Saturday, April 1, 2017

Isabel Celis Remains Found

Police have confirmed they have found the remains of a six-year-old girl Isabel Celis who  was reported missing by her parents in 2012.

But at a press conference last night, Chief Chris Magnus dramatically confirmed that police had found human remains in a 'remote' area which were matched to Isabel via DNA analysis.

Isabel's parents have been deceptive about what happened to her. 

Here is the father's 911 call which is out first indication that he scripted his call:

Please search "Celis" for more articles indicating deception, including their televised appearance.  


GeekRad said...

Let's hope this doesn't go the way of too many cases, no arrest, no conviction.

trustmeigetit said...

After Hailey Dunns body was found with no arrests... I am fearing that will happen here as well.

Hope that is not the case.

I am sick of parents getting away with the kidnap lie.

Anonymous said...


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GeekRad said...

I had Hailey on my mind also trustmeigetit.

Tania Cadogan said...


(CNN)An Arizona girl who disappeared from her home almost five years ago is dead, police in Tucson said Friday.
The remains of Isabel Celis were discovered earlier this month during a search by authorities, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said.

"This is not the ending that any of us hoped for but it is also not the ending of the case," he said.
Isabel was 6 when she disappeared from her Tuscon home in April 2012.
She was last seen by family members when she went to bed at 11 p.m. on a Friday. When her father went to wake her at 8 a.m. Saturday -- a half-hour after her mother had gone to work -- he said the girl was nowhere to be found, according to police.

Police have followed 2,200 leads in the case, which attracted national attention.
No arrests have been announced and the chief would not discuss suspects at a news conference.
The chief said Isabel's remains were found in a rural part of Pima County, which includes Tucson.
DNA from the remains was sent to a lab in Virginia, he said.
"Unfortunately, the results of this DNA analysis did confirm that the remains were those of Isabel Celis," Magnus said.
The chief said the discovery was not happenstance, but he declined to say what led officers to the site.

CNN affiliate KGUN said the girl's family released this statement: "We want to thank the community for the support they have continued to show for Isa over the years and for refusing to give up hope. Now is our time to mourn. We ask for our privacy during this time so that we can do that.

Tania Cadogan said...

I am glad she will finally get a dignified burial.
I wonder where she was found in relation to the house?

Who talked and why?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

It may have taken awhile, but I'm grateful someone talked. There are way too many Isabels these days. IT appears as though someone couldn't outdistance their conscience-for that I'm thankful.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

tania cadogan said...
I am glad she will finally get a dignified burial.
I wonder where she was found in relation to the house?

Who talked and why?
April 1, 2017 at 12:19 PM

Good questions.

I know that the analysis is obvious and if all investigators had was the 911 call as to show deception by the father, they still must prove, in a court of law, where the pool of jury candidates can resemble Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson, it is a very challenging position to be in.

I, too, hope that something is behind this rather than just inadvertently stumbling upon remains.

I am also hoping one parent may testify against the other.

At this point, statements by the parents may not yield much, due to the content we have, from the beginning. Yet, we will be listening.


Anonymous said...

I've read comments such as " least we know she's not being sex trafficked". " how sad, that death is 'preferable'. There is hope in life, and unless you are a believer, death brings a very final end. I pray her parents have that hope they will see her again..I know where she is.

Unknown said...
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dadgum said...

Alrighty then. That wasn't me..though I did post a an by mistake.
I like Martin Luthers account better, sending Satan away with a fart.


I listened to the press conference with the AZ police and one thing stood out. This was not an accidental find. Something/someone led them to the area where Isabel's remains were found. So a tip led them? Or was it an interview? It also struck me that the police were not willing to speak for the family at this time. Typically they will say that the family is devastated or so emotional at this time they cannot make a statement. None of that. They pointed the media to ask the family about their feelings ... And for such an outspoken family when she first went missing,they are pretty silent right now. I hope this find will bring justice for this little girl, Isabel.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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stop_playing_dumb said...

