Friday, April 15, 2016

Davey Blackburn's Blog Entry

On November 10, 2015, Amanda Blackburn was shot by intruders and eventually died from her wounds.
Police arrested and charged locals in her murder and have cleared Amanda Blackburn's husband, Davey, in her death.

His statements shortly after the death have caused many to question the conclusion of police, provoking questions of:

a.  Did he arrange for this murder?
b.  Or, does his unusual language show something else that appears deceptive?  This includes speculation about sexuality, given the references he made to being dissatisfied with his wife, sexually, as well as his 'self-based' theatrics and priority of self promotion within his language, during a time when grieving, not ambition, is the expected.

The coincidental nature of the case includes:

a.  Publicly complaining about his wife, highlighting sex as the chief complaint of the marriage as well as Amanda wanting him home rather than at promoting his church;

b.  Specifying in detail that his marriage got worse when Amanda was pregnant with their first child;

c.  Using a gun as a "prop" in a speech days before his pregnant wife was shot and killed.

d.  The timing of his return from the gym delayed by close to three quarters of an hour, before entering the home

The distancing language was unexpected and extreme, and ambition for 'church growth' was a constant theme.  Here, he writes again about the day in question.

This portion of his statement is not likely to assuagement of doubts that many have expressed.  
On November 10th, everything changed. It was a normal Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone. My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head.
I don’t really know how anyone is expected to process a moment like that. I suppose I’ll attempt to explain more one day on this blog, but for now the only way I can describe it is everything seemed to be a slow-motion blur as all my worst fears became reality. I called 911 as soon as I could, and the paramedics rushed Amanda to the hospital. The next 24 hours were a waiting game to see if the swelling in her brain would subside and give us any hope of her survival. Mid-morning on November 11th the doctors informed me that there was no brain activity and she would not recover."

There are some simple principles of statement analysis that can be applied here:

On November 10th, everything changed. 

Not that his wife and pre born child were murdered, but that "everything" changed, to encompass more than just the two victims, and bring the reader's attention to something beyond the victims.  

Please note that "everything changed" is in passive voice.  Passivity is often used when responsibility is unknown or concealed.  In this case, the passivity is not expected since those directly responsible for Amanda's death are known and under arrest.  

It was a normal Tuesday morning. 

In analysis, we flag the word "normal" (and other words revealing a similar theme) as important.  
Who calls themselves, "normal"?  Those who have been considered "not" normal.
When a statement includes "normal", it is similar to story telling where even young children recognize that "it was a day like any other" is about to reveal something very 'not' normal, and unlike every other day.  

This use of "normal" tells us that it was not normal.  What was "not normal" about this day?

He had previously described talking with his friend on the phone, each Tuesday of the week yet on this day, not only did he talk to his friend (as always) but he stayed on the telephone for almost three-quarters of an hour outside the home in the driveway.  It was not his norm, and for whatever reason, he did not conclude the final 40 or so minutes of this call from inside his home.   

This is not "normal" unless the conversation was something his wife was not to hear. 

The use of the word "normal" tells us that the subject knows that it is  anything but.  This is a very strong signal for analysts viewing statements regarding deception via missing information.  

I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned 

"I woke up around 4:30am" is a very strong statement and, based upon its form, is very likely to be truthful and reliable.  Truthful indicates accuracy and reliable speaks to completeness.  Where pronouns disappear, the reliability decreases, as the subject distances himself which suggests that there may be some missing information that the subject does not wish to share; that is, a 'psychological removal' of one from a sentence. 

For example:

"I went to the movies with my friends.  Bought popcorn.  I got home at 11:30..."

It is very likely that the teenager went to the movie with his friends but when it came to came to buying popcorn, he dropped the pronoun  "I" entirely.  In this case, he really did buy popcorn, so why the need to drop the pronoun "I" from the purchase?  The answer is because although he did buy popcorn, it is not all he bought.  He also bought marijuana and this was not something he wanted his mother to know. 

Pronouns in Context 

Blackburn's initial statements after the murder were noted for the extreme avoidance of using the pronoun "I", although the death of one's spouse is something so very unclose and personal, instead opting for the pronoun "we", even at times when he was alone.  When confronted with doubts he said, "We have nothing to hide" which signaled the very opposite, not only by offering "nothing to hide" but by shifting to "we" as a pronoun.  

Here, he uses the pronoun "I" to tell us when he woke up and that he returned, but within that, we find two "missing pronouns" of which there is a psychological distancing regarding both "reading" his bible, and "grabbing" his gym clothes.  This is to reduce reliability in regard to both, even though security cameras and eye witnesses can place him at the gym.  This is a 'psychological' distancing  where from the time of 4:30am and the time of his return, the subject removes himself from the setting.  This is a sensitive time for him.  

home to shower 

This is to tell us two things:

1.  Why he came home from the gym 
2.  The inclusion of water in his statement. 

When someone recounts "what happened", we take careful notice of any possible need to include an explanation of "why" something was done, particularly if it is unnecessary.  

*Why would he feel the need to explain to anyone why he came home from the gym?  This means:  coming home from the gym is something very sensitive to him.  

Instead of saying "when I returned, I found Amanda shot..." he tells us the reason he came home, making the returning to his home something very sensitive to him. 

"When I returned home, I found my wife, Amanda, bleeding..."

This would show:

1.  Timing of "when"
2.  Priority:  my wife is bleeding

Since this is about a murder, and it is 5 months from the death, it is likely something that is still considered a 'fresh wound', yet it was in the very days after the murder, he used distancing language.  The type of additional information and story telling generally can arise years later, if at all, depending upon the closeness of victim and subject.  Husband and wife are "one person", physically and intellectually/emotionally; making it a very close relationship, meaning the murder is "very intrusive" in the language, rather than the distancing we encountered in the days after.  In fact, in the first announcement of her murder, we found the subject using the death to advertise his church.  This was as "unexpected" as the distancing language employed.  

Why would he need to explain "why" he came home, since he lived there?  There should be no anticipation of being asked this question for the subject.  Therefore, the information offered should be considered very important.  

 Since he was reportedly on his driveway for a considerable amount of time talking on the phone, instead of completing the call in the house, where he would have found his wife earlier, perhaps saving her life due to the blood loss, this is very sensitive to him, and again, tells us that it is anything but "normal" in the statement.  

We note also the inclusion of "shower" for the subject.  We find in statements where a psychological need for cleansing, in particular, from sexual allegations, shower, or 'water' in some form, enters.  

This is particularly disturbing for two reasons:

1.  His public complaints about his wife sexually;
2.  His public assertion that "God Himself" spoke to him, while he was "in the shower", and gave the subject a revelation of greatness for the subject.  

We find sexual homicides, sex abuse victims and others referencing 'water' and the need to cleanse, within statements regularly.  

I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone. My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head.

Here we note what he walked into, in his order:

1.  a reality
2.  his own home "my", not "our"
3.  Amanda lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gun shot wounds 

We note the order as showing priority.  This is to show that "a reality" that is his, and something he would never "wish" on anyone, comes first. 

Next we note that it is his home, and not their home, collectively, with no desire to share it with Amanda.  

3.  Amanda is listed third.  

Please note that nothing is mentioned about the child within her.  
I don’t really know how anyone is expected to process a moment like that. I suppose I’ll attempt to explain more one day on this blog, but for now the only way I can describe it is everything seemed to be a slow-motion blur as all my worst fears became reality.

I called 911 as soon as I could, 

This is "Statement Analysis 101" where we note the unnecessary wording about calling 911.  When there are delays in calling 911, subjects will often yield this information by their wording making sure the audience knows that 911 was called immediately . This is unnecessary as no one would expect a delay; therefore, its inclusion is considered an "attempt to persuade" and suggests:

There may have been a delay in calling 911.

Something caused him to not have the ability to call immediately as he was limited:  "as soon as I could" indicates that he was delayed by something, not known, which would not allow him to call.

This must be considered with the "not normal" activity of delaying, after the gym, entering into the home where Amanda was still alive, though bleeding out.  That is the first delay, and this is the second; a linguistic indication of delay.

and the paramedics rushed Amanda to the hospital. The next 24 hours were a waiting game to see if the swelling in her brain would subside and give us any hope of her survival. Mid-morning on November 11th the doctors informed me that there was no brain activity and she would not recover."

The use of "us" here is distancing language, as no one else is mentioned here, and although it could include anyone with him while waiting, he does not state so.  It is also something, in context, that must be considered:

many statements of his use "we" and "us", even while he was alone, which some have concluded "narcissistic" or "ego driven", while others consider that this is something that guilty school children use:  the desire to psychologically hide in a crowd or 'spread' guilt around.

Blackburn's statements have caused investigators to opine that they believe he may have had some prior knowledge of the gang activity that led to his wife's death, while others, thinking he did not have knowledge, but was simply responding to his many complaints against her in marriage, now relieved of the burden, he can return to the incessant selling of his ministry, where the numbers in attendance are the priority of his language.

He has publicly posted the account in its entirety, where one may consider the lengthy introduction he uses prior to the 'main event' of finding the victim, Amanda, dying in her home.

For some, the case is closed as a tragic murder by strangers, while many others have their doubts, and many have expressed their own dismay at the crass capitalizing upon her death in the guise of religion by her husband, awaiting the proverbial book and movie deal.

People have very strong opinions on this case.

