Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The All Star Team from Maine

Gary Bahlkow, 
Jens Bergen,
 Norman Crepeau,
 Joseph Cuetara, 
Kenneth Fairbanks, 
Donald Hill, 
Monie Hobbs,
 David Kline, 
Robert Labonte, 
Dale Madore, 
Paul Main, 
Harry McMann, 
Kevin Pagliccia, 
Claude Palmer, 
Philip Parker, 
Colin Powers, 
Clinton Ray, 
James Soule, 
John Verreault, 
James White, 
 Peter Wormell


Apple said...

And more people to be added to the team shortly...
Good for Maine.

deb said...

Peter, I thought you were the Christian? if so, are you the type that judges or doesn't? I get so confused. I am a-theist and don't- and thought I'd copy you what i just wrote on Mail-on-line- because psychology is just like SA- ppl don't want to lie are not comfortable- thank gooddness-and this is how I see it: "I'm thinking if these men felt free to use their name- exspecially, the "influencial" ones- then, they were not hding or actually wanted to be "found out"- so, its all good. My experience has been- that ppl want to be real and honest and when they set themselves up- they are looking for something. What an opportunity for growth on the road toward self actualization."

Lucy said...

Is this the Zumba All Star Team roster? If so, here's what sucks about publishing the names: only the names are being put out there. By court order, no ages, addresses, dob's, occupations, or other identifying characteristics are being released. So if you happen to be Harry McMann who lives in the area but was nowhere near this scandal, and is in no way related to Harry McMann the Player and Dirty Dog, you are pretty much screwed for no reason. No one will believe that you are not THAT Harry McMann.

If you are going to release identities, release all of the identity, or at least enough of it that there can be no confusion. But this, just the names, has the potential for extreme disaster. And innocent people stand to have their reputations needlessly ruined.

Lucy said...

A five second Google session turned up at least 15 Harry McManns in Maine. I imagine the 14 innocent Harrys are feeling a little upset this morning.

Lucy said...

At least eight Paul Mains, at least two James Soules, at least 14 Donald Hills...

This is wrong. This is very wrong.

Anonymous said...

What is this???

Lucy said...


This is a list of Johns. And many innocent men with the same names.

Lucy said...

At least 54 James Whites. Fifty four. Including a middle school principal. Tell me James White the middle school principal has not just been damaged personally and professionally by the release of this list.

BostonLady said...

This isn't new, as far as publishing the names on the arrests of the "clients". Do they ever publish the addresses or more identifying information?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lucy. I googled it as well and found the answer to my question.

Anonymous said...

I think a middle initial & the age of the "Johns" (at the least) might make it better for those whom are innocent while sharing the same name.

emerald said...

Sometimes the men are arrested and their names and mug shots are published in local papers.

emerald said...

Maybe soon we will have some of the men's denials to evaluate...

CEC said...

I agree. Publish the list, if you will. Please make sure you provide all the identifying information, so innocent people with the same name, are not suspected or have their reputations tarnished.

emerald said...

I was left confused by your post, particularly your use of dashes. Are you an atheist or a theist? Huge difference! In fact, they are mutually exclusive.

Many lawsuits have been filed by men on the list claiming that publishing the list is an invasion of privacy. The men's ongoing lawsuits seem to refute your assertion that the men wish to be "found out" or to be "real and honest". I do however agree with you that the men were "looking for something." They found it, paid for it and now must pay some more.

Tania Cadogan said...

I want to know who are the running backs,the tight ends and the wide receivers?
Who will be the ends and i assume they all have tackles.
I also hope they had safeties present otherwise there may be a few fouls.

Will their attornies be the defensive backs, cornerbacks when their clients have nowhere to run?

Is a quarterback the discount given for regular customers?

Enquiring minds want to know

Nic said...


"Another alleged client of Wright's said, "We will be exonerated."

"We"...sharing guilt...and "will be exonerated" is not saying he didn't do it. Not a reliable denial.

rob said...

Hard to be exonerated when they have it on tape.
Dumb azzes probably paid with an Am Ex card.

rob said...

