Friday, November 27, 2015

Statement Analysis Pop Quiz

The following is a statement made via modern communication and presented for you as a 'pop quiz' in analysis.  

Statement Analysis is applied as if 'clay blocks' rather than cement blocks.  This means that the principles are both strong, yet pliable.  

We adjust.

Let's say, for example, that a text message has no pronouns.  We would not conclude "distancing language" because the context shows no pronouns as its norm, or its "baseline."  We shift the "expectation" to abbreviated message, therefore, which will then have the expectations of "no pronouns" which means that any deviation from the norm is important or 'sensitive' to the subject.  

Yet, if there are no pronouns but one suddenly appears, we know that, psychologically, there is an "appearance" of the person into the statement making it "very important."

We always note the first entrances of a person, or pronoun "I" into a statement. 

A bare bones statistic tells us that statements that begin with "I" may be of higher reliability than those which do not. I have found this a reliable guide over the years.  

*Always note the first entrance (s) of the pronoun "I" in a statement.  It is always significant.  We do not always know why, unless guided by the context which follows.  

Someone posted this publicly and it is a very good example of how a non-trained person feels intuitively a subject's priority.  The anonymous commentator posted it as this blog with the thought that it was an example of priority with the question:

"Do the apples fall far from the trees?" unasked.  

Principle:  Language reveals our priorities. 

Pronouns connect us to our priorities.   

Here, the anonymous poster asserted an example of seeking to capitalize on the death of Amanda Blackburn. 

To this assertion, let us see if Statement Analysis agrees.  

I want you to carefully follow the pronouns and find out when does the writer (subject) "enter" the statement.  

Psychologically, when the does writer "enter" the statement?

You are to answer these two questions for this pop quiz:  

1.  When does the pronoun "I" first show up in this statement?

2  What is the context of the introduction of the person, via the pronoun "I" in the statement?  

om_yogi "Life doesn't come with a manual; it comes with a mother." -unknown ️ Today's #SCMovember pose is #paschimottanasana This has been an incredibly emotional time for my family. My cousin's pregnant wife was attacked in her home yesterday morning, and this morning she left her earthly body. 🏼 Please continue to pray for her husband, her one-year old son, her family and the rest of us who are heartbroken and stunned at this horrific crime. I am going to keep this short and sweet. This is the way we teach forward bends at @shantiyogastudio. The torso must connect with the legs, folding through the hip creases and bringing the armpits to the knees. Over time the legs press straighter but the upper body remains connected to the legs. Show us your #paschimottanasana and tag @shantiyogastudio and myself for a chance to win a prize, and don't forget about my FREE yoga event this Saturday sponsored by @ketelone #yoga #prayforindy #prayersplease #godisincontrol #mybabygirl #mybabyyogi #5monthsold 2w

Put your four (4) answers in the comments section.  If you wish to be replied to by others, yet wish to remain anonymous, please choose a nickname.  


Anonymous said...

1) "I am going to keep this short and sweet"
2) where she asks people to tag the studio and "myself"
3) Yes
4) She is giving an answer on how to do a pose

Anonymous said...

Hi Perer: I am new at this. Is the pronoun 'I' equal to the possessive pronoun 'my' in the excerpt. I want to answer the questions but need to know this first.


Nickname= SLH

Anonymous said...

1. I am going to keep this short and sweet
2. tag...myself
3. Yes. Promotion
4. Promotion


elf said...

She only says "I" once when saying "I'm going to keep this short and sweet" then describes the yoga pose. I don't see a second time that she uses the pronoun "I" ? She uses "my" alot in connection with her family, which is expected. "Attack" is a fairly strong word, I would think "left her earthly body" was a little weak (minimizing ) because Amanda was murdered, but maybe given the context of being included in a yoga blog (isn't yoga all about finding peace and uniting mind and body?) the weakness is due to trying to be tactful? I do find it a little odd that there are no request for prayers for amanda.

Anonymous said...

OT (or not) but I saw a link for "Spiritual Gangster" on the yoga studio website.


momofmany said...