I listened to the raw 911 call and the father's calm demeanor, the fact that he laughs during the call not once but twice and that he is the one that ends the call with bye bye makes the father more than suspicious in all of this. He isn't calling the bank to get an increase on a loan. It's an emergency. SMH. I hope arrests are made quickly. I heard that the fmaily listed their house for sale at the end of February and suddenly the cops find her body. So so curious.

Anonymous said...

The Grim Reaper is not Satan either. He is not an evil entity. My feeling was he showed up bc there was a strong chance I was going to die, and my impression was he was there to escort me from this life. My impression was that I had some kind of say in what was going to happen bc when I yelled "No it's not my time! I am supposed to live till at least 80!" it was like he listened to me and retreated. He was on my left--very large, hooded black robe, no face, not scary or mean.
One of the fireman told me if the airbag had not gone off I would have died instantly and they would have been removing me out of the steering column. Both of our cars were going 45/50 mph and the teen was driving a giant Cadillac in my lane hit me head-on and my engine caught on fire. So if you choose to make fun of the story, you don't realize how close I was to death, and I am telling the truth about seeing the Grim Reaper and talking to him and God talking to me.

Lemon said...

" ...Becky said in an interview several years ago they all were coping because of the support from their family, faith in God and the love they each have for one another."

I'm curious if this information coming out has to do with relationship issues between Sergio and Becky?

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady, yeah everyone already knew that, that they claim a tip guided them to the discovery.
If it was really a tip that led them there, there will be an arrest of Sergio soon. If it wasnt a tip, Sergio will not be arrested.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Lemons, You make an interesting point.

Since we know previously that sergio was removed from the house and banned from contact with his sons for a period of time, has something been happening that would cause someone to talk?

Questions were also raised at the time about sergio's somewhat feminine behavior as well as his most dreadful overacting, has something happened recently that has prompted someone to talk.

It is interesting to note what has been said as well as not said by the Sheriff.

It was not happenstance - they were given information by someone who knew where she was which would point to the killer(s) or accomplices(s)

Nothing has been said about how the family feel such as shocked, distraught etc.
The media are being directed to talk to the family directly.

Is this because they have someone already in custody or about to be?
They are waiting to see what the family says which could implicate someone?

Who has spoken, what did they know and what was their motive?
Guilty knowledge?
Divorce even though they are catholic?
Abuse of some kind?

aNoNyMoUs said...

No one asked about an afterlife, Anonymous. But since you are sharing, I would also like to hear the message from God about our purpose on earth.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

This may or may not have any bearing whatsoever, but it just may be that as Catholics preparing themselves for Easter through Scrutinies, Baptism Renewal, Confession and Penance, that someone has made the right decision. Hopefully, someone will do right by Isa.

LC said...

Mother Becky heads to work without peeking in on her kids?
Did followup investigation clarify what Isabel wore to bed to sleep in?
Were there any articles of clothing found with the remains?
Obvious intention by LE to hold back details...

Anonymous said...

Head Injury from your car crash, Anonymous?
Maybe the Grim Reaper had more influence on you than you realize.

Anonymous said...

I thought they were anything but ''out spoken'' after she disappeared .

Unknown said...

I always wonder what influences a mom to peek or not to peek.... i think its just a convenient excuse pulled out their butt at a most inconvenient time... if i develope a habit of checking my child or kissing my daughter im like a crazy lady if i dont... convinced my forgetfulness has open a window and the fate of the universe has been altered dangereously. The only way to tilt it back is to complete my ritual lol OCD in all its glory .... my point is if you walk over and kiss your child then one day just look in on her thats suspicious

LC said...

I just wonder what the daily Routine was as mother Becky left for work each morning.
Did Becky participate in getting Isa ready for bed the night before?
Did Becky Usually get herself ready for work in the mornings and leave without checking on the kids before walking out the door for the day?
"Good luck on your game. I'll see you after work." said to a sleepy kid in the morning seems missing, even if there is no good-bye kiss - unless the father was the main caretaker of the kid activities.

John Mc Gowan said...

Well worth another read:

Kaaryn Gough is an amazing Statement Analyst. I hope she's doing well.

