Sunday, March 1, 2015

Understanding Propaganda's Progression in Language Part One

by Peter Hyatt

When we think of propaganda, we think of slanted news broadcasts from Germany in the 1930's to April, 1945, coming to an end with the deaths of Adolph Hitler, and his "minister of propaganda", Josef Goebbels.

Herr Dr. Goebbels began his work through Berlin's version of Hollywood, that is, the movie industry.

There, he began to propagate his political party's stance through 'virtues', that is, what his party believed, was the 'ethical' and 'moral' right.  The language will show a subtleness to it at first, but moves, depending upon success, to the language of assumption, with phrases like "of course", which means to accept without question.

People often wonder just how it was that the average German would hold such contempt for Jews that they would be willing to betray their Jewish neighbor, even unto death?

'Intelligencia' had to yield, or suffer not simply consequences impacting their careers, but in some cases, their lives.  Churches had to bend their theology to fit Nazi ideology or suffer persecution in some form or another, with some Christian leaders losing their lives, as well as other Christians, in Germany and Nazi influenced lands, losing their lives for harboring Jews.

A snap shot of Germany, 1942, with the outcome of the war still in doubt, we would shudder in disbelief what German society did, and what they said.

What they did, evidenced by what they said, came from what they believed.

 "Quod credimus agenda" means that we do what we believe. Or, as a clever writer recently put it,

"It's the ideology, stupid!"

In 1942,  reports of "concentration camps" and rumors of "round up of Jews" surfaced in the United States and Britain.  They were often dismissed.

In particular, Franklin Roosevelt convened Jewish leaders to advise on these "European Jewish matters" that were increasing in both quantity and in intensity as they went from reports of "crass mistreatment" by "fringe thugs" to the most difficult to believe, government sanctioned persecution.  The Nuremberg laws were sometimes dismissed as political nonsense.

Those with "coal in their mouths", or "coal on their tongues" were those who dared to criticize the leadership of Germany, particularly those who did not succumb to more than a decade of propaganda which sought to uplift the traits of the German, while degrading the person of the Jew.  In hindsight, it is fascinating to see I.Q. studies of European Jews, who outscored many others, including Germans.

For more than a decade, the German people were indoctrinated in a belief system which means, given the length of time, that children, the most impressionable among us, had time to go from age 11 to age 21, that is, adulthood.  The "Hitler Youth" were reached when they were in the developmental stage of life, with many of them becoming some of the most zealous of extremest among extremest soldiers, even while the regular career military went from loathing the party influence, to being under its rule.

Movies made their impact.

Yet it is not movies alone, nor even news releases combined with movies, which were powerful in influencing the average German, but it was also the threat of disagreeing that "put the icing on the cake" of squashing resistance, moving from threats, to career downgrades, to poverty, and finally, to imprisonment and death.

Freedom and party ideology could not co-exist.

At one point, there was a subtle pressure on citizens to embrace party ideology.  It became 'vogue' or, what we call today, 'politically correct' to embrace certain positions.

These positions soon became the "moral high ground" or "true ethical stance" among German society, as the "coal in the mouth" began to warm up a bit.

This moved, over years, which means that the slowness, itself, is deceptive in discerning it, with those resisting, now no longer viewed as "politically incorrect", but a slow transformation began, with ugly condemnation of moral and ethical language, to criminal.

In one year, disagreement meant debate.  The language has equal footing:  one thought versus counter-thought.

In another year, disagreement meant insult and being marginalized, professionally.  Here is where the propaganda is now supposed to be "accepted" as morally superior, while underlining its weakness:  threat now enters the language, in early forms.  The threat ranges from being 'politically incorrect' (our day's language) to the threat of insult, to the threat of consequence, particularly:

a. social outcast
b. career

Then as time passes, in the next year, it may mean anger, especially since the resister does not "see" the moral high ground and the anger leads to civil or 'street' violence. Recall the "Night of Broken Glass" against Jews.  The fascist thugs who carried it out had to portray it as a "populous" and 'spontaneous' event.

Freedom of speech was pressured out of the equation, for most, by this "moral high ground" stance.

Next, arrest, and more threats.

Next, it meant imprisonment.

Finally, it meant death.

The persuasion is slow and has its affect in a slow, almost without plain perception by the people (not paying attention to the language, or what in Statement Analysis is called "dull listening";  enough time has passed and suddenly people say, "what happened to us?" and "how did it get this far?" in disbelief or denial.