1. Short and sweet
2. @ herself?
3. Yes
4. In relation to her business

Anonymous said...

Ok im assuming possessive 'my' is NOT the same as the pronoun 'I'...

1. She says, "I am going to keep this short and sweet"

2. She asks people/customers to tag 'myself', which should have been 'me' actually, in the sentence.

3. No.

4. In the first use, we don't know what she is referring she keeping the sentimental comments about her family tragedy short? Or is she keeping her promotional comments short? I don't think we know the context, but she is transitioning from talking about death to promoting her product or brand.


Lizyanbudy said...

I think "my cousin and my family" are in same context. She goes on to use the pronoun "I" when promoting her business. This is more personal to her. It will be interesting to see if I'm remotely correct :)

Anonymous said...

This is a cousin of DB and she posts similarly in:
1) not mentioning Amanda by name
2) promotion of the business

The apple RARELY falls far from the tree.


Vicki said...

1. "I" enters on instructions for a yoga pose, via yoga companay
2. "myself" regarding a prize for doing the yoga pose from yoga company
3. Yes...same contexts
4. Doing the yoga pose correctly for the yoga company.

Anonymous said...

1. When she says she'll keep her yoga part of the message short/sweet
2. Second time when she says how WE teach yoga, or possibly when she says tag MYSELF
3. Yes. Both in relation to her Yoga business.
4. When she switches to talking about the real focus of her post, the Yoga pose.

Also, incomplete social intro for the dead pregnant cousin's wife. And 'the rest of us' which reduces her concern to basically what everyone Else in the world should be feeling.

And I know you don't like images to detract from the actual wording, but dear God, this was posted next to a picture of her with her own baby on the day that Amanda died.

The comments of her friends, with the exception of one, never mention the less important Yoga pose in their replies.


Maria said...

How VERY inappropriate.

She starts with a business reference (after some kind of philosophical kick off -- Life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mother).

Then interjects the tragedy, and how it's affected her family.

Then, just as quickly, goes back to her business interest, AND offers a prize.

And finishes it off with hashtags about the brutal murder of her cousin's wife.

Beyond words.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

By looking at:

sex offenders
close associates
distant associates
credit card usage

and so on...

people are doing exactly what police are doing.

No one, however, is telling them how 'hateful' it is.

It is unpleasant, but far less unpleasant than murder.

If it were your loved one murdered, you would want no stone unturned.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Maria... and WOW, Peter... the apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree!! Especially those "cousin branches"! Sounds like Davey himself. "Hey Ya'll... my cousin's wife was brutally murdered, come on in and let's do some yoga! But let's do it correctly!

Anonymous said...

Wait... she didn't even say "brutally murdered"... she was just "attacked" and then just "left". WHAT THE? -TJC

Jane said...

I would have expected to read "for me and my family" instead of just "my family." Also, "emotional" can mean anything from "sorrowful" to "joyful," since both of those are emotions. I'm not convinced that this is a sad time for the writer.

Lis said...

I'm confused because I only see the pronoun "I" used in the section where she is giving the yoga instructions.

There is no ownership of the first section, the news about Amanda.

It seems like it would have been expected to give this announcement separately from a yoga lesson, by itself, and to be present in it in the form of "I" and "my".

If the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, are we looking at people who are disconnected and do not enter in to grief and loss? And how does that speak to guilty knowledge?

Trigger said...

"I want to keep this short and sweet." After telling her readers about the violent murder of a young mother.

This comes across as an uninvolved person who wants to move on to another subject quickly.

How can anyone think about keeping a horrible crime like that "short and sweet?"

She can now go about promoting her business without a feeling of shock, loss, and grief, that might distract her from her primary goals.

Emotionally unattached and motivated by business success.

DJ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Trigger said...

"She left her earthy body."

I wanted to yell and say, "She was murdered !!!!" You moron!!! Her life and baby's life were violently taken by a monster!!!!

lynda said... surprise she is DAvey's cousin. Is that whole family whacked?? Gruesome.

Anonymous said...

