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Conclusion in the Amanda Blackburn Murder To Date

If someone reveals that they have benefited from the death of a loved one, they will appear guilty in language. 

 Is this the case of Davey Blackburn?

With this theme in mind, let's consider:  

I.  Introduction to The Free Editing Process

II.  Introduction to Behavioral Analysis 

III.  The Blackburn Murder:  Expectations Met or UnMet?

I.  Introduction to the Free Editing Process

The "Free Editing Process" or "the uncontaminated interview" is central to analysis.  This is to hold the initial statements of the victim's husband to a higher standard.

When John and Patsy Ramsey finally spoke to media, they revealed;

a.  Deception
b.  Guilty knowledge of the death of Jonbenet
c.  Linguistic indications of sexual abuse within the case, including, possibly, their own lives.

Eventually, an analyst publicly pointed this out and finally, John Ramsey took the microphone and said, "I did not kill my daughter, Jonbenet" using the two elements which he had heard in the analysis:

The lack of reliable denial
The incomplete social introduction.

He was not done, there, however.  He then addressed the allegation of sexual abuse which he found to be the most disturbing, yet, as he spoke, he failed to deny it.  

Thus the Free Editing Process' value to us:  Even with all the training and preparation in the world, if we speak continually, eventually we all get "off script" and we will reveal ourselves.

We all do.

Therefore, we can expect, over time, a person who has either read analysis, read criticism or even having been coached, to address the concerns.

In the murder of Amanda Blackburn, in every statement released by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and in every interview publicly made to date,

he has, not once, said, "I love Amanda", or "I loved Amanda", and "Amanda love (d) me."

This is, perhaps, the most unexpected of all his statements.

It appears that police are close to an arrest in the rape and murder of Amanda, as they await DNA results, and the main suspect appears to be in custody on an unrelated charge.

For most, the question is:  "Is the husband involved?"

Statistically, in the murder of pregnant women, the husband or boyfriend is the most likely to have done it.

II.   Introduction to Behavioral Analysis 

Behavioral Analysis: This is to set up the expected versus the unexpected and perhaps the most dramatic and easily discerned scenario is the missing child.

When a child goes missing, the behavior of the parents is predictable. 

People love to say "you do not know how you would react in this situation!  Everyone is different!  There is no book on this!"

It is not true.

This is often the claim of the guilty's loved ones. "Just because someone told a few mistruths  doesn't make her a murderer."  Cindy Anthony

In deed.

The missing child.

It is fair that you ask, "How would I react if my child went missing?"

It is very predictable and I can tell you how you would react.

You would call out for your child, you would cooperate with police, and you would search for your child.

How's that?

This is more important than you think.

When Baby Ayla went missing, (you can substitute a lot of different cases here), father, Justin DiPietro, said she was kidnapped, so naturally, he is going to enter into negotiations with the kidnappers to get her back, right?
When police set up the media to do so, DiPietro sent out the "manly" note of being "emotionally incapable" of talking to the "kidnappers" through media.  Immediately, police knew:  he is hiding something and went on to fail his polygraph.

It is like going to the supermarket, and having your 3 year old wander off.

The expected:  you, the parent, stop shopping, and call out to your child, calling her name out loud .

The unexpected:  you, the parent, knowing she is missing, decide that you need to finish your shopping first, and need to finish checking out, too.  Then, after check out, you know you have to look for her, but you decide to first drive home and unpack the groceries.  Next, you think that it might be best if you eat lunch, and oh, that favorite TV show (Billie Jean) is on, and you don't want to miss that, either.  Then, thinking it is now time to call out to the child and begin to search, you feel the need for a nap.  Welcome to the world of Behavioral Analysis, which is based upon research of:

                   The Expected Versus The Unexpected. 

When something happens, such as a missing child there is an exception of reaction.

When someone is murdered, especially a spouse within the home, there is also an expectation of reaction.

Lovely Amanda Blackburn and her son, Weston 

It is the same as Statement Analysis.

In the case of Deborah Bradley, as a biological mother of Baby Lisa, there was an expectation that she would use Lisa's name and she would, as a mother given the closeness of the relationship between mother and child as evidenced by Solomon's wisdom, the personal pronoun "I" would be used, as well as the possessive pronoun "my" would be used.

The bond between a mother and a child is so powerful that the pronouns will be intuitive.  Solomon used the language of the two mothers, one lying, to detect which one was lying.  Those who dismiss "mere words" or "just a pronoun" will have to take up their argument with Solomon and a world of research.

III   The Amanda Blackburn Murder

Amanda Blackburn was brutally murdered (and, perhaps, raped) within her own home, with a gunshot to the head.

Is it possible that Davey Blackburn sounds guilty because he knows he is benefiting from her death?

Is it possible that his detailed complaints about how bad his marriage was, and how a marriage will either "sling shot" the ministry upwards or destroy it, make his language appear guilty?

Would someone who prefers death to divorce, for the sake of his work, sound like a guilty person in a murder case?

The following is something you have to ask yourself, whether or not police connect Blackburn to the shooter:

Is it just a coincidence that a man  driven to succeed in ministry could repeatedly complain about his marriage, attribute pregnancy to its decline, show off a gun as a theatrical prop in a sermon, have his wife shot with a gun while being pregnant and have his language focus primarily on his ministry rather than her?

In Statement Analysis, we measure the intensity of the allegation with the words.  The more intense the allegation, the more intense the wording.
A 'personal insult' from a stranger online will, therefore, have less linguistic description  intensity than a slap in the face from a loved one, which moves from words alone, to actual physical contact while moving from stranger, without audible perception, to the physical impact from one who is known.    One will feel more over an assault than a name calling and will reflect this in the language.  If, for example, the one who was called "a jerk" by a stranger online, gives lengthy and continual responses, it will likely be seen as "unmeasured", or beyond the expected.  Historians say given the nature of the culture in which this was mandated, it was actually a "limitation of punishment " when "an eye for an eye" was introduced:  not literal but that the punishment could not exceed the crime.   A measured response is the expected in many human interactions.

In statement analysis, we note whenever the location of sleep is found within a statement.  Everyone sleeps, but when one tells us where one slept (in an open statement) it is no longer expected that the person slept in his own bed, as a matter of course.  That he or she (mostly female) feels the need to tell us the actual location of sleep, we are in tune to the possibility that the subject is a 'refugee' from something that has disrupted sleep. "I slept on the couch" is to be followed by, "Why? in the interview.

Sleep is essential to the human being, and while we sleep, we are terribly vulnerable.  We sometimes hear those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder like symptoms say, "I pulled the blanket up and went to sleep" as the 'covering' of the blanket was very important to them:  important enough to mention it in a statement tells us so.

A home is where one sleeps. While asleep, the one is completely vulnerable and has a strong human need to feel safe .

When people experience a home invasion, they often reflect this acute feeling of vulnerability in no uncertain language.  A home invasion is to have the place of vulnerable and necessary sleep invaded, but in this case, this intensity is present, but many times more with:

The murder took place in the home where Davey sleeps, to the wife, of whom Davey had been "one" (literally) with, and to the child to which Davey and Amanda had produced.

There is not a more intrusive "up close" and personal scenario than this.  

This is as far away from someone posting, "Davey is a jerk" anonymously on line, as can be.  This is the single closest, most intrusive event with finality possible.

Therefore, the Expectation is this:

1.  The Pronouns Will All Show How Personal This Is
2.   The Words Used Will Focus Upon this Horrid Crime
3.  The Order of the Words Will Reflect this priority of "utter invasiveness."

Had I been asked, "What is the expected? in this crime, I may have not have bothered to include, "I love Amanda" except to state, "expect love to be in present tense, not past tense language.'  Due to the shocking intrusive nature of this violence, expect the language to be heavy in emotion

Here is what we received. This is the First Public Statement and the first words he chose to address the church about the murder.  I have added emphasis in underling and color.

A.   First Statement

“It’s impossible to communicate all the emotions my heart has been forced to process. My wife was such a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. I have not only lost my ministry partner and support, but also my very best friend. There is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these. As deeply as I am hurting, I am hopeful and confident that good things will come of this. I rest in the truth of Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.
“Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew. Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.”
I know that in her death and legacy even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt her desire for me would be to continue what we’ve started here in Indy. I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.

Follow the pronouns.  He does speak for himself consistently in this statement.

Pronouns are instinctive and intuitive.  It is not expected that he did not say "I love (d) Amanda" but also concerning that he used soft language about a murder, and there is no sense of invasiveness as this murder took place in the home.  The "murder" is called "circumstance."

Murder is "circumstance" and "tragedy"

How many times does he refer to his work?

1. "my ministry partner" is the first mention of his work and it comes after the incomplete social introduction.

2 . Amanda's "life work " was not wife and mother to be "to see as many people as possible to come..."    Consider this with his "disappointment" video about "not seeing 400 people in attendance" with his subsequent statement where "6500 people" attended Amanda's memorial on line.

3. In her death more will come...

4.  Amanda's "will" for him is to "continue the ministry"; this is made very sensitive by the unnecessary (therefore important) addition of "beyond a shadow of a doubt", which give us the pause to consider:   Davey may have felt Amanda was not the "sling shot" to success for his marriage.

5.  "...and the best truly is yet to come" is the slogan for his work.

In his initial statement, he mentions his work 5 times. 

It is to say his concern is about his work.

He does not mention loving Amanda, or Amanda loving him.
He does not mention Amanda loving her child.
He does not mention the death of his unborn child.
He does not ask for justice.
He does not express language associated with an invasion of where he sleeps.
He does not express fear for himself, his son, nor his neighbors.

The focus of his statement is his work.

My conclusion:  Davey Blackburn's priority is his church ministry or "work."  He gives us an indication that Amanda, in his view, was not a help in getting success (people coming in) until she died.  In her death, she has contributed to the important numbers of people "coming" to his church.

In this sense, he is benefiting from her death.

Question for Analysis:

Is it possible that Davey Blackburn is not involved in his wife's death, but that his language reveals that his concern is for his own success?

Answer:  It is possible that his narcissism about his work is so extreme that the loss of his wife appears to have been an actual positive development to him.  This could cause him to appear guilty, as if he has benefited from her death.  

Let's continue:

B.  In his second statement, he focused on inviting people to "come" to his church, and in doing so, he tells them that they will "laugh" (unexpected) and what to wear, and what to say to media.

Regarding Direct Involvement will he deny it?

Next, does his interview affirm his priority of his ministry and profiting off of Amanda's death?

Good Morning America

1.  The first question was what he wants to tell the world about Amanda.  Expected is how much he loves or loved her.  He does not, but that Amanda loved "Jesus" and "people" without mentioning himself, or his children.

2.  The second question is "who did this" and "why": He did not answer either.

His answer is to quote the number of people in attendance.  ("6500 online") and assert that Amanda did not compete with him for attention in ministry.  This is to affirm the profit from her death.

He said "we are trying to figure out how to grieve" and that "the family is devastated."  He does not answer for himself.  This is to affirm that he is not devastated but has profited from her death.

3.  The next question was to try again to get an answer about "who" or "why":

He said, "I, I, I can't imagine any reason why"  which not only stutters on the pronoun "I", which signals anxiety for a non-stutterer, but also calls to attention a "specific reason" why.  Here is how:

"I can't imagine why" would be shorter, yet it is lengthened by "I cannot imagine any reason why" which is to examine various reasons in a whole.  This would have been an important point to explore in the interview.

4.  GMA then asked what he wanted to say to those who may know something to which the expected is strong direct language of:  "Please call police.  They will not reveal your name..." or something along these lines..."Do the right thing", "We cannot live in fear..." and so on, especially since this is possibly gang related.

He said, "well, mean, I, we would beg them to give any information that they  have.  Uh, we'd be extremely grateful for for that, you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do..." 

This is to avoid a strong insistence upon the public, and to give a bizarre, rambling answer from one who public speaks for a living.  

