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Sherri Papini: History of Self Abuse

I have been asked why I don't comment on the Sherri Papini case.  It is obviously one that has caught the public's interest. I have been asked by TV, internet radio, a journalist, and Reddit to discuss the case and have declined all.  

Here is why:

The case has signals of deception, but I do not have statements for analysis.  Those who have come to know me know me through Statement Analysis. They have come to expect 100% accuracy on detecting deception.  

My expertise is limited to analysis of the words.  From the words, I can tell if she is truthful or deceptive, as well as give content analysis (what happened, when it happened, why it happened, and give detail), as well as a psycho-lingusitc profile (the speaker's background, experiences, priority and personality traits). 

Weighing in on opinions may not be best.  Readers/listeners have come to trust my analysis and I would not want to breach that trust with commentary, especially when there is much missing information.   There are others who may be more comfortable, or have expertise in these areas, but mine is limited to the language.  Even Behavioral Analysis, for me, is tied to the statements.  

Should I weigh in on an opinion, it may be interpreted as analysis and it is not.

Should she make a public statement about what happened, I will analyze and it is very likely that we will, finally, learn the truth.  

Below is an article from 

It is a fascinating case for discussion.  


Thirteen years before Sherri Papini told Shasta County detectives she was abducted and tortured for weeks by two female kidnappers, her mother called the same law enforcement agency to ask for help with her daughter.
Papini, her mother alleged, had been harming herself and blaming the injuries on her.
Loretta Graeff's allegations are detailed in a December 2003 Shasta County Sheriff's Office incident report The Sacramento Bee received after filing multiple requests under the California's Public Records Act. The report is only two sentences long. It doesn't say whether the department found evidence that Papini -- then 21 years old -- had in fact harmed herself.
Asked what happened, Shasta County sheriff's Lt. Pat Kropholler said in an email that a deputy spoke with Graeff back in 2003 and gave her advice.
The call by Loretta Graeff was one of several made to law enforcement by members of Papini's family between 2000 and 2003. In 2000, her father, Richard Graeff, alleged his daughter burglarized his residence. Three years later, he alleged she made unauthorized withdrawals from his checking account. In 2000, her sister, Sheila Koester, alleged her back door had been kicked in and she believed Papini was the suspect. The reports provide no details about arrests. Kropholler did not respond to questions about whether Papini had ever been charged with a crime.
<p>Sherri Papini was branded and her hair was cut off to 'wear her down,' Shasta County sheriff says.</p>© Wochit News
These call records are among the few pieces of information the sheriff's department has released to The Bee about Papini, now a 34-year-old mother of two whose November disappearance while jogging near her Redding-area home ignited a media frenzy. Search warrants issued as part of the investigation into her alleged abduction remain sealed.
Investigators provided few details after Papini reappeared near Interstate 5 in Yolo County early Thanksgiving morning. She told investigators she was snatched at gunpoint by two Hispanic women who chopped off her long hair, beat her and seared a brand into her skin before they let her go.
Papini never appeared in public to describe her ordeal. No arrests have been made. No motive for her abduction has been disclosed.
Kropholler declined this week to answer questions surrounding Papini's alleged abduction, other than to say a detective has been assigned to the case full time, and the agency is "in contact with the Papinis on a regular basis."
"The Papini case is still active and the investigation is ongoing," Kropholler wrote in an email response. "I realize there is a lot of interest in Mrs. Papini and the details of her case. However, I am sure you can understand the necessity of maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Please be assured that when it is appropriate to release any further information regarding this case we will do so."
The Graeffs didn't return a voice message. Papini couldn't be reached for comment. Papini's sister, Koester, who has acted as family spokeswoman in the past, asked The Bee for a copy of the the 2003 incident report to verify its authenticity. She didn't reply to interview requests after it and the other reports were emailed to her. In past statements to the press, Papini's husband has insisted her kidnapping was not a hoax.
"All the information that we have right now we have no reason to believe that she is making this up," Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told The Bee on Nov. 30.
Yet experts on police investigations interviewed by The Bee said that if the allegations her mother made in 2003 are true and Papini had a history of blaming self abuse on others, it recasts her already bizarre kidnapping story with a new shade of doubt.
"It's certainly not proof (of a hoax), but it makes her story even more suspicious," said James Alan Fox, a criminology professor at Northeastern University.
Pierced ears, thin eyebrows
Papini disappeared Nov. 2 in the Shasta County town of Mountain Gate, about two and a half hours north of Sacramento.
Her husband, Keith Papini, said he grew worried after she failed to pick up her children that afternoon from daycare, something her family members say was completely out of character.
Keith Papini used a mobile phone locator app to track down her cell phone. He found it in the grass on the side of a dirt road about a mile from her home, and not far from Interstate 5.
The phone, investigators said, was placed, screen up, with its headphones coiled neatly on top. The only sign of Papini was a few of strands of her blonde hair. There was nothing to suggest a struggle, detectives said.
As is typical in missing persons cases, detectives began questioning those closest to Papini, notably her husband. Keith Papini was cleared as a suspect after he passed a lie-detector test. Investigators said they also looked into her friends and acquaintances, as well as "people Sherri has had past relationships with" in their efforts to find her. They combed her social media profiles, emails, bank accounts and other electronic records looking for clues.
Based on travel receipts obtained by The Bee, two detectives investigating Papini's disappearance traveled to Detroit and its suburbs of New Hudson, Northville, Plymouth and Canton between Nov. 9 and Nov. 11. Detectives have declined to say why they went out of state.
Detectives filed 14 search warrants when she was missing. They filed three more after she was turned up early Thanksgiving morning. The warrants, which would likely include detailed summaries of the investigation, remain under seal in Shasta County Superior Court. No new ones have been filed since 2016.
After his wife was found, Keith Papini told ABC News that she suffered profoundly in captivity. The bridge of her nose had been broken and she weighed only 87 pounds, down from the 100 she normally weighs. He said she was covered in scabs and bruises, had marks from wearing chains and her "signature long blond hair had been chopped off." He said his wife had a brand seared into her skin. Sheriff Bosenko said the brand sent "a message," but he declined to elaborate.
Bosenko said detectives have since urged the family to stop making detailed statements to the press, saying it could compromise the investigation.
Investigators have provided no new information since a Nov. 30 news conference at which Bosenko briefed reporters on the description Papini had provided of her alleged abductors.
One of the women had thin eyebrows and pierced ears, Bosenko said. Her hair was long and curly. The other, who was older, had straight black hair and thick eyebrows. Both spoke in Spanish most of the time, according to Papini's account. They kept their faces covered, and she had no idea where she was held. Bosenko said Papini couldn't describe the suspects' SUV other than that it was dark colored.
Another Vallejo case?
Fox, the criminologist from Northeastern, and other experts on abductions told The Bee Papini's account was odd because women rarely abduct other women. Kidnappers intent on assault or sexual crimes don't usually go out of their way to hide their identities, experts said
The experts also pointed to a couple of high-profile criminal cases over the years that featured people feigning serious bodily and psychological trauma.
The most notable is the case of Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old African American girl from the New York City area who in 1987 created a media firestorm after she told detectives she was raped by six white men.
When she was found, she had "KKK" written across her chest, a racial slur on her stomach and her hair was smeared with feces. She was so traumatized, according to news reports, that for a time she could answer only yes-or-no questions by blinking her eyes. But a seven-month investigation, involving thousands of pages of testimony, revealed the story was fabricated. A former boyfriend later told reporters Brawley had invented the story to avoid a beating after she ran away from home.
In another case, Darlie Routier told investigators in Texas that on a summer night in 1996 an intruder clad in dark clothing and a baseball cap entered her house, stabbed her two sons to death and slashed her neck and shoulder with a knife. She was convicted after prosecutors proved she killed the boys and inflicted her own injuries.
Papini's husband told ABC News in November he was appalled by the armchair detectives who believed his wife staged a crime.
"I understand people want the story, pictures, proof that this was not some sort of hoax, plan to gain money, or some fabricated race war. I do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous lie," Keith Papini wrote in the statement.
A racist online post fueled skepticism about the Papini's story.
Internet sleuths dug up a essay posted on a now-defunct website called that was signed by a "Sherri Graeff" -- Papini's maiden name. The writer said that while growing up in Shasta County, she got into two fights with Latinos who targeted her because she was "drug-free, white and proud" of her "blood and heritage."
Bosenko has said it's not clear if Papini wrote the post, but he said the fights the author described weren't noted in sheriff's records. Papini's friends and family have said the post was written by someone else.
Papini also maintained a public Pinterest account that contained a section marked "Cultural Differences" featuring memes expressing concerns about illegal immigrants and Muslims. The section has since been taken down.
Experts familiar with kidnappings caution that just because Papini's case has odd details or has aspects, such as the 2003 incident report, that could be seen as casting doubt on Papini's credibility, it doesn't mean detectives or the public should assume her abduction was staged.
They point to a 2015 kidnapping case in Vallejo in which detectives initially treated a couple's brutal abduction story as if it were they were making it up. The detectives later discovered that their tale was anything but a hoax. The suspect, a Harvard-trained attorney named Matthew Muller, was sentenced in Sacramento federal court this month to 40 years in prison. Vallejo police apologized to the couple, and the pair has since filed lawsuits against the department.
"You always have to allow for the fact that, yes, something that does have many unusual twists and turns actually did occur," said Mary Ellen O'Toole, a former FBI agent who specialized in criminal profiling.
Shasta County Sheriff's Office incident reports related to Sherri Papini