Investigators who have privately given their opinion that he was somehow behind the murder own that proving any connection would be very challenging for police.  Still others believe the bizarre nature of his language is due to narcissistic personality disorder, even as he sees himself as 'one with God', hence the plural pronouns.  Yet many agree that this has never been the language of a grieving husband, but an opportunist with delusions of grandeur for himself using religion as his private "stage" and "performance" to fulfill his definition of success.

Consider the language of deception, too, may be related to sexuality.  The need to present himself "in the shower" with "God", is to strongly suggest the need for cleansing or forgiveness, hence the presence of God as the subject stands naked and in need of the water.  This can then be taken with his 'marching orders' where he criticizes his father-in-law's ministry, belittling him before the congregation, and then he criticizes the entire church, before telling the audience of the "historical" things he, himself, is going to accomplish.

He claimed that "Amanda gave her life for the church", which to many Christians, is an affront, while to investigators, it is something entirely different.


mom2many said...

I'm so glad to have a new post here on this. I gave up scrolling to the end of the last one. I caught most of those flags, except for the 'reality.' I can't help but wonder if the reality that he wouldn't wish on anyone was that she was still alive when he returned. Likewise, it seems to me that switching to 'us' at the point of 'hope' was because he was hoping for the opposite, and so needed to hide behind the hope of others.

I also noted the word 'explain,' without mentioning what more needs to be explained? He once again avoids mentioning direct feelings. He seems to be alluding to emotions needing explaining, having mentioned a need to process, and everything a blur. But he does not actually share any feelings, and most people would not need someone's reaction to such a grizzly murder explained to them.

Tania Cadogan said...

home to shower
Don't all gyms have showers?
If he worked up a sweat at the gym, why not shower there rather than come home all sweaty and smelly.
More so since he stayed on the driveway for 45 mins or so on the phone.

What prevented him from calling 911 the moment he found his wife bleeding on the floor?

Is he having a relationship with someone else whilst married to amanda?
Was the shower taken at home to conceal sexual activity even?

Sarah Highcove said...

Very interesting about him "going home to shower". His vague language at the start of his morning is alarming, his language towards his wife is saddening as well as expected at this point, but what bothered me the most was the absence of any mention of his children. It's like he has to emulate the emotions of others as he does not know how to do so himself. I really hope his son is with family other than him.

SFig said...

I find it odd he does not mention his son. If I came home and found my spouse shot and knew my baby was also in the home my first thought would be to run and find out if my son were also shot or injured in another way. He never states if he thought about the child, ran to check on him, if the delay in calling 911 was to check on the boy. I'm trying to remember if that was mentioned previously but I'm not sure. He never seemed to be too concerned for his son also being in the house when he found his wife injured.

Charles said...

Hi everyone
A phrase he used caught my attention: " worst fears had been realized." If I could speak with him, I would ask him to talk about what that means TO HIM. In other words, was his "worst fear" a home-invasion-and-violence scenario? Not a terminal disease? Not countless other events, but specifically what had occurred? To me it is strange that of ALL the things which could happen to someone or their loved ones, he felt the need to speak of the one, specific event which happened as being his "worst fear".

mom2many said...

His action of leaving the door unlocked does not fit with home invasion being his "worst fear." It would be enlightening to hear him be more specific about this. I think he doesn't use more specific words because he is parroting what he thinks a loving husband would say in this situation.

boston lady said...

Since Amanda's murder, Davey Blackburn has been traveling the world, literally. He posted pictures from Florida where Weston took his first flight. There are pics of Davey and Weston walking together, away from the camera. Who is taking the pictures? Just this week, Davey has posted pics from Israel. He is there with Weston, visiting historic and religious locations. In fact, it looked like he was filming a sermon at one location. Who is filming? Who is there with Davey and Weston? It's been just 5 months since the death of Amanda and he seems to have moved on but continues to use Amanda as an example for his church of her selfless action of giving her life for his church.

Davey moved to a new home and the first thing he made sure to set up first was HIS bookcase and books. No mention of getting Weston settled. Narcissistic screams off the page.

Anonymous said...

"as soon as I could" As soon as he was certain his wife couldn't recover.
This looks like he didn't orchestrate her murder, but that he is an evil man who took advantage of this chance to let his wife die.
Is there a chance he noticed their house being broken into and didn't enter ?
I am looking at his Twitter/Instagram feed right now and it screams self satisfied Narcissist.
I find it weird that the book title most visible on Davy's newly set up bookcase is titled "Killing" Odd, no ?

Davey reminds me of Nicole Kidman's character in "To Die For"
Feels like a real life Suzanne Stone.

Anon "I" said...

Incidentally, I recently read an article on "Beating Heart Cadavers" that made my blood run cold. It was an eye-opening example of how distinct words define the difference between "death" and "brain-death" in the organ transplantation arena. Although I am well aware of the blessing received by the recipients, it was enlightening to view the transplants technically from the donor's physical status and the corporate machine of healthcare.

Here is that link:

Anon "I" said...

went back to scan over it, it struck me as being OVERTLY gruesome to
those who are not aware of these workings inside a hospital. PLEASE

Peter, is there any way to put this warning in before the link above?
I can't edit my posts as they are right now. Thank-you for considering

Concerned said...

I'm thankful to know that Peter is still paying attention to DB's statements.
We are once again reminded that no matter how aware one is of the red flags in statement analysis (and we know DB read what was written about him here), they continue to make telling comments.
Thanks, Peter, for this excellent analysis!

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the faithful commenters who have refused to let go!
By the way, has anyone found a link to Davey's new house purchase? The fact that he moved into the new one before the other's closing, added to extensive travel, shows he must have really raked in the donations. I find that nauseating.

John Mc Gowan said...
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Hey Jude said...

My eyes almost popped out of my head at reading this one, though it is not so much a surprise as the blatant expression of his priorities. He has about zilch self-awareness. I already was of the opinion that Davey either killed, or orchestrated Amanda's murder, this latest does nothing to disabuse me of that opinion. I can't write what I really am thinking - too out of order, even if it is right - time will tell all, anyway, if it is.

That Davey expressed no concern round Weston would seem to indicate he had no cause for concern - he knew he was uninjured.

Keep on blogging, Davey.

He really thinks he is winning. Maybe he is.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I found it disconcerting (odd, alarming, etc.) that Amanda is in essence, totally absent, until he "finds" her unconscious on the floor with three gunshot wounds. Linguistically, she is mute and invisible.

He "woke up at 4:30 a.m."- Where was Amanda? Sleeping? In their bed? Awake? Already up? In their room? Elsewhere in the house?

"Read my Bible a bit."- Where was Amanda at this time? What was she doing/saying? What did he read?

"Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout."- Did he not eat breakfast or a power-up snack/ drink a cup of coffee (noting he's known for loving his coffee) before he left for the gym? Note there's no mention of any interaction with Amanda or any mention of seeing her visually- as if she's not there at all.

"When I returned to shower..."- Note Davey did not say that he worked out. Note the temporal lacuna between "headed out for a workout" and "When I returned...". If his intention was to go home and shower, why sit 45 minutes on the phone in the driveway, in sweaty/wet clothes, talking on the phone to a pastor friend? Did he call the friend or did the friend call? The expected after a workout is to shower (at the gym or at home), get cleaned up, and then make calls.

His personal pronoun use is alarming- my Bible, my gym clothes, my home....but not "my wife"...just Amanda.

The paramedics "rushed" Amanda to the hospital, but he only called 911 "as soon as I could"- Davey himself notes the difference.

Davey was waiting to see if the doctors would give "us" any hope for survival, yet he said the doctor's informed "me". According to Amanda's sister, she was there the whole time, holding Amanda's hand. I agree with Mom2many (April 15, 2016 3:53 PM post)- he likely feigning the "hope" of others that Amanda would make it.

The hope is distancing, but the pronouncement of no brain activity and Amanda wouldn't recover is personal. Yet, he attached no value to her in the recounting- totally devoid of compassion, sympathy, empathy, sorrow, grief, anguish for Amanda and her suffering. It's all about this is what happened to me.

Hey Jude said...

'My home had been broken into' - we know, actually, Davey, that they just walked through the unlocked front door - possibly by direct invitation, or through that of a contact.

Zsuzsanna said...

Thank you for the link. I first learned about this topic several years ago, and have since come to the conclusion that personally, I could never accept an organ from a BHC, even if it meant death for myself or a loved one in my care. Who are we to play God, when there are so many unknowns?

I have also made it clear that my organs are never to be harvested. I'd hate to think that in an emergency, I am worth more (brain) dead than alive, and would be cared for accordingly.

Zsuzsanna said...

Great post, and great points made in the comments.

Zsuzsanna said...
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Zsuzsanna said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon "I" @5:50,
Having worked the last 20 years in the medical field in and around Boston, I find that article both false and insulting. But I am getting use to incorrect "Google medicine".

Hey Jude said...

Re organ donation, I have been on the UK donor register for decades - I'd like for my organs to be recycled. It would be more reassuring to potential donors - BHC - to know anaesthesia would be used, but I'm still willing to take my chances if ever I become a BHC - as it said in the article, such people are 'pretty dead', anyway - they are not going to recover. A plus for the medical profession must be that it's one group which can't sue for compensation. Interesting if some organ harvesting is done under anaesthetic in Europe - as in, is that indicative, possibly, that it should be? I will look that up - it seems very doubtful that anyone would be willing to harvest organs if they suspected donors might still be able to feel pain. Mine will probably be too rusty to be of use, anyway - young organs are what they want.

umaybright said...