As the pressure builds, religious organizations are pressured to succum to the new "righteous" or "ethical" cause of whatever the propaganda is promoting.   If they do not, they begin to feel the tightening of covert pressure first, and then on to more overt pressure.  In Germany, it was not just some Catholic churches in compliance, some Protestant churches took the "libertarian" view of silence, not verbally agreeing, but not verbally attacking, either.

Most will, as we saw in Germany, make subtle changes to their belief system, first simply be de-emphasizing what t is that is popular. 'After all', the ethical compass points the way of the propaganda.  Those who do not "see" the "error of their ways" can be forced into difficult positions.  People began to be afraid to attend churches that did not have the party's approval, in the 1930's, though an open conflict awaited them.  For some of religious faith, this meant imprisonment and death, though they held to their beliefs.

It is important to learn the lesson of propaganda and put away "dulled listening" and begin to believe the words used, within the overall propagandized message.

1.  The need to propagandize speaks to weakness
2.  The actual words chosen should be listened to with "trained listening";
3.  The small compromises made along the way


Anonymous said...

We don't have that here. We only have cults. Church is what happens when you need to change a tire. Church is what happens when you go to view an old VCR tape and the "watchers" are moralizing what you see. Church is what happens when you try-as usual-to get your jalopy repaired.

Church is what happens when they dig through trash and monitor food and other bodily intakes. Church is what happens when they drive hundreds of miles to monitor relatives. Church is what happens when they "investigate" guvbt employees.

Church is where the good samaritan parked waiting for the police to "investigate" what REALLY happened. Ironicall, unbeknowst to this man, he parked in nearly the same spot as someone who mostly committed vehicluar homicide against a man reproached for his Church activities: robbing little ole' ladies while they are burying their husband.

There are really a lot of God fearin' people in this world. Now I know I can no longer view them in the same lookin' glass.

Anonymous said...

Peole gather at the same Church to discuss neighborhood problems as it is roomy.

Three vehicles have been totaled in front of my house-parked, with no brake lights on-and yet most still beleive speeding is the reason. Therefore, doing 20 in a 25 is reportable.

I never attend as I am afraid I'd jump up and yell: I could hit that curve in a bored out Ford with a competetion clutch doin' 60 and not take out as many cars as your well bred children have. Ya don't think it's drugs and alcohol do ya?!!

I don't. I know they'd have no part of it.

Kritcul thankin'...yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.

jen dugena said...

I cant help but see t he similarities between the steps/patterns propaganda employs to the steps/patterns present in relationships (personal or business) - that employ deception. the perpetrator is involved in subtle tactics to make someone not see the falsity of their deeds - while the victim is also into holding onto beliefs & denial due to fear.

jen dugena said...

OT: Statement of a lawyer for his client (a vice governor in the Philippines) describing how the Vice Gov accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun.

“At 9 am today at Ayala Alabang, Vice Governor Jolo Revilla suffered a single gunshot wound on his right chest after he accidentally fired a .40 Glock handgun while cleaning the same.

“Vice Governor Revilla is currently under observation and medication at Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa. He will remain in the hospital for at least the next 48-72 hours. "The Revilla family asks for prayers for his speedy recovery."

John Mc Gowan said...


Youtube clip: Transcript over wright.

Former radio host Blake Seylhouwer takes stand, says he accidentally shot at wife


Blake Seylhouwer takes stand, testifies in his defense

John Mc Gowan said...



Transcript below.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Peter. You seem to have a very good grasp of that time period in history.

Anonymous said...

Peter, what do you think about this father's statement?

Deb in Ireland

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic Becky Watts

The home of a teenage girl who disappeared exactly a week ago was being combed by forensic officers yesterday afternoon as her father was seen leading a mass search with hundreds of neighbours.

Darren Galsworthy, 51, the father of missing schoolgirl Rebecca Watts, 16, was pictured among a crowd of 100 people handing out ‘missing’ leaflets in the St George's area of Bristol last night.

Meanwhile police dressed in white forensic suits combed through his house for clues, after Mr Galsworthy and wife Anjie, 49, voluntarily left the property so the teams could move in.

Rebecca, known as Becky to family and friends, went missing on Thursday last week at around 11.15am when her father and stepmother thought she had gone to visit her boyfriend. When the teen did not return home they called police.

