Thursday, October 8, 2015

Harry Reid to Sue Exercise Company

Insurance investigators are often pulled from law enforcement by higher salary.  Dedicated professionals who need to provide for their families sometimes are faced with the choice of staying with their calling, and moonlighting as a second job, severely cutting into family time, or accepting an investigative role with insurance companies for better pay. 

Insurance investigators often receive advanced training.  They do not have to have regular fire arms training, vehicle safety training, tactics training, and all the attendant meetings of such, and can focus deeply on an investigation. 

Does Harry Reid really want the insurance company for the manufacture to investigate this claim?

Or, is this a shill suit that will make headlines today, but disappear tomorrow?

Here is an article from American Thinker.  In the few statements Reid has made, he has been deceptive about what happened. 

Harry Reid, beaten to a pulp, suing exercise machine company

If you were beaten to a pulp, lost an eye, and had your ribs broken, wouldn't you want to pursue justice against the one responsible?  Harry Reid does.  After being badly beaten up "by his exercise machine," he is suing for his injuries.  Here's exactly how it happened (unless it happened a completely different way):
"The TheraBand was mounted to a sturdy object in his bathroom," according to the lawsuit. "While in use, the TheraBand broke or slipped out of Mr. Reid's hand, causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet."
According to the document, Reid suffered "loss of vision in his right eye, a concussion, broken orbital bones, severe disfigurement and bruising to his face, hand injuries, facial lacerations, scarring, and broken ribs."
So when Senator Reid  spun around, he hit the cabinet, injuring his face.  But the article doesn't say how his eye got injured.  And there is no mention of how his chest injuries occurred.  It looks as though Senator Reid hit his cabinet over and over and over again, causing injuries all over his body. Perhaps he should sue the cabinet maker as well.
The complaint also indicated that the injuries could affect Reid’s ability to secure employment. He plans to retire at the expiration of his current Senate term at the beginning of 2017.
Now this is the confusing part.  Reid could stay in the Senate with one eye.  You don't have to have two eyes or even a brain to be a Democratic senator.  Even if he weren't a senator, he would undoubtedly have numerous employment opportunities on K Street.
It's not as if Reid was beaten up by mobsters, and ordered to chair his own retirement party, or else.  That's not what happened here.  So why can't he get more work?
Reid is suing, claiming the manufacturers should have issued warnings about the exercise machine.  Reid says that if he had been given a warning first, he surely would have obeyed and avoided the injuries, which were at the hands of a machine and not at hands of organized crime.
I think politicians who have dealings with exercise machines, especially politicians in Nevada, where such machines are especially prone to cause injuries, should be very careful with such fitness devices.  If the fitness machines need attention or maintenance, then it should be provided, or else other politicians could suffer the same exercise-related injury that Harry Reid did.
This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of


Rachel said...

I know TheraBand. It's good, but it's not that good!

Anonymous said...

"the TheraBand broke or slipped out" Two very different things. If it broke, I could see some responsibility. If it slipped out of his hand, that is user error and there would be no way for the company to prevent that.

Sus said...

The solution to Reid's dilemma is obvious. He must go the route of millions of Americans before him.

1. By all means...Sue! Yes, sue the exercise machine and the cabinet maker, but think broader. There's also a tile floor which probably gets slick while wet, an optomologist who didn't treat his eye correctly, maybe an emt who didn't treat him in a timely manner.

2. Pay all medical bills in as small monthly installments as possible. They can't go after you if you are paying something, say $1 per month. Yep, stick them. Drive up those costs.

3. Stay on the job. Forever and ever and ever. Be there only for the insurance coverage. Don't dare do the job. Tell your co-workers this company will take you out in a hearse.

There, Mr. Reid. That's how to live the American Dream. Do it! Right on the Senate Floor.

Anonymous said...

The article the pseudo-journalist wrote was absurd! Hence, the name...somethin' Machete.

C5H11ONO said...

"The Thera Band was mounted to a sturdy object in his bathroom,"
--This does not tell us what the sturdy object was in his bathroom. It could very well have been his lover’s torso.
"While in use, “
--This does not tell us that he was using it as the Thera Band is supposed to. It could have been the mechanism for pulling a gerbil out of his a**.
“the Thera Band broke or slipped out of Mr. Reid's hand,”
--They are giving two possibilities. Broke or slipped out of his hand. It could have broken because he was using the Thera Band for something other than exercise. “Slipped” is a very mild action that would cause someone to “spin around” wouldn’t you agree?
“causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet."
--The tug his lover must have used may have been too overpowering for dear old Harry, causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet. It sounds like a lover’s quarrel instead.
--The insurance company should find out if he was alone when this happened. He needs to describe in detail where he secured a Thera Band to in his bathroom. I hope it’s large enough for him to exercise there. Why did he choose the bathroom? Did he feel in control there? (LOL! I know you know what I mean).

Interesting that an article dated April 2015 states he was beaten up in a gay love orgy. Now he’s suing Thera Band as the culprit.

Unknown said...

The article is an April Fools thing.

Anonymous said...


And these are the people running our country! RRH

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Stepfather of AJ Hadsell charged with heroin possession

Was he AJ's supplier?

