Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gender and Distancing Language

popular video of SJW cursing/shouting down free speech 
In  a recent bureaucratic 'vote' for an online application, the vote was a lone dissenter and the motion was carried to change the following question for businesses who seek to serve the public.  What is needed to be known is if they house male only, female only, or they have facilities to house both:

A.  Male

B.  Female

C.  Both

The motion carried to change this to:

A.  Male

B.  Female

C.  All 

The lone dissenter may be of either exceptional character, or could be suffering from various irrational fear and of  a most disagreeable hateful disposition.  

Distancing Language 

"I have a fever."

This is a very strong statement and unless mistaken, the subject is not likely being deceptive.  The assertion is strong.  

"I feel feverish" is a single step away from the assertion, and expresses doubt over what one is feeling.  To "feel feverish", one must know what it feels like to run a fever.

"I feel like I have a fever" in an email calling out sick from work?

""I feel sick" is not to say "I am sick" but denotes a feeling related to being "sick"; something the subject would have had to have experienced, in order to make the comparison.  The word "feel" is slight distancing language from what "is", in the sentence of "I am sick."

"I feel like I have a fever" is to weaken the assertion to what one has, to what one senses.  The wording "feel like" presupposes past experience with having a fever.  The person may not be certain, but there is a recognition between symptoms now, and what past experience with a fever has taught the subject.  

A man says, "I am a woman" is a strong assertion.  

"I feel like a woman" presupposes two things:

a.  Women "feel" differently than men

b.  The subject has experience with being a woman and recalls what it felt like to be a woman. 

Note that gap between one that is and one that "feels" and is "like" (2 steps away) is to create distancing language.  

This leads to questions:

1.  What does a woman feel like?
2.  How do you, a man, know what a woman feels like?
3.  When have you experienced being a woman to know what it feels like?
4.  Are you a woman?

The distancing language, itself, suggests the inability to discern, while it asserts that a difference between being a man and being a woman exists. 

This becomes acute child abuse when parents claim, "my little boy says he feels like a little girl...", which has become popular enough to get public statements from schools, as well as  politicians who may find themselves at odds with pediatricians, grandparents, biologists, and science.  

Pronouns are intuitive and assaulting them against science will not remove this instinct.  

Where once someone who makes this false statement about their own body was given help; it is no longer so.  Compassion has been traded for votes.  Deception creeps into every aspect of life and communication.  

Deception is to pass counterfeit linguistic currency.  Sometimes it is even masquerading with religious or ethical language, as a 'moral high ground' position.  

Paypal is moving some business out of North Carolina for telling men to not use women's bathrooms.  They are not, however, moving business out of the list of countries in which those who claim not to be the gender they are, are fined, imprisoned, lashed, and even executed.  Bruce Springsteen is not stopping sales of his albums in these same countries, nor did he cancel his upcoming tour in Italy.  

Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN, and is now being edited out of the "bloody sock" story, which has taken its place in baseball folklore where stories are passed from fathers to sons, generation to generation, of courage and perseverance.  (this, from a Mets fan?)  

No matter how assaulted, both truth and instinct remain. 

 Pronouns are 100% reliable in analysis, without exemption for either religion ("we") or political narrative ("it").  


rjb said...

My husband takes issue with the fact that pronouns are 100% accurate. We have been married for 10 years and in all that time he has consistently used the word "I" where I would have said "we." The most recent and commonly occurring example of this is regarding our current move to another town. He says, "I am selling the house." I say, "We are selling our house." When I have confronted him in the past about the fact that when he says "I" instead of "we" it hurts my feelings, he has told me I am reading too much into things. Now that I have documented support, I know that I am justified in taking note of the pronouns he uses. I no longer point it out to him, but it still stings.

Anonymous said...


Missy Bever case

Tania Cadogan said...

There are only 2 genders, male and female.
Anything else is a variant of one or both of those.
Even those that are intersex and still a combination of male and female.