She had not taken any clothes with her, and though she had taken her phone, laptop and tablet computer, had left her phone charger and purse at home.

Police yesterday refused to comment on allegations that Miss Watts sent a text message stating ‘who would miss me if I disappeared’ the day before she was last seen.

Friends had said the 16-year-old had sent the text before she vanished.

Asked to confirm whether the text was being considered, Detective Inspector Richard Ocone, leading the investigation, said: ‘I can't comment on that at this stage.’

Earlier, Becky's father and his wife had been led away from their home by police so forensic experts could carry out a thorough examination of the property.

The tearful couple handed their pet dog to neighbours before getting into an unmarked police car.

Officers took Mrs Galsworthy's wheelchair and a bag of belongings to the car, while her husband thanked the public for their support.

Before leaving, he said: 'I'm very grateful for the support from the public.

'The search was organised by my brother and I hope lots of people turn out for it. I can't say anything else right now, I have to go.'

Seconds after the police car pulled away, two forensics officers entered the semi-detached home, carrying a number of evidence bags.

A female forensics officer began photographing the front of the house from a number of different angles while around five plain-clothed officers also entered the home with notepads and clipboards, before closing the door.

A spokeswoman for Avon and Somerset police said removing the parents was 'routine'.

She said: 'We've taken them somewhere - they might be going to friends or family - while we are going to be doing searches of the house, as is routine in a missing persons investigation, to find any clues.'

Police have been searching parks and open areas around the family home throughout today, and were yesterday joined by concerned locals.

Family friend and neighbour Maggie Maddocks, 65, helps care for Becky's step-mother and flagged down cars with her walking stick to hand posters to drivers.

She said: ‘I'm just doing my bit, doing what I can and showing support for the family.

‘The family look terrible at the moment. Darren looks awful. I've known them quite a few years - I forget how many now, maybe 20.

‘Because I know she was such a quiet girl I just can't believe it, it's just unbelievable that she'd just get up and run away.

‘I don't know, it's all so, just so confusing. You're always thinking the worst now because it's been a long time.

‘Obviously we can't speculate but it makes me shudder to think what might have happened to such a happy girl.’

Rebekka Thorpe, 17, a college student from St George, Bristol, attended primary school with Becky and decided to join the search.

Tania Cadogan said...

She said: ‘She was very quiet, a very quiet girl. She'd always stick with one friend who would do all the talking and stuff.

‘Not in a mean way but she didn't really fit in.

‘From the person I knew at primary school this is very out of character, you wouldn't expect her to do anything like this.’

Investigators are also looking at the girl’s mobile phone records in an attempt to trace her. The last person she was in contact with was boyfriend Luke Oberhansli, 17, who she texted in the morning to make plans for later that day.

The last person to message her was friend Courtney Bicker, 17, who sent a text at around the same time Becky was thought to have left her house.

Miss Bicker got a notification to say Becky had received her massage, but she did not respond.

Miss Bicker, a college student, said: 'I've got no idea whatsoever what has happened. It's really like she has disappeared with no trace.

'I sent her a message at 11.06am and it went through to her phone, but I sent her a message the following morning and it didn't go through.

'I didn't really think much of it. I thought that maybe her phone was off and maybe she was asleep.'

She added: 'I'm just really confused and scared. I'm just literally waiting by the phone for someone to call and say she is back home.

'I like to hope she has just run away and will come back when she is ready, but this is so unlike her.

'She wouldn't go to the shops on her home. She makes someone go to the shop till for her and buy her bus ticket.

'If she was going outside she would meet somebody near by. She wouldn't walk long distances on her own. She wouldn't walk out at night on her own.

'When she used to come round mine, she would make me walk her back home. She doesn't like walking back in the dark.'

Becky was last seen at around 10.30am on Thursday last week when her stepmother, Anjie Galsworthy, 49, left their home for a hospital appointment.

At 11.06am, Courtney sent her a one-word message reading 'bae' - a slang term of endearment said to stand for 'before anyone else', which she used as a jokey nickname for Becky.

Courtney received an alert saying it had been read, but she didn't get a reply. It is thought that Becky left her home at 11.15am

Courtney said texts were later sent from Becky's phone to her boyfriend Luke about meeting up later that day, but he did not reply because he was having dental work.

She said the pair had been dating for a few months, and his home had been searched by police, but added: 'He is in the same predicament as I am.

'The police searched his house. He was the last person to be in contact with her.

