Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Statement Analysis Transcript: Davey Blackburn

I: Pastor Blackburn, thank you for joining us this morning, we’re so sorry for your loss.

DB: Thank you George, thank you very much.

I: I know the community came together in a memorial service for Amanda over the weekend, what do you want the world to know now about your wife?

DB: Oh my gosh, I wish I could tell the world everything about her, I wish I had the time to but, um, I think what I would really want the world to know is that she loved Jesus with her whole heart. And she loved people, and she spent her life pouring her life out to people. She served people, she uh, loved the people that were unloveable, gave hope to people who um, didn’t have hope, didn’t think they had a future, and um, she just absolutely gave everything she had to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"Oh my gosh" is to begin with exclamation.  Please see analysis on Scott Peterson, husband of murdered Lacy and Conor Peterson as he was not only indicated for deception, but later convicted and his statement is useful in domestic homicide language patterns.  

What is his time limitation from talking about Amanda?

This is his priority, that is, what came first.  He wants the world to know, in order:

a.  I don't have the time tell tell the world everything about her
b.  She loved Jesus with her whole heart. 
c  She loved people
d.  She spent her life for people
e.  She served people 
f.  She loved people
g.  She gave hope to people
h.  She gave everything to her Lord. 

Absent from the husband's statement is love to him, or love to her children.  This statement is from a husband of a woman with whom he lived and was "one" with, yet there is in this declaration of telling the world, nothing about their marriage.  

When someone's life is disrupted in this violent, life changing way, the world often "stops" and "nothing else matters."  This theme shows up in language.  There is nothing else that matters, and time stands still, and there is no 'moving forward' so close to the murder.  This statement appears to be hyperbole. 

He wishes he has the time. This statement should be taken in correlation to his original statement to the church:  he was not having the murder derail his career but only taking a few days off.  This comes at a time when he should have been 'reeling' from the 'blow' and without bearing.  Any normal grieving words were expected, but unheard; instead, his focus was upon himself, in particular, his career and how her death could benefit his career through publicity for his company/church.  The word "company" is intended to cause the reader to see what he did as something he was driven to success with.  I take this language from Blackburn, himself, who mentioned starting the work with "$100,000 of start up cash" and his wife's complaint that he was always at "work" beginning right after the honeymoon, which, from her perspective, led to the bad marriage.  From his perspective, it was not "work" that made the marriage bad, but pregnancy and his wife's inability or unwillingness to meet his sexual needs.  This, too, was her fault because he "articulated" his need, as he condemned other men for blaming their wives when they had not, in fact, "articulated" the need, leaving the wife to "guess" what was wrong.  

In this lengthy list, the subject is telling us of his wife's dedication which was to everyone but the subject, himself.  The list is long and it is void not only of the subject, but the child as well.  

DB: We know the police in,  have released surveillance photos, some surveillance videos overnight, what else have been telling you about who might have done this and why?

The question is about motive and identifying the killer.  
Although worded incorrectly, it is a good question. We avoid compound questions as they allow the subject to pick and choose what to answer and what not to.  

The questions, therefore are:

Who did this?
Why did he do this?

Keep this in mind as the subject responds:  

CD: Um, ya know, the ah investigators um, haven’t given me ah, a, ton of details that um, they’ve given me the details that they’ve released to, to the public as well, an, an so we, we’ve been really tryin’ to do over the past week is um, is, is, kinda figure out , we, ya know, how to grieve the loss an, an how to, how to move forward from here an how to work thru all of this , it’s devastating to the family an , and um, ya know the fu, funeral this past Sunday was just an amazing celebration of, of her life an, we just um, we were so grateful for, for friends and family comin’ to show support, and the nation um, there were over 6500 people tuned in across the world um, and, and, what was so great about Amanda is she was so selfless, that she didn’t want here life to be put on display ever, but she wanted Jesus to be put on display. We feel like that’s what happened at the celebration service, that Jesus was lifted up and people’s lives have been changed because of that.

a.  "Me" here is strong and appropriate.  He reveals, first, that police are not giving him anything the public does not have. 
This is to reveal that police have withheld information from him. He uses "a ton of details" which is consistent with his methodology of communication through 'word pictures'.  Consider a "ton" is a lot of information.  People are not comfortable lying outright.  More than 90% of deception comes from withheld or suppressed information rather than outright lying.  To use "a ton" is to give a word picture of a great deal of information though it is offered in the negative.  Next, he tells us exactly what they did give him:  the details "to me" that they have given to the press.  This is to emphasize "me", which is not his norm here.  


He leaves the listener with a clever word picture and impression:  police are giving "him", "himself" information, therefore, 'don't suspect me.'

This was a common theme of Billie Jean Dunn who sought to persuade television audiences that police were in close contact with her, which reduces suspicion.  It was her need to persuade that told us the opposite:  they were not communicating with her anything other than what the press received.  

b.  Note the change to "we" in "trying to figure out" the motive.  This is to avoid the motive of robbery and to include others with the plural pronoun "we", which is repeated often. 

The use of "we" is often found in guilty statements, just as it is in the language of children:  when we are guilty, we attempt to 'hide' among a crowd.   "Mom, everyone was doing it!" as if a multitude will justify action.  This is not a conclusion of guilt, but it is a red flag.  It was heard in the language of other homicide investigations regarding families, including missing children cases, Baby Lisa and Isabel Celis.  The deceptive parents had the need, even when alone, to use the pronouns "we" and "us" in personal matters where "I" and "my" were expected.  

He, himself, is not trying to figure out the motive.  "We" may be, but he, himself, is not.  Next, he takes this to something that is distinctly personal:  

c.  Grieving. 

"We" have to figure out how to grieve; not "I" which is not expected under any circumstances.  

"We" did not lose a wife.  "We" did not lose a child.  The marriage is between him and Amanda; no one else; and they were "one flesh", as one 'person.'  There is no more of an "personal" intrusion into this than murder.  

Investigators must learn why he, himself, does not have to "figure out" how to grieve.  

This is an artificial statement.  There is no "figuring out" to grieving; one grieves.  It may appear different in people, but it is a human reaction.  

"Jesus wept."

Lazaraus was a personal friend of Christ's, and this short statement speaks to perfect humanity for the subject, as is his claim.  

In his second public statement "to the nation" he invited people to his company, to "laugh" and instructed them to "wear jeans" and even told them what to tell media should they ask questions. 

 This is the language of a CEO , protecting and promoting his product, rather than a grieving, lost bewildered and frightened husband and father.  

Note:  "grieve the loss" is "the" loss and not "my wife" or anything personal.  

d.  "we" have to "move on" though she has been dead for just over a week.  This is not expected.  

e.  "Devastation."  There is nothing more devastating to a husband and father than to have his wife and child (pre born) murdered.  As "one flesh", it is, as described by many, as if "part of me was murdered" and other such close proximity language. It is an utter devastation to the surviving spouse first, and then to the children.  

To whom does he assign "devastation" to?

Here, it is "devastating" to "the family", not him, personally, nor even to "my family. " 

 This is unexpected distancing language.  

It is the language of a counselor or minister, removed from any personal connection to the victim.  

If a counselor, for example, is working with a family in grief, he or she would say "the family" as professional distance and boundary.  

This is to distance himself, personally, from the devastation.  

The expected is that he, himself, is devastated.  

In Statement Analysis we have a rule:

If the subject is unwilling or unable to say it, we are not permitted to say it for him.  

f.  Career. 

His original statement was narcissistic like and focused upon his career. His next statement was to the "nation" and it was a plea for his career success:  bringing people out.  

He used the death of Amanda as an advertisement of his business or company to the nation.  

What has our research and development department concluded?

Here, while speaking of the motive and identity of the murderer, he changes language to give the number of his successful advertising campaign technique of of "celebration" and "laughing" to a conclusion:


He goes further, however, to include not only the number of people who attended, but those who accessed the web site. 

This is in response to Who killed your wife?  and Why did he kill her?

His answer is to measure the success of the slick, up beat and positive spin on the murder of Amanda.  

This is his priority found in his language.  

g.  He was asked:  What was so great about Amanda? 

 His answer is to reflect his priority and the success he has had, as well as to highlight the struggle it took to reach this national level. 

His answer is that she did not want to compete with him.  This is especially noteworthy in the video performance of "Q & A" where he he over-talks her, quiets her, finishes her sentences, interrupts her, and corrects her. 

He humiliates her and reveals his sex drive and her subsequent 'inadequacy' and lack of 'adventurous' spirt in sex, including an off color joke at her expense in which he said it "went right over her head', making her the comedic 'dunce' in a well worn pattern of duo performances where one is the smart one and the other the target.  Hope and Crosby, Laurel and Hardy, and on through the decades.  Even 'good natured' jokes at the other's expense often employ harsh language.  They both described this marriage as near divorce with, according to Amanda, the distance from relatives as the only source of keeping her in the home.   

 In these videos, he speaks frequently and inappropriately about his own sex drive, Amanda's failure to satisfy it, and his causing her to have sex with him before going to dinner, lest he will not concentrate on her conversation.  This is to depersonalize and humiliate her.  It is done in 'word pictures' with theatrical choreographed movements added for affect.  This is why I called it "grooming."

In Statement Analysis, we also note grandiose praise as a signal of a bad relationship.  What made her great was letting him be "front and center."  She did not want to steal his spotlight.  

"and the nation, there were 6500..."  he knows the number of people who tuned in from around the world.  This is not something expected at this time.  He has now gone 'world wide', in response to the question of motive, as he turns back to 'success.'  

Please recall the question about motive has been moved from.  

h.   "We feel" is to avoid what he, himself feels, as husband.  This is an unexpected distancing language from a most personal and up close criminal act.  

i.  "Jesus" is used again and the success of his career propagated by her death. 

We note divinity in Statement Analysis as closely associated with deception.  "I swear to God" is the language of deception, even if the person's vow is truthful; it is the need to swear that is of concern.  Here, we do not find him using divinity as a means of verifying his words, but we do find it as a means of deflection and avoidance.  

The repetition indicating sensitivity is both advertising and deflection from the question.  

There is nothing within this statement that addresses the motive for her murder, nor the identity.  This is not missed by the Interviewer.  

There is nothing within this statement, or his earlier statements about catching the brutal murderer.  

There is nothing here, nor elsewhere, to show concern for his neighbors, himself, or his son, that a murderer may return.  

These are important expected elements that would come from someone of great faith, or someone without faith:  even a narcissist will be afraid for himself.  

The subject shows no concern, whatsoever, that a dangerous killer is out there.  

I: And it was such 

Here is cross talk 

DB: and, so , um , we’ve been

I: It was such an outpouring of…

DB: Go ahead George..sorry

Note the inclusion of "sorry" within the language.  
Note the 2nd inclusion of the Interviewer's first name 
Note he gives George permission to continue. 

I: I’m sorry, sorry, I apologize

DB: Yes.  

I:  "Do you have any idea why anyone would want to hurt Amanda?"

Recall that the police said he was "100%" not involved and that she was a robbery victim.  The Interviewer, by this question, shows a suspicion or doubt of this.  

Why might someone hurt her?

This should be easy to answer if the subject believes the police.  

My wife was killed during a robbery.  My wife was killed maybe protecting our baby.  My wife was killed because she surprised a robber...or anything along these lines.  

The police have already told him that there was a robbery earlier in the morning and that a video of a black male, short, with hoodie, exists who, they said, is the shooter.  Is this not the motive of why she was shot?

Question for analysis:  Does the subject believe the motive was robbery?

DB:   "There's not, Amanda did not have an enemy in the world.  Um, I, I can't, I cant imagine any reason why, that's why this has baffled us as much as anybody and so we are trusting the investigators who have been so good to us through this process um, trying to keep us up to speed on what they have and we trust, you know, that they are they are doing the best they can and have all the resources at their disposal right now  to catch who did this."

a.  The stuttering "I" of a non-stutterer (public speaker).  "I" is the most commonly used word by English speakers, with literally millions of usage.  Therefore, when one stutters on it, there is an increase in anxiety.  What caused this increase in anxiety?  It is about who would "do this to her" specifically. 

b.  "why":  motive is robbery.  If the motive was home invasion robbery, no answer is needed beyond this.  This shows that the subject does not believe this motive otherwise he might say, "I guess someone just wanted to steal from us" but does not.  He avoids giving any answer one week after the murder of his wife. 

This is not expected. 

We all would have long considered what would cause the murder of our wives, which is something very personal, affronting, and the language should reflect this.  That he is without imagination is not truthful.   Even one of his intellect, with a week to think of it, all day and all night, losing sleep, cannot even "imagine" why.  

This is to say that he does not want to say that she was killed as part of a robbery.  

People feel internal stress, not exclusively from conscience, when they lie outright.  Why does he avoid this simple sentence?

"It has baffled us" is to avoid that this "baffled me", the husband of the murdered wife and mother.  This is distancing language and is often found in the language of the guilty who wish to 'blend in' and 'hide' within a plurality of suspects. 

Pronouns are intuitive and powerful and do not lie.  Pronouns are exempt from subjectivity in language and are instinctive.  Pronouns are 100% reliable in guiding us.  

"baffle" is to say that it is a mystery, beyond his strong intellect's ability to even "imagine" what the motive may be.  

This is to say:  He does not want to tell the motive of his wife's murder.  

Next note:  Soft language towards the killer:  

"to catch who did this" is not to "catch my wife's killer" or anything similar. 

Note also that he does not use any harsh language on the killer.  

This avoidance is sometimes found in the language of the guilty, as well as extreme 'persuasive' condemnation of the killer.  (the former is more likely than the latter in guilty statements).  The extreme 'persuasive' signal of "attempt to persuade" is more often found in relationship language, as a signal. 

 Recall Scott Peterson's description of marriage as "glorious", while his dead wife and pre born child were  still not located at that time.  This is frequently seen on Facebook where public extremes are used, often signaling trouble at home. In murder cases, we sometimes find very soft, passive language, some including empathy, for the killer.  

The expected is to see and hear someone 'bite their tongue' but still use strong language:

"the killer"
"my wife's murderer"
"the animal who did this"
and so on.  

Objection:  This is his religious belief; to "love your enemy,"and it is in his language.  

Answer:  It is appropriate  that we view his statement in context of his background and work.  It helps establish his reference point and his norm.  His claim of context is Christianity.  

 Christ used harsh language, as did others, including "brute beasts", "vipers", and so on. He called upon forgiveness for ignorance, too, but he was not void, nor were the men He commissioned, of natural, human language.  

We note that the subject not only expresses no fear of the killer, he does not even identity him as the "killer", but only "who" instead.  This is to take a very soft approach to the one who killed his wife, of whom he said he had a very bad marriage with, and who said that pregnancy was a contributor to the negative relationship. 

Most men would fear the killer's return as he and his son are vulnerable and his home has experienced "invasion."

Home invasions are devastatingly personal, even when little is taken.  The occupants express feeling "violated" and unsafe.  When violence is added, it is much more intense, but with murder, there is no distancing in language expected; not even in denial.   

