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Amanda Blackburn Murder: The "Lie" in High School

"It wasn't me who waged jihad on the carpet!" 

In a blog entry, husband of murder victim Davey Blackburn said that he had done something very wrong in high school:  he lied. 

Since there is not a human being with a pulse who has not told a lie, long term readers understand that an outright fabrication is very rare; with less than 10% of all deception coming this way, while more than 90% of deception is via withheld information.  The outright fabrication is rare and is often the signal of a pathological liar; sometimes ironically called, "the rare true liar."

Those who 'invent reality' not only disrupt the speed of transmission in processing words, they cause it to come to an almost complete stop.  When one is deceptively hiding information, simply withholding a single point disrupts the speed of transmission in processing and will show up in both linguistic signals of sensitivity, and in the polygraph.  The outright fabrication of reality can bring it to a screeching halt, instead.  

In 100 guilty criminal statements, we are very likely to encounter more than 90 that simply withhold the "I did it" part of the statement.  This means, in the worst case scenario, we have a statement that can reliably guide us as to how, when and perhaps even why, he "did it."

Pathological liars create a reality that does not exist. 
 Casey Anthony lied in this manner, as did Richard Blumenthal when he placed himself on the battlefield of Viet Nam.  When questioned, he attacked.  Attacking those who expose the fabricator of reality is a common trait among this uncommon group.  

Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.  These are those who will sometimes lie when there is no outward cause.  Many people know someone like this by this very trait alone:  "She lied during a dinner party and there was absolutely no reason to lie.  She was not in trouble, and she wasn't even being questioned. "

This is another point:  the fabricator of reality does it in the Free Editing Process. 

This means that he or she was freely speaking the lie, as it was not in response to a direct question (which reduces internal stress) nor was it simply parroting back the interviewer's own language, which also is a low stress lie. 

The outright fabrication of reality in the Free Editing Process is the single most internally stressing form of speech as it comes from self protection and a very strong indicator that the subject has learned this in childhood and has had much success.
waving a gun mere days before his wife's murder by gun


The fabricator of reality holds the world in contempt.  

This contempt is often subtle, but consider its source:  the lying began in childhood and went uncorrected.  The child learns early how to 'out fox' other.  The more you 'out fox' someone the less respect you have for them, the greater the contempt.  

By adulthood, the pathological liar has had so much success that he has an expectation of being believed by all and sees all others as either beneath him, or if above him, unjustifiably so:  and views this one as competition. 

The contempt is rarely openly linguistically displayed, even though most people are left with the impression of arrogance.  

The contempt is often seen in subtle comments, as well as in action:  The pathological liar sees the existence of others as to only benefit himself.  Those that get in the way need to be removed. Competition is always to be defeated. 

Billie Jean Dunn was a good example of this; her contempt of anyone who questioned her strained her ability to control her language, yet when tested, she dropped her filter and attacked professionals, such as the polygrapher, the Texas Rangers, and others.  

The greater the intellect the more subtle the contempt. 

When a child lies ("when" and not "if") correction must come with three elements:

1.  The child must learn that lying has external negative consequences. 
2.  The child must learn that lying has internal negative consequences.  (conscience, ethics, sin, etc)
3.  The child must learn that lying impacts victims and learn human empathy. Deception and theft hurt people; real people.  

When an employer has lots of video surveillance , and all sorts of electronic tracking, the intended thief must overcome these hurdles.  In employment interviews, Statement Analysis looks for the applicant to verbally identify these three elements.  

Now, if one wants to steal (including fraudulent claims) not only must he or she overcome the video, witnesses, evidence, etc, but the deceiver must overcome the three elements within his own personality to go forward with his plans.  

Therefore, if a prospective employee fails to show that deception hurts people (human empathy) and that companies are made up of people and not faceless corporations that simply 'write off' losses, he will not be offered a job.  

It is a brilliant use of Statement Analysis and for companies using it after training, the success has been its own evidence.  If the Dept of Justice told us that 40% of applicants planned their theft before or during the interview process, Statement Analysis will weed them out.  This statistic does not include the myriad of false claims now regularly made against companies as colleges across the country continue the powerful "anti-business" climate.  More "victim status" applicants are giving away this entitled attitude in their own words, allowing for companies to avoid the inevitable advantage taking the "victim" feels is "owed" to him or her.  Instead, trained companies are hiring those who wish to work to obtain money, build resume, experience, and so on.  

The liar holds the world in contempt, including employers.  

The liar sees the world as in existence to be profited from.  This is why some pathological liars become highly successful in exploitation of others.  

In one of Davey Blackburn's videos, he said that he told "a lie" in high school that ruined his reputation.  

Later, we learned that his family moved to another state, but it is not known if this was as a result, or a matter of chronology of an account.  

If it forced the move, it is obviously a lie that impacted others; but regardless, it is in his language as to the serious nature of it.  

This, too, is a "selling point" that is common in his videos where the disease is highlighted so that the cure would be purchased.  This is where the marriage, for example, is so bad, and now marriage counseling is offered with the notion of "success."

The theme is a genuine Christian theme, but it has been misapplied to sell "success in life" where once, like the Pilgrim's Progress, the "burden", once removed, actually increased the struggle through life, and "success" being eternal. 

For the slave trading wicked man, "Amazing Grace" did not "cure" his day to day memory of what he had done in the middle passage, but caused him to labor in a way that was worthy of forgiveness granted.  

"Let him who steals, steal no more, but work willingly with his hands to give to others."

The prescription for thieves?  Not only "stop it!" but the deeper problem of selfishness and exploitation of others needed firm addressing:  the thief had not only work to provide for himself and his family, but had to take excess and help the less fortunate.  No one "forced" him to do so, other than the inner conscience which wished to obey this command.  This command recognizes the deeper issue beneath theft that impacts human nature.  

"If a man will not work, neither shall he eat" prohibition understood human nature and incentive.  This ideology may have saved the founding of America, but today it is not simply rejected, but condemned politically by those who do not grasp human nature and what happens internally to the one who refuses to labor.  The politicians may deny it, but the criminal statistics do not.  

The remedy deals with human nature and a very long term consequence.  It is a rule that may not "feel good" but it "does good" as dignity is returned.  Laws may "feel good" but they do not "do good" are popular, but have long term ramifications.  

The short term venus the long term.  

For Blackburn's own view on this, the video where he expresses his "disappointment" is in this same context:  "16" people were eternally successful, but his disappointment, rather than celebration, is noted in context, for the "failure" to reach the intended goal of the number in attendance.  This theme is what originally caused suspicion of Blackburn while his wife was murdered, and the killer on the loose, he showed no fear of the killer but used the murder to urge his followers to invite "as many people as possible" to attend.  

The drive to success is not something embedded in his language, it is overt and unashamedly his priority, well elevated above the loss of his wife.  

This is what caught the nation's attention above all other murders and what caused speculation, not in topics of "internet trolls" but of each topic introduced by the subject in his public messages.  

The Child

Children are born narcissistic, lying, and we typically describe certain behavior as "childish" because there is a societal expectation that it will be outgrown.  This is a distinctly "Western" expectation so that, for example, the man who drinks too much and explodes in anger at a holiday meal, feels shame and the need to "repair the damage" done to others by his refusal to restrain his 'childish outburst.'  In other cultures, this outburst is actually seen as "strength" and "manhood."  

"Turn the other cheek..."

We see  as "weakness" when one is insulted who turns to violence.  It is "childish", meaning, it is something that should have been dealt with in childhood.  This too, is distinctly "Western" in culture and is not prized by other cultures.  

The child lies, hits and acts out and believes the entire world exists for his own pleasure and entertainment.  Food comes as a result of crying and great displeasure is shown at hesitation.  

The child must be corrected properly and if not, the child's 'success rate' will grow as evenly as the contempt rate.  

Behavior that was "adorably cute but bad" at age 7, and the rebelliousness shown at age 8, are suddenly not funny and not entertaining, but frightening, when the child is 17 years old, and capable of bringing great harm to himself.  

Hormonal change. 

Children sexually abused in infancy have no linguistic connection with the trauma and cannot process what happened to them.  This "violence done to the Image of God" is the perspective of people of faith, and although no verbalization can exist, the body, itself, has not forgotten.  

