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Quiz: Missing Teen Uncle Statement

This was submitted for review with highlighting added to show the reader's concerns.

Quiz:    What do you make of the uncle's statement?

Be sure to explain what principles cause your focus upon which words.

We will update this with analysis results after allowing for comments.

 The highlighted words (bold type)  as received for review.

Hint:  There is one very important word chosen by the subject that highlights a principle within analysis.  It is  single word.  

SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — A San Leandro teenager that is believed to have run away over the weekend is still missing.

Her family is desperate to have her back home as soon as possible.

KRON4’s Alecia Reid spoke exclusively with the teen’s uncle.

Deanna Benedetto’s uncle was extremely emotional on Wednesday.

The family believes she may have left the house Saturday night to go meet with someone she met online, possibly an older man.

Now, she’s been gone for four days, and they’re concerned the 15-year-old might be in trouble.

She doesn’t have access to a cellphone, or money, and she’s not on any social media sites.

Her uncle says she hasn’t reached out to any of her friends since she went missing and this isn’t like her.

Deanna’s mother shut down the teen’s social media accounts about a year ago after finding out Deanna was using it to meet older men online and lying about her age.

Her family believes she may have been using various internet websites lately as a means of communication with others.

Now. they fear something is terribly wrong.

*************end of article**************************************************

The highlighted words (bold type) were submitted, and not added here.  

I’m worried that she’s dead,” missing teen’s uncle Angelo Benedetto said. 

Reporter: "What would bring you to that conclusion this early on"?

Uncle: "The way the world works and knowing how innocence can be prayed upon, you don’t hear about happy outcomes on the news, right, you don’ don't hear about, ‘hey, this kid took off and came back two days later.’ That doesn’t happen on the news. So it''s..err...That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful”

Deanna is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds.

She was last seen wearing a black, white, and gray jacket with gray pants with a logo of a cat on one leg.

If anyone thinks they’ve spotted the teen, you’re urged to call police.


Anonymous said...

I think the key word is "kid" although I am not quite sure what it means

Anonymous said...

The uncle is very sensitive about this. I wonder if he hurt her/caused her disappearance or facilitated her meeting with an older man, such as allowing her to use his electronics or knew a friend she might like, etc.

Anonymous said...

continuing my comment from 12:46pm...

I think that the key word is either "innocence" or "prayed upon" or "this" or "so"


Frannie said...

"right". He uses this word as a way to get the listener to believe in what he is saying.

Anonymous said...

Frannie... I didn't even think of that. But, now that you mention it, we would need to know if it was a question or statement. Here is my thought process...

... right? As in, don't you agree?


... right... As in, yes, I am confirming to myself that is exactly what I wanted to tell them.


Bobcat said...

The uncle could have ended his explanation after "...about happy outcomes on the news."

He continues, giving extra information, including:

Right - Need to persuade.
Took Off - similar to "left"

So. Cluster of blues with "took off" and "so"

Something may have happened on Monday (two days after the girl went missing on Saturday)

The uncle is not afraid for his missing niece. His concern is for himself, and what would have been reported on the news if she had returned home alive after two days.

(Signing up for course asap!)

Trigger said...

"The way that the world works and knowing how innocence can be preyed upon."

"she's dead" He knows it.

He is blaming the world

He knows how to prey upon the innocent.

It's on his mind

He's fearful for himself.

He has no concern for the well being of the victim.

Michelle said...

Off Topic: I wonder if there is any way Peter could look at the case of Vanessa Marcotte, the jogger killed in Princeton, MA last Sunday. Police are desperate for tips. But I have heard nothing of them tying her murder to the Main South Serial killer from Worcester, MA who was never caught. This killer previously killed only prostitutes who were petite, HIspanic, with dark hair and dark eyes, but investigators had thought years ago that he had become scared of getting caught and was changing his M.O. to try to throw them off.

I watched most of a documentary on this serial killer last night and one of the pictures shown of one of this killer's previous victims looks a lot like Vanessa Marcotte, meaning he may have targeted Vanessa because she fits the physical description of the women he targets. Investigators believe that this killer had become afraid of being caught and had therefore begun changing his M.O. including bringing one of his victims out of Worcester and dumping the body in Maine to try to convince investigators that he no longer lived in the area.

This guy needs to be caught.

I strongly suspect the Main South KIller killed VAnessa Marcotte.

This killer was never caught and has been inactive for several years. However, Vanessa Marcotte had dinner the night before at a restaurant in Worcester, MA which is literally a stone's throw from Main South, the killer's hunting ground.