I:  "Investigators have also said that there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward even if they have information that might solve this crime.  What do you want to tell those people who might know something about this?

TV interviewers do not have the information needed, but do much of the talking for self promotion.  The question is what he wishes to say to anyone who has information that would lead to arrests:  

DB:  well, I mean, I, we would beg them to give any information that they  have.  Uh, we'd be extremely grateful for for that, you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do but I read Amanda's journal entry just a few days before as she journaled every day of her life just a few days before she was killed and she put something in there that just spoke volumes to us that we are deriving strength from she said we don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future and that's Jesus, and so we are drawing our strength from that and Jesus holds the future and we can't see it clearly now but she can see it clearly now as she is in heaven with Jesus and we will see her soon."

There is much here that is concerning: 

a.  Note the pronoun change of "I" to "we"
b.  Note the weakness in the verb, "would" rather than directly speaking to the people who could help solve the case.  
c. "we'd be extremely grateful for that", itself, warrants analysis:

"we" is not expected; making the assertion weak (1) 
Being "grateful" is made sensitive by "extremely",  (2)
"we'd" is contraction for we "would" which is conditional (3)
The word "that", rather than "this" is distancing language.  


I.  What do you say to those people who might know something about this?

Subject:  "Call the police.  Tell them.  They will keep it anonymous.  Tell them. Please!"

No equivocation nor distancing language.  "Would", by itself, is a weak assertion that is conditional.  This is not a conditional opportunity.  It may be conditional that one knows something, but the opportunity to speak, now, is not conditional.  It is expected that he would directly and firmly tell them to call.  Begging would also be a possibility. 

Note the continued 'sharing' of emotions:  
you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this,

Who is "we"?
What is "all this"?  The murder of his wife and child?  

This is a form of passive language that avoids telling us what he feels.  He is concealing information about his own emotions in the murder of his wife.  

Note the inability or refusal to speak for himself:

we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do

Note the stutter, again, on the pronoun "we" as increase in anxiety at this point of the topic.  Take this with the habit of speech, "you know" which shows an increase in the presence of the Interviewer at this question, and it brings us to sensitivity. 

I:  Thank you (cross talk) can you mention how you are holding up through all of us, hey hey there've been you know, when you look at these photos and see all this has there been any other problems in the neighborhood did you did you or any of your neighbors recognize uh, that person , its kind of hard to determine who that person might be, that person in the photo?

Police have said that this is the shooter.  

When someone refuses to speak for himself, there are two points in which the refusal becomes heightened; 

1. Thought
2.  Emotion

One should tell us what one thought.  In a personal domestic homicide, the subject should tell us what he thinks.  Even when a husband and wife are seated together, speaking for one another, for example, in a missing child case, biological innocent parents will say "I" and "my son" in their statements.  

Truthful people tell us what they thought and felt.  Yet it is in emotion that the subject should only tell us what he, himself felt, as emotion is the reaction to the known facts of what happened, and are personal. 

He is alone. 
His wife is not with him. 
He lost his own wife; this is the highest loss in a murder, with the child closely related.  

Even if he wished to speak to the thoughts of others (which is not expected), the emotions should be solely his own.  

They are not.  This is a red flag.  

DB   Yeah, Yeah, I  mean it was such an obscure photo its I mean its extremely difficult to say anyone recognized it I mean our fam, our neighborhood was so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood that this devastated all the neighbors, you know we knew all the neighbors we had just lots of cook outs with them recently and uh, and so, you know, we're we're we're we're just as confused as everybody else...at this point. 

"Everybody else" did not have their wives and pre born children brutally murdered; he did.

The pronoun "we" is then stuttered upon four or five times (it is difficult to discern) regarding the topic of "confusion."  He does not say "I am just as confused" but "we", with the plural "we" being very sensitive to him. 

Pronouns are not generally stuttered upon unless there is a hesitation in the speed of transmission:

Remember:  the average person has 25,000 words.  Blackburn is above average in intelligence and likely has many more.  Pronouns are used since childhood, millions of times.  While speaking, his brain tells him what words, out of the 25,000 +, where to place each word, what tense to use, and so on, in order to communicate.  

This processing time is less than a microsecond in the brain. 

When there is a halt, or disruption in speed, the topic is very sensitive and is used in polygraphs to discern internal stress that this disruption causes.  

That he is a non-stutterer and a public speaker only highlights the stress or anxiety felt in this context.  

Sensitivity indicators have to do with the speed of transmission and not the 'sensitivity' of the overall topic.  The murder of one's own spouse is sensitive, yet the language flows freely and quickly and when a subject wishes to conceal information, or is upon a particularly anxiety producing word, he may stutter.  

"Sorry" is something that we listen for as it does enter the brain (and the subsequent language) of the guilty.  It is not an indicator of guilt by itself, but something we note and add to overall analysis. Casey Anthony said, "I'm sorry?" to the 911 operator, as if to say 'pardon me' or "What did you say?"

Being "sorry" has a way of creeping into the language of both the polite, and the guilty.  Therefore, without conclusion, we simply note its inclusion in the overall analysis.  

I:  "Your little boy Weston is just 15 months old he won't grow up with his mom.  What are you going to tell him about her?

This is an opportunity to talk about Amanda's character specifically as it related to motherhood.  He can tell us she was a "great mother" but it will be hollow without telling us what made her a "great mother":  

DB:  "Yeah, yep.  I think that thats probably one of the hardest things in this whole process  is knowing that he is not going to grow up with Amanda, because she was the perfect mama, every mom in the world could have learned from her,  I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her and I know that there is going to be some stories that we're going to tell Weston as he grows up but I do know one thing that through all of this Amanda's hope and um her prayer is that Weston grows up and sees Jesus in all this and falls in love with Jesus.  And that would be her hope through all of this and so as we're dialoging with him and trying to shepherd his heart as he grows up we're just going to continue to point to the fact that his mom loved Jesus and loved people and that's contagious and we just believe that that the Lord is going to do a great work in his life as well.  

a.  First note that the murder of his wife, a week old, is a "process." This is consistent with other distancing, formal language, as if he is a counselor well removed from the family.  

b.  She was "the perfect mama" 
c.  "Every mom in the world could have learned from her."
d.  "I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her."

Hyperbole noted, without content.  

Hyperbole is often consistent with bad relationships.  It shows a "need to persuade" rather than an honest report.  It is expected, however, when one dies, that all criticism cease and some elevation take place.  Here, he does not, however, tell us what made her great as a mother and while addressing this topic for his son, moves into hyperbole as a wife but again it is without a single word of content. 

This is to suggest that the subject was critical of Amanda as a mother and as a wife.  

This is something first noted in his originally released statement, and confirmed in his video appearances. 

The hyperbolic statements echo what we saw in Scott Peterson's statements, and were, like these, without content.  Even a short sentence about what made her great would suffice, including "a loving mother" an "attentive mother" or one who "gave her time to Weston", and so on. 


It is void of content and 'empty hyperbolic praise' instead.  

Also we see subtle distancing language, including the word "with" when between people, as distancing (which may be due to death), yet in the same answer as the lack of content.  This distancing is affirmed with:

"I know that there is going to be some stories that we're going to tell Weston as he grows up" which is then met by "but":

a.  "I known" is turned to "we" that will be telling the stories.  This is to distance himself from saying "I will tell Weston", which, as father, is expected.  This distancing language is consistent throughout his statement. 

b.  "but"

The word "but" refutes or minimizes that which preceded it by comparison.  What follows is 'greater' when compared to the "stories" about "Amanda" (not his mother, nor his "mama") "they" (plural) will tell Weston:


This brings back the focus of the purpose of the "celebration" and the advertising of the church, as to say 'this is so powerful that you must come and be a part of it' and has been his theme from the first release. 

The constant repetition of the Name of "Jesus" is used excessively and it comes up when he speaks of Amanda. It is to show that this appearance on Good Morning America is another opportunity for his business, the business he told his audience shortly after the murder, that he would be staying with.  

I:  "Thank you very much, Pastor"

DB:  "Thank you very much, George."  

Analysis Conclusion:

Davey Blackburn was not asked by George Stephonapholis if he was involved in his wife's murder, therefore, we have no opportunity to analyze his denial.  

Amanda Blackburn was shot in the head during a robbery while her husband, Davey Blackburn, was at the gym.   

In his statements and in this interview, he shows no concern about a murderer running lose, nor any personal desire for the murderer to be caught.  

He distances himself from the victim, consistently throughout.  

His initial statement showed a narcissistic like tendency to, at the time of his wife's murder, to be concerned with his "company", or "business" (church), including that he would still be the head of it.  This is not expected to be heard in a statement just after the murder of one's wife and unborn child. 

Next, he used it as an advertising opportunity and it worked:  2,000 were in attendance, and 4,000 more tuned in online.  This, too, is in his language.  

His videos are alarming.  In them, including one with the victim, he talked about how bad their marriage was, how he went to the gym, how he had life insurance, and how her first pregnancy was related to the bad marriage. 

Amanda Blackburn was murdered while being 3 months pregnant, while her husband was at the gym.  

He also speaks in the videos about his sex drive.  This is combined with theatrics while dressed in young, hip and tight fitting clothing as a "minister" who has tailored his message to "resonate" with "young people."

He does not limit his sexual speaking to Scripture but moves to himself, often, as the example, using words that create 'pictures' in the minds of teenaged listeners in the audience.  As he inputs himself into the sexual discussion he tells his audience about his sex drive and his wife's failure to meet it.  He goes into inappropriate personal detail which is humiliating and depersonalizing to Amanda, including the bizarre "we must have sex before our dinner date" lest he be incapable of "concentrating" on Amanda's conversation.  The videos tell us something is very wrong here.

In cases I have worked, or assisted others, each time a professional was using his own self as sexual example, it ended up  being "grooming" with loss of job, license or an arrest.  It is inappropriate.    

In the videos, he is "front and center", consistent with narcissism, puts on a 'show' and when he does appear with Amanda, he over-talks her, interrupts her, and 'corrects' her.  He even ridicules her fidelity at one point.  He is, in short, competing with her for the attention of the audience and camera.  This is the one area that in this interview, he praises her with content:  she did not want the spotlight.  This is good for him and the only tangible praise he offers her.  

He mentions not only life insurance, but the gym, which he connects with "sex" and pays a company $10 a month to monitor his online viewing history.  

His statements are all about himself, and when not about sex, he is about his 'ministry', or, for the sake of this analysis, his 'company' that he, alone, must cause to grow to be as successful as the large one that sent him out, with 2 years salary and $100,000 in cash, to grow. 

While his wife had just died a violent death, he included in his first statement, the priority within him:  he is not leaving his company.  

When he answers the questions for the television audience in this interview, he conceals his own thoughts and his own emotions by only ascribing what "we" think and what "we" say.  

He shows that he does not agree with the police about the motive.  Police said "robbery" but he says that "we" are not able to even "imagine" what the motive was. 

Davey Blackburn does not want to talk about the motive for the murder.  

The police made it clear stating he was "100% not involved, and that "this is the killer" on the video, and that it was a robbery.  What is it about robbery that Blackburn does not wish to talk about?  What is it about the police conclusion that leads Blackburn to be "baffled" and incapable of "imagining" why this happened?

He speaks of the killer in terms void of any anger, resentment or emotion.  Even in the most restrained religious language, there is an expectation of not only fear, for himself and his son, but anger. 

There is none.  

The hyperbolic language suggests a relationship as bad as both he and Amanda stated that it was.  In statement analysis, the exaggeration of praise is a signal of a poor relationship as it has a need to persuade which reveals weakness.  

Davey Blackburn is concealing his thoughts about the murder. 

Davey Blackburn is concealing his emotions about the murder. 

             Davey Blackburn is not afraid of the killer. 

He does not address this fear, for himself, his son, and for the community at large.  His concern is not for himself, his son, or the community, but for the growth of his 'company.'  

This leads us to ask:  

What would cause him to not fear the killer?

If a thief had broken into my home and shot my wife in the head, killing her and my unborn child, it would be terrorizing for me, my children, and my neighbors.  It would be a priority before I could even begin to process what has happened, what I have lost, and what my children have lost.  

I would not have a need to tell the public that my career is going forward.  The world would 'stop' and her death would not be used for publicity.  

I would be in fear for my life and the lives of those around me unless I had knowledge that the killer would not target me and my family.  Even then, could I trust this knowledge?  

Davey Blackburn wants to "move on" from the murder of his wife. This is his theme a week after her murder.   This is not expected but it is consistent with one headed for divorce and it is consistent from his wording on how bad his marriage was.  

Davey Blackburn does not hold Amanda in high regard as a mother.  This was first signaled in his initial statement, and is confirmed here by hyperbolic empty praise. 

Davey Blackburn does not show a high opinion of Amanda as his wife, confirming the things both he and Amanda spoke about regarding their relationship.  

Davey Blackburn uses language that distances himself from the closest personal murder possible:  his own wife by "running away from commitment" with the pronoun "we" instead of the pronoun "I" in his statement.  

The pronoun "I" is the most powerful in the English language and is used millions of times by us.  It is not difficult to use.  

In this "up close" and "personal" murder, he runs away from commitment by using the plural pronoun instinctively.  This is more consistent with guilt, as even parents of young children are familiar with, than with innocence.  

Some of this may be explained by the fact that while being in a very bad marriage, his wife has died, sparing him the pain of divorce, which would have cost him his company.  He can now, unfettered by both her and the pregnancy, continue to grow his company, as he is under heavy pressure to be successful in numerical and financial growth.  

The distancing language and hyperbolic praise is consistent with a bad relationship, but this does not explain why Davey Blackburn has no fear of the killer.  

Perhaps police have given him reassurance that he is unable to share with the public, of which this question is now answered and the conclusion of distancing language from a bad marriage is the conclusion of the analysis.  This is difficult to accept, right now, because he has given indication that police are not communicating much with him other than what the public knows.  

There is not a single word of concern that his young child may have been exposed to the violence, which, at his age, still may have impact, nor does he express fear for his son's life.  

If Blackburn is not guilty in association with his wife's murder, he is doing a good job of impersonating someone who is and is someone who is no longer under the burden of a bad marriage so he can pursue his career.  His words reveal that in the midst of a murdered wife, his work is far more important.  In another interview, he likens Amanda's death to his 'company' where her death has brought people out to his church.  He receives the praise for his 'remarkable' lack of affect and his 'celebration' of her death.  

In the final question about Amanda, he again praised her for not taking the spotlight.  He said "she loves people" but continued to avoid saying, "she loved me."  In this interview, he stayed remarkably close to 'script', repeating the same things to the local news that he did to national.  

Davey Blackburn did not shoot Amanda Blackburn, but does he know who did?  Is he connected, in any way, to the shooter, due to a bad marriage, the pregnancy, and a life insurance policy?

Or, did a man passionate and driven about his job,  who had  a bad marriage, who would have lost his job in a divorce, be granted his 'divorce' by a robber who decided to shoot his victim in the head?


It is possible.  


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WTHR Interview second video | said...