The damage to the brain took place, and we sometimes get our first signal in adolescence.  (Later, menopause will signal hurt, but this is in different articles)  

Generally, the self loathing takes one of two forms:

*The female child, a 'good girl' suddenly hits adolescence and the parents no longer recognize her.  She turns the rage internal and seeks to destroy herself. 
*The male child, a 'good little fella' suddenly emerges as an outwardly aggressive, clinically immature danger not only to himself, but to others.  While her aggression is inward (cutting, starving, promiscuity, substance abuse), his aggression goes outward in anti-social behavior. 

The increase in hormones to the brain that has been damaged can 'reveal' or 'trigger' a change in personality.  This is why we 'vet' babysitters naturally and why it was so 'normal' for Cindy and George Anthony to have their only grandchild 'baby sat' by a nanny they never bothered to meet, see her home, talk to, or even just gain her phone number.  They took more care in placing their cat for the weekend at a kennel, than they did over their little granddaughter, of whom had actually lived with them.  

This tells us that Casey, herself, was left unprotected for trauma in childhood.  It does not excuse murder, but it explains the danger of parental abdication. Casey was "just fine" until adolescence hit.  

The child uncorrected from lying early in life, now fabricates reality to please himself in a way that is often destructive to others.  

Blackburn's lie. 

If the story is true that Blackburn told a lie so important as to use it, what was in his language? It is published for the public to read and learn from:  

"I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands. I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that. They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk. It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.

But, to be honest with you. I wouldn't change that situation if I could, because that situation taught me that I can't get away with lies, I can't get away with sin, and it has partially made me into who I am today. Here are three things the Bible points out that we have to do when confronted with sin in our life and the consequences of that sin..."

Without analyzing it:

All he cared about was how the lie made him look and not what he did to others. 

This is the same response he had with Amanda's murder.  It has little impact on him but he, himself, is front and center. 

this is exactly what Jeanine Shapiro identified on Fox News. 

It destroyed his reputation and we note a very specific point of missing information:  human empathy.  It is what I reference in the employment interview in teaching companies how to screen out those who will be most likely to bring them harm.  He learned he "can't get away with it" which is to say, the negative external consequence.  We look for this, along with internal negative consequence ("I could not sleep, it so bothered me!") and specific human empathy for those defrauded, "If I had to do it all over again, I would not do it for I hurt many people, including my parents..." The lack of human empathy is often heard in the language of those who fear not filing suits against companies for they do not see companies as "people" with reputations, but as "faceless" and "cold corporate" non-humans.  

Lying and Murder 

It may seem as 'overly obvious' but those who murder often do so because self came before the life of another.  The hyper-selfish are also liars who learn early that "me first" includes lying to get out of trouble, or lying to elevate oneself above others.  

Lying is often said to be "murder in training."  You have read this very phrase here at the blog for years.  It is said that Pilate himself was a ruthless politician who used deception to weaken his enemies, garner his political strength and even made his rivals "disappear" when they opposed him.  When he was given the ultimate test, he rhetorically dismissed that truth existed and, as Mick Jagger sang, "made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate" in "Sympathy for the Devil."

Those who have learned to lie at only small challenges, will fail at the larger challenges, including in capital murder trials.  

"Just because someone tells a few mistruths, doesn't make her a murderer."  Cindy Anthony 

When Cindy testified in court, she sometimes agreed to the oath, while at other times repeated the words, "so help me, God" in which she directly lied for her daughter.  The lack of perjury charges only further demoralized America as they watched another jury with the inability to use critical thinking.  

This is what Blackburn's mentor said about him at the memorial service.  At this time, the killer was still on the loose:  

"I remember thinking about Davey, something's not right with that boy," 

  The audience laughed at this. 

He continued, describing the day he met Amanda, "They walked in and I said that thing that hasn't been quite right with Davey just got made right when she walked in.  She truly was the person that completed him and made him a better man." 

This speaks to the same advertising technique:  

the worse the symptoms, the greater the cure but as women have long found out when it was too late, and often  what their own fathers  knew all along: 

When a drowning man needs a woman to save him, the woman, herself, often becomes the drowning victim. 

That he used the distancing language of "that" tells us that his opinion of something "not right" is likely truthful.  Although the speaker is likely not an expert, it would be interesting to ask him what his impressions were that said something is "not right."

The distancing language is further affirmed with the recognition of what was wrong with Blackburn was a "thing" which he may have been most uncomfortable with, and incapable of identifying.  

People often sense something wrong with those who later show to be pathological liars, anti-social, borderlines, etc.  It is a sense of being "off" and the vagueness, itself, suggests an inability to put one's finger on it. 

Too often young women are used to "save" the troubled young man.  In this case, the troubled young man did something severe enough in high school to lose support of friends?  Since teens are not known for the highest standards in a school, this tells us that it was something severe enough to not only withhold from his audience, but shocked his friends.  

  This is consistent with the mentor's own sense or observation.  

In his videos, Blackburn mentions "pastors' kids" in a negative context.  It sometimes becomes a sad joke where the pastor preaches "thou shalt not" while his own kids are "shalting" openly.  These children are not only often held to a higher behavioral standard, they are also quite often subject to scrutiny, criticism and projection of parents who, themselves, fail to properly raise their own.  The label, "PK" is used to describe this, with the many pastors' children who grew up in loving homes and who not go off to infamy receive no 'press' coverage.  

That Blackburn cited pregnancy as a trigger for the bad marriage may have had his own history in his career ambitious thinking.  Here is why:  

The job description includes having children that affirm  the man's work:  

'If a man cannot guide his own family, how can he be expected to guide the church?' so he must lead by example. It is a tall order for any parent and his wife's pregnancy unnerved him enough to explain it as being the cause of the bad marriage. 

Was he thinking about what he, himself, did to his own father's career?  When it comes to listing those he had to restore his reputation with, his parents came last.  

He also showed no empathy for the pain his lie cased his parents.  

If he lied in high school in something so severe as to cause his own peers to distance themselves (see how "lonely" it left him) it limits what context the lie would be found to something even peers would not only disapprove, but actually distance themselves from him.  

Men reading this thinking of their own high school experiences, including private high schools, will be pressed to consider:

What lie could I have told that upset teachers and faculty and parents would cause my friends to distance themselves?

This lie wasn't just a baseball coach lie but according to the language, impacted:

his teachers;
the faculty (beyond his own teachers)
his parents
his friends

Did he possess a sort of "fame" in high school that a lie could impact this many people?  Was he a 'star' of some sort that all eyes would not only be upon him, but all these people would be disappointed in him?  

Did the entire school so look up to him and now were left in disgust to the point where even his buddies left him alone?? 

I can think of two or three specific areas in which a lie would be this severe. Perhaps there are others, but in context, there are few areas in which such a powerful ripple effect would take place.  I can see my coach, or my teacher being impacted by my lie, but teachers who were not mine?  Friends??  

It would speak to intense shame and discrediting his own father's work. 

It would not be anything 'ordinary' that teenagers do when they get in trouble that schools and churches regularly deal with using compassion, wisdom and unity to repair.  

That his mentor said that there was something wrong with Blackburn is alarming, but in context, the simple review stands out:

The teen did something very negative; bad enough to impact an entire school faculty...

Or, could he be exaggerated his "disease" to further sell his "cure"?

This being often called the "testiphony" effect where the longer Pinocchio's nose, the greater the "aha!" moment of change!  

The mentor knew something was wrong with the young man and he needed fixing, which was assigned to Amanda. 

What do we know about Amanda's character (much from her own words) that would reflect positively in union with Blackburn?

Amanda did not share his ambition nor desire for the spotlight.  
Amanda appeared genuine in her chaste view points and actually embarrassed at the sexual joke made at her expense. 
Amanda stated her marriage was bad because her husband was too busy with his career; suggesting a desire to be with him. 

What do we know about Blackburn that may have been known by the mentor, enough to enter his language?

If the male is lacking of intellect, the female intellectual will help. 
If the male is lacking in personality, the female personality will help.

The mentor saw Amanda as "completed" the man, of whom, not just incomplete as a man ("it is not good for a man to be alone") but this incomplete man is "just not right" in distancing language. 

It had to be the very things opposite Amanda's character to "fix" that which is not "right."

Amanda's desire for quiet servitude versus the ambitious overt drive of the narcissist.  