The parents appeared on the Today Show to talk about the "abduction" that Serio Celis had reported. Here is analysis from Statement Analyst Kaaryn Gough with additional notes of Behavioral Analysis and prior references.

Let's look at Kaaryn's detailed analysis from the perspective of Behavioral Analysis, and the prior short Statement Analysis of the few words spoken by the parents. Kaaryn's is posted again, with bold type analysis and commentary added.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!!!
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By defiantamerica - April 2, 2017

Unknown said...

Thank you for the link, John.

Becky Celis': “she loves to go out and play with her brothers, um play hard in the dirt”

Play hard in the dirt. I think that's a baseball term. Something a coach would say to the players.

There was too much attention placed on Isa's physical appearance.

The word 'play' was often used. She wore make up, nail polish, and had her hair done. Sergio said "look at that face" that face? Was Isabel some kind of doll to him? They didn't speak much about her inner qualities as one would expect.

Lilstr said...

I hadn't followed the case at the time; I read/listened to some interviews today and this is my first try at SA.

Some phrases/wording sound off to me:

First interview (raw footage)

Q: Do you know where Isabel is?
A: No (both)
Mom: No, and I'm sorry that we're not as.... I don't know what they'e expecting from us, If you know how we're supposed to be acting, please let us know, 'cause right now our heart is breaking

We don't have anything to hide, so go for it. Say what you want to say but in the end, we are confident we had nothing to do with it, and, and go ahead, go for it. And the people who know us, who have known us as, as of, as a family, know us... and know that we have nothing to do with this. And for for everybody else, you know, people accuse as much as they want, go for it, go right ahead, we are strong enough to take it, and there's nothing that you're going to find on us. And go for it. And uhm, and in, at the end of the day Isabel will be home and we'll know who did this. And that's all I'm waiting for. And that's all we're waiting for, fo Isabel to come home safe, no matter what it takes. So what we want is for the public to go out there, keep praying for us, pray for Isabel to come home, the amount of prayers that were coming in is amazing to me, a-ma-zing, the efforts the people are having for Isabel, eh it's, to me, it's just amazing and right there is where the concentration needs to be. The concentration needs to be getting Isabel's face out there, praying for Isabel to come home. And in the end, all these acc...., all these questions we have will be answered but for right now, my, our concentration as a family is bringing Isabel home.
Keep praying, the world is praying, you know
We've gotten people from, you know, France, Italy (dad: Egypt, China) it's amazing and to me, that's what is going to bring Isabel home. All those prayers, that's what's going to bring Isabel home."

seems like putting praying as foremost, before searches, premature to me. Even with a devout family that gathered in the evenings to pray, wouldn't they go out searching during the day?

Dad: "And again, we are still raising a family, we cannot, we cannot shrivel into that little hole"
just weird choice of words!

Q: I've heard different stories about the timeline on Friday night. I've also heard rumors about a possible party at your house on Friday night. Was there anything of that sort? Was anybody other than your family at your home that Firday night.
Both: no
Mom: there was no party either.
Dad: I mean we were [chuckle] at my son's Julian baseball game. All of us were there.
Mom: That's where we were. All of us. And just the family. And my brothers and everybody else they were doing their thing. I mean, I don't even know where they were. But they were not with us. So the only people that were with us, was our immediate family.
Dad: yeah
way too much trying to persuade here,in my opinion

Lilstr said...


v Jane Velez-Mitchell interview of Isabel's uncle Luis, 13 days after disappearance
Q: Let me ask you: where and when did you hear that your niece was missing?
Uncle: [looks down at his notes, looks to someone off-camera to his right, swallows] Uhm, I, I was at work at the moment, when, when I, when I got the first notice and I came right away to, to assist for the look, for the look of Isabel.
if there was a "first notice", does it mean there were more than one notices, or calls made to him about a problem?