In plants there are male and female often in the same plant, one comes before the other.
In animals there are still only two genders male and female.
Granted some animals can be both at the same time (snails and slugs), others start off as one sex and for whatever reason change to the opposite sex, usually due to environmental conditions.

What there isn't is male, female, gerbil or something else ridiculous.
Some people are born intersex where the outward appearance my be unclear as to gender and in the old days a sex was selected for the child and surgery was performed to make them one or the other.
Tragically many times the gender chosen for the child was not the same as they felt mentally and it lead to suicides and much suffering as they struggled to be what they weren't.
Today it is now often left to the child to decide what they are and they then have the choice to have surgery or not as the case may be.
The phrase ALL would imply there were more than two genders when it is clearly not the case, biologically if nothing else.
Genes can be tricky little buggers at times and sometimes they throw in an extra X gene or Y gene.

I have no issue with a woman claiming to be male emotionally and using the male bathroom.
It is very rare for a woman to rape or sexually assault a female child in a public bathroom.
I cannot recall of any case where this has happened.
nor can i recall any case where a female to male transgender has raped or sexually abused a boy child in a public bathroom.

The concern by parents and rightly so is when a male to female transgender uses a female public bathroom.
They may be dressed as a female, they may have the mannerisms of a female, they may even look female.
The problem is what is under their skirts.
Are they a pre op?
Are they a genuine transgender?

I would be scared if i had a child and someone who was clearly male and wearing a dress etc came into the bathroom.
How am i to know if they are transgender?
How am i to know if they are pre or post op?
How am i to know if they are genuine or a pervert?
I can't exactly say "excuse me are you a transgender and if so are you pre or post op?"

There is little concern when a male transgender walks into the mens bathroom, there is a rightful concern when a female transgender walks into womens bathroom.

Perverts will commit their crimes against women and children and yes, even men.
What5 is not needed nor wanted is giving them the right to go into a womens bathroom claiming to be a female when what they are really after is a luckless victim.

How long before we hear of the first 'transgender' rape or sexual assault on a girl or woman?
What will they do when they learn that the person they thought was a woman turns out to be a man?
What will be said when it is learned that he dressed up as a woman to gain access to his victim, knowing no one would dare to question him in case it infringed his human rights?

It is not a case of if it happens, it is a case of when.

Tania Cadogan said...


Why is it we are making our women and children targets for sexual perverts who are willing to dress up as something they are not in order to commit their crimes?

Will we hear the defense saying it couldn't have been their client as he is a pre op transgender male to female?
Will it be believed because no one dares to call him out on what is clearly a lie?
How could we be sure he was what he claimed to be?
What if he is cleared and then decides he isn't a woman after all and reverts to being a man?

I am aware of transgender cases where they have gone from male to female and then after deciding they weren't female demanding to be changed back to a man.

Gender is not something you can pick and choose, it is not an outfit you put on in the morning and take off at night.

I admit i get confused when someone changes sex and then loves someone of the now opposite sex.
Were they simply gay or lesbian?
Were they bisexual?
Were they pansexual and love everyone?

for some changing sex is the right thing to do, particularly intersex.
For others it is because they really are emotionally of the other sex, and again, this could simply be down to genes and hormones, most of which we still don't fully understand.
How many are jumping on the bandwagon in search of some fame and celebrity (especially if they are falling out of the public eye)
How many children are simply going through a phase and can end up emotionally damaged because their parents pushed them to be what they thought they wanted to be rather than waiting and seeing what happens down the line.

Could all this gender confusion be down to all the female hormones we pour into the water from hormone treatment and birth control?

Hey Jude said...

I looked up the SJW video and I am shocked that such behaviour occurs and equally that it s tolerated. I had read about freedom of speech being shouted down, but seeing it there - the level of disruption, the rudeness to guest speakers, the selfish, boorish spoiling of an event - it is shocking. What is the point of going to a debate or a talk, if not to listen (and to allow others to listen) sometimes to differing viewpoints - what is the Q and A for, if not to give people an opportunity to pose intelligent questions of the speakers? How even, are such unintelligent seeming students in universities?

