Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seattle Times: Murdered Woman Suspect's Text

Man charged with slaying of Ingrid Lyne tells police: I’m ‘not a normal person’

Prosecutors have filed a first-degree murder charge against the man arrested in connection with the slaying and dismemberment of a Renton mother of three.

Prosecutors have filed a first-degree murder charge against the man arrested in connection with the slaying and dismemberment of Renton mother Ingrid Lyne.
John Robert Charlton, 37, has been held in lieu of $2 million bail following his arrest Monday, three days after Lyne disappeared after a date and two days after her head and other body parts were found in a Central District recycling bin.
Charlton was also charged Wednesday with stealing Lyne’s car.

“The tragic murder of Ingrid Lyne has left a family and community in a spiral of grief and anguish,” King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said in a statement. “We may never understand why she was killed.”

If convicted as charged, Charlton could face a sentence of 21 to nearly 28 years in prison.
He is scheduled to be arraigned April 27.

During a brief bail hearing Tuesday, Charlton’s public defender, Gordon Hill, argued there was no forensic evidence or other ties linking Charlton to Lyne’s death. A judge rejected those arguments and ordered him held.

The charges filed Wednesday in King County Superior Court shed little new light on the circumstances of Lyne’s death and do not offer a motive in her killing.
Court documents do, however, provide new details about Charlton, who spoke briefly with detectives after his arrest. He later asked for an attorney and invoked his right to avoid self-incrimination, according to the court documents.
Charlton told detectives he was homeless, had a drinking problem and was “not a normal person,” according to the charging documents.

He said he and Lyne, 40, a registered nurse at Swedish Medical Center, had met online and had been dating about a month, the charges said. Charlton said they went to the Mariners game Friday and then to a bar, where he got drunk, then back to Lyne’s home in the Renton Highlands.

Evidence later found by police indicate that is where Lyne was likely killed and dismembered in the bathtub. Detectives found a saw in the bathroom and blood and flesh in the drains during a search Monday night, the court documents say.
Charlton said he awoke Saturday on a sidewalk in downtown Seattle, which is where detectives later found Lyne’s 2015 Toyota Highlander.

Saturday afternoon, as Lyne’s family and friends frantically searched for her, a resident near 21st Avenue and East Pine Street found three trash bags in his recently emptied recycle bin. He dumped them onto the grass, was able to identify a human foot and called 911.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday confirmed the remains were those of Lyne. The medical examiner said Lyne died as the result of homicidal violence but has not determined the day of her death.
Court documents say Charlton and Lyne had planned to attend a Mariners game Friday night at Safeco Field. However, he told detectives that he became so intoxicated that he couldn’t recall how he got to her house after the game, “or what transpired when they got there.”

Lyne wasn’t at her Renton home Saturday morning when her ex-husband, Phil Lyne, stopped to drop off the couple’s three daughters, ages 12, 10 and 7.
After he summoned Lyne’s mother, Jorga Bass, they went inside and found the missing woman’s wallet, cellphone and other personal items, the documents say. Bass called police.

Bass and Lyne shared a phone account, and Bass noted repeated calls to and from a phone number with a Montana area code later traced to Charlton.
On Saturday, Bass texted the number and pleaded for information about Lyne, the documents say.

She received the response: “My name is John, I thought she was with her kids today?”

Bass asked when he had seen her last and explained that Lyne’s purse and cellphone were at the home.

 “Please respond,” she wrote. “I’ve called 911.”

Note the need to ask, "please respond" and then what causes the response:  "I've called 911."  

Charlton texted back, “911? What’s going on? We went to the Mariner’s game last night but we didn’t stay the night together because she has her kids today …”

1.  He answers her with a question;
2.  He answers with another question;
3.  The use of "we" is twice, but before "didn't"
4.  "didn't" is the negative introduced 
5.  "because" tells why they were not together, though he was not asked. 

In the text, he has a very sensitive reaction to the request to respond.  He then shows a need to explain why he was not with her though he was not asked. 
He uses "we" twice, showing unity before the game, and up to a point before he introduces something in the negative.  

Bass texted Charlton that Lyne was missing, the documents say.