Q: What are the parents doing everyday? Because it's been about thirteen days and we saw them going into the house with the detectives yesterday, one after the other, but they're not staying at the house. Uhm, what are they doing on a day-to-day basis, because we don't see them out, let's say, in the neighborhood, looking behind shrubs, but obviously they're looking hard to find their daughter, what are they doing?
Uncle: There's really nothing that we can do except for wait, and wait for any update that the investigators bring us and we're usually everyday, we're always together and just, just praying, praying to god that, to bring Isabel home safe.
the question was "what are THEY the parents doing" the answer is "there's nothing WE can do", so a shared responsibility?

Concerned said...

I'm thankful her little body has been found and she'll be buried.
I wonder if her mother could no longer stand the fact that
Isabel was just trashed. If she knew, it would be hard to get that
picture out of her head.

I suppose another possibility is that the police insinuated someone
into their lives who gained their confidence. Perhaps one of them
just spilled it one day.

I'm one who believes that 911 call alone said it all about the father.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the statement, Lilstr.

"we are confident we had nothing to do with it"

Confident? Why even bother to add this? Why the need to be confident? 'We had nothing to do with it.' is a stronger statement.

Anonymous said...

"We are confident that we had nothing to do with it..."

That sentence from the mother is thought provoking. Example: I might be confident that I did well on a test I had taken because I prepared well for the test. However, I still don't know the outcome of how I actually did on the test.

Father says "...we cannot shrivel into that little hole". Was Isabel buried?

John Mc Gowan said...

Chief Chris Magnus "But last night they revealed that human remains in a remote area that matched Isabel’s DNA.

From the above interview:

Dad: "And again, we are still raising a family, we cannot, we cannot shrivel into that little hole"

Could this be leakage.

We know Isabel's remains were "found in a remote area". Was she in a shallow grave? ("A little hole")

Anonymous said...

Father's statement

..."we cannot shrivel into that little hole..."

Father uses "that" to preface the hole.

Would one more likely say something to the effect..."we cannot shrivel into "a" little hole"?

Could it be suggested that his word "that" in reference to the word "hole" means that he has a hole in mind and he is distancing himself from "that" hole.

Unknown said...

Excellent observation!

John Mc Gowan said...

anon said

"Could it be suggested that his word "that" in reference to the word "hole" means that he has a hole in mind and he is distancing himself from "that" hole.


Yes, it could also be geographical.

From Pima County where she was found to tuscan, her home town is 1 h 3 min (49.4 mi) via AZ-86 W.

Unknown said...

Uncle: There's really nothing that we can do except for wait, and wait for any update that the investigators bring us and we're usually everyday, we're always together and just, just praying, praying to god that, to bring Isabel home safe.

'There's nothing we can do except wait'

Parents will do anything to find their missing child. They don't wait. They get out and search.

There was nothing they could do because they knew she was dead.

Lilstr said...

Here's a link to Google map

Lilstr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lilstr said...

The first thing that came to mind with that quote was leakage/embedded confession of sexual abuse, is that too far fetched?

LC said...

"It's not like Caylee is in the Woods or anything."
"I don't need to search for Hailey in the dirty fields."
Sergio's words certainly Do point to a hole in the ground........but he Could have intended 'that little hole' to refer to a mental state of severe depression caused by the loss of a child.

Buckley said...

Why are you quoting the "uncle" and coming to a conclusion about the parents?

Buckley said...

What I'm getting at is: Shouldn't "uncle" Justin Mastromarino's words reveal his own level of deception and no one else's?

Unknown said...

I know, I was wrong to come to a conclusion about the parents. I don't know how to do SA yet. The uncle said 'we' so I figured that whatever they know, he knows. And for me, his statement goes against the expected.

Buckley said...

I agree. Mastromarino's statements reveal his guilt. I still believe primary guilt. It's unfortunate analysis has been limited to the parents.

Lilstr said...

The interview I quoted is of Isabel's uncle, Luis Rodrigues (not Justin Mastromarino)

Unknown said...

Celis’ family, according to the girl’s uncle Justin Mastromarino, say they believed the little girl was abducted.

“You don’t think anything like that would actually really happen to you,” he said. “And all of sudden, you wake up one morning and you’re in that scenario. Everything goes through your mind, you’re angry, you’re upset, you’re frustrated, you’re confused.”

