Saturday, October 3, 2015

Missing 2 Year Old Rainn Peterson

Please note that there are some issues here. 
Note that the mother says the 2 year old will go with anyone, including strangers.  This is often the boasting that we hear that suggests neglect.  An appropriate level of stranger anxiety is expected in 2 year olds.  Those of neglect can develop weak and superficial attachments when left in the care of many different people and will go with anyone, without fear.  This is a potential result of neglect on the part of the parents.
There may be generational neglect in this family.  
NEW BLOOMFIELD, OH – Authorities are searching for a missing toddler in Trumbull County after the girl wandered off Friday evening.
Rainn Peterson, two-years-old, was reported missing by her great-grandparents on Friday at 7:30 p.m.
She was last seen at 7759 State Route 45 in New Bloomfield wearing a purple long-sleeved shirt with snowflake sequins, gray pants, and multicolored pink and lime green shoes.
Trumbull County Sheriff Thomas Altiere tells WKYC that Peterson and two other siblings, ages three and four, were playing inside the house earlier Friday night. The siblings told Trumbull County Sheriffs that was the last time they saw Peterson.
The search is still going on as of Saturday afternoon. "We're looking everywhere. We're not putting a limit on the search. We will keep searching until we find her," Sheriff Altiere told WKYC's Alyssa Raymond on the scene.

Police Chief and Mayor call on the community to help to bring an end to the pattern of violenceWKYC
Peterson has brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and 3’0” tall.
Brandi Peterson, the mother of missing 2-year-old Rainn Peterson, spoke Saturday afternoon with WKYC and told us that she was out with her boyfriend when her grandparents called and said that the toddler had gone missing.
The grandparents had been watching the three children while the mother was moving into her new apartment
Peterson was not wearing any shoes or a coat when she vanished from the grandparents’ home.
The mother tells us that the grandmother was cooking in the kitchen and the three children were downstairs with the grandfather. The missing toddler went upstairs and went missing a short time after.
Trumbull County Sheriff's Department has been aided by the FBI, Ashtabula County Sheriffs, Howland Township Police, Niles Police, K-9 units from Columbus and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation as well as volunteers.
Anyone with information on the missing toddler is asked to please call the Trumbull County Dispatch Center at (330)-675-2730.


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Anonymous said...

Trumball County? That's where George Anthony used to work. Any sign of Casey in the area??

LisaB said...

First she is in multicolored pink and green shoes, then it is stated that she was without shoes or a coat...

Juliet said...

Videos - including an interview with the missing toddler's mother.

Juliet said...

More from the mom - also there are two more video clips in the Tweets section - look for and click on 'show media' on some of Alyssa Raymond's tweets.

Anonymous said...

Laundry room locked with padlock (WTF?), house door unlocked, and garage door where dog was ajar.

Why would the laundry room be padlocked? Is it outside the home?
Where is dog?

And, Peter, the mother said the child would not go anywhere without her brothers; not she'd go with just anyone.

However, the mother never mentions her name. Note: several clipped spots pasted together.

Anonymous said...

In another clip, she does say she would go with anyone. It is one of the videos of Alyssa Raymond's twitter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, literally, is looking. Criminal unit for crimes against children, sheriff's dept., FBI.

Perhaps an old boyfriend snatched her. They state she was moving with the help of a boyfriend into a different place.

It doesn't sound good one way or the other since it's cold and rainy out.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Such a sad photo of this little girl. We might as well go ahead and expect the worse. Hope I'm wrong. ABB

slade said...

I notice distancing language from the mother, calling her 'my daughter' and not by her name. It could be though a sign of emotional neglect to her daughter. Her emotions dont seem really real, upset enough. But again, could be she doesnt feel a bond with Rainn. I read Rainn and 2 brothers live with the mothers parents, since a month. Why? Where is the father?

Anonymous said...

An abduction is suspected. Everyone has been polygraphed. No need to go off on some senseless diatribe bashing everyone around and digging up their dead ancestors to rule over a county where the Scamathonys once lived.

There have been 21 heroin overdose deaths in that county alone this year. It's the natural cause of social change and weighing the difference between philosophical rights and wrongs in order to make the world a better place...for someone.

lynda said...

Peter, I thought that was odd when I heard her say that she would go with anyone but now since you explained it, it makes perfect sense. Wow. Huge insight on a simple turn of phrase.

Anon @ 8:32 .... Please cite your reference. To my knowledge and thru Sheriff, they have not said an abduction is suspected. They did release earlier today that people were being polygraphed but they would not release who or how many were taking the polys. As a matter of fact, it was just announced a bit ago thru media that volunteer searching has been called off and they are using officers and canines to continue. They have not stated an abduction is suspected. Something is way off here and I will work on transcribing all the mom's video where she speaks for us to analyze.

Angelica said...

One sentence jumped out at me from the mother's interview posted by Juliet:

I paraphrase 'The garage door was "popped" open.'

--passive language suggests the door popper was mother or someone known to mother and she was aware of this action

--'"popped" open' suggests door was forcibly opened from outside

I would look at intruder known to mother coming from outside through garage.

Angelica said...

The mother looks like she on something like maybe heroin?

I think the mother did it.

I also notice she said

"they didn't SEE anything"

"they didn't HEAR anything"

(It sounds like mother was the one who snuck in.)

"she just vanished into thin air"

Anonymous said...

No fear. Another conspiracy theory group is covering the loss. Them is intllegent minutemen:.

Anonymous said...

The FBI, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the U.S. Marshals are helping with the search and have said that they do not need volunteers.

Get it? No Scamanthony scamnathers

Unknown said...

Why Why Why,Does this keep happing?

Anonymous said...

It's apple picking season in Ohio. Wonder how the "get coffee" go to church crowd is faring?

Juliet said...

The toddler has been living with her great grandparents, the mother' s grandparents. The mom has been named variously as Brandi Peterson, Brandii Peterson and Brandi Bennett. So far I have not been able to find any social media accounts which might belong to her.

Anonymous said...

Some good news! (I know, it's hard to swallow; just taste a little anyway) Someone won't be crying because they'll never see their child again tonight:

lynda said...

Peter and everyone,
here are transcripts of all the mother's video/news appearances that posted today. There was alot more than I thought. It is troubling that in all these spots she does not mention her name ONCE.

Mom’s statements have been spliced and cut throughout the day, I will signify a cut in tape

Mom - “I miss you, mommy loves you and I just want you to come home. She didn’t have shoes on, she didn’t have a coat on, ummm..nothing. And there’s no trace of her, it’s like she vanished into thin air. (Looking straight into camera, voice stronger, no longer crying in her voice) “I believe she was taken because I don’t see her wandering off so far away being so little..(now it becomes Moms voiceover to picture and her voice is steady and conversational) “Maybe she got out by herself and they seen her alone in the yard and they stopped and they picked her up. I don’t know where she is, I can’t find her, just please help us find her.”
Mom - “I got the news last night around, umm..6, 6:30, 7:00, umm..that my daughter was missing and um, she could not be found anywhere in the house, I raced to my house immediately uh, there was sheriff’s there they said that my daughter was not in the house and that she could not be found anywhere um, we’ve had search parties, canine units, um we’ve had people from rescue teams out from everywhere at our house searching for her, and no one is calling, nobody has information, the dogs haven’t picked up any scent, it’s been..started raining, um, so they probably lost it.”
Reporter: Asks a question that cannot be heard..
Mom: “Yes, I have hope that somebody seen her or that she’s hiding somewhere because it’s cold and it’s raining and..or maybe somebody has her and they just, they haven’t found out who she is yet, or they don’t know where she came from , I’m praying to God.”
Mom: No, not to any of my children, she doesn’t just wander off without her brothers or an adult she just doesn’t do that. It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like a piece of me is lost and missing and I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what to do to find her , I’ve done and tried everything and it’s a really miserable feeling for a parent to have a child out there and you don’t know where she is and if she’s cold or hungry and if she’s being taken care of the right way, you just don’t know and it’s a terrible feeling as a parent.”
Mom – “They’ve been saying that it doesn’t look like that there’s any sign of foul play, that they think that my daughter had gotten outta the door somehow and wandered off. (Nodding her head yes) And that’s what they think right now.”
Mom – “Um, they just keep saying that Sissy went upstairs, um to go to grandma and Sissy disappeared. They didn’t see anything, they didn’t hear anything, they we’re in the basement playing and she was down there with them and she went upstairs and she just vanished into thin air.”

lynda said...

Continued transcripts -

Mom – “Yes, there’s um, you walk thru the upstairs, you walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk thru the living room and there’s um, there’s an actual laundry room door but it was locked with the padlock n it, it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um, the only door that wasn’t was the house door and the garage door um, the house door was shut like always but it was not locked, the garage door was um, was found popped open when my grandmother went to let my dog out after my daughter had been missing.”
Reporter: The weight? Way? of the garage door was open, is it possible that a 2 year old can open that garage door?
Mom: “I don’t believe so, I don’t believe she’s strong enough or tall enough when her 2 brothers are older and they have a hard time opening the door themselves.”
Mom – “Um, they searched the house, we had dog units, searching the yard everywhere, um there were helicopters that came in with flashlights, people from all over are coming over and helping us look for her, we have been looking for her all night.”
Mom – “We haven’t gotten any calls that anyones seen her or anything and if you have seen her or you know anything, please contact us as soon as possible. She’s 2 years old, she doesn’t, she goes to strangers, she goes to anybody, she’s just an innocent little girl”

Juliet said...

Search to resume Sunday morning

Juliet said...

Rainn's Mother, Brandi Peterson, tells 21 News that she was at work and her grandmother was watching her three children.


Brandii Peterson said that she was out with a friend at the time of Rainn’s disappearance.


"Around 7 o'clock yesterday I was at a tattoo shop with my boyfriend when I got a call that my daughter had gone missing," said Brandi Peterson.

Juliet said...

Also, more mom interview and photos of Rainn in the video link. Old photos, unlikely to help anyone find her.

Angelica said...


It's heroin.

This Mom's not in her right mine, hence the 3 different stories of where she was. Maybe her and boyfriend snuck into grandma's house to try to steal something to sell for drugs and abducted Rainne while they were in there.

Angelica said...

Either heroin or meth.

This is one case where I would actually wonder whether this little girl was sold for drugs.

The mother is strung out on my 1st guess is heroine, 2nd guess meth.

lynda said...

Well, mom doesn't use past tense in transcripts but everything is "them" "they" maybe "They" saw her and picked her up..

"I raced immediately to my house" Raced immediately? Was she hard to get a hold of? Was there a time lag from when she got the call to when she arrived at house?

It's disturbing that she says "she'll go with strangers, she'll go with anyone" and then states " she doesn’t just wander off without her brothers or an adult she just doesn’t do that. "

Which is it? does she go with anyone or does she NOT do that?

She says “Um, they just keep saying that Sissy went upstairs, um to go to grandma and Sissy disappeared."

I find it hard to believe the word "disappeared" is in the vocabulary of a 4 and 3 year old.

She "guesses" they lost the scent because of the rain? Doesnt she KNOW it? DOes this mean they had the scent at one point?

She explains how she thinks someone has kidnapped her. Nobody else thinks that at this point, Why does she?

She got the news at 6, 6:30, 7? Which is it? As Peter says, parents often know the exact minute in terms of timeline yet hers is in the range of an hour that she got notified. What time is correct?

She uses "We" consistently, who is WE?

She uses the ownership of "My daughter" but it seems like distancing as she never says her name, not once.

Angelica said...


Thanks for transcript. I will look carefully at it tomorrow.

A couple lines are jumping out at me

CAPS are mine:

"I RACED to my house immediately uh"

1) The word "raced" is a word of storytelling
2) The word "immediately" makes the statement more sensitive calling into question how quickly the mother truly "raced" to her house

“Yes, I have hope that somebody seen her or that she’s hiding somewhere BECAUSE it’s cold and it’s raining...