From there, he went to Fox News 

Would this confirm profiting from her death, or would it express love for Amanda, and personal loss?

In this interview, he will be asked about his involvement:

Would he deny it? 

He was told that some might suspect him and that police begin such murder investigations with the husband.  To this he said,

"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate. I guess that was to be expected on some level," he said, adding that it was "difficult to swallow" at first.

"For us, we don't have anything to hide."

"For us, we have nothing to hide" not only avoids denying involvement, but through the use of the pronoun "we", he speaks about himself and at least one other person.  He is very intelligent and he knows the difference between plural and singular pronouns. 

"... I think the the hardest thing even in the midst of dealing with loss in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you and we shared some many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and there's not one aspect of my life that she wasn't a part of and not one aspect of her life that I wasn't apart of so I think through all of that its really difficult just try to figure out what's next."

You know, and so what, you know, we're hopeful in the fact that really throughout this tragedy the best is really yet to come.  That everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God..." 

He employed the language of the advertising lingo for the church.  This is to affirm that what comes after the murder of his wife is "best" when compared to what took place before her death. 


Davey Blackburn's language reveals a strong conclusion, while still leaving some questions unanswered. 

Analysis Conclusion:

1.  Davey Blackburn's language reveals that his ministry  (work/career) was and is much more important than his relationship with Amanda Blackburn or his relationship with his child, and his deceased pre-born child.  

2.  Davey Blackburn's language affirms that Amanda was not a positive assistance to his career. This is to affirm what he asserted in a sermon about pastor's wives either being a "sling shot" upward for success, or to have a negative impact.  

3.  Davey Blackburn's language affirms that although some people, especially family, are "devastated" by her death, he, personally, is not. 

4.  Davey Blackburn's language affirms that his career is benefiting from her death.  This is a strong and consistent theme for him.  Amanda did not contribute positively in her role in his career, but has not only assisted him in her death, but he is able to quote precise numbers which reveal how important this is to him.  

5.  The language does not show greed for money, nor does the language show signals of sexual homicide.  This is to say:  in his statements, there is no indication of knowledge of a sexual homicide, nor is there specific references to possess.  The import, focus and priority are all the same:  people specifically coming to his church.  With no linguistic signals of sexual homicide, if police were to later connect him, the sexual component may not have been pre-planned.  If he were connected to sexual homicide, I think it would have crept into his language.  

6.  The distancing language is clear:  it reflects that in many ways, there was unity between them, which is why he uses the word "we" about her specifically, in spite of complaints of sexual inadequacies.  The distancing language will also show guilt:  guilty for not being close, guilt for not being devastated for his own wife, which is shocking and can mimic guilt. 

6.  Davey Blackburn did not deny association with the murder of his wife.  This should have been revisited by the Interviewer to give another occasion where he could have said, "I do not know the killer", and "I am not associated with her killer" in simple terms, which would have been statistically reliable in analysis.  

Thus far, I am not able to conclude "guilty knowledge" on the part of Davey Blackburn, in the death of his wife, via a connection to the shooter.  Although he has not denied it, in taking all of his statements together, he appears to know that he is benefiting, career-wise, from her death, and affirms that his unhappy marriage is over.  He may be narcissistic, crass, and a theatrical manipulator of young people, but...

        This still does not mean he hired someone to kill her.  

Is is, however, my conclusion that Blackburn has profited from her death, in his language, both immediately, as it has given him national exposure (which may explain the affect) and in the future as he will not be saddled down by another child, and a wife who not only did not satisfy him, but who constantly complained about his career taking him away from her.  This is why he did not say that he loved her.  

He was in a bad marriage which got worse with pregnancy and his wife had gotten pregnant and then murdered and he is profiting from it.  To this, his words and demeanor agree.  

His bizarre language, mannerisms, "sermons" and offensive overall misuse of Christianity all contribute to suspicion, while at the same time, continue to give him attention; something he craves.  

With the release of the 911 call, new analysis will be posted, and this may further help us with clarity and give us more insight.   Not connecting him to sexual homicide could change if the 911 call's analysis shows linguistic connection.  Right now, it is not there.  

In Statement Analysis, we do not take a theory and 'force' it into the statements.  Yet, after analysis is complete, we do take theories and apply them to the analysis. 

1.  Murder for financial gain is not supported by the language. 
2.  Sexual homicide is not supported by the language. 
3.  His priority of career is supported by the language. 
4.  That Amanda's death helped his career is supported by the language.  
5.  That he is aware of his lack of love in the marriage and that Amanda is now no longer a hinderance to the ministry may help us understand the unexpected lack of grief, the unexpected lack of devotion to her, the distancing language, and the desire to use her death as an advertising campaign.  

Next up:  profile of the relationship from his perspective, including positive aspects.  

What did he reveal about himself in his statements?

Profiling is a natural outworking of Statement Analysis. 

This will be of particular interest to those who knew them, as they may see the lens of analysis and how accurate it can be. 

I once analyzed the statement of a man for the purpose of a profile to be read by his two brothers.    If it is going to be wildly wrong, the brothers would know.  


GeekRad said...

I am right there with you Peter. I am not ready to conclude that davey had anything to do with Amanda's murder, but he is guilty of looking forward to the benefits of her death. That said, it won't surprise me if he is involved and the murderer is connected to him and his church.

Anonymous said...


What's your analysis of the JonBenet murder? I followed that heavily at the time. Who do you think did it?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You'd benefit from reading the various analysis since there is the 911 call and different interviews.

The Grand Jury indicted John and Patsy Ramsey in the death of Jonbenet with "death by chid abuse."

The DA, Alex Hunter, refused to sign it (the first I have heard of such) and deceived the media with his passive statement that the Grand Jury has finished their work, and no arrests have been made." He avoided saying "no one was indicted."

He feared the Ramsey attorneys.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I am staying with this, but could change with the 911 call or another interview. Like you, if he is connected, it will not surprise me.

I cannot make a conclusion on the coincidence, nor on how he abuses Christianity, or even how un likable he is.



Apple said...

If asked, "Davey, who is "we"? and his reply, "us, the church". Is that a satusfactory answer? If he thinks of them as one? What answer could he give to that question that would end questions? Have you been able to get a confession from asking that question in the past? I'm trying to work through this in my mind.

squeaky-clean said...

I disagree and still believe he is involved.

Anonymous said...

What about the DNA found on JonBenet's clothes?

Deejay said...

It is more likely to be a girlfriend, a boyfriend or a gym acquaintance. It could also be just another happy life gift - from the point of view of this charlatan. Notice in some of his videos, he is constantly (kind of sexually) petting himself (seated). It is super weird.

Deejay said...

JonBenet- it is thought that the mom hit her on the head or knocked her down the stairs. This may have damaged her so badly that they finished her off. (poor thing). The dad then helped 'stage' the murder as a kidnapping, broke a few windows, put her in the basement. The mom wrote the 3 page ransom note.

Anonymous said...

Has rape been confirmed by police? I thought that was reported by one news outlet but then later refuted in an official statement from police.

"At this point in the investigation, we cannot confirm, nor do we know that Amanda Blackburn was sexually abused.

That information may change as more evidence comes in, but at this time nothing in our investigation shows that."

Lt. Richard Riddle, IMPD Spokesperson

JMTO said...


I wonder if he's back sleeping in their home?
Would they (LE) be finished and allowed him to go back in if he chose?

If he is back at their home, sleeping, with their son - that would be most telling to me.

The fact that it wouldn't bother him to enter and live in their home, where his wife and unborn child were murdered and she possibly also sexually assaulted would be troubling.

Also that he would feel safe enough to bring baby Weston back in there, after everything, not worrying if someone might return.

It would tell me he knows he doesn't need to worry. But those are JMTO.

I don't think I would be able to go back for my clothes let alone to live.
Her smell would be everywhere, and the baby would pick up on it. It would be incredibly hard for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Kid ain't that smart. Just some hillbilly boy with an overblown ego and a moral compass spinning out of control. If he did it, they'll get him for sure, 'cause he ain't that smart.

JMTO said...

Until we get more statements unfortunately all we can do is speculate.

I am wondering how tall Megan Griffin is.
All of her SM accounts have gone private, which is odd -if you had nothing to hide, why would you?
But she might have gotten tired of all the endless snooping people did.

I still find her use of the word "we" when speaking of Davey on since deleted GoFundMe site also very strange.

Anonymous said...

Cached versions of all MG social media sites can be viewed through Google.

Anonymous said...

Of the pregnant women being murdered execution style... how often is the husband not involved? Is there a percentage?

Sus said...

I think he intended to get back into his home as soon as possible. Evidenced by having it professionally cleaned the day after Amanda was shot.

Did anyone notice that New Spring has now put out an official statement that DAVEY AND WESTON are in SC among their church family, attempting to heal? Are they lying? I thought Weston was with Amanda's parents.

Also, along those lines. When Davey was asked to name great things about Weston, one was "he sleeps a lot." I'm always concerned when I hear that.

OPN said...

I can believe it's a coincidence that immature Davey brought a gun as a sermon prop the week before his wife was murdered by young thugs. Think about it. Over the last 7 years, he’s likely run out of outrageously edgy props to entertain his congregation of self-worshiping hipsters who demand to be entertained during church services.

Davey likely plans to bring in an aborted baby in a jar for Thanksgiving and perform a Black Mass for Christmas "cuz it’s Resonate". (That's his exact statement which he made twice after making two immature comments in his marriage video).

Unknown said...


I agree, I was also concerned when DB said the best thing about his son was that he slept a lot.


I agree with you too and I appreciate this article. It helped my understanding of his language and SA principles. This was good advice too:

"In Statement Analysis, we do not take a theory and 'force' it into the statements. Yet, after analysis is complete, we do take theories and apply them to the analysis."

I'm having problems with doing that but it helps me to think of it this way.

Anonymous said...

Is RESONATE holding their Sunday service tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Probably old news here, but you can contribute to the BLACKBURN FAMILY SUPPORT FUND through

Anonymous said...

I don't believe my comment went through on another post here, but HLN reported on this story very quickly this morning and said their financial records are being looked at or investigated. I do not remember the actual wording. That is the first time I have heard something along those lines and says to me that they are absolutely suspicious of CD and possibly looking into him hiring a hit man.

Indigo said...

By "their financial records," do you mean the church's?

JMTO said...

I was thinking about the movie "Signs" by M. Night Shamylan.

I know it's about aliens and crop circles, but it is also about an Episcopal priest, Graham (played by Mel Gibson) who loses his faith and stops preaching after his wife is tragically killed in an truck/pedestrian accident while walking down the road.

She is still alive and they talk before she dies, and he is so completely devastated he loses his faith.

I know it's just a movie, but this is a man who lost his faith bc of his wife dying in a tragic accident.

And anyone can sympathize with him and where his mind is.

Pastor Davey lost his wife and unborn child due to a cold hearted, brutal murder (w/ poss sexual assault) and he seems downright jovial.

If he didn't have anything to do with her murder and is completely innocent- it is safe to say that he looks to me like he feels God answered his prayers in some way- ridding her of his life.

Except in my opinion, it has nothing to do with God. Whoever did that to beautiful Amanda is pure, unfiltered EVIL.

Sus said...

Thank you for this post, Peter. I can't say that I agree or disagree with you. I'm back and forth at any given moment.

Remember the Georgia woman whose baby was shot in his stroller by thugs? She came off guilty, also. She was mentally ill.

Like her, if all I had were DB's statements after his wife's murder, I would say 'not involved. Simply mentally ill.'

Then I see his preceding statements and actions. All display that he was thinking he was better off without his wife. All display an agitation and a building stress on his false identity. Most disturbing is the fact that two days before his wife was murdered he displayed how to "get rid of that worry" in the exact way she was 'gotten rid of.'

But, then I know LE has a person or persons in her neighborhood, in her home, with stolen goods from her, and possibly sexually assaulted her.

