Monday, October 19, 2015

Deception Indicated!

One of the best things about a Statement Analysis® 101 Course is that it will get some of the attendees interested in learning analysis.

They go through a day of statements and they learn some of the basics, by circling (or underlining, or highlighting) pronouns and are often able to conclude, "Deception Indicated!" but it does not always translate into justice, nor even into accuracy.

In various criminal activities we are likely to find statements that are "Deception Indicated" but it is not a deception about the crime itself, nor an indication that the subject "did it."

The inevitable formal study must be done.

Many years ago I faced this in a theft statement and sought the counsel of seasoned analysts.  I am glad I did.

"Yes, the subject is deceptive, but she didn't do it.  You are looking at another crime that has taken place there!"

I went back to learn just that.

The subject was deceptive, but was not the thief of this particular crime, but was giving indiction that she had helped facilitate another, much larger crime.

From that point on, I have regularly had statements where deception was indicated but it was a tangent, away from the issue; most of these had to do with drug crimes of some sort.

Next, we have the extreme rise is psychotropic medications impacting not only our country and crime, itself, but of statements.  Statistics showing how many violent crimes are committed while one is on anti-depressants, for example, is combatted by pharmaceutical companies desperate to eradicate such.

Prescribing to the population under 30 has become so common that it, too, shows in the language.

"Got a rough test this morning so I'm gonna pop a Xanax."

This now leads to the need to pay even more close attention to language.

Did the crime happen as the subject stated, but if so,

Did it happen to him, when he claimed it happened?

It is not enough to rely upon such things as "sensory description" where the detail indicates experiential memory.  Yes, "his hands smelled like motor oil" is something that comes from memory, but was it:

a. memory from a book?
b.  memory from a movie?


c.  if it was experiential memory, did it happen when the subject claimed?

Next, to facilitate the greatest flow of information, the Interview must not only know the indicators of sensitivity like he knows the back of his own hand, he must know what causes them, psychologically which greatly aids mnemonics, but will be the single strongest guide on how to construct the question.

To host a training seminar for your department or company, please contact us at HYATT ANALYSIS

The two day seminar has Day 2, afternoon, dedicated solely to Analytical Interviewing:  the single most powerful tool to get information, including confessions, which is not only useful for law enforcement, but has never been more needed than today in hiring.  We teach how to recognize the profile of a

Thief, who will find some way to separate you from your money;

The Agenda driven subject, who will find a way to raise the issue most important to her, at the cost of your company or department;

The Violent, who will harm others, hurt morale,  harm reputation, and cost you money through suits and insurance.

It is not enough to learn that one is not truthful.

Content must be obtained.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Janiya Thomas - who has been missing for months - is thought to have been found in the garage of her grandmother's home

The body of a missing 11-year-old girl is thought to have been found in a freezer by members of her family, police have revealed.

Janiya Thomas - who has been missing for months - is believed to have been found in the garage of her grandmother's house.

The girl's aunt and grandmother made the discovery at the home in Florida.

They told investigators Janiya's mother and an unidentified man dropped off the freezer on Wednesday.

The women were unaware of its contents until they saw news reports about Janiya and checked inside.

Janiya's mother, 31-year-old Keishanna Thomas, was taken into custody on Friday after police said she refused to answer questions about her daughter's whereabouts.

Authorities say the body is likely to be that of Janiya, who police were told has been missing since August 2014.

Police Chief Michael Radzilowski told the Bradenton Herald: "I have been notified that a child's body was found, and it is suspected she is the missing 11-year-old girl".

Police said they were called at 7pm on Sunday by a family member telling them about the grim discovery.

The house was turned into a crime scene - with tape placed around the property.

The freezer was believed to be about 5ft by 4ft.

As reported by, Janiya had a condition which caused problems with her bowel movements and digestion.

It meant she could not always able to tell when she had to go to the bathroom.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:


TIMELINE: Crystal Rogers' disappearance & investigation

October 16th, 2015

The Mayor of Bardstown, along with the Bardstown Police Department inform that Nick Houck was terminated on the grounds that he interfered with the Rogers investigation. Houck reportedly called his brother Brooks with knowledge that he was being interviewed as part of the case.

Nelson Co. Sheriff tells media that "Rogers is presumed dead" and that Brooks Houck has officially been named a suspect in her disappearance.

Anonymous said...


"Statistics showing how many violent crimes are committed while one is on anti-depressants, for example, is combatted by pharmaceutical companies desperate to eradicate such."

a) What do you mean by "anti-depressants"? SSRIs or...?

b) Please link to the stats?

c) Are those violent crimes "caused" by the anti-depressants, the diseases they are used to threat, and/or other factors?

d) How are pharmaceutical companies desperately combating to eradicate such statistics?

e) What do you think will happen if they fail?

trustmeigetit said...

It would seem to me that loosing his job should be just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a crime and as a cop, is worse.

trustmeigetit said...

Just read more about this story. Everyone failed this child.

No one asked for her, wondered about her, no one. It's heartbreaking.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Breaking News.


Oscar Pistorius released from prison under house arrest

Anonymous said...

What's up with the TM? I searched it and see McClish trademarked "statement analysis." How strange.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Well, it is, though I don't think it is supportable, as it is like trade marking "math", but I both respect and like Mark and agreed to add the little symbol.

Juliet said...

Most likely they have made a trademark co-existence agreement - that would not be strange as they both are 'Statement Analysis' websites.

Juliet said...

Ah, I didn't see Peter's post, but that sounds like it, more or less -it's protecting the brand.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you, Peter, could return with "linguistic indicators in speech" as your own brand-or something similar.

Juliet said...

It is trademark registered , and has been for a couple of years- all official at US Patent and Trademark Office - I just checked it out online. SA IS not like Math, plus it's much more interesting.

Juliet said...

They don't need to be rivals or change brands, though, as they are very similar in style and content. Happy co-existence seems quite suiting.
Still, it's none of my business, just saying.

Anonymous said...

He should trademark "Statement Analysis 101" and "fake hate".

Juliet said...

It's a form of networking - it either has the TM seal of approval or it doesn't. Mystery solved.

Juliet said...

Fake Hate would be a good one just because there is so much of it that it's a subject in its own right - that's a domain to buy or park in, already. Probably someone already did. It wasn't/won't be me. I love everyone, I do. heh.

Anonymous said...

Home/pedo stalker and love letter writer. Yes, all three-in-one!Or, four-in-one.

Laurence said...

Juliet- "Love moderately. Long love doth so.
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow."

Juliet said...

Laurence, too true - and I like this: As Kingfishers Catch Fire...

Well, I'll just get my coat and close the door on my way out for now... :)

Unknown said...

Such an injustice! He didn't even serve a full year for murdering her.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't officially registered and approved through USPTO you're supposed to use the ™ not the ®, but it is the only one of the three that you can legally enforce/defend your right to without actually registering it. You only need to make one interstate transaction using it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps something paying homage to The queen Of Fake hate And Random capitalization, bakerfaker™ ? :^D

Anonymous said...

Naw, stay around awhile, I was jyst about to put another batch of fresh ground coffee in the press, any special requests? Blends are especially encouraged. :^D

Anonymous said...

Your first knowledge that your medically fragile granddaughter is missing for several months comes through watching the news, and your immediate reaction is to go look in the freezer your daughter and a strange man randomly dropped off days ago?!?
WTF-ityF has gone on in that family in all generations?

And the only reason to mention her very personal and likely isolating medical condition is to show what a target it made her for abuse.