Davey is still trying to convince the world that Amanda gave her life for Jesus...not that her life was taken from her.

Bingo3 said...

This is just fantastic Peter. I learn so much from your SA on Davey. I know that almost every single thing Davey has said and written "feels" deceptive but you break it down and show HOW it is deceptive. The "I called 911 as soon as I could." jumped off the page to me. Why even bring that up at all? Of course you called 911. Anybody would call 911! That is a given BUT then add "as soon as I could." The shower? Really? The quiet time? How he had to process it all? It is and has always been ALL ABOUT HIM.

Hey Jude said...

Umaybright - interesting how he's answering a question his counsellor didn't actually ask.

This got to me - poor Amanda - what type of obedience, to what, or whom? He's short on the examples.

'.... “Yes. She still would have said ‘yes.’” Because for Amanda, no matter how much it hurt, she always chose the route of obedience over comfort.'

What rot he is speaking on Amanda's behalf - that she, as a young wife, looking forward to starting a family, would choose to move there, knowing she would die within four years. She did not give her life - giving is a choice, murder does not involve giving of life, only taking of it. Why does he want to justify Amanda's death, as being, somehow, a gift from her to 'the church'. A laying down of life, a self-sacrifice - how does he make her execution into 'giving her life for the church'? Why are those people leaving positive comments on his page - do they all live on Planet Davey, too?

Bobcat said...

Hey Jude,

This got to me - poor Amanda - what type of obedience, to what, or whom? He's short on the examples.

'.... “Yes. She still would have said ‘yes.’” Because for Amanda, no matter how much it hurt, she always chose the route of obedience over comfort.'


I think one example is given in one of their short train station Q&A videos here:
at 1:19, the question posed is "How do you suggest implementing changes in your relationship, over time, without it feeling forced or unnatural?"

Amanda: Um, I think if you're gonna implement any change, um, it's gonna be unnatural, just because it's not something you're used to, even with something as simple as, like, working out. It's gonna feel really forced and unnatural if you're not used to working out.

DB: And it will be, make you very sore.
Amanda: Yeah. Yeah.

DB: Yeah

Amanda: That's true. So, um, I don't know if you can avoid that feeling of it feeling a little bit unnatural, but as far as the forcing is concerned, I think, um, like, let's say you're trying to implement a date night, and you're husband's like putting forth more of an effort. That might feel a little forced at first, if it's something that you're not used to doing, but I think I would rather do it with that forced feeling, in order to make our relationship better than, the lack of effort, and our relationship is getting worse and worse. So, I think it's OK if it feels that way because, um, it's improvement, like, if anything's gonna have momentum, there's gonna be change that comes with it and a little bit of, you know, uncomfortability, maybe.

DB: Yeah, absolutely.

Anonymous said...

He drops pronouns from "read my bible" "grabbed my" He mentions water. He says MY home, instead of our home..then says "had been" versus was...excuse- I don't know...SUPPOSE, such a crass sound. I walked into a reality...mentions position, walk,versus stand or sit...into reality...versus a nightmare...I called 911 "as soon as I could" excuse on why he didn't call immediatly. "I woke up around 4:30 am" what happened in the time after 4:30 am.

He is guilty of something, or he feels guilt.

Hey Jude said...

Bobcat - on your example, I'd think Amanda meant it took self-discipline to implement a good work-out routine - and obedience to Davey's demand for sex before going out to dinner on a date night - such a romantic, caring, considerate soul, he is not. 'Trying' to implement a date night' - 'your husband's like putting forth more of an effort' - that's only 'like' putting forth more of an effort - date nights conditional upon sex before dinner. That's his more of an effort - but only 'like' - he probably still couldn't wait to get through dinner. What a boor that man is. I think I can't post on Davey any more - he aggravates me so much. Giving is voluntary, and by consent - becoming a murder victim is not voluntary, or by consent, unless he knows something we don't.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Gay Man’s Miami Beach Burger King Hate Crime Claim Might Be a Whopper of a Lie


The claim put forth by a 25-year-old gay L.A. man that he was the victim of a vicious anti-gay hate crime at a Miami Beach Burger King may just be a giant whopper.

Jordan Schaeffer (above) says he was brutally beaten and called gay slurs after kissing his boyfriend.

Schaefer previously spoke with WTVJ Miami about the incident, saying,

“It was just a simple kiss with my boyfriend. And then right after that kiss, I started walking over and that’s when I was approached by this gentleman. He then started to use derogatory terms such as ‘f**king faggots. Why don’t you show if you’re tough or not you little faggot.’ It all happened so fast once I got slammed to the ground. It’s just kind of a blur.

"Temporal Lacunae"
Incomplete actions.
Distancing language.
Soft language.
Passive language.

Now, new reports have emerged from eyewitnesses that call into question the validity of Schaeffer’s story. South Florida Gay News reports:

Tim Baird, who posted on social media about the incident, said via a Facebook post he witnessed the altercation, and the story being told by Schaeffer and [his boyfriend Eric] Danko is “completely inaccurate.”

“As we saw it, he is mainly responsible for the fight, and the altercation had nothing to do with his sexual identity. I’ve already contacted the Miami (Beach) police to offer my perspective, if they want it,” Baird said.

Miami Beach PD spokesman Ernesto Rodriquez confirmed that they had been contacted by Baird, who was also visiting from Washington D.C., and that department LGBT liaison Juan Sanchez had reached out to him for additional information.

More below:

Tania Cadogan said...

'.... “Yes. She still would have said ‘yes.’” Because for Amanda, no matter how much it hurt, she always chose the route of obedience over comfort.'

Thinking like davey, knowing his priorities, this stuck out to me.

He tells us that it hurt rather than might/may/could hurt
He is telling us something she experienced, the hurt.
Now look at what the hurt is linked to.
The hurt is linked to over comfort

Now, remember in his videos, he went on about how anything went in the bedroom.
We see there is a link between, hurt, obedience and him boasting about anything went in the bedroom.

This tells me he is into BDSM.
He is a wannabe dom/master.

Amanda was not into it and did not like or enjoy it.
However since she was raised to be devout and obedient and subservient to her husband, she would suffer in silence as a good and obedient wife would and should.

Sex is not about love for davey, it is all about control and power.
I suspect he was violent in the bedroom, making sure not to mark her face as that would be hard to explain away.
She was everything he was not and it is what gave her power over him.
She is the one who was loved, liked and made welcome.
We saw how she made him right simply by walking into the room with him.

This smacks as a comment made regarding his sexuality.
How else could the comment explain why it was made?

If he was gay the congregation would likely revolt and vanish, especially if he came in with his boyfriend.
That he came in with his wife made him appear a straight male, she was his beard.

Davey is the sort of man who couldn't get it up, and takes it out on his wife.
To make him feel like a man he has to debase the woman, in this case, his wife.

At a minimum davey is likely bisexual, i lean more towards him being more gay than bisexual. preferring a man over a woman if given the choice.

his language shows his hatred for his wife, such that he abused and demeaned her in public, speaking about their sex lives, which should have stayed private and in the bedroom, in his church.

It was all to make him look like the man.

If he wasn't actively involved in her murder, then it is something he thought hard and often about.
If their child had been a girl then i think even the child may have been killed, such is his hatred.
That their child was a boy, may have saved his life.

Even now Amanda is but a brief footnote in davey's great plan.

The question now is, who is going to take the fall for him?
Is someone going to have guilt about what they know and decide to speak out?
What if he has a fallout with whoever he is boinking, will they decide to speak out in revenge?

rjb said...

Re: Amanda and obedience.

I think that understanding the use of that word and really grokking how it would pertain to this situation is difficult for those who are not intimately familiar with not only Evangelical Christianity, but particularly the complimentarian view of marriage within many branches of Evangelical Christianity.

In this world view, there is a hierarchy: God -> husband -> wife -> children. Men and women have distinct roles which "compliment" one another but are disparate and to cross them is considered contrary to scripture and the will of God. If the couple has a disagreement about something, it is the wife's job to submit even if she believes that her husband is in the wrong. The only "out" for the wife is if her husband is asking her to commit a sinful act.

Amanda's journal entries and the videos of her with Davey show a young woman who has fully accepted this role as proscribed in Ephesians 5:22-24. The next part of the passage, Ephesians 5:25-29 speaks of husbands loving their lives as Christ loves the Church, loving her as he loves his own body and giving his life for her. I can't say that Davey has demonstrated any of these things based on his public words or actions.

Based on what I have seen of Amanda via the things that have been posted online both before and after her death, I have no doubt that were she told that her death was necessary to give glory to God and bring others to Him, she would have gone to it joyfully. This is the level of obedience and faith that Amanda demonstrates for her Lord in her journal entries. However, as far as I can see, her murder was just that: a murder. She wasn't martyred for her faith as so many have been and still are being around the world. Intruders entered her home and killed both her and her unborn baby, an event that the husband who is supposed to love her as his own body has exploited for his own brand and in an attempt to grow his own church. Not the Church Universal, but Resonate Church in Indianapolis. Any glory to God that has come out of Amanda's death is in spite of Davey, not because of him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, I too will be (trying) to take a break.

