Thursday, April 13, 2017

Anonymous Threatening Letter: Race

The following anonymous threatening letter was left outside of a vandalized business (no theft). 

"Business owner

Our newly elected president Donald Trump is our nation builder for white America. You all know that, we want our country back on the right track. We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians and all immigrants. Specially, we don't want business run by refugees and immigrant any more. 

We are ready to wake up some of our great state including North Carolina and we will take care of the country. Immigrants and refugee are taking our job, doing our business and leaving us standard. So, you are not allowed to do business any more. 
We know you are one and many of other immigrant doing business here. This is our warning. Leave the business and go back where you came from.

If you don't follow this warning then we are not responsible for the torture starting now.
God Bless America...  

White America"

Within anonymous letter writing we generally do not find "double masking", that is, a white person pretending to be a black person pretending to write white.  

We look first at the pronouns.  The overemphasis on "we" suggests only one author. 

The poor grammar and usage suggest someone with a poor 
education in English grammar.  

The priority is often found in the very beginning.  Here it is "our newly elected president Donald Trump." This is where our author began suggesting not only priority but motive.  (we also know that no theft took place). 

Notice that there is no actual (Statement Analysis) threat.  We find that in anonymous threatening letters where a threat is conditional, it is very unlikely to be a genuine threat.  

Notice in the threat, not only is it conditional upon some not leaving, but it has the false urgency of "starting now."

Those who threaten based upon condition often get a sense that they recognize the lack of urgency, so artificially add some element of time ("soon" "shortly" "starting now", etc).

Congratulations to Charlotte Mecklenburg police for arresting 
 32-year-old racist Curtis Flournoy for burning of building of trade, malicious damage by use of an incendiary material, felony breaking and entering, ethnic intimidation and anonymous or threatening letters.
Police said motive was to embarrass Donald Trump supporters.  
For training in Anonymous Author identification, go to


happyuk said...

Hi Peter saw Richard D Hall give one of his presentations last night at Merthyr Tydfil rugby club:

What an evening! Also included was a re-cap of the Madeline McCann analysis you did with him, plus an analysis of Neil Armstrong's 1970 BBC interview with Sir Patrick Moore.

Very interesting analysis which from what I recall consistently noted Armstrong's somewhat weak and distancing language and consistent lack of usage of the "I" pronoun, very surprising for such a world-shaking event. It would be great this information could be disseminated.

John Mc Gowan said...

happyuk said...

"Also included was a re-cap of the Madeline McCann analysis you did with him"


Habundia said...

What you think about this statement?

John Mc Gowan said...


Mom frantic to find missing baby believed to be in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — Justine Torres says she's is frantic to find her missing infant daughter.
Torres says before she gave birth, she thought about placing her newborn for adoption, since she already has two young children.

Torres went on to say through a relative, she met a woman from San Antonio who wanted her daughter.

"I met her. She seemed like a really nice woman and we were in contact still up until I gave birth," said Torres.

Torres' daughter, Yariza Ramirez, was born February 21st. The young mom says soon after her daughter was born, she and the woman who wanted to care for her daughter signed a notarized temporary guardianship letter.

The letter signed on February 27th allowed the woman to care for Torres' daughter.
Shortly after she visited her daughter on March 21st, when she turned a month old, Torres said she called the woman and told her she wanted her daughter back.

"I told her the notary says temporary, you know, and she just said, ‘No, you can't do that,’ and she just blocked off all of her accounts. I've lost contact with her and I have no idea where they are at," said Torres.
Torres, who is from Crystal City, filed a Missing Person’s report with the Zavala County Sheriff's Office.

Zavala County Sheriff Eusevio Salinas tells Fox San Antonio his deputies are working with the San Antonio Police Department on this missing persons case.
Torres is also working with the Heidi Search Center in hopes of finding her daughter.
The Heidi Search Center says Yaritza Ramirez was last seen near Jackson Keller road.
Fox Antonio also went to the place where the woman is believed to live, but no one came to the door.

If you know anything on the whereabouts of baby Yaritza, call the Zavala County Sheriff's Office at (830) 374-3615 or the Heidi Search Center at (210) 650-0428.


TiffGGGG said...