SCAN would highlight BECAUSE making the portion of the statement that comes before it sensitive. "Yes I have hope that somebody seen her or that she's hiding somewhere" thus becomes sensitive calling into the doubt whether the mother actually has any hope of either of these 2 things.

Anonymous said...

The mother who wasn't there?

Anonymous said...

Well here we go again. This "mother" has told several stories about what Rainn would or wouldn't have done because she most likely has no friggin clue about Rainn. It's obvious Brandi is on something from those videos. Just another trash "mother" who dumps her kids off on anyone who will watch them so that she can go out and party and get high and tattooed and pump out more and more illegitimate kids. GGM had temporary custody of Rainn... I'm wondering if Brandi recently served time or was in rehab, that would be my guess.

I cringed when she spoke of the pantry door with the lock on it. In my line of work I have seen this several times, ALL in homes of families dealing with drug addicted family members who steal everything they can get their hands on for drugs. These families lock up all of their possessions including their FOOD, one woman with 3 crack addicted daughters in and out of jail had custody of her NINE grandchildren, she had to keep a chain with lock on it around the refrigerator as her daughters and the scum they kept company with were constantly stealing everything out of the cupboards and fridge. Not saying that is the reason in Rainn's case but it would not surprise me in the least.

Apparently the GGF was home at the time Rainn went missing, I wonder when the last time he saw Rainn...

Bethany said...

Her language is strange and where was she, the tattoo parlor or at work? Or did she leave work and go to the tattoo parlor? Not sure.

But she does say that she is worried about her well being....

"It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like a piece of me is lost and missing and I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what to do to find her , I’ve done and tried everything and it’s a really miserable feeling for a parent to have a child out there and you don’t know where she is and if she’s cold or hungry and if she’s being taken care of the right way, you just don’t know and it’s a terrible feeling as a parent.”

So that and the fact that she wasn't there when she went missing makes me think that there is a chance she really did get out of the house on her own.

When my oldest was two and a half I woke up one morning, it was about 7am, and while letting the dog out, noticed my back door was wide open. I ran upstairs and looked in his bedroom and he wasn't there, wasn't in my room, ran down the stairs and out the back door and was immediately met by my neighbor in the house behind us with Cole.

He got up and went outside to the neighbors to get a cookie. My neighbor would give him a cookie everyday when we would go outside to play in the back yard. He wanted a cookie that morning and went over and I thank god that they were up and heard him knocking.

The next day we dubbed him "Houdini" and put deadbolt on every door to the house including the basement door.
He had never opened a door before or tried to get out alone. (And never had the chance after that again!)

When I asked him why he went to the neighbors he said
"Me wanted cookie!"

I so hope they find her.
It has been so miserable here in PA.
Cold, hard rain. Archery season started yesterday and my husband and father in all their gear had a hard time sitting out in it and only made it to 9am.


John Mc Gowan said...


The Sheriff says detectives have interviewed the grandparents and said that they have been very cooperative.

Polygraph experts from the FBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation were on the scene administering tests to relatives and others.

Sources tell 21 News that polygraph results corroborated the alibi of Rainn Peterson's father who is estranged from his wife.

No mention of anyone else being cleared.

Bethany said...

Now that is strange right there, John McG.

Dad is cleared, nobody else?

I hope this isn't going to turn out like the piles of cases before it. A lot of parents might be getting the impression that if something were to happen, "missing" being the route to go and claim, as nothing is ever done as far as prosecuting the parent or whoever had or saw the child last.

No one experienced this miscarriage of justice worse than Baby Ayla, even with all of the evidence found in the home, and yet no one was ever held accountable.

Now, if mom is on anything, how does that affect the poly?

Getting a sick feeling in my stomach.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks for transcript, Lynda

Michele said...

"It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like a piece of me is lost and missing and I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what to do to find her , I’ve done and tried everything and it’s a really miserable feeling for a parent to have a child out there and you don’t know where she is and if she’s cold or hungry and if she’s being taken care of the right way, you just don’t know and it’s a terrible feeling as a parent.”

This quote bothers me. Mom is talking about herself: "piece of me is lost" and "I don’t know where it is" and "I’ve done and tried everything".
Then she moves to distancing language, but not enough time has passed for that type of language: "really miserable feeling for a parent to have a child out there and you don’t know where she is and if she’s cold or hungry and if she’s being taken care of the right way, you just don’t know and it’s a terrible feeling as a parent."
I don't see this quote as caring about her child, but about herself.
How does a child go upstairs and disappear?

John Mc Gowan said...


Family Still Feel Kyrian Is Alive

Prayer & Search Vigil Held on College Avenue Saturday Afternoon

A bus load of Kyrian Knox's family members are dropped off at the Mobile gas station on college avenue in Rockford. This is the second week in a row they've held a search vigil for the missing 2 -year-old.

“If you're afraid and you have him drop him off at the police station or fire dpt. Just drop him off somewhere safe,” Cameshia Harris Kyrian’s Grandmother.

“I don't believe god gave me that baby just for two years to let something happened like this tragic accident,” says Harris.

Kyrians grandmother Cameshia, says Knox was last seen here in this apartment building on 4th street. That's why they held the vigil at this location. She also revealed some new information about the person who last watched Kyrian and another toddler.

“DCFS has taken their kids; that came out of that house. All of the minor kids are in custody of DCFS, they've been removed by DCFS. And the man Camal harris is still in Rockford County jail”, says Harris.

‘You're already locked up so tell us where he is. Or who supposedly came and got him. I just need him to tell the truth at this point,” says Lanisha Knox Kyria's Mother.

Family members pray for the truth to come out at a nearby park where Kyrian used to play. They then go door to door passing out flyers labeled "Missing Kyrian Knox dont hesitate" on it. Because they feel something is fishy.

“Somebody knows something. Who they are I don't have a clue but they need to step forward and tell somebody,” says Harris.

“He's missed by a whole family of people. He’s 2 years old he doesn’t know what’s going on, just bringing him back. He doesn't deserve to be alone from his mom this long,” says Knox.

Copyright 2015 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

C5H11ONO said...

“I don't believe god gave me that baby just for two years to let something happened like this tragic accident,” says Harris.

--looks like Harrus isnt very close to "that" baby.

The "tragic accident" is.

Atlchanel said...

Lanisha Knox " I honestly never knew that he was missing because, as they say, he was with my best friends dad."

Anonymous said...

Try Brandii Bennett 2 "i"s. A little digging and I also found her mother on Facebook- Tammy Bennett and Rainn's father Nick Martin. I am very curious how Rainn got the Peterson last name.

lynda said...

Michele, I agree with you about the paragraph. I felt it was more about HER than about Rainn.

I also agree that toddlers are slippery little things. BUT, I am in Ohio and they are putting the timeline that she disappeared about 7: 30 PM from what I can tell, It was MISERABLE here, at 7:30 it's almost dark now and would have been darker since it was cold and rainy. The wind was horrible Friday night making it easily in the 40's I believe. I'm just having a hard time wondering why or if a 2 year old would WILLINGLY step out into that weather with no coat or shoes. There would be a natural uneasiness or fear of darkness and that kind of weather, wouldn't there? It's not like it was warm and sunny and she saw a bunny hopping along the yard.
According to mom's statements, she "vanished" into thin air in the stairwell. Then later she brings up that she thinks someone kidnapped her. From the stairwell??
I also think she has the need to persuade and story-telling at times. Is this because she feels guilty because her child is missing or she feels guilty because there was/is neglect?

Anon @ 2:04 AM

It wasn't a pantry door, it was the laundry door that was padlocked so the mom says. Why? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

she may keep dangerous cleaning supplies in the laundry room to keep them away from children-three of them-under the age of 5 years old.
they are allowing searchers now that the dogs have picked up a scent 200 yards away in front of a neighbors and another report 600 yards away in the woods. It's a clear sign they are going to proceed with the freak showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

and if the bikers (humps a

Anonymous said...

nd all aren't allowed to rule the roost, no other chicken shit operation will be allowed either.

The Marlboro Man has some idea, and NG psychic will soon arrive for an "expert" opine on the subject.

Don't watch the video of the news produced this morning without strong security!

John Mc Gowan said...

Mom – “Yes, there’s um, you walk thru the upstairs, you walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk thru the living room and there’s um, there’s an Mom – “Yes, there’s um, you walk thru the upstairs, you walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk thru the living room and there’s um, there’s an actual laundry room door but it was locked with the padlock n it, it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um,..after she went missing um,

I would've liked to hear the question to this response. If there was one.
We note body posture with the word "walk" is repeated 5 times, increase in tension, leading up to the "actual laundry room" Is there sensitivity surrounding the "actual laundry room, if so, why?

I can understand that the "actual (as apposed to what?) laundry room door" being locked it may contain chemicals.

"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

Why does she feel the need to tell us that the "actual laundry room" was "still" locked"?. Was this in the question asked? If not, and it is in the free editing stage i would ask more question surrounding the "actual laundry room".
Who has access to it?
Is it always kept locked?
Why is it a "padlock"?
Who holds the key/s to it?
Can the children gain access to the key/s?
What is in there?
Are there chemicals?

"laundry" is also noted.
"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

Note here we have a broken sentence, missing information. What was she going to say?

lynda said...

The mom was charged a year ago with child endangerment and attempted drug possession in Cuyahoga County Ohio

The father is named Nicholas Martin, he and Brandi were married approximately 2 1/2 - 3 years ago and are estranged. He has passed his poly and lives in Cleveland but is here for search. He has posted on media websites..

FROM WKBN 27 Youngstown FB
Nicholas Martin: Thank u for the thought not sure im from Cleveland my wife hasnt even been here to show support im so upset we haven't been together in 8 months thats how long it has been since i seen my kids its a bad thank you for all the prayers and support situation

So we know mom has a drug problem and by the look of her IMO, she looks like a meth user. Her teeth and gums in particular

Anonymous said...

Scent is picked up better in the rain as far as I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, which search did you use (civil, criminal, court of appeals) and what name/spelling? TIA!

Also can you post link to Nick's FB page? TIA again!

Anonymous said...

OK I found the charge at , use the Criminal Search by Name and use name/spelling Brandi Peterson.

I still need a link to Nick's FB page if anyone could provide it please :)

Anonymous said...

Brandii's DOB is 10/8/1990, she will be 25 in a few short days.


Anonymous said...

You do not KNOW the mother has a drug problem by the "looks of her." That's just YOUR way of interjecting yourself into the bad situation.
"Attempted drug possession"-what does that mean, exactly? That's like being a "little pregnant."

Laundry room: may contain chemical cleansers, canned goods from garden, household repair items such as paint, thinner, concrete cleaner, liquid plumber,and bleach/ammonia (dangerous combination).

It is equally possible the girl wandered outside and a stray dog attacked her. Perhaps if another dog was in the garage, a stray could pounce on the door enough to open it.

YOU don't know anything...yet.

lynda said...

Anon @ 2:34

I didn't say I KNOW anything except what I see and what I read. I specifically stated that it was MY OPINION, not FACT having seen and cared for no less than 200 meth addicts that her teeth and gums in the video, look very much like those of a meth user. There is a distinct look to them that is common. That's what I said was my OPINION. Also, attempted drug use could mean alot of things. Drugs could have been in the house that she was in but they didn't catch her "using". She can't be charged w possession since they were not found on her person and the house/car/field/ whatever is not in her name.

Anon @ 2:26 Here is link to fathers FB

Here is Brandi's FB page - She is a piece of work based on her postings. She hasn't bothered posting anything about her missing child and I'm a little stunned she hasn't shutdown this page. It doesn't make her look very good.

patrice said...

Her pic shows a sad and scared little girl. Why?

Miss Tia said...

I'm glad others have noticed the discrepancies in her stories to the media. Moving to new apartment; at tattoo parlor; at work, um pick one.

If there was a dog at the home I would assume that if a stranger approached the house it would have barked. Also dogs can be very protective of children. If she HAD wandered out, I could see the dog following her. If someone came in and took her, it had to have been someone that wouldn't have made the dog bark.

This poor little girl. I hope for the best; but am prepared to hear the worst.

Polo said...