Continued Transcript - This is the second video of the WTHR. com Interview

DB: Yeah, I don’t understand either.
Interviewer: I don’t understand how anyone could have – not that it’s okay to put your hand on anyone, but it – and I was just kind of taken aback by that, I mean – I don’t know
DB: I think the, um, most confusing things in life for - when it seems like bad things happen to good people, and Amanda didn’t have an enemy in the world, not one – and um, we don’t get it – we’re confused, and we’re, we’re distraught, and sometimes we feel lonely, and sometimes we feel like there’s no answers to it all, and um, [sigh] but we know that God has a plan to restore this, um, we know that, that he is amazing – you know Amanda was amazing at restoring furniture – God’s amazing at restoring lives, and tragedy, and sadness, and we um, we put our hope in, in a God who promises that one day he will right every wrong, that he will wipe away every tear, that we’ll see the big picture one day, and it will make sense, even though it’s completely confusing right now, and um, certainly uh, we ask ourselves consistently, why? Cos this is senseless, this seems senseless, this is like, this is evil, this is not, this is not – you know, God didn’t do this to her, and we know that – this was evil, this was sin, this was the badness of this world, but, but God’s so powerful that he takes, he, he showed by sending his Son Jesus to, to, to die on the cross that the world thought and the enemy thought that they had Jesus when he died on the cross but, but God redeemed that and restored that, and raised him three days later - and so, so we live in this meantime period right now we’re we going ‘I don’t know, and I don’t get it, I don’t see it, it seems like everything is dead, everything is lost’, but we have a hope of, of the resurrection, of Sunday, of God taking all of this and restoring it. And um, and that’s the only hope that’s able to get us through this, um. The Bible says we grieve as, um, as not as people who don’t have hope, but as people who have hope. And there’s, it’s a different type of grieving, and it doesn’t make sense to the world, um, I don’t get it even – I don’t understand the peace that I’m, that I feel, um, and I know I’m gunna go in so many waves, and so many emotions, but um, but I, it’s all – as a pastor you sit across from people and you try to help explain this to people when they go through things, and it’s all theory, it’s all theology, and um, and now when you go through it, and it’s reality, it um, it shakes you a little bit – and it, um, and it makes you go, you know, man, do I really believe this stuff? And um, [sniffs] I can honestly say through all of this ‘we do’. Um, I’m not, sometimes I wonder like if you really know if you do believe it when, you know, until it happens – and then when it happens, you know – and the peace that we feel is, is testimony to um, um, Jesus is real – in our hearts. And I’ve looked at our family, I’ve looked at our friends, I’m like, I see peace, I see joy in their hearts through all of this. We sat around her, her bed, um, her bedside in the hospital and just, we would sing, um, we would, we would weep, we would pray, we would, we would laugh – why would, why do you laugh, you know? We’re just sharing the stories of who Amanda was and who sh – and, um, we have a hope that is, that is beyond all hope, that will restore all things, and that’s Jesus.
Interviewer: If you could say something to either the people who know something to the people who know something, what happened, or even to the person who did this – you don’t have to answer that, but you know – what would you say?


WTHR Interview second video | said...

DB: Um, well if, [slight throat clearing] if there was. um, if I could say something to somebody who knew something I would, I would beg em to come forward, and um, share whatever information they have – um, you know, I mean we, we, we want to find whoever did this, we want um, [slight laugh] it’s such a conundrum, in our hearts we want justice, um, but Amanda lived her life – on this mission that said ‘even the unforgiveable can be forgiven’ – and um, as I’m reading through her journal and she’s saying like ‘I don’t feel this, but I believe this, and I know this to be true’ like, we try to wrestle with that, and we try to say ‘Hey’, um, ‘Jesus, help us believe, and help us forgive in the midst of all of this. Um, I can’t honestly tell you where I’m at with that, um, but I know Amanda’s middle name was Grace [laugh] and I know that um, I know that she lived her life to see people who were the unforgiveable be forgiven, and um, see people who were the purposeless have purpose in Jesus Christ. So um, I honestly don’t know what I would say – um, I’m sure I’ll get to a place where I have to wrestle with that. You know at this point we’re, we’ve spent the last week just trying to figure out what do we, what do we do from here, you know, what is, how do we mourn, how do we grieve, how do we hug each other, how do we support each other, how do we prop each other up – and um, how do we love and shepherd little Weston, and what do we, what do we do from here? And just like her journal entry said, we don’t know what the future holds but we know who holds the future, and that’s Jesus.
Interviewer: Just kind of, I guess, housekeeping questions. Your neighbourhood, the safety;
DB: Yeah
Interviewer: how do you feel about the police, the investigation, and everything else?
DB: Yeah. Our neighbourhood has always been very safe, you know – I mean we know virtually all of our neighbours. Um, there are so many of our neighbours that um, Amanda was building such great relationships with moms in our neighbourhood, they would have playdates, and, and so we’ve never had, like this is why it’s so shocking to us, and to the entire neighbourhood, and um, I know they gathered around for prayer one night, they all came to our Sunday morning service, came to the Celebration service that night, and um, we’re all just shocked through the whole thing – but man, I’m seeing them rally together, um, we’re seeing, we’re seeing um, a testimony, um, and miracles come out of this mess, that Amanda prayed for. Um, there are people in our neighbourhood that Amanda prayed would meet Jesus and would have a relationship with Jesus, and we know because of this circumstance, have done so. And um, I guarantee you Amanda wouldn’t write the story like that, but I can also guarantee you that Amanda would have laid her life down for anybody to meet Jesus. Uhum – that’s who she was, and, um, it’s almost like if you came to her, and you were like hey, you’ve got the - I’ve got the cure for cancer that I can give to the rest of the world, I just need to cut you first – she’d be like, in a heartbeat, do it, cos she loved people. And so, our neighbourhood felt that, our neighbours felt that, and we’re seeing powerful things come out of this tragedy, already – which also gives us hope – you know, we get to see it in front of our eyes, like -okay, we’re seeing how God is restoring this situation.

WTHR Interview second video | said...

Interviewer: They still don’t have someone
DB: They still don’t have anybody.
Interviewer: But they have the picture
DB: Right
Interviewer: Is that surveillance picture which they released that last night - what are your thoughts about that? Do you think it’s going to lead to finding this person?
DB: I certainly hope so, I certainly hope it does. [Rubs hands together] Um, you know, investigators have uh, they’ve been incredible in this whole situation to us, um. They have um, you know, tried to keep us in the loop with, with everything that they have that’s tangible. And um, it’s everything that they’ve kept the public in the loop about, too, and um, they’ve assured us that they have the, the full scale of resources, even nationwide, at their disposal to be able to, to catch who did this, and so um, we’re, we’re hopeful of that. Um, and um, a-and we’re hopeful that that good things are gonna come out of all of this, so.
Interviewer: It really is remarkable, and you know people are growing. I just don’t understand how.
DB: Yeah, I know.
Interviewer: You know that, hey?
DB: I know, I get it, I don’t understand sometimes either. Um, yeah.
Interviewer: You’ve kind of done this throughout the whole interview – but I’m going to repeat it again. Tell us the coolest thing you know about Amanda.
DB: [Laugh] We could write a book! Maybe we will one day, I don’t know. Um. Gosh, she uh, you know there are so many people that live their lives that like want, they want their life to be on display, they want their life to be about them. Um, on some level I’m sure there’s so many people who have altruistic notions, they’re like, they wanna on a deeper level ‘I wanna do something for a greater cause’, but we see so much of it in our world today, of selfishness – and Amanda was the complete opposite of that, and she lived her life that way. She uh, she loved people, and she served people, and she – you heard it over and over in the funeral service – she was the kind of person who would sit down and talk to you, but she wouldn’t talk, she would just listen. And you would sit and talk about your life for fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes and, and she was so interested, and then she had so much – Michelle, she had so much wisdom that was beyond her years. Uh, in fact she had a tattoo on her, on her wrist that was a symbol in Hebrew that means the fountain of wisdom – that was kind of her life, almost mantra was just ‘I want to be wise’ , and she was, she was wise beyond her years - people came, well older than her, well more experienced than her came and asked her for advice, and she would just sit and give counsel, and that’s what she loved to do, is just help people – and she poured her life out for people, to do that. Um, while she was living in Indy. And um – I.m not sure if there’s a better, a better way you can commemorate her that she lived her life for Jesus, and for other people – and everything flowed out of that, um everything – every decision she made, every um, every feeling she kept in check, every thought she guarded – was, was ‘I want to serve Jesus, and I want to serve other people’ and um, that’s what made her so wonderful. Um, man, if I just - I wish that every mom and every wife could learn from her in that way – and I wish that every single person – we were just joking around with somebody who had bought some of her furniture, that it feels like all of Indianapolis has a little piece of Amanda in the furniture she sold. I wish, I wish that the whole world from this would have a little piece of Amanda.

WTHR Interview second video | said...

Interviewer: Is there anything I have missed that you would like to add?
DB: Um - I don’t believe so.
Male Voice: Hey, Davey, one of the cool things about your Salvation of Life service, at the end, with people who made decisions for Christ
DB: Yeah
Male: and you mentioned earlier about you texting – could you tell us that, tell Michelle that
DB: [Embarrassed laugh] Yeah, um [scratches forehead] Well, you know, I’m sure people cope and grieve in lots of different ways, and y – there’s no, I don’t feel like anyone’s written a book on this, and there’s no like standardised way to grieve, um, [rubs hands together] but I, we [becomes ‘emotional’] shared everything together, everything – we were partners in everything, and I feel like that most marriages don’t have that – um, that’s what made ours really special is that everything – we really were one, and I wanted her to be a part of everything I was doing, and I wanted to be a part of everything she was doing, and so, as this past week has gone by it’s felt so empty, because I haven’t had her. I’ve caught myself multiple times when we’re making decisions, looking over to say ‘What do you think about that, babe? What do you think about that?’ Cos I asked her everything, and we were just so a part of – everything a part of our decisions, and so now as I’m trying to, to grieve and cope with this, I’ve started texting her phone, and uh, obviously I know she’s not going to respond, but I’ve just texted her like – and so after Sunday service I just text her and told her ‘You would be so proud of our church today’, and told her ‘sixteen people gave their life to Jesus today – because of you’. And then afterwards on Sunday, night, um, I texted her and said ‘the service was beautiful, it embodied everything about you, and countless people are coming to know Jesus because of you’ – and that’s what Amanda lived her life for. At the end of the day she lived her life to see people coming to know Jesus. And she’s in heaven, with Jesus, and she sees this whole picture clearly, even though we see it dimly, and she, um, I feel like Jesus is pointing out to her every single life and story that’s been touched by her life, and I believe, I believe wholeheartedly that she is so full of joy because of that right now. That there’s no pain, she’s in perfect peace, and um, and one day we’re going to get to see her again because we have that hope in Jesus Christ living in us.
Interviewer: How is that – texting to her?
DB: Uh, it’s hard, and it feels weird [laughs] um – but I think it helps, a little bit.
Interviewer: Everyone has different ways of doing
DB: Yeah
Interviewer: [inaudible] – that’s nice, actually
DB: Yeah
Interviewer: that’s a nice idea.
DB: Yeah



aud said...

Scarlet casket - Scarlet woman?

Links || said...

Forgot the Links to the videos:

Davey Blackburn Interview Part One with an NBC producer

Second Video

Carnival Barker said...

WTHR, are you a professional transcriber? Your work is impeccable.

lynda said...

Peter..that part towards the end where davey stutters on the we're..we're..we're..I played that back so many times because he did it so FAST, but I wanted to get the amount of times he actually started to form the word and then stuttered. I think (it was to hard to call) that he might have actually done it 5 times in a row!

The transcripts above...this man is a lunatic. A scary narcissistic sociopath. Yes, I'm adding sociopath. Partly because he doesn't even seem to want to TRY to model normal, grieving behavior. Even Ted Bundy TRIED..and was successful for a long time. CD doesn't even give a damn enough to try to pretend he has empathy, sympathy, loyalty, love, etc. for anyone other than himself.

lynda said...

Forgot to add - his facial expressions are all off, he doesn't even think its inappropriate or at least questionable, that he hasn't cried, been angry, sorrowful, even righteous indignation..he can't even mime them by watching others. He's so FAR from God, yet he thinks he sits in his lap.

Melissa M. said...

Brilliant! This case has been driving me crazy. I can't wait to see what DB does/says next (give him enough rope...). Great chat tonight too!

Sus said...

Thank you Lynda and WTHR, for the transcripts. Thank you, Peter, for another great analysis.

The guy is in a full-blown psychotic episode. In his earlier videos, I kept thinking it was drugs, but now I think it's part of his mental illness.

Pastor Davey is seeing himself as the second Christ. Nothing must get in the way of a "perfect ministry" as Jesus had on Earth.

If you're not with him, you're against him. And he saw Amanda as not with him. She had a home, a son, and now a new pregnancy.

aud said...

I hope this doesn't go the way of the Richard DeCaro case I mentioned in chat - where the homeless loser shooter got the death penalty and the cold blooded husband gets life. This guy is beyond guilty. Peace? Forgiveness? I have no words for these interviews. So hoping the grandparents are able to stomach fake being around him to keep the son close. This guy is dangerous.

(But at least DeCaro was finally convicted...unlike the equally guilty/sickening Shawn Adkins and Billie Jo Dunn.)

Anonymous said...

Very well done Peter!!

Anonymous said...

Something just occurred to me, after remembering a quote I read in an online news article (I am fairly sure) from a cop working this case who said something to the effect of "how dare you sell the personal items of a dead person...".

If anyone has the source for this, can you please post it?

The house that was broken into first had things stolen, but no one died there, so if this quote is real, this means something was taken, and it was a personal item, not a TV likely...I was thinking it was maybe her wedding ring, as that is a very personal item, she was likely wearing it, and it has value on the street... Just a thought, as it symbolizes marriage, theirs, as well...

One certainly can be a murderer without being the trigger man, everyone knows that, but Mr. Davey banking on it, in more ways than one

JMTO said...

Awesome analysis, Peter!

Missed the live chat, had to take lightbulbs to the hubby and then the oldest to wrestling practice! Wish I could have been on for that!


Jade said...

He took too many of those internet marketing schemes to heart. All you have to do is look like you have it all, talk like you have it all and the good people will give you it all. The gym, the hashtags and slogans, the social media and "celebrity" persona. He's combining internet marketing with pyramid schemes with the "church". Essentially, creating a lifestyle where he does pretty much nothing and gets everything covered off by others. Gross. What a horrible, horrible man-boy.

JMTO said...

Ps. I have now decided that DB is a mixture of Darlie Routier ((her boys were happy and in heaven, time for celebration!!!)) and Ted Bundy.
He def has the charismatic charm of Bundy.

lynda said...

Peter..Thank you so much for the quick analysis, you must've been working your bum off all day!

I'm surprised Nancy Grace hasn't gone after this guy yet. I posted CD family pedigree last night, there could be political and financial power plays going on to benefit CD. That's the scariest part, nothing more deadly than a religious fanatic/zealot, lucky for us, davey only worships himself.

lynda said...