We have the best and brightest here at statement analysis, police are stumped right now, would it be worth trying to figure out this case?

Here is the link to the documentary on the Main South Woodsman made recently

Here is the link to a criminal profile of the killer (I would like to add that statistically this killer is probably Hispanic bc ususally killers kill within their own ethnicity.)

Anonymous said...

Family members of missing individuals are the last people to think that their loved one is dead.

Michele said...

The word in question is: is
she is dead. Not she might be dead. His use is present tense.

Ode said...

He pauses and says the word " Dead" firm, his chin dots the I so to say.
he through his tone, he out puts Dead blunt without empathy for Deanna,

It's August and he is wearing a winter / fall seasonal vest in California
he is hiding his body or he is distancing himself ? from what not who.

Deanna isn't why he agreed to this interview, seems he called the press for him to share his intuition, proposition DEAD. It's not Deanna, it's all about him. I find it odd an Uncle would be grieving his missing niece. One would think he would be able to provide objectivity, aid, positive reinforcement, he being outside, (as Uncle).

Four days isn't eternity: he has given up. Yes, we do know kids (some) are found safe.

His nervousness and negativity upon the possible she is found/returns is disturbing. As is his wearing a winter fall vest, it's HOT.
He knows something, he isn't ready to divulge, his timing, not Deanna's is critical *to him.

Hey Jude said...

This is difficult. First, he is only 'worried' that his niece is dead. 'I'm worried that she's dead' - I will ask the question someone always asks - is that an embedded confession? Is it a bit bald/unexpected trot him to use the word 'dead' so soon?

Then - "The way the world works and knowing how innocence can be prayed upon, you don’t hear about happy outcomes on the news, right, you don’ don't hear about, ‘hey, this kid took off and came back two days later.’ That doesn’t happen on the news. So it''s..err...That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful”

Story-telling/philosophising - explaining 'why' something has happened, the need to explain. He mentions 'the news' twice and negatively, what you don't hear, what doesn't happen, which makes 'the news' sensitive to him. He is fearful of what will be on the news - that is where his mind is right now.

Is 'can' significant? - 'knowing how innocence can be prayed upon' - rather than saying he knows how innocence IS preyed upon. Is he distancing himself from that knowledge - despite being so aware of the news stories in which innocence is preyed upon - he chooses to say only that innocence 'can' be preyed upon. Does that suggest he did not consider his niece to be 'innocent' or 'preyed upon'. If not, he should have hope for a good outcome on the news, yet he does not. I think 'can' is interesting - I can't fully articulate why.

He does not express concern for her welfare, what might be happening to her, rather muses about how 'the world works' and uses the general 'you', when his concern should be more personal. He already has concluded the worst, though she only has been missing a relatively short time, in view of her age and possibility she is with a friend of whom the family might be unaware.

Then he's 'very fearful' - which is quite different from merely being worried, as first he stated. Is that a change in language, and change in reality - he is very fearful for himself, does he hold some knowledge with regard to his niece, which he fears making the news - whilst only being 'worried' that she might be dead.

So - 'news' and 'can' seem likely candidates, to me. 'Dead', maybe. If we only can choose one word, I will go with 'news'. I think he knows she is dead, and the knowledge makes him very fearful.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Reporter: "What would bring you to that conclusion this early on"?

Uncle: "The way the world works and knowing how innocence can be prayed upon, you don’t hear about happy outcomes on the news, right, you don’ don't hear about, ‘hey, this kid took off and came back two days later.’
NOTHING he said in his response had anything to do with how *he* knew that conclusion early on. It was either 2nd person, or passive voice. He hasn't answered the question.
"That doesn’t happen on the news. So it''s..err...That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful”
Actually, it DOES happen on the news, but it's where his mind is right now. The only thing he's said is about his mental state, and that he's very fearful. He's expecting exposure, and he's afraid. (Even though the "very" makes it sensitive. Is he hoping for the exposure or worried about it?)

Anonymous said...

Suspicious death of DNC staffer. Said to be Wikileaks informant.

Nic said...

Peter said:
It can be evident by a single word in the statement that comes after the allegation of the assault. One single word can alert us to this very thing.


In reference to saying "I'm worried that she's dead

He says he knows how innocence can be preyed upon. Not all predators kill and I don't believe many know how to "prey" upon innocence. I think as parents we spend our time protecting our children from being preyed uponl. But he ties what he fears to knowing how.

Sarah Highcove said...