I believe that the phrase " Moving to a new apartment" was used to explain why the GGP had custody of the children, not where the mom was that night.

I find it difficult to believe that the mom and/or boyfriend could enter the home without anyone knowing it at 7:30pm.

When Mom says that she "raced home", I believe that she is being deceptive, but not because she has guilty knowledge of the crime. I believe she may have had to take care of a few things like hiding drugs, sobering up or pulling her knees together.

Overall, I'd say mom is being somewhat deceptive, but not because she knows what happened to the child. I have hopes she will be found alive.

Anonymous said...

Something stinks. I can't put my finger on it, and I hope I'm wrong, but my gut tells me that baby didn't just wander off...

Miss Tia said...

"custody" isn't a word you'd use if someone is babysitting or watching your children while you move, go to work,'d say "babysitting" or "watching"....custody implies the grandparents had LEGAL custody of the kids....

i will agree it would be difficult to enter the home without anyone knowing around that time....especially with the other kids was she by herself?

but something is wrong with this scenario and i can't imagine she just wandered off as she would have been found by far could a child that age go?

Sus said...

Exactly, Polo. The mother is showing the distancing and lack of attachment of a drug addicted mother...not one involved in making her daughter disappear. We've seen this before.

The mother does show some caring when she mentions Rainn being cold and hungry. She worries about the rain and her being so little.

She gives a reliable denial by saying, "I don't know where she is. I can't find her." Though directly after she distances herself again with, "just please help US find her."

Sadly, it looks as if Rainn walked out the garage door. They asked for all volunteers to leave, they did polygraphs, they used dogs and found a scent to follow. Now the sheriff announces no foul play and asks for volunteers. Two plus two equals four...they are searching for a lost little girl.

lynda said...

Same questions asked in regards to far could he go? The grandparents timeline was that she went missing at 6:30..they called police at 7:30. Mom says in transcript that she was called 6, 6:30, 7:00 and "raced to her house" She then says that cops were already there. If ggrandparents called cops at 7:30 and they were already there by the time mom got there, what? she may have arrived anytime after 7:30 then. Was she called at 6? And it took her 1 1/2 hours to get home? Where was she in proximity to the house.

ITA John...the broken sentence, very telling

Laundry room was also sensitive.


Anonymous said...

There's a huge difference between Rainn "not wandering off or going anywhere without her brothers, and the fact that she will go to strangers!" My youngest would talk to strangers at the grocery store when she was around 2, and a couple times jokingly asked to go home with a little old lady! She was, and still is a spitball of fire, with a silly, crazy, fun, outgoing personality, but,she never wandered off by herself. Do you see what I'm getting at here?? A child can both "go with anyone, even strangers," and also not "wander off without her brothers!" Some of you people are reading way too much into what is being said, please show me your detective badge or your credentials for voice/word analysis! Also, if someone is stating that "maybe someone has her and "they" just don't know who she is yet, HOW would you prefer she had made that statement!? If I'm talking about some that I don't know...I'm going to use "they" as well! Like she could "properly" address someone who may have seen her daughter or not!! Come on!!!

Sus said...

I meant to add...there is one statement from the mother that concerns me more than others. Not because I think it points to her involvement, but possible the custody issue??

"...she's just an innocent little girl."

I don't like to see a parent say this. I wonder why it's on her mind. Rainn is two years old. What is the mother insinuating she is innocent of? Is there sexual abuse in the family? Was punishment too harsh? Questions I would ask from that statement.

Miss Tia said...

Sometimes authorities will publicly say they suspect no foul play well they very well DO. They then can catch whom they suspect being involved thinking they're 'off the hook' doing something, saying something, or going somewhere that gives them away. They did have a valid reason to ask volunteers to hold off---so it didn't affect the dogs search.

Polo said...

Sus - regarding the comment ". . .she's just an innocent little girl." Sometimes I think that people who are emotionally distant (when they should be emotionally engaged) use cliche phrases to convey concern or emotion. I've thought that a lot while reading statements from the parents of missing children. It's like the sociopath who doesn't feel human emotions and has to act the part and use phrases that he/she thinks are appropriate to the emotion/situation. Does that make sense?I don't think this mother is a sociopath, but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Go to CrankyCrankerson's photo bucket, CC is known for creating photo albums
Cases of Missing, Exploited Children. Collected images, press, etc.

There is an album for Rainn Peterson.

5 pages so far. The photo of Rainn dated when, she to resemble
Missing Aliayah Lunsford.

That one circulating of Rainn, her with the teddy.

There is images of Rainn page 5 undated. These pics are of
two different toddlers.

Same baby, she her photo taken different times, toddler
change grow rapidly.

WHY if mother contends she wandered off and or was
taken, why aren't these photos being circulated
showing a relaxed Rainn, vs an abused Rainn.

Seems it's open season on Toddlers these days.

If a person within this family other than
Methy mom would offer up some truth, possibly people would
have truthful info to help locate Rainn.

Pg 5, FB header, image of moms leg or arm being tatted,
was this during her 3 different stories so far, of where
she wasn't when Rainn poofed?

Anonymous said...

yeah, amazing how they believe the 'vanished into thin air' stories.

Sus said...

Yes, they do Miss Tia. And I should have clarified that the sheriff said "no signs of foul play". I might add...yet. That would be within in the home. I suppose he means he didn't find noticble blood or other evidence.

The sheriff said they have checked computers and phone records. They gave polygraphs. I think they found nothing within the home immediate family. I could be wrong.

It's calling for volunteers again which makes me go hmmm. And they did background checks on each volunteer. Are they looking for a perp coming back to the scene? Maybe the sheriff is thinking something happened once Rainn left the home. Her scent was found on the road. I think about 200 yards away. I'm not sure about that. And picked up again in the woods nearby.

And maybe the mother failed her polygraph. I'm just not seeing it in her language yet.

Sus said...

That makes sense. She's saying what she thinks she should say. What mothers attached to their daughters would say.

lynda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynda said...

Anon @ 3:51

Take it easy. This is what this blog is for, speech analysis Mom actually said, She’s 2 years old, she doesn’t, she goes to strangers, she goes to anybody, she’s just an innocent little girl”

In my infant stage of learning SA, we have a broken sentence, "she doesn't, she goes to strangers" What was she going to say? She doesn't what? Then with a nod to "Sus".."she's just an innocent little girl." Why the need to say this? Why would the public think she WASN'T innocent? Then we have what Peter already told us, that this is a usual bragging statement from a parent of a child that is neglected. Because it is EXPECTED that a 2 year old would have a normal fear of a stranger.Like Peter says, you look for the unexpected. It's an unexpected statement that she would have to say that she is innocent. Few of us have to be convinced that a 2 year old is innocent.

Then Mom says, " she doesn’t just wander off without her brothers or an adult she just doesn’t do that"

I see a couple things with the contradiction. If she "goes with anyone" is Mom relating that to real incidents that have happened? Has she say, been in a store and can't find her and then found her with somebody else? Did Rainn follow, wander, go with someone else at any point that Mom is pulling this from her memory of specific incidents? If this is true, then the statement that "she doesn't just wander off" is UNTRUE. Obviously she does if she goes with anyone. Plus, the statement that she doesn't wander opens the door to her conclusion that somebody "took" her. If she doesn't wander, a person would have to "take" her.
I get your point, but SA is doing what people are doing on this blog. Looking at inconsistencies, untruths, words chosen, as Peter said, you choose what words you are going to use from you bank of around 25,000 words in milliseconds. Why is Mom choosing the words she does is very telling from a SA point.
I am also stuck on the fact that it is EXPECTED that a 2 year old girl would have a natural fear or hesitancy of leaving a home by herself, when it is basically dark, raining hard, strong winds, and cold. I'm finding it hard to believe she would willingly do that unless that is also something you find with neglected children. Can anyone address that, if true?

Polo said...

Wow! What did I miss? :)

Anonymous said...

Mom: No, not to any of my children, she doesn’t just wander off without her brothers or an adult she just doesn’t do that. It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like a piece of me is lost and missing and I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what to do to find her , I’ve done and tried everything and it’s a really miserable feeling for a parent to have a child out there and you don’t know where she is and if she’s cold or hungry and if she’s being taken care of the right way, you just don’t know and it’s a terrible feeling as a parent.”

Not a good thing to hear a parent saying. You haven't "done and tried everything until she is found!


Anonymous said...

i raced home hmmmm

lynda said...

The search has expanded to encompass the whole state of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mom means when she says, "I've done and tried everything." What has she tried and done? It's almost (or is) a statement of finality. I've done and tried everything, there's nothing more I can do, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:35 PM said...

I wonder what Mom means when she says, "I've done and tried everything." What has she tried and done? It's almost (or is) a statement of finality. I've done and tried everything, there's nothing more I can do, I'm done.

Exactly. This video clip was posted Oct 2 at 8:44pm That's way to early to have given up already.

Praying for this little girl!


Aangelica said...

I don't think the mother is quite so innocent as Sus and others believe. My reason for this is that she uses the language of home invasion to describe how the garage door was opened. She says it was "found" "popped" open. This is how people break into houses/apartments...they literally will "pop" the door open using a crowbar. I have seen this done to the door on my ex-boyfriend's apartment. Some can do it so flawlessly, you don't even notice the door has been tampered with. If this Mom is involved with meth or heroin, there is a good chance she and associates may have "popped" other doors open to steal.
My best guess of what happened is that the Mom and probably an associate went in through the garage door to steal and the little girl may have seen them as she was coming from the down stairs to go upstairs to see Grandma, and they may have grabbed her and taken her with them so that she would not tell on them. When people are high on meth terrible things can happen to children. This is what I think happened. They were there to steal objects and she saw them and so they took her, and after that I fear what may have happened to her.

lynda said...

That was me at 5:35 posting as Anon. I don't know why that happens sometimes. Anyway, that really sticks in my craw that less than 24 hours pass and she has "done and tried everything"

The father has posted on the news media link (see above) that Mom is not helping with anything. I guess we have to take that with a grain of salt if they are estranged. He might have axe to grind.

Juliet said...

Lynda - thanks for the transcript.


My curiosity is round why the mom says: 'She didn’t have shoes on, she didn’t have a coat on, ummm..nothing.'

Also, she got the news when - 6. 6.30, 7. - apparently the baby wasn't reported missing until 7.30. An hour and a half from the first time she mentions.

i think,the baby may be inside the house. I don't know which house - mom's house, if she lives somewhere else, or the baby's great grandparents house. Mom says 'house' a lot - also that the Sheriff SAID the baby wasn't in the house, couldn't be found - um. -paraphrasing, my iPad doesn't want to copy and paste since iOS update, random.

lynda said...

Angelica...Intersting theory. One that makes sense.

In John M. excellent post,
John mcgowan said...
Mom – “Yes, there’s um, you walk thru the upstairs, you walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk thru the living room and there’s um, there’s an Mom – “Yes, there’s um, you walk thru the upstairs, you walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk thru the living room and there’s um, there’s an actual laundry room door but it was locked with the padlock n it, it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um,..after she went missing um,

I would've liked to hear the question to this response. If there was one.
We note body posture with the word "walk" is repeated 5 times, increase in tension, leading up to the "actual laundry room" Is there sensitivity surrounding the "actual laundry room, if so, why?

I can understand that the "actual (as apposed to what?) laundry room door" being locked it may contain chemicals.

"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

Why does she feel the need to tell us that the "actual laundry room" was "still" locked"?. Was this in the question asked? If not, and it is in the free editing stage i would ask more question surrounding the "actual laundry room".
Who has access to it?
Is it always kept locked?
Why is it a "padlock"?
Who holds the key/s to it?
Can the children gain access to the key/s?
What is in there?
Are there chemicals?

"laundry" is also noted.
"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

Note here we have a broken sentence, missing information. What was she going to say

Missing information about the "laundry room" ? "when my daughter...after she went missing."