DB's newest blog post tries to explain who "We" is - Him and Jesus.


If I could tell DB off, I would use the words of Tess McGill from Working Girl:

Tess McGill: [to Katherine] Look, you, maybe you've got everyone around here fooled with this saint act you have going, but do not ever speak to me again like we don't know what really happened, you got me?

Katherine Parker: Tess, this is business. Let's just bury the hatchet, okay?

Tess McGill: You know where you can bury your hatchet? Now get your bony ass outta my sight!

Anonymous said...

Had to shower b4 calling 911?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

As one investigator told me,

"nobody is this lucky."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

rjb said...
Re: Amanda and obedience.

I think that understanding the use of that word and really grokking how it would pertain to this situation is difficult for those who are not intimately familiar with not only Evangelical Christianity, but particularly the complimentarian view of marriage within many branches of Evangelical Christianity.

In this world view, there is a hierarchy: God -> husband -> wife -> children. Men and women have distinct roles which "compliment" one another but are disparate and to cross them is considered contrary to scripture and the will of God. If the couple has a disagreement about something, it is the wife's job to submit even if she believes that her husband is in the wrong. The only "out" for the wife is if her husband is asking her to commit a sinful act.

Just a bit of caution in context...

Submission, authority, obedience, etc, is assigned to all roles within government.

There is the submission to the secular government, or "state"
There is submission to parents by children,
There is submission to husbands by wives
There is submission to church by members, and so on.

Then there is a call to mutual submission.

From the basic role, it extended, for example, for children to teachers, coaches, etc.

*When the authority is wrong, that is, violating Scripture, the Christian has the duty to resist.

This is considered Tyranny. The duty is to resist the tyranny, whether it be in the state (government, such as why the War for Independence was both justified and fought) or down to the parent, who, for example, molests his child.

The wife to the husband is often ridiculed today, but submission is inescapable.

When a husband and wife disagree, one will generally prevail. This the natural order among any society. Some men will by tyrants, using their physical strength to force submission. Some women will use their emotions to tyrannize and make a man's life a living hell if he does not submit.

In our society today, anarchy is becoming popular and acceptable, which leads to calling good "evil" and evil "good" in the pubic sector.

In what I have read of Amanda, she appeared to love her God, her husband and her own feminine nature. I think she likely suffered much, perhaps silently, by his egotistical drive and perversion of the truth.

Just as one man might use his authority to save his child's life, another may use it to exploit. That the authority exists is inescapable. It is why child victims of abuse suffer so terribly; trust is destroyed.

I think Amanda trusted him, and wanted him home. I think this was a very dangerous thing and here is why:

He attended a church that existed for the ego of numbers and he began his own work this way. To "prove" he had divine favor, he needed numbers and when she said, 'stay home with me more!', it was his ready-made excuse for why he did not meet his expected numbers (see his reaction to this 'failure;)

He is not "on the edge" having predicted his own greatness from her murder. But if you go back to his words you will find something fascinating:

he actually blamed the congregation, ahead of time, if his 'history making' success is not realized.

We find this subtle clever shifting of blame in the language of abusers.

I think Amanda was a lovely Christian woman and I think she suffered more than we may ever know.

flightfulbird said...

Bobcat wrote -

"DB's newest blog post tries to explain who "We" is - Him and Jesus. "

Is Davey now trying to convince us that he was referring to himself and Jesus when he was saying "we" and "us" in all of the interviews of his nationwide media blitz? Seriously? No way. I strongly believe he was using "we" and "us" to avoid saying "I", to avoid taking responsibility for his feelings, to share the blame - whatever.

He has been reading what we've been posting and with this new blog post he is trying to cover for his statements in those interviews.

rjb said...

He references the Apostle Paul frequently in that post. It's been a while since I've read Paul's epistles in depth, but I certainly don't remember him, a man who was spoken personally to by Christ Himself, using the word "we" unless referring to things he experienced with those in ministry with him or else when talking about what "we" as believers in Christ should or should not do.

Expected language, even when regarding every thing he does being in partnership with Jesus, would be to say "with the help of the Lord" or something similar.

Bobcat said...

DB has gone back and forth with "Did God "cause" or "allow" Amanda's death."

He mentioned it first in his 2/23/16 Overcoming The Valleys' sermon.

"No evil can come from God, and what was done to Amanda was evil. Did God allow it? He could have stopped it."

He revisits "allow" but adds "caused" in his 4/10/16 sermon at 13:15 when talking about Joseph's dreams of grandeur and pride:

“God had to do some chiseling with Joseph. He had to begin kind of chiseling off the, the, the rough edges of pride, in Joseph’s heart. And so he allowed, caused, allowed, whatever you want, but allowed some really difficult things to happen in Joseph’s life because he wanted to do something, listen, in Joseph’s heart.”

Did DB's interactions with gang members CAUSE Amanda's death?
Could DB have STOPPED what was done to Amanda?
Did DB ALLOW Amanda to be murdered?

Anonymous said...

Is it in his statements that he searched the house in case 'they' were still inside? If he had a gun in house that would be a normal response to search b4 or during a 911 call. Or did he already know 'they' were gone?

Concerned said...

Peter, is there any hope of someone checking out what took place at the gym? Would LE even bother once they decided they had their culprits?

Anon at 3:50

I've never read that DB went up to check on Weston when he saw that Amanda was "injured". Wouldn't that be high on your list of concerns, especially after you saw the Swisher Sweets on the kitchen counter? It's just one among many of the oddities in his story. And, even now, he fails to mention the grievous loss of their unborn child.

I wonder what condition Davey was in at the hospital. Did he still have on his sweaty gym clothes or did he change during the time waiting to call 911?

Since we know that Alonzo Bull and his "wife", Donae Mitchell, were up to their ears in this, maybe their recent separation will cause her to reveal more of what she knows. She's 18 and alone with a baby. Maybe someone will offer a few bucks to get her to talk? Let us hope.
I'm still convinced that DB and/or Meg, the babysitter will turn out to be the link to the thugs.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't see LE getting involved. it could be a public relations nightmare.

What could happen is that if there was any connection to the gang, it will come out.

If it is something with homosexuality, it will come out, as these things naturally do.

If concerned citizens badger the police, it makes things very uncomfortable and human nature being what it is, can cause some to dig in their heels and stay stronger in their position. It is not good. When I read of people saying 'lets contact the police', I can only hope they do not use my name or blog.

This is a case where I guy talked openly of wanting to be free of his wife, waved around a gun, made some very alarming statements, stayed outside while she bled out, and when dead, seemed gleeful in his advantage for the free advertising, yet...

it is all one big coincidence?


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Bobcat wrote -

"DB's newest blog post tries to explain who "We" is - Him and Jesus. "

Is Davey now trying to convince us that he was referring to himself and Jesus when he was saying "we" and "us" in all of the interviews of his nationwide media blitz? Seriously? No way. I strongly believe he was using "we" and "us" to avoid saying "I", to avoid taking responsibility for his feelings, to share the blame - whatever.


His explanation makes guilt increase.

HIs latest blog entries will make people even more suspicious of him, if they were not so before.

Concerned said...

Amen, Peter.

At least we know he reads here and won't get comfortable thinking he's home-free.
And since "communicating" is what he does, there will be many more statements for you to analyze.

I do get the impression that he now has an editor because the writing on the new blog is smoother and follows a train of thought better than his past work.

Bingo3 said...

In regard to the latest DB blog I am not buying into the whole "I was finally content." No way!! His actions in the Love Songs series showed his was anything but content. He is also leaking how very hard and stressful planting a church and having a baby was for him. Then there is the "ALL OF THE SUDDEN I got content!" Just before Amanda got murdered, I was totally content with my small church." Not buying it. Just like he fibbed about his low ball offer on his the house that Amanda made them buy, it is my opinion that he is lying about this too.

And Bobcat, you are so right! He is trying to justify his "we" statements. Just not buying any of it.

Concerned, I agree with you that his last two posts seem doctored, smoother. I think he is getting some help in editing also!

Bobcat said...

Meg is a voracious reader (like DB) and a very eloquent writer. She may be helping with the new blog.

GeekRad said...

Unfortunately LE is done with Davey. I still can't believe they cleared him so quickly. They have their thugs and won't look back.

Anonymous said...

I live close to Indy, I'm so glad to see this post and that Amanda hasn't been forgotten. I'd be interested to see if Davey boy and his former "nanny" Megan have had any contact in the last 5 months. He is a complete narcissist and this whole story just breaks my heart. As a preacher's daughter myself, my heart goes out to Amanda... she was an angel on earth and is truly an angel now. I feel sorry that Weston will grow up without her and feel scared that he'll grow up with his narcissistic father as a role model. Shame on the IMPD for closing this case so quickly. Nothing about his "story" makes sense.

Concerned said...

Meg is right there, seen in many photos.
I bet she lives with Davey and takes care of Weston.

I totally agree on Davey and his contentment bull. None of their videos made it sound like he was content in any way.

I can't let myself believe Davey won't pay for this. Surely another disappointing wife won't have to lose her life first.

lynda said...