Distancing language. He can't bring himself to say 'I'.

"anything like that"
He can't say what 'that' is.

"And all of sudden, you wake up one morning and you’re in that scenario."

Highly sensitive. Wordy. Story-telling.
Could his 'scenario' mean 'plot'? Was Isabel part of a plot?

"you’re angry, you’re upset, you’re frustrated, you’re confused.”


He starts with angry and ends with confused. This is not the expected order of emotions.

He added his family is “very upset right now … we’re just trying to let police do their thing and get as much info as possible.”

The family is only upset?
Trying to let police do their 'thing'?
Get as much info as possible?

He couldn't say they are letting the police find Isabel. Did he not want her found?

Unknown said...

I didn't know he was Isa's cousin "playing uncle". He's already a relative. Why uncle? Who else has he been "playing uncle" with?

He has a FB photo with Isa captioned: "playing uncle"

I hope they find him soon. I'm beginning to think he's been sexually abusing children, or grooming them for sex, since his teens.

Buckley said...

Mastromarino described his niece as "just a sweet little girl."

"All the ambition in the world. She could do whatever she wanted. Didn't really like strangers or anything like that so very close knitted and just very wise," said Mastromarino.

Note past tense

trustmeigetit said...

Plus hey did not speak out for 2 weeks. No pleas for her return or help to find out. Not expected in a kidnapping of your own child.

They said the reason for the silence was they were grieving. Also not expected. She could be alive. That is when you should be in panic mode to find her. Grieving is more expected now, when death is confirmed.

They know exactly what happened to this poor child.

I just hope they have something to link them.

I am sick of parents getting away with murder.

rip isa said...

does justin have a son?
i have a feeling it will be justin or his son if he has one, and the excuse will be a brain tumor.

Buckley said...

It's Justin. No son. The excuse will be drugs.

Buckley said...

Plus they did not speak out for two weeks.

April 21, 2012: Isabel is reported missing by her father Sergio Celis at 8:14 a.m.

April 23, 2012: Police search the Los Reales Landfill for any evidence.

April 24, 2012: Tucson police receive more than 200 leads.

April 25, 2012: Sergio and Becky Celis, Isabel’s parents, make an emotional statement to the public.


I was just looking at old videos/articles on Isabel and I found this youtube from last April 2016 with the parents. The father is very angry at Police because as recently as a few months before this interview the police were asking about the father's behavior at the job (or show). The father said it's time for them to move on. Also mentioned in this interview by the newscaster was about a "family" member who is considered a suspect (per the newscaster not Police) and that maybe the family member knows something. It's an interesting watch.

Nic said...

Boston Lady said:
And for such an outspoken family when she first went missing,they are pretty silent right now.

Loose lips, sink ships.

Buckley said...

Sergio and Becky are desperate to find their daughter, and tired of waiting for answers, they contact private investigator Jerry "Kelly" Snyder.

"We looked at one of the relatives of the family, and his friend that basically didn't have six hours that they could explain as to where they were the day that she went missing," said Snyder.

That relative is Justin Mastromarino, Becky's cousin. He had an apartment nearby, but had previously lived with the Celises for more than a year.

"We need her home safe, safe and sound, you know," said Mastromarino in a public appeal the day Isabel disappeared. "We like to hope that she just went for a walk and is going to come back unharmed."

Mastromarino made a public plea the day Isabel vanished. But within two weeks, he also disappeared from the Tucson area.

"Shortly thereafter this same individual shipped his car off to another state, he then hired one of the best lawyers in Tucson, a criminal lawyer, and you know -- Bingo, another red flag," said Snyder.

After that, according to Sergio, Mastromarino stopped talking, even to the Celis family. He has only one thing to say.

Police never name Justin Mastromarino as a suspect. He denied a Crime Watch Daily request for comment too. Emails from his lawyer firmly state: "He does not want to do an interview."

But the friend who says he was with him the night Isabel disappeared did speak to us, telling us where they were and what they were doing that night.

