Thursday, March 23, 2017

Samantha Brown: "I Would Never Hurt My Children"

Just how far will someone go to avoid saying, "I didn't..." when seeking to deny without really denying an allegation?  

This is a good short quote for analysis.  

Using the word "never" is sometimes due to wanting to make a specific time period appear vague.  

Repeating it is unnecessary emphasis.  

PITTSBURGH, Pa.  A mom in Pennsylvania is charged with attempted homicide involving her children.
 Samantha Brown, 27, from East McKeesport is accused of giving her 8 and 9-year-old sons prescription medication used to treat seizures and panic disorders.
The children were rushed to the hospital on March 1 after they became ill at school.
Police say both boys were foaming at the mouth, and one was unresponsive.
Police also say Brown told them she, quote: “didn’t want the kids anyway.”
But Brown says she never said that.
“I would never do the things I’m being accused of, never.  I love my children. I would never hurt my children. Never hurt my children ever.”

There is a progression here. 

"would never" is conditional/future and avoids saying, "I did not" 

"I love my children" is an unnecessary element used to justify one's own actions. 

"the things I'm being accused of" is a form of avoidance.  This is common in child abuse cases where the allegation is avoided or it is minimized.  In a child murder, "I would never harm my child" 

We find the minimization to be used frequently in childhood sexual abuse, sometimes with the verb "did not" as in:

"I did not hurt my child" which asserts "hurt", and in child sexual abuse, the lack of physical pain may produce this statement.  This avoids addressing the allegation.  

Given more time to speak, she might have used the proverbial, "I'm a good mother" statement which is closely related to child protective services intervention history.  

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Anonymous said...

How is it that one can, with difficulty, attempt to avoid lying but do something much worse like violently injure someone? Its like inflicting physical harm is easier than actually lying about it.

Trigger said...

"inflicting physical harm is easier than actually lying about it"

In a moment of anger, it is easy to inflict physical harm as it is a way of relieving stress and tension and reinforcing a sense of power and control.

Lying requires thoughts and emotions that cause stress and tension.

If this mother thinks that her children are causing her to feel trapped or burdened with unwanted responsibility, which are stressful and anxious thoughts, she might then be tempted to permanently unload herself of her children in an irrational manner, in order to relive herself of the overwhelming feelings of stress and fear.

Anonymous said...

What about when child abusers reverse cause and effect such as when a parent is hated by their now adult child who says to the parent "You did X to me when I was a kid" to which the parent responds "You just think that because you hate me".

I have to agree w Anon it is amazing how they dont just. deny it...I think it is because they are just anxious they will not sound convincing enough if they address/deny the specific accusation. Also some offenders seem to realize they it is always better to put the accuser on the defensive instead of allowing themselves to be put on the defensive. They seem to feel once they go on the defensive about the specific charge, in their mind, they are in a one-down position.

Anonymous said...

Trigger it doesnt really sound like the mother was enraged. She didnt hit the kids she fed them pills meaning it sounds more calculated than furious.

Anonymous said...

I think psychopathy is a combo of nature and nurture. If someone has the genes for it and they are abused by both parents, these people then become warped adults with NO conscience.
There is no point in hating these people; they are essentially morally retarded. Just the way you wouldn't expect a retarded person to understand math, morally retarded adults are just as retarded.

Unknown said...

"Never hurt my children ever.”

I believe she hurt her children all the time. She fed = mouth = speech them pills to silence them when they starting taking about the things she did to them.

Trigger said...

"I believe she hurt her children all the time...etc."

I agree. It took some rehearsing and reinforcement of her need to punish them before she made the decision to make them go away permanently.

The fact that she dosed both boys with dangerous drugs, at the same time tells me that her need was overwhelming.

I wonder if she blamed them for a failed romantic relationship like Susan Smith did when she killed her two sons.

John Mc Gowan said...

Follow her pronouns.

Pronouns, when attached (first person "i," to a statement ) places us Psychologically into our words. We own with what we believe is true, in context.

Trigger said...

"I would never hurt my children"

"I" First person singular- "would never" future tense with unneeded emphasis- "hurt" avoiding the specific accusation- "my children" she can't bring herself to say their names though they almost died.

Trigger said...

If Samantha Brown was taking this prescription med for treatment of seizures and anxiety attacks, she must have been monitored at some point by an agency or doctor.

It seems reasonable that she was suspected as being a high risk mother or an unfit mother at least once.

She must be a substance abuser who is excellent at deceiving people.

Anonymous said...

This might be an odd question, but why would either of those meds make someone "foam at the mouth"?

Anonymous said...

It can be a side effect of some drugs. Klonopin often has that effect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I don't take drugs so I wouldn't know.

Patty Cake said...

Peter, could someone that has a theft conviction and a forgery conviction take your scan statement analysis classes? Also this person has been the victim of immence deception herself and does her best to survive after leaving ex boyfriend abuser 10 years ago and has to live in a world with threatening , narcsisstic personality from the ex, during past domestic violence assault and current threatening blackmailing and emotionally and psysically hurting of their shared child for his benefit...She wants to learn more. This man seems to be a psyhcopath?! help!

Anonymous said...

Party Cake, wow, you seem real concerned about whoever the individual's obvious how much you care when you make sure Peter and his readers know she is a thief in the 1st line of your post! A lot of times that's what domestic abusers themselves do is smear their victim. Obviously the person can take Peters class...I see nowhere where Peter demands a criminal background check on those who sign up.

