Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Statement Analysis: Myra Lewis Mother Speaks Out

Readers here know that she has already been indicated for deception. Thanks to "Trustmeigetit" for some good commenting.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview Clip with Myra Lewis' Mom

Posted: May 21, 2014 5:54 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 18, 2014 6:29 PM EDT

Gregory Lewis comforts his wife, Ericka, as she speaks about the disappearance of 2-year-old Myra.Gregory Lewis comforts his wife, Ericka, as she speaks about the disappearance of 2-year-old Myra.

Myra Lewis, 2-year-old missing since March 1stMyra Lewis, 2-year-old missing since March 1st
JACKSON, Miss. - In a story you will only see on WJTV News Channel 12, Ericka Lewis, the mother of missing 2-year-old, Myra Lewis, talks for the first time about her daughter's disappearance. Little Myra vanished without a trace from her home in the Camden community of Madison County back on March 1st. She has not been seen since that time.

Just days after Myra's disappearance, her mother, Ericka, was arrested for a probation violation. Ericka sat in a Madison county jail until she was released by a judge on Monday. Ericka speaks in her own words about Myra's disappearance and the ongoing investigation.


“Theres a struggle out here for me and my family right now. They just don’t know what we are going through out here. With our baby being gone and my children are with someone body else and not in the home with us. “

Note "our" baby being gone.  This is not expected from a biological mother of a missing baby. 

“I just want all of them, they just don’t understand what I’m going through. I just want my children. My life would be better. I just want them. That’s all I want. I just want them to come home to me. So, I can continue to raise them and help them be the….what they wanna be in life. I just want them to come home. I miss them so much, it’s been 2 months. I just want them so bad. I just want them.

It is striking how self centered the mother of a missing child is.  

Statement Analysis has indicated her for deception.  She has guilty knowledge of what happened to her child and that her child is not coming home.  This, even while speaking to the media, is difficult to hide or suppress. 

That her children are with "someone else" and not with "us" is the dominant thought, not Myra's plight. 

We expect:
"What has Myra?" 
"Is Myra okay?"
"Is she getting fed and cared for?"
"Why haven't the police found her?"
"Give her back!"
and so on.

Statement Analysis deals with what one says and what one does not say.  

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John Mc Gowan said...

"With our baby being gone and my children are with someone body else and not in THE home with us."

Buckley said...

It is distancing, no disagreement, but what I first thought of was a DCS category in the status of children. Don't DCS workers say that? "They are placed with others," "They have returned to THE home." I heard her repeatng a bureaucratic status as opposed to something more personal.

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of three boys. Of one of my sons was missing, how the family claims Myra is missing, I would be worried about her safety and express that. She has no worries in her statements about what torturous things Myra could be enduring. She mainly talks about the kids that were taken into CPS custody. In the custody of the state the kids would be most likely in a safe situation, she probably gets visits and can eventually get them back. However poor Myra is out there possibly ( family's supposed story ) with who knows whom, maybe a pedophile, maybe she's dead. She hasn't seen Myra since she went "missing" but she the Mother is still more worried about her kids that are in a safe environment? That says a lot.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

The struggle should be that her/their child is missing, is still missing, and may be dead! She references her self first, her remaining children second, "our family" (minus missing little Myra at that moment in time) third, and finally Myra fourth. Seriously??? Somehow, getting Myra back/finding Myra has never been her number one priority...Probably because she knows with all certainty that Myra isn't coming back, can't come back.

Of course her children have been taken away! She and her husband utterly failed to supervise and safeguard one of the smallest and most vulnerable members of their family. Most likely, she or her husband (or one or more of the older children) killed Myra accidentally or intentionally. I say children because it happens in blended families, as well as biological families.

There are very few Brady Bunch families, sadly enough. Just because the adults like each other doesn't guarantee the children do. There should be a Federal law requiring Family Counseling prior to blending a family (marriage or living together).

Kellie said...

Really bad acting.

S + K Mum said...

Are there updates on this case?
Are LE closer to making any arrests or is it another case of 'smart' parents outsmarting them?
poor little myra :-(

trustmeigetit said...

S + updates...

And I do think this is another time the parents will get away with murder.

What amazes me is that most of these people barely manage to get by in life... And there are no clues at all. Then the Mccanns who are intelligent leave tons of clues (just have power to get those clues ignored).

I don't know if it's because at this low level and having a criminal background (mom for one did) if they are just smart when it comes to covering up crimes. But mom clearly is not smart in general for leaving Shans gun just laying out which is dangerous enough with small children but being on probation as well.

trustmeigetit said...
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trustmeigetit said...

Peter... I transcribed another video I was hoping you would analyze.

In light of Amanda Knoxs newest claims that she WAS there and the murder happened because if a fight between her, Raf and Meredith....


Raffaele Sollecito is speaking on Anderson Cooper. Not sure how much his words matter being that English is not his first language.

Anderson Cooper is AC
Raffaele Sollecitois RS
Amanda Knox AK

AC: What do you say to that (re new allegations that he alone murdered Kercher)
RS: It is completely fiction. There is nothing real in what they described. I am completely…I am a stranger in this case. I have met (sounded like he started to say Meridith and stopped himself) Amanda for less than one week. I didn’t know Meredith. I met her once and I didn’t speak with Meredith. I had no reason to have any argue (a few words I could not understand) or have any participation.”

****It seems like at this point (:50) the clip is stopped and restarted so not what was maybe missed.

RS: I am really living inside the nightmare. And it’s very hard for me to go on. To live my life day by day with this burden (was hard to understand if he did say burden) on me.

AC: Amanda talked to our own Chris Como yesterday and I want to play you a little bit about what she said.


AK: Right now, me and Rafael together are fighting for our innocence. And, like I said, I truly believe that that can happen. Its only speculation that convicts us. Its evidence that acquits us.

AC: She says that you and she are fighting for your innocence together. Is that true, is that the way you see it? That your fighting together or are you now basically now trying to separate yourself, saying look… I wasn’t there, I barely knew Amanda, I didn’t know Meredith. Are you seeing it more as separate now?

RS: I am working by myself inside this tragedy in Italy. I am in Italy and she is very far. I appreciate her fighting also for me. But I am dealing with my lawyers and my legal team by myself.

****A Lawyer talked then to Anderson about the case. I didn’t transcribe this part.

AC: Do you have an regrets for returning to Italy to face these charges?
RS: Um no, as I already say, I came back because I have nothing to hide, I have a clear conscience, an open mind. There is REALLY nothing against me. I didn’t do anything wrong and have REALLY nothing to hide.
AC: Seven years of your life have been spent in this legal limbo. I mean it’s, are you able to have a regular life on a day to day basis or is this always in your mind, are you always dealing with it.
RS: I have always to deal with this. My family is completely destroyed. Psychologically and tragically inside their own lives. And my life is completely stolen. I cannot do, I cannot take a step farther because I am still in this situation. Just the future is only a dream. It’s not real.

Video ended then.

Still think it’s interesting he said Meredith once ate at his place….and that was at one point why there may be her blood on his kitchen knife – but now he has not met her, but then has once but didn’t speak with her.

And Amanda… you are fighting for your innocence? Really odd choice of words.

S + K Mum said...

It beggars belief that in this day and age, people who are so obviously guilty do actually get away with murder - their own babies too.