Amanda's quite chaste views versus the sex-obsessed incessant sexual talk about himself and his sex drive.  

What the mentor saw as "not right" was to be remedied by Amanda's "right", which generally ends in disillusion for the woman "savior."

In Amanda's case, the sad and inevitable disillusion would have been a far more preferable to what end came upon her. 

What do we know about Blackburn?

The language reveals an anti-social narcissistic bent upon success so driven that even with correction, he is incapable of refraining from using even murder as an opportunity for success.  Everything he says, as well as his body language and even his dress and appearance display this in ways that most people found shocking. 

His contempt for Amanda was seen in his "Q&A" video where, even the subtle nature of the contempt became more obvious especially when he humiliated her and reduced her to a non person status of whom was unworthy of even dinner conversation unless he be first sexually satisfied.  This came in the heels of interrupting her, contradicting her and 'correcting her memory.'

In his language, he did not connect himself with love to or from Amanda, confirming his statements of the bad marriage, yet took each opportunity to sell.  

That he would be incapable of "seeing this" is not only expected, but easily dismissed by "Christianity haters" or, when Christians themselves show disgust, as "jealousy" and "victim status" can strengthen the "us versus them" mentality just as it did when his mentor declared the Ten "Commandments" were not, in Hebrew, "commandments" and an association of leaders called him on the carpet. Instead of "I was wrong", he responded with "I was wrong but..." and not only blamed an unknown "teacher" in Israel, but went upon the 'attack' of critics. 

This is what is behind the "call" for Fox News to publicly apologize for doubting the very one who brought doubts home to roost.  It is a slick self promotion to get into the national spotlight.  

Blackburn's own language showed that the horrific and brutal murder of his wife was "Amanda's Story", even before the killer was caught, telegraphing his plan on even exploiting her personal journal for his profit.  

                               Why did Amanda die?

Ask the husband. 

He said she died so his career would flourish or "slingshot" to success.  

The only thing that could cause him to not profit from the murder would be an arrest and conviction, that is, if his state has a law against profiting from murder, as many states do. 

If there is no association with the killer Blackburn has taken statistics and odds and has stood them upon their heads and has revealed the not-so-hidden agenda of career traction of the murder. 

If there proves later to be a connection, people will look back at the video performances, blog entries and tweets, and see that sometimes "A plus B does equal C."

Regardless, we should expect various legal proceedings to all be used in promotion, as his language indicated, and the trial itself, perhaps, coinciding with the release of "Amanda's Story" as well as the subsequent movie deal.  

He told a lie in high school.

Who hasn't?

I once saw a sophomore in high school stand up and take a "Zero" on a test because he admitted cheating.  He was incapable of living with his lie and apologized to the teacher and his classmates. 

It was stunning and I immediately wanted to emulate him. 

If I was given a second chance in life to do it all over again, I'd not hurt all those I hurt in life, beginning with my parents and siblings at my youngest age of cognizance. 

This is what most adults say. Yes, we learn from mistakes, but we hurt over the hurt we imposed upon others by our own failures.  

Blackburn's high school lie is an admission but not a confession. 

It also may help us understand the "we" in his language. 

He was either so incredibly popular and idolized in high school by adults and teenagers  that a single lie would cause the walls to cave in, from teachers, to faculty to coaches to friends, that all held him in such a lofty place of emulation as to cause them all to become despondent or...

his status of importance was within his own mind only.  

hence, "we"...?


Was the lie so bad that it caused the family to leave state and the father to give up his own career?

This is a public post following the chronology of the junior year 

DB blog April 10, 2006:

"My dad has always strove to be in the center of God's will. I remember when we moved to Tuscaloosa right before my Senior of high school. You better believe that he was concerned about uprooting his family and moving somewhere else, but he constantly reminded us that the center of God's will is the only place we will find true fulfillment. I recall one night in particular where our whole family sat in the living room, holding each other, crying, hugging, and praying, not knowing where God was going to lead us, only having each other as stability in this chaotic world." 


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BallBounces said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Further on the lie under discussion --

A salient factor is that his family moved. The father had to find a new church....

Either the family was super conscious of their reputation as well Davey's, or they made a big effort to fish him out temptations of the big city and "replant" him in a "safer" place. November 29, 2015 at 4:07 PM


* * *

"The father had to find a new church."
* There is no evidence this was the case.

"Either the family was super conscious of their reputation as well Davey's, or they made a big effort to fish him out temptations of the big city and "replant" him in a "safer" place."

* Or, and more likely, the father received a call to pastor at another church and believed it was the Lord's will that he do so. This happens all the time -- as does the disruption of re-locating.

Concerned said...

Carnival Barker,
If we could be flies on the wall, I believe we would have seen Davey and "the team" and the mentor doing some roleplaying before the interviews at the mother "church".
They were reading the reactions here about his early statements and interview and needed him to look more like the grieving, wedding-ring-staring husband/father to protect the Brand and future income from "Amanda's Story".
But his marbles leaked. He can't help it.
Even though Davey began to look and sound more human, his brain outed him.
It will again.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Boston Lady @ 4:00 PM Nov. 29th

I clipped this part of your post because you bring up a good point.

Boston Lady said...

The other part of this is I looked back thru his Facebook page and he spoke very lovingly of Amanda , Weston and his life. Was it for show? I can't say. But the pictures posted of Weston were beautiful and very loving. I don't think there was one picture of Weston where he was not smiling.

I understand what you're saying because I thought the same thing too. Two things come to mind- it's easy to swoop in and "play" Daddy without doing very much of the work of being a Dad, who is Weston smiling at? Amanda? The photographer? The puppet/stuffed animal/toy the photographer or his assistant is using to get the shot? Another family member or Meg, the babysitter who came along to help with Weston for the picture? The family member taking the picture?

Tania Cadogan said...

Why did he and Amanda need to go to marriage counseling having only just married?

We are told they had to learn to communicate.

They had been having a long distance relationship which involved a lot of talking.
Talk = communicate.

Why then did they need to learn how to communicate?

Was their marriage in crisis from the moment they said I do?
We know the marriage was in crisis the day the honeymoon ended when Amanda told us he went straight back to work.

I would wonder if he was working also during the honeymoon, posting videos, planning sermons and the like.

Thinking about this the way i do, it sounds almost as if this was a marriage of convenience.

Davey had to get married in order to plant his new church.

Pastors have to be married so they can present a certain image to the congregation
he can relate to marriage issues as he himself is married.

When Weston is born, he is used as a prop to support davey's image, the loving and devoted husband and father, he knows what it is like to be a new father and all that comes with having a child, sleepless nights, lack of sex etc.

With davey it is all about image, presentation.
He married a woman to portray the image of the perfect pastor, living a lie, whilst inside he is perhaps repulsed by Amanda, which would also explain his demeaning and insulting of Amanda, his verbal bullying, the sexual innuendos and also sexual bullying, in that, in order for him to concentrate on dinner, he had to have sex first.

I wonder if the only communication they had was if you want my attention you must have sex with me first.
Failure to give him sex meant no communication, no concentration.

I suspect he is a selfish lover, thinking only of his own satisfaction, wham bam thank you ma'am and then snoring his head off.

Was he using his own counseling sessions to then tell others how to cope?
He is a user who will then claim the credit for everything done even when the majority, if not all the hard work was done by someone else.

CJ said...


Nice map, thanks.

What is Resonate Indy's rental arrangement? Do they have a 24/7 space, or do they have Sunday only privileges at the school? Would this school have been in session on the morning of Nov. 10?

It makes sense to me that the suspects were looking for a bank ATM. They would have wanted to avoid witnesses and extra store surveillance. It is also possible that a 3rd party ATM wouldn't have allowed the full $400 withdrawal.

The nearest Chase branch looks to be just south 3003 N Kessler Blvd. The suspects detoured a long way north, instead.

Concerned said...

Tania at 4:41,
I believe you are exactly right about Davey's reason for have someone slingshot his "ministry" and to slingshot his sex life. I believe that, like many young mothers, Amanda was less likely to be ready for sex on the kitchen counter (his words) and that this pregnancy altered that even more.

I have wondered why she married someone she hardly knew (her words and his). Her sister was dating Davey's best friend. The sister and the best friend encouraged Amanda to go out with Davey and probably pushed the relationship along, convincing her Davey was the kind of preacher-husband she needed. She was at the age when here girlfriends were getting married. The sister probably talked about how they could have the double wedding and wouldn't that be cool?

