Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deception In Second Language

Yesterday in Germany, a mass rally of Muslims staged a protest in support of ISIS. There were no arrests and the rally was all but ignored by main stream or corporate media. 

 CNN, however, aired a video of the sister of one of the Paris Islamic killers, on the condition that her face not be shown. Having analyzed some of the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, it is well established that Statement Analysis is best in first language.

Best, but not exclusive.

When we analyze 2nd language we cannot use the nuances that require close attention; we 'step back' and use a much broader camera and still let the subject guide us.

The result?

Sensitivity indicators,

Breaks in chronological order,

Avoidance, tangents and...

Deception via missing information.

The following is a CNN interview with the sister of one of the Paris Islamic killers.  Listen to her answers.

Like others, her brother is middle class, sweet, and there was no indication that something was "wrong" in his life.

He became more devout to the teaching of the koran and attended mosque more often, but nothing was wrong.

He left France to go to Syria, but there was no sign of anything wrong.

His father then left France to retrieve his son from Syria, but again, nothing was wrong and there were no signs of literal obedience to the koran or the example of Mohammad.

Follow her statements from a distance.  What do you hear?

Is she telling the truth, or is deception indicated via missing information?

"See you soon. Give my love to the cat."


Anonymous said...

She is truthful> Publicity matters for Muslims, too.

elf said...

Link to video? All I see is a black box which won't open.

Anonymous said...

She seems to know the people her brother met. I do believe she should be questioned more.

Her brother used to gather and meet others, so there is the knowledge that others in the area
are perhaps involved.

I don't feel she is all that sorry. She had a few "Just" in front of her apologetic words

Anonymous said...

Distancing language (expected) SHe calls him a person. Pronoun shift from i to we when apologizing (guilt) "then" (skip in time, missing information) Phone calls and meetings yet she doesn't say who with( with holding information) "Cat" ? = is this some sort of code, or message. It is meaningless information

She is telling the truth, but, there is a lot of missing information

Anonymous said...

Uh... to the left of the video, "see you soon, give my love to the cat." What cat? I thought you don't particularly like cats, Peter.

However, if you will allow me, I'd like to make one little plug for cats: When my granddaughter was younger and having so much difficulty with having nightmares and bed wetting, (due to the horror of abuses she had been through while living with her bio mother); I thought it might help her if she had her own cuddly little kitty she could love and sleep with. It was certainly worth a try.

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Oh how she loved that cat! The dog loved the cat too. From the first night the kitty slept on the bed with her and basically lived in her room other than when it came out to eat and use the litter pan. She adored that cat and never went to bed without her. To us the cat was beautiful. Absolutely, her nightmares and bedwetting DID diminish greatly. The love of the cat cuddling with her all but cured her. Just so you know, a cat does have its' sweet purpose. ABB

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link to an article about this pro-ISIS rally in Germany? Thanks!


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Google Chrome for German language, but Bare Naked Islam has the video

Statement Analysis Blog said...


The quote about the cat is from the killer. It was his last words to his sister.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I embedded it from CNN You Tube.

Can you tell me what you are viewing it through?

I found the same problem with Amanda Blackburn's father video not showing up.


kimisan03 said...

"At first, I was shocked."

Something happened to make her change her mind.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the video but read the article earlier on CNN Morning News. I don't think she knows a great deal more as her brother had been gone from home for several years. It was he who did not keep in touch with his family, including her. It is only natural she would remember him fondly in his youth.

The father did learn when he took the trip to try to get his son to come back home, that he had married a woman within the Muslim(?) ranks, so that right there adds a new dimension to her story that she would not be familiar with since she did not go with her father to try to get him to come home, nor had she met the wife. She would have only her fathers' side of the story concerning the trip and her brothers' refusal to come home. At least the father tried.

I agree with Anon @10:30, only I do believe that the sister is sorry concerning her brothers' part in killing all those people. Why wouldn't she be? IMO, this family would be terribly grieved and afraid for their own lives. As to withholding more info, how can we know media didn't edit the story in the first place? This is a problem we frequently have, no way of knowing. ABB

Anonymous said...

You're right Peter. I do recall now reading the cat quote in the CNN article this morning. Tkx.... ABB

Anonymous said...

She didn't answer the first question "at what point did you realize your brother was involved"... (Paraphrase)

She responded, "At first, I was shocked..." Avoidance!!!

She used 'we' instead of 'I' when apologizing...

She used past tense verb (he WAS nice) when describing her brother...(is he dead?..sorry but I don't know...).


Anonymous said...


Though this doesn’t have any bearing on the central topic of your post, I do not believe the “pro-ISIS” video you’ve referenced is, in fact, of a pro-ISIS demonstration. From what I can ascertain, this footage is likely from one of several protests (many of which becoming violent) that occurred throughout Germany in May 2012, in response to anti-Islam demonstrations being held by German far-right groups at the time. Most of the flags being displayed are of the shahada, an inscription representing the Islamic profession of faith, found on the flags of a variety of Islamic and Muslim organizations and countries. The other flag seen on this video, which is now described as the flag of ISIS, bears a religious symbol that also represents a declaration of faith in Allah and Mohammed and has existed long before ISIS adopted it in 2013.

Reference links:

I’m not trying to be a troll. You strike me as someone who is very interested in the accuracy of his content. I’ve been following your posts regarding the Amanda Blackburn murder and I’m very impressed with your analysis.



Tania Cadogan said...

The interviewer uses the word guy referring to her brother, she says exactly and then refers to her bother as a person

Juli Henry said...

She sounds like I sounded when the sheriff told me about the accident that killed my brother: total shock and disbelief. Why try to assume that she knew this was coming? Why blame her?

elf said...

Peter, I'm on my phone, a galaxy core prime. I'll try to look it up on YouTube. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

What did I hear when I listened to the words of the sister?

I heard someone who, while talking about her brother in the past tense (when he was a boy), changed her language mid-explanation and said in the present tense he was(is) someone you CAN rely on."
I heard no ownership: "sorry for your loss." And, "maybe, just maybe, there's something WE could have done to stop THIS from happening."
She was hiding in the crowd with "WE."
The sister is defensive and deceptive. She told the reporter there were no signs that her brother was going to commit mass murder (or be involved in any anti-western attacks) yet she outlaid a timeline of his radicalization.

The sister knows a great deal about what her brother was involved in and she does NOT feel genuine sympathy for the victims.


Anonymous said...

You present a different picture Mary. YOu could be right, no way of knowing for sure? I just don't know. She seemed pretty real to me but I could be wrong. ABB