I see people arrested for other crimes, and their addresses are included.

Lemon said...

This is a tapestry of justice!!!

The sheer gall of those wishing to reveal the names, the NAMES, of men committing these acts! The whor...I mean, horror!

Lemon said...

Headline: "20 of 21 Claim 'Not a John' "

Lucy said...

If this comment was pointed in my direction: release the names along with date of birth, occupation, partial address, whatever, but some other identifying characteristic to separate these guys from the innocent men who happen to share a name, and I've got no problem with it.

Releasing just the names and no other way to identify these men or separate them from those with the same name... Yes. I have a huge problem with that. Imagine if you worked in education with children and the parents of your students turn on the news to see your name as having committed a sex crime. Imagine your wife reading this. Your kids. Your parents. Your boss. Your neighbors. Your minister. Imagine a prospective employer googling you and comming up with a sex crime that you never committed. Personal and professional reputations of men who had nothing at all to do with this woman or this scandal are being damaged. I have a problem with that.

Lemon said...

Lucy my post was not pointed at you. It was meant to draw attention to the irony of releasing the names versus committing the crime.

The innocent should have no problem saying, if questioned, "That's not me. It is some other John Doe."
If one is innocent, it will not ruin one's reputation.

Lucy said...

Thanks for that. I am a bit sensitive to this story I guess. I disagree that all the innocent men have to do is say it is some other guy to save their reputation. Right now, there is no way for them to say for example, "No, that's John Doe who is 46 and a dentist; I'm 52 and a teacher." Law enforcement will of course look further, but without more details released to the public, innocent men will be unable to prove to anyone not in the official investigation that the man on the list is not them. If anyone asks them directly, instead of assuming the worst. Not everyone practices SA. Not everyone can spot the difference between an honest and reliable denial and a lie.

Sex crimes is an area that we as a society are particularly touchy about. Often the accusation itself is enough to be very damaging.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lemon what kind of fantasy world do you live in? According to your logic, not one innocent person has ever had their reputation ruined.

I fail to see any constructive purpose in providing this list of names. What will it accomplish?

Tania Cadogan said...

Lemon October 16, 2012 12:15 PM
Headline: "20 of 21 Claim 'Not a John' "

they claim to be james.gary, joseph,jens,norman,kenneth,donald,monie,david,robert,dale,paul,harry,kevin,claude,philip,colin,clinton, and peter.

John however had to admit he was a john.

he is now contemplating suing the state and demanding customers are not to be called john as it is demeaning and defamatory and they should instead be called, snodgrass ringting woobleheimers.

Bozo has said he will take on the role of his attorney

Anonymous said...

SA would quickly prove which is the real dirty dog and which is innocent!

Anonymous said...

Does Maine have a website where court records are accessible? If so, anyone could look up John Doe to see who is being charged. I would think the court record would need to include some detail.

Apple said...

The purpose is deterrence. Exposing the prostitutes may not have as much of an impact as exposing those paying for ... services.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that there was something weird about Zumba.

Unknown Quantity said...

First off, LOL at the title of this post.
Second off, Name and Shame.
I was hoping this would happen. It's only fitting...

Jazzie said...

I think Lucy made a valid point re: innocent persons inadvertently becoming embroiled in this Zumba Mess of prostitution due to unprofessional journalism.

"The Portland Press Herald will not publish the names of the alleged prostitution clients without verifying their identities.
Executive Editor Cliff Schechtman said, "Justice Warren's decision to release names without address information such as hometown creates confusion and can damage the reputations of innocent individuals with similar names."


The onlinesentinel.com later published the full I.D. of those "Johns". But the mistaken "Johns" had one hell of a Tuesday on their hands.
Boy I can only imagine the additional lawsuits that might be extrapolated out all this mayhem. Perhaps we should think about legalizing prostitution, regulating it and garnering a good amount of taxes out of this "oldest" profession. Share the burden - tax your local prostitute/madam/pimp. LOL.

Jazzie said...