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I want to believe Sherri is telling the truth but her husband's interview seemed odd to me. He didn't show anger towards his wife's captors. Something is amiss about this case.

Here is part of Keith Papini's interview:

In his first televised interview since his wife was discovered on the side of a highway, three weeks after disappearing on November 2, Mr Papini broke down while recounting what the mother of two endured.

“It was my wife screaming in the background, yelling my name,” he told America’s ABC 20/20 program, describing the first time he heard Mrs Papini’s voice over the phone after she was found almost 220km away from home in Yolo County on Interstate 5 freeway.

“I’m panicked but I’m happy because at this point, this is the first time I’ve heard her, I know she’s alive,” he added.

“I ran past everybody [at the hospital] and I throw open the curtain and she was there in her bed, and her poor face,” he said, through tears.

“I just hugged her, I just held her, I felt like I held her for 20 minutes. I was so happy that she was there, just kissing her all over. I got nauseated just looking at her. It’s so hard for me to see her like that.”
“She literally lived through hell. The things she told me that she did ... she told me one time that she took some piece of cloth, and rolled it up like it was Violet (the couple’s two-year-old daughter) and she would rock it. She’s so strong,”

The rest of the interview:

Unknown said...

“I just hugged her, I just held her, I felt like I held her for 20 minutes. I was so happy that she was there, just kissing her all over. I got nauseated just looking at her. It’s so hard for me to see her like that.”

"I got nauseated just looking at her."

I 'got nauseated' when I read this part of his statement. I believe he abuses his wife.

He JUST hugged her. He JUST held her. JUST meaning: simply; only; no more than. This signals to me that he's done harm to his wife.

Nic said...

She told investigators she was snatched at gunpoint by two Hispanic women who chopped off her long hair, beat her and seared a brand into her skin before they let her go.