But...does LE really know the person was in her home? Was he just in the neighborhood for the burglary two houses down? Has LE said they have stolen goods from the suspects? Weird they didn't take larger things. Last, would LE really be so secretive to the public about a murder and rape? Maybe, but I always thought they held daily press conferences, easing the cities worries. I thought they warned the city of a heinous criminal, rather than hiding it. I would be upset if I lived in Indianapolis!

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

OPN said...

BS. I listened to HLN this afternoon for 3 hours. There wasn't a report about investigating Davey's or his church's financial statements.

OPN said...

What do individuals gain by posting outrageous about this case?

OPN said...

*outrageous lies about this case

Anonymous said...

OPN, it is ABSOLUTELY not bs! I heard it twice this morning. Around 9 am Eastern time. I took it to mean the Blackburn family, but church financials didn't even cross my mind, so maybe that's it. It was something that I hadn't heard anywhere else and it really stuck out to me.

JMTO said...

Do you think they would?
I wonder if he is really in SC- if he is back at the home they shared and she was murdered in.

If he was, with the baby, they would for sure not want anyone to know that bc THAT is not something many people would understand.

IF he is back at the house - with Weston, I wonder if he is alone.


Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Impressive analysis Peter. I respect the way you stick to the info in the statements, and don't jump to conclusions based on speculations. Understandable because, like you said before, your credibility is on the line. For the most of us it's not, and therefore it's easy for us to throw some speculative theories in the air. I find the conclusion not completely satisfying though since it's an open end. I hope the killer of Amanda will be found soon. What happened to her is very sad to say the least. If I were Davey, I'd go nuts over losing my wife and unborn child.

I'm so glad I discovered your blog Peter and I can say I've become addicted to Statement Analysis. I find it somewhat challenging though to use the things I learn here on statements in my own language. What I do to make it easier, is to translate Dutch statements to English and then start my analysis. It sounds funny I know, but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

I did see the report about Davey and Weston both being in SC. If Davey weren't such an emotional black hole I would consider that a good thing because it would be horrible for that little boy to be coping with the loss of his mother while also having to deal with the absence of his father. But under these circumstances, I wish he was with Amanda's parents because I imagine Amanda's mom would be a comforting presence for Weston. She and Amanda probably have many similar qualities.

I do wonder if it would be hard for Weston to be around Amanda's sister for now because of the physical similarities. How sad and difficult it would be if he were to mistake Amber for Amanda across the room or from behind. Gosh this is all so heartbreaking.

I also am thinking that Amanda's parents (unlike Davey seemingly) are probably so devastated by her death. Having little Weston around and being able to care for him would bring them happiness and give them something to focus on other than their grief and pain.

I just feel like Davey is unable or reluctant to be a parent in a sacrificial way where he willingly puts Weston's needs above his own. As others have said, the comment about Weston sleeping a lot is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

And no, it wasn't a story on investigating Davey. It was a very short story on the case and they simply said financials were being looked at, or however they worded it. I personally took that to mean Davey is definitely in the picture as a suspect. Maybe I'm way off though.

Anonymous said...

I do remember a mention of the police investigating the family's financial records from something this week. I think it may have been Davey who mentioned it in one of his interviews. I'll see if I can find something.

Sus said...

DB is def in SC. His last two interviews were from there. We were told that Weston was not with him. Now the announcement says he is. Weird.

Skeptic said...

Peter, would you agree with this "in a nutshell" definition of statement analysis - it is difficult for people to flat out lie, therefore they tend to say things that, while technically true, are misleading

I find myself feeling a bit guilty for speculating here in previous comments on how "he did it." Of course I have only his statements to go on, and that's not good enough for a murder conviction, unless it's a direct confession. But.....

It occurs to me that speculation on how he could be involved is useful as an investigation tactic. If you can't imagine some way a suspect could have "done it," then you might be likely to just assume they didn't.

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Impressive analysis Peter. I respect the way you stick to the info in the statements, and don't jump to conclusions based on speculations. Understandable because, like you said before, your credibility is on the line. For the most of us it's not, and therefore it's easy for us to throw some speculative theories in the air. I find the conclusion not completely satisfying though since it's an open end. I hope the killer of Amanda will be found soon. What happened to her is very sad to say the least. If I were Davey, I'd go nuts over losing my wife and unborn child.

I'm so glad I discovered your blog Peter and I can say I've become addicted to Statement Analysis. I find it somewhat challenging though to use the things I learn here on statements in my own language. What I do to make it easier, is to translate Dutch statements to English and then start my analysis. It sounds funny I know, but it works for me.

JC Graham said...

I think the fact that he has used all of this to promote his business is very, very suspect. If he was using the interviews to promote any other business no one woukd be questioning his guilt. However, his cash cow is Jesus, so he is untouchable even though most signs point to his involvement to a logical person.

JC Graham said...

I think the fact that he has used all of this to promote his business is very, very suspect. If he was using the interviews to promote any other business no one woukd be questioning his guilt. However, his cash cow is Jesus, so he is untouchable even though most signs point to his involvement to a logical person.

Gngr~snap said...

This reminds me of Michelle Young from North Carolina. She was a young mother murdered by her husband Jason, in the first trimester of her 2nd pregnancy. Her toddler, Cassidy (Kassidy)was not harmed in the attack.

Gngr~snap said...

This reminds me of Michelle Young from North Carolina. She was a young mother murdered by her husband Jason, in the first trimester of her 2nd pregnancy. Her toddler, Cassidy (Kassidy)was not harmed in the attack.

Anonymous said...

Peter I am reassured by your latest summary. My gut feeling is similar to many, but I believe that the distortion of language and suppression of true emotion is so much a part of this subculture that a significant component of the weirdness of his demeanour and presentation could still be due to that. As examples check the statements of the sister-in-law, or the post on the FB page of the CD's father's church ( One day after this utterly heinous and extremely disturbing incident, all they can say is "hearts are heavy" and "What joy!". That there's pretty f-ed up. When you add in some guilt over his priorities and internal failure to conform to the ideal (as you point out) and some distorted idealism over how a godly person who is the public face of the church should present, I wonder if you don't get at least part of the way to what we see in these statements.

Girasol (cant remember my login!)

Juliet said...

'There is no way to prepare yourself...' It's as if he was sat in his study composing that a good while before Amanda's murder - it's so devoid of any expression of shock, grief, anger etc -to me it reads as if it was written a good while before she died, and as if he is giving away that he was trying to prepare his response in advance. Or it's just terribly unfortunate phrasing. No-one was expecting him to be prepared, or to know how to be prepared - but some of us might have expected a quite different statement from the one he made.

The police press conference makes me think Davey is quite on their radar. They even appeal to the intruder to come forward - that he may be accused of murder if he doesn't turn himself in and tell what he knows. It appears something was taken from Amanda's body. 'How dare you take something from a dead person?' Isn't that letting the intruder know that they know the shooting happened before the intruder entered the house? Do they believe the intruder opportunistically took something from Amanda when he discovered the body, and they know the item has since been sold?

They say how they have met with neighbours, how they were upset, shocked and crying - like saying 'the husband was not shocked, upset or crying' without actually saying it. They say how angry they themselves are about Amanda's murder - again we get the contrast, the absence of anger in Davey. The photograph of the big dog is shown - the big dog who apparently did not attack the intruder or bark down the neighbourhood as Amanda was being attacked by a stranger in her own home. They talk about organisations, and people knowing things and not coming forward - organisations rather than gangs - interesting. The gravitas, the upset, and this from people who deal with murder all the time and who did not even know Amanda - where is that in Davey's demeanour?

'Now is the time.' I wouldn't be surprised if. those are Davey's words, to someone, and being said back as a message to Davey. A retrieved text message, perhaps.

I have listened several times to the press conference -!i'm pretty sure Davey is on their radar.

Boston Lady said...

I keep going back and forth with whether Davey was involved or not. It was reported as a home invasion at first and now we are finding that the robbers entered the home without a break in. Door unlocked? Additionally, we find out that there was a large dog that never left Amanda's side. How did they get in and murder her without harming the dog? We have read Amanda has defense wounds. She fought back. A dog would have helped her. It's a missing piece of the puzzle.

Both Amanda and Davey have stated that they had a troubled marriage. She was very honest at the October Love Song series they did and said that their first year, first 7 months were not good. Then mentioned the issue of sex. Davey disappointed it wasn't what he expected. Davey stating that the pregnancy with Weston was difficult on their marriage. Very unexpected was Davey's admission that he has a porn blocker on his computer to keep him from temptation AND that a weekly report is sent to his Pastor and his wife. That is not expected and indicates Davey must have had a problem with online porn. Did he stray?

The war on worry sermon where he brought it the gun and shot at his friend, wearing a hoodie which was up over his head and tied, 2 days before his wife was brutally murdered is a difficult coincidence to get past. It's also rather shocking to see a pastor "attack" a subject which was to replace worry with worship.

The other very violent image that Davey introduced in one of his responses in an interview (and it wasn't even asked) was telling everyone that if Amanda had a choice between saving souls for Jesus and being "cut", she would immediately ask to be cut so that more souls could be saved. What thought process did Davey have to bring the visual of his wife being cut ? It wasn't a question being asked. Definitely not expected.

I continue to hope that Davey had nothing to do with Amanda's brutal death. Like others, I'm feeling one moment that he is involved and in the next that he is just so focused on growing his church that he's almost on auto pilot with his answers in interviews. He defaults to "we" like a salesman trying to include the audience. But the brutal death of his wife should be the priority and as we see, it's not. The question is why.

BallBounces said...

Excellent summary and analysis by Peter. I agree with everything, except, on balance, unlike Peter and seemingly most others, I would be surprised if Pastor Davey were involved in his wife's murder.

A few random thoughts:

* The first statement was, I believe, published on his church website and directed at church members. Given this context, relating his wife's death to the future of his ministry in Indianapolis is understandable, perhaps even warranted. It is his choice how much he would want to make this statement directed at the church personal, about himself, vs. public, about his continued commitment to the church under his care. It does, however, seem to indicate where his priorities lie.

* "We" -- sometimes he appears to be talking about himself and Amanda's immediate family. At other times I get the sense he may be using the royal we when speaking to the media. It is distancing, perhaps protective of not wanting to explore or admit his innermost feelings.

* I continue to think it odd that he expresses no guilt or remorse about not "being there" when his wife was murdered and possibly sexually assaulted. For most men, this would be instinctual and devastating, even if it was just dutiful rather than loving care being offered.

* I would really like to hear the 911 call and think it may be definitive one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

...and when the not-smart overblown-ego kid gets caught doing the murder for hire, he's gonna say he believed in his heart of hearts that sending her and the baby home to Jesus was the very best thing for them. Also, he'll say Jesus told him to do it (for the good of the church and for the good of his "family"), or that Jesus gave him His blessing to go ahead and do it.

JMTO said...

Agreed to this whole thing.

Everything points to him EXCEPT his statements- even if they are still odd statements.

Reminds me of the book
"Gone Girl" where everything points to the husband but he didn't kill her.
(The hallmark of a sociopath is a lack of empathy)

Two things - I see a lot of people write comments on not thinking Pastor Davey is very bright.

I do NOT agree.

I see a man who is extremely bright- that dumbs himself down.
He is extremely well spoken, charming and manipulative.
I think he tries to act more like a "teenager" (see when he talks of his friend wanting him to be introduced with his gf sister) "Duuuuuude."
"Ya feel me?"
"Cap off one of our greeters."

He is not dumb at all.
He's also a teacher.

And secondly- if you're so happy about your wife being with Jesus, as that your faith is so strong, that's why the statements are odd sounding and you are really happy doing interviews- why on earth are you not so subtly fake crying and acting devastated?

I'm sorry but I see right through that.
He is not devastated.
If he is happy and at peace that would be at least explainable bc of having such a strong faith.

So why pretend to be devastated unless you are guilty of something.

Anonymous said...

"Whatever it takes!"

lynda said...