OT - I was reading an article this morning about "How to spot a child molester's tricks". As a parent, I want to be aware of this. A commenter on the article posted something I found very interesting. Here it is:

"Ok so long story short my x boyfriend gained custody of my daughter now 10 has accused me of molesting her which honestly never happened I lived in a house that had no privacy. I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime i am very worried about my daughter and she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me what should i do? I am trying to get her back into my custody now that i have my own place. I think her father may have molested her."

Note; post seems to be written by a woman of middle age, according to picture.

Things that jumped out to me:
1. "Ok so long story short" - Beginning with so and a need to explain; also shows a lapse of information
2. "honestly" - need to prove innocence or endear to website
3. never - weak denial
4. "I lived in a house that had no privacy" - odd statement as she's referring to WHY she could not have molested her daughter. 'because she had no privacy.' -- So she would have molested her daughter if she DID have privacy?
5. "I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime i am very worried" - change in tense from was to am Is she worried because her daughter said she molested her and, in her words, she was taught the accuser is generally guilty?
6. "she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me" - need to convince of innocence or innocent nature toward daughter
7. "trying" - attempting to do something
7.5 qualifier "and she is extremely excited -- comparing to ideals / adding information that is unneeded.
8. because she has "my own place." -- My question: a place that is now private?
9. "I think her father may have molested her." -- The shifting of blame or pointing the finger at another.
10. She uses "my daughter" all throughout, this does not change. | She is not worried FOR her daughter being around her father, a possible child molester, but she is worried ABOUT her

Anyone else find this person's post interesting?

Anonymous said...

OT: Copied from Blackburn article

Anonymous said...

Blogger Bobcat said...
"You See"

Patterns indicate that Davey wrote Amber's facebook post (the one that neglects the Christmas Tree) for 11/29/2015


that Me2l/Brenda Lepchenko is Davey.

In a moment of clarity 9/17/2016, Brenda Lepchenko admitted to a high school lie and TWICE posted "I'm Davey."

April 12, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Apparently, sarcasm is lost on the self-proclaimed genius/armchair crime solver, bobcat.

But here ya go, SA bastardization experts--my "confession":

Since I've been discovered, I may as well confess to everything--all the accusations against me: murder for hire; er....uh....pulling the trigger (I'm not sure why I paid someone else if I were going to pull the trigger, but oh well...minor discrepancy); colluding with Amber in the big cover-up/master plan; closet homosexuality (GASP!); lying; hypocrisy; beating my child; preening; wearing a pompadour; pretending I'm really a female commenter who punches holes in the stupidity spewed here (the most serious charge brought by you "expert" wannabe crime solvers).

Yes, I, Me2l (who, in reality is someone you have never met nor would imagine, but reality is incidental, irrelevant, and discounted in the big picture of a crime blog commenter) am Davey. Yes. I once was Meg, but no longer. (Was I ever Amber?)

Bobcat, flightfulbird, bingo, Trudy (The Big Four), and occasionally the more rational Hey Jude would be deprived of their purpose in life if they could not identify Davey (or Perry, Meg, Mel, etc.) among the commenters here. (Because, you know, it's perfectly rational to believe that Davey religiously reads here -- a meaningless blog, its primary commenters consisting of four or five basement dwellers-- hanging on bobcat's every word and nonsensical theories.)

So, there ya have it. LOLOL

One of these days, I may decide to completely, once and for all, 100% discredit the incompetent bobcat.

Meanwhile, if it applies, you "sleuths" should not give up your day jobs.


Now, let's discuss your level of competency/veracity, your sincerity of motive.

Anonymous mom2many said...
A return to the appeal to the ip address, as some sort of proof of identity.

"In computer networking, IP address spoofing or IP spoofing is the creation of Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a false source IP address, for the purpose of hiding the identity of the sender or impersonating another computing system."

April 12, 2017 at 8:04 AM
If you people are so convinced of Davey's guilt, and if you are so convinced I'm Davey, you have the above "confession"; therefore, as the blog owner, Peter can request LE to investigate and subpoena my IP, leading to my ISP, in order to get the real and true guilty person.
After all, I confessed. If I'm Davey, isn't that important?

What's the hold-up, sleuths? Put your money where your mouth is.
(BTW, you really do not understand IP protocol.)

April 14, 2017 at 9:35 AM

elf said...

The mother kind of screwed herself. My oldest daughter is going through the same thing kind of, her ex-stepmother talked her into signing over 'temporary' guardianship (she was told by the ex stepmother and the attorney the stepmother hired that my daughter didn't need a lawyer, just to sign) and since then the ex-stepmother very rarely lets my granddaughter have any contact with me or my daughter :( my daughter is fighting to get her back now but she's had to hire an attorney. Once someone has guardianship they have all the control.

elf said...