'She was texting Luke, but he had to go and get his braces sorted. They were going to arrange to meet after he had his braces done.

'Nobody has any idea what has happened.'

She added: 'I last heard from her on Wednesday night and we were just having a normal conversation. She seemed OK - she seemed fine.

'It was just normal banter.'

Courtney said as far as she was aware Becky didn't have older friends and hadn't argued with anyone in the days before her disappearance.

Her friend had a good relationship with her father and stepmother who have been together for many years, she added.

Distraught Mr Galsworthy earlier described his daughter as 'introverted', and has said the family 'fear the worst'.

Mr Galsworthy said his daughter's disappearance was out of character, as the fashion conscious teen was too shy to even pay the cashier at a shop on her own.

'Becky is introverted. She does not mix with big groups of people,' he said.

'She would not go and ask for anything or go to a till on her own - she was that kind of girl.

Tania Cadogan said...

'This is why her disappearing is so out of character for her. I am trying to remain positive, but really starting to fear for the worst.

'This just really is a nightmare come true - I am just so worried we don't know what to do.

'She loved fashion and clothes and all she took with her was a blue quilted jacket. Her purse and bank cards are all here at home.

'If she had planned to go anywhere she would have taken her phone charger - she was never without her phone and always on Facebook.'

Becky, who is studying at college to resit her GCSE exams, was last seen on Thursday morning by Darren's wife Anjie, 49, who left to go to a hospital appointment at around 10.30am.

When she didn't reply to messages or return home they called police.

Becky's phone had initially gone straight to answer phone, and has now been switched off since Thursday. Her Facebook profile has also been dormant since Thursday.

Mrs Galsworthy said: 'She seemed OK and her normal self. There was nothing out of the blue. She was a bit grumpy, but that was not unusual - just a normal teenager.

'I went to a hospital appointment and left her at home at around 10.30am.

'We thought she might have gone and met her boyfriend and he had texted her to see if she wanted to meet, but got no response.

'We texted her later in the day to see where she was but her phone was off.

'She hadn't mentioned any plans, but would have just gone out if she had some, but she would have let us know at some point.

'The next day when she still hadn't come home we contacted the police.'

Speaking to JackFM earlier, Mr Galsworthy said: 'This just doesn't add up. None of her clothes are missing, her washbag is here, her toothbrush is here, her make-up is still here.

'She would not leave the house without all her make-up and stuff on.

'It's been absolute hell on earth. I've not been able to eat or sleep since she's gone missing.

'We just need her back home. Someone out there knows something. I just want my girl back.'

Mr Galsworthy said his daughter would not be in any trouble when she returned home, adding: 'You're an integral part of our life.'

Becky's grandmother Pat Watts had previously made an emotional appeal for information.

'Becky, we love you so much,' she said. 'You are so loved - I don't think you realise just how much. You can come and stay at mine for as long as you need.'

Police forensics teams have conducted 'routine' searches of Luke's home, as well as Becky's.

Avon and Somerset police said it was routine to carry out searches of homes belonging to people close to the missing person.

Officers have combed woodland and open spaces near the teenager's home, as well as a nature reserve, Troopers Hill in Bristol.

The student's family appealed for people to join a search party near her home yesterday.

Tania Cadogan said...

Writing on Facebook, her uncle Joe Galsworthy said: 'Please come along, everybody friends, family and even community members.

'We've already searched her room and parks, and this is extending that to within the house.'

The search of the home came after a police team with climbing equipment spent a number of hours searching woodland at Troopers Hill, 12 miles from the house.

Police later said nothing of significance had been found there.

A blue caravan and an empty property on the street where she lives were also examined by officers.

'We are not reacting to any specific information, but are looking at local parks and open areas - more to see if anything might have been dropped,' a police spokesman said.

'All likely areas will be searched as routine in situations like this.'

Detective Inspector Richard Ocone, who is leading the search, said officers were ploughing 'all the resources we can' into finding the missing teenager.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday afternoon he said: 'We have officers on the ground, dog handlers and the helicopter.

'We are continuing to search a number of open land searches, this is routine and we are just looking for anything Becky might have dropped or any clue as to where she might be.

'We're urging anyone who might have seen Becky or who has any information to come forward.

'We've printed hundreds of posters and our officers will be handing them out on the street.

'Being a 16-year-old girl we know Becky is very media savvy, we're asking for people to start using the hashtag on Twitter #FindBecky.