I further looked up the Milo guy and watched on YouTube:

'Milo Yiannopoulos Compilation: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant"'

- in which I heard him say 'whites' (this is unexpected - it's usually only 'blacks' who are not also referred to as 'people'.) So, I listened further, because that was interesting, and also heard 'black people' or 'black person' (forgot already) and 'gay people' or 'person'. So, that is a point from which I was able to listen with a more open mind than if he had said 'blacks'. I would not agree with him in everything as he over-simplifies complex issues, but he is a good speaker - what he said on PC language, there is much with which I agree. It is worth a listen.


I think it strange that people expect a 'right' not to be exposed to anything which might be 'triggering' - life might have some trigger points, one needs to be able to deal with them rather than demand and expect protection from possibly encountering one - it's not realistic. That said, the Daily Mail/Fail has often given up on giving warnings of graphic or upsetting content, with photos appearing and videos auto-playing on the front page, where not so long ago the reader was warned and given the option to view, or not. I preferred the consideration, as I prefer not to view that type of content. Editors and content providers (any platform) should be considerate, while users should not find themselves to be entitled to consideration - there are always other places to read, view, listen. Students expecting to hear only what they want to hear, though - that's scary - the loutish disrespect is scary, too.

elf said...

I do not want anyone with a penis in the restroom with either of my daughters.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 8.40 - yes, and locks on the doors. Loo paper. Liquid soap, Hot air hand dryers. Mirrors. A selection of fragrances in the posh shops' powder rooms. We've got it all. :) Disconcertingly, also sometimes male cleaners - I don't like that.

Today (yesterday now) besides voting, more out of duty than conviction, I went shopping, and had occasion to use a public restroom. I wondered about the number of times I had encountered a transgender person in one, and thought 'none, probably, or if I have, I did not know.' I can't say it is, or has been, a big concern.

I wonder when will begin the fake hate 'sexually assaulted by three transgender perverts in a public restroom' stories.

Transgendered people are such a tiny proportion of any population - they need to use the bathroom, too.

A predator already does not need to dress as a woman in order to access a women's restroom - he can walk right in. The idea that men will start cross-dressing in order to access women's facilities seems a bit far fetched, to me.

The transgender community has not done itself a great favour by creating the bathroom agenda - it seems to have succeeded in creating a closer association between the words 'transgender' and 'pervert' in the minds of those who were already inclined to think that way.

Elf - you could maybe have a Penis Checker Person looking inside every person's underwear as they enter a restroom, just to be sure they don't have a penis. Nobody knows, or needs to know. Transgender people are not detectable if they transitioned early, and often not detectable even if it was not so early. I think it's a bit of a non-issue which has been made into quite a one.

Hey Jude said...

I mean, transgender people are often not detectable regardless of whether they do or do not have a penis. You can't tell - so a law would be unenforceable, anyway.

Bad Juju said...

Hey Jude, "Penis Checker Person" made me lol. And I tend to agree with rest of your comment.

I recently learned that "new pronouns" have been created for the "gender fluid": Ze/zir instead of she/her and he/him.

I discovered this while reading an article about Sting's daughter (Sting from The Police). It drove me absolutely bonkers trying to read it.

Here's the article:

This link has a chart of "invented pronouns":

elf said...

I appreciate the humor lol
but of transgendered people have always relieved themselves wherever they want with no one being the wiser why the big fuss now? Maybe to bring society's morals even further down? Oh, sure, just everybody do whatever they want! Why even bother to have rules and laws? Why bother to try to raise kids with their innocence in tact? Why is a man who wants to be a woman entitled to more respect and consideration than a natural woman?

Hey Jude said...

Bad JuJu - young Eliot has an Adam's apple, and a brain injury. I don't know if either of those factor, but I think ze is beautiful, whoever ze is, or wants to be.

I am 'live and let live', for the most part, I can't get too worked up about who anyone is, or wants to be.