Thank you for not forgetting about Amanda, Peter. I believe Davey was either setting the crime scene up further, and waiting for Amanda to die. He couldn't wait TO long. Neighbors had seen him come home perhaps? If what took him away from calling 911 was searching for Weston, he would have said so. We can't say it for him. I entered the reality of Amanda with 3 bullets in does he know she was shot 3 times? Is he just adding this after the ME's report, or does he already know how many times she was shot? In the PC affidavit, Alonzo Bull admits that they called him...ALonzo KNEW their was a crime that took place and did nothing. Isn't this against the law? Why was Alonzo never arrested for not reporting a crime, receiving stolen property?
Did Davey not shower at the club because of temptation? Being naked, showering, with other men?

Davey will get his one day. In this world or the next. I hope I alive to see it!
I wish they would release his 911 tape!

Bobcat said...

Where Amanda flourished in reality, it causes stress for DB.
Amanda embraced her creative reality and turned trash into decor.

DB flourishes in fantasy, posing for and posting pictures, tweeting, blogging, filming, producing, directing, preaching, baptizing ... as long as he is on stage making a show where he is the star, he is happy in his fantasy.

Reality is a big stressor for DB.

Kathead said...

Probably the unknown "we" who I think is a woman. Although, with as weird as Davey was about sex, I wonder if it could also be a guy.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't think the "we" is a woman.

I just saw less than 2 min of his recent video. It is nauseating and for those who profess to be Christian, an embarrassment.

This is the black leather jacket, tight pants, and theatrics. This is one very disturbed individual of whom religion is a means to his end.

Secrets have a way of coming out and his will too. I would not be surprised at various possibilities. Some investigators still think an arrest will be effected due to talk; while others think he was just celebrating his wife's death because of his sexuality AND his freedom to go an use it to become famous, while still others think it was both: his is sexually confused and he had some remote contact with gang members who passed on the info of an unlocked house and so on....

His description of the use of "we" is not something I believe, but I will weigh in more regarding analysis later.

His latest may push those who were on the fence, to tilt to thinking 'guilt', but in any case, this is a very troubled young man.

Anonymous said...

It's almost like he reads this blog and took every single thing that screams guilt and deception and put it into a few little paragraphs about Amanda's death.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was doing this on purpose trying to thumb his nose at Peter bc Peter KNOWS he is hiding SOMETHING.

Someone with an ego that big - getting away with it and feeling "like God."

I have LONG felt he has been here, reading and studying.

Davey is a very manipulative, smart man indeed.

Poor Amanda- may she rest in peace.
She didn't deserve what happened to her- and she sure didn't deserve such a cruel husband either.

flightfulbird said...

Peter wrote
"as one investigator told me. .. nobody is this lucky"

It seems highly possible/probable that the IMPD detectives investigating the case were/are thinking the same thing. I keep going back to the newscast I saw where the reporter had said that police wanted him to emphasize to the public that Davey was "100%. . . no, 150% cleared". It happened so very quickly. All of us know there's no way investigators could've looked at videotape, phone records, Facebook pages, web searches from the IP address and everything else and then cleared him of ANY involvement whatsoever. It doesn't matter if he was seen on video at the gym during that timeframe, obviously, he still could've set it up or even murdered Amanda himself and the other guys were cleanup and/or to take the fall.

Has anyone ever addressed the possibility that the thugs walked into the scene and found it set up already ? It seems they would talk, if so, yet if they are afraid of retaliation from someone higher up (as has been said), maybe they wouldn't.

I also feel that Davey has been reading everything written about him and this case from the start. I think it would be impossible for a narcissistic individual NOT to do this. Poring over pages and pages looking for support, for praise in how he is handling "the process", to see if people are closing in on him perhaps - to know how to modify his behavior?

His actions, words and written statements clearly indicate changes, sometimes very soon after posts are made, and I believe this is in response to what all of us have written these past five months.

And this (Davey) was not an individual who was "content" in any way, shape or form. He said in his most recent blog post that it was really easy to find contentment with Amanda and every day with her was a gift. This is SUCH a contradiction to when he was on video speaking to his church complaining about how she knocked his grill off of the deck and dented it and he didn't speak to her for two days, how she hung the toilet paper roll "backwards", how he was wanting sex he wasn't getting, how Amanda had eaten a Caramello that was on the counter that was meant to be his. . . and it goes on and on and on.

All of this new blog posting is meant to address issues we have brought up, cover for them, and convince the nation (the world?) that he is the grieving husband and father that we expected to see in November and right on through.

Far too little, far too late Davey. You are being watched, I have no doubt.

lynda said...

New blood has come into LE, hasn't it? Didn't a new chief take over? The supposition is that LE was incredibly corrupt and we are talking about a "church" that has endless amounts of money. Money to grease palms with. There's absolutely NO excuse for LE to let him leave the crime scene, particularly wearing the clothes he had on, without intense interrogation or even a policeman to go with him to the hospital and stick to his side like glue while the investigation was going on at home. They did neither. They let him walk away. He's kidding himself if he thinks anyone with a brain in their head would believe that he can backtrack to immediately after the murder and say that the "we" meant him and Jesus. Seriously? It's ridiculous. How are people so blinded? How is Amanda's father so blinded that he let crazy Davey take over his sermon, his church, and say the things he said? How is her sister so blind that she can't see and remains friends and comments on his FB postings? I do notice that she comments, he does not do the same on her page. Is all that it takes is the "scary black men" to throw in jail and case closed when DAvey practically screams, I did it! Or at the very least, "Thank God she's gone...way to go Lord for taking care of that little problem for me?" He just sickens me. I cringe when I see his picture. I cannot listen to anything he says because he seems to take delight in the fact that he can now "suffer" like Jesus did because of his tragedy. He is one with Christ (and NOT in the good way.) I believe he thinks he is EQUAL with Christ.

Bobcat said...

"Has anyone ever addressed the possibility that the thugs walked into the scene and found it set up already ? It seems they would talk, if so, yet if they are afraid of retaliation from someone higher up (as has been said), maybe they wouldn't."

I don't know about IMPD, but ABB (who commented often on Peter's December Spousal Involvement Blog) theorized repeatedly that DB had disabled Amanda before the thugs entered the home.

I can't remember which blog post had comments referencing one or two of the thugs not wanting to return to the home to pick up LT because they thought it was a setup. Then they returned only because they were ordered to. And that LT said he was "messed up" and can't remember much.

Peter has said it's very unlikely any of the gang members will talk.

lynda said...

OT...Remember Rainn Petersen? Thank God and bless those cops that never gave up.

flightfulbird said...

I posted this on Peter's new Statement Analysis thread "Showering and Water in Statements" - link here

"Yeah, if he was awake and up since 4:30am, why the delay getting out the door that morning? Was there rough sex (hence the confusion on whether or not she had been sexually assaulted), was there an argument or fight where Amanda's tooth got knocked out (and his face got scratched, perhaps?) - then he had to go ahead and finish things off so she wouldn't have to find a way to explain it to her friends or parents? - and had to stage it to make it look like a home invasion and have these guys take the fall? "

There would've been enough time for ANYTHING to happen between when Davey said he woke up at 4:30am and whatever time the thugs arrived and walked into the house. It's definitely a solid scenario in which Davey could have killed Amanda, set up the scene and then left for the gym. That would account for his leaving later than usual - and also would account for the reason the thugs were cruising in the first burglarized house for so long, eating oranges (!) - instead of getting in and out of that house and moving on. If they had to wait for Davey to leave for the gym before they could go into the house. . .

Very strange, waiting on the driveway in the car, talking to his friend who tweeted for the first time that morning about loving their weekly conversations - the same friend who said "and what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday. . . . " - sitting in the car in (maybe) wet gym clothes instead of going inside. . . was he waiting to be sure Amanda was dead - gathering his thoughts of what to say when he called 911 ?

I wonder why IMPD returned to the Blackburn house again - I cannot remember how long or which night but I definitely remember that they returned to gather more evidence. . . maybe they were looking upstairs or in the bedroom?

flightfulbird said...

Yes Heisgay, there were definitely Facebook friends of Davey's that were posing with cash, guns, cigarettes - who were then unfriended. There were pix of "appearing-to-be" gang members training in the gym. Not too far of a jump to connect Davey with the individuals who had the capability and the motivation to carry out this type of plan.

Bobcat said...

flightful, regarding your datalounge reference from the water thread,

From the very first post on DataLounge, they might have nailed it from the start:

"He had just gotten back from the gym and found his wife with a gunshot wound in the head. Naturally, as a longtime DLer I'm inclined to think he's a closet case who tricked with the wrong guy."

Anonymous said...

But doesn't that DataLounge post imply that someone killed Amanda as some kind of revenge against Davey? That's quite different from Davey hiring someone to kill Amanda.

Heisgay said...

The Datalounge post implies that Davey tricked with "the wrong guy" who got jealous and killed his wife. Perhaps, although you would think Davey would be a little more surprised to come home and find his wife dead. But as I have been theorizing, and it is true, certain DL men do feel animosity toward's their lover's wife, however, Davey probably fed off this animosity and encouraged him or instructed him to kill her.

flightfulbird said...

That first page of comments on the DataLounge thread is awesome - actually all five pages of posts are awesome and insightful and totally worth taking the time to read. I can't seem to stop reading and watching everything I can find about this case.

Davey is most definitely a closet case - the clothes, the mannerisms, even the speech patterns in his sermons scream it. If it was a hit because Davey tricked the wrong guy, that doesn't explain the other breakin in the neighborhood that morning - same thugs, cell phone pings placed them in both houses IF I understood correctly - unless these thugs were bright enough to hit that house first to mask their REAL motive and target.