A police officer needs to speak to you as you may be the last person who saw her,” Bass wrote.
Charlton did not respond, according to the documents.
By Sunday, dozens of panicked friends and family took to social media and began calling police and the media about Lyne’s disappearance, identifying Charlton as her date.
During a search of Lyne’s home, homicide detectives found bits of flesh and a 15-inch pruning saw in a bathroom, documents say. They also found a box of kitchen trash bags that “appear identical in color and size” to the bags containing the body parts.
Swedish Medical Center issued a statement Wednesday saying Lyne’s death “has been incredibly tragic and shocking for all of us. Our hearts are heavy as this news brings a feeling of profound loss for the Swedish family and all who knew and loved Ingrid.”


Anonymous said...

More fake hate?

Anonymous said...

Another "Fake Hate" story... not the same as above ^^^ Part I

Non-muslim Woman "ridiculed for being Muslim" (or not...) ;)

"Went shopping in Cameron Village before going to the theatre tonight. It was raining and I had straightened my hair, so I pulled part of my infinity scarf over my head (I'm vain). Walking by one of the bars, I passed a man who scoffed loudly and called after me, "Fuc*in' Muslims." I whipped around to confront him, but I saw the smug look on his face. He wanted a fight. I didn't want to argue his claim that I might be Muslim (though I am not), because I didn't want to confirm his argument that being Muslim is somehow wrong. I also didn't want the scene to escalate by engaging in a verbal (or, heaven forbid, physical) fight with him. I smiled politely and said, "Merry Christmas," then continued walking to my car, because I opted to fight willful ignorance with kindness. My heart goes out to the Muslim men and women who experience this kind of hatred and bigotry on a daily basis. #muslimsarenotterrorists"

SOURCE @4:39pm CST:

Anonymous said...

... Cont'd w/Part II...

"Kennedy says, “He wanted a fight. I didn’t want to argue his claim that I might be Muslim (though I am not), because I didn’t want to confirm his argument that being Muslim is somehow wrong.”

SOURCE @4:39pm CST:


Anonymous said...

Why only 21-28 years in prison? He killer her and dismembered her body. Why doesn't that warrant a lifetime in jail? This person is vile and should never be let loose on the public again. And he could be out in 5-7 years (assuming that light of a sentence is not for murdee1, but something much less.)
Or is it possible to murder someone and be out of jail in a few years? That is mucked up!!

Hey Jude said...

In one of the links, the neighbour, who regarded the victim as like a daughter to him, said it was 'just an ordinary day' - is that only suspicious if a suspect says it?

Furiously Curious said...

Off topic, does this strike anyone else the wrong way from the mother-in-law? First, her phrasing in referring to the incident as "the morning before we knew anything had happened" instead of "the day before Missy was murdered," and then her talking about Missy being too trusting and naive, as though Missy's character flaws are at fault for her being ambushed by an armed intruder. She's not doing her son any favors by talking about how he was so worried this might happen...24 hours before it happened.

MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) – The family of a murdered fitness instructor in Midlothian said they were worried about her safety during her early morning workout classes.

Family and friends continue to visit the Red Oak home of Missy Bevers who was killed early Monday morning at a nearby church. She went to the church to teach a fitness class.

Missy’s father-in-law, Randy Bevers said the family is struggling to understand how something like this could have happened. “My son’s main focus is on his three girls and making sure they’re OK. He is also trying to help find the perpetrator of this,” he said.

Bevers’ mother-in-law, Marsha Tucker said her son was worried for some time about Missy teaching early morning workout classes.

“The morning before we knew anything had happened, he said ‘I’ve told her, I’ve told her she’s got to be careful.’ He was just so afraid something would happen,” said Tucker, who admitted Missy was very trusting. “She might have been a little too naive for her own good, but she was a trusting soul. I guess she just thought everyone was good.”

Midlothian police released eerie surveillance video of a person dressed in tactical gear walking around the church before Bevers’ murder. According to Midlothian police, the heavily disguised suspect was already inside the Creekside church when Bevers arrived to teach her Camp Gladiators fitness class Monday just before 5 a.m. Arriving students found her unresponsive. She had signs of trauma on her body; but, police are not releasing details.

Police officials said tips are coming in. They also hope a $10,000 reward offered by Oak Farms Dairy will generate even more. Information can be phoned in anonymously to Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972.937.PAYS (7292).

Lis said...

