Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maria Szonert Binienda, Poland: Denial of Posting Photo

Poland Suspends Official Over Social Media Post Portraying EU President Tusk as Nazi Officer

The image as her political rival dressed in the uniform of SS was posted on the Facebook page of Maria Szonert Binienda.  The news agency PAP reported Sunday that she has been suspended from that position and that further decisions will be decided after Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski returns from a visit to Australia.

Szonert Binienda told The Associated Press in an email that she never posted the altered image of Tusk and believes her account was hacked because she can’t access it anymore.

“I did not make a photo of Donald Tusk as SS-man. I am against promoting SS symbols and ideologies. I am against using the words like ‘fascism’ in the public political discourse today. I am against comparing our politicians to Hitler,” she wrote to the AP.

Two elements to observe:

1.  She was not accused of making the photo and avoids denying posting it.  If this is translated properly, it is an unreliable denial and it is a diversion.  

2.  Moral Justification indicates greater weakness.  

When one needs to explain why they did not do something, we are in very sensitive territory.  

Perhaps better to tell the truth as it is very common for politicians to call each other Hitler.  

The Main Stream Media did this in the United States throughout the election campaign and then did it again at the inauguration. 


Karen said...

Off topic, but any thoughts on the posts of Kerry Messer?

His wife, Lynn disappeared a few years ago and her body has been found. No one has been arrested. Kerry writes the strangest posts. He seems to dirty her name and make references like he was in an abusive relationship. Yet, his kids have said otherwise. He calls her "Ma" in all of his posts, however family and friends say she did NOT want to be called that and hated it.

I wonder if the truth will ever be found.

Sharon said...

Karen, I am from MO and I would like to see justice for Lynn Messer. I, too, read the Facebook post and was very disturbed by his writing (as always). The grown children have said that Lynn HATED to be called "Ma". Also he is speaking about her in present tense in this FB post-yet she's been deceased for a long time. Something else I noticed was that he seemed to be insulting her memory by claiming she cried all the time, "planned his demise", etc. I would really like to hear Peter's take on this. I am certainly no expert in the matter, but I find his rambling posts to almost directly point to his involvement.

Anonymous said...

2 comments by same person.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to figure out how she defines "public". In her vocabulary, does public mean standing at a podium, using a microphone and making a speech to a large audience, or does it also include a private conversation at a public place where others can hear? etc...

"I am against using the words like ‘fascism’ in the public political discourse today."


Polo said...

The first sentence of her denial is very specific. So concise and specific that that the use of the word make instead of post was intentional. However, it fooled me at first because I thought she was just using the vernacular of social media. People will say, "I just made a MEME of so and so." Or, "I just created a pic using Snapchat filters." They assume you know it has been posted to either their FB or Instagram accounts.

However, has she made references to her opponent as a Nazi or fascist in the past?

Anonymous said...

First, she was indeed accused of making a "photomontage".

Second, the photo was not found on her FB.

Third, no references to her opponents as Nazis or fascists were found on her FB.