JMTO..I was a young woman during the Bundy days and I have to say my opinion of Bundy then was he is really charming and self-depracating sort. CD does not display that to me. I wonder if it's just age, maturity, wisdom, that makes me feel that way about CD as opposed to being a young woman and thinking Ted was charming..*shiver* Of course! I was young and impressionable, somewhat sheltered to a degree, the perfect victim for Ted or the perfect apostle for Davey. It is completely jaw-dropping that teenage girls are around him. *double shiver*

lynda said...

Davey's new mantra...repetition, repetition, repetition {{{look into my eyes}}}}}

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 2h2 hours ago

We don't know what the future holds, but we do know Jesus holds the future #NothingIsWasted

I would pray that the police have her journal, hell they don't need it, all they have to do is watch the Q & A's

Anonymous said...

Amazing. It's only a matter of time. I have friends who are falling for this guy's bullshit hook, line, and sinker. From the moment I heard this story, I've thought, he's guilty as hell.

Your analysis is brilliant. Like prophetic. I look forward to following you/this case closely...

Anonymous said...

Holy S*** sometimes I creep myself out, maybe I'm a touch psychic...the ring idea hit me, I posted it only a few minutes ago, then did a web search to see if the family, or friends were talking about what was taken, and I immediately came across this:


People are talking about him, and Amanda's ring/rings...And the news says the gun found near by is not related...

Also, unless the guy knew there were cameras, why is he trying to hide his face from neighbors he thought asleep when entering and leaving...it seems he may have known about the cameras, beforehand...

Unknown said...

Not once, not one single time does he mention their unborn child.

Shannon In CA said...

I think Ted bundy WAS charming. Ann Rule said he was a good friend...very charming, complimentary. He even walked her to her car one night because he wanted to make sure she was safe...because there are bad people out there. As he'd know I guess (although there's no confirmation he'd started killing at that point...but I think he had). I don't think he'd have hurt Ann rule because she wasn't his type. I'd like to think he cared enough for her that he wouldn't have hurt her daughter either but he was a sociopath so probably not. Her daughter was14...and had the look he went for. She said he stared at her and a friend once. Scary.

But yes...I think he WAS charming. And CD is, too...in a way. But he's a bit more unhinged with his Jesus talk and the constant plugging of his church. He's like the next Jim jones or something (I pray not of course).

Buckley said...

Ok I had my 9-yr old daughter watch it with me and asked her what she thought. "He doesn't seem upset, he said Jesus like 100 times, and he gulped a lot."

We went back to see where he "gulped a lot"- it was always when talking about the suspect.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is he'd make a good journalists. He reads a lot of self-help books- those of the Christian persuasion- and regurgitates much of the text. He seeks perfection, though unobtainable, gives him pause for exploration utilizing Freudian psychology, humanist theories, and a propensity to try to control anyone that doesn't agree with what he already knows as the Truth.

He may someday be the TV pundit for church ongoings as others seek to make it a place of public domain where it can be disrupted for their causes.

Sus said...

Anon 8:23,
During the LE press conference the sheriff said, "How can you, how dare you, take something from a dead person and sell them?" I've posted it enough I believe I have it correct, or at least close.

A reporter has tweeted (citing sources from within the police dept) that someone tried to use Amanda's debit card at an ATM.

I have no idea if she's credible. She's the same reporter, also citing inside police sources, that said Amanda was shot three times...in the torso, the hand, and the head.

Buckley said...

"He may someday be the TV pundit for church ongoings"

Or he can minister to his fellow prisoners ;)

Anonymous said...

Gulping yes, and lets not forget the use of "umm" and "uh", he has usage patterns with those too...

Anonymous said...

CD is wearing her wedding ring around his neck on a chain.

Anonymous said...

Even CD ~with his gulping~ is having a hard time swallowing his lies.

I also believe he thinks he's the second coming of Christ.

snap said...

Dude reminds me of James Holmes

The "awful" school she went to is Pensacola Christian College in Florida --- her sister went there too and got a nursing degree

Her retail website is called Weathered Willow. Babysitter's seems like a knockoff.

Favorite phrases of the church:

The best is yet to come
Nothing is wasted (including your organs)
Whatever it takes.

Feels like HUMAN SACRICIFICE to me.

lynda said...

Sus said...
Anon 8:23,
During the LE press conference the sheriff said, "How can you, how dare you, take something from a dead person and sell them?"

First.."Them" what's them? Rings? CD is wearing Amanda's around his neck so we know it's not that. Earrings? Bracelets? Necklaces...would have to be more than one as Sheriff said "Them"

Second.."Sell them" How does Sheriff know they were sold? Did they track down personal items of hers to a pawn shop? Who pawned them? He didn't say, "Try to sell them" or "Are you just going to sell them" he said Sell them, as in SOLD. Does LE know way more than they are saying regarding perp or person who 'Sold" Amanda's things?

Anonymous said...

I expect any day now, once the local PD, the state police, and the FBI recognize that crime has slowed in one area while picking up in another is because someone wanted a safer place for their children to live.

Wouldn't you?

And, if and when that happens, I expect them to throw him face down in the street and cuff him and haul him off to his new ministry.

Carnival Barker said...

Anyone have any ideas what "Nothing Wasted" actually means? It was important enough for Jesus Christ Superstar to create that hashtag and start tweeting it during Amanda's "celebration," but I don't understand what the message means. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

My guess: God doesn't make trash (equivalent)

Anonymous said...

I live in Indianapolis and am dumbfounded by the lack of coverage or info at the local level in addition to the lack of suspicion toward the husband. A news article came across my feed not long after the murder and the whole thing caught my attention. After perusing their FB pages my instincts told me that he did it. I've never been interested in local happenings like this but am slightly obsessed with following this one. Found this site via Google and am thrilled @ all the info and insight. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

@Carnival Barker:

Not sure what it means, but it's also product line that was (ironically?) developed by D & A's babysitter, Meg... https://www.facebook.com/nothingiswasted/timeline

lynda said...

I wish that neighbor guy would come back, if in fact, he was a neighbor. Maybe they've all drunk the kool-aid

KD said...

Peter - This is an incredible analysis. Thanks for all your hard work! One thing - of many - that I found of interest, was the hyperbolic language used and how you mentioned it's seen often on FB, etc. I literally have personally known couples who were in horrific marriages on the brink of collapse post on FB such things as, for example, on Father's Day, "Happy FD to the greatest father and husband ever!" It's interesting to see that this can be a warning sign. Social media and how people portray their lives therein deserves its own scientific discipline, IMO. (Media Studies MA here)

I do hope you watched and maybe do a brief analysis of the local interview he did, which is nearly 30 min long and also uncut. That's a lot to work with and repeats his major themes a lot, but particularly in the 2nd part he seems to try to mimic affectation and fails miserably.

@ Anon 8:23 & 8:47 - I am "Wanderlusty" over at WS (posted the link and info about the ring) and I posted that here, as well. I went through the same epiphany you did. I joined WS after this story unfolded and migrated here because I couldn't believe people weren't seeing through this guy's BS.

I really hope the LE have this guy on his radar.....

Anonymous said...

Interesting verbiage: "God turns trash to treasure" in part 1 of the interview. Body language: shaking his head when talking about what a good mom Amanda was in part 1. Shaking his head when he says "I can honestly say" in part 2. He loves the camera, and is really putting on quite the performance. He loves the attention from others, when he talks about them marveling at his "strength" in part 1.

lynda said...

Wait..What?? I thought he knew the sex of the unborn child?? He even posted what "her" name was. Now he is saying that it was to early to know the sex but Amanda thought it was a girl and he just went ahead and used the name Grace for a middle name. What? He got a lot of mileage out of that "story", that it was a girl and her middle name was the same as Amanda's. Then watch closely at around 1:20...I think he starts to say "guilty" but then he catches himself.
One thing this video showed me...he tries and tries to cry, but he just CAN'T.


Sus said...

Gulping? How about smacking the lips? That drives me batty! What other suspect did that? I know there was one.

I'm betting on a gun.

KD said...

So I just gave my fiance an overview of the case and showed him the GMA interview....he's agnostic, but also a musician who has performed at some of these weird mega churches in the past (as background band and what not)...he says he thinks DB is displaying typical pastor behavior, using the opportunity on national television to get more people to his church. To which I said, HIS WIFE WAS SHOT IN HER HEAD AT THEIR HOME WHILE THEIR SON WAS THERE AND UNBORN CHILD ALSO DIED LESS THAN A WEEK AGO. To which he said, yeah, but this none of this seems so out of the ordinary for the most freaky of Jesus freaks. He said, yes it seems completely weird to us but these folks live in an entirely different world. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Crickets at Websleuths. Overly moderated. Sadly.

Juliet said...

Carnival Baker - no, it's me, WTHR.com is the name of the website the videos are on. I've done a lot of transcribing in my time - not professional, all voluntary, for professionals. You'll find errors, for sure, but I try my best. :) I enjoy it. Didn't enjoy Davey greatly, though. ;Strange someone mentioned he reminded them of the Holmes shooter - I found that, crossed with Gerry McCann. Uncanny, Still, not guilty by mere reminding of - unfortunate resemblances, tthough, it must be the manner/swagger). I thought he seemed a quite different Davey to the Q & A Davey - as though he was trying to act humble and quiet, but that's never going to quite work for him. Plus he's a terrible actor - he could do daytime soaps.

Amy Smith said...

I've posted on Twitter @watchkeep the photo of DB's message from the Resonate Church Sunday service 2 days before Amanda's murder. DB is shooting a toy gun at guy in a hoodie with his back to Davey.

KD said...

Caveat - he hasn't seen original statement, Q&A videos or other DB realted media that I have been consuming this last week....

Lemon said...

I find his lack of connection via language to Amanda, Weston, and their baby just bizarre.
I can't even wrap my mind around it.

Amanda, pregnant, with Weston at home, was at her most vulnerable. Where is the protective language from DB?
Where is the language of care and concern for what they endured, Weston's trauma, etc? I cannot find it.

Anonymous said...

Does everyone know that the live chat room is still open?

BallBounces said...

Carnival Barker said… Anyone have any ideas what "Nothing Wasted" actually means?…. Thoughts?

It may be an allusion to Romans 8:28 KJV - "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

In this sense, God uses everything to advance his purposes; nothing is wasted. There is a worship song called Nothing is Wasted. Here's the relevant bit:

Nothing is wasted
You work all things for good
Nothing is wasted
Your promise remains
Forever You reign

As you can see, it is a reference to Romans 8:28.

BallBounces said...

"Amanda Blackburn was shot in the head during a robbery while her husband, Davey Blackburn, was at the gym."

In terms of expected, wouldn't most men, most husbands, feel remorse and even guilt that they were away from the house at the time of the break-in and their wife's murder, that they were not there to protect or save her?

As far as I know, no such sentiment has been expressed.

Anonymous said...

You end your analysis with.... Coincidence? It's possible.

Yeah, but not probable considering all of this in its entirety!

Anonymous said...

"Nothing Wasted" could be a reference to Amanda's hobby/etsy business of painting junk/waste wood to sell as decorative items. Now the babysitter Meg is in charge of the shop. I wonder if the cops were talking about her selling things Amanda made. https://www.facebook.com/nothingiswasted/timeline

Anonymous said...

I've not heard a word about feeling awful being at the gym. Maybe in his own narcissistic mind he feels it's his right to work out as he always has, and god had plans for his wife and unborn child. Which in his mind included all this publicity for "HIS" church.

it's all about Davey :(

Juliet said...

How many bullets were fired? How many did the gun hold,- why did the police say Amanda was defending her son? Was the little guy meant to die, too? Did the shooter run out of ammo or run away, couldn't carry the whole plan through? How do the police know she was defending the baby - was she shot as she tried to run upstairs to his room? Why isn't Davey terrified - why would Amanda need to be defending her son from a burglar?

OldPsychNurse said...

Davey's old friends know there is something "wrong" with him. This came from an Indystar.com article:

"Noble, who met Davey Blackburn when Blackburn was a college student, told humorous anecdotes about the couple. "I remember thinking about Davey, something's not right with that boy," said Noble to the audience's laughter. He recalled meeting Amanda for the first time when the couple was engaged. "They walked in and I said that thing that hasn't been quite right with Davey just got made right when she walked in. "

Shannon In CA said...

It WAS too early. I pointed that out in the other thread. I agree. Felt it was a way to seem so excited about the baby.

Annie B said...

Sus said...

Gulping? How about smacking the lips? That drives me batty! What other suspect did that? I know there was one.

John Ramsey had the lizard-lip licking habit.

Horse chestnut said...

1. possible that the police have told him who they suspect, not him, and asked him not to discuss it with media? if so would this show up in stuttering when asked directly byreporters?
2. is his behavior / statement consistent with someone who might be a malignant narcissist, that is to say a, that is a a sociopath? and if so is it possible that he saw herand i in pragmatic in pr in that it might work a miracle for his church? what I mean by that is that he saw her in terms of her facility to generate publicity to his church and thought if she were to die this could get massive traffic. You see why I am calling him a sociopath.
3. ad for that comment where he says he didn't want herdadd f to attract attention and this is seen as a compliment could it instead be that they had this conversation a lot and that's why its top of mind awareness. she perhaps complained about how he exploited their relationship for attention in the church and she felt that this should be private and this perhaps was of conversation that was often repeated by her to him and that's why he said it. so instead of a compliment it's actually a subtle dig?

Pickles said...

In this newest WTHR Indianapolis he is much more composed but still weird. Is it because he is in his church and the interviewer is a woman? He seemed to be patronizing about women.

Juliet said...

What, just what, does that analogy about the cancer cure allude to? Not what I'm thinking, I hope - bizarre, that guy's head is not right. Amanda's journal words - where she was thankful for seeing the church flourish with her owns - echoes of the Nunc Dimittis? Did she have an inkling, if she wanted a divorce - was she afraid of him? It is strange he brought out her journal, the journal which she objected to him reading: I think he didn't normally read it (he wasn't that interested in Amanda's thoughts) but something went down, and he found and read it - and since has wondered if she had told someone more than he knows - I think he might be trying to cover himself in trying to make normal the fact that he read her private journal - look, there's nothing here to worry about, it's so mundane, I have it with me. Sure the police will be along to ask for hat, along with the real 'private' journal. It's just too bizarre - she's not Anna Frank, we do not need to see or read Amanda's private journal. Yet, in Davey's mind, we do.

Juliet said...

Her owns - her own eyes

Anonymous said...

horsechestnut: I'd think instead of stuttering, he's simply tell the truth. The police asked him not to discuss any details. simple.

Red Ryder said...

"[scratches forehead] Well, you know, I’m sure people cope and grieve in lots of different ways, and y – there’s no, I don’t feel like anyone’s written a book on this, and there’s no like standardised way to grieve,"
Huh~ where have we heard THAT one before?
I wonder when LE catches up with the shooter what connection LE might find/if any?
And yes-there is a book (many, in fact) that describe the typical courses of grief for believers and unbelievers alike. He is beyond the pale.
I guess time and more words will reveal if he is involved or just an amazingly convenient coincidence (to paraphrase Peter:).