"It was April 20, 4-20," said Sabastian Hartsfield. "It's 'national weed smoking day,' so of course we drank and smoked weed, did all the fun stuff."

Private investigator Snyder claims Hartsfield and Mastromarino partied late into the night, finally crashing at Justin's apartment at around 2 in the morning and waking up at about 8 a.m.

Sabastian doesn't account for Justin suddenly leaving town.

"I don't know," said Sabastian. "I mean I would be tired of people looking at me and accusing me of this. If I had the money to take off with all the people, FBI agents, private whatever, I would have left. I don't see any wrong of him leaving. Unfortunately I can't leave."

Did he have anything to do with Isabel's disappearance? "No ma'am," said Sabastian.

Did Justin have anything to do with Isabel's disappearance? "No," said Sabastian. "I definitely want to say deep down inside that I know Justin, and I can say no."

Private investigator Kelly Snyder has a lot of questions about the story, the timeline and their credibility.

"The relative that I'm talking about, he ended up contacting his attorney and then ultimately his attorney contacted me and told me not to ever contact his client again," said Snyder.

Buckley said...

Unknown said...

Thank you for the statement, Buckley.

"I don't know," said Sabastian. "I mean I would be tired of people looking at me and accusing me of this. If I had the money to take off with all the people, FBI agents, private whatever, I would have left. I don't see any wrong of him leaving. Unfortunately I can't leave."

'accusing me of this' What is 'this'?
This=close at hand? Was he a part of it?
Like Justin, he can't bring himself to say what 'this' is.

"If I had the money to take off with all the people, FBI agents, private whatever, I would have left." He's telling us what he'd do in Justin's shoes.
Why does an innocent person need to 'take off' run off? Like a criminal fleeing from a scene of a crime.

"Unfortunately I can't leave."
Why would he need to leave? Is he being accused of something? Is he guilty of something?

Buckley said...

This one is my favorite. I count five flags.

Did Justin have anything to do with Isabel's disappearance? "No," said Sabastian. "I definitely want to say deep down inside that I know Justin, and I can say no."

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

This news story has links at the bottom of the article (under Police Documents) to include 6 Tuscon Police Report links. FYI: Each link has roughly 98 pages of police report documents.

Buckley said...

Thanks for the link to Kaaryn's interview, John. One thing jumped out at me. In the comments, Kaaryn maintains:

"they reported that Isabel was kidnapped by a stranger. This was reported by various media and was said to be strong assertions."

Sergio and Becky did not say she was kidnapped by a stranger. No media source says that. In his 911 call I believe Sergio said "abducted" but that call was not available to media at the time of the Today Show interview, and that was only Sergio and "abduction" doesn't by itself imply "by a stranger."

Further, she tallies words with the expectation of hearing about a kidnapping, yet she leaves out the part of the interview where Becky says:
Becky Celis: We just want her home. We want people to keep praying for her so that she comes home to us, and keep your eyes open. Just as many prayers as you guys can do to bring her — to help us bring her home. Prayers to have whoever took her to have a change of heart and want to bring her home. Prayers for investigators to please have a break in the case and be able to bring Isabel home where she belongs, her favorite place in the world.

Kaaryn asserts Becky and Sergio said "taken" 0 times, but does not acknowledge that in the next answer she says "took".

And how many times does she say "bring her home"?

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady, very interesting video. At one point, Sergio says whoever took Isabel knew how to play the police, knew the police would be looking at the family.... I wonder if the word "play" is significant given Sergio's occupation as an actor...

Also, Becky refers to her cousin ? (the guy who left town) by saying that is a door that hasn't been closed...

C5H11ONO said...

They didn't stumble upon the remains. It was not happenstance.
The police repeatedly answered all questions as "he can't" answer the question. When asked if the DNA was from Isa or family members, he responded, "I don't know". They found her remains earlier in the month and didn't tell anyone. This is amazing, because when Casey's remains were found the media was all over the sight. He couldn't even answer if someone was in custody. They do have someone in custody that must have revealed where Isabel's remains could be found. That is just my speculation.