Wesley Hadsell, stepfather to an 18-year-old woman who died of a heroin overdose, has been charged with having heroin, police said.

Hadsell, 37, is the stepfather of Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell, whose remains were found in Southampton County in April, more than a month after she disappeared from her parents' home in the Tarrallton area of Norfolk. She was on spring break from Longwood University. In June, a medical examiner determined Hadsell died of "acute heroin poisoning." The manner remains undetermined.

No one has been charged in her death, but detectives are still trying to figure out what happened, Norfolk police Cpl. Melinda Wray said.

During their investigation, police found heroin they think belonged to Hadsell and sent it to the Virginia Division of Forensic Science where technicians confirmed it was, in fact, heroin.

Wray declined to say when or where police found the drug.

Hadsell also faces federal weapons charges after police searched Hadsell's home in the wake of his stepdaughter's disappearance. During the search of the America's Best Value hotel room on East Little Creek Road where Hadsell was living, Norfolk police found about 80 rounds of ammunition, according to a probable cause document on the federal charge, filed in U.S. District Court in Norfolk.

Hadsell is still in the Western Tidewater Regional Jail, records show.

Lisa21222 said...

The article linked by C5H11ONO is the one that Unknown was referring to as an April Fools joke, not the article blaming the Theraband.

elf said...

Senator Reid is 75 years old. I think his complaint that the exercise device 'broke or slipped' is very telling because the two options are very different from eachother, one would be a manufacturing error and the other being user error.
Analysis aside, why would a 75 year old be exercising in one of the hardest rooms of his house?! The guy is lucky he didn't shatter like a piece of glass into a billion pieces! And when he retires from politics what kind of employment would he be seeking anyways at such an advanced age? I kind of feel sorry for the old fella :( He's not going to win the suit unless the company feels sorry for him. It doesn't seem like his claim is valid.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Rainn Peterson, Trumbull County toddler missing for two days, should be released from hospital soon

WARREN, Ohio - Rainn Peterson, the Trumbull County toddler who was found alone in the woods two days after she disappeared, is expected to be released from a hospital any day now.

The 2-year-old girl has been receiving treatment at St. Joseph Warren Hospital since she was found Sunday evening lying in high grass along Peck Leach Road in North Bloomfield.

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Tim Schaffner, executive director of Trumbull County Children Services, wouldn't reveal exact details of the girl's release date because he wants her return home to be peaceful.

"She needs a little more time at the hospital. She's doing fine, just making sure that the extreme physical trauma that she went through, that all systems are okay," Schaffner said.

On Oct. 2, Rainn went missing from her great-grandparents home on State Route 45.

Over the next two days, hundreds of people searched for the girl.

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Victor Sutton, who joined the volunteers, found the girl after spotting a patch of purple in the tall grass around 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 4.

On Tuesday, a Trumbull County judge awarded temporary custody of Rainn to her great-grandparents.

The girl's mother, Brandi Peterson, had requested custody.

Schaffner said Brandi would continue to be involved in her daughter's life, but wouldn't explain why she was denied custody.

"Those are details of a specific case that we're not comfortable sharing in the best interest of the family and the child," he said

The Bristol Township Fire Department has started a toy drive to show support for Rainn and her two older siblings.

Donated toys, not wanted by the family, will be given to Toys for Tots.

elf said...

Maybe that's what he was meeting her at the store for before AJ disappeared? I kinda remember that there was sensitivity in that part of his statement concerning money given to AJ and money. Maybe it was drugs and not money?

sidewalk super said...

I am recommending TheraBand mail samples of their product
to all democratic members of congress, the white house, the irs,
the justice department.......
Along with a release from liability form, of course.

horse chestnut said...

Lest we get too smug about our party, and in the interest of objectivity, I paste this:

Anonymous said...

You all have failed to see the obvious; and this is, that TheraBand should have a disclaimer clearly visible in their manual of instructions, and prior to sale, to wit: "not recommended for use by those over the age of 65...." or more specific as it applies to ones' age, since it should be common knowledge that as one ages they are not as agile as a younger person might be. If there was no such disclaimer, Harry Reed clearly has a viable lawsuit against this company.

Whether you all like his party affiliation or not; the man sustained some serious injuries whether due to his own clumsiness and lack of quick mobility, or due to the fault of TheraBand for not providing more specific use and warning instructions and he should sue them. Wouldn't you?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


perhaps you fail to see that Reed may not have been injured by the exercise equipment.


Anonymous said...

So he is outright lying about the exercise equipment causing his injuries? Sounds pretty far fetched to me. Maybe the answer lies in the filing of his lawsuit?

Another Anon said...

Anonymous- Right wing "media" starting with Rush Limbaugh have claimed Reid is lying. He may have gotten beaten up by mobsters is the most interesting take. Ya know, his living is Las Vegas and all.

It is indeed a head-scratcher, but we don't question the veracity of right wing media here, however far fetched it may be. Understand?

Anonymous said...

I understand that the object of your admiration and an idol of your respect is blow hard, scumbag, dope head Rush Limbaugh. And THAT'S no head scratcher. Far fetched? Your words speak for themselves.

Another Anon said...

"Your words speak for themselves."

I'm thinking you missed my sarcasm, but ok.