'We also have a dedicated Facebook page for people to contact us with any information.

'Becky has a wide range of friends and relatives and we've not been able to contact everyone so we're keen for anyone we haven't yet spoken to, to get in touch.

'Becky has a close group of friends and it is not unusual for her to go away for a night which is why there was a slight delay in reporting her missing.

'As far as I'm concerned she goes by Becky Watts, that is a different name to her father but that is her surname.

'There is an intensive search being carried out at the home. This is the last point of reference we have for her so we really need to work from there.

'Her father and step-mother have voluntarily left the house.

'We're still treating this as a missing person investigation. We just want to find Becky and get her home.

'Most of our focus at the moment is on the family home as this was the last sighting of her, so there will be a heavy presence there and door to door enquiries.

'Her step-mother last saw her some time between 10.30 and 11.15 and there has been nothing since.

'As time goes by my worry increases, as does that of the family, obviously we're six days in now so we're very keen to find her.

Tania Cadogan said...

'I want to find her, the sooner the better.

'Until recently she was very active on social media and obviously it's concerning that she is not using it now.

'We're supporting the family the best we can but as you imagine their 16 year old daughter is missing and this is very upsetting for them.'

Course providers KTS Training, in Fishponds, Bristol, where Becky is currently studying said teachers had helped police with their investigation.

Programme director Nicola Lace said: 'All the staff and learners at KTS Training are very worried about Becky's disappearance, and all we want is for her to be found safe and sound.

'We are all concerned for her welfare and we will be taking part in the walk this afternoon to assist and support her family, friends and our local community.

'We have given over all information we have to the police and we are assisting them as much as possible.

'We would really encourage anyone with any information to please contact the police.'

Neighbours have expressed their shock at Becky's disappearance, and their sympathy for her family.

'This is every parent's worst nightmare and nothing can be said that would help them,' said Sandi Lovett, 26, who lives close by.

'But everyone round here is thinking of them and just hoping she will get back safely and very soon.

'There have been a lot of police around the area and so everyone is hopeful she will be found soon and it pays off.

'I think a public search is a great idea and I am sure hundreds of people round here would help as there is a lot of concern and worry.'

Police described Becky as 'striking', and said she is white, around 5ft 4ins tall and of slim build, with 'noticeable' long, bright red hair, which has only been dyed recently and recent photographs of the teenager do not reflect this change.

It is believed when she was last seen she was wearing a waist-length navy blue quilted jacket with fabric sleeves.

Anyone with information is urged to call the force number 101, quoting the reference MP 591/15. Alternatively, information can be left anonymously on Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Read more:

S + K Mum said...

Has Becky's mother made any appeals for her (i see her father and stepmother, gran and uncle have)?
Just read that a 3rd house is now being searched. The police are certainly taking this seriously, it doesn't seem like they suspect she has run away. Poor girl :(

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

She was a bit grumpy, but that was not unusual - just a normal teenager.

'I went to a hospital appointment and left her at home at around 10.30am.

'She would not go and ask for anything or go to a till on her own - she was that kind of girl.

S + K Mum said...

I wondered about those comments...(step mother?)...i don't know if that's because so many days had gone by at that point? If they've been told to expect the worse? The father has said he is preparing for the worst.
But when he was covering his face during interviews I felt uneasy.
Do you know if her boyfriend has said anything publicly?

TxTchr said...

I think Peter is referring to the propaganda being subtly forced on Americans. I just finished teaching about WWII and my 6th graders were dumbfounded how the German people would follow such an evil maniac. I explained it to them this way: if you try to boil a frog by putting it in hot water, it will jump out. If you put the frog in a cool pot of water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will stay in the pot until it literally boils to death. Obama is slowly turning up the heat. Because he does it slowly, people become disenitized to how he's ruining our country.

Anonymous said...

TxTchr...your opinions on Obama may be accurate but you aren't expressing those opinions to your 6th graders, are you?

GetThem said...

'I've got no idea whatsoever what has happened. It's really like she has disappeared with no trace.

@ john said...

"WAS to shy".

Tania Cadogan said...

dang those past tenses.
Was tidiness an issue since he has said she can make as much mess as she likes ( though looking at their kitchen it seems to be a house issue)
Is there sensitivity because they rowed or had a fight before she disappeared?

When was she last seen by an independent witness?