Anonymous said...

"I can also GUARANTEE you that Amanda would have LAID HER LIFE DOWN FOR ANYBODY to meet Jesus. Uhum – that’s who she was, and, um, it’s almost like if you came to her, and you were like hey, you’ve got the - I’ve got the cure for cancer that I can give to the rest of the world, I JUST NEED TO CUT YOU FIRST – she’d be like, in a heartbeat, do it, cos she loved people."

WTF? I can't believe what I'm reading! Does Crazy Davey think he did her a favour by killing her?

Anonymous said...

Before I left my controlling narcissistic ex husband I began journaling and documenting all his scary, threatening behavior. I was hoping there would be a record left behind in case I ended up dead. I bet Amanda was doing this too.

Juliet said...

Horse Chestnut -!'be been wondering that since watching him go on about sacrifice - he is into people laying down their lives for the greater good. That's why I find the cancer cure bit - well, alarming, to put it mildly. Could he be that off his head? If so, I wouldn't believe he was off his head enough to not know what he was doing, and why. It's probably too much to articulate - that&is what I&ve been wondering though.

Juliet said...

Slight problem there, Anon - Davey doesn't do simply telling the truth.

OldPsychNurse said...

Traits of Cult Leaders

1 He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
2 Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
3 Demands blind unquestioned obedience.
4 Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders.
5 Has a sense of entitlement - expecting to be treated special at all times.
6 Is exploitative of others by asking for their money or that of relatives putting others at financial risk.
7 Is arrogant and haughty in his behavior or attitude.
8 Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) that allows him to bend rules and break laws.
9 Takes sexual advantage of members of his sect or cult.
10 Sex is a requirement with adults and sub adults as part of a ritual or rite.
11 Is hypersensitive to how he is seen or perceived by others. 
12 Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy.
13 Makes members confess their sins or faults publicly subjecting them to ridicule or humiliation while revealing exploitable weaknesses of the penitent.
14 Has ignored the needs of others, including: biological, physical, emotional, and financial needs.
15 Is frequently boastful of accomplishments.
16 Needs to be the center of attention and does things to distract others to insure that he or she is being noticed by arriving late, using exotic clothing, overdramatic speech, or by making theatrical entrances.
17 Has insisted in always having the best of anything (house, car, jewelry, clothes) even when others are relegated to lesser facilities, amenities, or clothing.
18 Doesn’t seem to listen well to needs of others, communication is usually one-way in the form of dictates.
19 Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is part of his personality.
20 Behaves as though people are objects to be used, manipulated or exploited for personal gain.
21 When criticized he tends to lash out not just with anger but with rage.
22 Anyone who criticizes or questions him is called an “enemy.”
23 Refers to non-members or non-believers in him as “the enemy.”
24 Acts imperious at times, not wishing to know what others think or desire.

Anonymous said...

Silly me Juliet!You'd think a Pastor would be all about the truth...NOT CD

OldPsychNurse said...

25 Believes himself to be omnipotent.
26 Has “magical” answers or solutions to problems.
27 Is superficially charming.
28 Habitually puts down others as inferior and only he is superior.
29 Has a certain coldness or aloofness about him that makes others worry about who this person really is and or whether they really know him.
30 Is deeply offended when there are perceived signs of boredom, being ignored or of being slighted.
31 Treats others with contempt and arrogance.
32 Is constantly assessing for those who are a threat or those who revere him.
33 The word “I” dominates his conversations. He is oblivious to how often he references himself.
34 Hates to be embarrassed or fail publicly - when he does he acts out with rage.
35 Doesn’t seem to feel guilty for anything he has done wrong nor does he apologize for his actions.
36 Believes he possesses the answers and solutions to world problems.
37 Believes himself to be a deity or a chosen representative of a deity.
38 Rigid, unbending, or insensitive describes how this person thinks.
39 Tries to control others in what they do, read, view, or think.
40 Has isolated members of his sect from contact with family or outside world.
41 Monitors and or restricts contact with family or outsiders.
42 Works the least but demands the most.
43 Has stated that he is “destined for greatness” or that he will be “martyred.”
44 Seems to be highly dependent of tribute and adoration and will often fish for compliments.
45 Uses enforcers or sycophants to insure compliance from members or believers.
46 Sees self as “unstoppable” perhaps has even said so.
47 Conceals background or family which would disclose how plain or ordinary he is.
48 Doesn’t think there is anything wrong with himself – in fact sees himself as perfection or “blessed.”
49 Has taken away the freedom to leave, to travel, to pursue life, and liberty of followers.
50 Has isolated the group physically (moved to a remote area) so as to not be observed.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that crazy Davey has Aspergers? His affect is so off. Like REALLY off.

Also, I note that there is no experiential language in his speech. I would expect that if you found your pregnant wife shot in the head - still alive- that you would describe something of the scene eg. arriving home to find .......the blood, the bullet in her head, her injuries, her lying on the floor STILL BREATHING,his attempts to save her life with CPR, calling 911, screaming her name, screaming for help, racing to find Weston, and relief at finding him unharmed in his cot.

Just nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nailed his personality! ~gasp~ Cult leader Davey

Anonymous said...

I am so deeply freaked out by the cancer cure comment. I am even more convinced that he saw her as expendable or as a prop that he could use as needed. Let's not forget he is under a million dollars worth of pressure to generate traffic and save souls for Jesus. has he gotten a return on their investment? If not could her death have been plan B? He seems very preoccupied with how much traffic and soul saving he is done in the last few days. I am just so freaked out by what he said and I have to say that if I were married and my husband ever said that about me in my presence I would seriously start to worry that I couldn't trust him. It's almost as though he wanted it to be true and said it about her previously to establish this behavior on her part or this understanding of her, almost as though he were justifying it in his mind. it seems like she was just there to serve his church in whatever way he deemed necessary

Boston Lady said...

Amy Smith said...
I've posted on Twitter @watchkeep the photo of DB's message from the Resonate Church Sunday service 2 days before Amanda's murder. DB is shooting a toy gun at guy in a hoodie with his back to Davey.
November 17, 2015 at 10:25 PM

I saw this Amy and it was beyond creepy. I can't get past all these "coincidences" in this case. Like Peter said in his analysis above, if he's not guilty, he's doing the best impersonation of one" It's unbelievable! What preacher would do that on stage ? Or should I say what preacher would do that!! Nevermind the stage. How is that teaching the love of Christ? It's nuts. And to know that 2 days later his wife was killed by someone wearing a hoodie using a gun is unnerving. I hope LE is looking at him closely. I'm worried about the safety of his son.

I couldn't read the rest of the interview that was just posted. I was feeling sick to my stomach reading his rantings. He goes off on wild tangents and switches from I to we. Who is WE?

Boston Lady said...

Anonymous at 11:41

I agree. I couldn't read anything after that statement. I felt sick to my stomach. Who talks like that? Cut her? How did he arrive at that statement? It's frightening.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Didn't one of the speakers mention at the funeral they originally thought Amanda just fell and hit her head? I think it was based off of a text they had received from Davey.
She was apparently shot multiple times. So can only assume that he walked into a pretty gruesome scene when discovering her. The disconnect is so glaring.

Red Ryder said...

I keep remembering the Coleman family who were killed (wife and two sons) by the husband/dad who was bodyguard for Joyce Meyers. Chris Coleman's dad is also a minister. Chris C is in prison for life. He was "at the gym" when his family died too:/

OldPsychNurse said...

@Anonymous @ 11:33 PM
Sociopaths have shallow affects because they have a very shallow depth to their feelings. They also exhibit interpersonal coldness even when they've trained themselves to act friendly and gregarious.

OldPsychNurse said...

Davey texted at least one inspirational message to his fans during his wife's funeral.

Anonymous said...

It was the Pastor that said he thought that it was a mild accident...CD didn't go into detail.
strange much?

Anonymous said...

ughhh, having issues with my posts not showing up!

OldPsychNurse said...

When anything is posted on twitter that is less than extremely positive about Davey, his sycophants appear and accuse the poster of being an instrument of Satan.

OldPsychNurse said...

Yeah, it was disturbing that he texted that his wife "had a head wound" instead of being truthful and posting that she was shot in the head. The sociopath's life must be filled with only the best. This apparently includes how he describes his wife's death.

Juliet said...

Anon @ 11.33 - I wouldn't be surprised to learn he is on the spectrum, but I wouldn't advertise it on his behalf either. :-/ hard luck on Aspies in general when someone like Davey crops up.

Anonymous said...

or they block you :-(

Juliet said...

Boston Lady and Amy Smith - maybe Davey thought if they did that gun sketch and a couple of days later his wife was murdered, then no-one would suspect him, because who, in their right mind, would do that two days before they intended their wife to be murdered? The same with him harping upon about 'the best is yet to come and Amanda causing church growth through her death - maybe he thinks that if it all seems too obvious, too crazy, that no-one would suspect him - no-one goes out of the way to create suspicion round themselves like that, it has to be bizarre coincidence, sort of thing. He is maybe trying to be too clever for his own good - h per seems not to care about anyone else's good.

Alternatively, maybe there was a problem in his acquiring a gun - the wrong person found out, so he made out he just meant and acquired a toy gun for a drama sketch (wholly inappropriate, but not unusual for him). They deleted the video, though, so someone is panicking. It wasn't Davey's video - one of his followers posted it to his account. He turned round shouting slogans three or four times, and each time 'shot' the boy in the back. Tasteless, disturbing, crass - the young people of Resonate Church deserve much better than that - even protection from that type of influence.

Anonymous said...

Re: Amanda laying her life down for anyone so that they could know Jesus, and allowing herself to be cut to save the world's cancer patients.

Follow up question for Davey: What if someone came to her and said " I can get a few thousand more people to our church so they can know Jesus but I just need to shoot you in the head, first."? What do you think she'd say, then, Davey?

Anonymous said...

So, I finally made myself watch the GMA interview and his voice gave me chills. Not because I was already suspect of him, but because he speaks exactly like a member of my family who is a diagnosed sociopath. I've never heard anyone else speak the same way before tonight. Not sure if it has a name, but I call it false tones. The pitch of his voice changes in points of convo that are distinctly identifiable and very odd.

Anonymous said...

Based on his interviews, I wouldn't be surprised if he ran that by her at some point.

Juliet said...

Peter - thanks for the analysis. I would not have thought about how Davey showed himself to not believe/accepti what the police said about motive - all that you said rings true. It is so lengthy, my head is hurting, but only because I need to sleep, so I will read it again later. It is such an interesting case, but so bizarre - I can't believe/can believe Amanda was 'sacrificed' to the furtherance of church/business growth - yet it looks so much that way.

Juliet said...

Amanda, with her baby - I keep forgetting about the baby - she didn't look pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that DB is so traumatized by what happened that he is just reverting into his rote "dramatic pastor rhetoric" and theatrics? Just wondering if that is a psychological possibility... that people in times of extreme trauma turn to known mannerisms. And his mannerisms happen to be dramatic preacher-talk. Kind of all he knows?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the red coffin was inappropriate for Amanda who " did not want to be on display, ever." according to CD. One of her recent SM posts was about really liking the colour navy blue.

Who chose the coffin?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Old psych nurse and Juliet for the response about Aspergers. On reflection, it seems to me that CD displays symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy, rather than the guilelessness of Aspies.

Deejay said...

CD used Amanda. He used her to seem normal. For sex. For legitimacy. For a stage prop.

Now he is busy making her into his personal ANGEL. She forgives the unforgivable. She is with Jesus. She will do anything (even lay down her life) to bring people to Jesus. He will see her soon. She will smile down and 'support' his ministry from heaven, forever. Oh, and CD needs sympathy, money, more money, and love from his adoring parishioners.

This is where the grooming pays off- he sexualized that young audience.
Telling them his sex life, desires, acting cool and buff. Making eye contact. Dressing inappropriately.

Now he is sad. He needs hugs, and back rubs, and well a bit more to help him. Amanda would want him to be loved. He'll never be over this, never, but you could help a bit. He is sooo lonely, and he needs XXX to help him feel, just feel, because he is so lost. Oh honey you are making it better already. Ohhh.
* Repeat that to 20-30-40 odd vulnerable teens. *

Just typing that feels like I need to run up there and save those poor kids.

This guy is terrifying- like a vampire. How many young lives is he going to ruin??? And then if (when?) they find out he killed her-

Anonymous said...

Sus @ 1010, the lip-licking smacker you are thinking of is non other than SA blog superstar Justin DiPietro...Good Morning America, and CNN interviews, along with a host of other behavioral and linguistic "tells" he seems to have from either internal stress avoidance from lying/omitting info, or from drug use, or both...very similar indeed.

Juliet and Anon- no way as to ASD/PDD for Diva Davey. I watched every interview available and much of the love song series... I have one kid who is diagnosed, and work with aspie and autistic/PDD adults and kids...

he is definitely neurotypical, looks people in the eyes easily, communicates easily, is overly outgoing and social to the point of selling himself wholesale to others like a BRAND, and yes, he is likely a closet sociopath who was/is grooming future sex partners from his self-made shrine to himself, HIS church. I thought all churches belong to GOD, not to one man...Can you OWN a church? If she were his partner, etc...wouldn't it be HER church too? As in OUR church? Our kids, our baby? oops I forgot, its all "I", "Me", "Mine"...

As to the rings, I understand he said he was wearing her wedding ring around his neck, but never showed it, right?

My question: Did she only wear one ring, or a set like many wives do, because a set is actually two rings, the engagement and wedding bands...

They may be separate(diamond on one, solid band for the other) or a nesting set, where both have diamonds, and they fit inside/adjacent to each other as a pair, but sill can be worn apart as well. Did she have any other rings or jewelry? The cop did say THEM, plural, indicating more than one personal item was taken.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering why he does not have the haunted look of PTSD from finding his wife a bloody dying mess on the floor of their home...THAT is UNUSUAL, even for a christian fanatic, it is a basic human reaction, one you can not reason out of, or escape...seeing traumatic death or injury of a loved one is traumatic(that is IF you really LOVE them), that s*** sticks to your soul like hot burning tar, scars your memory and emotions for years after...Just ask anyone who has experienced this...it never leaves you, and at its rawest and freshest, even the toughest men break down and cry, or at least have a crack of emotion in their voice.

Davey is either involved in some way, or despised his wife, so is elated she is gone without him having to do it...Thus, her death can now be seen by him as a "gift" from God, her death serves to enrich him and HIS church. Our town pastor always said the church was GOd's, for the people, not his.

He seems very happy that she died, very pleased at the growth of his following, with not a trace of the horror he witnessed, or the profound sadness of the loss, or the challenges of raising her son without her...

And he can not answer a question fully or straight, that is a HUGE HUGE GIGANTIC RED BANNER...something is not right with Pastor Davey, his friend saw it even back then, Amanda was the sane, level-headed, humble, pragmatic and HONEST partner of the two, and his friend immediately picked up on that without even realizing it.

