Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Phoebe DiPietro and Deception

Phoebe DiPietro, mother of Justin DiPietro, and grandmother of missing toddler, Ayla Reynolds made this written statement 21 months later. 

What do we expect to hear?

1.  Concern for Ayla.  Specifically, what Ayla was experiencing. 
2.  Direct address to the kidnapper whom her son told her had stolen Ayla
3.  Impatience and anger towards police for not finding Ayla and the kidnapper.  

Dear Members of the Media and Public -- For 21 months my family has been heartbroken waiting for word on Ayla. Praying daily and hoping every time the phone rings that the authorities have found Ayla. 

This is the grandmother; we expect strong personal language and commitment, using the pronoun "I" and the pronoun "we" regarding family. 

Instead, we have dropped pronoun for praying daily and hoping.  

Note the "authorities" is used.  

Blog world, the newspapers and even the evening news have a way of distorting the truth.

Note the order:
1.  Blog world
2.  Newspapers
3.  "Even" the evening news 

Note what they have:  "a way of distorting the truth."

She does not say they lied, nor does she say what truth was "distorted."

This is a good place for her to "un-distort" or bring into clarity that which has been distorted. 

You have heard and read over and over again that Law Enforcement believe the 3 adults know more than what they are saying. 

Here is a good place for her to deny this and say, "My son, my daughter and Courtney have told the truth and that means the whole truth."  Instead, she turns to a question:  

Let me ask you this, if they so strongly believe that, why are they not asking the questions? Why are they not scheduling meetings with my family or with my attorney?

She avoids asserting that they told the truth and does not state that the police lied when they said "the three adults are not telling all they know about that night..."

One my consider that the use of the pronoun "my" in "my family" and "my attorney" may answer the question as to why "meetings" (not interviews") are not being scheduled.  This is to go on the offensive (strategy) while avoiding telling the truth (tactic) where failed polygraphs, walk outs, and refusals to cooperate have left law enforcement with little hope that an interview with them will yield anything.  Law Enforcement told the public that they withheld information and the three of them were holding firm together. 

This leads to a choice: 

Charge all three, in concert, or continue to 'wait.'

They chose to wait.  

Had they chose all three, their job would have been significantly more challenging, yet they would have increased the chances that one of the three would put self preservation first and testified, for example, against the father.  Two women had custody of their children and if they lied, via withholding information that led to one child's harm, jeopardy can and should be argued in court to persevere the lives of the other two remaining children.  If these two lied about Ayla, they are not reliable caretakers of children.  

Trista can say and do what she wants. To the best of my knowledge LE has not confirmed her allegations nor stated that she has been cleared as a suspect herself.

Here is a method of deception and tells us where Justin got his lessons:  red herring. 

Ayla was reported "missing" while in Justin's care.  She was also battered and bruised in his care, including a broken arm which they did not seek timely medical intervention for; leaving the baby to suffer the fracture without care for at least 24 hours. 

 I believe that the Focus should remain on finding Ayla. 

Will now the grandmother express concern for what Ayla is going through?

This is the most natural and expected of all statements: especially from a biological grandmother.  

Yet, what if she knows that Ayla is deceased?  What if Justin told her what happened that caused the spilling of Ayla's blood in her basement?

Then, it would be expected (and natural) that she would not express concern for what Ayla is experiencing because Ayla is not experiencing anything.  

Once Ayla is found then and only then will I think about justice. 

Here is an expression of confidence for her son.  Can you imagine your grandchild being "kidnapped" and you, the grandparent refusing to think of justice?  There is a reason why she does not wish to think of justice.  For grandparents, parents and loved ones, the kidnappers being brought to justice would be the most dominating emotion, after Ayla's own plight. 

We heard nothing from the family about Ayla's plight.  We heard Justin DiPietro speak of Ayla as if dead.
This then makes sense that they would not have concern for Ayla's day to day life.

Ayla was beyond help.  

Justice is served only when all facts and evidence are known and presented in a court of law.

For my family – the last thing left in Pandora ’s Box is hope. 

