Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Guilty As Prosecutor, Judge, Jury, and Executioner

When listening to the statement of "innocence", especially in press conferences with prepared written statements, listen carefully to what the subject tells you. 

The guilty have a need for justification of what they have done.  This need will influence the rules.  They consider themselves as "good" and must, therefore, rectify their guilt of assault, rape, murder, theft, etc with this self assertion of goodness.  

Many (not all) murderers feel a need to put their victim on trial, which both condemns the victim but it also justifies the action.  This is crucial in analyzing a statement.  It is found to slip into statements where accidental death is claimed.

"The baby wouldn't finish her dinner."  

Now, she is dead, claimed as an accidental death.  

Let him speak. I can predict what you'll hear if you just let him talk, not interrupt him, and not feed him words.  Just ask him, "What happened?" and be quiet.  

In his words, he will attempt to justify his actions.  He is likely to say what a caring parent he is.  

He may even cite some of his history as a parent and the toys he bought for the child at Christmas time.  

Sound familiar?

Rather than say, "I didn't rape her", one says, "I have worked in charities for many years" as if to say,

"think of all the developmentally disabled women I could have raped but didn't."

Athletes who test positive for injecting testosterone and cattle efficient hormones into their buttocks, often will refer to how many tests they did not fail.  

This, when offered instead of a denial, is to further weaken the posture of innocence. 

Guilty people use the word "innocent" more than truthful people.  This is because they are, judicially, "not guilty" not because they didn't do it, but because they have not been convicted by a jury of their peers. 

Because this is all they can claim, it is their sole claim, and all they can do is repeat it. 

The repetition, or 'sensitivity' couples with the lack of reliable denial. 

The guilty have a need to put their victim 'on trial.'  

This includes verbally playing "prosecutor" as well as judge and jury, for the audience.  He may have already played the role of executioner.  

In most murders, the guilty subject will find a way to justify his action by condemning his victim, even if subtlety done, but in some familiar homicides, the guilty may actually play the role of prosecutor and defense attorney, showing the deep inner conflict of "having to" kill someone close to them (usually a close family member) while still feeling the 'loss' of the person no longer with them.  

At times, they may almost sound as if they are defending their own victim, but this generally does not last, as self preservation kicks in and rules the day. 


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I hope this short and simple lesson is learned well before I post more analysis on the murder of Amanda Blackburn. It is related.

Anonymous said...

Reported today, Austrian woman 54 yrs old brutally murdered on street by Kenyan migrant with LONG KNOWN CRIMINAL HISTORY. He's been in Austria 8 years. She was walking to her cleaning job. Isnt government's #1 duty to protect citizens?

Anonymous said...

Quotes from Missy Bever's husband Brandon:

"They didn't call me here, I just occasionally have things in my mind that I want to share with them and so I come up here and say, 'Hey, I'm coming up here —I've got this on my mind,'" Brandon said.

"If it wasn't for me leaning on God as heavily as I am right now, OK, there is no way — I would be melted just into this asphalt," he said. "There is no way the Brandon Bevers before this would be standing here today without me leaning on God, and His word and His direction, like, I find peace in it. It's very comforting. I obtain wisdom from it.”

"I haven't even read it, so don't divulge. I haven't even read the story. I saw it and I was unwilling to even...and I'm not even there so don't tell me anything," he said.

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Thanks for this Peter. When do you expect to post it? I'm looking forward to it.

I have a weekly coffee/talking time w/my BFf every Tuesday morning (I haven't murdered anyone tho lol). I referenced multiple times either your blog posts/sa principles as well as individual comments made. You/your posts have positively affected my life and I want to help my friend deal w/dishonest people in her life she can't get away from. I've learned both from Peter & also posters here. Thank you guys!

Hey Jude said...

I have read it three times, no lie. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank by Peter. I thought of Davey's multiple blogs which create fantastic justifications for Amanda's death.