Also, it is very easy to stage a murder if you dupe someone else into doing it for you...the fact the guy covered his face says he knew about the cameras prior, since it makes zero sense to hide face from awake neighbors, most thieves, unless mental, high or reaaaaly stupid will not enter a second residence to rip it off if they think or know the neighbors are awake, possibly watching, and can see your face... its too risky at that time of the morning, especially since he WALKED away from the scene, not RAN...

I find this interesting, since running indicates panic and urgency, self-protection and escape, walking is a controlled gait, especially if you just shot someone to death without planning it first...walking away indicates calm, not wild panic one would expect that comes with shooting a housewife you did not think was home. The shooter is then a hardened individual/sociopath, not their first violent rodeo, or the shooter expected it, was there for a reason other than robbery, thus no panic is wasted upon murdering Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous OldPsychNurse said...

Davey texted at least one inspirational message to his fans during his wife's funeral.

November 17, 2015 at 11:51 PM

That is as disrespectful, selfish and bizarre as Hannah Anderson smiling, laughing and drinking Starbucks at her mom and brother's funeral...it makes the day about her, not her mom and brother. It demonstrates she is not an emotional wreck, not deeply affected by their death, not grieving, except for the family dog, who she listed FIRST in her good byes, order is important...At least she pulled some crocodile tears out her A$$ for the media, while Pastor Davey only seems happy and can't understand why he feels so "at peace", he should be devastated, an emotional mess

His words are choppy, unnatural pauses, fabricated and hiding something just under their surface...like an awkward, fumbling teen trying to hide the weed from mom n dad, who already know he has it, and that the smell is not incense.

Davey Blackburn's text makes it about HIM and his church, not Amanda and their dead unborn child that he never mentions until AFTER people complain online about it.

Yes, I've already noticed a pattern in that people complain online about something suspicious/odd he says or his glaring omission of love, connection, or mention of his unborn child, of her mothering, etc...the next interview it shows up miraculously as if he read it on SA or in a news comment section/FB, and then realized his mistake, so made damn sure to mention it well the next interview...coincidence? Me thinks NO

Anonymous said...

2009 - shared by Davey

I used to work for a giant monster mega-bank. We joked that they used the "jumping horse" method of management development. How do you breed jumping horses? You run them up to a fence. Those that jump the fence you breed; those that don't you shoot.

Outcomes or execution by Tony Morgan.

Wtf is going on with this company/church?

MzOpinion8d said...

Anon @ 10:41pm, the "Nothing_Wasted" etsy shop belongs to Megan G, the friend/babysitter who stayed with them about 3-4 months ago. She sells wood signs with inspirational messages on them.

I thought I read the name of Amanda's shop or website but can't find it right now. I'll look for it.

Anonymous said...

Websleuths is ridiculous with their moderation sometimes. It's contradictory to have a website about sleuthing and then restrict what people can sleuth. And then you end up with page after page after page of ridiculousness (see DeOrr Kunz/mountain lion conversation, DeOrr Kunz/cowboy boots or snow boots conversation, Christina Morris/lost or found keys discussion just for starters, then add this case and the black guy in a hoody posts since we can't talk about any other suspects). Meanwhile there are some really intelligent people posting there who have great insight, but have to keep it all to themselves to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

I get rumor control and having verified sources - that's important - but flat out shutting down discussion is just stupid and it's partly why a lot of people ridicule "armchair sleuths" because the conversations have to be so stupid!

Anonymous said...

The hoodie video is horrid, and brings up images of Trayvon Martin in his hoodie, or the drop trau shooter walking away from the scene. not running. He seems obsessed with guns and shooting(capping off greeters comment), though he is aware death is intimately tied them, as is murder...

For a pastor who revels in LIFE, its inappropriate and weird,a physical representation of murder of an unarmed person with their back turned.

Very inappropriate for church where kids go too, murder is a violation of the BIG 10 (commandments that is).

It should be a no-no to act out murder as a solution to your problems, its very suggestive and depicts violence as acceptable, and almost seems racially suggestive as well(hoodie up, turned away), like the hoodie represents evil or something that needs to wiped away or shot.

Its just as weird as the sexual advertising of himself to all those youngins in his congregation. not running.

He certainly seems to miss the inherent embedded messages within his own statements and "performances" which 100% contradict his church's message of love and forgiveness, etc... like the gun stunt, maybe the congregation should reconsider some of the things he is teaching their kids and youth, its not ok to point a fake gun at others, even in jest, unless you are in a play, on a Hollywood set, or in the military...and in this day and age, it can get you shot by the cops

I can not fathom why reenacting murder as an allegorical parable for reasons to worship is acceptable to his church and the parents there, but I'm guessing he/they overlooked the fact that people everywhere, perhaps even in his church, lose loved ones to gun violence every day.

Its not a funny joke, as Amanda's family I'm sure would tell you right about now, though Davey sure laughed a lot during his interviews, including at the question about his son growing up without a mom...he laughed and smiled, then got serious

He risked offending deeply anyone who's ever been personally affected by gun violence. Its not something ever to be trivialized, especially in a place of sacred worship. He obviously needs more than a web browser to keep him straight, someone should clue him in, not kiss his butt. TOday he finally said OUR church in regards to her, methinks he IS reading our comments, and taking advice on what we expect to see to make him "innocent"

OMG and that casket, disturbing choice!!! Crimson like blood, with streaks in the paint or wood that look like rivulets of blood running down it...WTF is up with that, he shoulda chose HER favorite color, or at least one that didn't look like she was literally bleeding through the wood

Carnival Barker said...

Anon 4:00,

You couldn't have described WebSheep any better. It's a complete joke run by keyboard warriors with personal agendas. I'm always delighted when they cite their Rules! Rules! Rules! before they ban people who are actually making sense.

Cardinal Rule 1: NO SLEUTHING ANYONE NOT NAMED AS A SUSPECT! Yet there are thousands of posts going back for years accusing Mark Redwine of killing his son. (He was only named as a person of interest three months ago.)

Cardinal Rule 2: NO SLEUTHING MINORS! Yet there tens of thousands of posts going back for years and years and years about how Burke Ramsey killed his sister, JonBennet. He was 9. So that violates both Cardinal Rule 1 AND Cardinal Rule 2.

I could go on and on.

As long as your opinion aligns perfectly with whoever is moderating that thread that minute, your post lives another day! If it doesn't, you and your post disappear.

No thanks.

John Mc Gowan said...

Davey Blackburn
11 hrs · Twitter ·

We don't know what the future holds, but we do know Jesus holds the future"


He is still using plural.


John Mc Gowan said...

Thank you for the transcript, WTHR

In WTHR's transcript DB uses

"I" 86 times

"We" 74 times

OPN said...

His lip smacking, inability to sit still like a depressed person, and odd hand movements (hands are numb, cold and/or tingling) are common symptoms of anxiety.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Paris Siege Flat Owner: 'I Don't Know Anything'

The owner of the raided apartment says he did not know terror suspects were inside, as a woman describes hiding with her baby.


The owner of the apartment involved in the Paris siege has insisted he did not know his tenants were terrorists.

Jawad Ben Dow, who was detained by police in Saint Denis during the raid, said he had been asked to accommodate two people for a few days as a favour.

He told BFMTV: "I found out that it's at my house, and that the people are holed up at my flat. I didn't know they were terrorists."

He added: "Someone asked me a favour, I did them a favour.

"Someone asked me to put two people up for three days and I did a favour, it's normal.

"I don't know where they came from, I don't know anything. If I'd known do you think I'd have done it?"


OPN said...

"She was a prop."
That's a great description, Deejay, on how this creep used his wife and intends to use other females.

Sweet Tater said...

Thank you for the eye-opening analysis.

I've never seen anything as bizarre as this church or this man. It's really hard for me to watch him.

It's also hard to imagine that so many are duped by this guy. I wonder if her parents are or if they have their suspicions?

I have a question about the interviews... Do you think the interviewers are told what questions to ask, to draw him out and let him hang himself?

lynda said...

Jalee...Like Peter says, you get a good, knowledgeable, interviewer that knows of SA and you can get enough info in the first interview to know who is guilty. Never ask compound questions so the subject has a choice of what to answer, try to get them into the free editing stage..etc. George S. didn't do that great a job if you ask me but no one has asked him the hard questions as he has public sympathy now though I do think it's swaying to the other side.

lynda said...

Anon @ 4:22

The casket represented her "covered in the blood of Christ" maybe?

AMJ said...

Anonymous @ 4:22 I thought the same thing about the hoodie video!! Regardless of the fact that he was most likely planning his wifes murder at the time, with everything going on lately with all of the unarmed people and even children being shot, how could anyone think this was appropriate? How is it that no one at any point said hey MAYBE this isn't the best analogy to use?!?! I mean, was Amanda one of his "worries" that needed to be shot??? Seems pretty telling to me. But clearly talking about inappropriate things is just another Sunday at their "church." He even said on Twitter more than once how excited he was to talk about sex at "church!!" I honestly thought I was watching maybe like an adult group marriage counseling type thing. I was shocked when I realized that was not the case. I would be horrified to sit thru that with my kids on a Sunday morning.

He said on more than one occasion that Amanda was a very private person. He then casually admits that he used to read her journal all the time, and that she hated when he did that, laughs while he says it, and then proceeds to read it on national television and use one of her quotes from the journal all over social media. Nice. If you know anything about Narcissists, you know they have ZERO concept of boundaries when it comes to other people. People are only around for their amusement, entertainment, or benefit. Seems he definitely saw his wife this way. I feel so bad for her. On top of all that, I really really felt like he was reading that journal during the interview because he thought he was being slick. Kind of like he was making light of whatever was in there as if to say "See?? No biggie. Nothing to see here... Move along."

My jaw was on the floor when I watched the 2nd part of the local interview!!! Sounds to me like he was trying to justify his actions to either himself or everyone else. He made it sound like Amanda was some kind of sacrificial lamb or just a casualty in his quest for fame. But thats ok because she would have wanted it that way if it brings people to jesus though, right?? His poor attempt at fake crying was laughable. I feel like I have mourned this poor girl more that her own husband!! I love how the Davey believers say things like "how would you feel if your wife was murdered and people were accusing you of it??" and how traumatic and horrible and devastating that would be. Which it would... But since it seems like hes really not even upset about her death to begin with then ummmm....... ????

Anonymous said...

I felt like I needed a shower after watching the 2-part interview from WTHR. The guy is a creep.

lynda said...

Anon @ 3am said

Yes, I've already noticed a pattern in that people complain online about something suspicious/odd he says or his glaring omission of love, connection, or mention of his unborn child, of her mothering, etc...the next interview it shows up miraculously as if he read it on SA or in a news comment section/FB, and then realized his mistake, so made damn sure to mention it well the next interview...coincidence? Me thinks NO

The baby sociopath is learning what it is that he is supposed to say, what he is supposed to be doing, what his affect should be like. He is definitely reading and adjusting his behavior which in of itself, is scary as hell. I posted before that even Deorr and his family figured out to just shut the hell up and look at them..almost 5 months later and they're still running free and no arrests have been made.

Anonymous said...

"Sociopaths either treat us as all good, or all bad; we are either in or we are out in the cold- there is no shade of grey.
They cannot and will not see things from our perspective when it comes to reltionship difficulties / issues. They lack empathy.
They are expert natural born liars; but they have memorys like sieves because they are narcissistic and cannot keep track of what is happening outside their own heads. This means they are inconsistent, and contradictory.

They are unpredictable, erratic, and dramatic.
They have no real sense of personal agency, accountabiltity, or ownership. In other words they get away with murder, you get away with zilch!

As you get to know them, you realise that they are walking contradictions. Eventually you realise that the closest you can get to the truth of what they are doing is by working on the principle that they are doing the dichotomised opposite of what they say they are doing.
You are either the centre of their universe or an annoyance; again little in the way of shades of grey.

They are crazy making- welcome to the twilight zone where nothing is what it seems!
They are extremely callous when you are not meeting their needs; or you deviate from their script that they have written for you.

They demonstrate a weird lack of context. They are 2 dimensional; it takes a good while to recognise this mind bender!
They are either as sweet as candy, or are vitriolic, dismissive, or down right haughty. Notice the Jekyll and Hyde switch appears when you challenge them on their behaviour."

lynda said...

anon @ 8:24 am

Perfect explanation, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me Peter, but IF, and I say IFFFF, all of these red flags turn out to be nothing more than mere coincidences, then I will have to go back to the drawing board and unlearn everything I thought I had learned about statement analysis. But then, that still doesn't resolve the issue that Tania so eloquently pointed out: What about the lateness of Davy's arrival at the gym that morning when he had never been late before? And so much more by her and all these other posters, every one who have brought out points I might not have thought of; to them, thank you all.

HOWEVER, for the moment, I am not backing down for one second in my belief that Davey is involved in Amanda's tragic murder. Everyone of those posts above and on all three articles, by all of these posters, reflects my beliefs entirely with the exception of one or two who had already drank of the 'playing pastor' Kool-Aid of this well-practiced sociopathic, pathological lying killer/preacher. Oh yes, do not leave out pathological liar. Didn't Amanda already address and correct him publically a few times for telling lies? Yep. She did. Otherwise, I can't add one thing to their posts other than to agree.

Also, I don't believe she would have been refinishing and selling old furniture and artifacts had she not needed money, not when she already had her hands full with the baby, him, the house and the ministry. Was he keeping her at arms length for little dribbles of spending money that she had to beg for and get insulted about? I'd guarantee that he was, and also that he was insulting about her refinishing. He very likely kept her informed too, that the house was in HIS name, not hers', reminding her that she was at his mercy. That poor girl suffered more than we will ever know; and so far, no one has spoken up in her behalf. She had no one.

He is the lowest of the low, in my opinion. For one, Christ does not require (or ask us) to lay down our lives for him; although some have, such as Christians being beheaded in third-world countries, also the disciples who were all martyred. It was HE who laid down his life for us. We have no knowledge of Jesus taking one life to spare another one. The best is yet to come is not in this life and any Christian knows this yet he uses this to further his ministry while demeaning Amanda's life? He has totally twisted other scripture as well.

I can realistically add that Davey wasn't looking forward to the birth of another baby. In his mind this was nothing more than a fetus in embryo, nothing near being a real live breathing baby and he wasn't going to let it happen either. For all we know he could have been badgering, threatening and berating her to have an abortion. Further, I believe that tragic Amanda might have been waking and dreaming her days and nights in fear of her preacher hubby. I'd guarantee there are pages missing from her journals that will never see the light of day.

Lastly, I don't believe he is all that good in bed either. This man is so sexually charged that he publically insults and berates his wife in front of others, accusing her of being less than a woman in bed? It's a known fact that if a woman does not enjoy sex with her partner then it is HIS FAULT for not taking the time to be loving towards her, patiently wooing and teaching her. This man is a disgusting louse in bed!! He is all for show and no go. Likely borderline impotent, demanding her to do all sorts of nasty deviate acts on him to bring him to satisfaction when he can't even perform himself. I'd put money on it! ABB

Anonymous said...

