Sunday, October 11, 2015

German Police Union Head Rainer Wendt Transcripts

This came as a shock that one associated with government in Europe would speak out.  In Germany and Sweden in particular, most citizens are fearful of speaking the truth, citing consequences from loss of job, friends, social setting, up to being charged with "hate" crimes.  Some European judges interpret a "hate crime" as any speech that provokes violence or rioting.  This is not lost on those opposed to free speech:  they threaten to riot on any issue they wish silenced.

Speculation on why Rainer Wendt spoke out ranges from concern over the day to day dangers facing the Germany police, to feeling 'protected' from government by the police, in general.

Citizen journalists are the only ones reporting the epidemic of violence across Germany, born of "supremacist" ideology.

When one believes to be every other man's "superior", the only way to explain others' success is to claim "fraudulent theft" of some form, hence creating a "victim status" mentality that is very powerful, and can lead to very strong bonds and violence.

In fact, it is interesting when corporate media compare migrants to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.  The migrants have a supremacist mentality which demands "repair" or "correction" by taking that which belongs to the host company.  This is why we see videos of protests of "slow internet access", burning of food (some migrants claim the food to be not good enough for dogs, "only good enough for women"), burning of donated clothing, destruction of property, illegal entrance into citizens' homes, theft, and so on.  One German town has taken to using water resistant paint to cause urine to splash back on migrants urinating on their buildings while handing out a "do not" list.

The greatest epidemic of crime, however, has been rape.

German government has conspired to not only hide statistics on rape, but to withhold critical information about its frequency and religious element.

Note the Czech doctor's letter read in media.

The video is first, with the transcript following. Note that we "step back" in English analysis of foreign language transcript, for larger view only. Note, even with the language, what key word (or words) is missing from his language.


And now in the studio I am honored to greet the chief of the German police union, Rainer Wendt.

Q. Herr Wendt, the cabinet has wasted no time passing these new asylum laws; is that enough?

A. Well, first, it’s a good sign, and it shows that politicians can react, but
what I’d like to see is that politicians react in time. Things always have to go up in flames
before they manage to get anything done.
All of this should’ve happened at least a year or so ago when we saw the first signs of the chaos.

QWhat do you mean with go up in flames?

AIn our asylum camps all hell broke loose; at the border in southern Germany, and in Bavaria especially,
it’s hell. Our colleagues down there can’t ever take their boots off anymore.
But that’s not just since last week or since last month, but all year. Our federal police and
the Bavarian county police especially, and also from other countries, have for months now been
heavily overwhelmed, and now politicians are acting like they’re totally surprised, but that can’t be;
nobody is surprised, and they should’ve reacted a lot sooner.

Q. We hear of mass brawls in asylum camps, we hear of robberies in grocery stores,

which is another strain on the police. Are you worried that crime will rise because you are overwhelmed?

AOf course that’s an issue and there are three areas we consider. The first is attacks on asylum camps,

which is a number that has exploded in recent months now, and there it is our duty to protect these camps.
And then there’s criminality among the refugees, meaning,
rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as
exploitation, slavery, we see it all there.
Those are not just little squabbles because they’re living in cramped spaces; these are
territorial conflicts, dominance struggles, I mean fanatical religious groups that can’t be separated easily.
Our private security personnel are completely overwhelmed. We don’t have enough and they are not qualified enough.

Q.  Did you conclude that these refugees for the most part have no respect for the police as a whole?

A. No, they respect the police to a point, but they don’t respect our rule of law.

They instinctively know that our laws are weak and they how that no matter how badly

they behave, it has absolutely no consequence for their asylum status.

They pretty much can do whatever they please, and the state barely reacts.

The judiciary and the political part of the state should make it very clear to these people from the get-go

that in this country the Shariah does not apply, or any other religion, but

that here the German rule of law applies, and that we are ready to enforce that.

This is not about family squabbles; we are talking heavy crime, extreme criminal offenses,

and we have to show that whoever commits such an act, in essence changes from being persecuted to becoming a persecutor,

then our rule of law has to react. These people have to be pulled out immediately, and for that reason

we need to open up the deportation facilities again. That’s where these persons belong, and they don’t have the right

to await their asylum proceedings in freedom. It is quite possible that they will have to await this while sitting in prison.

Q.Herr Wendt, I have one last question for you. We hear again and again that we should separate the refugees according

to their religion and their ethnic background. Do you think that’s a solution?

 ANo, I believe that is not sufficient. The thought behind this is to a degree a sign of helplessness, by separating them,
but that’s hardly even possible; even for religious reasons alone it’s difficult.

Who do you want to separate from whom? The Sunnis from the Shiites, the moderate Salafists from the radical Salafists?
When they’re in the end all followers of the Muslim belief system, it’s just not possible.
As far as separating by ethnicity it’s the same thing. When we do that we basically already
create parallel societies among the refugees; it just wouldn’t work.
I believe we have to concentrate on protecting those in need of protection,
such as women, families and children, and especially Christians among these refugees,
they need special protection from the state.
And beyond that it has to be made very clear to everybody that lives in these camps,
here the German rule of law is in effect, and the law has to be enforced, and
whoever breaks the law, only has the right to imprisonment and deportation left.

Rainer Wendt, Chief of the German Police Union, thank you for the conversation.


Anonymous said...

...burning of food (some migrants claim the food to be not good enough for dogs, "only good enough for women"), burning of donated clothing, destruction of property, illegal entrance into citizens' homes, theft, and so on."

The mantra of the modern day terror stalkers that thrive on their own brand of journalism.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't say: Hey, let's start a reality show and victimize the families whose women and children were raped and abandoned. Nor does he say: Let's blame everyone other than the security forces hired to protect. Not once does he say: we could make some money off these women if we could teach them to fight while the coward men make a run for it.

And, he never once said: I did not do it.

Oh well, they'll toughen up or fail to survive.

Anonymous said...

muslim men are the most ignorant, vile, lowest-of-the-low on the planet. drop a bomb on them all and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

German here. Wendt is as frank as he can be, being a civil servant in the current political climate, as to who causes the problems in and around the refugee camps. The flood of asylum seekers is an extremely touchy subject and many people (including politicians and media) do not differentiate between those genuinely in need of protection and those abusing the system. Either you are "pro-asylum" (the politically correct opinion to have) and everyone is a poor traumatized refugee who can´t help himself, or you are understood to be against ALL foreigners in general and are branded a Nazi. There are no grey areas in between (unless you talk directly to people who still have a brain between their ears). But even those out on the streets protesting against the flood of immigrants are not opposed to help those truly in need - they are opposed to criminals and religious zealots using the opportunity to enter the country virtually unchecked. Immigrants from all over the world are living here in peace, and they are welcome to do so! The only ones that cause trouble - and are targeted with the protests you see in the media - are those that do not respect the civil laws of this country (which areessentially the same as those of any Western country) and are trying to impose their own rules on the society they have just entered. Sad to say, they are almost exclusively Muslims.

Truth lover said...

It's the same story all over Western Europe. Blacks and Muslims despise indigenous European people with every fibre of their beings, commit racist crimes against us at exponential rates, but we're the ones who are considered racist for noticing this epidemic of racial violence against us.

Not only that, but their high levels of crime and welfare dependence force high tax rates on the population, essentially making indigenous Europeans wage slaves.

Anonymous said...

What IS "the Czech doctor's letter read in media"?