Your theory would fit Angelica if Rainn was by the laundry room door and "saw' her mom come in with possibly someone else to steal. They scoop her up at the door and take her. It would account for the laundry door, the "walk" being used 5 times increasing tension regarding walking up the stairs, where the laundry room is. Did Mom "break into" laundry room? Does she have a key? I know laundry rooms have this and that in them, but why is there a padlock on the door? Do ggrandparents hide money in there? Does Mom hide drugs in there?
I think you may be onto something would make sense on how the baby could "disappear into thin air" on the steps if mom just took her. hmmmm, what does everyone else think of this? Peter? Is it possible for you to do analysis of transcripts?

Angelica said...

I went to the FB link posted here (Mom's FB).

One of her children is named "Legion"?

And. obviously, you can see from her postings she was in a relationship with some guy who's name she wouldn't reveal.

Can't believe I'm even thinking this, but, could this be something related to Satanism? She has some "dark" postings..clown with bloody hands, "deviant art", but mostly one of her children is named "Legion"????

One has to wonder.

lynda said...

"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

When my daughter SAW ME, perhaps?

Polo said...

Surely, they have verified the mother's exact movements during the day the child went missing up to the point when the police were called. If so, did they find discrepancies that lead them to expand the search to such distances? Why was the search expanded?

Aangelica and others make very good points. The word "popped" stood out to me as well. This has been a very interesting blog today.

lynda said...

I noticed that Angelica! I thought, "Legion?" Like the devil? I thought the same thing, she's pretty dark and angry. All the F***'s and all the slamming of other women with degrading language, the bloody hands, the don't be a p**** and suck ****..I was pretty repulsed by her postings.
The father's FB mentions their break-up and also that he is clean and sober now.

Angelica said...


I Will write more after I pick up my son.
The laundry room is sensitive.
I think someone was locking something in there. Whether drugs, or even God forbid, could a child have been locked in there?
I don't "spook" easily, but I am disturbed by some of the content on the mother's FB page. There seems to be a lot of anger, a lot of self-harm with the excessive tattoing and facial piercings, there seems to have been a guy who she was recently "crazy" about but "can't say who it is", the clown with bloody hands, one of her children seems to be named "Legion". This is someone that I am just strongly questioning what type of spiritual beliefs this individual may have and what types of people she may associate with.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Lynda :)

It upsets me, makes me angry. I can't even give her that it had been "less than 24 hours." It had been less than 3 hours if Rainn went missing around 6:30pm!! The website I'm looking at says,

"Little Rainn Peterson was last seen at the house at approximately 6:30 p.m. Friday."

Sometimes it takes me that long to find missing items around the house! She reminded me of my kids when they couldn't find something for school in the morning, "I've looked everywhere, I can't find it!!!" even though I know they did not look everywhere they were just being lazy and wanted me to look for them.


Angelica said...

Lynda, Sorry I was posting at the same time as you! Will write more later, but yes her FB concerns me!! "Legion", if I am not mistaken that was the name of like 12 demons that were possessing a man that Jesus was trying to cast out and the demons announced their name was "Legion"?!?! I will check exact reference in Bible. I'm not sure the guy she says she is with was the father though, because it seems to have been recent when she was posting about the relationship/guy. Yes very angry and anger towards women also! Will write more soon1

lynda said...

Thru unfortunate personal experience and thru my line of work, the one thing I know to be true about addicts is that they are LIARS and THIEVES. ALWAYS. Just the nature of the beast.

Polo...Mom doesn't even know when she was called about it...was it 6, 6:30, or 7? All we know is that by the time the police got there, SHE was still not there as she stated when she "raced" home, cops were already there. Since no one seems to know the exact time Rainn went missing, her taking the child and then leaving is possible and she could still have an alibi since the timeline is skewed.

Anonymous said...

'raced' may mean she was closer than the tat shoppe.Immediately.(over concern)
"actual" (LAUNDRY) room DOOR.(has the house been renovated & laundry was once something else?)

horse chestnut said...

More fake hate?

Anonymous said...

What about the little girls biological father or the father's side of the family, have they been questioned? God please watch over this beautiful little angel, be with her and guide her home safely.

lynda said...


The name Legion occurs twice in the Bible, but in one context. Both Mark and Luke tell the harrowing story of a demon possessed man who wandered the tombs of the Gerasenes, continuously crying out and cutting himself with stones (Matthew tells the same story but with two unnamed men; Matthew 8:28-34). When he sees Jesus he identifies Him as the Son of the Most High God. When Jesus asks the man to say his name, he says, "My name is Legion because we are many" (Mark 5:9, Luke 8:30).

Jesus famously sends the demonic legion into the herd of swine, which promptly destroys itself. Mark uses the word λεγεων (legeon), legion, one more time as he speaks of the man who had had the legion (Mark 5:15).

lynda said...

Anon 6:36

The bio dad is onsite and searching. He lives in Cleveland. He is estranged from Mom. He hasn't seen children in 8 months according to his post on news media, he has also stated Mom is not helping or supporting anything. He has passed a poly.

People have stated that it has been announced that everyone in family has passed poly but I have not been able to verify that, it is nothing more than rumor that I can see. But, LE officially released statement saying that bio dad has PASSED his polygraph and his alibi is CONFIRMED.

lynda said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Lynda! I'm so happy she was found! Great News!!


Polo said...

Oh, thank GOD. Thank you so much, Lord, for the safe return of this little girl! I'm so happy!

Anonymous said...

What about the little girls biological father or the father's side of the family, have they been questioned? God please watch over this beautiful little angel, be with her and guide her home safely.

Juliet said...

Mom wants us to know that the laundry door was padlocked and that it was STILL padlocked after her daughter went missing. Two ums. Maybe she is not quite convinced about that padlock. She says they have said or been saying a lot of things, they have been saying there is no sign of foul play...I don't know if she is convinced of what anyone has been saying.

lynda said...

Don't have confirmed yet but says found 1/2 mile from the home. Following is a link showing map of home and where she was found. Hate to say it but it's almost like she might have been placed there. Straight shot. Searchers/dogs/helicopters, hundreds of people, missed her 1/2 mile straight shot from house? Well...happy happy ending and we will NEVER know exactly what really happened I think.,+North+Bloomfield,+OH+44450/Peck+Leach+Rd,+North+Bloomfield,+OH+44450/@41.4292399,-80.8692173,1208m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x88317cf1a8dbba21:0x6c5057a2ec63070b!2m2!1d-80.8687345!2d41.4319065!1m5!1m1!1s0x88317c96b1a1756f:0xf601229ba9066755!2m2!1d-80.869507!2d41.425407

Juliet said...

Authorities tell 21 News Reporter Janet Rogers that two-year-old Rainn Peterson has been found and is alive.

Searchers found the child in field after 6:30 p.m Sunday.

She was found near Peck Leach Road, about a half mile away from her great grandparent's home.

Investigators say the little girl is cold and being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Rainn has been missing since Friday evening when she disappeared from her great grandparent's Route 45 home.

Stay connected with 21 News and for the latest on this developing story.

Anonymous said...

Disregard this it just posted again. Sorry. But thank you Jesus for taking care of your little angel and your guidance of her safe return.

Sus said...

Anjelica's "popped door" is a good point. As is John's comment about the laundry room. I didn't get all hyped about "walk" because I expect tension in her statement. Her daughter is missing. But saying it was locked "when" and then self-correcting to "after" she went missing" is unexpected.

But, I can't imagine LE hasn't checked her alibi. There's always the possibility they have and it didn't check out.

Polo said...

Lynda, thank you for your contributions today. Your last post made me smile. I can't believe this had a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

...because you don't believe in happy endings!

lynda said...

Stating she is on way to hospital. If she has been wandering the whole time, I am surprised she is alive. It will be interesting to see what her medical condition is. I wonder if LE will follow up if her condition is "good" knowing that could not be medically possible after 48 hours in the weather they had with no coat or shoes. I guess we will see

lynda said...


Alyssa RaymondVerified account
Sheriff Tom Altiere says they found #RainnPeterson curled up in the grass near Peck Leach Rd. About 1,000 yards west of Rt 45. @wkyc

3000 feet from house...I am sorry but there is no happy ending here as far as innocence of players involved. If Rainn is not suffering from exposure or in serious/critical condition, she was placed there and some ASS**** kept her away for 2 days and had all of LE come in/volunteers/churches/food/drones/dogs and their handlers/helicopters, etc. and they couldn't find her that close?? Somebody stashed her and then plunked her out there. Which is wonderful as she was found but I fear this poor little girl is going right back into a , at the very least, extremely neglectful home.
Will wait for final opinion after her condition is released. If it's true, I hope LE hunts them down like dogs and throws away the key!

Sus said...

Omg! Very thankful Rainn is found alive. What a great job by this sheriff's dept and all helping depts!

Polo said...

Anon 7:13. I'm so sorry you find my simple expressions of joy so offensive as to post a snarky comment. Nobody else seems to have that problem.

Anonymous said...

Search Twitter Rainn Peterson

2-YEAR-OLD RAINN PETERSON, who was missing in Ohio since Friday, has been found ALIVE! Searchers found her curled up in the grass.

Breaking News: Rainn Peterson has been found! The two year old was found in a field 1/4 mile from her home.

#RainnPeterson was curled up in tall grass about 1000 yds from the family home. Right now doctors are checking her out at the hospital @wkyc

lynda said...

A woman just posted on the news media site:

Grannie Flory : My son is a fireman and he was out there today and they believe someone had her and put her in the field were she was found because the area were she was found was about a mile from there house

Grannie Flory is a valid, established FB acct. and by the pics her son is a FF.

Polo said...

Lynda, I'm impressed. You may be spot on. What made you so confident? That was a very confident post you made.

Juliet said...

What has been the overnight temperature there, and has it been raining.? A quarter mile from the house and no-one heard her crying, or saw her, during all that time, despite that they were searching, with dogs...and a helicopter, well, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I had the idea of mum hiding in the laundry room, scooping tot up at the top of the stairs, thus no shoes or coat, or possibly anything (just in diaper), exiting through the garage, hiding tot away, setting up a gofundme, being on TV, child being ' found' when interest and donations died down. Well, suspicious minds, or what. :-/

Thank God she's alive, and hopefully in good condition. :)

Juliet said...

The twitterers are saying quarter mile from the house, news sites half a mile.

Anonymous said...

@7:37 sorry?" What are you guilty of? Your statement "I can't believe..." was negative, therefore sensitive.

Anonymous said...

I pay attention sometimes. No one else thinks so, though.

Juliet said...

Also, while in suspicious mind, I wondered why they had put out quite such a miserable photo of the baby, when on Twitter there is a lovely photo of a bright smiling Rainn playing on a swing - obviously there are better photos, in terms of the impression they knew would be given. As if someone wanted people to assume the worst, expect the worst, suspect the family - so later, when she was found and it was discovered they hadn't buried her in a ditch, after all, they would be all vindicated for any bad thing anyone had ever thought. Or something...I don't know.

It is all a bit weird.

lynda said...

Polo -

You will have to tell me which post you're talking about, I had a free Sunday today, can't you tell with all my obsessive posting? lol

Juliet - Night Rainn went missing it was pouring rain, got down into 40's and had up to 20 MPH winds all thru the night. Saturday was the same thru most of day but towards evening rain stopped. Into the 40's at night. Today, cold, no rain.

Like I said, I'm reserving final judgement but if those docs don't come out saying that she is in at LEAST serious condition, SEVERELY dehydrated and hypothermic, filthy,cuts, bruises, scratches, 2 day old poop in her diaper, I'm calling bullshit that she "wandered" away.

lynda said...

Ah...the plot thickens

Sheriff states: She had on a purple shirt, gray pants and brown bib overalls when she was found in the field just 100 feet from the road

Seems as if someone added some brown bib overalls to Rainn in the past 2 days since she wasn't last seen wearing them!

Miss Tia said...

I cannot believe they didn't search that field. I am relieved she was found alive. I am hoping everything comes out about this. Perhaps when they publicly said they suspected no foul play someone placed her there to be found? I dunno. I hope the truth is uncovered. Mostly I hope the little girl fully recovers.

