ex boyfriend. However, Tamara has a history of tossing kids when they no longer benefit her needs.

Anonymous said...

Case Dockets pertaining to the Tamara D. Willis in this story:

1016-CR00658-01 (2011)
02FC211416 (2002) the divorce and custody stuff for her two older children.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to flood this, because I really think that all the facts needs to be told here. I do think that the mother is suspicious as well as the grandmother. I know that I have personal issues with the both of them, but those have no merits to getting the truth out there.

I would like for everyone to read the Dec. 10th FB post of the maternal grandmother, and you tell me, WHAT grandmother would sit on FB, after being told about a fire, can't find her daughter, etc...and say all those things? And then her story changes with the media when she gets interviewed.

Also, I'd like you to take a close look at the Fox4News FB page regarding this story, and see exactly what the grandmother is saying. NOTE: She has been the ONLY person telling stories for Tamara, and 'correcting' facts, and even correcting facts that the police and fire dept. put out there. Most notably where the children were found.

Anonymous said...

wow... her cover pic is flames. :(

poor babies.

Lemon said...


(Randy) Garrison said he was devastated.

"What would go through your mind after hearing your kids scream bloody murder and basically watching them die in front of you?" he asked.

elf said...

That statement caught my eye last night, lemon. I wish I knew if there was a question proceeding it or if it is a quote from within a statement. It doesn't sound 'right' to me... I mean, does he use the word basically because he could only hear the babies scream? And why the second person narrative feel to it? Is he not 'owning ' these words because of the horror of reality or is it because he's guilty in some way?
God forbid this ever happens to me, but if it did, if I somehow lived and couldn't save my babies, I would go insane.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to say what was clipped out of the interviews with the father. I'm sure that the investigation will come out in the weeks ahead to tell us more.

I find it sooooo ODD, that the maternal grandmother is all over the place on Facebook, telling so many different versions of where the mom, was, what happened with her, etc...

I read the info provided on here about them, and it makes me really suspicious of the mother as well.

The grandmother was telling people that a neighbor saw this man set the house on fire, that she didn't know where her daughter was, that the man destroyed her cell phone, then not too long after, the mother was supposed to come to her house.

Then on comments in the news reports, particularly on Fox 4 News' Facebook page, we see the grandmother saying she was at the scene, that her daughter was at the scene being held back by authorities, but no one knew where the mother was? Not the media, not the the authorities, and such.

The grandmother is speaking FOR her daughter, and that is just strange that she is telling people that the kids were found in the front room, not a bedroom, when every news report says that they were found in a bedroom. And she refutes the bungee chord.

I just know small towns, and a house fire like that will drag the media out in a HEART BEAT, crawling all over the place to cover a story like that. It's pretty big news in a town like that.

And they were already taking footage WHILE the house was still burning, with fire fighters fighting the fire, roof still there, and not a one of them saw the mom? Nor the grandmother?

I can see the father maybe being just tired at the time he gave that long interview, of being questioned etc...Because there was also another video the next day of the news trying to talk to him and he looked pretty damn mad about it, very curt with them.

From what it appears from the info provided here, the mother has a history of drug abuse, child custody issues, etc....

I don't want to say that it's one parent or the other, but there just doesn't seem to be anything very accidental about all of this.

And I can't IMAGINE the media not combing records to find out more information about these people, and then not reporting it?

Plus the State Highway Patrol took the lead and called in drug enforcement to assist with their investigation?

I think that maybe the police put a media blackout on this one, for now, so that they can build a case.

Lemon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Strange story indeed. IFF it is true as being first told by the father, he came home from work at 6:00 a.m., saw the mother and two children sleeping on the couch, was tired from working all night and went to bed.

Later she awakened and got ready to leave for her appt, put the children in their room and fastened the door with a bungee cord to keep them safe in the room and to keep them from disturbing the father, and left them unattended while she went about her day as he slept.

IFF it is true that he awakened from a sound sleep to find his room, their room, and the house on fire how did it happen? Did she set the house on fire before she left? If so, why didn't she also entrap him in his bedroom with a bungee cord? But saying she didn't, obviously; how is it that he couldn't remove or cut the bungee cord off the childrens' bedroom door? Saying one hook was attached to the bedroom door knob, what was the hook on the end of the bungee cord attached too on the other end? Why not just unhook it?

I can see how he wouldn't have been fully alert and in a desperate half-asleep haze; but how the hell did he expect to break into the side of the house without demolition equipment, and why not the window? Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot about this story that doesn't make sense.

And with the media in a sort of black out on this while the investigation is ongoing, and nothing being really said about the mother, and seeing all these things that are public record about the mother, makes you wonder what is going on with HER????

We see alot about the father and his family. They are grieving and trying to put together a funeral, etc...The mother is hidden or something and we only have the mother's mother out there and she doesn't appear to be grief stricken by this.