Peter, I don't know what 'I feel like a woman' means. I know what it means to say, 'I feel like myself'. I don't know what it feels like to be a woman in general. 'Woman' is just an identifier, rather than a definer. I only know what it is like to be me - I happen to be female. I consider girly-girl and airhead types to be a different species to me. I don't identify with, or inderstand them, though I acknowledge that they also are women. It's biological, but the similarity ends there. My Mind/soul isn't a woman, it resides in a female body. I can say, 'I am a woman' as a fact. I can't say, 'I feel like a woman' - 'I feel like myself' is fine.

If I was a teenager of this generation, I would probably be one of those who identify as gender-fluid - but I am too old for all that complicated malarky now. Plus, First World Problems.

Hey Jude said...

I don't know, Elf. I'm blaming the Duggars - that might work. :)

Hey Jude said...

Tania - the pushy parents are scariest, kids go through phases, and are so suggestible - if they have a manipulative parent who makes their kid's gender an agenda, well - hopefully the experts can discern which children genuinely have problems and which have a manipulative parent or parents. I'm concerned by those who put their kids in the public eye, in order to demonstrate what understanding and progressive parents they are - really, why not just move quietly to a new area with your struggling kid, rather than put him or her in the transgender box so making him/her a target for bullies, before he or she is of an age to be able to make any independent, informed and considered life decisions? Crazy people. I wonder, if raised in a different family environment, for how many of those children gender issues would have arisen.

Anonymous said...

Today's Google Doodle: Happy 160th Birthday, Sigmund Freud!"

JenB said...

My thought on the bathroom issue is that I enter any public restroom prepared to fight for my life, and it seems naive to believe that before we were "safe" and now we are not because of this new legislation. But I am more concerned now, because of all these nut balls trying to make a point by going into women's restrooms and filming the experience, just to prove they can.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, the public restroom is an honor-system; it works because we agree to follow the rules of common decency. The mutual trust & cooperation allow it to work.

Tania Cadogan said...

The concept of a penis checker made me laugh.

Standing guard by the door with trusty tape measure and magnifying glass to hand, some ancient grandmother sitting in her comfy chair with the pretty Antimacassars crocheted by her daughter Sharon, with the ever present cup of tea in her best china, a plate of cookies and knitting away at a fast rate of knots, something for the great grandchild (cat as an optional extra)

Slow and unsteady,slightly deaf perhaps even slightly confused, tending to mutter to herself about the young children today, the buses not being like they used to be, the price of cat food, and the latest goings on in Eastenders and Coronation Street, she presents as a harmless old lady, someone to be easily fooled.

However if you try to enter her realm and you don't look girly enough, that is when she turns into Batgran.

Protector of the girl, defender of women she will leap forth and block the entrance with her muscular umm, err, tongue.

With the beady eyed glare usually only seen when talking about the latest gossip over the fence with her at number 24 and recounting a particularly salacious bit about 'miss no knickers' at number 35, she confronts her target and utters the dreaded words " you ain't no lady, bugger orf next door before i get you one round the ear"

Should her victim dare to claim they are in fact of the female persuasion, Batgran will whip out her tape measure and magnifying glass and utter the words "Drop 'em sonny"

If you have a penis, it had better be tiny or else.

Her knitting needles double up as tongs or, if you insist you are a pre-op transgender an instrument to make sure if it was working before, it sure as heck will never work again.

Young boys will be permitted to enter her sacred realm however, if they stop looking cute, they are instantly condemned to the mens bathroom.

Should you be a woman who looks masculine, especially if you are a butch lesbian, you will be closely examined even if you have a bosom "'cos, well you never know these days, all this modern stuff, the plastic bits people stick in themselves and the false bosoms. I can never understand it. Why would you wanna dress like a bloke deary when with a nice dress and a bit of lippy you could be really pretty"

Even though she sounds like any harmless old grandmother, if she finds something even remotely suspicious, she will pounce like "one o' them big cats, or my Fluffy when she sees one o' them flying rats, pigeons"

More reliable than any machine and cheaper to run, requiring only a constant supply of tea and chocolate digestives "and not the cheap brand either".
More accurate than any DNA result, Batgran will always be there to defend the women and girls from danger.

