Thursday, October 4, 2012

Murder Trial of Missing Child

Of interest to readership:  A case of a missing child in which the parent is accused of murder.  We have covered a number of missing child cases where there have been linguistic indications of death as well as cases of linguistic indicators of death coupled with evidence that shows likely death; yet, all in common for all of them is that the child's remains have yet to be found.  We may "know" that the child is dead and police "know" that the child is dead, but what of a jury?

We also know that guilty parents and guilty witnesses will want to convince a jury that the child may still be alive, planting some form of doubt, as was seen in the perjury of Cindy Anthony during the trial of Casey Anthony.  Cindy gave linguistic indication of the location of the body, had received the ashes of the body from the funeral home, yet deliberately wrote that Caylee was "alive" and being held by "Zanny" in Brooklyn, New York.

Florida prosecutors did not bring perjury nor obstruction charges against her.

Hailey Dunn
Kyron Horman
Baby Lisa
Ayla Reynolds
Isabell Celis

If those responsible for the child's death can convince anyone that there is still "hope", the deception continues.  If it goes to court, it is what a defense attorney will use, regardless of ethics or morals.

From Detroit:

Defense attorneys attempted Wednesday to minimize key evidence from a cadaver-detecting dog in the murder trial of a Detroit man accused in the death of his missing toddler.
D'Andre Lane is charged with felony murder and child abuse in the fatal beating of Bianca Jones, 2, over a bed-wetting incident and then disposing of her body and fabricating a carjacking to cover up the crime. The child's body has not been found.
Lane is facing mandatory life in prison if convicted. The case relies on circumstantial evidence and is using a cadaver dog named Morse, who is handled by forensic canine expert Martin Grime.
Lane's attorney, Terry L. Johnson, said in testimony Wednesday in Wayne County Circuit Court that the dog's positive detection of human decomposition in this case, signified with repeated barking, is unsubstantiated because it hasn't been linked to a corpse.
Johnson, who questioned the forensic canine experts with direction from Texas-based police service dog analyst Steven Nicely, added that Morse didn't alert its handler to the scent of decomposition on Lane's clothing.
"You have no way of telling what Morse responded to," said Johnson, noting the positive detection hasn't been connected to Bianca's body or anyone else's. "You don't know if it was a positive or negative response."
Grime conceded a determination is usually made when something is found.
"The corroboration would normally be you finding a cadaver, bone or human blood that I could see," he told Johnson, adding that the dog has never given a false response.
Johnson has called the relatively new scientific method "highly prejudicial" and unsuccessfully fought to have it excluded from Lane's trial.
Grime testified Wednesday that Morse detected a cadaver scent inside Lane's car two days after the alleged carjacking. The dog selected the vehicle, which was among 31 others, at a Detroit impound lot.
The dog later alerted Grime of alleged human decomposition on Bianca's car seat and blanket as well as the girl's bedroom inside Lane's home.
Grime testified that the dog was accurate in tests before the visit to Detroit and after.
Grime has said the cadaver dogs cannot determine identity, age, race, gender or the rate of decomposition.
Rex A. Stockham, forensic canine program manager for the FBI, also testified about Morse on Wednesday. He said the English springer spaniel is regularly tested for proficiency, and while no dog is perfect, Morse has been accurate.
"I'm aware of no false positives for Morse," he said. "We've never had any case yet where the dog has responded and it's been shown to be incorrect."
Lane says Bianca was in the back seat of his 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis the morning of Dec. 2 when he was approached by armed carjackers near Brush Street and Grand River.
The vehicle was found shortly after, but the child was not inside.
Bianca's mother, Banika Jones, testified at the opening of the trial that she stands behind Lane and believes her daughter is alive.


rob said...

The mother has been flakey from the start. Who, when their child is missing, and all this evidence against the father, still backs him. Sounds like she is either afraid of him or is glad to be rid of the baby.
God help this world, when this many parents kill their own children, and don't have the decency to feel guilty and take responsibility for what they have done. Everyone will one day face judgement for what they have done, even if they get away with it for now.

Vita said...

Thank you Peter for posting this - For Bianca.

