Friday, November 20, 2015

"There's Not An Ounce of Truth To It"

Swim coach gets banned for sexual allegations


A sexual allegation against a local swim coach cost him his job and his future in the sport.

Jack Maddan, the Head Coach of FLEET, the competitive swim team at Cy-Fair Swim Club on Spring Cypress Rd. has been banned for life from USA Swimming, the national governing body of competitive swimming in the United States.

"It means no more coaching, no more on deck. You can't organize meets. You can't work meets. You can't officiate meets . You're basically incognito. You're off the grid for all swimming, all the time," explained Braden Keith, Editor-in-Chief of, a national swimming publication.

Parents of swimmers have jumped to Maddan's defense telling Eyewitness News the ban is "tragic" and that their experience with Maddan has been only "positive." One parent said when swimmers learned of the ban Wednesday night, one punched a wall so hard, he broke his hand.

"There's not an ounce of truth. There is no substance to the allegations. There is not evidence to the allegations," Maddan told Eyewitness News. He wouldn't discuss what he's accused of citing a USA Swimming confidentiality policy but we've learned it's from 16 years ago, made by a former swimmer who recently came forward alleging sexual misconduct.

Please note:

It is easier to say "I didn't do it" or "I did not molest a swimmer" instead, the allegations (plural) lack "substance"; and that there is "not evidence", either.

This suggests that more substance is needed and that evidence may exist that has to be brought to the surface.  

It is to deny "proving the allegation" but not the allegation itself.

There is no "ban" in the world to keep a falsely accused man from saying, "I didn't do it.  I did not molest the swimmer, and I did not molest any swimmers", since the allegation is from years ago.  

If all is lost, and USA Swimming has barred him, what difference does it make to abide by their rules?

An innocent man (de facto innocent, not court-convicted) will say so, even if it means climbing to the roof of his house, and getting a microphone:  especially something as disgusting as molestation.  

There is no argument about substance or evidence because "I did not do it!" with a certain finality.  It has nothing to do with proof:  

The innocent do not allow for possible evidence because it did not happen.  

The innocent do not allow for anyone to think otherwise.  
Maddan was never charged criminally. He called USA Swimming's banning process "flawed."

"They took the accuser over me. They need to work on their process." he said.

An assistant will now step into his shoes as head coach. Cy-Fair Swim Club Swim Club supports him.

Statement from Adam Stanford, President, Cy-Fair Swim Club:
"Jack Maddan is an exceptional coach, father, husband and role model. USA swimming banning him from membership will change none of that. Although Jack will no longer be able to perform the duties as Head Coach at Fleet Swimming, he and his family will remain in our hearts and always be considered OUR family. It takes but one meeting or conversation with him to understand his good character, love of swimming and love of the athletes us as parents entrust him with daily.

The entire basis of the circumstance that has now led to Jack being banned was based on an allegation from 1999 that we believe to be false. There are NO other complaints or allegations, past or present and those people that know Jack know he does not deserve the hand he has been dealt.

Jack as a coach has had the full and unwavering support of the Board of Directors throughout the process. Going forward, although he won't be our coach, Jack and his family will continue to have love and support from our Fleet family."

Statement from USA Swimming:
"USA Swimming received an allegation of sexual misconduct against Mr. Maddan. The allegation was thoroughly investigated, adjudicated and ultimately found to be a violation of our Code of Conduct, which resulted in a permanent ban from USA Swimming membership. USA Swimming stands by its Code of Conduct and Athlete Protection Policies and is deeply committed to the safety and welfare of all its members. We have zero tolerance when it comes to sexual misconduct. We have a responsibility to protect all of our members, especially youth athletes. It is the mission of the Safe Sport Program to increase awareness to reduce the risk for abuse in sport and our organization has no tolerance for violations of our Code of Conduct."

Coaching was Maddan's full-time job. He now has to find a new one. His children are swimmers and he is allowed to be involved but only on a parent level.


XianJaneway said...

Now that I've learned this, & shared it w/ my husband, I don't think we'll ever be able to un-learn it. It's easy to hear now. I wish I could take your course, but I'm a stay-at-home mom right now, & not connected to investigating other than blogging. :P

elf said...

"There's not an ounce of truth. There's no substance to the allegations. There is not evidence of the allegations. "
"They took the accuser over me. They need to work on their process. "
My thoughts are that there are smaller units of measure than an ounce. It's weird that the words 'ounce' and 'substance' are the words he chose as both are ways to measure heft or weight. And he didn't say there is NO evidence, he said there's NOT evidence. There's a difference in the two. Just because there's not evidence now doesn't mean there wasn't evidence when the crime was committed.
The second statement (sentence ) is very concerning because he's a parent. It's like he places himself above the accuser and thinks his superiors should do the same.

Buckley said...

I'm seeing weakness in USA Swimming's language, too.

Passive voice: "allegation was investigated..."

"USA Swimming stands by its" rather than "our". And we do see first person ownership later in a more general part of the statement.

He doesn't say he didn't do it, nor do they technically say he did.

Buckley said...

Plus, they are willing to assert they "stand by" policies, not that they stand by this ruling.

trustmeigetit said...

Any of the more experienced SA peeps have time to analyze a short exchange.

My friend thinks her boyfriend stole her clarinet (worth a couple grand) Mind you he has no job and him, his brother and dad share a small part with no jobs and are barely getting by...

He has a key to her apt and often stays there. As does his family sometimes.

So he texted her the following after a mutual friend mentioned she was suspicious.

Boyfriend "I know your upset, understandably so about your clarinet. Neither I or anyone in my family had anything to do with it"

The talked in person but she doesn't remember much of that.

I told her to ask him flat out why she should beleive him.

He responded "there's no reason you shouldn't"

To me that last part was not good but still learning.

Buckley said...

"My friend thinks her boyfriend stole her clarinet (worth a couple grand) Mind you he has no job and..."

I'm not sure he stole it, but based on those 2 pieces of info, she needs to end the relationship, IMO.

trustmeigetit said...

I agree. he actually stole from her before too but that time he admitted to it when she asked him.

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Possible leakage? Since when is truth measured in ounces? Did he drug his victims? Considering 'ounce' and 'substance'.

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Statement from Adam Stanford, President, Cy-Fair Swim Club:
"Jack Maddan is an exceptional coach, father, husband and role model.


Order is important. Role model comes last. Does Adam know more about Maddan that makes him less a role model?

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