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Child Molestation Analysis and Polygraph

Analysis of words is not reality; it is the subject's verbalized perception of reality.  

Every polygraph examiner should be formally trained in Statement Analysis. 

Only twice in my career did my analysis oppose the results of a polygraph.  It is, professionally, a very uncomfortable position to be in, as I have great confidence in the polygraph when the subject's own words are used. 

Each subject has a personal subjective dictionary.  The most common example is:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."  

President Clinton would have passed a polygraph if he had been asked this very question.  Had he been asked, "Did you have sexual contact with Ms. Lewinsky?" and denied such, he would have failed. 

Sexual activity is a specific topic in with the investigator/analyst should never assume or interpret.  The wide variance in personal subjective dictionaries is highlighted most in this topic.  

In statemnet analysis , we have perspectives that often sound unusual to the untrained, but make sense to the trained.  We say, for example, "a man cannot molest his own daughter", while knowing that men do molest their own daughters.  This perspective is in the language.  We find that molesters will "change" their victims from "my daughter" to something else, including "the girl" or "she" during the time (in the statement) where the molestation took place. 

Child molesters routinely minimize.  They did not "hurt" nor "harm" the child (see Michael Jackson's language).  When they did not physically inflict injury in some cases they will make this claim.  They routinely shift the blame to the child, and in some cases, to the mother for "allowing" them to act upon this immoral and acutely damaging instinct.  

Of the two cases in which I opposed the passed polygraph, one was the analysis of a 911 call which, after 2 years, ended with a conviction of double murder.  This meant that a short, 3 minute 911 call was weighed against decades of homicide experience, and the entire case file; interviews, forensics, analysis, and so on.  

The words that the one who passed his polygraph revealed: 

that he did it;
his disposition towards the victims (including a child)
His motive:  
why he did it and 
His background:
what his background investigation would reveal.  

The 3 minute call to 911 gave us his guilt, his motive and verifiable aspects of his history of both violence and greed.  When the hosting police captain asked me, in front of the class, how certain I was, I said, "I stake my career on it."


Because his words talked me into it.  

I began the analysis, live before experienced detectives, with the presupposition that the caller:

did not do it, and was calling to help police learn the truth.  

He talked me out of it, line by line, and word by word, and he left me with no choice.  

The other case where my analysis opposed the passed polygraph  was a child molestation case. 

I had both the perpetrator's and the victim's written statement, as well as audio interviews of both. 

The analysis matched.  The written statement of the perp showed, for example, the skipping over of a specific period of time.  The child (10) wrote that he had 'tickled' her at the very time period in which the perp skipped over.  This was just one of many indicators within the statements.  

I sent the statement (redacted) out, as is routine, for a second opinion, from a professional instructor. 

He wrote back that the child, for example, was telling the truth as to when and where the molestation took place, and that the perpetrator was deceptive. 

Yet, the perpetrator (child's mother's boyfriend) passed his polygraph and was allowed to return to the home. He boldly stated, "I did not molest her!" 

Months later, I learned he had reoffended. 

In his language, he did not "molest" the child.  He was "tickling" and was "affectionate" (his language). 

How did the failure to properly use his own wording in the polygraph impact this victim?

The perp was obviously empowered.  Whenever justice is perverted, denied, or lost, criminal behavior increases. This is human nature.  

I don't know what became of the young victim, but I can imagine that not only was she re-victimized by the sexual abuse, but what of her family's viewpoint that she was lying?  Victims of childhood sexual abuse show an acute need to be heard.  It echoes throughout their language.  

How might this impact not only her relationship with her mother, but later, with her own children?  

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" is  truth.  

The "heart", that is, the seat of the intellect and emotions, is a source of "abundance." It is deeply filled with tens of thousands of words, and myriad emotional connection to words and experiences.  

When one speaks, we may know the truth, even when the subject intends to deceive.  

Truth is not impacted by time nor culture nor external influences.  

Analysis of the words gets to the truth and trained analysts run regularly at or near 100% accuracy.  When a polygraph examiner is trained in Statement Analysis, it is to combine great skills and science together.  

Child molesters 

hat tip: John 

POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- A Polk County man is facing dozens of lewd molestation charges after deputies say he repeatedly molested three young girls, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.
Ezra Raulerson, 65, was arrested Tuesday. A woman came forward earlier this month and tipped off deputies to the abuse, according to a news release.
All three victims said Raulerson asked to give them a "tummy rub" and then molested them, deputies said.
One victim was molested 30 times when she was 10 and 11 years old, the second victim was molested 15 times when she was 10 years old and the third girl was molested 20 times when she was 9 years old, according to the news release.
Deputies said the abuse continued until about three weeks ago.
"Ezra Raulerson's conduct is the worst of the worst -- he violated innocent children who depend on adults for their safe care. It sickens us to know that three innocent and precious children were taken advantage of by someone they trusted. He belongs behind bars for the rest of his life," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.