While they were "dating" Amanda chose, of all the possible things, to give up Davey for Lent. He made a big story about it, remember? What girl in love can give up talking to her boyfriend for one day, much less the entire Lenten season?

Anonymous said...

Yep, looks like these guys would have looked online for the closest Chase ATMs.
It's not like they were lacking computers! : > P

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Hazarding a guess on the lie here. Either Davey magnified the scope to enhance his story or the lie really was that bad. What things could turn virtually the whole school against you, including friends who would likely otherwise loyally defend you against a teacher/teachers? Teachers do talk among themselves about their problem students, but this lie (if true) upset the Faculty. Faculty is Principal, Vice- Principal(s), Athletic Director(s). What would get a "star" athlete (College Scholarship)into trouble with both the Baseball Coach and the Faculty?

1. Drug dealing
2. Steroid Use
3. Rape- passed of as consensual
4. Accusing a faculty member (perhaps the Baseball Coach) of molestation
5. Lying & Cheating Academically to obtain a scholarship/award/honor while professing to be a Christian (leading the Youth Group)
6. Developing gang ties (w/ #1-2)
7. Breaking & Entering / Assault / Bullying

Note that he introduces lies, followed by sins in discussing this specific incident. They're linguistically linked in this incident. I wonder what sin preceded the lie.

Amy Smith said...

DB tweet about one hour ago:
@daveyblackburn: I'm thrilled to hear about how Jesus moved @resonateindy this morning. I love you guys and can't wait to be back with you! #NothingIsWasted

Tania Cadogan said...


Good point.

Amanda gave davey up for lent.
I wonder if that was possibly a polite way of telling him he wasn't wanted and she was giving him the old heave-ho?
A whole month where she didn't talk to him, this doesn't sound like a normal woman in love giving up something she loved for lent, this sounds like someone dropping a very broad and polite hint disguised as a lent sacrifice, perhaps even used to convince herself.
Would a husband/wife give up their spouse for lent?
Would a soon to be married couple give up their spouse to be for lent?

I have never heard of anyone doing anything similar.

Instead of him getting the hint and moving on, they stayed togeather.
I wonder if Amanda was pressured to stay with him by her sister and perhaps even her father, maybe even davey himself with his eye on the prize.

Double weddings are uncommon and thus newsworthy.

It is also something memorable to be used in sermons.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

CJ at 4:46 PM Nov. 29th

Your post about Resonate's rental agreement with the school reminded me of something. Nov.10th was a Tuesday and the preceding Tuesday was Election Day. In my area, that means schools are closed as they're used as polling places. This is completely conjecture I admit-Could contact have been made Nov.4th at the school in the guise of the voting crowd?

Why this particular Chase ATM, so close to the school/Resonate location, when others were closer?

Thieves and Robbers don't start off with back doors and just suddenly decide to skip over one house and through the front door of the next- as so many of you have said. ;) I'm confident LE is scouring for connections.

kimisan03 said...

I had two friends in college that were dating and gave up kissing for Lent. They said it was very helpful and drew them closer to God. They've been married for like 8 or more years now. It happens, I guess, it's just rare.

Concerned said...

The following article tells that Davey was a baseball star in Birmingham during his Junior year at Shades Valley.
So the family chose to leave the city and move 45 minutes away to Tuscaloosa?!
If his father was "called" or forced to leave Brookview Wesleyan, couldn't Davey have stayed with a friend and finished his Senior year? If the coach wanted to keep him, he could have arranged a way for Davey to stay, couldn't he? I've had friends who did exactly this in order to finish out their high school days and graduate with their friends.
But maybe no one wanted to keep him.

"The top 36 upcoming senior prep baseball players in the state have been named to the North-South teams for the seventh annual Alabama All-Star Sports Week here July 14-19, according to an announcement by the Alabama High School Athletic Directors & Coaches Association.

Virtually all of the junior athletes selected will be signing college scholarships or entering the 2004 professional baseball draft during the next 12 months.

The two teams will open up the week’s all-star games on Monday, July 14, with a 4 p.m. doubleheader.

The Sports Week will feature in-state all-star games in volleyball, boys and girls basketball, football, baseball, softball and soccer.

The event will also include clinics and sessions for coaches, athletic directors, cheerleader coaches and officials.

Coaching the North all-star baseball team will be Mike O’Berry of Pelham, Brian Lindsey of Muscle Shoals, Alan Watkins of Austin and Vaughn Lee of Cleburne County.

The members of the North baseball team are:

Infielders: Davey Blackburn of Shades Valley, Brandon Lee of Cullman, Casey Nichols of Hackleburg, Thomas Nelson of Weaver, William Lichtner of Huntsville and Martin Warren of Austin."

...I didn't copy and paste the whole article but you can Google it.

- See more at:

Anonymous said...

Peter, if you need a photo of DB made during the Year of the Serious Lie, look on (Birmingham News).
I can't get it to link but if you put "son of former Birmingham minister wife killed" in Google, that should get it.

Anonymous said...

Sus 2:52

Could Be! Remember DB told the congregation about AB pregnancy AFTER he said "My Children". I don’t remember the video, but he clarified that statement by announcing that AB was pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

Peter, enter this in Google and get the article with the Davey Junior year photo.
"Indianapolis pastor whose wife was killed grew up in Alabama."

Anonymous said...

Canada here...

In terms of the suggestion the MacBook was taken because it showed hinky online behavior, I am wondering if he used the public library computer to hide his browsing history. It's easy enough to create a fake email address and so on. And unfortunately, many libraries do not have sufficient porn filters.

His social media presence shows him with a pile of books from the library and taking W to the library. He does not strike me in general as someone who has a lot of faith in "government services." So I do find it interesting he "loves" the public library.

Anonymous said...

How long was DB's family in Tuscaloosa after leaving Birmingham in 2004 in spite of his baseball stardom?

It appears that his father is now lead pastor of the NEXT Church which lists its address as
11 Gallimore Road in Brevard, NC.
This appears to be a multi-unit "office park?" sharing the address with the Girls & Boys Club and another children's non-profit.

Is this one of the mentor's plants?
Just wondering.

Sus said...

Has anyone checked if DB's bb team was able to play his senior year. Moving between teams can create recruiting problems, or accusations of such. There are rules that state how many months you must be in the school etc. And about any attempts to hold a student at the school, living arrangements. Recruitment in high school is carefully monitored. Could DB have lied about his bb coach's offer for living arrangements? Which is recruiting in high school and disqualifies a team that season. Just a thought.

CJ said...


Kenneth Wagner mentions the Lent story in his Sunday sermon at Resonate Indy.

He says that Davey and Amanda talked on the phone for up to 12 hours every Sunday throughout that Lent. He termed it their "cheat Sundays."

Louise K said...

What amused me was Davey said "I had spent years building my reputation"

As a teen, before *whatever* happened.

I don't know of one single teenager who gives a big rats bum about Building Reputation.

Maybe amongst their mates.

Davey spoke as though he had spent years intentionally and determinedly working on making his Sterling Reputation.

Why oh why would a Man of God NEED to put such work into Building a Reputation?

Even a teenager of God?


Because he perceives something askew in his own personality and works on hiding it, covering it, building such a A+ Reputation that No One would think his mind works the way it does?

Then of course, he made a "mistake" (Lapse in Control) and his true nature came out for all to see in spectacular form, necessitating the upheaval of his Senior Year.

I personally would guess it is some sort of Dishonesty based action. Cheating? Stealing?

I believe DB has been hiding in the light for a very long time...with, inevitably, leakages when he's relaxed his vigilance or feeling particularly cocky.

Confused said...

I've been thinking about this case all day.

I understand that the robbers entered the house.

However, I think DB killed her and then staged it to look like a rape/killing.

Think about it. If the robbers had been hired to kill, and also raped, why would they have only shot her one time? Or if it was a "robbery gone bad", in which she was raped, the assault would have been brutal as well as she would have been shot more than once.

I believe this pastor shot her. Once. In the head. And then staged it to look like rape/murder.