Peter said..

In Statement Analysis, we do not take a theory and 'force' it into the statements

I appreciate this statement to remind us to NOT do this. Many LE do this on a regular basis and it is the difference between being a good cop and a bad cop. They call it "boxed in". That they figure out the scenario of the crime, how it was committed and such, then when clues are found, they "fit" it into their scenario however they can. It can become quite convoluted but they have "solved" the case because the evidence "fits", outrageously so at times.

I do agree and have always felt it wasn't about money. I did wonder when the 100K was to be paid back to Perry but that seems a small amount in comparison to Perry's church doing over 37 million in a years time.

We could also turn the coincidence question completely around and say,

"Is it just a coincidence that Amanda was married to a narcissistic sociopath (some could say psychopath) and ended up murdered by a stranger and not her husband?" What are the odds?

As an aside, LE originally stated that a neighbor "heard gunshots" at 6:45 and called police. Are we to assume then that police did not arrive at the scene until after 8:30 when CD got home? Or did LE respond and find nothing amiss in the neighborhood and leave only to be called back by 911 call? Did ANYONE even really call LE at any time that morning about ANYTHING? Suspicious SUV, random, hoodie wearing black men roaming around, hoodie covered man (men) on front porch of neighbors house, hoodied black men seen leaving another neighbors house down the street? I mean, WTH? Did anyone really call LE and if they did, what was LE's response and response time?
Also, it has not been confirmed that Davey called 911 has it? We know 911 was called but did they say it was Davey? Perhaps he ran out of the house to a neighbors and the neighbor called for him? If that is the case, and DAvey DID plan this, the 911 call could NEVER be used against him because the information was coming second hand from a neighbor and could be easily dismissed in court.

Skeptic said...

Anon at 5:46,

1. Crime of passion 2. He asked Jesus to forgive him, so Jesus has to do that, right? I mean, he died for our sins and all.... 3. Nothing to be gained by him going to jail, he has to be there for Weston.

Beliefs matter. Beliefs lead to behaviors (ex. ISIS, mardardom, jihad). Evangelicals, all sins are forgiven by Jesus, I just need to ask

MPT said...

Peter, fascinating analysis as always...

I swear, is it just me, or does DB's first statement after the murder possess a tone that feels as if it was written preemptively prior to the murder happening? It's written with an emotion that one might have when they're anticipating a tragedy.... is there any chance it was ghost written by a church person, which is why it includes the "I" language in the beginning? Just a thought...

Also, question. And forgive me if you've covered this already.

What are your thoughts on DB not speaking at the funeral? Most family members either spoke live or via video at the "celebration"--why didn't DB? And does that tell us anything?

Skeptic said...

More evangelical beliefs 1 I can talk to Jesus and he answers 2. I can ask for forgiveness and he will forgive me 3. Now, I need to forgive myself because Jesus has forgiven me. But, he is struggling with the forgiving himself part

Who knows what Jesus told him.... Maybe something like hey you messed up big time, but she made you really mad. Ok I'll forgive you if you promises to spend the rest of your life getting souls for me, and oh yeah try to be a dad to Weston. Now, clean this mess up so you don't go to jail.

Juliet said...

Skeptic - I can see how that might work for Davey, subscribing to the Ten Suggestions rather than the Ten Commandments as they seem to do - but if he did it, and it was pre-meditated, he'd have to fry in his own hell, methinks. He'd either have to have debased the faith even further than it appears in order to be able to justify murder, or he would be a complete fraud who doesn't really believe in anything except himself. I can't work out if he believes in the ministry for the minisfty's sake, or if he believes in his ministry for the money's sake.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who doesn't think Davey is all that bright. But I'm open to the fact that I could be wrong. At the very least, assuming he didn't do it, he has a noticeable lack of curiosity. It seems fair to say he is intellectually lazy. Here we all are desperately trying to figure out what happened and he seems like, meh, whatever, the cops will figure it out.

If I were him, I would be so angry and frustrated at the lack of progress and information. I'm just not feeling a sense of urgency from the police. If I were him, I wouldn't be giving the kind of weird interviews he's giving, I'd be giving interviews demanding the cops do more to find the person who killed my wife and unborn child.

The neighbors seem to be focused on finding the killer. I think I'd be capitalizing on that and rallying them to join me in demanding a better response and more urgency from the police. Davey just seems so passive about the killer being found.

The cops just don't seem to be trying that hard (unless what they're publicly saying is quite different from what they're actually doing). It seems strange to me that they haven't released more information related to the stolen SUV. Is there some reason they wouldn't release photos of it? Wouldn't they want to get out the word about where the SUV was stolen from and when it happened so witnesses could come forward with information or they could obtain surveillance video that might show the suspects?

They released the location where the SUV was abandoned but they didn't release the approximate time. That seems like another piece of information that might be useful for the public to have if you want witnesses to come forward with tips. Were there no homes with surveillance cameras in the neighborhood where the SUV was abandoned?

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn was not in a bad marriage. Davey Blackburn was and is a whiner and a complainer. He was no gentleman and less than a man in his public humiliation and ridicule of his wife. Davey Blackburn did not have a dissatisfied sex life with his wife other than the one HE created. AMANDA BLACKBURN WAS THE ONE IN THE BAD MARRIAGE. ABB

Juliet said...

MPT - I just aired that thought, too - it seems written in advance to me - but then, it needs to be taken into consideration that Amanda lay in hospital on life support for two days. So - well, he could conceivably have written it during that time. I suppose. She said, grudgingly.

CJ said...


I've been watching sermons from Resonate and find DB's views on relationships so very, very messed up (as had been noted in other places and throughout the series) but in the wake of our Live Chat about DV yesterday the following was especially disturbing.

In the Love Song Series (Fighting to Win) DB addresses the passage in Song of Solomon where the lover is at the door knocking and his wife is in bed and slow to get up to let him in. He characterizes both of them as self-centered, the husband because he has "not been home and she wants him home," the wife because she is warm in bed and doesn't want to get up, which DB equates to a woman denying sex to her husband because she isn't in the mood.

DB relates the rest of the story, and the lesson it imparts:

(Quote): It says in verse seven, “As she goes out to find him, the watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city. They beat me, they bruised me, they took away my cloak, those watchmen of the walls.”

Davey: Don’t miss this. Because of the conflict that took place in this relationship, he runs away, she goes trying to find him, and in the middle of the night she gets raped. Listen to me: Devastating things happen when we don’t resolve conflict properly.It will destroy a relationship, and—listen,—it will destroy YOU. (Unquote)

Another example of violence from the Worship as Weapon Sermon:

(Quote): Well God, what about that, what about, what about that, that relationship; she made, she said that thing to me, made me so mad, fight the battle! Do the judgment thing, BAM! DO IT! (Hammering motion)

There’s a verse in Psalms that says “break the teeth of my enemies,” right? That’s what you feel like. What about that?

God’s going, um, yeah, I already told you that you needed, you needed t–. you needed to release bitterness in your heart and, and go and approach her and forgive her for what she said. That’s your battle to fight, that’s not mine. (Unquote)

Here's the messages I hear being "preached": if a woman denies you sex, even if the reason is because you have been neglectful, devastating things (like rape) will happen to her.

And if a woman (enemy) you are in a relationship says something to make you so mad that you feel like breaking her teeth, don't expect God to fight your battles for you.

Disgusting stuff.

Sharon said...

Ottoman newfie mix - I agree this is very similar to the Michelle Young murder.

Buckley said...

Bas said...

"Impressive analysis Peter. I respect the way you stick to the info in the statements, and don't jump to conclusions based on speculations."

Yes, well put.

Skeptic said...


Speaking from personal experience with this culture, it's not directly about money . Money is nice, but souls for Christ is the real goal, they are called to do this.

I think a lot of more moderate Christians cannot wrap their minds around the fact that these people really believe this stuff. But they do. Remember both Davey and Amanda were indoctrinated into these beliefs from birth - they don't know anything else.

I think, from watching his ministry videos - he's the real deal. He believes everything he says, everything. So when he says Jesus can and will forgive anything, believe him.

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, maybe Jesus saw the terrible injustice/tragedy of Davey Blackburn "losing his sex life" per one of his recent sermons (limited ability to force himself on [rape] his wife), and so Jesus agreed that it was needed that someone as important as Davey Blackburn (saver of souls) be freed of his marriage & wife & unborn baby. Luckily, Jesus saw to it that a house on a cul de sac in a nice quiet low-crime neighborhood was targeted, and that the wife was shot in the abdomen (unborn baby) and the head (wife). Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the person who put the memorial service video together shot footage of Davey but then couldn't bring him or herself to use any of it because everything Davey said was so weird and inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

He also says he has a personal relationship with Jesus . Jesus is his buddy, just one of the guys actually. Now, all davey's friends like him, Jesus is his friend and likes him too. So it's like.... Look dude this is bad. Super bad. You lost control. But you know, I need you so much to keep this incredible church going. I forgive you, you knew I would, and now I'm going to work through you more than ever. Bonus points, she's here with me and she says it's cool she forgives you too.

Anonymous said...

Another poster brought up the fact that DB did not speak at Amanda's funeral. The lack of speaking here is very curious, I think, considering how much DB had to say about the impact Amanda's death had on believers. It seems like the funeral would have given him the perfect opportunity to bring this point home and really get his sheep fired up for Jesus.

Peter, any thoughts on DB's lack of words on this occassion?

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if he hired someone to kill her. Being a self-described perfectionist, I can't see him handing the job over to someone else. The only person he'd have do it for him would be someone he has power over. Girlfriend or young church member, perhaps. Hell, maybe Perry Noble is the mastermind. He session to have a lot of control over davey.

Anonymous said...

If he actually believes in God, I'm positive he's found a justification just like this.

Indigo said...

A lot of slogans and condensed, hip lingo ricochet around the world of evangelicals, as if theology can be reduced to a bumper sticker or poster. One that has been around for years is "Whatever it Takes." That was our church's slogan for a building program, and it was printed on a huge banner displayed prominently at the front of the church. Another that is not really a slogan but has its origins, I think, in Corrie ten Boom's era, is "The Best Is Yet to Be," which was her father's oft-repeated philosophy about Heaven being the ultimate destination. And of course there's the concept that nothing is "wasted" in a Christian"s life.

So, CD's lingo is quite familiar and recognizable to many of us. Still, seems like this "church" takes this bumper sticker theology to a whole new level of marketability. But, just like 80s-era lingo and style seem so dated and silly now, this hipster stuff will one day be laughed to scorn.

Just feeling so sad for this poor young woman who endured this perverted gospel.

lynda said...

I'm no biblical scholar but don't you have to REPENT, for the sin to be forgiven? You are not forgiven just because you say you believe in Christ. There IS accountability in Christianity, and it's not just having a computer program (that you can get around) to keep watch on your porn intake.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to repent if God told you to do it.

lynda said...

Anon@ 6:55 PM

Ha! Good Point!

MemphisPat said...

CJ, that was quite a find! More "pre-crime leakage" from Crazy Davey?

Anonymous said...

This brand of Christian does not repent. They actually are already forgiven because "Christ died on the cross for their sins." They simply have to believe. As long as they believe, that's all there is to it. The repent and accountability stuff is for Catholics, whom they detest as much as pagans! LOL! I know my comments are judgmental.....Still, this philosophy is likely what allows DB to justify his wife's murder, no matter who did it.

It's all a part of God's plan. That's all they need to know. Anything good or bad that happens is out of their hands. This couldn't be a more perfect life philosophy for a murderer.

Sick and twisted.

I think DB will continue to cry out with, "it's all part of God's plan," even if he's dragged to jail.

Anonymous said...

Yeh because it's what he believes. Therefore, not smart. Therefore, will get caught.

Boston Lady said...

It seems it is against the school regulations to bring a weapon on the property. This popped up on google. / twitter.