It also doesn't explain Davey's bizarre behavior, actions, words, media blitz/ dry-eyed interviews both before and after. If this "event" was a revenge hit that was not even remotely expected by him, if he wasn't expecting to lose Amanda, it seems he would be acting very differently. Stunned, shocked, in tears, angry at the killers, fearful for his and Weston's safety in that house while whoever did this had not yet been captured. There would be no changing the subject in every interview when asked what he would say to anyone who knew anything about this - or what the investigators had shared with him so far. The priority would be finding the killers and expressing profound grief, not random yammering about Jesus and turning trash into treasure and the best is yet to come and how many people viewed the memorial service all over the world. I believe it was a platform from the very beginning - a story that was imagined and then put into action.

It's hard to wrap my mind around the possibility that Davey had absolutely nothing to do with this and that his reactions, the reason he is so peaceful and accepting and moving forward, are/is because he was just lucky enough to be handed the gift of an Amanda-free life and lifestyle which he had been wanting. That combined with all of the coincidences which so neatly fell into place that morning would be extremely lucky for him. He's acquired a brand new SUV, a new house, is traveling all over the world - he has Meg preparing a green room for him before he goes onstage and bringing him water while he is speaking (and possibly writing for him now as well) - this was like winning the lottery for him.

Anon "I" said...

Zsuzsanna said... Thank you for the link. I first learned about this topic several years ago, and have since come to the conclusion that personally, I could never accept an organ from a BHC, even if it meant death for myself or a loved one in my care. Who are we to play God, when there are so many unknowns? I have also made it clear that my organs are never to be harvested. I'd hate to think that in an emergency, I am worth more (brain) dead than alive, and would be cared for accordingly.
April 15, 2016 at 7:56 PM
Hi Zsuzsanna, I would ask that you think some more on the topic of transplants and here is why... They can be a life-extending blessing. God has let mankind advance to the place where transplants are quite successful. I say this being a mother who almost died in both of my pregnancies. My children are walking miracles themselves. It is ONLY because of the increased knowledge in medicine today that we three are alive. An organ donation could be a gift to you FROM God if you were ever to experience organ failure, God forbid. Your family needs you. Please just chew on it a little longer, that's all I mean.

My major concern isn't the giving/receiving of an actual organ between two people; its more the greedy motives behind those wishing to prosper. It's the examples in the article that are beyond disgusting. The problems arise when you have immoral practitioners. The examples given are very rare, but the fact that they exist should be a come-to-Jesus moment about ethical donations. For the examples that occur and can not be reversed, lessons should be learned and adapted so it doesn't happen again. Ever.

Anonymous said...
Anon "I" @5:50,
Having worked the last 20 years in the medical field in and around Boston, I find that article both false and insulting. But I am getting use to incorrect "Google medicine".
April 15, 2016 at 8:29 PM
Hi Anonymous,
I can't tell you if the article is accurate in all of its portrayals because I did not author it. I certainly did not post it with the purpose to insult you or anyone. I know that there are doctors and hospitals out there who are less than conscientious. I have defended my own patients from a few bad apples in the past and so has my husband.

Blogger Hey Jude said...
Re organ donation, I have been on the UK donor register for decades - I'd like for my organs to be recycled. It would be more reassuring to potential donors - BHC - to know anaesthesia would be used, but I'm still willing to take my chances if ever I become a BHC - as it said in the article, such people are 'pretty dead', anyway - they are not going to recover. A plus for the medical profession must be that it's one group which can't sue for compensation. Interesting if some organ harvesting is done under anaesthetic in Europe - as in, is that indicative, possibly, that it should be? I will look that up - it seems very doubtful that anyone would be willing to harvest organs if they suspected donors might still be able to feel pain. Mine will probably be too rusty to be of use, anyway - young organs are what they want.
April 15, 2016 at 9:10 PM

Organ donation can be a blessing to people in dire need. I do wish they would err on the side of caution and use pain medications if they even suspect the patient might so much as twitch an eyelash. Were you able to find out more about pain medicine usage?

flightfulbird said...

Heisgay we were writing at the same time ! - he was not or did not seem surprised / shocked to walk in and find Amanda "in the condition she was in", as Kenneth Wagner so eloquently described. If it was a jealous lover, it seems he would've been blindsided by it.

Heisgay said...

Regarding BDSM that some posters are talking about: Davey may have done several pervy thing: seeing Amanda as a way to lure men into bed with him, he may have had fetishes involving sex toys, he may have had fetishes for very muscular women and men, he probably was sadistic, he was probably very insulting about any excess weight of any kind, he may have attempted to control her hairstyle, clothing, in an attempt to make her look great to lure men into bed with him. Keep in mind, these DL gay guys realize a woman always has a better chance than a man of luring men into bed, and Davey may have attempted to set up threesomes using her as bait.

Heisgay said...

Flightfulbird, Yes we posted at the same time but seems we were echoing each ither's thoughts about Davey not seeming too surprised to find his wife dead. I think him and the killer had a connection and since he was DL, likely that was the connection but I bet Davey talked about how much he despised his wife and instructed the killer to kill her. It explains why he wasnt shocked and why the killer stayed behind when the other 2 left and that the other 2 were "shocked" to find out he had killed her. Narcissism is useful in explaining this, Davey was in the "discard" phase and quite literally decided to "discard" her and move on to something "better". Davey reminds me of Ted Bundy in some ways...I wonder if he has killed before or will kill again. I wonder what it is he was shunned for back in high school also.

Hey Jude said...

Flightful - at the beginning, some of us suggested that Davey set up the burglars, and Amanda we already shot and dying when they - or just the one - went into the house. As the burglars have been charged with her murder, that theory doesn't stand. Even, say, they were wrongly charged, and had found Amanda already fatally injured - there is still the question of why one of them would've remained in the house for so long with a dying Amanda, incapable of giving any PIN numbers, rather than legging it and/or calling 911. He did leg it, eventually - but why would he not have done so sooner? It would make no sense for him to stay in the house if Amanda was already dead - so, logically, and unless he was watching the baby till Davey was nearer home (unlikely) - he didn't walk in on a dead Amanda.

Even so, it was, from the brutality of it, a very personal murder - I am not convinced Amanda was killed by someone to whom she was not close. There's also the inconvenient fact that Pery Noble believed Amanda had 'hit her head on a cabinet', and her friend believed Amanda had 'an accident'; both have said that is what they were first left thinking when they were called - who gave them that idea? Davey, no less than LE, knows what he saw - LE describe a murder; there appears to have been no confusion about that. Davey either conveyed, or had conveyed to friends, the news that it was somehow a terrible freak accident - tooth knocked out and blood all over the place - seems to have fallen and smashed her head, sort of thing. That ladder was only meant to be decorative ...He maybe wanted others to believe that in his non-comprehending innocence, he had thought it must have been an accident, and only later, when LE or medics arrived, or even at the hospital, did he discover the terrible truth.

I don't believe the case is solved, or over, by a long stretch - they have to be giving Davey all the rope he needs to hang himself, surely.


It must be very difficult in some Christian environments, to come out as gay. I wouldn't rush to judgement with regard to Davey marrying Amanda with the intention to dupe and mislead her - he may have been one of those young men who believed, or was made to believe, he could become straight and 'healed' of being gay, if only he got married and had children. If he is gay, Amanda may have been or become aware - she may have also believed she could help 'cure' him; they married young - he's older now. He maybe tried to be straight, he maybe was able to manage the deceit so long as he could visit gay websites - maybe it became unmanageable when his internet use was discovered and monitored, and the reality of how really he is, and resentment at having to live a life of denial, went into overdrive. If he is gay, he cannot escape living a double life due to his conditioning and environment, so the destructive 'heterosexual' relationships will continue. He probably preaches against homosexuality. I don't know if he is gay - I think Davey, like all narcissists, has only ever been in love with himself. If he's gay, he has lived in denial of it, pretending to be someone he is not - he probably doesn't even know who he is. Still stuck, emotionally, at an age where being called 'Davey' actually suited him, I'd say.

flightfulbird said...

I think if he had been intimately involved or experimenting with a guy in high school, that would explain his family having to quickly uproot and move to another location. Maybe even with a girl - but especially with a guy - either in a similar age group or maybe even older.

Yeah, it was crystal clear how much he despised Amanda - I watched the whole Love Song series and many of his other "sermons" that were given before "the event" and I don't think there was a single one that didn't have some type of disparaging remark about Amanda - either thinly veiled or outright nasty.

These new blog posts of his, now, are supposed to make the world think that he loved her, that they were one, that she was the best part of his life, that he couldn't live without her - but anyone who saw these videos knows differently - and MANY of us watched them and commented on them.

This one in particular from KateSlate11 on YouTube has multiple clips from his sermons -

It clearly shows motive and supports a planned execution of Amanda. It shows a husband who is almost openly hostile and extremely unhappy with his (especially sex) situation. Combine that with the bonus of having all of this attention drawn to his struggling church and to him along with it - it makes all the sense in the world that he was involved.

Anonymous said...

I think that DB is creepy and suspicious, but I don't find it strange at all that he waited to shower or that he mentioned it. I just asked dh (who doesn't read here) to describe a typical morning if he had an early morning workout, and he used very similar wording to DB. "I got up extra early, went to ABC Gym to work out, and then came home to shower." <<< this is where I stopped his description

Neither of us have used the shower at our gym in the two years we have belonged. I did use it at our old gym, because they had a hot tub and free daycare.