I would ask that people not overlook the seriousness of DB's "joke" that he makes in the video where he and his wife are talking to congregation about date night/sex. To summarize, Amanda makes a lighthearted remark that on their date night, she says to DB that if it hasn't started (sex) by 8:30 pm then it is not going to happen because they go to bed by 10:00 pm. DB reacts quickly to this, realizing immediately that it reveals to the congregation that he is not the "tiger" he claims to be. And so he says that that is OK, he can bring the butter, and jokes about how that reference goes right over his wife's head. The reference indicates that he is joking that he could sexually violate his wife while she is sleeping.
I think that his anger needs to be examined. Why was he so angry that she joked about date nights sometimes ending in them falling asleep rather than having sex? And he then attempts to restore his verility by joking about raping his wife while she is sleeping?

Whether it is because he is gay or for some other reason, perhaps he prefers very deviant sex acts, I believe he may have been impotent with her. Or mostly impotent. This may explain his anger joking that he will rape his unconscious wife.

HIs wife was to do whatever he commanded sexually he had said many times. That was her duty. I believe he may have been impotent. He jokes however about his wife having forced sex using "butter". I think it has to be considered whether he sexually abused his wife. I think it has to be considered whether he may have forced her to have sex with other people, perhaps even for money for him to put in his pocket. I think it has to be considered whether the baby she was pregnant with was even his. Possibly the baby was conceived while he was having others abuse her. I think it has to be considered that Amanda was killed right at the point where an abortion may have just become illegal due to the gestational age of the fetus (NOTE: sensitivity surrounding age of the fetus from DB). I think it has to be considered that he makes a joke on one video about how when his wife asks him to clean up the kid's toys that he says to her "How about I clean up your toys?" (and makes an expression suggesting this is a sexual innuendo).

Why is he joking about forced sex, sex with an unconscious wife, sex toys? What was he doing to her? What could he possibly have had others do to her?

This is a very sick man.

This is a man who I believe may have killed her. One bullet to the head. And then staged it to look like sexual assault. It fits his psychological profile. Potentially impotent with women. Anger about impotency, joking about forced sex, sex toys, wife is to do whatever he commands sexually.

In my gut I feel this woman was sexually abused by this man and was the brunt of his anger. I believe he killed her and staged it to look like sexual assault.

Louise K said... now...with his "100% innocent" shield...

The biggest and best liars in the entire universe = Police.


Louise K said...

The Pastor didn't shoot Amanda.

The Pastor would've killed her with one shot (see: practice on firing range)

The Pastor HIRED some disadvantaged youth and placed a hit

The Pastor made sure he had alibis - the gym, Pastor Kenneth

The Pastor made sure the little hitman kept his face covered in the street

All perfect


You cant fake grief and the Normals can SMELL it when you try

Louise K said...

Oh and the hitman he hired couldn't aim straight

another Fail


Hope's Food and Family said...

This blog DIRECTLY deals with the present! This "lie" from 10-20 yrs ago was in a RECENT sermon of DB.

Anonymous said...

Confused: Your name says it all. She was shot THREE TIMES.

I continue to be amazed how many people think the know what happened when they haven't even bothered to read up on the facts of the case. Geez.

Concerned said...

Louise K.
Great post at 5:51!
Yes, what teenager is thinking in terms of building a reputation unless he's consciously hiding his true nature?
I hope Peter sees this as I think you've dug out another little nugget through Statement Analysis!

Louise K said...

Thanks concerned

My teenagers had a Good Reputation

because they were Nice Kids

Didn't have to "build" one consciously

Like old Davey boy who's all about the rep

Anonymous said...

BallBounces said...
at 4:27 PM
"The father had to find a new church."
* more likely, the father received a call to pastor at another church and believed it was the Lord's will that he do so. This happens all the time -- as does the disruption of re-locating.

True, parental relocation does happen. And the hypothesis I present lacks evidence. I do think it's a pretty good hypothesis, even if only based on the coincidence that the move took place after the "big lie."

I was responding to Peter's update to the Lie story. I was taking into account that the family did not move "out of state," they moved from the city to to a smaller AL town. In view of the family tears and feeling of chaos that DB records, I think Peter's hypothesis is reasonable and bears following up.

Peter wrote:


Was the lie so bad that it *caused the family to leave state* and the father to give up his own career?

This is a public post following the chronology of the junior year

DB blog April 10, 2006:

"My dad has always strove to be in the center of God's will. I remember when we moved to Tuscaloosa right before my Senior of high school. You better believe that he was concerned about uprooting his family and moving somewhere else, but he constantly reminded us that the center of God's will is the only place we will find true fulfillment. I recall one night in particular where our whole family sat in the living room, holding each other, crying, hugging, and praying, not knowing where God was going to lead us, only having each other as stability in this chaotic world."


Anonymous said...

Good point about having a reputation as opposed to having to build up a reputation.

I also wondered if a meticulous planner like DB had a goal before he turned 30 to accomplish something big and seeing 30 on the horizon figured something needed to happen soon....

As an aside, a woman I know lost her 40ish husband recently after a very unexpected and short illness. After a few articles about him were posted in the newspaper, she made this statement (compare it to DB):

"He would hate all of this attention, he was far too humble to embrace all of this, but his life was just too beautiful for fading into the distance. My God, I was so blessed to have him love me."

Concerned said...

Here's something odd:

In 2003, DB's father became Family Pastor at First Wesleyan in Tuscaloosa, according to this news article.
But in the Spring of 2004, DB was still in Birmingham at Shades Valley becoming a baseball star.
He states that his Senior year was spent in Tuscaloosa and he is listed in the 2005 graduating class.

Perhaps the Serious Lie was that his father had moved and he was no longer a resident in the Shades Valley school district?

"His father, David Blackburn, was Family Pastor at First Wesleyan Church from 2003-2007 in Tuscaloosa. Prior to that, David Blackburn was Lead Pastor at Brookview Wesleyan Church in Birmingham from 1993-2003."

Louise K said...

Okay DB was a Baseball Star in every school he went to.

That means he was valued at every school.

UNTIL the Big Lie which seems to have generated enough shame to

1. ruin his carefully cultivated Reputation
2. move high schools (quite a huge upheaval in a Senior Year)
3. whatever the Big Lie was, it was Considered Very Serious

That implies that whatever he did was shameful enough to expose him publicly as a *whatever* and he was INVITED TO LEAVE THE SCHOOL - again, imo.

He didn't choose to leave - no doubt DB felt he could get away with murder and anything he did would instantly be forgiven as one of Gods Superstars

I doubt the school change thing was voluntary.

Oh to be a fly on That Wall...

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's it.

Anonymous said...

BallBounces said...
at 4:27 PM
* more likely, the father received a call to pastor at another church and believed it was the Lord's will that he do so. This happens all the time -- as does the disruption of re-locating.

To reiterate, drawing on the blog entries that Peter brought up - 3 years after the even DB wrote in his blog "I remember when we moved to Tuscaloosa right before my Senior of high school" and "I recall one night in particular." Evidently he was referencing a strongly imprinted event in his life.

Do regular job moves by a dad typically bring on this intensity of emotional turmoil? Children can feel upset and even angry over moves that impact their school and social lives. DB's account is different. No regular job move on a dad's part brings on this scene of emotional turmoil: "our whole family sat in the living room, holding each other, crying, hugging, and praying, not knowing where God was going to lead us, only having each other as stability in this chaotic world."

A regular job move within the same state (not to some war-torn or disaster zone or war-torn land) is not a sign of world chaos. DB's description, based on his adolescent experience, is hyper-inflated. This suggests to me that he blamed himself for this disruption and quite likely felt his parents blamed him too. To distance himself from underwhelming anxiety, he projects chaos onto the whole world, "this chaotic world."

Or possibly, if dad is failing, say dad flounders at work and is fired, adolescent son might act out, do something bad -- a big lie -- and share the burden of blame. This last is not offered as conjecture, just garden variety way of the world.

The main thing is, something happened.

Rella said...

He graduated from high school in 2005? His profile on LinkedIn says he attended college from 2004-2008.

Anonymous said...

The houses are too close together for the neighbors not to hear the gunshots. I think the shots heard at 6:45 am are what killed her. The other thing is I can't see the boys being hired to come in and rob and take the fall for a murder they didn't commit.

Anonymous said...

Rella at 6:46PM
Senior year at Tuscaloosa High fall 2003-summer 2004. He graduated that summer. Began college fall '04.gan college that fall.