This shocking video titled "Worship As A Weapon" of a sermon message delivered by Pastor Davey Blackburn at his Resonate Church illustrated with the use of a gun was recently uploaded to the church's YouTube channel. [Note: If you're having trouble viewing the video from this page, click through to YouTube here and begin watching the video at the 45:00 minute mark.

UPDATE: Local certified fraud examiner Greg Wright raises a valid concern. Blackburn's Resonate Church rents out the theater at Northview Elementary School owned by Washington Township Schools. "Did Davey Blackburn break the law by having a firearm on school property?" Wright, a former Washington Township school board member asks. "He sure did."
Posted by Gary R. Welsh at 10:40 AM

Sharon said...

Who planned Amanda's funeral? Maybe they didn't want Davey to speak?

Anonymous said...

OMG, CJ--that is chilling. Good find!

Anonymous said...

I think New Spring is trying to spin this to try to make it seem like Davey is grieving and caring for his son to stop speculation about his lack of affect and lack of paternal instinct.

Anonymous said...


JMTO said...

I concur!

Anonymous said...

If you could even call that spectacle a funeral. I kept expecting Davey to get on stage and start giving away freebies like Oprah. I could just see him walking around launching resonate church merchandise with one of those t-shirt cannons

momofmany said...

CJ - I watched those same videos. Chilling. His tone was as if he was giving a warning and, it was the woman's fault for getting beat up and raped.

Anonymous said...

I have full confidence in the investigation. I fear he'll kill himself when they corner him.

Juliet said...

Thanks, Skeptic - it's pretty scary that he twists things in order to be able to believe in his twisted version. I was reading the pajamapages blog, and the conduct of the New Spring people, criminal behaviour and harassment, made me think that if Davey was involved and anyone knew or suspected anything, then the police would not be getting much co-operation from his church people. I also wonder, as do others, if Davey incited someone against Amanda. If he did a good enough job, he wouldn't need to hire anyone - he could even, technically, be innocent of involvement. 'Thou shalt not kill' was only a suggestion, after all. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Davey has a very distorted view of rape. He talks about how sex is always emotional and how anyone who thinks it's just physical is wrong. He then goes on to say, "if you think sex is only physical, just talk to a rape victim." I mean, What??? Who makes that leap?

lynda said...

Anon @ 7:12

CD is a moniker used on here to replace the words, "Crazy Davey" which is what Perry Noble called him.

Anon @ 7:18 pm said..

" I fear he'll kill himself when they corner him "

John List was asked why he didn't kill himself along with his whole family. He answered, "Because suicide is a sin."

Unknown said...

Mentions they are looking through the Blackburns financials.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aimlow.

Unknown said...

Mentions investigators are looking into the Blackburns financials.

Anonymous said...

This youtube vid was posted on a previous entry here, and so worth watching b/c someone took the time to put together a short and insight-giving look at Davey Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

Someone was wondering about the lack of apparent response or reaction from the audience during Davey's sermons. I think the only noticeable sound is the sound of nervous laughter from secondary embarrassment. I can't watch him for more than a few seconds. He is so cringe-worthy.

Indigo said...

Aim low, I take the comment about "monitoring financial records" to mean that they're on the lookout for unauthorized /weird charges and debits on stolen cards(?)

Indigo said...

When Noble introduced the info about "Crazy Davey" at the funeral, I halfway expected the old Vaudeville hook to appear and scoop him off the stage. I thought, "Uh oh, this is opening a can of worms !"

JMTO said...

So as I am sitting here- I thought of a few things.

Maybe he didn't kill her, or have her killed.
Maybe although he is a total narcissistic jerk, he had nothing to do with it.

But maybe, one of his church members, infatuated with him (and he doesn't know about it) who has been staring at his rippling muscles (ugh) and listening to his majestic sermons - someone present for all the love song and weapons of worship sermons- decided that God was telling them that Pastor Davey needed help getting out of his sexless marriage that he hated so much- and the weapon of worship sermon "showed them" exactly how to do it.

So they did.

Another thing noticed.

When he begins the weapon of worship shooting part- in the video posted you cannot see the hooded helper anymore.
They cut that person out.

But something interesting.
When he starts shooting - he holds the gun like he knows what he is doing, arm supporting the arm with the gun (which you wouldn't need with an airsoft gun they are light) and he is shooting REAL pellets at him.

How do I know?

He says something along the lines of "sometimes you will miss" when he misses his target- and says that's ok shoot again (I am paraphrasing) and then at the end he tells his friend - "see it wasn't so bad- I told him it was going to be six" or something along those lines.

He was actually shooting him and hitting him with airsoft pellets.

He must be a pretty good shot.
(But they aren't that hard to shoot either)

Anonymous said...

Also, his pupils are consistently dilated in interviews, in settings where bright lights are shining on him.

Anonymous said...

I understand Peter's hesitancy and caution in his lack of a solid conclusion in calling Davey Blackburn what he is, a wife murderer, since there is outstanding work to be done before he can safely reach such a conclusion; also I feel that he is jittery about not having something more concrete to go on from LE. I get it.

For those who believe or questions if God ordains and forgives these Jesus blasphemers and false prophets of his Holy Word, rest assured: Neither God, nor Jesus, or the Holy Spirit tells anybody to pilfer his Word or to kill anybody. That's a lie of the devil and the work of the devil. ALL murder and shame brought upon Jesus in worship and rescuing souls is of the devil.

Davey Blackburn could shed no tears because he had none. His heart is cold and is alienated from God, if for no other reason, for the way he treated the precious gift God gave to him, his lovely and god-fearing wife, whether he pulled the trigger or not. I could say so much more, but what's the point; you've all already said it all.

I will add: IMO, Davey Blackburn is as guilty as sin in the murder of his wife; one way or another, his hands are not clean. He has no remorse, no empathy, no feelings of sadness for even her manner of death or the loss (to her, not him) of her unborn baby; he has no conscience. He is totally void of compassion for her suffering either in her life with him or her gruesome death.

He has taken little Weston and gone to his family and to his church protégé' Noble, and away from his in-laws; because he IS guilty and cannot allow his guilt on display around Amanda's family. Her parents are not standing by him publically; if they were they would have already publically said so, dontcha think? What I wonder is, if media has even tried to reach them to get a statement from them, and if they support their son-in-law.

As for Indy LE, they are not doing diddly squat. They have nothing worthwhile to say because they don't have diddly nor have they made many efforts to get it. They do not even want to track down leads that a worthwhile reward fund might lead too.

I do not believe Davey Blackburn will ever be fully investigated in the murder of his wife. But one thing we can safely believe is that Amanda is at home in the loving arms of her savior, rescued from her rotten evil husband who hides behind the cloak of Jesus; THERE, where there will be no memory of the former things for sweet Amanda. Her heartache is over, she is at peace. IMO, Davey Blackburn will get away with it in this lifetime but not the next one. FWIW, my thoughts... ABB

Juliet said...

I saw the videos, too, CJ - strange Davey is so passionate about everything except for finding out who murdered his wife and unborn child.
What a conundrum....shrugs, 'the best is yet to come!' You couldn't make it up.

Conundrum. He actually said that. Like, let's not take this too seriously, let's keep things light...Amanda would forgive her killer - yes, but since when has what Amanda wanted ever been more important that what Daveu wanted, I wonder? Surely David would want the murderer brought to justice - forgiveness is for later; besides it's wasted on anyone who isn't seeking it - might make the person granting it feel better, but it's meaningless to the perpetrator if he doesn't care about what he has done.

It's so objectionable that Davey seems not to care - if that's how it is, he should go and hide and lament his lack of love and care towards his murdered family, not advertise his unmanly character all over the television networks. He has zilch self-awareness, and yet he's all about image and his physical appearance - odd. if he's really just a soulless sciopath who has nothing to do with the murder, well, sorry for thinking otherwise.

KD said...

PART 1 (too long apparently)

I just poured a glass of wine and just need to write down my thoughts. I have followed this case closely since first reading about it. I’m familiar with all the DB and AB media online. The sermon and QA videos, other DB videos (honeymoon), social media accounts, the babysitter (before she locked up her social media), LE press conferences, news media reports, DB’s terrible interviews, Peter’s analysis, etc.

This case is taking up a lot of my time, mentally, and I am still not sure what to believe. I feel like I can argue both that DB is absolutely involved and also that he’s absolutely not (if we are to believe what LE has said thus far). So, to get some things off my chest, let me say that...

….from one perspective, nearly everything points to Davey.

“Don’t miss this. Because of the conflict that took place in this relationship, he runs away, she goes trying to find him, and in the middle of the night she gets raped. Listen to me: Devastating things happen when we don’t resolve conflict properly.It will destroy a relationship, and—listen,—it will destroy YOU. “ - DB

Many, if not most, of the videos from DB’s sermons revolve around sex and relationships struggles, particularly in marriage. This is to appeal to a youthful crowd….hence the atmosphere is rock and roll casual. We can infer from these videos that he has a serious preoccupation, if not, obsession, with SEX. He is not satisfied with the quality or quantity of sex he is getting from his wife - particularly since his Amanda’s pregnancy and birth of their son.

He talks about the issues in his marriage as though they are issues in every marriage. (Sorry, DB, I’m a woman who actually enjoys sex and has a drive equal to that of my male partner. Oh, and he would not freak out if I dented his grill.) He is using the pulpit as a place to air out his grievances with Amanda, which gives us curious folks a LOT of insight into his personality. I think if there had been no murder, and we were forced to watched these awful sermon and Q&A videos, most of us would say DB is -at the very least- a pompous, attention starved, self-involved, immature boy of a man who is more interested in the activities of his penis than than anything else.

If there was no murder, I think we who are outside of their church and environment would watch these videos and feel for AManda, but understand that she knows no other life. She was raised by a pastor, took a vow of purity, and married a handsome and ambitious pastor, who was raised in a similar fashion. If she was unhappy in the marriage, she wouldn’t show it and I don’t even know if she would admit it. She submitted to her husband. She devoted her life to Jesus. She didn’t know that there are men out there that don’t demand sex from their wives when they are not in the mood. That there are women out there who have husbands that can work out at the gym without having to look at the ground the whole time to resist temptation. That there are women out there with husbands who don’t go apeshit when she makes a mistake. That women have husbands that encourage their hobbies and business efforts. She submitted. This was her choice because she knew of no other choices.

These are things I would think if there hadn’t been a murder. But there was. It is easy to now look back and see his videos differently. Now he’s not just a selfish, sex obsessed, man-boy douchebro trying to grow a church, he’s a ticking time bomb. A testosterone loaded, sexually oppressed control freak with a short fuse. Someone who is almost as obsessed with violence as he is sex. Someone, who, put in the right situation could explode and do something terrible (someone who shouldn’t have owned a gun - but did).

KD said...


He is also someone who could say this is something Jesus wanted him to do and ask for forgiveness and all is good let’s move on and get more folks to baptize! When you come from a belief system that literally excuses you from everything (God’s plan, jesus wanted it that way), there is no accountability. Where there is no accountability and you think God is literally talking to you (BTW, you are insane if this is the case) then nothing is off the table. As CJ said - “Beliefs matter. Beliefs lead to behaviors (ex. ISIS, martyrdom, jihad). Evangelicals, all sins are forgiven by Jesus, I just need to ask”.

Statistically, in cases like this is pretty cut and dry. One of the leading cause of deaths for pregnant women is murder by their partner. Most often with a shotgun and most often with a shot to the head, execution style. There are many, many instances of this that I’m sure one could find via Google for further reasoning.

Now we have a bunch of weird videos and a murder. We expect him to react a certain way, REGARDLESS whether he was involved or not. Whatever happened, regardless of your religions convictions there must be human emotion (and not smiles and laughing and joy) here - remorse, guilt, anger at the perp, fear of being caught, distress over what she went through, distress over did I plan everything ok? You can hashtag nothing is wasted and the best is yet to come and you may believe that but you CANNOT AVOID HUMAN EMOTIONS. He goes on media appearances and shows NOTHING. His affectation is completely missing. Completely. At first I contributed it to shock. But as time passes and he can’t muster a tear, I have to conclude that he is a sociopath. One can certainly take his media appearances and go back and watch the resonate videos and quite easily come to this conclusion… which someone posted something along the lines of (sorry, I’m not sure who) - what are poor amanda’s chances of having married a sociopath and then end up murdered by someone else?