Bianca Jones, 2 yrs old, I was online when her missing report hit our news. It was live streaming with every news station. My first thought when hearing the scattered unfolding was this was not a car jacking. I could not decipher what was, I though did not believe the " car jacking" was the root of Bianca's " missing". Unfortunately in the Metro D, car jacking does happen, and yes it has been, that a child or children are in the car at the time. Once the jacker see's the baby, he dumps the car, with the baby in it. He doesn't dump the car and keep the baby. The perps usually jack women not men. Women being the most unsuspecting, defenseless, their babies, their purse, bags if shopping, bottom line being preoccupied.

8 yr old sister of Bianca testifies - Sept 2012

more video from Court, Aug 2012

The testimonies equate brutal child abuse = murder. The Mother of Bianca to be submissive? she to agree with the punishment Bianca sustained by her father. She today, Bianca's mother is on stay, that Lane is innocent, and Bianca is alive. If Bianca is alive? Where is she? the hits by the cadaver dog to be yo-yo'd in court by Lane's atty.

The self made weapon, D'andre created himself. The Punishment " Stick" used by D'Andre, on Bianca, entered into evidence. He beat her with this stick, little Bebe, in testimony by her sister, his girlfriend who was present in the home on Dec 1st. Bianca just turned 2 in late November. Bianca was 2.5 ft tall, weighed, 25lbs. She survived Daddy's beating? all in the name of punishment? for peeing. I hope they fry his ass. He too says Bianca is alive -Where is she D'Andre? he knows, holding out for a plea bargain? There is no DP in Michigan.

Photo of the Stick -

Anonymous said...

You are right Rob. The "great and dreadful day of the wrath of God WILL come to them that fear him not, and to all upon the earth (there's more)....." There will be no escaping it. "Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth."

"Judgment has already begun in the house of God".

God wants to help this world Rob, but whose listening, waiting, watching? Only a few of us now.

Anonymous said...

Vita, I can't even look at the photo of the stick or watch the video. WHO could ever punish a 2 year old for wetting on themselves or the bed? Or ANY child of any age for that matter. NOT for bed wetting! And the mother agreed with this punishment. This is just so sad, so brutal, so cruel. Poor little baby.

Of course he killed her, possibly with the mothers help.

Sweet baby, I hope God took her on out of here before it became more than she could bear.

Anonymous said...

Bianca Jones mother is in 'deep denial'. She is the type of person that until she see's Biance's remains, she will continue to believe her daughter is alive. Evidence to her is irrelevance. She has to physically see the body. HOPE is a powerful friend. However, in this instance, HOPE is the enemy for Bianca's mother. She needs help. This case is likely destroy her, especially when the jury find D'Andre Lane guilty of murdering their daughter. I believe he is 100% guilty. There was not carjacking and he will pay dearly for taking his daughter's life and detroying her mother's. RIP: BIANCA JONES

OT: I hope Maine DA is paying attention to this case. When you have enough circumstantial evidence, charges should be highly considered with/with out a body. If you are innocense of harming your child, neice, grand-daughter, boyfriend child, then you would speak out for them. If not, you will continue to remain silence. Sweet Ayla, you will some get justice for the perps causing 'your demise down in that house'. RIP: Ayla Bell Reynolds

Vita said...

Banika's mother - who defends Lane. Everything she has said since jump, has not added up. She allowed Bianca to be in his care, too many stories of for how long. It was said, was a week, a month, a day. She not to have seen or spoken to Bianca since? she offers various stories. She to know of his countless arrests, his stints in prison, he is an abusive man, he to have PPO's on him for threatening the welfare of his ex-wife more so his toddler son. This earlier in the year 2011. He threatened the life of his toddler son, he told his mother, he was going to more than harm him, had he had the chance.

Banika Jones she to remain on stay that Lane is innocent, she will not speak to him. She refuses to speak to him of the accounts that happened the day of. She has been on Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil told her straight up, you are not helping find Bianca, your in denial. She to believe that D'andre is " being" sought by LE, prosecuted falsely. She Banika in her youth was in the Army. She in the spotlight for her denial, for her lack of, she within the help of others - has (her) house bailed out, her home given a makeover. Not her house, was a house handed to her, she faulting her grandmother for not paying it off?. She unemployed and non paying on the house, she rewarded for it, for why? Bianca's mismanaged life? welfare? for defying reality? for not crossing what line? that she will not speak to Lane, she refuses to meet with him. She has never spoke to him, directly asking him Where is Bianca? what mother on this earth would be hard pressed to stand her ground like this? What mother would not be screaming give me 10 mins with him? I will find out where she is?