Anonymous said...

LYnda I don't even need all that confirmation, I am calling BULLSHIT right now!!!

I think there is a good chance that this was all set up by Brandii in an effort to get attention from Nick, Rainn's father. Just go read Brandii's FB posts on Nick's timeline...she is OBSESSED with him, she was posting jealous rants calling other girls bitc*es and hoes just for liking his posts or photos. Constantly reminding everyone that Nick is HER Husband and to keep hands off. Brandii seems extremely immature for her age and not mentally well-balanced. It appears she was devastated when they broke up, women have done far worse to get the attention of or revenge on ex's. I really hope that LE is looking into this possibility.


PS - Lynda, I missed Nick's FB post as to when they broke up, do you recall when he posted about their breakup?

lynda said...


I thought the same thing when I read her posts on his page. I think it is in a post he did in March 2014 when he was talking back and forth to a guy named Hernandez maybe? In his response he said that he and wife broke up at Christmas.
She's unstable to say the least, her FB page says it all for me.

I would think it wouldn't be to hard for ggrandma to say whether or not Rainn owned a pair of brown bibs and where they were... you think they were in the LAUNDRY ROOM?? Bingo.

Ode said...

Juliet, I live 100 or so miles from where Baby was reported missing.

Temps last night, down in the 40's.

WET damp air, high breeze, pitch dark black. The wind caused damage
to my siding on my garage last night. I went outside around 9pm
I did think of Baby Rainn, she possibly out in these elements.
It would be harsh and scary for a 2 yr old: life altering.

For who is reading here, this is not Gossip, this is not carrying
on. This blog is analytical. It's not personal. This is a process
of learning within Statement Analysis.

Baby Rainn, I kiss the ground, you are found. I pray you are
unharmed, that this will become a faded memory not to be remembered
in the negative by you.

I was about to post. I thank god she was is Found.

Statement Analysis The Subject is dead
The Statement is Alive

I going over what the mother said on the short interview.
When she replied to question unknown.

She is Street savvy, this is not judgment of her parenting.
This her character, her face animated
her tone and words are distinctive manipulation at it's best.
She talks a good talk.

Mom: No, not to any of my children, she doesn’t just wander off without her brothers or an adult she just doesn’t do that. It’s the worst feeling in the world and it feels like a piece of me is lost and missing and I don’t know where it is (cont)

My reaction Rainn is close to the house, in the house, on the property
and possibly mother knew this.

That she Mother was withholding information.

She doesn't just wander off: mother took her

without her brothers: brothers witnessed mother taking her

or an adult: her great grandparents did not see mother enter or
exit the house with Rainn

It's the worst feeling in the world: ? to dupe your family on purpose

It feels like a piece of me is lost: feels like, she Mom wasn't
lost, she knew where she was.

The action of her doing ? caused Baby to be Missing.

I don't know where it is: this was plotted and planned
and something didn't go as planned ?

The baby wasn't to be MIA yet she became MIA ?

Who else was involved in this Heist gone
wrong? POPPED Padlock.

Baby was not intended to be involved, she
though came upstairs and ? she entered at the wrong time?
she taken by ?

As they, One or more, were in the middle of doing something
they were not supposed to be doing.

Baby became Collateral by default, intended or not.

Mom now under surveillance due to LE everywhere.
Who wasn't known ( mom to know) they who were in an
around the property watching LE, searchers come and go.

Is this how Baby Rainn mysteriously was found
" in the tall grass"
The search mid day today to broaden to the State of PA.

Which one of them (mom,Bf,other) could not take it anymore, the deception
you've gotta bring her out into the open where the searchers
can't but NOT find her. This has gone to far, this LE knew
this why the conjoined search with PA? low and behold Baby appears

Lynda your written words, the said by Granny are suited for what Mother
did say of her own free will. She knew information yet she wasn't willing to
say it. The longer this to go on, this was for her to remain in control.

She realized this was way out of her control when?

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe there is a site called Intelligent Minutemen.

Juliet said...

Lynda - I am reading the whole thread through now. I have read some of your posts, and I agree,there does seem some issue around the laundry room, and all of it. I had visitors today and was anxious to get back here and to your transcript; a few instances of the word 'house' and the mom seeming to almost query the Sheriff saying she couldn't be found in the house made me think she could be found in the house. It will be very interesting to learn if she was in either house for most of the time, or if she did really just wander out and then huddled that short distance away in a dry spot for all that time. Poor baby, either way - but thank God she is alive. :) I wish there would be a similar headline for little DeOrr - three months and counting. I like your day of obsession, it makes me feel more normal in relation to little DeOrr's case.:)

So, wondering if anyone threw caution completely to the wind - I will enjoy this thread, knowing the outcome, and be on the lookout for 'worthless POS' and other assorted flatteries. :)

Anonymous said...

Rainn has been found alive in the woods!

Anonymous said...

...they said they saw someone who looked like you two tossing somethin' into the muddy waters off the...

lynda said...

I'm anxious to hear what Peter says about all this.'re analysis was excellent
""laundry" is also noted.
"it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing um",

Note here we have a broken sentence, missing information. What was she going to say?

I'm pretty sure it was something like, "when my daughter saw me" or when "I took my daughter."

I'm pretty sure Sus and Juliet nailed it too.

Ode..that seems to make sense to me. This mom KNEW her child was alive from the very beginning.

Juliet said...

Ode - thanks - so we keep going though the baby is found. Well, good, and I am pleased someone else also finds that mom knew and was indicating that the baby was in the house. At this point though, I lose confidence - I need to KNOW that mom did know that, in order to keep thinking on the rest of what she said. What if LE says tomorrow the baby is doing okay, they don't know how she survived, but the main thing is she is safe, and they all go home, end of story - and here we are thinking and saying otherwise? How does that work...hmm, not expecting that you should respond, more rhetorical - just this is difficult. Newbie angst. :)

Bethany said...

Well look at that!!!
She is found safe!!!

Thank God and all involved with her search and rescue for finding her!!!
This is amazing news!!

Anonymous said...

For who is reading here, this is not Gossip, this is not carrying
on. (Then what is it?)

A BREEZE caused damage to your garage? Really?

... will become a faded memory not to be remembered
in the negative by you. (We'll see when you hunt her down decades from now and pull yer psychobabble stuff.)

I thank god she was is Found. (When did you have time?)...She is Street savvy, this is not judgment of her parenting. (refer back to first statement.)

MIA, Collateral, Heist,...on and on. Need I write more?

Sus said...

Ok, when I see something unexpected I look at the context. It's agreed here that the mother made an unexpected comment about the locked laundry room. It may end up that it's because she had something to do with Rainn's disappearance.

But there could be other reasons, one being that it is locked against her. Her drug charge is "attempted drug possession." I take that to mean she attempted to procur drugs or the ingredients to make them in an illegal manner. The grandparents probably have to keep chemicals used for meth locked away. Furthermore, she is removed from the home her children reside in. I'm saying that laundry room door may be sensitive to her because it's proof of her failures.

The popped garage door is another good point. It could be part of her language as a regular drug user and one who has been around stealing for her habit. Possibly that's how she describes a door that shouldn't be open.

Just throwing out some alternatives.

Anonymous said...

The difference between her (Rainn) photo and Lunsford's photo is one was taken professionally; the other not. She may have been forced to hold a toy she did not want.

Juliet said...

Rainn's photo - I thought she didn't want her photo taken, maybe she was stopped playing or watching tv for the photo, or didn't know the person who was taking the photograph. - I found it an odd choice and wondered if LE chose it, or if the family had released it to the media.. I saw very few photos of her children on mom's page, and a rather strained grandmother/grandchildren photo on the Tammy Bennett page (not the grandparent Rainn lives with) - lack of family photos on social media doesn't have to mean anything though, besides not wanting lots of family photos on social media - I suppose it depends on how public the page is, and upon who is looking.

Anonymous said...

One possibility people seem to have missed here is she could have wandered into a barn and slept away from the elements and in daylight started wandering outside to end up where she was found. Now that they found her, won't they have the dogs do a reverse on her scent to see where she came from?

Anonymous said...

Re the laundry room, locking it makes good sense if they have bleach there and they let the kids play in the basement next to the laundry room. But if that is the case, I don't know why there would be sensitivity indicators. Maybe because there were prior CPS investigation that led to the locking?

Eve said...

She's been found alive, close to the home, out in a field. According to the Sheriff, she is in good condition considering the circumstances.

lynda said...

Interesting developments -

On the Cortland Police dept. FB page a man and his wife posted that they called in a suspicious car in that area to police and police said they'd send a team out there and less than an hour later, she was found. He states that he called because he thinks this car dropped the little girl there and is anxious for them to trace the car as he gave description. His name is David Markley after you read what he says, keep scrolling and his wife Stephanie posts more information.

Here is the FB page of one of the men that found Rainn..scroll thru comments and he tells exactly what happened and that she was "cold".

Angelica said...

Wow, I am so happy Rainne has been found alive and well!!!

I'm going to stick with my previous theory that Mom and/or an associate took her. Because it was either that or the most kind-hearted abductor who just decided to bring her back unharmed. I hope there are some prompt arrests. They need to find out anyone associated with her abduction including whoever was hiding her, obviously. Very disturbing and I hope her welfare is protected in the future.

Lynda, I looked up that word Legion and yes, so disturbing it was the man who wandered through the tombs and who was possessed by many demons who called themselves "Legion" and Jesus cast them into swine who then destroyed themselves. Really not a good name for a child :/

lynda said...

There's a picture of Rainn that someone took where she was found in the field. Her hair is perfect and her face is absolutely clean as are her clothes. Not after 2 solid days in the wind and rain..nope, not buying it. There seems to be an outpouring of the same thoughts on social media. I would think the sheriff would have no choice but to keep the investigation open until they find out who dropped her off there.

John Mc Gowan said...

Volunteers 911 call to LE when he found Baby Rainn it is very upsetting hearing her crying. Thank got she's ok :) The man with her is very gentle with her, well done to him keeping so calm. You can also hear the relief in the operator voice :)

John Mc Gowan said...

Knowing now she was found between a 1/4 to 1/2 a mile away from the home, and they were searching for nearly 3 days. Why wasn't she heard crying by someone? LE were using helicopters, which i assume have heat sense's attached, yet they didn't pick up any hot spots. They had people on horse back, countless volunteers, dogs, you name it they were probably were using it.
Was she abducted and the abductee's let her go because of all the activity. Or, is there more to this than meets the eye, eg, family involvement?

Have all the polygraph results been released? I know the bio Dad was cleared.

So many questions. It will all eventually come out in the wash. No pun intended.

Bethany said...

In the beginning of the 911 call he says she is lying in tall grass covered in flies, sleeping. I would think she would have to be there more than an hour to be covered in flies? IDK. I would think they probably didn't let Rainns mother and parents out of LE sight. Just so glad she is found.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOo glad to learn that I was wrong and little Rainn was found alive, and I hope, well. As to how she got to where she was found is a huge mystery; how did she get there and survive the elements of the past two days without being near death? IMO, this was no innocent act of accidentally wandering off, being found so close to home after two days of a massive manhunt so close by? Not buying it.

However, I stopped commenting or reading these posts after I saw such a big deal being made by some posters over the laundry room being padlocked.

I cannot imagine that the laundry room would have been kept any other way. These were great grandparents trying to care for three small children, ages 2, 3, and 4, and they wouldn't have kept the laundry room locked that contains laundry chemicals and possibly other cleaning products and paint supplies stored there? Where has common sense gone!

Any one of these babies could have killed themselves with any number of chemicals had the great grandparents not had the foresight to keep the room padlocked so they could not get into these dangerous substances, yet some of you here actually questioned this and turned it into something suspicious? Which ones of you WOULDN'T keep your dangerous chemicals under lock and key with toddlers running around all over the house!

Individual word analysis performed by statement analysis can carry a lot of weight in my opinion, but to throw suspicion on a laundry room door being padlocked at all times? With small children in the house? This is where my patience and lack of common sense bites the dust.