Psychologically, the writer enters when describing the emotional times for her family.
1)incredibly emotional time for my family
2) My cousin's pregnant wife was attacked

3) Yes, first two uses are in same context.

4) I am going to keep this short and sweet.

"I" is used to describe her post and link the tragedy and family crisis to her yoga classes.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

1. When does the pronoun "I" first show up in this statement?

The pronoun enters in keeping what follows short and simple: she then precedes to yoga.

4. What is the context of the introduction of the person, via the pronoun "I" in the statement?


I apologize for the distraction. It should be:

Two questions:

1. When does "I" enter?

2. What is the topic that "I" is concerned?

The answers are the same:

"I" comes in to make the following short and the topic is yoga.

This is an example of having more interest in selling/yoga than murder.


Lisa said...

1. I will keep it S&S.
2. How We teach
3. I takes responsibility. We transfers responsibility to the studio.
4. I is used to introduce the on topic channel information.

a. Not naming Amanda seems socially appropriate on IG for an yoga studio channel.

b. The 1st sentence seems distant. I expect "emotional time for my family ( and me)". As a reader I expect "and me" .

c. Don't forget my FREE. I am pulled in by the contraction don't and caps on free. It shows animation and enthusiasm above the studio work.

Anonymous said...

the answer you gave is helpful Peter.

I think I made my answers too difficult, but now that you have rephrased the questions, I see clearly how she de-personalized the issue of Amanda's murder by her language: this is even more surprising because she is a relative...

Since she only introduced 'I" when getting ready to talk about yoga, we see where her priorities are.

This is really sad.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tania Cadogan said...

om_yogi "Life doesn't come with a manual; it comes with a mother." -unknown ️ Today's #SCMovember pose is #paschimottanasana This has been an incredibly emotional time for my family. My cousin's pregnant wife was attacked in her home yesterday morning, and this morning she left her earthly body. �� Please continue to pray for her husband, her one-year old son, her family and the rest of us who are heartbroken and stunned at this horrific crime. I am going to keep this short and sweet. This is the way we teach forward bends at @shantiyogastudio. The torso must connect with the legs, folding through the hip creases and bringing the armpits to the knees. Over time the legs press straighter but the upper body remains connected to the legs. Show us your #paschimottanasana and tag @shantiyogastudio and myself for a chance to win a prize, and don't forget about my FREE yoga event this Saturday sponsored by @ketelone #yoga #prayforindy #prayersplease #godisincontrol #mybabygirl #mybabyyogi #5monthsold 2w

Order is important.
It starts with a quote from an unnamed source.

Second we have what is important to the writer, a yoga pose.

Third we have a link to an event, she starts though with telling us it is an Incredibly emotional time for MY.
Here we have the introduction of MY, Also note the qualifier word incredibly which weakens the statement.
The My Refers to writer's family family.

Then we have My cousin's pregnant wife was attacked in her home yesterday morning, and this morning she left her earthly body.
We have her introducing something which should be of prime importance given the relationship and also the nature of the crime.
Instead she minimises by saying attacked and then the passive left her earthly body
We do not even have a full social introduction of either the cousin or his pregnant wife.
This would lead me to probe further the relationship between the writer and the cousin and his family.
Since the author is into yoga and promotes it, i wonder if perhaps the 'christian' beliefs of her cousin may see the author as a pagan
She does not say killed or murdered.
No mention is made as to what happened or the unborn baby.
I would ask if this is how the writer usually speaks

Donna said...

1. The "I" comes in when she breaks from the pseudo-sad part of the post to hype her yoga biz. It felt contrived and forced to me.

2. "myself" in the #hashtag section

3./4. I'm confused as to the context - what does her yoga practice/biz have to do with the murder, unless these poses help with grief, or if the murder had occurred in her yoga studio? She doesn't say that they do, so it's a jumbled mish-mash of promotion and attention-seeking.

Donna said...

Clarification: The pseudo-sad part felt contrived to me.

Anonymous said...

This pseudo sad yoga woman is too rude for words. Horribly rude. Cold, unfeeling. Words escape me. ABB

Anonymous said...