So we have a sociopath, sex obsessed (and oppressed), testosterone fueled control freak in an unhappy marriage with a fledgeling church whose wife ends up murdered while pregnant with their second child….a man, who, after his wife’s funeral took “a trip so that he could grieve”, wherein he gave four media interviews and attended social events. This grief trip was not to Amanda’s parents town or his parents’ town, but Anderson, SC, where head honcho Perry Noble’s (noted harrasser) 34Million dollar earning (TAX FREE PEOPLE) New Spring church (funders of DB’s church) will comfort him and tell him that this was all Jesus’s plan and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

Cut and dry, right? Well, not at all. I can argue that everything points away from Davey too….(again, going on LE remarks, thus far)...
Which I will do here next. Then I will take Occam’s razor to it all..

Skeptic said...

When you believe that you can talk to the creator of the universe, and he,she,it can talk to you....justifications for all sorts of behaviors are possible. I heard this somewhere, but perhaps it apples - "bad people can do good things but it takes religion to get good people to do bad things." Of course most religious people don't behave badly, but those that do are often inspired or whatever by their religious beliefs. Please don't be offended religious people, I am talking about the fringe groups.

lynda said...

Have we seen this? on and he posts it with this comment..

"Shown last Sunday at NewSpring . . . what’s sad is how if many people were honest, this is how their wedding ceremony should have been . . ."

I am SLACK-JAWED that this was shown in a church...that has 30K people attending every weekend??? That is so scary to me that people even think this comes close to being a Christian. This is misogyny at its worst because it's disguised as Christianity. This is what Davey thinks of marriage..of women..of his own "starter" wife

And WHY IN GODS NAME has someone not taken all this crap down??? What must her parents think when they watch this??

lynda said...

Davey's blog...

Brought someone to NewSpring lately?

. . . If the answer’s no it means one of three things (or all the above):

-You’re selfish
-You’re lazy
-You’re a coward

Wouldn’t want to be either of these. So get someone here this Sunday!

Wow...just wow.

Juliet said...

C'mon KD - I want Schrödinger's Cat AND Occam's Razor. ;)

Anonymous said...

His pupils are always dilated in interviews with bright lights shining on him, but, hey, that's Resonate!

Juliet said...

Yes, his blog is regrettable, Lynda - but he doesn't see that about anything he does. Interesting 'research' he does, too - but not enough hits so he abandoned it.

Anonymous said...

That was in reference to perpetrators using the stolen credit and atm cards.

Anonymous said...

It's to see if perpetrators are trying to use their credit cards.

Juliet said...

Skeptic -''we have the mind of Christ' - can justify anything to twisted minds.

JMTO said...

Agreed, ABB.

Well said.

And you hit the nail on the head about him going to HIS parents!!!
Right now her mother and father would want to be as close to Amanda as possible- therefore through little Weston.
The only piece of Amanda left on Earth.
They would ache for it.

He took him to his parents bc he couldn't look at her parents.

And I agree wholeheartedly about him not being investigated.

I feel like this is going to be another Tiffany Hartley / David Hartley murder investigation- where they just take everything he says as the holy truth.

I wish it weren't so, but I do.

Skeptic said...

I like this easy to understand saying better than Occam's Razor - When you hear hoof steps, think horses first and zebras second

Juliet said...

Anon at 8.24 - they'll likely be looking into all their finances, insurance, etc, too - that's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Newspring is financially invested in Resonate Church. According to my sources, because Resonate was struggling financially, Noble's church has fronted them nearly $1 million.

Which might mean...

Resonate is structured like Perry's church--no local accountability when it comes to leadership and finances--led fully by the pastor with some help from his dooshbag pastor friends.

Which might mean... Blackburn leads a pastor-run church and has free range with the church's money...

Which might mean... well, you know, he had access to money in case he ever wanted to well... you know....

Juliet said...

I like the Sword of Damocles best. :)

Donna said...

Just a thought after reading through KD's post about DB's obsession with sex.... wonder if DB's name/email is in the Ashley Madison client database?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, JMTO. It means a lot to me (not that my opinion actually matters), that if only one person even remotely and partially agrees with me, maybe some will see there are other aspects to Amanda's murder that may not have been considered.

I just hope Amanda's parents realize that Davey took their precious grandbaby, the only link they have left with their daughter, and ran for a reason; that reason being that he cannot face THEM. Sorry piece a shyt. Of course, he guilty!

He had already made her life a living hell on this earth and was doing everything in his power to alienate his congregation and everyone else against her with his lies and insults against her feminity in every way; why wouldn't he kill her when the opportunity presented itself? He despised her for his own hidden reasons and wanted everyone else against her. Primed and ready. Of course he did it! ABB

Anonymous said...

Think about it: He didn't hate sex with her so bad that he wasn't able to make another baby with her just recently. God knows how she got him there but she did.

Davey's sick and perverted sex life was hidden from everyone but his wife, who was trying her best to live with it. Amanda knew what a sick sex freak he was; another good reason she had to go. ABB

KD said...

Donna, I wondered that as well...

Juliet said...

Donna - the database is online if you want to check it out, but only an idiot would sign up with his real name. I don't suspect Davey of adultery - he's too in love with himself to sign up for hassle, me reckons. He did admit to having struggles but I think his problem was more pornography - but who knows? Amanda knew, no doubt.

Donna said...

Juliet, the database isn't searchable by name, as I just now learned. ;-) Only by email. Hmmm, although I also find it doubtful that he was a cheater, I think part of him is a risk-taker, and might just dip his toes in the water.

Anonymous said...

Watching Amanda carefully during the "sitting on the railway bench" videos, it's sad to see how much she furrows her forehead throughout his grandstanding. Her facial expression indicates disagreement with virtually everything he said. Wasn't that the trip they were taking to improve their marriage? Yet he's "preaching" from the bench, making a video. Her life was so sad.

Anonymous said...

Surely LE has asked for DNA? If someone refuses to submit their DNA wouldn't LE have to declare them a suspect in order to get a search warrant and have it court ordered? This makes me think he agreed to submit it.

Juliet said...

That's what I meant, Donna - only an idiot would use his real email rather than one with a fake name - so unless anyone knew all his email-:addies it would be impossible to find out. Yes, he is a risk-taker - he said that on his blog. No, I,haven't been searching the database for the dirt on anyone - I just looked to see if it was on the regular web when you mentioned it, :)

Missy said...

I can understand the possibility of coincidence, that Davey was in an unhappy marriage, and - poof - now he's been set free by someone unknown and unconnected to him. It's not impossible. But what about the lack of shock and terror that one would feel having violence in their home only minutes before walking in the door?

I would think the relief of being free and getting more "business" would come a bit later.

I'm thinking of all the people who die daily of violence, or car accidents, or heart attacks, etc who also happen to be unhappily coupled. Do you think the spouse is rejoicing RIGHT AWAY? Shock is a normal human emotion when an event overwhelms the emotions with an element of surprise. Where is Davey's surprise?

Also, Davey has an unusual amount of energy when he is on stage and working. Kind of an explosive energy. Was he taking either an illegal or legal steroid or testosterone booster? It's possible to get as pumped up as he is in the gym naturally with a lot of work, but many men who are into bodybuilding look for extra help. Products that boost testosterone can also cause rage. For a narcissist, that would be a bad combination.

Pak31 said...

I was on another site today maybe it was daveys Instagram, I can't remember but his posts about Amanda were like a loving husband. Totally different from what we have been seeing in the last few weeks. I can't believe what he wrote about her and what he's saying now are the same guy. He said she was a wonderful wife and he couldn't imagine life without her and wrote about her being s great mom and how she was the best thing that ever happened to him. I'm just so confused. Because the man I see in videos and on tv is not the same. Were his posts all a lie? I just don't know what to think. The pictures of them as a family and what he posted makes it look like the perfect family but now it doesn't look like that. I guess people can disguise themselves so to speak.

OldPsychNurse said...

Davey Blackburn's pupils are NOT dilated in interviews. Stop lying about this! No, Amy Smith, you don't do neuro evals on dozens of patients every day. You haven't worked as an RN for 2.5 decades.

Anonymous said...

Old Psych Nurse, stop lying!! ANYONE here can see that his pupils are strangely dilated in almost all interviews!! WHAT is YOUR agenda, that you just KEEP insisting that some guy's pupils aren't dilated? Why so important to you?

OldPsychNurse said...

Davey is under 30 yrs old and for this age, his 4mm pupil size is NORMAL in the two interview photos I posted yesterday. They are NOT dilated.

Anonymous said...

I noticed another odd coincidence In the "worship is a weapon" sermon.

At one point Davey is describing and demonstrating the different poses that people adopt when they worship in church.

One pose is called "carrying the tv" and the next one with arms outstretched, is called " flatscreen"

Weren't two televisions stolen in the burglary?

Unknown said...

CJ, are the above what he said? Are those his words? If so, then WOW !

Unknown said...

IMO DB left to go to his parents because if he is in some way involved, he will be arrested. It will be away from his church and less humiliating for him. Also, if he gets arrested, Weston needs to be taken care of. He knows his time is running out. My opinion only.

GeekRad said...

Why are posters calling Davey CD? His initials are DB. Did I miss something that is significant?

JMTO said...

Juliet said:

"The police press conference makes me think Davey is quite on their radar. They even appeal to the intruder to come forward - that he may be accused of murder if he doesn't turn himself in and tell what he knows. It appears something was taken from Amanda's body. 'How dare you take something from a dead person?' Isn't that letting the intruder know that they know the shooting happened before the intruder entered the house? Do they believe the intruder opportunistically took something from Amanda when he discovered the body, and they know the item has since been sold?"

Possible scenario, could also be put out with multiple meanings.

I looked at this statement from a different angle.

Amanda wasn't dead, even after being shot.

She was still alive, still holding on, and then put on life support. Even when someone is "brain dead" people don't usually consider them dead until after they turn the machines off and their loved ones pass.

"How dare you take something from a dead person?"

Davey took her wedding ring (or was it her engagement ring or the whole set) and is now wearing it around his neck, parading it around for all to see.

This is just me, but if that was my husband about to be put into the ground, that ring would be going with him- as a symbol of our marriage and our life together. I wouldn't need a "reminder"- and while I am sure there are many people who do this, it me it glaringly disrespectful.

I would want that ring with him, along with mementos from our children and other pieces of our life, even though his spirit wouldn't be in his body anymore- that ring would go with him.

I wonder, was she cremated and that's why he took the ring?

If not it just seems like something he can use as a prop to show how much he "loved" his wife.

Oh and someone else said that his SM accounts all seem like a loving husband.

Usually you have to beware of anyone who "gushes" too much about their love life on SM. Peter has wrote about it.
"The lady doth protests much, methinks"
Words say a lot but actions say everything.

Anonymous said...

Great Analysis and thoughts. What are you thoughts on the delay of releasing the 911 call? What is the hold up there I wonder? I am hoping Amanda was very close with her sisters and mom, praying she let them know what was going on in her life leading up to her murder. You can see the buildup when watching his "sermons", by the most recent sermon, he was a ticking time bomb, in my opinion. He seemed to have a lot of anger, some would say a very big chip on his shoulder. The sexual assault part bothers me the most because if this was murder for hire and he is that sex crazed, he may have enjoyed that as well with his twisted mind. Another poster wrote about Amanda being shot once in the stomach as well. In that this "robbery" seems to go above and beyond a personal vendetta, my hat is tossed in the CD ring. Davey is in love with Davey, thinks only of Davey and believes he is above everyone else around him, including law enforcement. My money is also on Davey lawyering up very soon.