I don't buy the texts since anyone could have sent them using her phone, there is no physical proof she sent them so they are not definite proof of life.

Anonymous said...

To the original story:

To me it sounds like the global warming ( oh, sorry, I mean climate change) emergency we have on our hands. If you, like I, do not believe in anthropogenic caused global warm, I mean, climate change, then you, like I, am a troglodyte science denier. Even if you, like I, only question the causality or nexus between the two. I find that dismissal of my questioning attitude interesting.

I have an acquaintance whose training is in meteorology. He and I have had spirited discussions over the past 6 years on this subject. He is usually a very thoughtful and reasonable gentleman but on the global warm, (well there I go again, sorry again) climate change issue he is resolute. I think he is upset at me because I haven't let him get away with his original assertion that global warming was a irrefutable fact. Since then, whenever he says climate change I correct him and say global warming. At times I have been indelicate enough to do this in front of other people. "But Tom, six years ago you said it was global warming and I was a science denier for questioning it. Now you are saying it is climate change. Well, which is it given that the climate has always been in a state of change since the beginning of time and irrespective of the presence of man?"

I guess I will never be one of the cool kids :)

S + K Mum said...

True Tania, regarding the texts - it would also be interesting to know about Snapchats etc.... Most of the teens I know send those to each other instead of text messages.

Anonymous said...

I hope you reread this great post the next time you chose to delete a comment that you deem to demonstrate wrong thinking.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Modern American Propaganda:

I"ve love an analysis of FBI statements a behavior surrounding Boston Bombing.

They knew suspects, and had been meeting with them for five years before bombings. and -- they they show pics of them and emplore public to help them identify them. waisting public time and attention. FBI already knew them, personally. if that doesn't suggest -- more to the story - I don't know what does ,tho - actually a lot more does.

GetThem said...

Snap Chat is a good idea, but I don't know how they would be able to track the exact content since the pictures "disappear" after a couple of seconds. Which is NOT to say that it can not be re-captured, but generally it's considered by teens, a safe place to send something that will immediately go away.

Kix is a popular one. Even if the kids delete their texts, you can still use the App that shows who was sending texts and how long the text were, even if you can't see the exact words of the text any longer.

The parents of our youth group met several times in February to discuss technology and a lot of other information relevant to our families. Our youth pastor gave us this web site which helps explain the sites as well as other interests that teens use, or may be interested in:

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. Well written!
Have a feeling this has been in your blog a couple days now.

TxTchr said...

No. Even in the conservative part of Texas I live in, it's best to keep political opinions to myself.

TxTchr said...

No. Even in the conservative part of Texas where I live it's safer to keep my political opinions to myself.

Anonymous said...

Perfect analogy, TxTchr.

Political correctness has gotten way out of hand. Law enforcement are not even supposed to "profile" (the word profile being made into some horrible word). How can law enforcement not profile, and how is profiling not PC? Sometimes they need to profile in order to properly perform their job and keep the general public safe.

Anonymous said...

She was a bit grumpy, doesn't refer to her in past tense.

She was that kind of girl, does refer to her in past tense.

Grumpy was in reference to how she was feeling at a specific point in time. If they said in general, "she was a grumpy girl" or something like that, it would be speaking of her in past tense.

I don't know if I explained that clearly. I hope you can understand what I was trying to say. :)

Anonymous said...

they arrested two people over Becky. dunno who

Anonymous said...

I think when a teen goes missing there is usually sensitivity due to arguments. Teens and parents do tend to argue quite a bit, and I think when a teen goes missing, the parents try to pretend that everything was just wonderful. That's why I find analyzing statements from parents of missing teens pretty difficult. Most people don't want to publicly announce that they argue a lot, especially if their teen is actually missing. I mean, look at where he says something about her being messy - to me, that seems unexpected. It seems I guess mean and rude to me. His daughter is missing and he's talking about her being messy. Let's say she ran away, is that going to make her come running back home? Or make her feel bad? But, should he be pretending that everything was wonderful instead? So that's why it's so tricky to me. I think it would probably be best to just admit to having normal teen/parent disagreements, without actually getting into detail. But then again, wouldn't using the word "normal" be flagged?

In this case in particular, I see a lot of strange statements from the parents anyway. I'm basically just talking about missing teens in general (except for his messy statement that I brought up).

Anonymous said...