All you see is her pointing fingers and being very vague about her daughter. What grieving grandmother is updating her FB page while this is going on? Going to the news media alone to defend her daughter and point fingers? And continuing to be on a news media's FB page, correcting people, saying things about the father and such?

WHERE IS THE MOTHER? That is what I want to know in all of this.

Where did the mom go, when did she end up in a hospital and/or police custody? Why wasn't her MOM with her at the hospital IF she was under a watch, what mother WOULDN'T BE with her daughter during this?

Anonymous said...

For those who keep asking where Tammy is, she's with Randy. We were all at dinner last night & discussed how many people still work 24 hour shifts.

Eileen D said...

Well did anyone ask Randy how a grown man cant open a trailer bedroom door? Or how he tripped on a "bungee cord" that he said was "holding the boys'door shut" did he trip in the air?? How did he get out of his flaming bedroom and hallway with MINIMAL singed hair, no burns on his clothing or SKIN! Why didn't this guy drive his car in and get those boys? As a parent myself no way would I have walked out without my boys.

Paul said...

To anon:

Yeah the fathers on TV with different accounts everytime?

As for the mom being with the mother of the boys. She was put on a psych hold, so she couldn't be with her daughter. And his hands looked scratched up not burnt, he sure hid them quickly.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard very good things about either parent. If you believe the gossip, he's abused girlfriends in the past and she's not parent material. Not a good situation to be raising kids in. No wonder both sides of the family are pointing fingers at each other.

Anonymous said...

Well...we shall see what the investigation uncovers. I feel sorry for those little boys, and I surely hope that, regardless of what comes out of this, that both sides of that family, most particularly the parents, do some self reflection about their life styles...

Anonymous said...

Garrison reports his oldest son was named after a brother who died in a house fire in 1989.

Read more:
© 2013 KMZU. All rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul...yeah nice, kinda funny how that age old 'bi polar' crap is always her excuse....She's been a druggie since her teens, she's had years to clean up and refuses to do it. When does 'mental illness' stop becoming an excuse for child neglect, drug use and just being an unstable human being in life? LOL

He didn't hide his hands quickly, and the news reporters saw the burns and said they saw the burns. Mommy dearest hasn't showed her face out in public since the 'psyche hold'...LOL

Katprint said...

Character assassination (mom was a crazy druggie, dad has a history of domestic violence, etc.) is not precisely Statement Analysis. Also, consider what kind of man is willing to have children with a crazy drug addict in the first place. Many enablers set up co-dependent relationships because they like being in control. Dad's statement about only staying for the kids indicates a vulnerability / lack of control which may have become intolerable.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any developments in this investigation? I'm really curious how this fire started that claimed these boys lives ..

Statement Analysis Blog said...

it's still under investigation....

Anonymous said...

@ Katprint, well I do apologize if bringing to light actual facts about the mother isn't quite what y'all do here, however, if you are all picking apart the man's comments that he told news media, as well as talking about his body language, I don't think it's unfair to also bring forth the factual evidence of the mother or her mother. Y'all should really look at her mother's news interview as well.

With that being said, it's not character assassination to call a person a drug addict, when it's out there and factual, nor is it character assassination to say that she had two other children taken away from her due to her lifestyle. That is relevant to this.

Maybe the man isn't an enabler, maybe this man didn't know until it was too late exactly who and what she was. And by that time, he had two children with her and was torn between getting her away from him and his sons and trying to clean her up. Co-dependency or no, this woman doesn't deserve the pass that people are giving her.

The truth will come out when that investigation comes out.

Anonymous said...

Is there ANYTHING new on this case ? The press hasn't released anything that I can find in nearly a month.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Nothing that I can find since December...

its a wonder why journalists do not follow up.

Anonymous said...

Probably because they are still investigating and Mother of the Year there keeps doing criminal stuff. Just saying......

Anonymous said...

Only update is that the mother was arrested on domestic assault charges.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any developements in this case ??

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I believe it is still under investigation...

both sides of family blamed each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the father was held on charges of child abandonment. And he is out of jail and will start his trial on June 10th. His attorney argued in court that the probable cause statement was not enough to justify, we shall see.

The mother, Tamara Willis was arrested on March 29th for yet another drug possession charge, so she will be going to court in May on that one and also the assault charges against Randy and his cousin.

The media is still very mute about the mother, the investigation and the police have not released the cause of the fire, the cause of death or anything.

So all we have is what the media is reporting and very inconsistent probable cause statement that incriminates the mother and a few witnesses more than it answers any questions.

Anonymous said...

Orrick, Mo. dad charged with 2nd degree murder, arson & abandonment for fire that killed his 2 young sons 16RY-CR00303-01 - STATE OF MO V RANDY M GARRISON 17CY-CR01011 - ST V RANDY M GARRISON (E-CASE)

Trial set for Monday, March 5th, 2018