JJBB said...

I saw that too. I also commented yesterday that I had gone through DB's Twitter and he does appear to me too like a normal, loving father and husband. It is a stark contrast to how he comes off in his sermons! I was reading that sociopaths are often able to lead "normal" lives and fool people into believing they are nice people. I have no knowledge or training on this subject, so I couldn't say how prevalent this scenario is in people deemed "sociopathic." But, certainly, his behavior on the "Jesus stage" is alarming, shocking, intimidating, and like nothing most Christians have experienced in church. After posting my observations about his Twitter comments, my conclusion is that he murdered his wife in a crime of passion. I think his life stressors overtook him and he took it out on his wife. Who knows...maybe he wasn't bringing in enough cash in the jesus jungle church of his and he was going to be pushed out. There are a lot of possibilities, but my belief is that he went over the edge.

MemphisPat said...

Finally, DB is doing the Expected! We all saw that he was getting tips from this blog as he changed his words. If he's leaving Instagram posts about his wonderful wife, he adjusted his words after the criticism and we expected that, didn't we?!

I'm intrigued by Juliet's words about the press conference and the "How dare you take something from a dead person?" comment from police.
So, possibly, DB knew he was going to shoot Amanda and had arranged for a burglar to rob his house. The guy came in, saw her (still alive) and took something from her body...a watch, bracelet, necklace...something?

Since they waffle between "rape" and "sexual assault", I wonder if she was penetrated by an object. Davey could have raged and done that, shot her and left for the gym. I could believe that scenario, especially if it was anal rape since he was hung up on that. I imagine the dude in custody and his lawyer are negotiating what he gets for ratting on DB.

I do hope we get to see the perp walk!

JJBB said...

The posts about his son and wife were not new. They were all posted over the course of the last two years. It is chilling to read as he truly appears to be a fairly typical new dad type. So tragic:-( Possibly he had manic mood changes and, yes, of course, people only show their good sides on SM too. I think, at the every least, it shows that DB was a charlatan and able to change his spots fro every occasion: A real wolf in sheep's clothing. His true self without the "selfie" filter is diabolical as we have all observed in his statements to the news outlets.

Different subject: Has there been any follow up on the law firm someone was supposed to have consulted a few days ago--NP said it was one of the suspects--I think???

Anonymous said...

No mater the outcome, could Davey possible still have a ministry after this?

M said...

GeekRad - CD = Crazy Davey It is a reference to what Perry Noble called him

jjbb said...

No mater the outcome, could Davey possible still have a ministry after this?

No way, I'd say. Just NO WAY. If the Church of the Crazy Davey survives this, it will be a miracle: a miracle of this new jesus he and his ilk have created. Such a sick and twisted lot, all of them. And, I know this is not going to be a popular sentiment: But, what kind of a woman-AB- supports this AND ministers this blasphemous, toxic BS to a bunch of teenage girls? This situation is tragic in every sense.....

MemphisPat said...

Anonymous at 11:22...
I can't imagine how Davey could have a "Christian ministry" after this and perhaps he was about to lose this one. If he wasn't making his numbers and becoming self-supporting, I doubt the home church in SC would keep up the pricey support. He may have a hard time finding any job or a girlfriend, for that matter, as most people Google prospective employees and potential mates! Not much good Internet conversation about him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like if he wasn't able to be successful building this "church" with that much $$$ fronted to him and the undeserved gift of a wife with a truly loving heart and faith that drew people, he was going to be washed up as a mega church multi millionaire rock star "pastor". My hunch is that the discerning adults (tithers) ,teenagers excluded, were completely turned off and offended by his sermons and were leaving in droves. The stage of his "church" productions looked like high dollar rock concerts with the band, props and lighting but I can't think of one video or picture that panned out and showed his congregation.

snap said...

Here is my motive:

I just cannot live

in a world that some random

person would do such a thing

to a lady.

Frankly, as sick as it may be, I would prefer the world of the James Holmes (who's father was set to testify against banking essentially--- with Mathematical proof of the scheme in just 1.5 weeks before the shooting) who is mentally manipulated-- he did just all on his own do what he did; and ,a world where a frustrated mother gets trapped in a world of steroids and gyms and three-ways cops and they steal her step -son as punishment; as revenge for her reporting her INtel husband and the the steroid-using cops and Dear Amanda as a random victim... I would prefer to believe


They all just did bad things; than to believe they were completely randon victims of circumstance in a world.

In a way.

because I can become far to

gone wrong.

A part of me woul prefer the random world where terrible things happen.

ANd an even more selfish part of me

prefers a more finite world of disgust.

I go before a hearing on Tuesday. I am afraid, not of the outcome, but of a bit of even more truth.

Even more testimony of where we are truly at.

JMTO said...

I will say- that left me speechless.

Is that how they think EVERYONE views marriage?
It certainly isn't how I look at mine.
"Starter wife???"

Just. Speechless.
There is so much ugh.

Amy Smith said...

Wth are you talking about? I've never once commented about DB's pupils. You don't have a clue about me or my life. You lie.

Amy Smith said...

You also can't do math.

Amy Smith said...

Anonymous with no photo huh?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Peter's blog for many years. I am very grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge. I realize this case has pushed a lot of buttons for people, but it would behoove everyone to imagine this is Peter's house we've been invited to and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

You can see his audience in one of his videos, he uses a mirror as a prop and at one point it shows part of the audience, which doesn't look like anyone sits past row two, maybe a dozen people there? I do believe it was growing and they were gaining some young people. I think that's when his ego got the best of him and he began to twist scripture to his advantage. He remarks often about the gym and the temptation involved going there. I think Davey got lost in Daveyland and he's about to get the wakeup call of a lifetime.

Lemon said...

You sit on a throne of lies!
You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa!

That is all.
Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching his "Change - Emotional Health" sermon where he states 900 out of 900 seats were empty. It is possible the church was failing miserably and not booming. Davey seemed to be a man on the edge in every angle of his life, a new baby on the way, failing church, sex craved maniac, bills, traveling, etc. After viewing so many of his sermon tapes, he seems to hold quite a bit of hostility toward Amanda. I really hope law enforcement is all over this guy.

boston lady said...

Lol ..lemon.. That is perfect and it is one of my favorite Christmas movies!

Anonymous said...

I think the murder was planned. Others have suggested the burglary may have been staged in connection to the murder. At first, that seemed far fetched. After watching the Worship is a Weapon sermon, it no longer seems far fetched.

In the W is a W sermon CD goes into great detail about imagining a complex series of events that ultimately lead to his death. It is bizarre and requires unbelievable coincidences.

From memory he says that - first the wind starts to blow. The wind makes the branches of a tree outside tap on the bedroom window which breaks the glass causing a shard of glass to fly across the room and become lodged in an electrical socket, which starts a fire. Next something happens which causes the ceiling fan above the bed to fall, pinning him to the bed. Unable to move, he meets a fiery death.

I'm sure I left a few things out but clearly he has the ability to imagine a sort of chain reaction of events which culminate in a violent death.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


The same thought occurred to me about the rings, for the exact same reason. LE specifically said, "how dare you take something from a dead woman...". She was not "dead" until she was declared brain dead at the hospital and she legally wasn't dead until the machines had been shut off and removed.

Davey taking her rings at that point should not have provoked LE as he is her husband and the surviving spouse has the right to decide what to do with jewelry. Most people do bury wedding rings with their spouse (or parent). However, some do choose to keep the ring(s) and pass it on to the surviving children for when they choose to marry (sentiment). Given Davey's penchant for video-taping himself shredding his wife, that hardly seems the case here.

I found it interesting that LE makes that statement in a press conference and then Davey shows up in an interview and produces the rings on a chain and attempts to act emotionally distraught. In the next day's interview at Noble's church, he "pensively" fingers the rings in a made-for-TV moment.


Hats off the the IMPD detectives working this case! I believe this case will be solved. Amanda's death was not in vain and it has resonated (seriously) with many LE officers, EMS workers, and many in Indy, and far beyond.

Anonymous said...

I agree and great post. I think that's why le was so shaky when giving the presser, they knew from the start he was involved and that's why they cleared him so quickly. I'm hoping anyway. Also interesting that in the presser, when showing the picture of the dog, he states this is what they found when they opened her bedroom door (the dog). So the dog was locked away from the scene. Poor dog must have been going nuts, but no one heard anything? Aside from the neighbor who possibly heard gunshots around 6:30? Amanda's loyal dog wasn't barking at all during the commotion? Not even when shots were fired? If le stated Amanda gave a fight, there must have been noise from her and the fight?

Juliet said...

JMTO - the intruder might have thought Amanda was dead, or saw she was not going to live. I was wondering what the police might have heard, informers, word on the street - possibly that a kid walked in on a murder scene - if that really happened, it's quite possible they would have heard that, and knew the kid thought Amanda was already dead, or as near as. As usual, I can't keep up with you.:)

Foolsfeedonfolly - I think if there was an intruder, one of the kids in the cctv, and they discovered Amanda, they would be more likely to freak out and not touch her than to take something from her. And , yes, the sudden references to the ring - Davey wearing it round his neck, and his drawing attention to his own ring, as if it were important/comforting to him - barf. I enjoyed your earlier posts, btw - there are so many good posts on these threads. Interesting if the intruder did go into the house and discover Amanda, he did not call 911 and run - or pick up a phone (Amanda's) with the intention of calling when he was out of the area, and then dump her phone, but didn't call for fear of being caught and accused of murder. I wondered if Amanda's phone was missing - I wondered why Davey said he was texting Amand's phone. It's all weird.

I know I keep doing what Peter tells us not to do - trying to make our ideas fit. A bit like using a hammer to make a wrong bit of a jigsaw fit in where I want to make it fit. :-/

JMTO said...

I can see your point, Juliet.

With the whole ring thing- I get that people might want to give rings to their family (pass them down) as FFOF said. I wouldn't want to but that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't.
I wouldn't, but some people would.
I just thought it was strange that LE said
"How dare you take something from a dead person." An they referenced her as a dead person- knowing she wasn't dead at that time. I just imagined they would say "How dare you take something from someone who is mortally wounded" or something like that. A burglar wouldn't really know the difference. Idk it just seemed an odd reference, but what hasn't been odd in this whole mystery??
But I can see what you are saying.

The only thing is - if the burglar came in after the fact, wouldn't the first thing they would take be her wedding set? That would probably be the most expensive item on her said person but idk.

The whole thing is just odd.

But there is nothing in his language that says he did it, and I am in agreement with Peters conclusion even though the whole thing is bizarre.
He does this everyday and stakes his lively hood on it. You can't fit a square peg in a circle hole. Haha

Juliet said...

JMTO - There's nothing in his language to say he didn't do it either.

I know, can't fit a square peg into a round hole - I must stop trying to do that. :-/

Peter is always ready to revise his conclusion if he finds reason, though - so I'm not sure he is done quite yet - I'm surprised, as he seemed to be leaning towards involvement, yet I can also see that Davey seems guilty because he's not sorry Amanda is dead - it doesn't have to mean he did it, or even that he is involved. His strange reaction may be due to shock - but he doesn't seem to be in a state, not missing an opportunity, still gunning for Jesus. Or not gunning, as the case may be. It is so bizarre - so very bizarre.

Donna said...

I think the NewSpring marriage video was meant to show the "rest of the world" in a parody form - "see, WE here at NS aren't yuppie, heartless folks, don't you want to see authenticity?! (albeit with our snazzy stage antics/show, microphones, and ripped biceps)" The marriage video is supposed to be *their reflection on the godless world out there, the failed marriages, the marriages of convenience, the "starter marriages". It's like certain news outlets: if you start the convo by saying the rest of the world is "X, Y, or Z", you can control the narrative. "See, we are not like the rest of the heathen world here at NS. Don't you want to be SAVED? You can do that by joining US! We do TED stuff, we're cutting edge!" They're just so much better than you and your evil lives, you see. Just a bunch of hipster, YouTube-ready "you guys, amiright?!", Insta-"inspirational tagline", adrift money-hungry (isn't greed one of the 7 deadly sins? Oh, it's ok, since it gets more into the flock, ergo more tax-free $$$), bow-to-leper-messiah, sin-projecting Stepford snobs of the new millennium. It's their shtick.