Hey Jude said...

Anon 'l'

A bit - they might use some, sometimes - opiates,anaesthesia. 'Ideally' am anaesthetist or critical care clinician should be present - only ideally, not a requirement.

They use full neuromuscular blockers to stop spinal reflexes (common), no painkiller. Torture if you were alive, but officially you are dead.
Well, as so much else is done to ensure the survival of the organs in best condition (even rusty ones, these days), I think they could give the donor the consideration of relieving any possible discomfort. Well, if they are only 'pretty dead' they are also still 'a bit alive', so they should play fair. It seems pain relief would make some of those present at transplants happier - so, that probably means it is a bit like seeing a chicken running round the yard after its head has been chopped off, but different, as it is not a chicken, or decapitated. Hmm, I expect they have a anaesthetist on hand just in case the 'pretty dead' donor sits up and gets violent - or has strong reflexes, rather. :)

Here is what I read - D.W.McKeown is a transplant anaesthetist

Not for the squeamish:

i'd be happier if there weren't some thinking painkiller is necessary, but how do we know they are not delicate snowflakes who can't cope with reflexes, and who maybe never saw a headless chicken? I don't know. I think someone should interview them, for statement analysis. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and dh will also stay on the phone for 30-45 minutes in the driveway! It drives me crazy, but he does it. I just keep talking on the phone as I exit the car and enter the house, but he will sit there.


Hey Jude said...

PS. - Anon 'I' - one question someone should ask: 'Do you ever block the vocal chords?'

Hey Jude said...

Scout - it wasn't a typical day, though - even in recollection, he would not be recalling it as a typical day but as the day he returned home and found his wife murdered. He didn't go home to shower, anyway, he went home to sit in the driveway for forty-five minutes, asking Kenneth Wagner to post an alibi tweet, IMO.


He phoned 911 as soon as he could. I wonder if he took that shower first...nothing would surprise me about Davey. What could be more urgent Than phoning 911 - how could there be an 'as soon as he could'? What did he do before he called 911 - write his blog, update his Facebook, recharge his phone, let the dog in... not cover up his wife.

Anon "I" said...

Block? the vocal cords? If they are on a ventilator, they can't speak since the tube
has to go through the vocal cords to take oxygen to the lungs in the same path as breathing in air. A ventilator is needed to fully anesthetize someone with neuro-muscular blockades. You are right, they block muscular activity, but do not treat anxiety or pain. They have a device that can be used to tell the level of paralysis at the thumb.

I'll go read the article you linked.....

Lis said...

Okay... this tips my meter beyond the "coincidental" theory.

Hey Jude said...

Anon 'I' - oh yes, cords, not chords - and I forgot about the ventilator - I was imagining myself screaming as they whipped out my liver. Well, that's one fewer nightmare to anticipate. :)

Anonymous said...

DB had stated upon Amanda's death, "My worst fears have been realized"; well that makes one think that DB had been thinking for some time that Amanda could possibly come to an end like that. Why would he dwell on that beforehand? Their neighborhood had been described as a relatively "safer" place to live than other neighborhoods nearby. That brings us to the unlocked door that morning. One might consider leaving a door unlocked in a neighborhood such as that, feeling justified somewhat because it was deemed "safer". However, I believe I read that there had been a few break-ins earlier according to the Neighborhood watch captain. So, there was a need for the community to install a neighborhood watch program referring to the fact that some stuff was happening, like break-ins so why did DB leave the door unlocked?
On the other hand, was DB acquainted with the three thugs by befriending them through church outreach, the gym, or some other place and he knew what they were capable of? Guilt by association? Then the journal entries, all is not what they seem to be, trust me if you might............

Anon "I" said...

I hadn't even noticed you wrote chords... but it applies, too, to vocal cords since you can sing the chords. Just sayin'. :)

I can just picture that liver flying out!! That is hilarious in a warped sort of way. I like it. LOL

It seems like the line in the sand has moved to treating people as brain dead even if they
are "sorta dead." If I'm only "sorta dead," I was pain medicine, dag-nab-it, and be liberal with it!!! And, anti-anxiety drugs. I can only imagine them paralyzing someone with this little part of the brain still functioning that can process the horror. It's not like they wake them up afterwards to see how it was... and that neuro-muscular blockade would shut down any outward physical response someone could show.

Bobcat said...

Anon @1:04
"DB had stated upon Amanda's death, "My worst fears have been realized"; well that makes one think that DB had been thinking for some time that Amanda could possibly come to an end like that. Why would he dwell on that beforehand?"

DB told us so a few weeks later in a short clip introducing a Levi Lusko video to his congregation.

Davey Blackburn 12/7/2015:
"Today we will not have a, we don’t have a live guest speaker that we’re bringing in, m-, mainly because I wanted to, I wanted everybody t-, to watch a message that has really, um, I think that God has used to prepare my heart for this leading up to uh, Amanda’s death, and has used, God’s used this to um, to help comfort my heart in all of this process."

Leading Up To
Amanda's Death

Bubbles said...

Davey Blackburn is only going to go down for Amanda's murder after his 2nd wife ends up dead.

Hey Jude said...

Anon 'I' - dark humour, black comedy, makes some subjects easier to talk about, I suppose - but it's not always appreciated. I liked the DL threads for some of the dark humour, and the user names - I'd be insane if I couldn't see a funny side of things which are not funny. I laughed at the post of the person who said 'I used to post at Websleuths (until I discovered they were all sociopaths)' - or something along those lines. I wondered what he/she would think of some of the posters here. :)


It can't all be coincidence - I wish we could know everything all of the investigators know - then we might know if really, it's possible, for them to be satisfied they have fully solved the case, or if they are just settling for what they have, or if they are still looking at Davey, but don't have enough evidence - maybe they are prepared for a long waiting game, and for Davey to become even more cocky than he already has been.

Bingo3 said...

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. This case has gripped me from the beginning. There have been a few of us continually following and discussing. However, I thought for the most part that the interest had died. Thanks Peter for fresh insight into his newest deceptive language. I love seeing revived discussion and knowing that not everyone believes him. I agree with all of you that he is a very, troubled and dangerous young man. Religion is a means to an end indeed. What grips me is the fact that Amanda's family still seems to support him. I can't believe the father-n-law let him speak to his congregation like that and that they all clapped for Davey at the end. Thanks for calling us dry bones, clap, clap, clap! I can't believe her sister is sharing his blog on her Facebook page and everyone is calling Davey wise and insightful. The biggest kicker is that Newspring is risking their reputation and having the guy preach at their church next week! Right now it appears that Davey is in Israel with the Newspring staff. I thought Perry was giving himself an out when he called Davey crazy and that the only thing right with him was Amanda. What does everyone thing about the Newspring thing? I am stunned.

Hey Jude said...

PS - I want the pain meds, too - I want to be as dead as possible. I'm going to ask Mr Jude to say that whipping out my liver is conditional upon that, though I'll probably die of old age in my sleep, after a lifetime of feeling all self-satisfied as a donor who never actually became one. :)

Bingo3 said...

All of the insight to how the actual crime occurred has been interesting. There are so many varied opinions. Some think he got involved with the wrong people possibly through the gym or back pages and that she was killed as a result of that. Some think it was a random robbery and he just got lucky because he wanted fame and fortune and BAM it fell in his lap! Others think he was directly involved and possibly killed her or disabled her before he left. I think most tend to think it was orchestrated in some way. I tend to lean toward orchestration and I think he was all in on it. The latest blog post and SA on it makes me lean toward hands on from Davey. He is hiding a whole lot about that morning and pointing out unnecessary things. So my two cents is careful planning and manipulation of events. What did he do from 4:30 until he left for the gym at 6:10. We know he had his quiet time and grabbed his gym clothes (why not just where them if you are going to shower at home) My thought is there was some manipulation with the dog and possibly Weston(to make sure he stayed asleep benadryl??) What happened in the meantime, I just can't wrap my head around. The guys sure did stay in the house two doors down a REALLY long time. It makes me think Davey was supposed to leave earlier to go to gym. The fact he didn't work out very long at all, talked on the phone for so long in what was obviously sweat covered gym clothes and then called 911 "as soon as he could" points toward a lot of hands on orchestration in my opinion. The fact he was cleared so quickly makes me crazy.

Bobcat said...

CD explains the Levi Lusko video again today:

"Amanda and I heard his story 2 weeks before Amanda was killed. We were in tears on a train to a romantic getaway in Chicago as we listened to him preach a message at Elevation Church. The message was about how he and his family had learned to overcome the greatest trial in their life through the resurrection power of Jesus. I look back on that moment and know that God was preparing us to walk through the greatest trial of both of our lives…one that would take Amanda’s life, and one that would knock the breath out of mine."

to explain away my post from 7:19am


Oh, wait, that's probably what CD did to Amanda on November 10.

Whether in this life or the next, you will get yours Davey.

Hey Jude said...

No matter how much he tries to explain it, the fact that Amanda was crying as a result of having been made to watch Levi Lusko's video, on what was supposedly a 'romantic getaway' trip does still leave the impression that it was Amanda being prepared for her role as sacrifice for Davey's church growth, and the only 'romantic getaway' Davey had in mind was his, from Amanda.