Would it have been enough had they just beat her and branded her?

I wonder if she reported what happened to her in that order, i.e., hair/beating/branding. I wonder if in her report did she say that they cut off her hair, first? That would seem weird, unless she knew her abductors and maybe they were jealous of her (hair).

Hair is really important to women. Hair and breasts (I’m referring to breast cancer making that sort of diagnosis very traumatic for a woman.) I wonder how much Sherri P. self-identified with her hair. Wouldn’t cutting off an abductees hair be to change their appearance i.e., if [their] intent was to be mobile? It’s interesting that reporting only relays SP describing her abductors’ eyes, eyebrows(!), and hair. I wonder if she described their stature, if they had any tattoos/branding, what they were wearing, etc.

Is branding a gang “thing” in that area? I understand about gangs and their tattoos, but branding is something I haven’t heard about before.

Why would LE seal the records? She’s not a minor and it’s in the public's interest to know what happened for their own safety?


Nic said...

"seared a brand"

The above is not a quote, it's reporting. But IF they were quoting what she reported, it's (seared,) extra wording.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

The phone, investigators said, was placed, screen up, with its headphones coiled neatly on top. The only sign of Papini was a few of strands of her blonde hair.

This is not SA, I'm making an observation.

Do you know what birds do when they are distressed/unhappy/experiencing separation anxiety or depression, etc.? They self-mutilate. They self-mutilate by pulling their own feathers out.

It interesting that hair was found with her phone, her hair was cut off, she describes her abductors' eyebrows and hair. Hair seems to be a theme.

"Searing" is unexpected. It makes me think of something you hear. It's something that is quick. Branding is burning a lasting/permanent impression into the skin. Something that would be pure agony. IMO, something you remember feeling, first, not hearing. jmo

Anonymous said...

If Sherry had been harming herself and blaming the mother, and her mother called the cops to report this phenomenon, Im wondering WHO Sherry was blaming her mother to? Who was she telling this to that the mother was inflicting injury on her?
There is something perplexing about why the mother would involve the police: most people would not call the police to tell them "so-and-so" has been harming herself and blaming it on me" except as a preemptive strike. Im not saying I disbelieve the mother, but involving the police seems odd.

Sherry allegedly wrote on a blog in what appeared to be the voice of a male author, rather than Sherrys voice, that she had fought another girl back in high school defending her father after the girl insulted him while the father passively watched the fight (?!)

Cutting off hair: surprisingly in some of the very well-known kidnapping cases, this is frequently done to the captive ie. Ariel Castro case, Natascha Kampusch but not right away. In the movie 3096 Days, Natascha Kampusch's kidnapper shaves off her LONG BLOND hair a few years into captivity bc someone (his mother) noticed long blond hair on his shirt & he is afraid she or someone else might figure out he has a captive.
I feel like there is a possibility she or her husband watched that movie bc there are some distinct parallels.
Im not convinced Sherry is lying...I feel like there are 2 choices: either Sherry is lying or Sherry's husband and at least one of her other family members are very sick people.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Occam's Razor would say that Sherry is responsible.

However it would seem difficult for someone to kidnap themself.
Her Mom called the cops to tell them Sherry was injuring herself and blaming it on the Mom. The Mom could have been telling the truth, but why wouldnt she have called a mental health professional? It could have been a preemptive strike to make Sherry look like a liar to police should Sherry report someone harming her to police.

Unknown said...

I thought about taking the Occam's Razor approach with criminal cases, but I don't think it applies well to behavioral science.

lynda said...

There was a guy on reddit who said that he has to register as a SO now because when sherri was 16/17 he had an "online" relationship with her and sherri took off to meet up with him and then they shacked up together until her parents found them. Only then, did he find out he was with a MINOR, sherri had lied about her age. He said the mom pressed charges and even came to his court appearances. I think he said he was 24 or something then.

If any of that is true, combined with the above police repts and self harming, kicking in doors, burglarizing, stealing appears sherri may be a prone to violence kind of gal.

This should be interesting to see what else comes to pass but it's telling that LE has said the public should NOT be afraid of roaming Mexican women kidnapping them

Unknown said...

I'm confused about the reports when Sherri was found.

Statement from 911 caller:

“I saw this woman with long blonde hair in the right shoulder of the freeway and she was waving a piece of fabric that looked like a shirt, waving it up and down trying to flag someone down,” the woman, Alison Sutton, tells PEOPLE. “It was obvious: She needed help.”

"When Papini was found on Thanksgiving Day 2016, by all accounts, it appeared as if she’d been abducted and severely beaten. When authorities found her, she weighed 87 pounds and had a bag over her head. She was tied up and left on the side of a road on Interstate 5 in Yolo County. She was beaten so badly that she was hardly recognizable."

Several news outlets reported that Sherri was found with a bag over her head. The 911 caller first noticed Sherri's long blonde hair, but then later changed her story. Why?

If Sherri had a bag over her head then how was she able to see to flag down a car?

Anonymous said...

Lynda, Where does it say 5 ft. Sherry "kicked in a door"? Do you know how much strength it takes to "kick in a door"? It's something typically only a huge, very strong man would be able to do.

Anonymous said...

"Kicking in a door" is actually a very scary thing requiring enormous strength. It's not something most men can do and very scary that some can. No way can Sherry "kick in a door".

Anonymous said...

Lying about age does not mean someone is "prone to violence" (?)

Anonymous said...

I find it very hard to believe Sherry would have "severely beaten" and starved herself. That's too far-fetched.

How is this petite 5 foot tall woman being portrayed as a ninja with super-human strength?

This stuff is not believable: kicking in doors, beating the crap out of herself, harming herself and blaming it on her Mom...I don't believe this narrative of Sherri the self-harming super ninja.