Yes, sadly the websleuths thread concerning this crime has been horribly moderated. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has noticed it and very happy to see so many websleuthers posting on here to discuss this case.

rob said...

I am a Christian, a religious person. But I am also a human. Upon the loss of someone very dear to me (my child), I reacted first like a human. The grief was almost too much to handle. Then with some acceptance of the death, I looked to God and my religion to get thru.
DB never shows any pain of loss, not of his wife, unborn child, toddler child with no mother. No concern for the community, no expressions of who, why, why us?
He sticks to the script. He speaks like a politician, except his platform is God. He wants to build his church, his career, this platform to be seen and heard from. Amanda is nothing more than another tool to that end.
I'm guessing the toddler will be going to live with family, cause God knows, he is too busy to parent him alone.
If this preacher thing ultimately doesn't work out for him, I wonder what his next career will be?

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:44 and all, Websleuths has been doing this for years. It didn't just start yesterday. This is why I gave up even looking at their sight years ago. They are run by some hotsy-totsy slick woman who thinks she's the cat's meow, Trish, or something like that; she knows more about everything than God and everybody else.

The last time I even glanced at her site was right after the Casey Anthony non-guilty verdict and watched how she made mincemeat out of Dr. Keith Ablow, as if to say now she has advanced degrees in psychology and he doesn't. They were ALL so nasty, horrible, to this well-advanced, honorable and highly degreed practitioner who has many years in the practice with never a complaint or an admonishment. It was sickening to watch how she tried to destroy this brilliant man.

Her little brain-dead minions have no mind of their own either and dare not get out of line. Total waste of time. I would just LOVE to see her brought down. ABB

Anonymous said...

Long read but very worth it...Detail's someone's experience with Perry Noble's NewSpring church which is where Davey came from before moving to Indianapolis.


Shannon In CA said...

I thought something was wrong with that thread. I kept saying "are these people serious....?" Explains why the thread is fairly short. There's nothing to discuss about the "named suspect".

Shannon In CA said...

I read a book called Skeleton Crew recently about "armchair detectives" and how they've matched missing persons to unidentifiable bodies. It talks about the different websites and who runs them, how they sprang up, and the internal politics within them. I'm pretty sure websleuths is mentioned. It was an interesting book.

Shannon In CA said...

I hate my phone. Not unidentifiable...unidentified. I leave most typos but this one makes me sound like I can't pick the right word so I had to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what about their house being only in DB's name? No joint ownership?

And I agree, the WS moderator basically killed the thread. She's imposing her own opinions on everyone else. And she has to be right. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

WebSheep are more or less the same as the shooter. It is their belief due to their unfettered diligence, someone will provide for them out of the kindness of their heart because they are godly,more learned, and more deserving.

In order for them to capitalize, one must solve crime immediately if not sooner. Should they not do so, they should be analyzed so deeply that they want to kill their parents.If refusing to do so, they should follow a script on what to say, when to say it, and to whom the script should be spewed. Nothing less than a psychotic break will do for them. Pulling others down to their level so they can finish them off-natural selection.

When their tact isn't profitable, more crimes are committed for their warriors to solve.

Anonymous said...

ABB, just attach a logo to your vehicle that matches their and continue stalking until people agree to donate/participate in your cause.

Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on the center fireplace of Anita Hill's home? Oh what would could learn from invasion of privacy!

Anonymous said...


Amanda's furniture/decor business was called Weathered Willow. She started it back in February 2012. Here's the facebook page.


Carnival Barker said...

I wanted to highlight a post from Anon 2:25 a.m. that brings up a critical detail I hadn't focused on before:

I am also wondering why he does not have the haunted look of PTSD from finding his wife a bloody dying mess on the floor of their home...THAT is UNUSUAL, even for a christian fanatic, it is a basic human reaction, one you can not reason out of, or escape...seeing traumatic death or injury of a loved one is traumatic(that is IF you really LOVE them), that s*** sticks to your soul like hot burning tar, scars your memory and emotions for years after...Just ask anyone who has experienced this...it never leaves you, and at its rawest and freshest, even the toughest men break down and cry, or at least have a crack of emotion in their voice.

Not only did DB endure this horrific "process," but HE'S THE ONE THAT FOUND HER!! He actually SAW his wife with a bullet hole in her head and the blood and matter splattered and STILL BREATHING! Whether Jesus takes the wheel in your life or not, that can't be something you can simply unsee inside of a week. Wouldn't just the thought of that have you begging for justice to anyone that will listen? Have he and Weston been sleeping in their own home? Are there still blood stains and spatter from her execution that he just casually steps over on his way to the gym?

Shannon In CA said...

OMG!!! That is horrifying. I googled him and he did sue them. I'm an attorney and he had a good case. I'm glad he followed through.

So if this noble guy thought something was wrong with davey...but he let stuff like this go on (I FULLY believe he was aware), what does that say about how crazy davey really is?

Anonymous said...

Rob, I too am a Christian, raised from birth in a very deep and humble fundamentalist Pentecostal background. I might not always sound like I am a Christian, sometimes even angry, but I am a Christian. Although now I am more a non-denominational believer, I so value my Christian upbringing and earlier beliefs and still believe them basically. From morning to night and in my sleep, my spirit life overrules me. For this I am so thankful; THIS is what I hold onto.

A young widow, I lost my husband in Jan, 1989. He was considerably older than I was, but his life ended so unexpectedly. He was everything to me, so much more than I ever realized; like a child, like a father, like a husband and my provider, even though I had my own career. Little did I know how much he meant to me. It nearly killed me. I still long to go lay down beside him at the cemetery. This does not mean that my faith in Jesus did not lead me through as it did. Had it not, I could not have made it, and still couldn't.

This man has no feelings for the death of his beloved wife, not even regret that their marriage wasn't better? I have repented a million times for the things I could have done better and didn't. A zillion times I've wished I could do them over, or if I could just hold him close for one hour I would tell him how much I loved him. Sure I remember the good times, but the not so good is there too.

Last year on Sept 20, 2014, our precious son laid down and died of a massive heart attack due to congestive heart failure and a life long heart birth defect that we never knew he had until shortly before he passed on. I cannot EVER remove the shock of seeing him lying dead on his bedroom floor; after vacuuming his area rug and lying down on it, having quickly laid valuable papers he wanted me to find in front of his computer. He sat the vacuum upright, laid down and died.

If I live to be a hundred, or if I were to have shock treatments, I can never EVER release my memory of his face in death. I will not describe it here, it was too horrible. How I planned and held his burial services and funeral, I cannot say, other than the angel Jesus sent to help me did it for me. I was not in my right mind. How I rented a car and drove 100 miles alone to his services escapes me.

His many friends gave more than enough to cover the costs of his funeral, then gave
him a beautiful and elegant life celebration at a private party in an area where he was well-known, with one of the city matrons setting it up. He was given a Christian burial with a Pentecostal preacher officiating, so lovely. Many who attended had likely never been inside a church in their life, still many stopped by and signed the registry inside the foyer and walked forward to pay their respects at the casket.

I went, I saw, I admired the hundreds of friends and the lovely way they paid their respects to my beautiful son, Every one, elegantly dressed to the nines. Yes it turned into a cocktail party, but there was not one slouch in the bunch. Just knowing how much he was loved and respected is the only thing that kept me going that day. But it was Jesus and his guard over me that has kept my mind intact. The silence in my life is deadening and I live with the mystery of his passing every day and night. Even knowing that Jesus is here and that He has sent to me and brought me peace, sometimes I wonder if my mind really is in tact.

I am so sorry for what you have been through, losing your child. My heart cries with you Rob; and to those above too who have lost a brother and one a sister. I saw your posts, I know your anguish. I can only tell you all, that this really REALLY is not the end. It isn't. ABB

AMJ said...

Holy cow!!!! That pajamapages read was an eye opener!! Sounds like Scientology tactics to me! And we all know the only thing Scientology has ever worshipped is money. Very scary stuff. Makes me wonder if NewSprings "church" business model was taken right from L Ron Hubbard and his dianetics garbage.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am not a baptist but quote a marvelous old school baptist who had a profound impact on me:

"There is no negation nor suspension of the human faculties in living the Christian life.
There is no release from the pressure, tension or conflict in living the Christian life. "

He went on to give proof of this, first with Scripture, and then with reason. It was a marvelous protection from the lure of the higher life positive thinking prosperity falsehood when I go through very hard times.

It was in response to all the various movements that had surfaced historically and in our time, including "resonate" in which followers are promised this "higher life" above and beyond suffering, so DB had to project, in order to get people to come out, that he was almost untouched by the murder of his wife. His wife's death was, in 2nd part, for the purpose of bringing people in. This is why a week removed, he quoted the number of people watching online.

This type of false or pseudo human reaction can be due to guilty knowledge of the crime, or it could be mimicking guilt for the "show" of the higher life movement doctrines.

If he is unconnected to the shooter, he is free from a bad marriage and another pregnancy.

I find his words to guide me in understanding this.


"Sometimes God's most choice elect make their way to heaven, by night."

Charles H. Spurgeon

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon @9:06

I have just read that article you posted and it is sickening! That poor man and his family!

That so called church needs closing down ASAP!

Unknown said...

Peter, can you talk to us about laughter? Specifically, laughter at inappropriate times? I've heard the micro-expressions group talk about laughter as indicating deception, but I've *seen* abuse victims laugh while describing their abuse. (In one case, I saw a little boy laugh while his father abused him. It was horrific. I was at a neighbor's house, and watched one of their relatives kick his little boy in the gut, onto a bed, and the boy *laughed*. Even though the father was angry.) What role does laughter play in statement analysis?

KD said...

^^ Great question, I'd be interested in this too.

AliKat said...

Sounds to me like he might already be thinking about writing a book. He mentions about writing a book about Amanda...

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Peter. And true. I have attended, watched on tv, and listened to many different types of denominational services and probably every well-known preacher out there. I have found lovely, good, Christian people in nearly every one of them, without even looking for them. I love them all.

It is only those who are blatantly polluting and distorting the Word of God, or undermining the lovely name of Jesus that I cannot abide and actually will walk out of their services or flip them off.

This New Spring and Resonance church, or whatever they call themselves, would be one I would walk out of. This includes all of the 'name it and claim it' prosperity religions, most of the laying on-hands ministries I am familiar with, and a couple of the Pentecostals I have attended who tear the beams from the rafters with their loud and blaring 'Christian' rock music while they perform in scantily clad gyrating bodies dressed only to arouse sexual tensions. In the House of the LORD?! Now, I hardly go to church at all.

Well, I might turn out to be one of the last ones left standing, but I WILL keep standing. Alone if I have too. ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...


People laugh when they hear something comical, while others laugh when they are nervous.

What I was referring to was the word "laugh" in the written statement. It was an invitation to come and "laugh" in a most inappropriate time, but the writing is "impassioned"; in other words, it is not the action of laughing, but the word.

His brain told him to type "laugh" at his wife's funeral or memorial service.

It is to negate human emotion and present something to readers: if you join my start up company, you will learn how to laugh when most people are fighting thoughts of suicide and despair.

It is a marketing technique.

Almost anything can be justified by twisting of Scripture. You could well do the very same thing with Shakespeare, or any the works of Winston Churchill.

In other words, any large volume writing can be taken out of context to assert almost anything.

Scripture does speak of turning mourning into laughter, so this can be used.

Herein lies a problem: Is Davey Blackburn sounding guilty because he speaks the language of "higher life movement"?

It is possible.

This is like trying to analyze the words of someone severely mentally ill, which I have addressed before and successfully investigated using S/A.

Yet, it must be compared with the circumstances.

1. Man says marriage relationship is very bad.
2. Wife says marriage relationship is very bad.

1. Man says marriage got bad due to pregnancy.
2. Woman became pregnant.

1. Woman is murdered. Woman was pregnant.
2. Man's first statement is that his business goes on.

Woman had complained that husband was always about his business neglecting her.

Man would have lost his business had he gotten a divorce.
Man no longer needs divorce and will not be stressed by bad marriage or pregnancy again.

Coincidence is striking.

Strange but our speculation might have come to an end if George Stephocantspellhisname said,

"Pastor, some have suggested you might be connected to the shooter. How do you speak to this?"

We may have heard an answer that put all of our speculating to an end.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

32 dead suicide bomber. Nigeria.

Boko Haram has surpassed ISIS as #1 Muslim terror leader.

1 Danish man dead
1 Chinese man dead

just in the past few minutes....

SC said...

AliKat - I heard that too! Struck me as odd that he's already thinking about that. Maybe already trying to figure out how much he can profit from all of this just as how he's been trying to use this to grow his church.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I once went to a church with my then teenaged sons. They met a locally famous minister and shoot hands.

One son said, "Dad, my creep meter is off the charts" to which I said, "I know, I know."

He was a media darling and beyond all criticism.

When it was learned he was molesting little boys, he jumped off a bridge to his death. It was a violent death.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous SC said...
AliKat - I heard that too! Struck me as odd that he's already thinking about that. Maybe already trying to figure out how much he can profit from all of this just as how he's been trying to use this to grow his church.

November 18, 2015 at 10:41 AM Delete

Regardless of possible connection to the shooter: this was the message he delivered about his wife's death. She died to make his business grow.

GeekRad said...

I agree with an earlier poster. If it turns out that Davey has no connection to the murder I am going to have unlearn statement analysis. He sure sounds deceptive to me and his behavior is not what I would expect. Maybe he didn't have anything to do with Amanda's murder but he is relieved at what the outcome does for him? And the deception is trying to hide his guilt over being relieved?

Unknown said...

I don't know why this stuck out to me. I was reading the statement analysis of Scott Peterson, and he said this:

"S. PETERSON: I'm afraid, you know, men -- we cut each other and we bleed. So yes, that's in there."

The analysis afterwards is:
"This is an example of what Kaaryn Gough said recently about Mark Redwine: the brain knows the truth and the words chosen reveal that truth. Note here he comes close to an admission. "

Then, in Lydia's transcription above, I read this from Davey Blackburn: "And um, I guarantee you Amanda wouldn’t write the story like that, but I can also guarantee you that Amanda would have laid her life down for anybody to meet Jesus. Uhum – that’s who she was, and, um, it’s almost like if you came to her, and you were like hey, you’ve got the - I’ve got the cure for cancer that I can give to the rest of the world, I just need to cut you first – she’d be like, in a heartbeat, do it, cos she loved people. And so, our neighbourhood felt that, our neighbours felt that, and we’re seeing powerful things come out of this tragedy, already – which also gives us hope – you know, we get to see it in front of our eyes, like -okay, we’re seeing how God is restoring this situation."

The man is a psychopath. :(

Sus said...

I noticed he did tear up, really choked up in one part of the WTHR interview. It's when he's asked if he could say something to the people who know something.

He stumbles about and self corrects often saying he WOULD want someone to come forward.