She written up as Mother of the Year

Bianca Who? as long as Banika remains neutral, she will be seen as a victim? victim of what? Only One victim in this and that is Bianca, her own mother not to step up or yell, be Bianca's voice, nope, not her prerogative. This case and all who are involved are given not only a free pass, but the key to a new house. Nice.

Tania Cadogan said...

It's like the mccanns and their reaction to the cadaver and blood dogs in the apartment and the hire car rented 25 days after Maddie vanished.

Innocent parents on seeing the dogs reactions would be demanding to know what happened to their daughter, who had the hire car before and after maddie vanished, who had access to it.


Instead they did what all guilty parents do, they mocked and scorned the dogs.

Claiming there was no evidence (apart from blody fluids on the tiles floor and walls and freshly washed, still damp curtains) that the dogs could tell it wa their car because of all the posters an thus knew to react, were prompted by their human partner, were wrong despite them both have a unbroken track record including finding evidence in a burnt out vehicle and buried deep.
Who used the zapata case in the states to prove the dogs were wrong and would react to anything (false positives) They went real quiet when zapata admitted the dogs had in fact been correct and his wife's body had lain where the dogs indicated.

Innocent parents on seeing the dogs react demand to know what they are reacting to, demanding to know if it means their child is seriously harmed or worse dead.
Guilty parents claim no evidence of serious harm, the longer their child is missing the better chance they are alive and cannot explain why the car stank, why fluids were found in the car and so.

Innocent parents fear for their missing child.
Guilty parents fear for themselves

Anonymous said...

Vita, I am so sick of hearing about these "mothers in denial" and those who buy into it, including perjured grandmothers and grandfathers like Cindy & George Anthony. Denial my a!!. They all know exactly what happened to their babies, who did what and how, and in some cases where they were disposed of, even right down to helping to dispose of the body and the evidence.

I could name so many. All liars.

rob said...

I wish someone would ask me for a dollar, to help house, unemployed mother of Bianca. Poor, pitiful Banika. Her baby is missing, but alive. Give her some money, to help find the baby, or to go out partying on tonite.

Justme said...

My first thought was how glad I am that a murdering parent has been brought to trial. Right or wrong, my second thought was this is a black man. Why have they had the courage to at least attempt justice for baby Bianca when they have the same kind of circumstantial case against Lane that there is against DiPietros, Adkins and Dunn, Bradley and Irwin, Horman, Celis, Biryukova (Sky Metalwala) etc.? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Mercury Marquis look like cop cars. Who'd want to carjack that? Someone desperate?!

Anonymous said...

True, Anon at 7:17; and I agree with the rest of you too, all but the one about mommie being in denial. She ain't in denial, just like none of the others aren't either. Just liars and cons. The so-called "doctor" (NOT) Phil and others like him who feed off this "denial" crap needs to dry up and go away, decieving the public with this whining "denial" garbage. The only one of them that I've seen who even comes close to being honest and actually qualified is Dr. Keith Ablow. I do question that Lane being black has anything to do with it and don't think it does. I think it's more likely a LE agency that wants to see justice done for this baby and is stepping out on the limb to get it done. For that, I give them credit, however they get the job done.

Among others, one of those I'm still most livid about is that Jeff Ashcraft didn't prosecute Cindy & George Anthony for their perjuries, particularly Cindy. Ashcraft actually made excuses for Cindy. Now they walk the streets as innocent cons and criminals, free as a bird, when they BOTH knew plenty about Caylee's death from the night/day that it happened, from beginning to end and every step along the way. Even fat beedy-eyed Perry could have brought the charges. But no. In the end, they let every possible justice for Caylee slip by forever.

Even George could have been investigated for his probable (and most likely) sexual molestation and rapes of Casey during her childhood AND continuing, possibly even including baby Caylee. But no. That was swept under the rugs too. Ashcraft even made a fool out of 'whats-her-name', River Cruise? who had the affair with dirty George when he KNEW she was telling the truth. Bottom line, I could never have an ounce of respect for Ashcraft OR Perry.

They deliberately played up and used Baezs' inconsistencies and lack of knowledge of court protocol big time to hide their own inadequacies and shortcomings. They are ALSO the reason Casey got off scott free. Of course, the blind jury would let Baez's client off the hook when they sat there and watched Ashcraft & Perry making him out to be the underdog no matter what Casey and the Anthonys did. They suck. Now justice for the innocent and helpless, and honest prosecution of the guilty with integrity, has gone down in this country another 90% and all because of them. But, who am I to judge? God watched it. The only justice Caylee got was when God struck the tree by lightening that Caylee's little body laid under, marked by God forever.