Abb, you typically say: words escape me;words fail me.
Why is that never the truth?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why murder isn't important to these two related people?
What in the family ancestry/history minimizes murder?

Unknown said...

Sorry to be blunt, but in my opinion ALL these people are an absolute sh!t show.

My synopsis of the cousin's statement:

-Sentimental 'mother' quote

-name of yoga pose

- oh, btw, my cousin's pregnant wife was attacked in her home, and floated out of her body yesterday *emogi*emogi*

-back to the important stuff, here's the pose instructions, and dont forget to step right up and enter for a FREE PRIZE!!! Be sure to tag me, and my yoga studio, since my inclusion of this tragedy disguised as a yoga tutorial, is sure to increase traffic on my IG! #tasteless, #turntragedyintoprofit, #anypublicityisgoodpublicity, #tragedyisthebestpublicity


To answer the quiz questions, the 'I' enters on her short and sweet description of the yoga pose.

The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree!

GetThem said...

I haven't been following along much, but I find it sickening that she references her family and a murder and then immediately jumps to how readers can win a prize and to send pictures of yoga poses. If that were my yoga instructor I would think she was insane.

GetThem said...

Jen Ow ------- YES!

Unknown said...

Hi GetThem,

Everything these people say makes me feel icky!

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:58, in some cases it is true that words fail me, especially in cases like this one. Others who are more familiar and learned in analyzing this type creepy individual can do it far better than me; therefore, being able to delegate as I do, I let them. Delegating works for me, later I can pick up off the responses of others. You've got a problem with that?

So what's your excuse for tailing and critiquing me? ABB

Anonymous said...

OT, Peter but I remember snopes said no go zones were fake but then france put 755 online to warn franch to stay out:

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Equally adamant is the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the bloc of governments from the world’s Islamic countries. The OIC purports to speak as a sovereign on behalf of the Muslim ummah. In 2010, it released its now annual report on — what else? — Islamophobia. The report conjures an imaginary tidal wave of anti-Muslim bias while overlooking both the predominance of Muslims in global “violent extremism” and the West’s pandemic of official solicitude toward Islamic leaders. “Muslims should not be marginalized or attempted to be assimilated, but should be accommodated,” the report proclaimed. “Accommodation is the best strategy for integration.”

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

part two

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Read more at:

Anonymous said...

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Read more at:

Anonymous said...

1) "I am going to keep this short & sweet."
2) "I" only introduced in reference to forward-bend yoga pose.
3) "My free yoga event."
4) Calendar event on Saturday.

Wow. Was this all one post? The murder of Amanda is being used YET AGAIN to further a family members business!!


Yes, I said I wasn't going to post again, just read. However, I can't resist a challenge/quiz, and it really bothers me that there has been several attempts by annonymous posters to silence SA and its followers. Moreover, I am going to try and stick to analysis and refrain from throwing out my own "theories."

Nick said...

The quote " life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother" seems very callous when I consider Weston was left motherless.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Well said, Nick.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:58 has latched onto you because you are using a name.
Try to ignore and remember that DB and the other "lead pastors" just can't stay away from here.
They have a big stake in people exposing their brand for what it is.
Keep speaking your mind and you might also decide to "go anonymous" like many of us have done.
Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Words have NOT failed you ABB! Not on this case at least. Just go back and reread your posts. I don't have to. I would wager each of your comments contained more WORDS than most commenters together.

It's not the WORDS that fail you. It's the lack of stringing them together that makes me-the reader-feeling chaotic and wanting to run. The death of your son gets longer each time with objects embedded and no real emotion. But, you are a do-gooder you claim. But no emotion.

Take that sock monkey and cuddle with it a while and try to imagine yourself as a young mother....then say: words fail me.

Anonymous said...

How could she have left off the two most important hashtags #thebestisyettocome #nothingiswasted ?

Anonymous said...

Annonymous @9:39. When someone says "words fail me" what they are usually trying to convey is their dismay; they can't find the right words that adequately convey HOW dismayed they are.
I don't know you or understand your beef with ABB. However, referencing someone's dead son and then telling them to go hug a sock monkey??
Why would you say something so hurtful?