Anonymous said...

Why would Sherry's parents allow her to go live with a 24 year old when she was 16 yrs old?
Seriously. WTF?
Something very wrong there.

ala said...

Well it is easier to believe the "narrative" of her self-harming, than to believe her story, with no motive at all, and her claims of never seeing the women, and escaping, all the while her husband loving the attention. (Dr Lillian Glass weighs in on this in her blog)

Anonymous said...

When this story first came out, there were reports with links to Sherris mothers fb page. She didnt seem concerned st all, she didn't even say that Sherri was missing. Her posts seemed the opposite of a concerned parent. I think her Mom has her figured out. Seemed as if she knew Sherri was coming home.

Anonymous said...

Sherry is a sick individual. I don't think her husband was part of this hoax. She shouldn't be mothering young kids with that type of illness.

Anonymous said...


They found Isabel Celis' body.

Anonymous said...

I have no trouble believing people can be full
of shit. Tell me, if this some kind of Munchausen Syndrome, why wasnt Sherry the one to call the cops to say her Mom was "harming" her? If Sherri falsely claimed kidnapping, beat the crap out of herself, and chopped off her hair why didnt she make any media appearances (didnt even release a single photo of herself w injuries) in order to get attention? Didnt even release a statement to get sympathy or attention. This is not Munchausen Syndrome perpetrsted by Sherry, as it does not, from her end, contain the dynamics of Munchausen Syndrome ie. attention seeking.

This does not mean Sherri is telling the truth, it means it is NOT an easy solve ie. Munchausen.

What seems more likely is she has an MSBP parent as well as an MSBP husband.

What is more likely is the mother DID harm Sherry but claimed Sherry was self-injuring so that she, the Mom, could get attention.
Keith was the one milking attention from Sherry's kidnapping and kidnapping injuries.

When you're looking at any case w suspected Munchausen/ MSBP, you are looking at some of the most sophisticated lying you will EVER encounter. You cannot underestimate it. You need to keep your eyes WIDE OPEN to figure out who is actually telling the truth. In MSBP, it may be the person saying nothing who is the one telling the truth. Think about that for a little while.

Unknown said...

RIP, Isa.

Anonymous said...

I reread SP's mothers fb, as well as the articles here and I get the feeling that Sherri and someone concocted this scenario to extort money from Sherris parents, but Sherris parents never offered a reward. I think her mom knew it was a scam from the start.

Anonymous said...

Isabel Celis' remains have been found. Remember her?

Anonymous said...

That's so sad about Isabel. Unbelievable. I remember we all thought Sergio was so shady, and I feared he gave linguistic indicators that he had hit her with a baseball bat at the son's game, but I could never accept the idea she would be dead, always pictured that she was alive and would one day be found, even thought Sergio's language suggested otherwise.

RIP Isabel

Anonymous said...

@10:52, I don't know... I mean where did Sherri manage to hide all that time if it was a scam? Even with searchers looking everywhere? It's problematic that theory bc where did she manage to hide herself all that time?

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 8:36,

Didn't her husband reference her being home by Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

I've known two people, one male one female who were both diagnosed as manic depressives.
The male guy I knew would break into a strnager's house at ramdom not to rob the home but to do some voyeurism, and then another day took an entire upright piano apart piece by piece in his living room; these things happened when he was in his manic state (not taking his meds of course) smaller type shenanigans with the female I knew but erratic behavior to say the least. Sherrie Papini sounds like she might be manic/depressive, bipolar, not saying she definitely is but it sounds plausible. And if she has this mental condition, doesn't take proper medication things like lying and erratic behavior can take hold. Therfore, I'm not buying her original story, never did.

trustmeigetit said...

Isabel Celis's body has been found...

Let's see if anything leads back to mom and dad...

Anonymous said...

The body of 6-year-old Isabel Celis has been found.

Unknown said...

The news of Isa's death, for me, is difficult to digest. I live in Tucson. I see her smiling face posted all over.

I hope Isa will tell us what happened to her. I hope there is enough evidence left behind to fill in the blanks.

Anonymous said...

12:26, Sorry, but knowing a manic depressive voyeuristic piano disassembler does not in any way support or point to Sherry having fabricated her kidnapping story. Literally, there is no connection between those 2 things using any kind of logic known in this world.

lynda said...

Anonymous said...
Lynda, Where does it say 5 ft. Sherry "kicked in a door"? Do you know how much strength it takes to "kick in a door"? It's something typically only a huge, very strong man would be able to do.

March 31, 2017 at 7:19 PM


In every news account it says, cbs, GMA, people, cnn...etc.

"In another incident in 2000, Papini’s father alleged she had vandalized his home; in another call in 2000, her sister said she suspected Papini kicked in her back door while allegedly trying to break in."

And I never said lying about her age meant she was prone to violence. Good Lord. Her father says "vandalized" that's destructive...her sister says "kicked in" that's destructive..those are violent things. and yes..a woman can kick in a door and if you don't think so, you've never seen a truly pissed off woman (or mentally unstable) take your pick

lynda said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why would Sherry's parents allow her to go live with a 24 year old when she was 16 yrs old?
Seriously. WTF?
Something very wrong there.

March 31, 2017 at 8:15 PM


Why don't you use name?? If this is the same "anon" that was saying she didn't kick in a door or vandalize..use a name. It's obvious you're a cheerleader for Sherri.
Quit twisting my posts and others posts words. Nobody said her parents LET HER GO. READ CORRECTLY.
The reddit poster said her parents came after them and had him arrested. Whoever said that her parents LET HER GO??? Quit lying and distorting...for what purpose are you doing so?

lynda said...

Bottom line with Sherri and Keith?

They KEPT well over 50,000 dollars from a gofundme acct.