Anon, as i understand it, 28 years is the max they can give, unless I think if they can add some kind of other special circumstances to the charge. It seems wrong to me, too. One person's life is only worth 28 years of another person's life?

This is such a sad story. That poor woman. And she has 3 young daughters. I wonder if her friends had doubts about him because immediately when she disappeared, they were all over the media with his name.

Peter, do you think it is leakage that perhaps she refused to spend the night with him and he became enraged? It is 'we' up to the subject of not spending the night.

He was trying so hard to sound casual and unconcerned, like he had no idea anything was wrong. Too hard, I guess?

Lis said...

KC, sounds pretty phony to me. She's the enlightened heroine of her story.

Anonymous said...


Could a tale of murder be spun here?

John Mc Gowan said...


The Case of the Gay Pastor Cake Hoax


UPDATE: Whole Foods released a video proving the story was a hoax. They are going to sue the gay pastor for fraud.

Whole Foods on Tuesday said it has investigated and said the man, Jordan Brown, made fraudulent claims and that the company would take legal action.

“After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company said in the statement.

The retailer went on to say Brown admitted that he was in sole possession and control of the cake until he posted his video, which showed the UPC label on the bottom and side of the box.

“After reviewing their security footage of Mr. Brown, it’s clear that the UPC label was in fact on top of the cake box, not on the side of the package,” Whole Foods said. “This is evident as the cashier scans the UPC code on top of the box, which you can view here.”

Look at the labels in these images from the security tape. In the image from the gay pastor’s video, the label is on the bottom of the box. As you can see in the images from the security tape, the UPC label was on top of the box.

Anonymous said...

To Lis
28 years is max for murder? Really? I always thought it was life in prison or a death sentence. Maybe it's the state I live in. Different from the left coast.

Anonymous said...

Comment below news story about fake hate cake:

"I work at the Whole Foods location where this man alleges this occurred, and I didn't believe this story for a moment. I've interacted with our bakery team members many times, as well as with dozens and dozens of team members from all other departments in our store, and have never detected even a hint of anti-LGBT sentiment from anyone there, let alone the gross stupidity it would take to do something like that. I'm by no means a corporate Koolaid drinker, and I've certainly had my disagreements with Whole Foods policies as a retailer and an employer, and I can only speak for my experiences within our region and metro area, but from what I've seen they promote a culture of diversity and inclusiveness around sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity more genuinely than anywhere else I've ever worked. I think my initial reaction is born out by the video tape of this customer's transaction (anyone else notice he looks down directly at the top of the box several times?) and Whole Foods' response to this issue. It angers me that someone would trash the reputations of all my very hardworking, professional coworkers and expose one of them to possible job loss, as well as creating more difficulties for people who have legitimately suffered from discrimination and harrasment, by perpetrating what seems to clearly be a hoax."

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude said...

OT - Gay Cake Fake Hate (try saying that quickly...) .

'Pastor' Jordan D Brown has a new church plant named 'Open Doors'. I wonder what his response would have been if the person who decorated the cake had been fired. What would he have said if the (LGBT) person had then turned up at his gay-friendly church looking for comfort because he or she had been fired for writing 'fag' on the pastor's cake, each knowing full well he/she had not. That would have been interesting.

He must have missed the 'thou shalt not bear false witness' bit, and 'unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour in vain...' despite that he was 'called' to the ministry aged twelve. All that slaving over an icing nozzle, when everyone knows you can't build a church with cake - well, not fraudulently decorated cake. He doesn't need cake, anyway - he needs to go to the gym.

Tania Cadogan said...

The hate cake video is hilarious.
His claim about the writing on the cake is clearly unbelievable.

He bought the cake and as can be clearly seen, the top of the box is of clear plastic to enable the customer to see the top of the cake.

Assuming that he carried said cake and box the right way up as would anyone to prevent any damage to the decoration, he would have seen the word F*G front and centre through the clear plastic.

Is he seriously trying to convince us that he didn't take a look at the cake at all when collecting it, transporting it to the checkout, paying for it and then taking it to his car?