Anonymous said...

"Victims of childhood sexual abuse show an acute need to be heard. It echoes throughout their language."


Do they grow up to be activists?

jeff said...

I'm still waiting to hear any analysis of Trump or the people associated with him. Here is an obvious statement from Sergei Millian a Belarus-American who has ties to both the Trump administration and the Kremlin:

"I want to say that I don’t have any compromising information, neither in Russia nor in the United States, nor could I have"

He wants to say (but he can't?)

Ulla said...

new in Sherri Papini case

LM Cerullo said...

Second language. Not as reliable to me. And whatever you are looking for you can always find it if you want to. That is not statement analysis.

lynda said...


looks like they might actually be shaking some trees in the Papini case. I hope if she did this to herself, they prosecute.

Unknown said...

The Lewinski affair was a farce from beginning to end.

Presidents do not get impeached for sex affairs.

Unless the people behind the curtain in the capstone of the pyramid...

In witch case the sex affair is not real, but carefully staged.

Using Statement Analysis for ficton is like swimming in a postcard of the Caribbean.


John Mc Gowan said...


Family, police looking for missing Portage girl, 16

Subtle disparagement. This is not a good relationship.

Melissa Rhone left work at a Chesterton thrift shop at 6 p.m. on March 21 with a friend and hasn't been in contact with her family since then.

The Portage teen's father, Mike Rhone, and aunt, Linda Rhone, are trying to piece together where she went and, more importantly, where she is now so they can find her and bring her home.

"It's rough," said Mike Rhone. "It's hard to sleep, with everything else. And telling the story 100 times, it gets old."

What is "everything else" he speaks of?

Why would it matter how many times he told "The story"

The family has been in contact with the Portage Police Department since the day after Melissa, 16, disappeared, and the department has assigned a detective to the case.

"Right now we're still looking at everything so we can't really comment," said Detective Kurt Biggs.

Mike Rhone said the owner of the thrift shop, a family acquaintance who lives nearby, saw Melissa get into her friend's car and had offered to give the teen a ride home.

From what Mike Rhone and his sister, Linda Rhone of Gary, have been able to figure out, Melissa shut off her cellphone and deleted her Facebook account in the hours after she left work.

They also believe her friend dropped her off behind the Portage Wal-Mart, possibly to meet a boy, and at some point Melissa got $20 from a male acquaintance, they said.

Mike Rhone said he checked with Melissa's cellphone service provider and there have been no calls, texts or other activity on the phone since about an hour after her friend picked her up from work.

The day Melissa, a freshman at Portage High School, disappeared, Mike Rhone said he and his daughter got into a fight about something she posted on Facebook.

She was supposed to get a ride home from her boss after work, he said, and face the consequences from their disagreement.

"She's been mad at me before," Mike Rhone said, but she hasn't run off, though when she was 13 and living with her mom in Rockport, she ran away for a day but was found by that night.

The family hopes that, with the help of the police and social media, they can locate Melissa and bring her home safely.

"It's just a scary thought not knowing where she's at," Linda Rhone said. "It would be one thing if we knew she was mad and at a friend's (house)."

Mike Rhone said Melissa is 5 feet 2 inches or 5 feet 3 inches tall; weighs 115 to 120 pounds; has nose and navel rings; and blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who knows of Melissa's whereabouts can contact Biggs at 219-764-5675.

John Mc Gowan said...

Madeleine's parents: 'We will take lie detector test to clear our names

Will they shop around like the Ramseys to find a polygraper whom will pass them? If indeed they take one.

Whomever administers the Polygraph, will they use the mccanns own language?


Kate and Gerry McCann are prepared to take a lie detector test to clear their names.
The couple are so confident of their own innocence that would take the polygraph test in Portugal, a source close to the couple said.

The source said last night: "If they were asked to take a lie detector test, of course they would agree.
"Kate and Gerry are happy to do anything that would help clear their

Phoenix19966 said...

Off topic, some "new" information regarding Sherri Papini.

Nic said...


The Collapse Is Confirmed! Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!

Janet Yellen: The simple message is, the economy is doing well. Um, we have confidence in the robustness of the economy and its resilience to shocks. Um, it’s performed well over the last several years. Uh, we’ve created since the trough in employment after the financial crises around 16 million jobs. The unemployment rate has moved way down and, um, many more people uh, feel optimistic about their prospects….The simple message is, the economy is doing well. […]

The US economy is performing well and um, we seem pretty balanced. So, um, I think people can feel good about the economic outlook.