You want Occam's Razor to fit? The simplest answer to why she would concoct this? Money.

Anonymous said...

So Lynda, you've seen a woman kick in a door? Tell me about it. Because I bet you haven't.

I've actually had my front door kicked in and it takes a massive amount of strength and is very disturbing. Don't bother throwing BS at me that a 100 lb can do that. K?
Don't bother copping an attitude with me.

Show me evidence. NOt what people "think" she did. Not what her family "thinks" she did.

Anonymous said...

If she was 16 years old, then yes her parents let her go. Are you telling me that they did not have control over her? Of course they did.
Was she reported as a runaway? Meaning that the parents did not know where she was? No she was not. That means the parents let her go. They have full control over who she moves in with when she is 16 years old.

Anonymous said...

How does a 16 year old move in with a man and her parents don't know she is doing it?
Go over a guy's house without her parents knowing. Yes that is possible. Move in with him? HOw does that happen? They knew.
I'm real sorry I'm not buying her family's BS. If you choose to believe good for you.

I don't believe one damn word.

Are you telling me that let's say if Sherri did not show up at school at age 16 yrs old and the principal calls the parents in after a week and the parents come in and say "oh sorry principal that she hasn't been in school, she moved in with a 24 year old man" do you not think the principal would 100% blame the parents, do you think the principal would say oh you poor parents yeah that happens all the time what can you do...yeah sometimes 16 years olds just move in with 24 yr olds. (?!)

Why do you believe such bullshit coming from these parents. It's one thing if she ran away in which case she would have been reported missing.

Anonymous said...

Said by Sherri's sister

"kicked in her back door while allegedly trying to break in."

Once someone kicks in a back door, they are in. Not merely "trying to break in".

This family is full of crap. That's my opinion. You are free to have yours.

Anonymous said...

"You want Occam's Razor to fit? The simplest answer to why she would concoct this? Money."

Maybe youre right. Fairly complicated plan though, and she managed to hide herself somewhere from everyone for weeks and weeks...although searchers and police were looking and her face plastered everywhere all over TV. Not an easy thing to do. While also torturing and starving herself. AGain, this makes it more complicated also.

That's all I'm saying. Don't underestimate how complicated it would be for her to pull all of this off regardless if money was the motive, it would by no means be an easy thing to pull of.

Unknown said...

If Sherri's eyes were covered most of the three weeks, then wouldn't her other senses highten? Wouldn't she be trying to hear every detail of her captors and the room of wherever she was? Wouldn't her reporting be based more on those senses? Like reporting someone walking heavily to sense their size. Reporting odors and scents. Reporting sounds in the car. Her husband mentions none of those things reported by Sherri.

Anonymous said...

Really Esme? You expected her to turn into Stevie Wonder in 3 weeks? I have to say that this crew is way off course solving this crime and I doubt you people will ever steer your ship back into sane waters.

What happened to sticking with the analysis of the husband's words which indicated domestic control/abuse?

Anonymous said...

I cant continue this discussion.

Stick with the SA of Keith's words and work from there.

All this other stuff is peripheral and highly dubious at best regarding what the family says. Sister "thinks" Sherry "kicked in her back door while "trying" to break in. If a 100 lb woman can kick in a back door (not an interior door but a back exterior door) then obviously noone is safe in their homes. That would mean a (female) child could kick in a door. Why does noone use common sense when listening to what other people say?
A now registered sex offender on reddit says that a 16 year old Sherry fooled him into thinking she was 21 years old online and then moved in with him and expects people to believe that? Why should anyone believe that? That story deserves no sympathy or belief. Who even moves in with someone they don't even know in the first place and then wants sympathy that the person who was 8 years younger (16) fooled him into thinking she was 21 years old. Yes, that sounds like a very reliable person. Give me a break.
Do you people just believe anything you hear???

Unknown said...

I believe she was beaten and branded by two people. But not by the two people she described.

She didn't sustain disfiguring injuries which is highly suspicious. Her abusers didn't want to permanently mar her beauty.

Anonymous said...

A midget kicked in my door. In fact an elf did. It gave it a few power kicks and the door flew right open.

You ever see police kick in a door on TV? It takes like 5 or 6 men to kick the door in. And yes there are giant males who can kick doors in. 100 lb women? Lol, if a 100 lb woman kicked in that sister's door, she must have had the shittiest door ever made that's all I can say. Like a door made out of cardboard. I wouldn't want to have that door. Doors are supposed to keep burglars out!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Esme, I tend to think that the husband did it with possibly the guy who owns simulated captivity containers!!! I have no idea why I might find the captivity container guy suspicious but gosh darn-it I do!!! I think youre right about 2 people doing it.

Michele said...

Just saw report the remains of Isabel Celis were located in a remote desert area. Maybe now police will find out what happened to her.

Anonymous said...

March 30, 2017
White Social Justice Warrior Dies at Hands of Black Killer
By Colin Flaherty

Read more:
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Where did she hide out? Any one of millions of places. A storage container comes to mind! I read somewhere her family had storage containers, but I couldn't find that source.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just a couple of thoughts....

To Anonymous arguing over Sheila's back door being kicked in:

- What is Sheila's definition of "back door"? It is literally the back door into her house or is it a back door to the porch attached to her house or some other type of door? Storm door?

- With that information, what is her "back door" made of? Wood, metal/steel, iron, fiberglass? Does it have glass partitions? Depending on Sheila's definition of back door, Sherri could have kicked it in.

- What does Sheila constitute as "kicking in"? Is that denting, severely denting, breaking it partially, breaking it completely, etc.? Depending on Sheila's definition of kicked in, Sherri could have kicked it in. Depending on Sherri's state of being (steroid use, drug abuse, low tolerance for pain due to self-harming), Sherri could have kicked in the door. Three-hundred pound men, under the influence of certain drugs, have necessitated four to five officers to enact a take down, after being tasered. Sherri kicking the door in is possible.