Carnival Barker said...

Interesting. This link says he graduated from Tuscaloosa County HS in 2004...

Anonymous said...

Peter can you set up a discussion board forum for statement-analysis threads so it's easier to follow threads and updates!

Louise K said...

Only one boy went in

don't forget police have this all on cctv

Burglar Fail, Hitman Fail, Planning Fail

Anonymous said...

Concerned said...
at at 6:23 PM
Here's something odd:

In 2003, DB's father became Family Pastor at First Wesleyan in Tuscaloosa, according to this news article.
But in the Spring of 2004, DB was still in Birmingham at Shades Valley becoming a baseball star.
He states that his Senior year was spent in Tuscaloosa and he is listed in the 2005 graduating class.

It's public record that in May 2004 DB helped organize a Christian music festival at Tuscaloosa High school:

TUSCALOOSA | The question was funny, but telling. "How's that God, Woodstock thing going?' " someone asked Davey Blackburn, a senior at Tuscaloosa County High School and event coordinator for Unconfined '04, an all-day Christian music festival to be held at Munny Sokol Park on Saturday.


Louise K said...

Davey's statement about Carefully Building His Teenage Reputation tells me there is a history even further back, of something that needed damage control.

Wonder what happened in junior school...

Anonymous said...

What teen worries about his reputation?

Louise K's id said...

Davey has towels in his home. This tells me use he uses them in his religious practice and wears them on his head. He must be the commander of ISIL!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's a letter DB wrote to the kids' parents telling a bit about himself.
And if you want to know more, you can call or email him.
His cell number and email address are at the end!
(Kidding...I'm sure he's changed them.)

letter from our 8th grade baseball coach - davey blackburn
Hello Parents!
First of all I just want to say that it is an honor to be able to coach Eastwood baseball again this year. We’ve had some massive transition take place in the athletic department over the last year and we’re really excited about the direction we’re headed! We feel like with Jamie Tutin at the helm and the great coaching staff he’s put together in all sports, Eastwood will soon become a staple in Indianapolis sports!
A little about me: I played baseball on scholarship for 4 years at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, SC. After graduating college, I became a youth pastor at a church in Anderson, SC called NewSpring Church. 3 years ago, my wife Amanda and I moved here to Indy to plant a church called Resonate Church ( We’ve been highly involved in the life of the Eastwood community since we moved here. We just had our first little boy, Weston James, back in July and we’re enjoying every bit of that!
I have a couple goals for your son this season. First and foremost I want him to become the best person he can be. I want to help instill character, integrity, perseverance, and the grit required to be successful on and off the baseball field. Secondly I want to coach him up in the fundamentals of the game so he can have the best chance possible to play at the next level. My experience and interactions on and off the baseball field growing up really helped shaped who am I today. Doug Vinton, a teacher here at Eastwood, will be coaching the 7th grade team and we’re really excited about partnering with you in the shaping process of your son!
I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about when we’re cranking up the season and how we’re doing it. The reality is not everyone who comes out for the team will be on roster, but we want to give your son the best shot to show off his ability and potential. Because of that we’re going to do things a little differently than we have in the past. Please refer to the practice schedule and instructions on the next page for more details.
We will hold a parent meeting after selections have been made to give you the game schedule.
Thank you guys again! I’ve included my contact info if you need to get in touch with me! Would you each do me a favor and send me an email so I can begin compiling a contact list to better communicate to you! Look forward to meeting each one of you if I haven’t already!

Davey Blackburn – 8th Grade Coach
Cell Phone: 864-552-0126

Tania Cadogan said...

kimisan03 said...

I had two friends in college that were dating and gave up kissing for Lent. They said it was very helpful and drew them closer to God. They've been married for like 8 or more years now. It happens, I guess, it's just rare

There is a difference between giving up kissing for lent and Amanda giving up her boyfriend for lent.

The former allows for other forms of contact, they can talk to each other, hold hands, cuddle.

Amanda was giving up all contact with davey for lent which would mean not even vocal communication, difficult when you are in a long distance relationship and phone calls are the only contact.

Your friends, by giving up kissing for lent, then had the time and opportunity and reason to talk more, a cerebral relationship rather than a physical relationship.
They could concentrate on learning more about their partner, their thoughts and beliefs wothout being encumbered with physical desires.
it allowed them to get to know each other, the relationship benefiting from it to the extent they married and remain married.

With davey and Amanda, there was little communication, which meant they did not and could not get to know the real person inside, without being encumbered by the physical, their appearance etc.
The break seems to me to be that of trying to end the relationship politely in the guise of faith rather than outright calling him out for what he is.
That she still married him was an issue when, as soon as the honeymoon was over, he went straight back to work.
The honeymoon itself was strained.

It is easy to maintain a charade over long distances, when contact is for a couple of hours at a time,
It is far harder to maintain the charade when you are now living with the other person.

The mask will slip, revealing the true person behind the facade.

Anonymous said...

Just look away from those who use ridicule to stop you from thinking outside the box. They hate being ignored.

Anonymous said...

at 6:23

says:He states that his Senior year was spent in Tuscaloosa and he is listed in the 2005 graduating class.

Hold on -- on May 2004 the paper reported DB was in his senior year.

Yet he's listed in '05 graduating class.

Did he drop out later that spring or flunk and repeat senior year, to graduate in '05?

Graduation high school in '05 fits better with graduating college in '08. He took a BA in Media Communications at SWU. By March 2006 he was already a disciple of Perry Noble, blogging about him. Does PN have a campus ministry at SWU?


Concerned said...

Correcting myself from earlier post.

DB was a baseball All Star in June of 2003.
That would have been the end of his Junior Year of the Serious Lie.

Louise K said...

These Christian Universities are probably where the idea of MegaChurches came from.

If I got a letter like that from my sons baseball coach I would very carefully ask my son if he wanted to continue in playing baseball.

He was coaching little league not the Big Leagues right?

His rah rah enthusiasm would be incredibly wearing

Amanda mustve been a Saint

Oh and - people have been trying to stop me thinking outside the box all my life. Until the first time they realize I'm right then they encourage me!

Anonymous said...

Concerned at 7:43

Yes, the reference to '05 graduating class is in error. He graduated Tuscaloosa in '04, began WSU that fall, did a 4 year media degree graduating '08. No time missing.

My specification about dropping out unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he sat out a year to be eligible to play baseball and get the college scholarship?

Anonymous said...

On Donae Mitchell's FB page today, does the new photo include Alonzo Duguoise Bull with a big handgun in his low hanging pants? Didn't he clean up his act and find God? Note the hashtags.

Anonymous said...

I have read all the hypothetical theories, some very good ones, that could define what Davey might have done at his high school that was such a big lie that he caused upheaval to his entire school and family, such that it led to his father's ministry coming to a screeching halt and them having to leave his large and successful church to relocate to nearly nothingness in Tuscaloosa. It was bad.

Try as I might, I cannot second guess what he did, but if he was telling the truth in the way he described the events, then it had to be something big and bad that would have had to affect school administration from the top to the bottom where he would have been made an example of before the entire school. This leads me to think that whatever it was, it was something plotted against or involving administration and not just some flirtation he hid or was caught smoking pot.

I's sure like to know what it was. There's more to that story, but will we ever know what it was? He may be intelligent in his crafty, plotting and scheming way, I'll give him that, but definitely not a smart man. This boy has caused a lot of trouble for his parents along the way, it didn't just get started and it didn't end with his problem in high school. But will we ever know the truth?

However, for a moment I would like to get back to the timeline of that morning. It is this three hour timeline I am really concerned about. There are three hours that Davey Blackburn was mysteriously involved in and around his gym workout and home which included all the time deliberately wasted, which was not a normal morning at all.

He normally left home at 5:30, this morning he did not leave until 6:11? What was he doing during that forty minute period of unaccounted time? Did he shoot Amanda in the head during this missing time? Am I suggesting he did? No, but I'm saying that he certainly could have. The irony that neighbors did not hear shooting until around 6:45 does not mean that she had not already been shot, disabling her and leaving her bleeding on the floor, dying, and unable to call for help.