Credit is due these great grandparents for taking care of these children as well as they did and should be given them but I'm not seeing it. God bless them. They had a big job on their hands; they took on the total care, feeding, supervising and responsibility of these babies whose mother apparently isn't worth the drug overdose it would cost to finish her off once and for all, and a father who hasn't even seen them in eight months; while there they are trying to take care of very active toddlers the best they can that aren't even their responsibility.

NO matter what went wrong there, it wasn't their fault. My heart goes out to them. I'm just glad this sweet little (neglected) child whose own parents dumped all three of them off on elder great grandparents was found alive. NOW I hope the great grandparents, whose own lives have been completely torn up, can find a way to move on with their lives and perhaps be able to find a little rest and peace. ABB

Juliet said...

The Sheriff is saying that the area where Rainn was found had already been searched at least twice.

Whoever said the baby was wearing coveralls over the purple top and grey pants - it was Victor Sutton, the man who discovered the baby, who was wearing the brown coveralls, not the baby.

Covered in flies, or sequins, maybe - I hope he mistook sequins for flies. Her hair didn't look dank or bedraggled, so it seems doubtful she was out in the open all that time.

lynda said...

ABB - you cannot imagine the laundry room kept in any other way then being padlocked? I have NEVER heard of anyone EVER padlocking their laundry room. There's dangerous stuff all over one's house that toddlers can get into..that's why you watch them. Under the sink, bathroom, standing on shaky furniture, pulling down TV's, etc. A padlock?? Sorry, that's just odd.
This is a SA blog..follow the rules which is what everyone was doing. The laundry room showed sensitivity and there was a broken sentence regarding the laundry room and padlock. Why would we ignore something that, according to Peter and what he has taught us regarding SA, is sensitive and has missing information? Don't chastise posters that are doing exactly what this blog is for.
I guess I raised 4 kids without a lick of sense because I never padlocked my laundry room door. Sheesh!

Juliet said...

ABB - I think the concern was round whether the laundry door has been locked the entire time, or if someone had been hiding in there, or had been trying to access something besides the laundry etc, which might also have been locked away - if it had then been locked back up to appear undisturbed. This because it was the mom who drew attention to the door STILL being locked - she didn't need to say any more than that the door was locked, she didn't need to mention the type of lock. As you say, there's nothing suspicious about a laundry room door being locked to keep cleaning substances out of the reach of children, so it's interesting she goes into that detail. She was possibly thinking ahead, anticipating where investigators might find what had been a possible hiding place for an adult, or why an intruder might be interested in a certain room - maybe trying to head off suspicion focussing on the laundry room. Possibly not, but it's what a person chooses to say which is of interest .

I'd like to know why mom said Rainn wasn't wearing any shoes, and who gave the contradictory information that she was wearing shoes. The shoes are sometimes a problem in missing children cases - people forget about them. Little children sometimes disappear without shoes in circumstances where they would be expected to have been wearing them - if the shoes the child usually wore are found in the home, the parents/family reaction to being asked about them might be a giveaway moment. So, what is it with the shoes - was she maybe not wearing shoes when she 'vanished' as she went upstairs, and someone went into the laundry room to get them - maybe the kids' shoes were stored there for tidiness, though that would be a palaver, so likely not. Anyway, mom says she wasn't wearing shoes, so that's what she was thinking - someone else appears to believe Rainn was wearing shoes - so someone who knew she wasn't wearing shoes at the moment she 'vanished' maybe took the shoes, and either carried her and the shoes away, or put them on her to go outside? So no-one is lying, she wasn't wearing shoes, but the shoes weren't in the home, so it was assumed she had been wearing them, by the grandparents, when she disappeared? Maybe, I don't know, but the shoes are interesting.

Juliet said...

I think some people might want to lock some stuff out of kids' reach. I have childproof catches on cupboards where bleach, detergents, etc are stored, in the kitchen, laundry/utility room, and in the guest bathroom - the storage space is at child level. I don't want to risk anyone's kids getting into the bleach or sanitary products - that's not unusual, methinks. I don't have eyes in the back of my head, nor intend to grow any. :)

Everyone padlocks their shed? We don't know if this is a purpose built laundry room, or if it doubles up as storage for other stuff of the type one might find in a shed. Is the padlocked door inside the house, or is it an exterior door she is talking about? I agree a padlock is strange, if it's an interior door, as it's easy enough to have a proper lock with a key fitted, and it looks like they could afford it. So that might be odd, if it's an internal door.

Timmy mallet said...

Bethany said...

He picked her out of the tall grass, laying there, but could not tell if she was covered in sequins or flies. Flies.
I would think he was standing right next to the baby as he keeps asking if he's allowed to pick her up, you can hear her crying.
I'm pretty sure he could tell the difference between sequins and flies.

I don't know, unless these sequins are new, battery included, flying sequins, I have never heard of sequins being able to land back on the shirt and other articles of clothing that you might be wearing including your face, and then rub their hands together and take back off again. Lol.

But if there are sequins like this I would like to find them.

Anonymous said...

Lynda thanks for posting that info re: David and Stephanie's sighting of the strange car, I'm hoping that LE is taking that seriously and investigating it.

So it has been confirmed that Rainn did not have any shoes or socks on? If she did not have shoes/socks and a hat on she would not have survived through Friday night in that weather, or she would be near death from extreme hypothermia. I share the same weather as that area of Ohio and there is no way she would not be near death especially having to have spent Saturday night outside in the cold as well. The photo of Rainn taken by the man who found her is very the very least, her hair would be matted from the rain of the previous nights, she would almost certainly be somewhat dirty, she probably wouldn't have the strength to cry. Someone had her and dropped her off in that field.

So what is Rainn's father's story? On FB it says that he currently lives in Cape Coral, FL. Is he living in Ohio now? If so, where? Has Brandii or her grandparents given an interview or a statement since Rainn has been found?


Anonymous said...

Lynda, how could the laundry room show sensitivity when all LE had to do was ask for the key and open the padlock, which, not being complete idiots, I would imagine they did? They DID say they searched the entire house, right? If you notice, I did not mention any names in my 'padlocked laundry room door' post as I did not want to single out any one person who thought the laundry room padlock was sensitive. Anyone is entitled to think as it suits them, okay?

These are great-grandparents, Lynda; two elder people who are not as agile as you would be. Great grandparents are three-to-four generations removed from these babies. They would not have the energy or strength to chase after three toddlers all day and evening every day and night and still be able to clean behind them, prepare their meals, keep them bathed and cleaned, diapers changed, laundry for them done, prevent themselves from tripping over their toys and breaking their bones, and every other thing one entails taking care of THREE babies at one time. Multiply that times their age. They would be exhausted and sleeping with one eye open as if they'd had no rest.

They cannot be everywhere all over the house every minute. Further, they have only so much energy, not like a much younger person. They were very wise to keep their laundry detergents and likely other potent chemicals under lock and key; also in protecting one of these children from luring another one into the washer or dryer and setting if off in fun while one of them perished with the elders knowing nothing about it. Why create risks that are not necessary? At least they had the presence of mind to try to keep a few steps ahead of these active toddlers while trying to protect them.

Now, if you, being a much younger person, wants to take these kinds of unnecessary risks, that's on your head. However, neither can you be watching and running every second your little ones are off and running. Little ones will get out of bed when they are supposed to be sleeping and get into mischief wherever their little steps lead them, or sneak out doors if those doors aren't very carefully locked out of their possible reach.

You're just plain lucky and blessed that nothing ever happened to one of your own little ones that you could have so easily prevented. My guess is there was a guardian angel watching over your kids. I'm not saying this to hurt your feelings or to insult you, just, the fact remains that you took very foolish risks with your children's lives that you didn't need to take.

Go back and reread your child care manuals; they caution you to keep ALL solvents out of reach of your little ones at all times. It is very easy, and very careless to allow these types of accidents that could have been prevented. I'm sure you were a good mother in your own way, and for sure I enjoy your posts.

I'm sorry you are offended, but in actuality, you ought to be thankful that nothing tragic happened to one of your kids while your head was turned the other way for just a moment. These things happen very quickly. I've made a few of my own mistakes, so I wasn't perfect either. Looking back, OMG, how fortunate I was that nothing bad happened to my son that could have, due to my own momentary carelessness that was totally unnecessary on my part.

Tip of the hat to these poor tired and worn out elder GREAT-grandparents who were doing what they knew best to try to take care of these babies on their own; AND tolerated a useless drug addled granddaughter. My God, their lives were hard. Was anyone even helping them financially to clothe and feed these babies? ABB

Bethany said...

Ps. Baby's hair (toddlers) takes about an hour to dry.
An hour. My toddlers hair is dry even faster due to his being a little shorter than Rainns. Everyday he gets a bath right after me, and every day his hair is dry before I start my hair dryer on my own. He doesn't need a hairdryer. And that's even if I don't take a towel and ruffle his hair. I tried it out this morning. It still took an hour.
His hair is so light and baby fine still at two and a half.

I can see why her hair wasn't soaked. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Bethany this has nothing to do with how long it takes for a toddler's hair to dry lol!!!!! Look at her hair in this photo:

Her hair is fluffy and shiny and CLEAN looking. If she had really spent TWO NIGHTS out in the cold and rain her hair would be matted to her head weather it was dry or not. And it would almost certainly be dirty from her laying on the dirty ground while sleeping, as she certainly didn't stay awake for 48 hours straight.


Anonymous said...

This article states that she WAS wearing tennis shoes:


Juliet said...

Well, there is such a thing as black sequins, but I concede, from the photo, they are the silvery type. :) Poor baby, covered in flies - attracted to the three day old diaper, no doubt.

Juliet said...

Anne - the news reports almost all have stated that the child was wearing shoes when she went missing - it was only the mother, in her interview, who stated that she was not wearing shoes.

Juliet said...

Interesting if she was wearing the shoes when recovered - they probably should have fallen off and been lost somewhere along the way. And why did mom say she wasn't wearing shoes when she disappeared, if she was? Because she maybe wasn't wearing shoes at the moment she was taken, and whoever took her also put the shoes on her. That a two year old would put on her own shoes to go outside is less likely than that she would?

Nobody has said the front door was left open - if she had let herself out, she would have left the door open. Her mom did not consider her capable of opening the garage door herself. These were the only ways in which the child could have got out of the house - the only unlocked exits.

Anonymous said...

Good point about the shoes Juliet, it is strange that at least one of them didn't fall off, or that she didn't remove them herself as toddlers love to do.

Here's what Brandii said in the interview with WKBN: "...yes there's um you walk through the upstairs, you walk...uh.. the upstairs basement steps... and you walk through the living room and there's umm... there's an actual laundry room door but it was locked with the padlock on it, it was still locked when my daughter..after she went missing, umm the only door that wasn't was the house door and the garage the house door was shut like always but it was not locked...the garage door was...umm...found popped open when my grandmother went to let my dog out after my daughter had been missing..." Brandii goes on to say that she does not believe that Rainn could have opened the garage door herself.

So yeah, how did Rainn get out of the house? I don't think it's impossible for Rainn to have opened one of the unlocked doors herself, but as already mentioned, the door would likely have been left open. I think it is strange that Brandii described the garage door as "popped open", she does not want to assign responsibility to anyone as to how that door got opened, it just "popped open". Why wouldn't you automatically assume or think it possible that Rainn herself was the one that opened the garage door? And her wording is odd, it makes it sound as though the grandmother only noticed the garage door "popped open" after Rainn had been missing and only when she went to let the dog out. She didn't notice this immediately when she noticed Rainn was missing? Certainly she would have checked all the doors.

What I really want to know is, in the laundry room, is there an additional door that leads to the outside? If so, that could explain the sensitivity of the laundry room. I really see no need at all for Brandii to have brought up the laundry room in the context of the conversation because they were discussing what doors Rainn could have used to exit the house. Unless there was a door inside the laundry room that leads to the outside I see not reason for her to have brought it up.