He tells us:

"Hello. I am Jordan Brown.
Uh today is um April 14th two thousand and sixteen.
It is uh, approximately uh 5:50pm, er, here in um, Austin, Texas.
Er, today i went to whole foods um, and i ordered A CAKE.
Um i just wanna show you this real quick.
Um, i ordered A Cake, and, as you see, on the cake i had them write LOVE WINS.
When i got into my vehicle, i looked inside and i saw they had wrote love wins f*g on there.
See it nice and clear.
Also it is still in a sealed box as you see.
I,I have not opened up this box yet, it is still sealed, as you see right here.
It is still sealed.
See(?) everything on it.
The price of it, everything.
It's still sealed.
This also, the receipt.
I attempted to call them, i spoke to, his name was Jeff Nunaz(ph), ah the first time i spoke to him, um he was extremely apologetic, ah told me he would do everything to fix it.
Um he said that he would um r,request that we would handle this ah internally,er and for me not to reach out to anybody.
Um i waited for his phone call, um, he did call back two hours later er and said there is nothing he can do er and that his employee did not do this.
My question is, who could have done this?
It's still inside a sealed box, right there, clear as day, from whole foods, Love Wins F*G.
It's still sealed. I have not opened this box, yet. It's still sealed. I have not opened the box. Here's the receipt, again. Everything on it. I purchased it today at 12:57.


Lots of emphasis on the box being sealed, he uses the word sealed 7 times.
He tells us 3 times he has not opened the box.
He refers to the receipt 3 times.

All this makes the box sensitive to him.
Particularly when you watch the CCTV video and you see the checkout man scan the TOP of the box.
The box on the box he shows us, has the receipt on the side and onto the bottom, not the top.

If he saw the 'offensive' word written on the cake in his vehicle, why did he not get out of his vehicle with said cake and go back into the store and complain there and then?
Why wait till he got home to complain?
Surely it couldn't be because he himself wrote the offensive word, could it?
Why would he want to make a fake hate claim?
Did he want money as compensation perhaps?

He can protest all he likes about the box being sealed etc.
He needs to explain why he did not see the offensive word written on the top of the cake which was clearly visible through the transparent plastic section of the lid which reveals the whole top of the cake pretty much,apart from the very edges where the plastic is attached to the cardboard lid.

Is he seriously trying to convince us that he did not see what was written on the cake at all?
Clearly the writing on the cake was acceptable when he collected it, paid for it and transported it to his vehicle.

The temporal lacuna allows him time to do some creative icing.
It does help when copying already iced words on a cake that you use the same size nozzle and writing style.
he did a reasonable job matching the color.

I hope Whole Foods does press charges.
Maybe it will act as a deterrent to other fake haters.

EaglEye said...

What is the point of this breakdown?

Bubbles said...

Missy Bevers' mother-in-law isn't even subtle about her victim blaming! Missy's husband was so "worried" about her he left town to go to Mississippi for an annual fishing trip, where he would be out of contact for several days. And he let their oldest daughter go with her to set up some days. So he must not have been *that* worried.

He set her murder up, I'm sure of it.

kez said...

Missy Bever's husband's public statement needs Statement Analysis. It's being obliquely discussed on a forum where we are not supposed to discuss it. And I want to straight-up discuss it!!

kez said...

FFS I am surely not the only one creeped out by this:

Reporter: “She meant a lot of things to a lot of people, but what did she mean to you as her husband?”

“Well, she was a, she was a companion, we enjoyed fishing, we def. – we, we enjoyed going to the beach, we spent a lot of time at the ocean. Um, we, we’ve been together for 20 years and ah, over the 20 years, you know, our relationship evolved form this to that to this to that, and we’ve managed to keep it, you know, held together all this time. But at this particular venture in our lives, it opened up an opportunity for her to do something that was gratifying to herself rather than raising a family constantly – driving kids around, and ah, and she’s just, like I said, the Camp Gladiator opportunity came up, and ah... ...”

Reporter: What do you want strangers to know about you wife, what should people keep in mind most about Missy? Especially as police are relying on tips, what should people know?

“I would have to say that Missy is unlike most people, is unlike any other spouse, wife, friend, mother. Um, uh, you know, when you lose a loved one, ah you know. Ah, .... you know, all of those things fall into place, you know. I don’t know how to properly answer that question, but ah, you know. All of you people here, you have kids, you’re married, I mean, you know. I know you’re here for a story, but ah, you know.”