Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fake Hate: Islamic Woman Slashes her Own Face

Police leave an ambulance after talking with the woman who claimed to have been called a "terrorist" before being slashed in downtown Manhattan. She recanted her story early Friday.

She said that the perpetrator wore a black hat and a black jacket...and called her a terrorist and took a razor to her face.  

Please note that in NYC, Hasidic men dress in black and wear black hats. 

 Would the leftist newspaper report this basic fact from NYC?

Consider how far one with an agenda will go.

NY Daily News:

Woman admits she lied about being slashed in face, called ‘terrorist’ in lower Manhattan

A woman who told cops she was called a terrorist and slashed on her cheek in lower Manhattan on Thursday later admitted she made up the story, police said early Friday.
The woman, who wore a headscarf, told authorities a blade-wielding wacko sliced open her face as she left a Manhattan cosmetology school, police sources said.
The 20-year-old student at the Make-up Designory on Broadway near Rector St., said she was walking toward Trinity Church at 4:10 p.m. Her attacker, she said, came up behind her by Wall St., grabbed her arm, and slashed a roughly 2-inch gash into her cheek, police said.

Police leave an ambulance after talking with the woman who claimed to have been called a "terrorist" before being slashed in downtown Manhattan. She recanted her story early Friday.

But police could find no video or witnesses to back up her account and she ultimately admitted her wound was self-inflicted.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiJefferson Siegel/New York Daily News

The woman claimed incident took place outside Trinity Church in downtown Manhattan on Thursday.

The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment and later a psychological evaluation.
The incident comes as the city wrestles with a 22% spike in slashings and stabbings so far this year compared to the same period in 2015. NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton last week said the the department will start giving blade attacks the same level of scrutiny as shootings.


boston lady said...

This wasn't slashing their own face but this is another "Fake Hate" stories. The woman involved is black and she is saying she was kicked off American Airlines for being black. She is obviously leaving out what really took place. She's trying to make it sound like she was just being an inquisitive passenger asking the flight attendant why she moved non English speaking passengers from the exit row to another seat. It really was none of this woman's business but she makes it sound like she just asked an innocent question and then for no reason the manager came onto the flight to remove her. Not only was she removed but then banned. I fly frequently and I've seen passengers yell at the fa's and they were not removed. I have seen drunk passengers removed but in most cases, the airline let's them sober up and can take a later flight. This woman must have been threatening in her words and I'm guessing she was swearing at them. But like the woman who slashed her own face, she was or is trying to make it a racist attack. Also, she just happened to be wearing a t shirt with the latest names in the Black Lives Matters cases.... I think she was looking for trouble in order to cash in. Disgusting.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

The woman, who wore a headscarf, … The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment and later a psychological evaluation.

Peter said:
Consider how far one with an agenda will go.

Indeed. IMO, this article further reinforces the notion to its readers that terrorists are "wacko" and in need of psychological help and that muslims are peaceful people.

Religion (emotion) being perfectly placed in the story.

I'm probably alone on this, so we will have to agree to disagree. However, I would like to draw everyone's attention to a book called The Fog of War, Censorship of Canada's Media in World War Two by Mark Bourrie

boston lady said...

Over the course of several Tweets, a vocal Black Lives Matter supporter named Imani Cezanne accused American Airlines of racial discrimination after a flight crew escorted her from the plane.

The alleged incident occurred last Friday. Cezanne says before her flight from Charlotte to Atlanta took off, she noticed that some non-English-speaking passengers were asked to move out of the exit row.

Cezanne says she asked a flight attendant why those people had to move. “If you don’t speak English you can’t sit in an exit row,” Cezanne says the attendant explained to her.

Cezanne says she thought the issue was resolved, and went back to talking to the woman sitting next to her about what had just happened.

Here is her tweet that speaks volumes of her goal:

Imani Cezanne ‏@imanicezanne Mar 25
Who knows a lawyer? Specifically one that is well versed in racism/discrimination. American Airlines bout to cash this Black girl out.

Anonymous said...

Vicki said...

Speaking of an agenda I saw on the news this morning about that singer Kesha suing her promoter, or whatever he is, saying that " they want me to say "I was not raped". I cant find it right now, was a tweet. But she sounded like she confessed she wasn't raped...

Rose said...

I think that Kesha is lying about the rape and that Dr. Luke is telling the truth. It seems pretty clear what happened here: Kesha and Dr Luke had a major falling out and now Kesha is determined to get back at him. Notice how she provides no details about any of this.

Anonymous said...

Did she have a GoFundMe page set up? I reckon deceitful people, like fake-hate people, use that site to make money and in this instance, being that she's Muslim, there were probably many liberal media outlets and supporters willing to give her story air-time and financial support.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! However, the truth doesn't matter to Kesha fans and Dr. Luke hasn't a hope of clearing his name because he's already been convicted in the court of public opinion.
I'd sue her for defamation, hopefully he does too.

New York Gal said...

Everyone in New York wears black everything. It's hardly just Chasidim. It's non-information that would never lead the police (or any New Yorker) to identify a suspect.