It's not the word Grumpy that is past tense. It is the word WAS that is past tense. Get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm well aware it's the word WAS, but it's in reference to a specific point in time. It's not referencing her as a person, in past tense.


When my daughter went to school this morning she was grumpy. This does not speak of HER in past tense.

My daughter was a grumpy person. This speaks of HER in past tense.

Get some sleep. ;)

Anonymous said...

When my daughter went to school this morning she was grumpy. This does not speak of HER in past tense.

Ummmmm, yes it does.

Anonymous said...

"'She seemed OK and her normal self. There was nothing out of the blue. She was a bit grumpy, but that was not unusual - just a normal teenager."

Is someone actually claiming that shows the speaker believes the girl is dead, or is soneone just being a grammar cop?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't speak of her in past tense, meaning - dead. If that was the case, we could never recount anything we've ever done or seen or did with anyone, without it appearing like the person is now dead.

My dog was happy when we went for a walk this morning. This doesn't mean that the dog is dead. It could potentially, but it doesn't automatically. It's something that the dog did. It can't be recounted in present tense.

My dog was a happy dog, he liked walks. This one clearly references the dog, himself, in past tense.

Tania Cadogan said...

Mrs Galsworthy said: 'She seemed OK and her normal self. There was nothing out of the blue. She was a bit grumpy, but that was not unusual - just a normal teenager.

I wonder if this would be classed as subtle demeaning . I also wonder if her dad's description of her is also a form of subtle demeaning?
She is so shy she wouldn't buy a bus ticket or go to a till>
Also the reference to pandoras box something about her being all the evils of the world ( i am trying to find a link and the exact quote)
If he made such a comment in regard to Becky that is very concerning and perhaps indicative of other ongoing issues in the house

There is also his facebook comment
Darren Galsworthy
February 23 at 10:38am ·

bex if you can see this please come home were heart broken we need you in our lives you wont be told off and you can make as much mess as you want and I wont say a word promise.

Clearly there are ongoing issues and it's not all happy families.
is the sensitivity i am seeing to do with a row or fight prior to her vanishing perhaps?

Anonymous said...

There are actually flags within that statement. Speaking of her in past tense (dead) is not one of them though. She has been spoken of in past tense, but not in this particular statement. The step mother was explaining her demeanor, at a certain point in time (as a memory); that can not be explained in present tense.

It wouldn't make sense. Switch out the past tense words for present tense ones. That would only make sense if they were together right then when she was speaking, and the girl was grumpy at that exact moment.

I don't know why this turned into such a debat . I was simply trying to explain my observation to John, above.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it's subtle demeaning, but on the other hand, would their statements be even more sensitive if they pretended there were no family issues at all?

And Hobs, can you please comment on the past tense issue, above? A person can recount a prior event without actually referencing the person in past tense (dead), correct?

Unknown said...

The past tense reference is not in the 'grumpy' line that has been repeatedly discussed. It is in the last line of that same quote..."She WAS that kind of girl".

"She was a bit grumpy, but that was not unusual - just a normal teenager.

'I went to a hospital appointment and left her at home at around 10:30 am.

'She would not go and ask for anything, or go to a till on her own - she WAS that kind of girl."

John Mc Gowan said...

I highlighted "She was a bit grumpy" not for the word "was" but for the word "grumpy" as possible subtle demeaning which Hobs pointed out. The rest is explained above by Jen Ow.

The passage of time should also be brought into consideration. Along with information relayed by LE and whether he himself believes she maybe dead. What i pointed out are only "Red Flags" it doesn't necessarily mean they are true.

S + K Mum said...

It would just be info for police from her friends I suppose as to when she stopped sending them - rather than texts that anyone can send pretending to be her.

John Mc Gowan said...


Police dig up garden four miles from missing Becky's family home: Hunt for 16-year-old intensifies as two people arrested over her disappearance remain in custody

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John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

"It's a world of idealism"

Prior to the onslaught of fake charities.

This, that, pronouns, dots and circles.

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Anonymous said...

And now, they are trying to convince people their homes are haunted, has psychic powers, or their neighbors are after them.

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S + K Mum said...

....a police source has told sky news that the 'investigation has moved on to a very sensitive stage'
Not good :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi john, thanks for clarifying why you highlighted that sentence. I was just trying to point out my observation on it, and also how certain statements in past tense are ok. I'm sorry it turned into a debate, that wasn't my intention.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon @9:35 AM

It's ok, you have nothing to apologise for. :)