@ 17:10

Narrator: […] Federal chair, Janet Yellen, said the economy has proven to be remarkably resilient and that the hike is a vote of confidence in the economy:

JY: Our decision to raise rates is strate-certainly be understood, uh, as, um, (long pause) reflection of the confidence we have in the progress the economy has made and our judgement that that progress will continue and the economy has proven to be remarkably resilient. […]

Narrator: But is the US really strong enough to withstand another rate hike? The US economy continues to face a lot of head winds including weak global economic conditions, high household debt and, a lack of well-paying jobs. The US economic outlook is somewhat muted as well. [...]


IMO, they are in way over their collective heads and what they are reporting are all lies made to string everyone along so that the system doesn't crash.

Without faith, the system fails. i.e., there is no gold backing the dollar anymore. It used to be that you could only have as much money as there was gold back it in the system. Used to be. No gold means they can print as much paper money as they want to (and they have,) and the only thing elevating the paper money worth is faith.

The market is nothing but a shell game. It's all based on faith and prospect (possibility); hence the term "prospective"(future/unknown occurrence) when you want to read about a company you're thinking of inve$ting in (chance). Stock options/performance pay and pay in general is all based on 'good news' about said public company. i.e., Gold "stock" has zero gold backing the receipt of purchase. If an investor where to try and redeem their 'stock' (paper) for the real thing, they'd get nothing for it and therein lies the whole truth of the matter.

IMO, the whole [public] industry is counterfeit and Yellen's need to persuade and [lack of] confidence about this "simple message" (in the US economy) comes across loud and clear to me.

Nic said...


Unknown said...

I hope that Isa will tell us what happened. I hope there is enough evidence left behind to fill in the blanks.

Unknown said...

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in my home. I just want to thank you for the work you do to help children that have experienced this trauma to be understood. I wasn't able to face my abuse until my late 40s. I ended up disclosing the abuse to my family and trusted friends. Once my abuser's wife found out it became very traumatic. My abuser was my older brother. I experienced a lot of secondary trauma, and still am when I interact with my family of origin. I feel very betrayed by them. My brother took and passed a polygraph at the insistence of his wife. My parents say they believe me but that damn lie detector test is so hard to understand. How can someone capable of so much evil pass it? Though, I have not heard the details of the polygraph. I only heard about it through one of my sons. This all has been so difficult and it has impacted my life in so many ways. I am still learning how it impacted me. I am not sure why I am writing a comment that may never be seen. But I think it is because I need to be heard. Finding the work you have done to help CSA survivors has helped me. I hope you can continue to educate people about this issue. I have found support groups online and have had a couple of amazing therapists, one of whom I still am seeing. I am healing. It is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Mdkd6262 said...

Unknown from 4/3 @ 6:45 pm. I too am a survivor of CSA. I admire your courage - the courage to acknowledge your truth even in the face of not being believed. I have been there also. Know that each time you verbalize the truth of what happened to you that it is a step toward healing and righting the overturned world within your soul. Each time brings clearer focus and clarity. There is something powerful about acknowledgement. I send you many positive thoughts for your journey ahead as you discover just how strong you really are and finally understand "no wonder I felt the way I did and feel the way I do." Most of all I wish for you kindness and patience with yourself as you take however long you need to process the aftermath of having your innocence violated. Seeing a therapist as a sounding board is a great tool and so glad you found a good one. The hard work is worth it and will give you tremendous insight and strength as you process through your pain. Godspeed my friend.

Unknown said...

Mdkd6262 in reply to anonymous 4/3 6:45 pm. Thank you. I am anonymous, though I thought I had signed in. Such is life. Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. I am trying to be kind and patient with myself. It is amazing how many lies my abuse, and my abuser, told me that still are lodged in my psyche. It is a pervasive, insidous kind of abuse. It was physical, emotional, and psychological as well as sexual. I find I am now empowered by the stories of other people. For some reason I can feel their pain and need for justice more than I feel it for myself. Or rather, I find I can see the reality of my own life through the lenses of other people's stories. I can feel the emotion that way. It is so difficult to access. My abuse started quite young. At times I think it may have begun when I was pre-verbal. Well, looking at old photos recently, it is clear something was wrong when I was a toddler and possibly before. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I have a husband and three young adult sons that have such respect for me. I hope to feel that respect for myself one day, Godspeed to you as well, my friend who is a stranger. Your words are taken to heart.