Anonymous said...

To err is Human Nature.
To point it out is Teen Nature.
Congrads on being the one 'perfect person' in the world.
Two thumps up and a wink.

Anonymous said...

I hope nothing ever happens to YOUR CHILD. I bet you will hold out for HOPE too. J/S
No two people are the same. Because, she can't accept the fact that her child's father murdered their daughter, She is a liar and con? Unbelieveable and Disgusting! If you family and friends, peel off your 'mask' they will see an ugly monster. (YOU)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:25, this is not about hope, this is about REALITY. Hope? You mean FALSE HOPE, dontcha?

There is NO WAY I would allow the b'stard who did something to my child to hide behind my skirts; nor would I believe or excuse a one of his lies, nor am I so stupid that I would look for excuses for his sorry a$$, nor would I feign 'denial'; INCLUDING agreeing with him for beating my two year old baby for wetting the bed, WHICH she did. YOU saw the stick, didn't you?

He would have been out of there the moment he picked up the stick to hit my baby, else he would be a dead man, or at least near dead. She was fully aware of how he treated her precious helpless baby who had no control over its' little bladder; nor does any OTHER child when they are sleeping. And THAT, my friend is NOT denial; THAT IS A REALITY. Something must be wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will agree with you on one account. She had false hope, but nevertheness, for her it IS HOPE. I subject you read the article again. You are mistaking the 8 year old, with the 2 year old. Lane had recently gotten out of prison and this was his first time keeping Bianca, therefore her mother had no knowledge of his parenting skills. In the article, she informed Lane that Bianca was not completely potting trained, and he replied, " he would work with her on that". Bianca and the eight year old are from different mothers. So... no she did not know how he treated his other children. In reference to the stick: His live in girlfriend/room-mate testified SHE knew of the stick. Bianca's mother never lived with Lane. If you can't fathom or understand a mother HOPING that her child was taken and not murdered by her father, then there IS something mentally wrong with YOU.

Light the Way said...

Q: "Who, when their child is missing, and all this evidence against the father, still backs him."?

A: The same idiot woman who chose to PROCREATE with this vicious Neanderthal, in the first place...and then went on to make the brilliant decision to leave the baby alone in his "care".

Parents that commit heinous crimes like this against their own chid, should be summarily spayed and/or neutered, to prevent recidivism.
It's the only humane thing to do.

Hope For Tomorrow ©™ said...

To "err"?
As if child-murder profiteering is a simple mistake *anyone* might make...

We'll ALL be sure to reign in our senses of righteous indignation, when blogging on the topic of cold-blooded infanticide, and those who seek to turn it into a cottage industry for their own financial gain, in the future!

Light the Way said...

Ummm...Anon? Do you even hear yourself???:

"Lane had recently gotten out of prison and this was his first time keeping Bianca, therefore her mother had no knowledge of his parenting skills."

First of all, LEAVING your child with someone isn't going to give you any indication of his "parenting skills", since you won't BE THERE to witness the interaction. So, first time or not, is really a moot point.

Second of all, WHY ON EARTH would a mother leave her BABY--overnight--with a convicted felon, fresh out of the pen, whom she had NO IDEA whether or not had ANY "parenting skills"?

Anonymous said...

@Light the Way: " The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is on recipe for living that suits all cases"

Carl Jung

Anonymous said...

'no' recipe...

Anonymous said...

Hoping they will charge Cody Haynes' father & Step mother.. The case is very similar to Cody's. Cody's death certificate will be issued soon :'( Desiree

Anonymous said...

This case and so many others sicken me, most children are taught about stranger danger and monsters in their closet, and these poor babies don't have to worry about those things because the dangerous monsters are the ones who brought them into this world. The mother in this case is in my opinion more guilty than the slimeball that actually commited this disgusting crime because she knows he did and refuses find out what he did with that precious angel. I hope they both burn in hell for what they did, and as for that baby I'm glad she is now in the arms of angels where she cab no longer be hurt.

Unknown said...

I guess you all believe this baby is dead. This baby isn't dead. I testified I saw this baby on Dec 10, 2011. She was in care of 2 women.

Unknown said...

Shes not dead thou. I saw her