Interesting that the uncle says that she is dead, and does not use the word killed or murdered and that he is so blunt about this possibility so soon. Usually loved ones of a missing person can't admit this as even a possibility as it hurts too much.

Anonymous said...

I know this family personally and they love this child no way in hell did Ber uncle do anything to her. They are a good family that loves each other. So to anyone that believes otherwise can at a bag of shit.

Nic said...

That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful

"that" is distancing (from knowing how to prey on innocence)

is defined in part: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences,
his mind is on knowing how (and the experience?)

I'm very fearful
he doesn't say that he is fearful for his niece. He says heis afraid. If he hasn't done anything, then why be fearful.

lynda said...

“I’m worried that she’s dead,”

He takes ownership that he, himself is "worried that she's dead".
He doesn't worry that she could be dead, he worries that she IS. He's not worried that she is cold, hungry, tired, being abused..he's worried that she is DEAD.
The use of the word "dead" is always something to look for as sensitive in parents/relatives of missing persons as this word does not usually enter an innocent person's vocab.
He knows she is DEAD.
"that" creates distance, "this" brings closer.

"She's"..he does not use her name. Distance.

"The way the world works and knowing how innocence can be prayed upon"

Storytelling and need to persuade. He does not claim ownership of "knowing" how innocence can be preyed upon" Using past tense reference. It is not, "I know that innocence can be preyed on" he uses a vague reference that it can be preyed upon as this is "the way the world works."
It is common knowledge, even by her mother, that she was "not" innocent. That she brought this on herself with contacting and meeting older men. A small inclination towards victim blaming?
"This is the way the world works"
He is telling us how the world works. It is how his world works. The innocent are preyed upon. Storytelling and need to persuade.

" you don’t hear about happy outcomes on the news, right

Uses "you" not I hear. The collective "you," not I. Need to persuade and reflects distance as he does not claim this is what he doesn't here (said in negative) telling us what ISN'T happening.
"happy outcomes"

There is going to be no happy outcome here because "YOU" know it doesn't happen, the news tells us it doesn't happen so it must be true.
"Right?" Asking for affirmation that he is correct. That she is dead and there will be no happy outcome because the "news" has told us it doesn't happen. "You" is a sensitive word? It should be marked that "You" is not HIM or I.
" you don’ don't hear about, ‘hey, this kid took off and came back two days later.’
Again, need to persuade that "YOU" don't hear about "this kid coming back" "hey, (pay attention to my next words!) "THIS KID took off and came back two days later."
Again, does not use missing girls name but says "THIS KID" The missing girl has gone from "SHE" to "THIS KID". THIS KID is significant but don't exactly know why. Does it mean that when "this kid" went missing, he knows why? The 2 days. Did something happen after 2 days?

That doesn’t happen on the news. So it''s..err...That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful”

AGain, telling us what DOESN'T happen, that "kids" are found safe.His mind is very (sensitive) to fearful...he is under stress and is sensitve. Storytelling with THAT doesn't happen. He is anxious about the news, perhaps the publicity? that would shine a light where he doesn't want it to shine? His "MIND" is VERY fearful that what "doesn't" happen on the news ( there is a safe return) He takes ownership of being very fearful with "because that is where his mind is.

I'm pretty bad, I know!

lynda said...

I think he has guilty knowledge of what she did and how she disappeared and also has knowledge that she is dead.

Nic said...

Hey Jude said:
Is 'can' significant?

Can -- to be able to

PattyCake said...

gulp. the word is dead

lynda said...

Peter said,

"The Murder of Amanda Blackburn" conclusion up next..."


I call bait and switch! It was not up next..2 more articles followed this statement! Peter is teasing us all with the fact that conclusion is finally upon us but not...quite...yet...! lol

I am DO anxious to read the conclusion!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lynda. Bring. On. The. Blackburn. Conclusion!!! Please. :)

Unknown said...

Lynda.....when i red the part of THIS KID....i was more leaning towards distancing even more from the subject (nice), and talk about other kids in the news that dont turn up safe, he wasnt again not thinking about her...but i can be wrong.

Me2l said...

The conclusion is.....Davey is still walking around a free man, and the murderers have been arrested.

Nothing has changed in the 9 months since Amanda's murder.

Anonymous said...

Angelo Benedetto, uncle of Deanna, facebook:

6:42pm "Deanna Benedetto, my Niece, is missing. If anyone knows anything or has seen her please let me or the police know."