When I first read this SA headline post I thought it was about the All Star Baseball Game and all the players who were from Maine. Kinda disappointed. LOL.

Lemon said...

snodgrass ringting wooblheimers does have a ringting, er ring to it...

Tania Cadogan said...

According to police records ordered by the courts to be released, the following men were clients of alleged the prostitute:

THE FORMER MAYOR: James A. Soule, 58, of South Portland, ME

THE REALTOR: Gary D. Bahlkow, 57, of North Yarmouth, ME

THE ATTORNEY: Jens W. Bergen, 54, of Kennebunk, ME

THE FINANCIER: Joseph P. Cuetara, 63, of Boston, MA

THE RESTAURANTEUR: Peter M. Wormell Sr., 61, of Westbrook, ME

Kenneth A. Fairbanks, 54, of Lisbon Falls, ME

Donald F. Hill, 52, of Old Orchard Beach, ME

Monie B. Hobbs Jr., 43, of North Berwick, ME

David Kline, 51, of Rye Beach, NH

Robert R. Labonte, 61, of Saco, ME

Dale P. Madore, 34, of North Yarmouth, ME

Paul A. Main, 43, of Biddeford, ME

Harry J. McMann, 55, of Portland, ME

Kevin L. Pagliccia, 39, Lyman, ME

Claude S. Palmer Jr., 47, of Oxford, ME

Philip K. Parker, 65, of Kennebunk, ME

Colin P. Powers, 39, of Scarborough, ME

Clinton J. Ray, 42, of Portland, ME

James P. White, 38, of Buxton, ME

Norman P. Crepeau Jr., 46, of Biddeford, ME


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lucy, Jazzie, and Hobs. It's good to see that a few people care about protecting the names of the innocent men who share the name of the males that were involved in this situation.

Skeptical said...

I guess we handle our scandals a little differently in Texas. We set it to music, hire Dolly Parton to play Miss Mona, and call it "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". Perhaps a sequel - "The Finest Little Bordello in Kennybunk"? The Zumba music is already there but who to play Miss Alexis? Kim Kardashian?

Anonymous said...

I like your style Skeptical! I do agree with those above however, that there should have been more to identify these johns from the get to. Let THEM deal with it, not the innocent who simply share the same name. It was very wrong to publish these names without further identity of the real culprits, leaving it wide open to falsely accuse many innocent victims. Why shouldn't their full identities have been made since other arrests with full identities are made public?

Lucy particularly made some excellents points and I agree with all. Also Jazzie who is always clear headed, and thanks to Hobnob for posting the list with ages and locations. Maybe that will help to absolve some of the innocent who now have to fight for their reputation. It is not easy for an innocent person who has the same name, or any other person who has been falsely accused, to defend themselves against a scathing public who always thinks the worst first and will believe anything they hear; and why should they have too? Why should they be put in that position in the first place?

I can't believe you took such a nonchalant attitude Lemon. Sometimes a simple denial is not enough, or is there even such a thing as a simple denial? Imagine the humiliation, speculaltion and questions encircling the careers, wives and families of the falsely accused innocent who've been left with a battle on their hands to try to convince others of their innocence, some that would needlessly be in jeopardy and possibly destroyed.

Having said all that; I don't believe these johns will receive much more than a slap on the wrist anyway. They never do, do they?

Anonymous said...

well Lucy and others.. guess it sucks they all have the same name.. people have the same name as others all the time... it's sad when something like this happens... but guess the innocent wrong named johns will find a way to sue.. smh.. damn Lucy is your husband on the list or something??? if not you shouldn't be so flustered.. geez

Anonymous said...

lol maybe now Lucy can sleep at night... :)

Lucy said...

No. I'm nowhere near Maine, and I don't personally know anyone with a name on this list. I am however capable of feeling empathy for those in rotten situations through no fault of their own, even when said people are of no relation to me. I also hate witch hunts.

Lucy said...

Like a baby, thank you. Or at least better than the above, now that it's alleged that The Zumba Queen videotaped her sessions and uploaded them to porn sites.