I guess I don't understand everyone's fascination with Blackburn. Obviously the police either can't or won't nail him. I guess he's interesting as far as any other selfabsorbed egomaniac out in the world (personally he reminds me of all the phony Sunday tv preachers from the 80's). But I think he just had the dumb luck to have a wife who got killed around the time he was getting tired of being a husband. And he probably really believes that God made it happen. In my opinion, he's just a waste of blog space.

Habundia said...

Tiffany, that comment does have some red herrings.
Why did the ex boyfriend got custody in the first place? What is the story that led to him gaining custody over her (their) 10 year old daughter?
Did the daughter accuse her mother of molestating or did the ex boyfriend accused her of it. And why would he accuse her of that if he already has custody of the girl? What would be his motive (if fabricated) for this accusing?
"I lived in a house that had no privacy"
It wasn't a home, it was a house. So what kind of house was it that had no privacy?
And just as you asked......Would she molest her when she did have privacy?
It's just a weird thing to add into the statement about being accusations of molestation......Why would you feel the need to put in "no privacy"? Not all molestation need privacy, some are done in groups or is being "accepted" by the people around, who know and do nothing. But it does make me wonder, what kind of house she was living in at the time she had 'no privacy'.
"I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime"
Who taught her that?
Does she has experience in her own life with molestation? That she was taught "its usually the accuser that's done the crime" (at the end she 'thinks her father molested her, so could her own learning now be held against her? "The accuser that's done the crime")
She now has her "own place"......Still no home but only a place......

John Mc Gowan said...

Tiffany Gerik said...

OT - "I was reading an article this morning about "How to spot a child molester's tricks". As a parent, I want to be aware of this. A commenter on the article posted something I found very interesting. Here it is:"

"Ok so long story short my x boyfriend gained custody of my daughter now 10 has accused me of molesting her which honestly never happened I lived in a house that had no privacy. I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime i am very worried about my daughter and she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me what should i do? I am trying to get her back into my custody now that i have my own place. I think her father may have molested her."

At first glance.

"Ok so long story short"

Missing information. This maybe due to it being a social media post, or a forum etc.. It may also be that she doesn't have all the information and so on.

"my x boyfriend"

Improper social introduction. In context, she may not want to disclose her "x boyfriends" name.

"my x boyfriend"

Note the pronoun "my" suggesting there is some sort of close relationship.

"my x boyfriend gained custody of my daughter"

Passive language. Why did he gain custody of her daughter.?
What happened?
When was the accusation?

Passive language is employed to either, conceal information, and or identity.

How old was her daughter when he "gained custody"?

"my daughter now 10 has accused me of molesting her"

What is her/her and her daughters subjective definition of "molesting"? This is VERY important

"which honestly never happened

This is a weak statement.

First there is a NTP which maybe appropriate if it "never happened"

Second. "never" does not mean didn't. It doesn't address the allegation. It maybe true. In using SA principle, however, it is weak.

Much better would be.

I didn't molest my daughter. It is important, though, to find out what "molest" is.

"I lived in a house that had no privacy"

Here we have past tense "lived". Where did the allegation occur?
Does she still live in the same address?

"that had no privacy"

This concerns me. It is needless information, but very important to the analyst.
What does "privacy" look like to her. Again subjective, and passive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updates Tania.

John Mc Gowan said...


""Ok so long story short my x boyfriend gained custody of my daughter now 10 has accused me of molesting her which honestly never happened I lived in a house that had no privacy. I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime i am very worried about my daughter and she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me what should i do? I am trying to get her back into my custody now that i have my own place. I think her father may have molested her."

"I was always taught that its usually the accuser thats done tje crime"

By whom?

"thats done tje [sic] crime"

Again we passivity.
what "crime" does she speak of?
Subjective Definition?

"i am very worried about my daughter and she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me"

Why is she worried?
Why is her daughter "extremely excited to be on the phone"

"with me"

Distancing language.

Minimising language considering the allegation.

The statement is loaded with passive language. (It maybe due to her not wanting to reveal to much, in a public forum)
There is minimising, and considering "the crime" (change in language) is expected.

More information needed.


Anonymous said...

Arrest the woman who says the reason she didn't molest her daughter is because the house they were living in didn't afford adequate privacy for her to do so. And throw away the key!