1:58pm "powerlessness is a mother fucker"
2:36pm "Deanna My Heart is Still Missing. If anyone has seen her or heard of anything please let myself or SLPD know. All we want is for her to be home and to be safe. Thank you."
4:59pm "Can we go set some shit on fire? Please?"
6:00pm "Imma set Yung Kee on Fire so that man Crispino De Leon starves"
7:29pm "Setting a building on fire sounds pretty awesome right now."

Anonymous said...


It appears that Deanna's father (Angelo's brother) may be involved in questionable activities.
Angelo appears to be living within the law, but aware of "the world" around Deanna.
And how that "world" works.

Lis said...

Out of all the similar cases we've studied on this site or that I've read about, this is the first time I've heard a relative use the word "dead." It seems that this is a word that loved ones usually want to avoid at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Deanna's Mother's facebook:

7:15pm Please friends and family share this and help us bring our girl home!! We love her and pray for her safety and protection home!

1:18pm Still missing! Please share and help us bring her home ♡
2:26pm Thank you everyone for sharing and the support!
4:50pm I can email the flyer to you too
6:20pm Thank you ladies ♡
11:30pm I can email them to you or bring you some. Whichever works best for you.

12:30am Thank you everyone for sharing and help to find her!
8:30pm Yes : ( (In reply to inquiry – is this your daughter?)

Alexandra said...

I'm just getting a chance to look at the statement from the uncle.

I've been busy trying to figure out who killed Vanessa Marcotte and I am convinced it is the Main South Killer. I hope WPD has also reached that same conclusion so they can attempt to capture him.

Regarding the Uncle's statement:

1) "She's dead" is an embedded "confession".

2) Is the one main word that Peter is hinting at the word "so" within the sentence "So it''s..err...That's where my mind is right now, i'm very fearful”.

SCAN would indicate high sensitivity here.

From other statements I have studied the use of "so", particularly in the MIDDLE of a statement is generally indicative of the entire crux of the statement being deceptive. In this case, the deception rests upon the uncle's reasoning for why she won't come's the way the world is, blah blah blah.

In short, it's a false explanation for why she won't be coming back home, and the word "so" alerts us to this.

The uncle killed her.

Mad as Hell said...

you"re a cumplete idiot to make that kind of asumption anon 1007

Anonymous said...

Update on Vanessa Marcotte case:

They are looking for a male, they feel he sustained scratches, cuts and/or bruises in a struggle. They are asking anyone who has seen a male with these suspicious injuries to call their tipline.

They have interviewed employees at a restaurant close by where Vanessa was killed in Princeton, MA. I haven't read anything about them interviewing anyone who may have seen anything at the restaurant where she was with her father in Worcester the night before in which is a stone's throw from the Main South killer's hunting ground.

Wouldn't you think they should since the Main South killer's last victim was found wearing a white chef's prep shirt and a national profiling team feels that that is an important clue to help identify him?

Especially since Vanessa visited her mother on a bi-monthly basis and regularly went for a jog before she went home. Did she also visit that restaurant near the Main South killer's hunting grounds with her father regularly? If so, they should be all over that as a clue!!!!!!! It pains me to watch this investigation thus far.

Anonymous said...

Misha said...

Off Topic - Another pastor (this one is UK based) who probably has got away with murdering his wife. "His church in Tottenham describes itself as a growing international, multi-cultural Christian church and also has a branch in Edinburgh."

Me2l said...

Difference being, the UK pastor was initially charged and arrested. Davey B. was initially cleared and has never been arrested.

Me2l said...

I'm sure you've read the Blackburn thread, where the troll has had everyone from Amanda's sister to her father, along with friends of the Blackburns, involved in the murder.

She's a nut with at least 20 various identities she uses in these blogs.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

lynda said...
Peter said,

"The Murder of Amanda Blackburn" conclusion up next..."


I call bait and switch! It was not up next..2 more articles followed this statement! Peter is teasing us all with the fact that conclusion is finally upon us but not...quite...yet...! lol

I am DO anxious to read the conclusion!!
August 11, 2016 at 7:49 PM

No, I am still writing it, and it will be the next article authored. Those in-between: one is advertisement and the other sent to me for review.

Anonymous said...


Here is an updated highlighted rundown of Blackburn statements:

He knew.

I wonder what else he considered doing to Amanda before "just" getting her to the hospital?

Anonymous said...

I think the word is news. He doesn't get his important information from real life. He gets it from the news. This suggests that his world is disassocated from reality. When someone disassociates they can believe things that are not true. As surprising as his statements are, it is more surprising that they are built on what the news says.

Anonymous said...

Huh? ^^^^^^