And speaking of the dog, if a stranger had come to the home to abduct Rainn, wouldn't the dog have barked? Or, if Rainn let herself out, wouldn't the dog have followed her out of the house? I guess it really depends on the dog though, some are more protective than others, and some are more "inside" dogs and wouldn't necessarily jump at the chance to go outside.

Brandii has been quiet on social media. I wonder how the great-grandparents are doing. I also wonder about their relationship with Brandii. If GGM has custody of the kids and Brandii wants them back, maybe Brandii wanted to prove that GGM is unfit to care for the kids. What a better way than for GGM to "lose" one of them....


Anonymous said...

Jeezuscrisst Brandii hasn't even seen Rainn since she was found alive. WTF??? I wonder if this is by Brandii's choice, or if they are not letting her see Rainn:


Bethany said...

It's just my opinion that this was a terrible accident/ misjudgment, whatever you want to call it. I seen a post where someone said she wouldn't walk out in those temps alone on her own will bc of the cold.
A toddler a year older walked out of his grandparents apartment complex in Canada in the middle of the night, in frigid below zero temperatures without a coat and died bc the door to the complex locked behind him. It does happen.

As far as the hair goes, unless the hair had gotten muddy filthy, it would have dried the same way and not matted onto her head. She was found laying in weeds, not mud.

The laundry door could have been padlocked for various reasons.
My parents are in their late 60s and diligent about keeping anything harmful away from the kids. Everything that isn't put way up out of reach is locked up. I don't see anything wrong with that.

It's just my opinion that Mom has some issues, that's why the grandparents had custody. They are older and just doing the best they could. However like my mom just said, I don't know if the grandparents will get custody back now bc of what happened.

If someone did take Rainn, I don't think it had anything to do with them.
They would have been being watched closely the whole time she was missing.
It's possible that someone brought her back, that's not what I am saying, I just don't believe it was them. Or the mother.

Until I see some hard core proof that she was abducted, those are my opinions.
I'm definitely not Peter or even one of his students when it comes to SA, but I don't see anything in the language that says any different. But I admit I could be missing something.
I'm sure LE will figure it out.

Bethany said...

Anonymous said...

According to Brandii, the GGM is the only one who has seen Rainn, and only briefly. Also according to Brandii, Rainn has minor lacerations on hands, is severely dehydrated, preliminary results show no signs of abuse.


Juliet said...

For interest, though weather conditions vary - some other cases in which toddlers have been recovered after one or two nights spent outdoors. Variously - hypothermia, cuts, scratches, missing shoes, insect bites - reddened faces from over- exposure to the elements. These were the lucky ones, who did not succumb. . :-/

Twenty two hours missing:

Three days missing:
Lost toddler's survival a miracle:

Tick covered toddler found after two days spent in the wilderness:

Juliet said...

Alyssa Raymond tweeted just now that mom says Rainn is in care of children's services and she doesn't understand why.

Juliet said...

Mail online:

'In the 911 call, Sutton said the girl appeared to be healthy, despite a few flies hanging around her.'

Read more:

Mail online loves to stir and misquote - 'despite a few flies hanging round her' is a little bit different from 'she's COVERED in flies'.

Juliet said...

They are investigating if there is any sign of food in the baby's digestive system.

Mom should recognise that the baby can't be returned till they have established what happened to her. Even if she got out herself, they would still want to look into that and be sure the great grandparents are coping, and that it couldn't happen again in the future. Mom says she had 'nothing to do with it', and she would never....and then it keeps repeating on a loop. Till 6. I wonder what time that will be over here.

Sus said...

The quote from the mother is, "I had nothing to do with it. I love my daughter. I love my children. I would never do anything to hurt them."

...which is not a reliable denial.

As far as the couple claiming to see a car where Rainn was found. The wife seems to want her 15 seconds of fame. She's claiming their call brought the searchers there and it was her doing to find Rainn. No, Victor was on his own land searching parts where he didn't see tracks, so he knew it hadn't been searched.

Turtle said...

Glad the little girl has been found safe.

As for it being abnormal for a toddler not to fear strangers, I have to call BS on that. That belief was based on some research done in the 50s, but was overturned in the late 80s and it has been confirmed ever since that toddlers have a very wide range of personalities (influenced both by nature and nurture in roughly equal parts), as wide a range as is found in adults, and there are plenty of loved, cared-for toddlers who don't fear strangers and who have to be taught that fear. There are also many toddlers who only develop stranger anxiety later on, towards age 3.

lynda said...

Sus..The SHeriff stated last night that where Rainn was found had been searched twice. It was only 1/2 mile from the house and LE had done a 2 mile radius as the crow flies before while they kept the public out.

Yes, wife has an attitude but I believe her and husband. Would like to hear the whole story there.

It is NOT a reliable denial I agree

ABB - How can the laundry room be sensitive?? Look at the sentence! Apply what Peter has taught us. John correctly analyzed that sentence IMO. That is how its sensitive. Apply the rules, listen for unexpected, additional, unnecessary information, the broken sentence is very telling. I consider myself blessed to not have ever had a freak accident that caused the death of a child. But you know what? All the people padlocking doors are just as blessed. ALL parents that have never had anything horrendous happen to their kid (whether they took precautions or not) are LUCKY. Bad crap happens all the time to the best of parents and I don't think anyone here has bashed the ggrandparents at all. COnversation about padlocks and parenting is over. I am not a younger mother as I have 2 grandkids now and guess what? STILL don't padlock doors.

Friday night was in the 40's with significant (at least 15mph) winds. Saturday the temps ranged from 40-49 with almost an inch of rain falling and windy. Sunday temps ranged from 50-62 with no rain and she was found before night fell. Friday and Saturday, soaking wet, in 40 degree weather with no coat or hat and her tiny little body?

I'm glad the sheriff is communicating that they are checking for food in stomach (but I wouldn't be surprised if there was none even if somebody did take her and drop her off) and such.I get the impression that guy is no fool and he admirably did a search by the book, immediately called in numerous agencies, and kept the public away at first. This case is far from over. I would like to see more than 6 seconds of the mother talking but in those 6 seconds, Sus is right, NO RELIABLE DENIAL

lynda said...

Even in her non reliable denial, the mother STILL cannot say her daughter's name! I'm beginning to wonder if she even knows it!

lynda said...

WKYC Channel 3 News Retweeted
Wale Aliyu - WKYC ‏@WaleAliyu 16h16 hours ago
Sheriff: The area where #RainnPeterson was found had been searched all over at least twice @wkyc

Unknown said...

If it looks like a duck....

Juliet said...

Sus - The Sheriff has said the area where Rainn was found had been searched at least twice - it's in one of the media reports, I don't know now which one, only that I read it today. Victor either didn't see the tracks, or it was helicopter searched - though so near the house, it is difficult to imagine it had not already been searched.


'I had nothing to do with it' - maybe her boyfriend, then? What's 'it' - would maybe help if the question had been included. Is a baby wandering off something which anyone has anything 'to do with' rather than something which no-one has anything, 'to do with' - not knowingly, or intentionally, more something which, unfortunately, happened. Just being understandably defensive perhaps, as people seem to believe there was an 'it' in which she might have been involved.


I wonder if there is a more current Facebook as mom appears not to have used that one in many months.

Juliet said...

Thanks, Lynda - I knew I had read somewhere the Sheriff said it had been searched at least twice.

Bethany said...
Sorry, I misquoted. "She has flies all over her." He says it twice.
From the 911 call by Victor Sutton.

That's better.

Juliet said...

Long interview with,mom - too much to copy and paste, even if my,iPad would behave nicely.

Juliet said...

Here's the beginning,,anyway:

"I'm very, very upset right now. I do really want to thank everyone who volunteered and the police officers," Brandi Peterson said.

"It was a huge search and rescue and thank God because I don't think they would be able to find her without the people who did."

"I'm upset because I feel like, ever since this incident started, I was a suspect, from strangers to family members to friends. And they all tried to accuse me. That was very frustrating."

"I lost my child. I didn't know where she was. Very, very frustrating and aggravating to have people believe that I had something to do with it."

"I was the one who brought up the polygraph test and volunteered to take the polygraph test to prove that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of my daughter."

Unknown said...

Anyone else notice that after nearly three days wandering around in the rain, wind, and woods, Rainn's hair is NOT a straggling, tangled mess!?

My hair looks messier than that after sleeping all night in my warm, dry, bed!

Juliet said...

"They took her to the emergency room last night. They said that she had minor lacerations from pricker bushes. She was very, very dehydrated and she was hallucinating from being so dehydrated, upset and exhausted. She was so exhausted they had to sedate her, trying to get her temperature up."

"(They) gave her bottles of Pedialite. She drank four bottles in a row because she was so thirsty and dehydrated. They put IVs in her to get the things she lost back into her."

AUDIO | Emotional 911 call from volunteer who found baby Rainn

"And I have not been able to see her yet. They called me last night around 8:30-9, children's services did. They told me that they are taking custody of Rainn -- my daughter -- until the investigation is over. That's very frustrating. That's very upsetting because she was at my grandparents' house when she went missing. I was not there. I passed my polygraph test. I cooperated with police 100 percent and I want to see her. I want to bring her home with me and now I can't even see her."

"It's very frustrating. It's aggravating. It's upsetting. It's not fair. It's just not fair. This has really taught about knowing who your real friends and family are. This whole thing has been a giant mess."

"To have children's services tell me they're taking custody of my daughter when there's no sign of foul play. It's very frustrating and it's aggravating."

"So many people were saying false accusations -- 'Oh, the mother must have done it, she's changed her story three times.'"

"The worst feeling in the world was me not knowing where she was. Not knowing if she was safe. Not even knowing if she was alive. And I have people standing around blaming me for this. Accusing me of this."

Juliet said...

"It's like when you're little and you play telephone. You know, by the time it gets to the last person, it's all messed up. It's all out of whack."

"Me and my boyfriend were here at my residence...the lady from the FBI showed up and said they had found her and she was in rough shape. I jumped up and I grabbed the FBI lady and I held her and I just started crying and she started crying."

"(She's) still at the hospital. (They) wanted her to stay at least one night, trying get her temperature back up."

"I can see my two boys at (my) grandparents house now. Rainn's brother from (the) same father ordered (them) to stay at my grandparents' house."

Brandi Peterson reiterates that she had nothing to do with Rainn going missing.

"I wasn't there and I didn't do this and to tell me that you're going to take custody of my daughter, and to put her in foster care until this is over is absolutely outrageous and it just absolutely kills me because I've just gone two days with my daughter missing not knowing if she was alive not knowing where she was not knowing if someone took her not knowing what happened and I can't even bring her home when they found her and I haven't even seen her yet."

"This is my baby. I'm the mother. I have custody. It's frustrating. It's aggravating. It's upsetting and I just can't stress enough things are."

"I have full custody of both of my children. I was granted full custody a couple months ago in court. Children's services says they're retaining custody of her as of last night. (They) won't let any family there. She is there with children's services and hospital staff."

"It's not fair, something needs to be done. This is why I'm going public. Before my daughter went missing, children's services came to my home. They made sure that there were no hazards to my children. They made sure everyone would be fine and they told me they'd send papers in the mail in just a few days and possibly get my kids and bring them here. They are saying that it's not them, that it's the police officers asking."

"If I wasn't there when my daughter was gone, why can't I have her back? That's all I want. I want her safe with me. Obviously, she wasn't safe and she wasn't with me."

Sus said...

No Juliet, Victor Sutton made a point of stating he drove his four-wheeler where he didn't see tracks, where he knew others had not searched. Even if the sheriff said that area was searched twice, they hadn't done that row of the field or that edge of the woods. Remember also, she was lying down making no sound. If he had not gone on that row, Rainn would have spent another night out in the elements.

Rainn was actually found right where you would expect if she wandered off. The dogs found her scent on State route 45. The sheriff then asked volunteers to search north and south of that route into the woods and fields. That's right where she was found.

I am continually surprised by the lack of understanding of how difficult it is to find someone or something in the wild. You have to be right upon them to see them. This is why hunting is a frustrating sport. Why "lost in the wilds" was an accepted cause of death till the mid 1900s.