Anonymous said...

Is the person not capable of writing to Peter herself if she want to take his class? You sound like a domestic abuser yourself, bc if she wants to take the class it seems like she would probably be too embarrassed now since you intentionally smeared her to Peter as well as his readers. I am skeptical of whether the person has actually been convicted for theft and forgery since it's obvious you're trying to smear the person.

Anonymous said...

OT: Rachel Dolezal is back and she's peddling a book.

Unknown said...

Patty Cake may be talking about herself in the third person.

I believe learning SA can be therapeutic especially for people who experienced trauma. There's a lot of deception related to emotional and physical trauma. Focusing on other people's words and finding patterns forces us to look at our own word choices and patterns which could indicate areas of our own sensitivity aiding us to recover from trauma.

Unknown said...

"...and current threatening blackmailing and emotionally and psysically hurting of their shared child for his benefit."


If you are truly aware of child abuse then REPORT ALL INFORMATION you have on the child and his parents IMMEDIATELY!

Anonymous said...

Go bullshit someone a lot more gullible than me, Esme/Pattycake,

People dont smear themselves in the intro sentence requesting to take a course.

How disgusting you would insult my intelligence with this load of bull.

Unknown said...

I'm not Patty Cake.

Who are you?

Unknown said...

"I unapologetically stand on the black side," she said."Blackness better defines who I am philosophically and socially than whiteness does."

She wants to be socially accepted as black. Someone can stand on the black side without pretending to be black.

She wears her "blackness" like a mask. Why is she hiding her true identity? Was she rejected by white people? Her own parents? Her statement shows contempt towards white people.

John Mc Gowan said...

Race, she said, is a "social construct" used to pigeonhole people.

"I unapologetically [sic} stand on the black side," she said. "Blackness better defines who I am philosophically and socially than whiteness does."

There's something about this statement that concerns me. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Patty Cake said...

I am often misunderstood i have expierenced severe trauma and have severe anxiety problem that makes people think i am over dramatic but havent seen my son and i know bad things are hapening my son toldme to do whatever i needed to do to make ths right...right before his grandma started picking him up from school before i could get there to meet him. it really bad I am all alone i am scared and this just sucks sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have been trembeling for weeks

Habundia said...

“If I had done something then that would have broke the law she probably would still be here.”

"I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm scared to death.

I don't believe she feels she's being hurt okay, but she's 15. She doesn't know any better and she is being hurt and damaged."

The article states that the mother denails she abused her.
Though this one statement would seem to me that this is deceptive.

"She doesn't know any better and she is being hurt and damaged", still she "don't believe she feels she's being hurt, (okay)" So at 15 she doesn't know any better then "being hurt and damaged"?
But still mother never abused her?
Something isn't right here!

Habundia said...

I've been in an abusive relation for nearly 5 years and have a child with him which he after 14 years all of a sudden wants parental rights over and went to court, the case is still pending after the judge ordered a investigation of child protecting agency. He never had to pay a dime and still doesn't have too (though this case is again still pending), he has visiting rights and he gets these (every other weekend and half the holidays), though my 14 year old herself decided not to have contact and visits with him, because of abuse he put her and his dog through (we reported it to police, nothing heard of yet)
So I totally get your frustration of the system, though I am from another country, the system of child protection is here damaged too, which causes a lot of kid being raised in abusive homes, who have a higher risk to become abusive themselves. And of course all other damage that comes along with children who grow up to adults and lived through horrible circumstances and experiences.

There are places to go to for domestic abuse.......I know Dr. Phil's wife has a foundation for domestic abuse victims, when Georgia smiled I believe it's called. But there are many more, you should be able to find it with Google.
You need to find some people who have made it their duty to rescue woman (but also men) from domestic abuse and abusive partners and can help you make a safety net to protect yourself and your kid(s) .

Although statement analysis surely does help to "read someone's words", but in cases like domestic abuse..... Your​ inner voice and intuition feelings/thoughts should never be left unheard and trusted......That's what I've learned from my experience with domestic abuse and other trauma in my life.
But it's been a hard and difficult road! And often still is.

Anonymous said...

Yes you're right Habundia, a lot of men are abused. It's a dirty little secret, but Ariel Castro's "hostages" were actually the ones holding him captive.

Anonymous said...

Anon, men can abuse other men in homosexual relationships...I knew a guy who committed suicide bc his boyfriend wouldnt let him leave the house. He was a nice guy too, it's a real shame.

June said...

Hi anon, Yes I am a high-roller, that's why you are seeing these ads probably. I buy only the finest things and typically stay in the finest hotels money can buy. I hope that explains it for you :)

Anonymous said...

This is interesting and in regards to Delphi killer, but this list can be used for any homicide case:

FBI releases list of behavioral changes to look for to identify killer:

Sara said...

Highlighting your denial of something you were not accused of. Lol

Patty Cake said...

Omg thank you

Anonymous said...

I don't know if people are aware that when someone replies to a specific comment, noone knows that unless they are on an iphone. On my computer it just appears all in a straight line of comments, and I can not tell the comments are replies to specific posts higher up.

Sara, I don't do drugs. I'm actually so square it's kind of pathetic. I don't drink either. My comment was actually kind of intended to be snarky, but that's interesting you read more into it.

Habundia said...

I don't think that case is relavante to men who are victims of domestic and other forms of abuse.
Just some statistics.

But the fact you are being sarcastic about it, just tells there has a lot to be learned (yet) by some people.