Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dropped Pronouns and Blame Shifting

                           Statement Analysis in Daily Life 

I'm not a fan of those one-stop-chain-car repair shops due to the heavy pressure of up-selling.  This is where they attempt to create anxiety over safety and find lots and lots of things to repair on your car, even though you entered for something else. 

I have avoided these places for many years but due to the need to buy 4 new tires and wishing to get very specific tires, I went to Sears Auto on a Thursday afternoon.  

They did not have them in stock (no surprise) but would have them  quickly, possibly by Friday or Saturday, but Monday, no "Tuesday at the latest" because the front and back tires were coming from different locales.  

They needed a deposit to order them (fair enough) which turned into paying full cost (my mistake, it lessens incentive). 

They said they would notify me when the tires came in.  Factoring in the usual delays, I was fine with waiting until the next week, you know, "Tuesday at the latest."

Yet, after no contact all week, I called on Friday at noon and they said, "Yes, there in; come down right now."

I also knew that the 60 minutes would likely turn into quite a few more minutes.  

Upon arrival, I was met with the salesman/mechanic who said, 

"You got the email I sent to the address you gave me?  The tires have been sitting here since Tuesday.  Been calling you on the number you gave me.  Been emailing you on the address you gave me."

It was interesting to tell him what I did for a living. 

Here is the statement again, with analysis.  

"You got the email I sent to the address you gave me?  

Would I have received an email to an address I did not give him?
Of course not, but this highlights the beginning of deception:  blame shifting. 

He did not wait for me to answer his 'question.'  

The tires have been sitting here since Tuesday.  

Tires don't sit, stand, or break for lunch.  By using language associated with human body posture, it is a signal that the subject (speaker) has physically placed them where they were found.  (He rolled them into the side area).  

Did I cause them to be "sitting there since Tuesday"? 

 (  )  Been calling you on the number you gave me. 

Again, there is no expectation he would call me on a different number that someone else might give him.  

We circle all pronouns and make a circling mark where a pronoun disappears.  

Lying with its internal stress, knowing one can be thus rightfully accused of lying, seeks to mitigate or even remove oneself from the stress.  Psychologically, the subject removes himself from this action.  

He did not call me.  

Note that he never said he had been calling me.  He cannot be accused of directly lying to me as he did not say that it was he, himself, who had been calling me.  He left this unidentified.  

 Been emailing you on the address you gave me."

The same follows here.  He not only removes himself, psychologically, from the action of emailing me (there were no emails in my account, in spam folder, nor in trash) as this would be psychologically stressful due to placing himself front and center for the accusation of lying. 

As 60 minutes became almost 180 minutes,   the pressure up-selling continued until they were done, as he went too far in making the case that I was placing myself and my family in immediate danger.  "Someone fixed your brakes without even changing the pads!  They are in terrible shape!"

By the time he was done with his accusations, beginning with the original "you must have this done!" speech, he ran the repair costs past $2,000. 

"Do you know what these brake pads are going to cost?"  (I did not answer).  He said, "right here" (pointing to his computer), "they are more than $165 each!"  

I stared at him and said, "Where are my keys?"

He said, "And that is not even the brand you need!"

I was tempted to say, "Why would you quote something that is not mine?" but I nodded, took the keys and walked to the car. 

He called after me,

"Don't forget to come back for you free tire rotation!"

I can only imagine how how long I will have to endure the up-selling while they rotate tires.  

For the analysis, the statement he made is important, not simply because of the dropped pronoun, but for the penchant to blame-shift.  

This gives us insight into the subject's own habits of deception and personality trait.  His need to blame me left me in the position where I had no need to ask him to show me, in his "sent" basket, the email he claims to have sent to me on Tuesday when the tires came in.  

It does not exist. 

Plus, would you want to show someone as lying while working on your car?

Deception Indicated

It was interesting to note that the same phone number he claimed to have used to let me know the tires were in had no problem contacting me to tell me the work was complete.  

For training in Statement Analysis, besides seminars for law enforcement and business, we have the "Complete Statement Analysis Course."