Be warned, if she decides to go into one of her long winded complaints, interspersed by tongue lashings if you start looking like you are losing the will to live, it is better to admit she was right and go to the mens bathroom rather than endure an hour of her running through everything that is wrong with the world, her aches and pains and, worse of all, how cute her great grandchildren are, complete with pictures of sticky children wearing a variety of food, or worse.

The plus side is, there is never a queue in the mens.
The downside is the smell.

Just what do you men do in the bathroom that gives it such a unique aroma that we never do in the ladies?

rjb said...

Tania --

Bless. That was delightful!

Horse Chestnut said...


Interesting statement from the husband. An appeal to the ethos of God, and a need to convince (okay?, like, etc). Speaking of himself in the third person with a shuttling between time periods of before and after.

Nic said...

tania said:

hat5 is not needed nor wanted is giving them the right to go into a womens bathroom claiming to be a female when what they are really after is a luckless victim.

How long before we hear of the first 'transgender' rape or sexual assault on a girl or woman?
What will they do when they learn that the person they thought was a woman turns out to be a man?
What will be said when it is learned that he dressed up as a woman to gain access to his victim, knowing no one would dare to question him in case it infringed his human rights?

It is not a case of if it happens, it is a case of when.

Well said, tania. Pedophiles are hard wired. If there is low hanging fruit, they'll not be able to resist the temptation.

What will they do when it happens?

Deny. (Side glancing Sweden's reporting style.)

Next it will be about protecting the pedophile so as not to flame any "prejudicial" fires toward the LGBT communities.

Hey Jude said...

Tania -lol, I don't know what to say to that. :)

Tania Cadogan said...

Hey Jude said...

Tania -lol, I don't know what to say to that. :

How about not guilty by reasons of insanity? :)

Anon "I" said...

Tania, I do believe you may have met my dearly departed grandma!!! LOL You are absolutely hilarious. I loved reading that!!!

You don't know how many times I have dragged my sons into ladies rooms! A friend's young son was raped and that was so traumatic that I purposed to never let my sons be vulnerable in so far as my capabilities would stretch. The thing is that all of the pervert pedophiles aren't registered until after they are CAUGHT. This means they all have a first offence, possible multiple offences, and must be discovered by law enforcement before we call them sex offenders.

I thought I was deadly serious about being overprotective, when a woman at a downtown hospital dragged her complaining 17 year old son into the ladies room. When he dared to fuss, she said you are in here to keep you safe; this is a dangerous part of town!! And, he just hung his head. No use fighting with mama. And, quite frankly, it didn't bother me at all. I did feel for the young man's ego, though. When my sons were old enough and big enough, I let them go in to a public restroom together. The reason they now are allowed to go in alone is because they are taller, bigger, louder, and scarier than myself. I was grateful when they created "family" restrooms that were just one large area with a door that locked. It almost seems like individual restrooms will be all that is workable in the future at great cost to businesses.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video of the young woman having a temper tantrum at the college. THAT'S a "Social Warrior"??!
What are they feeding these kids on campus? Why does she think that kind of outburst is acceptable? Someone, somewhere has led that woman to believe that throwing a tantrum = social warrior. It's ridiculous, and embarassing to watch.

Anonymous said...

It's aggravating to hear transgender people talk about how they "feel like a woman" because it minimizes women; There's more to me than boobs and a vagina, pretty heels and makeup. My life experience as a woman can't be understood or appreciated unless you ARE a woman, and even then we women are all different. "I feel feminine." That I can understand, but you can't FEEL like a woman anymore than I could FEEL like a man by dressing like one or having my genitals fashioned into a penis.
Transgender people place great importance on the superficial aspects of "being a woman," but they can't speak to the core of what makes a woman who she is.
I'm rubbish at trying to explain my thoughts on this issue.

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