C5H11ONO said...

By the way, there is a Celis in custody. Held without bond in Pima County.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Amyl Nitrite said...

By the way, there is a Celis in custody. Held without bond in Pima County.


do you have a link?

John Mc Gowan said...

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Who killed little Isabel Celis?


Begin @ 4:30

Anonymous said...

"Why would being under scrutiny be understandable if they are innocent?"

Because police always have to eliminate family first.

C5H11ONO said...
Type Celis

C5H11ONO said...

This particular inmate has multiple arrest records. He was released in 2/2012. Then was in jail again in 2013/2014 (not sure exact dates, but was incarcerated after her disappearance) and now is back in jail with a $25000 cash bond?

C5H11ONO said...

if you search by inactive you will find out prior arrest dates. Interestingly enough, there is no information available as to what he has done to be incarcerated.

You can search more info here:

Happy searching! Lots of info!!

C5H11ONO said...

The mug shots website have additional information. That is where you can see he was released in 2/2012 under supervised released. Then on another website you can see he was admitted on 8/19/2013 with a supervised released date of 04/25/2015. Then in 2016 (July) there was another criminal record - I believe it was Criminal Trespassing seems to be his shtick.

Anonymous said...

"Why would being under scrutiny be understandable if they are innocent?"

Because police always have to eliminate family first.

CptKD said...

Uncle Justin had been 'Grooming' Isabel for the whole year he lived with the family ... He, I'm willing to bet my last Canadian Dollar, made her his 'Victim'!
And Sebastian - Good ol Sebastian, is the one who 'Took' her life!

They did this TOGETHER!
And there is CCTV cameras that will help PROVE THIS!!

They both need to be hung.
By their genitals!

Along with 'Daddy'!
For allowing this to continue - Right under his own nose & under the very same roof, he shared with his WIFE & Boys!!

Shame on all 3 men!!

Disgusting pigs!!

CptKD said...

In the very least ...
Isabel, will get to be put to Rest - Properly, NOW!
Where her Brothers, and remaining Family members can now pay their Respects & Mourn her, with some measure of 'Closure'!

If that's ever really possible, once one is so savagely taken from you!!

RIP Angel! xo 😢

valyriew said...

Maybe leakage as to that little hole she was buried in

Anonymous said...

Their house is up for sale? That means a split of assets and hurry up and point the finger before the other person does.

Lilstr said...

The exact date the house went up for sale VS the exact date the Celis' were told of the findings by LE is not known.

Anonymous said...

House is being sold as a "Short Sale." You can find the info by going to Then search by "single family home" in 85711 zipcode. 5602 12th street.

Anonymous said...

The FBI's cadaver dog hit in the Celis' home. Child abductors don't take dead children from homes. Parents who kill or accidentally kill take their dead children and then blame abductors.

Anonymous said...

Because her family was "deeply touched by the love and support that has been shown for their daughter, they want to give the community an opportunity for closure as well," said a spokesman for Tucson Medical Center, where the girl's mother works.
The service will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Augustine Cathedral, 192 S. Stone Ave.
"The community is invited to remember and reflect along with the family," said TMC's Jim Marten. The family has said they will not give interviews, and asked that there be no cameras in the church during the service.

Closure? What an outrageous statement!!!! This child's killer hasn't been arrested!

As much as Sergio and Becky would like for the media (and the police) to forget about Isabel, It's not going to happen! There are many angry citizens who demand JUSTICE FOR ISABEL! We won't have "closure". We won't be silenced until her killer is prosecuted and imprisoned.

Thank you, Peter, for continuing to publish info on Isabel's murder.

Jamie Brooks said...

Your contempt for "Sergie" clouded your judgement on this case and you missed the real killer. The words were there to find him the whole time, but you didn't "listen".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Child and Family Services seem to know the answer, too.

The father has guilty knowledge.

Peter Hyatt

Buckley said...

If there is DNA evidence on the child that could point to a suspect, a child abductor certainly could remove that evidence by removing the child.