TiffGGGG said...


Thanks for the reply! I'm glad I'm not the only who saw some red flags in this person's post. It's rather revealing, isn't it? It does seem odd that the ex-boyfriend would have custody too, unless he's the biological father, I'd assume. Great points!

@John Mcgowan
I'm so happy you replied. You pointed out so many areas that I hadn't noticed: the lack of proper introduction, the distancing language and minimization! All great points. Even the use of "place" versus "house" is very interesting. Thank you for your response. You helped me to see all these things I missed.

"Arrest the woman who says the reason she didn't molest her daughter is because the house they were living in didn't afford adequate privacy for her to do so. And throw away the key!"

Yes, it is quite alarming what she's really saying!

John Mc Gowan said...

"I am trying to get her back into my custody now that i have my own place"

I am trying to bring her back home to me.
I'm fighting for custody to bring home to me.
I want her home.
I miss her so much.
It's breaking my heart not being able to hold and cuddle her.
I don't know if she is happy with him?
I will fight tooth and nail to bring her home...And on it goes..

Yet, this is not what she says.


"I am trying to get her back into my custody

Not using the word "home", where we feel safe, secure, cared for, loved and happy, does not enter her language.

"now that i have my own place."

Was she told to leave.?
Was the house they all lived in together not hers, but, her "x boyfriends"?
Did she leave on her own accord?
Whom was she staying with, before she got her "own place"?

In the brief statement she gives. There is no mention that her daughter said she wants to go home, or that she is missing her Mum.
All she says is

"she is extremely excited to be on the phone with me"

She is telling us how her daughter feels. ("excited") She is entering into her daughters emotions. Yet she doesn't say why her daughter is "excited". Whatever "excited is?

Full custody?
Does she see her at all?
Does she have supervised visits?

The questions are endless.

All her Motherly maternal instincts (and there is no other bond like it) are missing. (in this statement anyway)

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Could someone help me with SA on this? If you accuse someone of doing something in the past and say to them, "I know you did (blank), and sure you'll deny it but you did (blank)" And they reply commenting about their opinions about blank, saying blank is this, blank is that, blah blah and say 2 sentences, one sentence consisting of a single word of what they claim they did instead of doing ------- and then say "I never did ------. And that is the truth."

Does that statement "And that is the truth" added at the end mean the denial is reliable."?
I am having trouble doing SA on this due to the statement added at the end stating "And that is the truth".
My guess is that that does make the denial reliable but Im not sure.
Can someone help?

Anonymous said...

re RD


Anonymous said...

Off topic: Could someone help me with SA on this?

This may help

The Psychology of a Reliable Denial

Anonymous said...

He's lying. He did ______.

Anonymous said...

Do anybody have a good movie recommend? Like to see movie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I read the link, and Im still confused due to I know that "never" is frowned upon and I get that in some instances but in other instances, even the Lance Armstrong example, it seems appropriate therefore w my sample statement the "never" doesnt help me analyze it. With respect to the last sentence "And that is the truth" I get that I had written to the individual "you did blank and I know you will deny it but you did blank" which in my opinion may have contributed to them writing at the end "And that is the truth." This was also the first and only time they were accused, yet "And that is the truth" would mean they looked upon their words and knew them to be true, wouldnt it? Could the person who commented "He is lying. He did -------" tell me the sensitivity indicators they see bc I am so confused.

Anonymous said...

With movies, have you seen "The Fighter" or "Winter's Bone"? Both have awesome acting Winters Bone is better plot than The Fighter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I havent heard ot if before. Is that the movie of the space dog that had super powers and could read and talk?

Anonymous said...

No, it isnt about a space dog. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

No, Winters Bone is about a teenage girl in I think rural Arkansas...her father makes meth and he is supposedly " running from the law" and the sheriff cant find him...they are very poor, the girl takes care of her younger brother and sister....the sheriff shows up at the door and says if your father doesnt show up for his court date we're taking this house (and therefore they will be out on the street/woods). So she tries to find him. The movie is a little dark but such an awesome movie--it's a must see. The Fighter is about a great boxer in Boston who had a crack addiction.

Anonymous said...

Here's the trailer

Acting is awesome; characters awesome; plot awesome

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link. I believe its good as you say.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, yeah it's a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Drugs? & runnin from the law? I aint watchin no movie bout lefty lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

You might then miss a good story.