- The key phrase is "trying to break in". Trying to break in without actually getting in means: something or someone prevented Sherri/the perpetrator from getting in; Sherri /the perpetrator did not seek to get in, only to send an intimidation message by damaging property; or Sherri/the perpetrator having vented her/their initial rage was "satisfied".

- The more important point is that Sheila reported to police that "she believed it was Sherri". Why would she suspect it was Sherri, as opposed to a stranger/burglar? What in their relationship or history brought Sherri to mind? Has she seen Sherri previously kicking doors or other things? Has Sheila seen Sherri "out of control"? Sheila reporting it to police is a message to Sherri (if Sherri did it) that she is not going to tolerate Sherri's behavior. It is interesting in light of Sheila acting as Sherri's and Keith's spokesperson during the ""Kidnapping Ordeal". But it may serve to explain why Sheila was so extremely evasive in the numerous press conferences, quickly shutting down any questioning, even using her pregnancy as a barrier to questioning. Sheila felt the need to control both the interview questions and the direction of the interview.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

And a few more...

- The various family members reports to police seem to indicate that Sherri may have have a self-control issue, a self-harming issue, a mental health issue, a substance abuse issue or any combination of the three. If Sherri were self-harming and her friends/co-workers/love interest had begun to notice, I believe she would have blamed a parent. She seems to idolize her father somewhat, so her mother would likely be the scapegoat.

- Helping herself to her father's account lends itself to a substance abuse issue, although it could equally be self-control related if she was overspending/overdrawn regularly. The problem was "resolved" by Sherri obtaining a credit card (not the best solution for someone who cannot manage their finances). I wonder what the Papini’s financial situation looked like pre-kidnapping. I wonder is Sherri had accumulated hidden debt, unbeknownst to Keith. She/they seemed to have a need to portray themselves as living the good life.

-From her family members, Sherri seems very achievement driven, appearance-focused. A Type-A personality, while not the cause of, can contribute to self-harming issues if the individual has poor self-control, poor coping skills, self-esteem issues, or other underlying issues. If so, what would trip/provoke her to self-harm to the extreme kidnap scenario extent, if that is the case?

- Given the family's police reports, Sherri likely didn't develop these "issues" overnight. It’s curious that family members engaged the police. Did they initially engage Sherri and she was in denial? Or was it more that they were becoming afraid of her? Was her behavior escalating? I can’t put my finger on it, but Sherri’s family members seem to give off a “rough” vibe. They seem to value “toughness” (social media posts, interview language and body language).

-Keith's statements are off putting in that he seems to almost revel in the injuries (vivid, almost salacious descriptions of Sherri's injuries). He seemed to feel the need to embellish the extent of her injuries, as well. Perhaps, he's aware she has "issues", but still loves her and didn't want to subject to her to public humiliation, so he "supported" her and her story for the sake of their marriage, social standing, children. It wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

Fools, while I appreciate all the thought you've put into this and it is very helpful, regarding "kicking in the door", all I can say is that you must be very easy to fool if you believe what the sister is saying without employing great skepticism first.

Your statement that a 300 lb man on meth can be so strong that it takes 5 or 6 cops to subdue him has no linear logical relationship with attempting to ascertain the strength of a petite tiny 100 lb woman. That is like me wondering how strong a fox is and saying well, an elephant can often take 5 men to subdue it. (?) It doesn't matter what the sister's definition of "door" is...she stated that she "thinks" Sherry "kicked in her back door", not "tried to kick in it" as you propose..."denting" a door is just that--"denting a door", not "kicking in a door". I think you also underestimate how difficult it is to kick in a storm may want to google video footage of Ariel Castro's victim unable to kick through a screen door (that she was able to slightly open) even with adrenaline pounding and even knowing that it was her chance to escape 10 years of daily rape and captivity. A male adult neighbor with I believe another male adult were able to kick the lower part of the door in, allowing her and her daughter to crawl out.

The fact of the matter is that a petite 100 lb woman (and yes a 100 lb woman has far less strength than a typical 100 lb man) son was able to beat me in arm wrestling even when he was like 8 inches shorter than me and weight probably about 100 lbs, because boys/men are stronger than females.

I refuse to accept this portrayal of Sherry as basically an out of control, powerfully strong ninja without EXTREME skepticism.

Regarding self-harm: self-harm usually takes place due to something worse than "low self-esteem". Some examples would be someone with a lot of self-hate trying to punish themselves, someone who is disassociating trying to "feel" that they are inside their body again, someone who is captive/imprisoned can do it for a sense of control. Self-harm is a serious thing. One important thing to note though is that harming oneself and then blaming it on someone else is quite a bit more unusual, and again, would require much closer examination of what exactly was going on when the mother reported that alleged phenomenon to police. That simply is very unusual.

One thing we do know, the family certainly views Sherry as a very bad person and they also have projected to others an image of her having great physical strength which she uses for destruction (and this is something only a very gullible person would believe without great skepticism).

I agree that there are so many bizarre elements regarding the kidnapping, and it seems natural to wonder if Sherry could have done this to herself, however, one needs to seriously consider the nature of the self-harm and understand that it would be very unusual for a person to both "kidnap" themselves and inflict long-term harm in the form of beating the crap out of themself, cutting their hair off and starving themselves. Yes, she could have done it! It is possible, and she may have. However, please realize, if she did do that, it is startling, it is extremely abnormal and I think we all need to feel confident that this case would be going in that direction of incredibly deviant behavior.