The reference is to "Pandora's Box" where, opened, means trouble.  The Greek reference is to open the box which contained all evils.  It is a distinctly negative connotation.  This is to recognize how bad it is, yet this is what is inside her "Pandora's box", "hope."

This affirms why no hope is offered, and why no concern is shown for Ayla, from the first day she was reported to have been "kidnapped."

It is interesting that she mentions the "evening news", as well, since it was there that she was caught being deceptive on camera and had to "clear things up" with the evening news.  

We choose to hold on to hope that Ayla will be found and brought home. If 3 adult women were held captive for over a decade and finally rescued then please believe there is hope Ayla will be found alive. So we ask and plead that the public continues to look for Ayla. Her eyes are beautiful and distinctive which will be a good focal point in looking for her. We continue to pray that a Good Samaritan will come forward with the information LE needs to bring Ayla home. Ayla, my granddaughter is out there alive so please do not give up looking for her. If you know anything please come forward.
Phoebe DiPietro

This is a thinly veiled attempt to shift public attention from her son and her daughter.  Her "evening news" interview revealed to us her need to protect her son.  Her lack of commitment to the 'kidnapping' story told us that she knew it was not true.  Her lack of concern for Ayla's plight told us that she knew Ayla would not be found alive and that she needed to protect her son and now even her daughter, who has gone into criminal conspiracy of silence though 5 years have passed and the State of Maine prosecutors have not brought forth charges. 


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it determined that enough of Ayla's blood was found that a child could not survive?

HISG said...

Peter, You're the man for staying on this case, and for focusing in on Phoebe. Great analysis. She is very integral to the case and IMO may have helped kill Ayla in addition to disposing of her. When I get out of work I will be rereading everything here and commenting further.

Trigger said...

Thanks Peter for pulling the covers off these people who Ayla depended on for her basic needs who failed her with such ease.

The failure to express concern for Ayla's well being when her blood was discovered at the crime scene could not prompt them to beg for her safety or life publicly.

PattyCake said...

I know this family and I went to school with Lance Diepietro, (Justin's brother and
Ayla's uncle). This is such a sad case, it is obvious that Ayla's disappearance was caused by and covered up by Justin and others. I wonder how this family can keep on living there lives with the intense weight and guilt of knowing what happened. I've always hoped that some big tough guy (with nothing to lose and no fear of jail ) would find Justin and kidnap him and torture and beat him until he talks. Just the thought of it gives me butterflies ;) fuck you Justin-you evil piece of dogs shit.
Thank you Peter I love you for what a beautiful heart you have and a brilliant mind. You make this world a much better place and I sleep better at night knowing there are people like you out there devoting your energy and expertise to bring light and truth to cases and victims of crimes , kidnappings and murders.
I have to say this: you are a celebrity in my eyes.
I love you Ayla Reynolds!

Anonymous said...

OT - Prime example of Media-reported quotes vs actual quotes (Jeffrey Dahmer/Adam Walsh)

Dahmer: Ok, thanks for the muffins…

Detective: And I appreciate your candidness with us, and, uh… just to reiterate my main purpose of coming here for, you know, the investigation of Adam Walsh, and [for you to] go on the record of saying you had nothing to do with it.

Dahmer: Nothing to do with it.

Detective: That murder or kidnapping.

Dahmer: I heard it on the new but I had nothing to do with it, no.

Detective: And if you did have anything to do with it, you would… [Dahmer reaches for another muffin]. You want another one? You would admit to it.

Dahmer: Uh… right. Yeah. Uh, yea. I guess I will take one more

Detective: Susan will be happy that you liked her muffins… [INTERVIEW CONCLUDED]


Investigating one of the nation's most prominent unsolved murders, a Hollywood detective pitched softball questions and fed homemade muffins to a serial killer.

He asked: Did you kidnap freckled 6-year-old Adam Walsh from a Sears in 1981?

"Nothing to do with it,'' Jeffrey Dahmer answered, taking another muffin.


Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember this case from years ago; that it's still not solved is sad.
If they haven't arrested the prime suspects this far, what are the chances they'll ever be held accountable?

HISG said...

How has it not leaked out even through rumor where Phoebe was that night?