So, he finally goes to the gym, arrives back home at around 7:30, then sits in the car idly talking casually on his cell phone on a cold morning, just lolling around killing time, then goes into the house at 8:30. Folks, that is THREE hours Davey was killing time, during which time he skirts all around the burglars coming and going who coincidentally entered his home, robbed and 'killed' Amanda.

What was HIS part in her death? Am I saying that he had a part in it? Yes I am.

We have explored signs of his narcissism, sociopathic symptoms, being a pathological liar, his questionable sexuality, and every avenue of his behavior both before Amanda's murder and afterwards, including his ministry and sermons going back for months, and his bad marriage that he made bad himself; his dissatisfaction with Amanda sexually, and IMO his anger over her being pregnant again, and his lack of being able to ever weigh his offensive, abusive and vulgar words in every way, having no finesse whatsoever, not even being able to express any grief over her terribly tragic death.

This thoughtless man and demanding 'I've got you under my thumb' husband is a public speaker, presumably a marriage counselor and a man of God attempting to preach the gospel? Not. Is he capable of killing his wife? Yes, IMO he is. Did he? I'm waging a good 90% he had his part in it, planned and directed it. It is possible that Amanda was left dying on the floor for three hours, during which time the burglars came in to do their crimes as directed, also lolling around, while Davey lolled around biding his time like he had all the time in the world. Could he really do this? Yes, I think he could. ABB

Anonymous said...

tania cadogan said...

kimisan03 said...
at 7:30 PM

With davey and Amanda, there was little communication, which meant they did not and could not get to know the real person inside, without being encumbered by the physical, their appearance etc.

One might say the contrary was true. They communicated a lot by phone. They had far less physical contact, since they were at separate colleges and Amanda had taken a vow of virginity until marriage.

DB records in his blog that in '06 their communication became intense due to a bereavement. One of Amanda's cousins, age around 20, committed suicide. Amanda leaned on Davey, over the phone. One of his cousins had died. Intrying to cnsole her he drew on that and on religion. See:
Monday, March 20, 2006
Death . . . The Final Exam


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Confused said...

My gut feeling is that the murder scene was staged to look like something it wasn't...rape. I apologize that I did not know how many times she was shot. Now that I know she was shot 3 times...that would be "overkill" and it contradicts the nature of the sexual assault which is "indeterminate" when it should have been quite brutal if the assaillants shot her 3 times. Also, am I correct there was duct tape near her but it was not used?
Why did they break into the other houses and not attack the occupants? However, in this house they came prepared to restrain the occupant and intending to rape the occupant allegedly?
I believe something about the murder scene was staged.
What was stolen appears to be identical to the other houses and my be useless in examining. It may be a red herring in that it is of no signifiance what was taken. Rather, focus on the murder scene. WAs it staged to look like something it wasn't?

Where is the 911 call?

Am I correct that when DB called 911 he said his wife was wounded?
This is minimizing of the physical assault/murder...3 bullets to the head, and it is not typical of 911 calls made by those who either discover loved ones killed by someone else or who call to report a murder by hire that they have hired. There is usually not that kind of minimizing. We generally see that kind of minimizng from the actual killer. Food for thought. Where is the call?

Louise K said...

I've pointed this out before

I used to be a gym junkie

NOTHING interrupted my workout

Yet Davey had a regularly scheduled call 7-8

DURING his workout


for one thing, it disturbs other gym attendees

Anyone holding a phone conversation while working out will be asked to desist, pronto.

People need to count in gyms and some idiot yapping away for an HOUR would cause at the very least, concern or complaint.

Gyms are like libraries especially at that time of the morning. Folk are attempting to meditate while exercising also. Absolutely no way did he hold an hours conversation while he was working out in a public gym.

No way. Unless the gym was entirely empty - unlikely at that hour.

My point is, if he had a regularly scheduled call to Pastor Kenneth, why even leave the house?

Working out is not something you can do with one hand while yakking on the phone with the other!

Concerned said...

Anon at 7:49
Isn't it interesting that a young man going into the "ministry" pursues a degree in Media Communications instead of Bible Studies?
And isn't interesting that his own communication via the media is exposing him to the world as not only a poor "pastor" but a poor human being?

Confused said...

I believe she was shot and murder scene staged before he left home that morning.

Just because the neighbor did not hear it until 6:45 is not conclusive. People are often groggy at this hour of the morning, the individual may have jumped up, looked around, checked on their own family, then looked at the clock durin which time 20-30 minutes may have passed.

I believe you are looking at a murder staged to look like a rape.

The robbers may have been directed by DB to go to his house. They may have not even known the house belonged to him. At which point, once they enter to do their will take the fall for DB as having been the killer of his wife.

Again, it is not typical of either those who stumble upon a shot loved one or someone who calls 911 to report coming across the victim of a murder for hire that they have hired to MINIMIZE the injuries. However, it IS typical for the actual killer to do that. And we know DB told the 911 operator that his wife was "wounded".

Louise K said...

Shooting a person 3 times isn't overkill

Shooting a person 3 times and LEAVING THEM ALIVE is Underkill!

Whoever it was was utterly inexperienced, a panicker.

They didn't even get the head shot right.

Anonymous said...

Re the big Lie, moving schools, and baseball

In one of his Resonate sermons/shows DB says he went to college on a baseball scholarship. Or maybe it was basketball scholarship.

He and Amanda were both preachers children, PK's. DB said on stage that Amanda went to "a terrible college" but that way she didn't have high student loan debt. She was able to save and bring some money into marriage.

He avoided high debt by means of his sports scholarship. Would he have won a sports scholarship if he had stayed at the Birmingham school after the episode of the big lie? Was the coach willing to keep him on the team?

Did his family move to Tuscaloosa so that he would have a chance of starting over in sports there and winning a scholarship - the one that financed his 4 years at SWU?


sherry said...

I've been reading Twitter this afternoon and discovered a few things:

1. Kenneth Wagner never before tweeted anything about these weekly conversations with Davey except for that morning. In fact, going back 6 months, the only other times he mentions DB is belatedly wishing him a happy birthday and he retweeted Davey wishing Kenneth's church a good opening. 6 months - I didn't bother going back any further than that.

2 Other than wishing Kenneth's church a good turnout when it opened, Davey doesn't mention Kenneth at all for the past 6 months.

3. Davey is all about looking like a good father. Lots of photos of him and Weston. He mentions Amanda on their anniversary, her birthday and other than a few weeks prior to her murder plugging their Q & A, he doesn't mention her at all. On October 16, he goes out of his way to profusely say he wants 60+ more years with her. Odd to say when he rarely mentions her. He hashtags #romanticgetaway for several days, yet only shows the food he is eating and Trump's building.

4. I saw no mention of Amanda's 2nd pregnancy or his excitement at becoming a father again.

5. About one month prior to the gun-waving sermon, he tweeted/instagrammed how "excited" he was about this particular sermon he would be giving in a month. (October 14)

The dog - I have 3 dogs (2 collies and a german shepherd). I cannot imagine anyone coming to the door without being alerted. Heck, they let me know when there's a squirrel on the sidewalk. And I don't care how nice a dog is, if their owner (pack leader) is being harmed, they will defend them. It's just in their nature to do so. Remember that's how Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were discovered --- her dog was barking and whining and led some neighbors back to the bodies. Where was the Blackburn's dog?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Concerned

@ at 8:21 PM said...
Isn't it interesting that a young man going into the "ministry" pursues a degree in Media Communications instead of Bible Studies?
Sure is. These newer style churches make a fetish of media presentations. They model the services as much as possible on rock concerts and stand-up comedy shows. Resonate also produces its own tearjerker videos, well made, to recruit and convert. Next next step up is mega-church on TV, like PN.

At Tuscaloosa high school DB helped organize a Christian rock concert with a donated budget of $10,000. Good practice for later!


sherry said...

RE: these new churches - I was born and raised in the Methodist church and converted to Greek Orthodox as an adult. I don't understand this watered down Christianity of Perry Noble and Davey Blackburn. It seems it is more about the show, than about the personal relationship with Christ.

Christ does not need a rock band, motorcycle giveaways and sex talks to make Him "cool." His message has stood the test of time for over 2,000 years just fine without those things.

It almost seems like a cult of personality and fellowship than a Christian church, if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Cult of personality dosorders, you mean

Concerned said...

Excellent post, Sherry.
More of the unexpected brought to light each day here on the SA blog!
I hope more than ever that Indy LE is reading this each morning at breakfast.