What a fateful combination - a young woman with a masochist tendency toward obedience, and a self-obsessed sadist who wanted her gone. I don't believe everyone could have been unaware of what Amanda likely endured from Davey - their guilt must be such a gift to Davey, just so long as they all continue to keep those blinkers on tight.

Hey Jude said...

I mean 'romantic' in the sense of how he romanticises about himself - earth shattering revelations spoken to him by God in the shower, Davey slaying Goliath and all that - (whilst also finding people being hurt hilarious, cool, and awesome). Romantic images of himself as being the greatest pastor ever, with the biggest mega-church ever, once he was free of Amanda. I don't think Davey is capable of having more than a passing love interest, outside of himself. He might have a lust interest, or a career-advancing interest, but 'romantic' - unlikely. I think he planned it to be 'hidden in plain sight' - so that people would be left gob-smacked by the number of coincidences, and particularly the 'worship as a weapon' sermon - I think he may have been banking on the likelihood that no-one could believe anyone could be so 'obvious' by design.

Perhaps he's not that clever and some of us credit him as more intelligent than actually he is - in terms of emotional intelligence, I'd say he has about none. Amanda's death - 'this bit of chaos' for Weston. Laughing at his baby not being able to move after he overdressed him then packed his feet into too small boots. Idiotic, to put it mildly. I'm sure he loves and cares for Weston as best he can, but whenever he speaks about Weston, it sounds as if he's as lacking in parenting skills as he was in 'how to be a good husband' skills.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It's becoming more difficult to believe this guy had NO contact with any gang member, or associate of a gang member. He, himself, makes it difficult.

Bingo3 said...

Agreed Peter. I have always leaned heavily that way (way too many coincidences) but his blog entry about the event sealed the deal for me! Especially reading your SA breaking the details of deceptive language and the 911 "as soon as I could" conundrum. I just saw you made a new post about DB. Looking very much forward to reading it. There have been a few of us in our case discussion have been following his bizarre, egotistical sermons for the last few months. I can't wait to read what you found in his preaching.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I have to separate, for example, statement analysis from a critique of his 'sermons.' It is not easy.

For example, using analysis, I will come upon how many sentences he dedicates to himself, and how much 'physical language' he uses about self.
In these references, how many are sensual descriptions?

Even in his introductions he uses sexual or sensual language. This is one very troubled individual. Very.

That he has an issue with sexuality is acute. I believe he is likely to be found out engaging in sexual relations with both male and female. In his own ideology, this should be considered unnatural. Yet, he cannot contain himself. John the Baptist said, "I must decrease, that He might increase", while Davey is continually drawing attention to himself, with casual dress (representing his casual view of the Gospel) but also with tight fitted clothing and a sexualized appearance to match his language. I think his sexual issue is even worse than his drive for numbers.

Then, there is the comparison of his ideology with Biblical teaching, and the basis of "personal relationship" emphasis. He is pragmatic, and he is "front and center" for a good reason.

He suffered some serious trauma growing up and he is abusing religion for his own gain. If he wasn't "into" religion, he would easily be a "psychic", or snake oils salesman, or one who engages in many superficial sexual relationships, men or women.

I do feel sorry for Christians who say that they 'cringe' with embarrassment when Davey struts, does his "shout outs' and his other narcissistic rants. I was uncomfortable watching Amanda when he was ripping into her. Because he uses religious language, he not only perverts the language, but he causes those who believe in similar things, to feel ashamed, needlessly.

Whatever he was to represent: he could be a library representative,, he would bring embarrassment and shame. He reminds me of one who will see these videos in 20 years and you would think he would crawl under a rock in shame, but he, alone, is the one who does not feel uneasy!

The machoism shows a deep lack of masculinity. I think he must have been one hell of an embarrassment to his own father growing up, and now is "turning his life around" on stage for all to see!

Since Amanda died for my sins, was it Davey who orchestrated my salvation?

That's a scary thought!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hey jude, I agree.

He will probably have a trophy wife and some designer kids, while maintaining superficial sexual relationships (men?) and eventually we will have a notice that he is "stepping down" and taking the $ and running for an "extended period of time" and then the board will see the numbers go down so 6 months later, he will be back, "fully repented" and be toned down. Then, the ego will kick in, and he will be back, abusing people.

Someone will talk. A man, a porn video online, or something somewhere.

To consider the following scenario, I will not be shocked:

some gang member gets arrested and talks about how he met with pastor davey at a diner and davey told him that he was not alone in his problems with his woman, davey too, really gets it, man...and too much will come out.

If this happens, I will not be surprised.

Bobcat said...

I can't see him stepping down willingly, ever. He craves the spotlight too much.

But, I thought of a way he could leave the church and still be in the spotlight, AND still doing what he loves:

Pastor Davey, Porn Star

Hey Jude said...

Peter - yes, I think his interest might be 'Christian BDSM' as it is termed, and that Amanda was not into it - maybe he found someone who would like to be his kind of submissive (female) to also care for Weston, and who would turn a blind eye to any other interests (male) - maybe waiting in the sidelines - he'll likely want to spin out his 'freedom' for as long as possible, as he didn't seem to see himself cut out for marriage (Love Series video, I don't recall which one) but will have to get round to another if he wants to continue in ministry, and if he doesn't get arrested in the meantime... He is maybe what they call a 'sex addict'. Whatever, I think he is likely only to ever be an abuser - others are objects, useful or less so, to people like Davey. I've almost been convinced, at times, that he does genuinely struggle against his desires - but I'm being too easily duped - as you said, if he wasn't into religion, he'd be selling snake oil - I once let myself be persuaded into buying a Kirby, which says I've been too easily swayed by a sales pitch, at times. I wouldn't buy one now - so there still might be hope. :)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

We had a breaking and entering a few doors down in my neighborhood. You can bet that every time I left the house, I made sure my front door was locked and I double and triple-checked. I went so far as to add strings of bells to every door, as well. There was no way I was going to have someone walking in on my family unawares. When I found out said criminal, out on bail until trial, had relocated to right next door, I literally did not sleep at night for 4-5 days. I camped in my living room and checked at every odd sound. Late one night I heard he and his significant other arguing about how he should plead. I wasn't 100% surprised when a day or two later, LE showed up and picked him up for violating the terms of probation. It was quite awhile before I slept soundly again.

In short, Davey can attempt to explain a lot of things, but he cannot explain away his utter lack of guilt, self-loathing, and remorse for leaving that front door unlocked. He should have been beyond devastated, beyond destroyed- Christian or not. Actually, even more so as a Christian husband, failing to protect his wife. Nor can he explain away his glaring failure to admit his utter failure to protect his family, knowing full well there had been previous break-ins in the neighborhood...all the while saying Amanda had been expressing concern for their safety.

Ali said...

Hey Jude,

Anonymous said...

The bookcase post by DB reminded me that some books were stolen by the gang thugs that were employed by DB to murder Amanda.

On what planet do gang thugs steal books? Seriously. Books?

The bookcase post also reminded me of the Instagram post (no longer accessible) by Meg, of a stack of books, wherein she asks a similar question to DB's. I have to paraphrase but it was something like "What does it say about me that I take 5 books with me for a weekend away?"

Anonymous said...

"I called 911 as soon as I could."

Right, because the staging took longer than he anticipated.


I hope her parents know that.

Hey Jude said...

Ali - foresighted, they were. :) I love Monty Python clips, and I loved watching it when first it was made - kids weren't meant to watch it, but we did; I don't remember seeing the liver donor clip, but probably did, so maybe it lingered somewhere in the recesses of my mind. The neighbours must think I'm nuts, laughing to myself - it's a nice day and they are outside too. I like it because it's so ridiculous - serious 'gorey' viewing, anything too graphic or realistic, I avoid. Except true crime docs - though they more describe or show stills.

Thanks for the laugh. :)

Bubbles said...

Anon @ 4:13 am: the books were in the same bag as the laptop. That's the only reason books were stolen.

Nanaof4 said...


I find your comments interesting about Davey suffering abuse growing up. I have know people who grew up in very strick (and often emotionally and/or physically abusive) religious families who have basically turned their back on true religion. It is like they have so much resentment for religion that they refuse to believe anything at all. However, for someone like Davey, he can get even with the people he regards as "religious" by using them (or making a mockery of them and their beliefs) while feeding his ego.

I'm not as sure about the sexual angle. My first thought about the "unsatisfied sexually" comments was to further humiliate Amanda and in some misconception in his own mind, make him more of a man.

I get the feeling that Davey exploits people as a means to be in control of his life. I don't believe he wants to answer to anyone. And what better way to not have to answer to someone than to incite the great commission from God?


BB said...

Bottom line! Thanks for another post on the topic!

Anonymous said...

Short, sweet, to the point and skipping forward, here ya go. This is one of those take it or leave it moments: Davey Blackburn WAS involved in Amanda's murder. (So sue me)!

He set her up before he left the house that morning and staged her murder for its' violent intruder completion, then waited her out 'til she was thoroughly brain dead and unplugged. He told ER responders she had had an accident, making it sound like it was not an emergency? An accident? Later he says he walked in and saw she had been shot three times...? OH? Liar, liar, pants on fire. Twisted, as is everything else about this man. HE is responsible for her death. And there you have it. ABB

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to admit how wrong Peter’s “analysis” was?

Peter surely won’t.