Juliet said...

Why Brandi Peterson took a polygraph test

"I felt like it was the only way I was going to get the police officers, the FBI agents and everyone to believe what I had to say because they didn't believe me. They acted like they didn't believe me. They've said things to family members that absolutely astonished me would come from police officers."

"I was putting up posters of my daughter on mailboxes, on telephone poles, in stores. We really thought that someone had taken her or that she had gotten out and seen her and picked her up. We just had no idea. There were no leads. There was no trace of her. No shoes found. No clothing. No toys. No nothing."

"I was really, really pleased with the search. I think thy did a wonderful, terrific job trying to find my daughter and they found her. I am so thankful for everyone. Firemen. Police officers. Volunteers."

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am because we would have never found her if we didn't have all those people looking. The person who really did find her, the actual person who found her, I want to say thank you so much because you're my hero. They are my heroes. They are all heroes."

"They found her. They brought her -- I'd like to say -- home. They brought her back and that's what I asked everybody to do and they did bring her home. Well, they brought her back and I'm deeply grateful and there's nothing I can do to show them how thankful we all are -- me and my family -- for finding her and bringing her back alive because I don't think she would have lasted much longer out there."

Juliet said...

That's all,of it.

Juliet said...

Sue - I am saying what they each said, not that either of them don't believe what they said.

There were dogs - it's surprising they did not find her if she was there all the time.

Unknown said...

Bingo! I just posted the same thing!

Unknown said...


Agree! I know lots of people with kids, including myself, and I've never seen anyone with a pad lock on ANY of their interior doors.

Lock the laundry room door, using the door handle's mechanism=ok, whatever makes you feel safer

PAD LOCK the laundry room door, (as in, what you would use to safeguard an outbuilding from thieves)=strange, not a common everyday occurrence in most homes.

If they were storing chemicals in their laundry room which they felt were dangerous enough to warrant a pad lock on the door, why wouldn't they just remove them from inside the home? They have a garage. Seems a lot easier than keeping the room under lock and key.

Unknown said...

I don't expect it to be soaked, but I do expect it to be tangled, straggling, and unkempt from DAYS in the rain, high winds, and traipsing through the woods/fields.

Bethany said...

What is comical to me is, Mom gets on the news, speaks out in the public, shows that she is concerned, (she obviously wasn't there), takes and passes a polygraph, then goes on again to explain her frustration with being a suspect, with not being able to see or touch her child, to explain that she does have custody, and her frustration and anger at not being given her daughter back and she is still being looked at like she had something to do with it.

Isn't this exactly what people want to hear from Jessica Mitchell about little Deorr?

I'm with Sus on the woods part.
People get lost in the woods very easily.
If you don't actually stumble upon them, usually you won't find them.
The dogs picked up her scent in two different places, but not a distinct trail.
They aren't fool proof.

Laura Bradbury went missing in 1984, and in 1986 they found the top of her skull five miles from the campsite, areas that were checked over and over again. They didn't find out it was hers for sure until much, much later. But it just goes to show. Sometimes areas are checked but not 100% and look there she was.
Very sad.

lynda said...

Bethany - The mother is the ONLY one who says she "passed" her polygraph. No one in LE has.

Mom: they are taking custody of Rainn -- my daughter -- until the investigation is over

I gotta say, this cracks me up, she says her name for the VERY FIRST time and has to qualify with "my daughter"...uh yeah..we know she's your daughter, WE know her name, WE'VE been saying it for 3 days now!

I'm going to trnscribe her actual voice from what little there is in this interview. There might be the whole video interview after six. A media outlet will not put in the ummms, ahhhhhs, sooooooo, etc. they will edit that out to make it sound clean. From what little I heard of her speech today, she was VERY VERY aggravated or upset. I will post with transcription of what's out there.

lynda said...

This is video that is out there, it's less than a minute. If more exists later I will transcribe that.

Mom - "The worst feeling in the world was me not knowing where she was , not knowing if she was safe, not even knowing if she was alive, and I have people standing around, blaming me for this, accusing me for this, and its, ..the things that people said, ah, ah, argh, as I said before, friends, family members even, my own family, things that people said, its just not right, ah ah, and, MOST OF IT was, was, false accusations and people just thought that they knew, y’know everybody is, it, its like when you’re little and ya, and ya, play telephone, ya know by the time it gets to the last person it’s, y’know, it’s all messed up, everything's outta whack.

Bethany said...

Baby's hair is extremely fine, by like our adult hair. Unless she rolled in the mud and got it in her hair, it wouldn't be sticking straight up or stuck to we face.
That being said, I would expect there to be leaves, or grass tangled in it, but not necessarily looking like an adult humans bed head or rained upon hair with shampoo and conditioner, and any other products we all use in it.
That's JMO.

Bethany said...

*not like
Instead of not by

Sorry about that!!

Bethany said...

Anne I have a two year old, ad everyday I see his hair out of the bath tub. When he wakes up in the morning his hair looks the same. Toddlers have great hair.

I know what you are saying, this is just my opinion.

Bethany said...

I believe her.
I think Rainn wandered off.
If she did not spend two nights in the woods, the hospital and LE will be able to tell and we will hear soon enough.

I'm not saying I think she is up for any mother of the year trophies (really none of us are perfect) but I don't think she had anything to do with this. I think she is a drug addict and it shows in her language. She's trying to act concerned, and that's why it is setting off bells and whistles.

I am just hoping that they find Rainn a warm, safe house and family to keep we until they find out exactly what is going on with Mom and family.
Did I read that Dad has previously been an addict as well, but is sober now?
I am thinking that's why she is being placed with a family outside of the family. They need to make sure she is being taken care of properly, so I can't blame CYS.
Also if she can talk- maybe they are keeping her away so they can ask her questions IF she WAS in fact abducted.

Hoping mom gets herself straightened out, and sober, her children need her.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the volunteer who found her removed leaves and debris and smoothed her hair. It seems to be a natural thing for a caring adult to do in this situation while telling her she was so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Looks like mom's complaining paid off:

"They won't let me have custody, and I can only have short supervised visits," Brandi Peterson said. "It is not fair."
Authorities said when the girl was found, she had one shoe on and one shoe off.
She says her daughter was dehydrated and had a bad infection.

Anonymous said...

From the physical condition little Rainn is said to be in, it sounds like she really was lost out in the woods the entire time. Poor little thing, hungry, cold, scared to death, alone in the dark. I can't imagine it. She may be traumatized for a very long time, possibly scared of the dark and wooded areas permanently.

As to those who think it was ridiculous for the laundry room to be padlocked, IMO, it would be more ridiculous if it wasn't. It is very easy to unlock standard interior door knob locks using either a butter knife, a med thick small piece of cardboard or plastic (such as a credit card), or a small sharp pointed object. Many kids can easily figure this out all by themselves. They can also open sliding type bolts that are placed higher; all they need is something to stand on.

I'm sticking by my original opinion; padlocking the laundry room door was the best and most common sense thing these ELDER great grandparents could have done for the children's safety and for their own peace of mind. Have mercy! These people don't have the strength and energy to run on a moments notice to see about small children day and night who might have already done some serious damage to themselves by the time they got to them. If you think they do, don't ever leave your little ones in the care of their great grandparents.

It would be interesting to learn what child protective services told them when they inspected the home not too long ago to determine that it was safe for the children. I'd almost guarantee they were satisfied with the door being padlocked and may have even recommended it themselves.

I am SOOo glad this little angel has been found; also I applaud the mother for defending and standing up for herself. I do note however, that she seems to be placing blame on her grandparents that little Rainn went missing, just like baby daddy DeOrr did. When WILL these defensive, ner'do-well look the other way, do your own thing, irresponsible parents learn that it is their OWN responsibility to take care of their kids and to make SURE they are safe? ABB

XOXOXO said...

Found in FB comments on news article:

Ben Moisio: Because she was too high on heroin to to even take the polygraph. And way to high to even want to help us look

Ben Moisio: Elisabeth Bolyard Bennett the mother took the child out of the home when grandparent's were upstairs cooking. The other 2 kids even stated that "Mom was here" mom was seen Sunday via trail cam from local hunter dropping her child off at dawn on Sunday morning in the field. She was there until Sunday evening

Ben Moisio: Baby left in a pull up and was found in an actual diaper

Ben Moisio: Since she (the mother) did not have custody of her to begin with. She was trying to prove the grandparents unfit. This is all coming from a family member. In her mind it was perfect.. Not so much. Yes she is in police custody. According to the news and police. I feel mixed about it all. YES that lady ("mom" if that's the word you would call her) should rott... Just for her history of child endangering (county public record) Do I feel bad for that lil girl? Absolutely!! Who wouldn't?? And yes when my kids were little and out of my site... Doors were locked! Glad things worked out, but could have gone alot better

link to his FB:


I absolutely would put my money on this mother having something to do with her daughters disappearance. But many times she is stated to be with her boyfriend. If she is involved, I believe he had to be accomplicing her to back up her alibis. In one of her alibis she claims to be at the tattoo shop with her boyfriend. Well under a picture of flowers Brandi posted on her Facebook, she is talking with a friend stating how this man is so much better than Nick. A man, Jazzy Jeff, then comments "Luv u to girl". Brandi replies "You my baby/nigga/Clide". I looked into his FB and he OWNS a tattoo shop.


XOXOXO said...

It also appears that Jazzy Jeff is married to a woman named Jama. There is no indication of a divorce, and the most recent photo of them together was February this year. It could be as though Brandi and Jazzy were having a secret affair. Hence why she did not state his name on her FB, and I thought it was strange news articles just referred to him as "boyfriend".

lynda said...

This is transcript of mom's on air interview. It was less than a minute long, but as everyone can see, the news media "cleans up" all the ands, stammering, etc. So here is her speech.

Mom - "The worst feeling in the world was me not knowing where she was , not knowing if she was safe, not even knowing if she was alive, and I have people standing around, blaming me for this, accusing me for this, and its, ..the things that people said, ah, ah, argh, as I said before, friends, family members even, my own family, things that people said, its just not right, ah ah, and, MOST OF IT was, was, false accusations and people just thought that they knew, y’know everybody is, it, its like when you’re little and ya, and ya, play telephone, ya know by the time it gets to the last person it’s, y’know, it’s all messed up, everything's outta whack

lynda said...

I am waiting for a detailed statement from either the sheriff or Rainn's medical team about the condition she was brought in and her treatment. I do not believe the mother. She has gone from saying that she had scratches from pricker bushes and was dehydrated to the latest (all in 12 hours) that she was severely dehydrated, cut, scratches, hallucinations, and now having a bad infection.
There sheriff in an interview today said in answer to a reporters question about Rainn's condition that she had one shoe on and one off, and she had some scratches. That's it. Big difference and I see alot of people are commenting on how it must be true because of all that Rainn is suffering. NO ONE has said that except the mom.
As far as the transcription above, the thing that stands out most to me is her "leakage" that "things that people said, its just not right, ah, ah, and, MOST OF IT was, was , false accusations." Begs the question to ask - So exactly what WASN'T a false accusation?

Anonymous said...

Jama Robinson's page has posts on it that indicate she found out about "Jazzy Jeff" (he seems like a real winner) and Brandii (total winner there). She mentions "the whore", says her husband is a piece of s---, and talks about having to move. Her friends commented about the husband, too. So perhaps, he left Robinson for Brandii and they were getting/have gotten a place together?

Anonymous said...

It's not fair?1? What is she, five years old? She doesn't even try to claim she's worried most that poor Rainn needs to be home needs to be home wirh mommy to heal, she only complains about herself, what she wants and just how poorly she presents to the world.

She also seem oblivious to the fact that being awarded by a judge custody of her own children doesn't earn her Mother of the Year; it's evidence that she at some point lost that important right through her own selfish failures and criminal lifestyle.

Poor Rainn, if that "mother" is still in her life and not yet fixed herself, Rainn will be fully supporting her by Rainn's 30th birthday.
Well, if she survives being sort-of-raised by that hot mess anyway!

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