It is $750 and it includes 12 months of e support.  I don't like to see anyone rush through the course and the answers to the questions should be made:

a. accurately 
b.  in lengthy explanation as to why 
c.  accompanied by examples found in news stories or personal life.  

The explanations should be made as if the person is writing to an untrained audience.  How analysts communicate to each other is one thing, but, like the McCann documentary, the analyst must be able to explain to an untrained audience his or her conclusion.  Here, people who have followed the case have strong opinions on whether or not Madeleine was ever actually kidnapped.  For us, not only do we have an opinion, but we have a reason for our opinion and it must be explained to others who have no training.  This becomes the case for affidavits, analysis reports, reports to district attorneys, and eventually, it can be used in court.  

I enjoy a defense attorney's challenge of statement analysis and often say, "I believe what your client has told me" when under cross examination.  It has led to either a  pause or to "no further questions.

The analyst must be able to carefully explain his conclusion in a way that leads the audience into seeing that no other reasonable conclusion may be reached.  The subject has "talked me into it."  

Analysts believe in justice and seek to subjugate all narrative below truth.  Sometimes the truth leads to indictment and sometimes the truth leads to clearing the innocent.  Both outcomes are favorable.  We obtain information without violating rights or using coercion.  

Those who enroll in it are eligible for live, monthly trainings that many sign up for, year after year. 

                                Go To Meeting.com  

This is $50 per month but with a 25% discount for a year's subscription and is held the same day of the month each month and is 6 hours long. It is where they learn to use all that the course taught.  It is also where they learn from other analysts and find great encouragement.  I tell each new analyst:  it is addicting. 

Human nature is complex and it is over the course of this training that they will confront various principles, exceptions to principle and will fine tune their skills.  

It is low key and by participating via Go To Meeting, they can do it from home or office, and still take calls and conduct their business.  

It has become popular enough that some are now signing up for multiple days in training, even if it means repeat work!  We now offer this at a 50% discount, and as some experts have said:

The same analysis, done in a team setting, produces more depth, but then to repeat the work with a second team brings out new and often exciting insight into not just what happened, but the clarity of the subject's background, experiences in life, and personality traits can be startling.  

That motive presents itself is one thing, but to "know" much more about the subject, himself, is quite exciting. 

As to reward:  seeing justice realized for victims is deeply emotionally satisfying.  

The course builds a strong foundation and its application in live training is invaluable as it gives experience that there is no other means of obtaining. 

At this point, they've learned all the principles and they've learned them well. They need to get busy analyzing and learning from others!  It is very exciting and like health maintenance, they like "working out" with others because of the high inspiration level.  I liken it to a man or woman in terrific shape who goes to the gym regularly to keep it that way, but also to continue to improve while enjoying the company of others. 

 I have yet to see the point where what I know in analysis is equal to what I don't know.  The "vast unknown" of human nature exposes itself month after month in new statements.  

Go to www.hyattanalysis.com to register for training.  

Tuition payment plans are permitted for law enforcement only.  

For those who sign up for the live monthly trainings, should they miss a month, they simply add another month to their subscription. The purpose of becoming experts in deception detection is realized, yet many continue to go on to the Advanced Course and profiling. 

For advanced experts, they will always use team training to stay sharp as well as to identify authors of anonymous threatening letters and move into Employment Analysis.  This is a field with great potential for professionals.  


Anonymous said...

I think he meant he didn't want to do much walking looking for the specific tires.

Anonymous said...

Uh, ok. No phone? No inter net?

Anonymous said...

If he has not said that, then we cannot say it for him.

Hey Jude said...

Hmm - maybe the tires were not for the car, but some other purpose - workout tires for strengthening leg muscles?

Anonymous said...

If Elon Musk could: prevail in new vehicle purchasing that excludes dealerships. Start up an automated tire replacement drivethru like a drivethru carwash that has only 2 employees. In & out in 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Add restaurants to the list. We can utilize a wifi tablet menu at our table and place order ourself and walk upto cashregister to pick up our food and pay.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude,
It may be only a speech to text glitch. He probably said the tires are very specific & he's tired from health issue w/ legs. He may need to proof read b4 posting.