^^^^ I was speaking of NS "management", not the worker bees...

Unknown said...

Hi GeekRad

The pastor, Perry Noble, from Davey's 'parent' church revealed that he, and others referred to him as "Crazy Davey", and stated that he had always known something was off with him.

He said this during Amanda's eulogy.

Unknown said...

Sadly, it will likely be bigger than ever!

GeekRad said...

Thanks M

GeekRad said...

Thanks Jen Ow

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Juliet and JTMO-

I hear you both (hiding hammer behind back and sneaking it back in the toolbox);)

I have to ask myself just how biased am I? I do not like Davey. I find his "preaching" offensive because he clearly either doesn't know or doesn't think it applies to him (Ephesians 5:4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but thanksgiving.) Actually all of Ephesians 5:3-10, Perry Noble, Davey Blackburn, NewSpring, and Resonate need to read. Davey & Perry are familiar enough with Ephesians 5:22-32 (Submission of wives) to pervert it- using their wives for sex like prostitutes sans pay. It's never o.k. to demand your needs be met at her expense. Considerate husbands have little trouble in the bedroom. Correctly taught, Husbands meet her needs first and she'll gladly meet yours= win-win. By the same token, wives have an equal responsibility to consider their husbands.

The most telling thing about that to me is that this is usually a "newlywed-first year" counseling issue...and they were going on 7. Based on the Q & A videos and that Train Station trash Davey was "preaching", Amanda was trying really hard to save her marriage. She was giving 110% and she may have been putting on a good front, but there's no way she wasn't feeling like a prostitute minus the pay. I believe she was really struggling and knew that this was not the way marriage was supposed to be, especially given Davey's browsing history. She loved her children, their congregation, and Indy and was committed to sharing Jesus. Davey,just loved the adulation of the crowd. She was caught, as another perceptive poster already said, between trying to live out her faith, her marriage vows, and he reality of who Davey is. Just my own opinion.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Can someone direct me to where Davey talks about the dog being locked up, please? I've missed that and I'd like to read it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Converse talks about it within the first five minutes I believe. Thing is, Davey must have put the dog away in the bedroom, so who knows where the dog was when everything was going on.

Carnival Barker said...

I hadn't heard anything about this case until Davey's statement was released following her death. Without any preconceived notions I read until I stumbled on "ministry partner." Uh-oh. My antenna went up.

The other thing that reinforced that bad feeling was something that Peter didn't include in his analysis ...

"Thank you for understanding my desire to take these next few days to continue to grieve for Amanda Grace. My focus right now is to let The Lord minister to my heart as I continue to shepherd little Weston’s. I’ll be taking this time to focus on being a great follower of Jesus, dad, family member, and pastor to our growing church."

I thought what an odd thing to say when talking about the slaughter of your wife.

Then her obituary sealed the deal for me ...

Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church of Indianapolis. She is also survived by her parents, Phil and Robin Byars; siblings Gavin and Amber (Byars) Wilkinson and James and Angela Byars; and grandparents Jim and Bobbi Cook and Lavoy and Mildred Byars.

I think this is the very reason the police want him to think he has nothing to worry about. Even in a prepared statement he just can't help himself. The more he talks, the stronger their case against him gets.

Carnival Barker said...

Even if the dog was in another room, he/she would have been barking like crazy and clawing at the door to get to Amanda. There's no way that neighbors that live that close wouldn't have heard a commotion like that going on for half-an-hour. If DB is claiming the dog was locked in another room, it would be interesting to see if there are any claw marks on the inside of that door.

Anonymous said...

If Davey is on le's radar, why wouldn't they confiscate Amanda's diary? I don't believe the diary would make a difference because it's obvious Amanda could keep very little private from her demanding husband, but still have to wonder if they took computers, phones, looking into cell activity, etc. Where was the babysitter when all this went down? Did she typically spend the night? I thought they said she lived with them, but no mention of her being around or what her alibi is?

Anonymous said...

Neighbors often take on the same effect/affect as the media. Perhaps they had already, in their minds, concocted a way to blame the murdered.

Anonymous said...

I viewed the video interview of DB where he read from Amanda's diary. 'Amanda didn't like it when I read it...' Who reads someone's private diary/journal? A controller does. Who would read her diary entries to a reporter? A manipulator does. I think it may be an intentionally designed display to prove to the media/police that he does not himself consider any of her private thoughts as having anything to do with the trouble in their marriage. He may be trying to prove to all that his consciousness is clear and none of her private entries concern him. Good gracious; sharing from her journal? Total disrespect of her privacy. Disgraceful. He is using her journal as a prop.

Anonymous said...

I had another thought, regarding the sexual abuse . Reports say there is signs then no there isn't. Is it possible that LE is putting out false information regarding the sex assault, to see what CD does?

If in fact he had hired someone to kill Amanda and make it look like a burglary. Perhaps CD would have contacted the hired hitmen regarding the sexual assault.(upset that they had sex with her)

Simply a random thought..and probably not true but a theory.

Anonymous said...

Also, Catering to young adults with his sermons. Logically, they have very little money to offer the Tithe..not a smart business move.

Anonymous said...

Yikes that is a possibility.. Excellent thinking... I can say the cops are extremely guarded on what info they have on this case. They must suspect the husband. And im sorry but he looks guilty. Sorry Davey. We think you did it. :/

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:13

He is merely using her words, thoughts, and feelings for his own benefit. Who here could argue with such profitable use?

Anonymous said...

More than likely Amanda knew he'd rifle through her personal things, making any journal entering futile and pointless. That is why I'm hoping with everything in me that she confided in her Mom or Sister or Friend. Other's around Davey must have seen his change. I'd bet my entire life savings he has a toy on the side, I can't say whether that toy is male or female or both, but one thing I am certain of, Davey was not faithful in his marriage. Yes this is speculation on my part, but I feel very strongly that Davey has gotten away with more than just the usual marriage flaws. I believe Davey was so in love with Davey that he doesn't realize all the mistakes he has made and continues to make. Whoever ends up being charged, it better be double homicide.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:41. What if LE found evidence of rough sex/sexual assault but no foreign D.N.A.? But you are onto something as LE usually use their press releases with intention.

Lynn123 said...

I think he went to where he was most comfortable for his grief trip. Also suddenly having a one-yr-old 24/7 is a big deal. He'd want lots of helpers for the baby. I actually don't see him returning to his former life with his son-how would he do his job and take care of the baby? He'd have to have live-in child care, I'd think.

The thieves robbed a house which was vacant a lot of the time. I guess they could have seen him leave and decided to take a chance-actually makes no sense to me. If you saw a young guy leaving, you could safely assume that he has a wife still in the house, so...and would you have a handy gun and be suddenly into murder mode, when before you were just robbing a particular house where you know nobody's home?

Anonymous said...

I'm fearful that LE is not looking into DB...collecting cell phone data, emails, polygraph, etc. Just because DB was at the gym during the murder , doesn't mean it's case closed forr him.

Juliet said...

Foolsfeedonfolly - I don't like Davey either, so i don't trust myself to be objective - still, that's not shutting me up, (oh dear.). Maybe they will look in here and take your advice re Ephesians - some things should not be sacrificed to the cause of being somehow more 'relevant' and 'authentic', as they see it.

It's interesting you should say it was like a newlywed first year counselling issue - I thought, from watching it they were quite newly married, just long enough to have had the baby - it was a surprise to later learn they were in their seventh year of marriage, and had been a couple for ten years. It must have been a miserable marriage - I think you have summed it up accurately. I only feel for Amanda. If Davey is a sex addict, and if that's a real condition, I suppose he should have sympathy too, as it led to unhappiness for them both - but I don't know if it's a real condition, or just a fashionable excuse and means of accounting for unreasonable and selfish behaviour. Not that Davey has claimed he is a sex-addict, it just seems from his obsession with the subject, and from the Internet monitoring, that he might be - if there's such a condition. They sought counselling - in that environment, Amanda was probably counselled to make more effort to please her husband - poor girl.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Carnival Barker @11:49 a.m.

Great points! Your post made me look at that statement again, a lot more closely. Thank you!

"Thank you for understanding my desire to take these next few days to continue to grieve for Amanda Grace. My focus right now is to let The Lord minister to my heart as I continue to shepherd little Weston’s. I’ll be taking this time to focus on being a great follower of Jesus, dad, family member, and pastor to our growing church."

His use of her given and middle name is this statement is distancing, unless he regularly called her Amanda Grace across the board in most/all settings. It is reminiscent of the language of a parent rebuking a disobedient/wayward child.

You also made me realize that Davey prioritizes what is most important to him in this statement. More importantly to me, in stating his intention to grieve her, he then defines what grieving Amanda Grace is to him.
"I’ll be taking this time to focus on being a great follower of Jesus, dad, family member, and pastor to our growing church."

What is his definition of "great"? Was he not a "great" follower of Jesus prior to Amanda's death? Or was he not able to focus? Is he going to be a great follower of dad and family member to? ;) Was he not a dad or family member before Amanda's death? Or was he not a "great" dad before Amanda's death? Was he not a "great" family member before Amanda's death? How does grieving a wife make one a "great" follower of Jesus or better at any of the other responsibilities he lists?

How will a few days off make him so much more? I'm concerned for Weston because per Davey's twitter, Gavin's twitter (best friend an brother-in-law), and James' twitter, Davey enjoys following his teams,going to games, golfing, trips, hosting Life Group, daily early morning workouts, ongoing additional church activities/outreaches, church planning sessions, running, and more. When, where,and how is a 15 month old going to fit into this lifestyle? That lifestyle was only possible because of Amanda. This is the guy who's planning to "dialog" with his 15 month old, remember?

TommysMom said...

I have not viewed any of his videos, but being a lady of a certain age(old)and a student of the Book,I'm curious to know what DB thinks this means.

Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her,
Eph.5:24-25 NKJV

Candice said...

I have to disagree because I know first hand. I attend NewSpring and we are taught that becoming a Christian means giving every part of your life to Christ, repent (which means to turn away from), and be obedient to God. We know that God loves us and will forgive our sins. We also know that God will allow consequences for our wrongdoings and at the same time He is merciful. All things work together for our good. With that being said, no where in any of that is it ok to murder someone. God forgives out repentant hearts but allows us to pay for our mistakes. He himself isn't the one punishing us but he won't always save us from it.
After reading the analysis, I'm convinced that he is somehow involved or at least free from a marriage he no longer wanted.

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS (November 23, 2015). Three suspects have been arrested in relation to the rape and murder of Amanda Blackburn investigation. Sources say they will also be charged in three more burglaries, including a rape at the Westlake Apartments.

The suspects are Larry Taylor, Jalen Watson and Diano Gordan.

Watson and Gordon are in custody being held on parole violations. Taylor, who was previously taken into custody and released, was re-arrested Sunday night at a relative’s home, according to police.

Anonymous said...

I truly have the highest of confidence in law enforcement in this case.

Candice said...

This is a blatantly untrue statement. NewSpring is an unbelievable amount of financial accountability including an annual financial statement and a board that decides the pastor's salary. Since Resonate is backed by NewSpring, hopefully they have financial accountability as well.

Candice said...

I keep finding myself defending NewSpring and Perry Noble but it's hard not to when I see untrue statements.
You posted:
Correctly taught, Husbands meet her needs first and she'll gladly meet yours= win-win.

Perry literally preached on this subject this past Sunday and asked the men to step up and be men. He asked them to love their wives as Christ loves the church and to lead their families in a godly way. I don't want to argue with anyone but want to set things straight.