To your points:

1. I thought it was strange enough that Davey was talking to his college roommate every Tuesday at 7 AM.
Who does that?!
But to learn that Kenneth, the roommate never tweeted before about "doing life" with Davey every Tuesday, then made such a production on that day can mean only that Davey asked him to tweet about it. It wasn't enough for Davey that LE would know by checking his cell records, he wanted the "nation" to hear it from another "pastor".
(Kenneth Wagner, if you're reading here, you know you were manipulated.)

2. I would bet most of Davey's friends found they only floated to the top of his consciousness when he needed them (or their tweets).

3. Amanda was the one taking the pictures so, of course there would be lots with Daddy. Did Davey ever pick up that camera or his phone to capture a tender moment of Mommy and Weston? I haven't seen those Mommy & Son photos taken by Daddy yet.

4. In one of the videos Davey was giving a list of worries, I think, to his "bums in seats". Something he puts at the end....babies? children?...makes him pause to see if they figured out that he was hinting that they were having another baby. Wouldn't you expect more fanfare that included his WIFE to announce her pregnancy?!

5. Excited is an understatement. Look at the crazed look on his face when wielding that gun!

The dog...nothing about the dog makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

sherry said...
@ at 8:50 PM

I've been reading Twitter this afternoon and discovered a few things:

Hey, good find about K Wagner. How to explain that coincidence? I don't like coincidences but how many can there be?

The gun sermon, Worship as a Weapon - DB tweeted a photo of his yellow pad with clusters of notes as if laboring over an original topic. My first reaction was, what a jerk, he's following a standard theme and presenting himself as original. Like plagiarizing. Other preachers already had sermons on this Nehemiah passage on YouTube et al under the title Worship as a Weapon. None of them uses a gun.

His gunplay turns travesties the biblical message. Now we may wonder, was the disturbed mind that brought the gun into this sermon already plotting to use a real gun at home?

Anonymous said...

Concerned - I mentioned Kenneth Wagner's "eulogy" a few days ago. I think his quote is interesting, in that he uses unnecessary detail, hyperbole and distancing in the first two sentences.

Kenneth Wagner:

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner.

Sitting at lunch
Call Rocked His World????
DAVID instead of DAVEY
no mention of AMANDA by name
minimizes horror of condition


Confused said...

How does anyone know if he was really sitting in his driveway all that time?
How do they know he didn't go into the house?

Why would attacker shoot her in the back, and also in the hand? Was she running to try to call police? Odd because you would think the shot to the back would stop her from running to the phone. Would be no need to shoot her hand.

Again, these are things that make me think that the crime scene was staged.

I can't conceive of why an individual who had been shot in the back would need to be shot in the hand?
Or, why an individual who had been shot in the hand would need to be shot in the back?

I think it was made to look like some kind of a "tussle".

I think DB did it.

Another thing I think is odd is why the thieves would keep the receipt to the ATM?
Why would they even wait to get the receipt? It takes a couple extra seconds for the machine to spit the receipt out. Also, it is proof that they were the ones who burglarized the home. Why would they save it?

Is there any chane that DB was, at some point, in the car with them?
Sounds farfetched, but it seems ridiculous for thieves to wait extra time to get an ATM receipt and then rather than chuck it out the window, keep it in their car.

Food for thought.

Louise K said...

He should've been on stage

Oh wait

He is...

Anonymous said...

sherry said @ 8.50 PM:
"On October 16, he goes out of his way to profusely say he wants 60+ more years with her."

This is odd because it was not near their wedding anniversary, a usual time to count the years and wish many more. I would consider taking 60+ years as a sign that by/on October 16 he was brooding on all those years he could end up tied in the marriage if he didn't get out ASAP.

By then Amanda knew she was pregnant.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any report that he actually played in the All Star game. The article I read is annoucing the teams. I also didn't find any evidence that he played his senior year for Tuscaloosa. If they tested for performance enhancing drugs prior to the All Star game and he tested poss he would have been kicked off the team. This would have been public humiliating for him, his family, his church, and his school and his team members. This also would have been a serious blow to his reputation as a baseball player that he had worked so hard to build. The entire school including the students, teachers, admins and coaches would have felt the embarrassment and the shame of his actions and he would have been banned from playing any high school sport anywhere for an extended period of time. KK

Maggie said...

Anon at 8:00

I don't think the guy with the gun in that pic is Alonso, but the other guy is Diano Gordan (dloc). Also notice she posted a comment by Breezy Montana - go to his page where you will find a comment from DB Facebook friend Treezy.....

I really hope LE has talked to Mr. Treezy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Confused said...
9:26 PM
"I can't conceive of why an individual who had been shot in the back would need to be shot in the hand?"

what is the evidence for taking it that the hand to thehand came after shot to the back? Shot in the hand - Amanda struggled, trying to grab the gun? Brave thing to do. Will LE look for her handprint on gun?


BallBounces said...

Anonymous Concerned said… Anon at 7:49
Isn't it interesting that a young man going into the "ministry" pursues a degree in Media Communications instead of Bible Studies?
November 29, 2015 at 8:21 PM

* * *

Many young persons pursue an undergraduate degree prior to entering ministry training. Media Comm vs. Bible Studies is not an either/or, and media comm would be excellent background for a modern pastor to have.

Anonymous said...

Or was it a form of torture to get the pin number? And if it was Davey doing the shooting, one can only imagine. I think we'll find out it was a shot to the hand first, then the back and finally the head. Amanda is quite the fighter to hang on that long after she received not only the bullets, but the punch in the face. One thing is for certain, a case like this can make the imagination run wild with a billion different thoughts. I'm very anxious for some answers to come out.

Anonymous said...

So tell me about how Breezy Montana fits here.
Looks like from her FB page, she's a girl who dresses like a dude and is rehabbing with a rod in her hip after someone tried to drown her, robbed her and shot her.
So Treezy is her friend and also DB's?

Anonymous said...

would anyone be able to give all the facebook links for treezy, danae, etc?

Anonymous said...

Diano Gordon

Anonymous said...

Yep, there's Davey among the Facebook friends of Treezy Riphellrellandliljay Jones. So Treezy had to ask to be friended or vice versa!

Anon at 10:52
Go to Donae Miitchell first.
The way to get to Alonzo's page is to click on it there on the left under her Relationships.
Click on Treezy in the comments of one of her top posts.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 10:46

Yes, breezy is friends with Donae and Treezy. Treezy is friends with DB. I posted links at the newest thread but they are pretty easy to find - Donae Mitchell, start there.

Hard to keep up here.

Not sure of the connection between the three, but the fact that there is a connection alone is perhaps significant?

Anonymous said...

Gemini said...

I totally agree, based on the pajamapages story.

Confused said...

Anon said

Anonymous said...
Or was it a form of torture to get the pin number?

That makes more sense than anything else.

This woman was tiny. No muscle bound thug is going to need to shoot her in the arm so that she doesn't "grab his gun"

However, if it was her husband waving the gun at her, she may have tried to grab it thinking that he would not shoot????

But how did the get the PIN number for the ATM card? Also, it is kind of unlikely that she would refuse to tell someone who had a fun her ATM number.

I kind of have the sense that it was her husband who shot her. That he planned it but that when he came face to face with her he kind of "had to get the guts to do it"...first shooting her in the arm, then back, then head...kind of desensitizing himself as he went along.

Anonymous said...

Has to hurt when your "best friend" and fellow pastor who you speak with every week doesn't even follow you on Twitter.

Kenneth Wagner Nov 23
So proud to call @daveyblackburn my best friend! His boldness, bravery & godliness during this tragedy is unmatched!

Anonymous said...

You think personal emotions are truly felt through the lack of not reading short, trite diddies one doddles at each day? How sad! How very, very sad for you!

Lemon said...

"It wasn't me who waged jihad on the carpet!"

This is not a reliable denial :)

Unknown said...

Where do you find statements about a "bad marriage" and AB wanting to leave DB? Is it on a video?

Unknown said...

Where are there statements about a "bad marriage" and that AB wanted to leave DB? I haven't been able to find this info. Is it in a video?

BPatMan said...

Watching police dramas doesn't make you any more of a detective than watching medical dramas makes you a doctor. This guy and most of the commentors are certified crack-pots.

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