The fact that Sherry has not sought attention post-kidnapping, in my opinion, suggests she probably was not behind her own kidnapping. However, money can be a motive, and there is the possibility. I can't help but feel very skeptical about that possibility, however, it is necessary to look at accusations that she has self-harmed in the past. I am also aware though that the family is asking others to accept a portrait of Sherry that in some ways is utterly unbelievable. So there are many important facts to consider.

Anonymous said...

lynda said...

Anonymous said...
So Lynda, you've seen a woman kick in a door? Tell me about it. Because I bet you haven't.

I've actually had my front door kicked in and it takes a massive amount of strength and is very disturbing. Don't bother throwing BS at me that a 100 lb can do that. K?
Don't bother copping an attitude with me.

Show me evidence. NOt what people "think" she did. Not what her family "thinks" she did.

April 1, 2017 at 1:16 AM


You are bordering on ridiculous. You go on and on about this she can't possibly have kicked in a door when you, nor anyone it seems, KNOW WHAT KIND OF DOOR IT WAS. Nor do you KNOW if the door was LOCKED, latched, hook and eye latch, etc.
The door could have been a porch screen door for all we know and the door didn't even have to be LOCKED. The sisters police report did not say she kicked in a reinforced steel dead bolted door. It just said "back door". It did NOT say the door was locked.Even if it was locked, what kind of lock? Makes a BIG difference. It did not say what kind of door it was. To continually keep insisting that the 100lb petite Sherri could not possibly kick in a door shows your blindness and unwillingness to consider anything other than what you have "in your head." That it was some kind of hermetically sealed, locked, super door.
Quit assuming, quit going on and on about this stupid door that you know NOTHING about, and take the sister at her word. SHe made a police report. She stated things. There is NO reason NOT to believe the sister at that point or at this point.
So get off this freaking door thing. Why the need to try and convince everyone that she couldn't have done it? That her sister is a liar?
We get it.
You're either Sherri, someone who knows Sherri, or someone that is just completely blind to any facts or scenarios other than your own

Anonymous said...

No, you who profess to know so much, the is not true in every state. In Missouri, if they run away at 16, the police must assuredly will not bring them home. They can run away and stay gone at 16 and yet, if they commit a crime, the parents are still liable legally. Also, as for the debate as to whether or jot she could kick in a door, does it say what type of door? Old and cheap would not be an issue at all. My 12 year old daughter could kick in a few doors we've seen on homes. I am paranoid about people breaking in. I can leave my door unlocked and get groceries, but if I'm inside the house, I want thr doors locked. This is something I look at when we are looking at homes as we are starting the process to buy what we pray will be our forever home.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, you wrote

That it was some kind of hermetically sealed, locked, super door.

Lynda, why in the world would someone have to "kick in a door" that wasnt locked in order to "try to break in"?

That idea is far more ridiculous than anything Ive stated.
Lynda, Ivd dealt with far more sinister and skilled liars than you have, I assure you, and as a result "the 100 lb Sherry kicking in the back door to try to break in" is obviously deceptive based on common sense and linguistic contradiction. If someone "kicks in a door", they are in, not merely "trying to break in". Keep in mind the sister merely "thinks" it was Sherry who did that. That is an obvious lie and would be to anyone unless there is much naivete.

lynda said...

Anon@ 1:20

Good Lord...since we do not know for a fact what kind of door it was or what kind of lock may or may not have been on it, you're argument of she couldn't possibly have done it is MOOT. Also for you to assume that kicking in a door is related to breaking in is also moot. You have no idea why she kicked the door in. The sister stated that nothing was missing. Maybe she kicked it in because she was PISSED. You're "obviously deceptive" in regards to the sister is obvious to no one except you.

If you bothered to read or watch a news report you would know that her father called police and said Sherri broke into his house and vandalized it and then ON THE SAME DAY, her sister called police and reported the door kick in.

It would appear that Sherri was on quite a tear about something that day and 2 crimes, at 2 separate locations indicate that Sherri wasn't exactly in "control" that day. Most stable people do NOT leave 2 different crime scenes in 1 day for police to take reports on.

BTW..don't presume that you know anything about me and the sinister/skilled liars I have known.

I do know that I have seen over a 30 year nursing career people doing WAY more damage to themselves than Sherri's injuries on her "I'm free" day. Way more. People stab and shoot themselves, knock themselves unconscious, split open their bodies and heads, break bones in their faces from smashing them into something, pull their own teeth, break bones with hammers, bricks, burn themselves with an array of implements, etc...Sherri's "injuries" were a cakewalk compared to what can and is done by unstable people.

Anonymous said...

Really Lynda? Did your nursing patients torture themselves systematically over an extended period while also remaining hidden from searchers?

rob said...

It's obvious Sherry has a history or weird behavior. Her family says so. Her husband went on tv and said he thought she'd be home by thanksgiving. She was savagely beaten and branded, but spent a couple of hours at the hospital. She didn't show herself cause her injurys wouldn't match up to the husbands account. The person who found her reported 'long blonde hair' that had been cut off during the ordeal.
But the main thing is: they got $50,000 on the go-fund-me, so all is well in their world now.(till the money is gone, anyway)

Unknown said...

Peter mentioned the husband's supremacist language in an earlier post, combined with the new information I wonder whether the couple is into deviant sexual practices like sadomasochism which might ultimately have played into this as well - i.e. he created the injiries with her consent to support the narrative in a money-grab scheme or he went too far and the wounds needed explanation.

lynda said...

Anonymous said...
Really Lynda? Did your nursing patients torture themselves systematically over an extended period while also remaining hidden from searchers?