Anonymous said...

Hey its upto you what you watch. Maybe you should go see the star war movie. I hear the real darth vadir is back.

Anonymous said...

Yep, dark vader is in it. For just a little while and just a few lines. But Frodo isnt in this one. Speculation is that JRR Tolkien will bring back Frodo in the next Star Wars the last jedi.

Anonymous said...

Hey knuckleball, I think you have 2 movies confused.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean in "facebook speak" if someone who doesn't like facebook and who hasn't been on facebook for years (and never participated in facebook when they were on it for a short time years ago) reactivates their account that's been deactivated for years and that has like 10 friends, changes the one pic they had which was a profile pic showing their family to a square of black, leaves it like that for a month and does no activity of any kind including gathering friends. I just think it's strange. Does that sound like the person is depressed??

Anonymous said...

The facebook is bad imo.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:09pm

At first I laughed, but when I finally caught my breath again I realized how correct you are. It really is discrimination based on origin. Maybe not yet technically racist, but just think what'll happen if them Progressives aka Regressives convince our future robot friends, neighbors and coworkers that they are victims of racism? OMG.......

Anonymous said...

Wow. Reality check, for real. Can reliable SA be acquired from a non human that can communicate verbally? This could be the SA Achilles tendon that undermines law enforcenent worldwide. Dont you see? A non human criminal could be programmed to speak all known languages with all the inherent subtleties and maybe even combine them!!!!! A traditional lie detection method would be doomed as well as body language and facial reading. THERE MUST BE A determine if a robot person is lying. But how? It may be a closer reality than we want to acknowledge. Robots already are doing our jobs. Two young adult looking robots just moved into neighborhood last week. Oh gosh, what if Obama gave them imigrant status and claim they are Moroccan?

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you see this? Worcester DA uses non-existent scientific DNA technology to construct a "profile" of Marcotte's killer. A few months later a state trooper sees a "HIspanic" who "fit the profile constructed from the fake DNA technology driving a "dark-colored" SUV, follows him to his home and does a "buckle DNA test" and lo and behold, it matched!!!! No way in hell do they have the right guy. What is a "buckle DNA test"? They had no warrant to do it!!! They did it based on him being a Hispanic driving a dark-colored SUV This is the craziest stuff I have ever seen!!! No way is this the right guy and no way will they get a conviction! Absolute madness!

Anonymous said...

Did they just arrest an innocent man? They NEVER relesed a description of the suspect until their bizarre sci-fi DNA profile got created 9 months after the killing where they claimed the DNA said the guy was a light to medium-skinned Hispanic --then they suddenly said that witnesses had seen a Hispanic man with athletic build and short to shaved hair "in the area". Why in the world would they have waited 9 months to release that description of a potential suspect? I followed this story very closely. They also refused to say where they got the DNA from until TODAY. Now they are claiming they got it from her hand.

How is it they got this guy simply from seeing a HIspanic driving a dark-colored SUV in Worcester (the guy wasn't pulled over or anything) who "matched the description" when the guy they got does not even presently have short or shaved hair and if he's sitting in a car how could they see his build? Then they follow him home and get a "buckle DNA test" that miraculously matches!!!

Can someone please tell me if they agree that this is outlandish and that something weird is going on???

Anonymous said...

Too much crime.

Anonymous said...

You don't think that's outlandish? I knew as soon as they released that sci-fi DNA profile and then suddenly 9 mos after the killing claimed witnesses had seen someone who looked like that they were going to do something weird like just pick someone who fit that profile out of a crowd and pin the crime on him. I knew it! Just tell me--dont you think what they have done is outlandish? You know from being on this blog that no killer has EVER been caught the way they claim to have caught Marcotte's killer!

Anonymous said...

The DM article says there were over 1,000 tips and a sketch. Also his dna under her nails from fighting back. Doesnt say how his dna was acquired to compare.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what I've just read here. How can you think a machine can be intentiinally criminal? Ha ha ha. Even in the movies a robot can be programmed to not lie. Plus, a robot, as we all know, is perfect. It can only do what its told. No more. No less. It is perfect. So, are m you trying to say a machine could decide to disobey? If so, how is that possible. A malfunction may be noncompliance but its not disibedience. And noncompliance with its programming logic commands due to malfunction would be detected and then corrected. Even if it were to cause damage it has no intent. Hence no criminal possibility, no malfeasance. It'll never happen. Robots are just machines and always will be. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I guess you've never seen the movie 2001 with Hal the computer. You can add that to your movie list!