Anonymous said...

Any news from UK?

Hey Jude said...

General Election, and New Met Comissioner giving interviews.


Well, first I thought he might need some different sized tires - specific, rather than all the same. Also he didn't want repairs to his car - he went for something else - though, okay, tires are not repairs, and he went for tires. He 'can only imagine' how long he will have to endure the up-selling while they rotate tires - as though he can only imagine it cause he's not going to have his tires rotated there. He didn't say 'while they rotate my tires' - just tires. IDK, seems like they spent a long time looking for stuff to fix if he didn't even want the tires for the car - they would not even need to look at it - so probably I am wrong, and they did replace the tyres and then took an age to tinker, and needing tires for leg issues was a glitch...meh.

IDK what brackets are about in SA.

Sighs. :-/

Anonymous said...

Ugh... I hate SEARS. I have cancelled my SEARS account and refuse to shop there anymore since they changed their return policy, and reduced the quality of their merchandise. Its no wonder they are going out of business.

Matt Whan said...

Hi Peter,

I used to work Loss Prevention for Sears in Canada, and I can tell you that I am not surprised in the least that this happened. Had I not been laid off, I would have quit soon anyway. They employ a lot of shady practices, and it is a miracle they haven't went bankrupt.

BallBounces said...

No Costco near you, huh? Try a Sam's Club.

Anonymous said...

Walmarts a joke. Go to dealership for tires.

Anonymous said...

Are all dropped pronouns important like what about if you ask you friend "Are you OK? Is everything OK?" and they respond "Doing well." And then change the subject to how YOU are doing? Is the "doing well" reliable?

Anonymous said...

No, it's not a joke. I thought that was a valid question...I don't ever drop the I pronoun when telling someone how I am doing, but maybe other people do so that's why I am asking. The person was acting strange previous to me asking them if they are OK...they're behavior is not normal, so that was my only reason for wondering if dropping the I pronoun in that response would have any significance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's just trying to get attention. Hovering with no purpose in his Facebook presence with his 10 fb friends & no activity, but right after I made contact w him a couple weeks ago changes his profile pic of him, his wife & kid to a black square w a brown squiggle & defriends his wife & leaves it like that for a couple weeks so finally I ask him "are you OK? Is everything OK?". He writes back right away saying "Doing well. How are you? Just had trouble maneuvering FACEBOOK. (Yeah right, he's a brilliant computer person--such a liar and like that causes someone to defriend their wife). How is your life in ------?"
Far from the first time he does stupid stuff on FB to try to get attention from me specifically. One time he created a separate new account and friended me and not his wife after I told him to go on FACEBOOK. He just wants attention & he thinks he's so much better than me, so why does he need my attention. Right after I made contact with him a couple weeks ago he defriended his wife and blacks out their picture...and leaves it like that and it's cause he cant figure out how to use computers when he makes shitloads of money knowing everything about computers. He's such a liar!!!!! I don't even care how he's doing! There are many other examples. It's just f&ckin funny--he just wants attention.

Unknown said...

I rely on thin-slicing to help me in detecting a crooked mechanic. It's not something I was able to do when I was younger and I think that had a lot to do with my short attention span and chatty mind. I was always distracted by something or another. Over the years I've learned to tune in and trust my intuition. All my senses are on deck when I dock my ship for repairs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lies are bad. They bring bad karma. You get punished for the rest of your life for them. I can see from experience they bring nothing good.

Anonymous said...

I hope you never called him Hot Chocolate. You didnt, right? O'Wrily in big, Big trouble for that right now.

Anonymous said...

He's totally racist imo. That is so disgusting. So sorry I don't worship Allah. So sorry I'm not in your little clique.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm so sorry that makes you so much more special and me that you are follower of Allah. I'm so sorry I'm not a "woman of the cloth". Sorry I'm not as "pure" as your wife! Yeah she seems like a real sweetie! F&ck him!

Anonymous said...

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