April 2, 2017 at 7:16 PM


bahaha! THAT'S your comeback? That's what you address instead of the FACTS I wrote? Really Sherri, Keith, or whoever you are in their camp, go cheer lead and try to convince people that don't have a lick of sense, that this whole kidnapped tale doesn't stink to high heaven.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Prepared statement from family spokesperson Nicole Wool(Excerpt)
“Sherri Papini and her family are the very recent victims of an extremely violent crime that has painfully and dramatically changed the course of their lives forever,” reads the statement, which was reportedly released by family spokeswoman Nicole Wool.

“It is shameful that a media outlet would intentionally exploit Sherri and Keith Papini and their young children’s trauma for the sole purpose of clickbait and selling papers.”

“This newspaper’s decision to aggressively seek out and publish unsubstantiated online activity and distort phone conversations from 16 years ago is victim-blaming at its most egregious,” the statement continues. “It is our hope that the media will honor their privacy as they work through this difficult time.”

It's interesting that "painfully" and "dramatically" show up in the prepared statement (one evidences a need to reinforce Sherri's "injuries" for which she was not even kept overnight for observation and the other highlights the drama of the case). Equally interesting, is that this is the perfect opportunity for Sherri personally, Keith, or the family to say "This is/was not a hoax." or specifically deny accusations. Instead, they seek to demonize the media with charges of "exploitation". It's interesting how they sought media attention during the "kidnapping/abduction", but seek to shut down media attention now. The use of the term "aggressively" applied to the media is ironic given the circumstances. The family, via their chosen spokesperson, is publicly alleging "unsubstantiated online activity" (note the deliberate vagueness- the statement author or authors will not deny that Sherri Graeff Papini made the skinhead support page post). They accuse the unnamed "media" of "distorting phone conversations", yet not one family member denies making the reported phone calls to police...because they don't want to lie, knowing that police do have knowledge of those phone calls. Note neither the Graeffs, Keith, Sherri, nor Sheila Koester are willing to discuss those phone calls.

Anonymous said...

The alleged "Skinheadz" blog by Sherri Papini was heavily debunked for having being "false". What does 'false' mean...does it mean the entire blog was NOT written by S. Graeff.....or does it mean that there were too many details in the blog that were not true and therefore Sherri Graeff could have not possibly written it? My reply to that would be that she could have embellished some points. Many of the "naysayers" at the beginning pointed out certain things that did not/could not have fighting Latinas....and that her father did not own a Pizza Restaurant. Fact was determined after this analysis of what was true and not true about this Skinheadz blog is that Sherri's Father did indeed run a restaurant (for a few years) that ...although did not have Pizza in the restaurant name..did indeed serve and specialized and promoted it's excellent Pizza...the restaurant was the Siverthorn Resort...not too far from Shasta. Doubt it?...check out Richard Graeff's website showing his work history/ is still up and viewable.

Unknown said...

Because there would be a record if she was ever a suspect, that her daughter was falsely accusing her. If my daughter was self harming, I would try and get her help, but I would also report it to the PD if she was accusing me of being the one doing it.

Anonymous said...

You need to look at the case with Narcissistic Personality Disorder in mind. With NPD you are "looking at some of the most sophisticated lying you will EVER encounter. You cannot underestimate it."

And Sherri DID get ATTENTION. Look at all the exposure, her name in the news and forums, the huge variety of pretty photos worldwide, all posed, looking like a loving family, having fun, so in love, a PERFECT life. The one with the flag was the topper. She didn't want attn afterwards because she probably thought she looked ugly.

And its never too late for "Abducted mother finally speaks out" in the news. And shell look like a model, expect Hollywood to cast her in something, write a book, do the victim lecture circuit, or get her own reality tv show.

NPD explains everything. The mother wasnt trying to get attn. She knew sherri 21 years. She knew what sherri was about and that she needed to cover her a$$. Sherri had probably pulled a similar stunt before. BLAME/REVENGE.

If sherri self-harmed, she may have Borderline PD. and/or NPD. Or it was to get attn or to get her way. Or to warn someone "if i can do this to myself, imagine what i can do to you." CONTROL.

I still think the husband was in on it too. He may have beaten her. He's either a narcissist himself or, more likely, under her control as all victim-spouses are. He's one of the flying monkeys a narcissist uses to promote him/herself and do the dirty work.

Mike Dammann said...

I am in a Facebook group for people with insomnia and one woman asked if anyone other than her had a history of self-abuse. There were hundreds of replies from women stating they had abused themselves as well. Self-abuse is very frequent. It can be an indicator for faking an abduction, but doesn't have to be. When I first heart this story, it confused me and seemed to lack at least some credibility. Until I watched this:
There are women doing hard time for trafficking right now. Women often have the advantage of being more trusted by potential victims. In the episode I have linked to, you will see how prepared prospective buyers of sex slaves often come to the meeting points. Sherri was near her mailbox when abducted. It could have easily been that the two women spotted her, asked her for direction, then tazed, chloroformed, injected her with a disabling drug and then quickly transported her to her boss and as you can see in the episode, sales can happen very quickly, especially for those connected enough where buyers are on waiting lists having already expressed what type of sex slave they want to buy. Sherri likely fit a profile that made the women think there could be a profit of 8 to 15k selling her. Sherri may have been middle-aged, but that doesn't mean the women abducting her knew that. They could have believed she was in her early 20s. The reason for letting her go can only be speculated, but if she was kept in a basement for profit from Johns/rapists paying the "owner" money each time they have sex with her, then the high publicity of the case could have created fear in him knowing one of the visitors might wind up blackmailing him.

While we still do not know the details, the story now appears credible to me in terms of that the way it has been described in the media is indeed plausible. This is for everyone who mixes statement analysis with his own thoughts: Your thoughts are not valid. Stick with statement analysis to add to an investigation, not to inject anything else and confuse it.