@11:16, That's typical to get that many tips. I followed the case closely, and there was no sketch ever mentioned and there was certainly no sketch released to the public. The only details released to the public previous to the DNA sci-fi testing was the suspect is

1) male
2) has scratches on face, arms and or hands

Several months later they said

1) dark-colored SUV seen in the area (would not specify a color)

9 months later post sci-fi suspect profile, suddenly there was a man who was seen in the area who appeared

1) Hispanic
2) athletic build
3) short hair or shaved head

which of course matched the sci-fi profile (?!)

I would be shocked if the perp was actually seen by anyone. The way the crime was done neither his vehicle or himself would have been seen unless someone had seen him snatch her right off the street. Certainly there was no vehicle or person seen on that little off-road section or that info would have been released immediately.

I hope they got the right guy. It seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, even the way they caught him as he is just driving in city traffic. The guy also has no criminal record. It's different than what I thought--I thought the guy would be white, older like 40-50, very big guy, I would not have thought he was working in the area rather just driving around. I also would not have thought he was seen by anyone. I hope they got him, it's just surprising the way they claim to have done it.

Anonymous said...

They are claiming they got ethnicity and height from the DNA, and I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I googled it, you can't get race/ethnicity from DNA. Also they claim they got height and build. I don't believe that, otherwise why wouldn't they ever have claimed they can tell how tall a child will grow from testing DNA? The lab they claim they used claims they can put together a computer model of the face even from the we are not that advanced! That is absolute bull. HOw could that be detectable in the genes what an adult face will look like? Like does that mean in someone's DNA they can tell what their face will look like as a child, an adult, an old person? It's preposterous.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone do that with the facebook profile of reactivating, defriending wife, turning profile picture of him and wife and kid to a black square and hovering in cyberspace with no activity or friend accumulation only 10 friends? That makes absolutely no sense to me unless it could be a decoy profile or they are adopting a new identity they haven't built yet?

Anonymous said...

It seems senseless to reactivate with no intention to use facebook, just to somewhat humiliate oneself like "hey this is my life a black square!"

Hey Jude said...

Maybe your friend is feeling suicidal, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, Do you really think that? It seems extremely strange and I thought it might be some kind of cry for you really think that bc I don't know anything really about pre-suicidal behavior.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Hal was a Bot. Cant even remember exactly but I think Hal turned bad, but again wasnt Hal god? Now I do recall that Robo cop movie. He was half Bot. But he was a good guy/bot. Then again, he was good b4 he turned into a bot. So, I dont want some Bot or a half Bot showing up to my front door because a nosy neighbor thinks I didnt get a yard sale permit. You know what I mean. Drones are bad enough and now Bots?

Hey Jude said...

I don't know, Anon - it would concern me if a FB friend did that - I'd probably check he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hey Jude...yeah it is concerning and strange...I did end up sending him a msg "Are you OK?" I doubt he will tell me bc he is too proud to say Im sure which makes it stranger he's doing the black square thing. His life was so picture perfect I could see from his wife's profile, flawless it seemed. I think I know what is wrong from something she had posted. Well, at least he will know someone cares. I would have been humiliated if I were him from the wife's post, but he's not going to say, but he will know someone cares at least. How very blind he was walking into that marriage.

Anonymous said...

He deserves no compassion from me anyway, ridiculous he would act so angst-ridden. I doubt he has one ounce humanity left in him. It's too toilsome to even think of this.

Anonymous said...

That is what he gets for betraying a friend through DECEPTION and RACISM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks, you're right. She is very toxic. I just got thrown into kind of a mental whirlwind for a few days bc she said some really mean stuff to me in this weird "attack" style thing out of nowhere...we werent in an argument or anything and it was like she was projecting all of her own weird stuff in a giant attack that was so strange. Her sister used to call me years ago every night suicidal over stuff her and her mother were saying to her (the sister), literally suicidal, and it was so strange bc nothing I said could ever really help her, and it was about the fact they had convinced her that her having tatoos meant that she was ruined, noone would ever love her, that nothing could ever be good again, and they were feeding her that message and over and over and I couldn't understand how she could believe what they were saying but it is bc they are so toxic--they are spewing this stuff from a really weird mental place. Yeah you're right they are toxic!!! Thanks for the advice!