HISG said...

Sometimes I think Phoebe may have disposed of Ayla in a wooded area off of a highway bc of her use of the term "Good Samaritan" will come forth and give the info needed to find Ayla.

HISG said...

Why does Phoebe capitalize the word "Focus"? Could this be an unconscious way of leaking that Ayla was disposed of near a sign of some kind with the name of a town or exit sign with a town name which would be capitalized?

lynda said...

Ottis Toole is the officially named person who murdered Adam Walsh. John Walsh also believes that Toole is the man who murdered Adam. Toole died in prison and was never officially charged with Adam's murder but he did confess and give details.

Ayla/ Why is this prosecutor not taking this to the grand jury?? He could use circumstantial evidence of previous injuries, etc. Not to mention all the damn blood in the basement! A jury would convict him. Sure, the other 2 would get off (unless Justin started singing) but at least the person that murdered her is in jail. I don't get it. These prosecutors that refuse to file charges solely because there is no body are ego driven. They don't want to risk a loss. In this case tho, there is enough circumstantial evidence that if I was on the jury, I would convict. Waiting all these years so they can get this charge or that is ridiculous IMO as these people are out free and have been for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

If I was a wild tiger, I would hunt and kill with my saber teeth all persons who commit abuse & violence against women, men, and especially children. As the wise wild tiger, I would always know exactly who is truly guilty or not, and I would therefore maybe not maul or kill anyone because I would see the suffering and brokenness in the perpetrators, and so would just give them a huge scare (like a big bite) and warning to NEVER do that again, and then I would just saunter away with my gigantic paws and saber teeth, with a glance back which says "I'm watching you."

Anonymous said...

"Her eyes are beautiful..."

It's very odd she thinks of Ayla's eyes. While Phoebe says the eyes are a focal point in finding Ayla, that comment is just WEIRD. It almost disrupts the first part of the paragraph and then after that sentence ends, she goes back on track again. It's like she inserted a sentence that doesn't belong. I can't explain it better.

Why aren't the police putting more pressure on the girlfriend, Courtney? I'd rather see her take a deal then let the Pietro's get away with murder. They'll get her down the road with her drug use anyway by the looks of it. I also think that life insurance salesman needs some serious punishment too.

lynda said...


OMG...Davey just posted a new blog "sharing" people's stories about Amanda and how her story has changed their lives. The story he posts is ALL ABOUT HIM! It is unbelievable!

Eve said...

I'm an avid I.D. watcher. In so many cases, the D.A.(sometimes, a new prosecutor) will decide that no new information is going to be brought forth, and the decision is made to proceed with the case and let the jury decide. I'm hoping that a courageous prosecutor will go forward with this case. Only the adults present know the whole story. but there seems to be plenty of circumstantial evidence. If all three could be charged, maybe some tongues would loosen. I don't even know if that's legally possible, but there is a conspiracy to cover up and obstruct

Fm25 said...

So if I'm understanding this right, this written statement was made 20 months after baby Ayla's disappearance. By this point the dipietro's were aware that prior statements made had been analyzed with deception indicated, correct?
Peter, if you are following, is there a point at which statement analysis is no longer reliable because the subject has learned from prior analyses and now carefully selecting their words based on this?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

John Ramsey, after having Statement Analysis in media, guided by his attorneys, learned that he:

a. did not deny killing jonbenet
b. used incomplete social introduction
c. gave linguistic indicator of sexual abuse
d. used distancing language
and so on...

He took to the microphone and said, "My name is John Ramsey. I did not kill my daughter, Jonbenet."

Statement Analysis notes the parroting back of information and especially the need to parrot.

Once the subject is brought into the Free Editing Process, he will go back to his norm of evasive deceptive language.

The analysis goes on!


mom2many said...

Do we know anything about DB's typical daily habits? In answering the question that was not asked, "went home to shower," is it possible that he usually went to "the office" aka Starbucks after working out? So he felt the need to explain why, on that day, he went back home instead. Interestingly, following that train of thought, I would expect him to take his laptop and whatever source material/books he was prepping, with him.