Unknown said...

Agreed Nick!

Anonymous said...

Mary, that particular commenters is an expose` on cognitive dissonance. Read enough of it and you'll forget all about growing old and focus on the breadth of your derriere.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be creeped out or amused by you trolling my posts in order to belittle me in your response @annonymous 10:08. But I'm guessing it's the latter. In any event, I can see your a dishonest individual with an agenda and I will not respond to further posts written by you.


Unknown said...


A fairly uncommonly used word, and yet I seem to remember hearing it somewhere else this week!

Something along the lines of: "investigator's have assured me they are using the breadth of their resources..."

Anonymous said...

I wish this blog had a like button!!!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Omg! Jen, you're right. Nice catch.

Tish said...

I'm a newbie but want to try(:
1. The "I"appears almost halfway into the yoga article. The beginning lines are yoga related. Then a big intro and focus on "my" cousin whose wife was just attacked and merely left this life. It's almost unrecognisable as Amanda's murder.
The I intrudes at this point but I don't understand why? Nor why he says short and sweet. This may be to direct attention back to himself and continue the yoga talk.
The hashtags are strange half Amanda focused and half on his own baby?

This person seems to be confused in the purpose of the posting/article. Definitely wants to be associated with the tragedy but using it in this way makes no sense.

Tish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary for your understanding and defense of me. I am grateful; but I have been through so much heartsickness and sadness now that a disturbed and evil individual on the interwebs doesn't phase me very much any more. I just think to myself that this cruel person is in for a whole lotta hurt in their lifetime before it's over, and that without recourse. Thank you sweetly for coming to my defense. ABB

Anonymous said...

You, Anon @8:02, obviously know nothing about statement analysis. If you did you would know the truth when you read it. How DARE you!!? The abused baby I took care of was my precious granddaughter!

The two homeless guys staying in my home are of more benefit to me than I am to them, it is definitely mutual. I found them at a street mission when I went there looking for help around my house, which I paid them to do. It was to be temporary, just a few days but it was working out so nicely; they needed a place to stay, I had an extra bedroom and says okay, we'll give it a try. I would hope and pray that someone would do the same for one of my sons had it ever been necessary. On the bright side, it has helped me tremendously not to be alone in my grief for my dear departed son. SOOOo, where's the problem?

They do anything for me that I need to have done. They are self supporting, I do not pay them for the things they do for me, just a free place to stay. They don't have enough income between them to afford their own apt or car. They have been together for 14 years but are not a couple per'se, just friends. One is older, jewish, adopted at birth, parents deceased, no siblings, is transgender, (male to female) a little simple mentally, yet intelligent, has a college degree but not employable any longer; is a very sweet man/woman, he likes to dress as a woman, not my problem; that floats his/her boat, alrighty then.

The other is his dear friend trying to look after him, plain vanilla (white), also has a decent education, left Ohio 25 years ago during a family split, used to share the transgender guys' home that his adoptive mother left him until his money ran out and he lost the home, and car, now both out on their own. They are BOTH sober, do not drink, do not do drugs. My rules; contribute towards your food, no drinking, no drugs, no cursing, no bickering or arguing, one time and you're out. Since Jan, not the first problem.

It has been as peaceful as peaceful gets. NOW, what's your problem? Did I need your approval first? Duh... Dummy that you are; I have been quite successful in my life making my own decisions; and may I ask, what is YOUR claim to fame? ABB

Anonymous said...

You became famous for your actions?

Tania Cadogan said...

Half my coment poofed.

Anonymous said...

I learned to play the fiddle while Rome burned, ABB. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Don' be ridiculous, Anon @10:43, it was just a figure of speech saying. Sheesh! ABB

Anonymous said...

Well then. You weren't in Rome at the time you were learning to play the fiddle.... right? Cute. ABB

Anonymous said...

Real cute. I mean really cute! No as cute as ringworm, scabbies, AIDS, get my drift.