Then he adds, "...it's such a conundrum, in our hearts, um, but Amanda lived her life - on THIS mission that said 'EVEN THE UNFORGIVABLE CAN BE FORGIVEN'

This is close to him, and this is where he choked up. Not for Amanda, but for those who need forgiven.

He goes on to read her journal and say that she wrote, "I don't feel this, but I believe this, and I know this to be true." He brings out that Amanda's middle name was Grace. He's all about forgiveness for the "unforgivable." Yet, if course, WE want justice, so WE are in a conundrum.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Xian: you are thinking!

Amy Smith said...

If he keeps doing interviews, he just might go there with a confession. He got close I think yesterday in the local news piece with the sacrifice bit. I'm reminded of the courtroom scene in A Few Good Men. DB believes his own BS. He believes he is good.

Unknown said...

Thank you, sir. Honestly, when I first read this story on Monday, I had a pretty intense PTSD trigger. My mother was a borderline, and my father was a narcissist. I couldn't understand why the story was so dang triggering for me--then I realized, people here **believe** the truth when it comes out in their words. I had *my* words dismissed, and when I recited *their* words to others (like pastors, or my relative who was a police officer), I was told I was overreacting. "They didn't really mean that! They were grieving/stressed/mentally ill/suicidal/drunk/whatever."

So, my first thoughts were, "Oh crap,I'm dealing with a trigger again. Am I safe? Are my kids safe? Yes, and yes."
My second thoughts were, "I need to find out how to do this. I've had to do a form of statement analysis every day for *years* growing up, just to survive the insanity. I could do this. After I stop shaking."

trustmeigetit said...

No good has come out of his wife's death.

I would like to know what these "powerful things" are that he speaks of.

Where are her parents? Maybe grieving? If that was my child I would be telling cops I want him investigated and would be following him.

buddy said...

Question for the group: what would the reaction be if info were revealed linking this killing with other burglaries elsewhere in the city that morning? Because I do believe that's coming, stay tuned.

Shannon In CA said...

Legit question: you have inside info or you're just speculating?

As an answer, I think we'd say "well, we said we hoped he wasn't involved. He's still a narcissist and is not showing he's at all sad about her death. But thank his he's not involved."

Buckley said...

Buddy- Is that a rhetorical question or are you teasingly holding out specifics from us?

Sandy in PA said...

When I read that Davey is wearing his wife's ring around his neck, my first thought was he took his ring back, as in breaking up.

A said...

Has anyone noticed the language used by the church facebook page and website? The same text is used on the Facebook page as is used on the website link to donate to CD for expenses:

"Yesterday, our pastor Davey Blackburn came home from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she later died from these injuries.
Please join us in prayer for our pastor, his son Weston and their entire family during these hard days ahead. We have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are still hoping and believing that great things are still yet to come."

Again, "great things yet to come", but even more, I found it interesting that Amanda "suffered a gunshot wound." That is very passive construction, almost implying the gun just went off. Again, it's consistent with Davey's distancing himself from the crime repeatedly in the interviews. Usually, one would immediately want to draw attention to the crime, to ask for help in solving it. It is almost as if no crime took place, but an accident for how he spends no time talking or asking why someone did this. Also interesting to note, the repeated posting of the link for people to "help" Davey financially at this time. Note there are no repeated links asking people to call police with any information they might have.

Buckley said...

Oh my reaction:


Juliet said...

Ann - at 1.53am - on reflection, I agree with you - one couldn't describe Davey as a man without guile. The obsessiveness and lack of engagement seem like Aspie like, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

I looked at Google street view to determine where on the Blackburn's street the released surveillance photos came from. It think the person in the photos was 9 houses away from the Blackburn's house (which is located at the end of cul-de-sac) on the same (north) side of the street as the Blackburn house. The person was about 3 houses away from the entrance to/exit from the cul-de-sac.

Anonymous said...

Have her parents or sister been interviewed by any media? Or is this just the pastor Davey show? I would be very interested to hear their statements about grief and finding the shooter compared to his.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I've been thinking for days that I would like to hear from her parents. Her mother in the video that was shown at the memorial looked devastated.

buddy said...

I'm withholding info ... cant say more than that. Also eagerly waiting what becomes of the gun that was found. Exactly where it was found is of minor (?) importance

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't really be surprised to find out the gun used to kill her was obtained from another burglary in the city that morning. Could that be the connection?

buddy said...

not just the gun, other things too

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous GeekRad said...
I agree with an earlier poster. If it turns out that Davey has no connection to the murder I am going to have unlearn statement analysis. He sure sounds deceptive to me and his behavior is not what I would expect. Maybe he didn't have anything to do with Amanda's murder but he is relieved at what the outcome does for him? And the deception is trying to hide his guilt over being relieved?

This is why formal training is essential: to avoid something like this.

It is also why I have repeatedly stated: he may not be involved.

Although I am obviously leaning towards involvement his words do reveal he is glad to be out of the marriage. S/A has not failed us.

Next, if police clear him as unassociated with the killer:

Depending upon the 911 call, I may disagree.

This is what cold cases are all about.

People make mistakes. Police make mistakes.

The nature of a cold case file is not always "unsolved" but people are cleared by experienced investigators.

I recently had a case in which a written statement showed guilt.

Those with decades of experience in sex crimes were certain the subject didn't do it. The initial investigation cleared the subject.

I stayed with the analysis: it was clear.

A confession was recently gained.

Another cold case was cold because it was closed. The main and only suspect passed his polygraph and satisfied all the investigators.

After analysis?

he is awaiting trial on murder.

The number of times a detective has said, "I interviewed him for hours; he didn't do it!" to be met with:

"okay, let's go over the transcripts " only to go, "Oh my! He did not issue a reliable denial!" and on we go.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Fox News just cast suspicion upon him....

Sus said...

I figured the gun used to kill her was either stolen from the first burglary two doors down or the Blackburns. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

peter... fox 59 link?

AMJ said...

I thought they said the gun was definitely not connected??? Was there another one found?

Anonymous said...

Peter do you have a link? Or was it on the television broadcast?

Anonymous said...

How so Peter?

Juliet said...

Anon at 2.55 - yes, the Dvey show taken as a whole, it's pretty obvious he's not Aspie - let's not be too kind. :-/

Anon at 1.27 am - I also wondered that to begin, especially as he put his pastor role above his husband and father roles - I wondered if he just was incapable of making it 'personal', so to speak, and that was the only way he could cope - but then I thought of the Q & A answer videos, and how much he didn't really care about Amanda - all the stuff about 'the best is yet to come' - he would not have been saying that, no matter how traumatised - it's such an insult to what has already been, and to Amanda, from almost the moment she died. What I find is incredible is that his followers are going along with it all - so accepting of a brutal murder, no expression of distaste at how he is choosing to respond and use it to further his ministry - all for the glory of Jesus, allegedly. Urgh. It's going to take ages to read all the comments - it's amazing how much people are writing about this case.

Sus said...

Saying that Amanda wants forgiveness (in so many words) has pretty much sealed it for me. Add that there is the place he got teary. Would he really be crying for the person who killed his wife? Unless it were him.

Anonymous said...

Fox News Live had a small discussion about this case.

They are wondering why the pictures are not released to the public. "ALL the pictures"

Why so secretive?

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter Hyatt said...

I once went to a church with my then teenaged sons. They met a locally famous minister and shoot hands.

One son said, "Dad, my creep meter is off the charts" to which I said, "I know, I know."

He was a media darling and beyond all criticism.

When it was learned he was molesting little boys, he jumped off a bridge to his death. It was a violent death.


November 18, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Leakage? :)

I got to wondering last night as i was laying in bed, letting my mind wander freely as it does,

Amanda was apparently shot in the torso, hand and head.
This made me wonder if she was running away from the shooter or to defend her child.
The shot to the hand seems likely to be a defensive wound, was it though her hand and then her torso perhaps allowing for 2 shots?

If she was shot in the back of the head, that smacks of an execution rather than a burglary gone wrong.

Why would a burglar hang around long enough to shoot her in the back of the head when they know the shots would have been heard and LE could be on their way as well as nosy neighbors looking around to see what and where the shots came from?

If this was a burglary, why was nothing taken apart from something personal perhaps her ring?
Would a burglar risk a murder charge and possible death sentence and not take anything of worth.

This made me wonder if the shooting/execution was premeditated and then the scene was staged to make it look like a burglary gone wrong.

There is, as far as i am aware, no indication of a forcible entry such as a broken window or damage to the door.
This made me wonder why, commit a burglary at that specific time of day with all the risks it entails?

What if the 'burglar' was known to Amanda?
What if an arrangement had been made to be up at that time for whatever reason and she invited them in?
Was the door locked or unlocked when cd went to the gym?
What does he do normally with the door when he goes to the gym?
What,if anything had changed along with his routine?

If the door was locked and there was no evidence of a break in, did they have a key?
How many keys were there for the doors?
Who has the keys and who has access to the keys, such as the babysitter perhaps?

Why would a burglar hang around for some time making it more likely for them to have been spotted, especially in a cul de sac?

Were they perhaps building up the courage to do the deed?

If he has her wedding ring around her neck, did she also have an engagement ring?
If so where is it?

Thinking more along the lines of a missing ring probably not worth much (i can't see him splashing out big bucks on anything for his fiancee then wife)
The missing ring, if it existed combined with the short stature of the alleged suspect on the video makes me think female shooter.
This then made me think who would benefit from an engagement ring probably not worth much money wise but a lot sentiment wise.

Was the ring promised as an engagement ring with the future promise of marriage once his wife was out the way?
If you do what i ask, we can be togeather for ever spiel.

His inappropriate language and behavior make me think he was having at least one affair and possibly one night stands with multiple partners (i would be checking dating sites and also the ashleymadison.com website.
He admitted he had a dubious internet history in that he paid to have his browsing history tracked ( was this a requirement from Amanda due to previous behavior by him?)
He also spoke of apps to get round it.
I would be checking the church computers as well.

The behavior of his babysitter struck me as odd, why suddenly make private or close down her sites?
This smacks of trying to hide and trying to distance herself from CD, Amanda and the baby.
Why do this rather than offering her condolences and speaking about Amanda and what a wonderful mother she was, what a great friend she was etc.

Tania Cadogan said...


How old was the babysitter i wonder.
It would not be the first time a husband has boined the babysitter/nanny nor will it be the last.

Could it be possible she is involved?

If so, was it at the behest of cd with promises of love and marriage and the status that comes with being a preacher's wife?

Was it of her own choice, kill his wife and then be around in the guise of support and caring for the now motherless child and a possible relationship?

Does cd know who murdered his wife and unborn child and is happy someone saved him from an expensive family or a divorce?

Was cd there when she was shot hence the delay in getting to the gym?

If so, did he let the killer in?
If so, did he know what was going to happen and did nothing?
Why would he do nothing in that case?
Was it a confrontation set up by him?

If he didn't know Amanda was going to get shot, why did he not call 911 and try and save her?
Why not tell police all he knows about the shooter?
Would he say nothing and pretend innocence to protect his image as a loving husband and father?

Why the silence about the loss of his unborn child?
Hmmm, where was the shot in the torso?
Was it in her abdomen right where her baby was?
Was the shot to the hand caused by her putting her hand over her belly to protect her unborn child, the bullet going through her hand and into her belly meaning 2 bullets being used not 3.

Who would have known about the new pregnancy?

Was the head shot done to put her out of her misery?
Was it done because she was still alive and could have identified the shooter (and possibly cd's involvement?)

The 911 call would be telling, especially given she was still alive (i wonder if he was shocked at that?)
I also wonder how long after he got home was the 911 call made?
I also wonder if there were any unexplained injuries to Amanda such as bruises,Petechiae in the eyes o or skin, damage to the throat.

Does he or others have unexplained marks such as bruises or scratches on them, perhaps if she fought for her life?

Unknown said...

Juliet, this is why there's an entire "spiritual abuse survivor" blogging community out there, because now that you've seen how this church operates, can you imagine what would happen if a child were abused by Davey, and came forward? How would these church people respond? How would the child be made to feel?

THIS is how the sexual abuse scandals were handled, "Aw, he's such a good man, he's lifting up Jesus, he couldn't *possibly* have done that to you. You're making that up. You bad boy. Go to your room." This is how I was treated when I finally told others that my mother was abusive. This is the result of what happens when the public doesn't understand narcissism or sociopathy, or how the devil can transform into an angel of light. Those of us in the spiritual abuse blogging community, when we heard the congregation's response, were like, "Yep, exactly the response I expect from a pastor-centric church." Just look at some of the comments coming Amy Smith's way!

KD said...

I'm beginning to think the whole lot of them are just crazy. People have asked about the family's reaction - here's the post by Amanda's sister:


"This was the MOST AMAZING day of her life."

Sus said...

I don't know about other burglaries, but look what Pastor Davey had to say about his neighborhood and the photo release AFTER HIS HOME WAS INVADED AND HIS WIFE AND UNBORN CHILD KILLED.

WTHR interview
Interviewer: how do you feel about the police, the investigation, and everything else?
DB: Our neighborhood has always been very safe, you know.- I mean, we know virtually all our neighbors.

Unexpected reaction. No, Davey. Your neighborhood was not safe. Your home was not safe...FOR YOUR WIFE. You certainly seem to feel safe, though. And it seems to rely upon knowing your neighbors.

Suzanne said...

tania cadogan said...

"I got to wondering last night as i was laying in bed, letting my mind wander freely as it does"

Geez! Did you get ANY sleep last night?

Anonymous said...

Buddy, the gun has nothing to do with this. LE has stated it. If her death is related to a crime spree of robberies I would say well how lucly that was for him that, like scott peterson, he was in a troubled marriage where his needs were not met and someone conveniently came by and killed his wife. He should go buy a lottery ticket.

buddy said...

Anonymous 12:19:

Wrong. The gun is still in play. LE is quite ahead of what the public knows, as are residents.

A said...

He has to say his neighborhood was very safe in case he has to justify later why he left his door unlocked while his wife and baby were sleeping.

trustmeigetit said...

In wonder this too.itvwould be horrifying of it was a stranger I saw this way.

We have all watched news stories of witnesseses to murders who are left horrified.

This was his wife and even if he no longer loved her, it would still had been horrifying.

That's why I think he had this done.
How else could you be in that home.

It would haunt me.

Religious beliefs have no place here.

This should haunt him. Athiest, Christian, Scientology.... Doesn't matter.

It does not haunt him. Because I beleive he wanted this done.

Anonymous said...

"This was the MOST AMAZING day of her life."

---, her sister said that because Amanda and her baby had died and in their faith that means heaven/Jesus/'homecoming'. I'm wondering why her parents and siblings have not come out in the media begging for help, information, clues regarding this brutal murder?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Davey is not aware of more then the public. According to his last interview.

Sus said...

Cont. Pastor Davey's response to the released photo. Fox News.

"It was such an obscure photo. It's extremely difficult TO SAY anybody recognized it. Our neighborhood WAS so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood. AND SO this has devasted the neighbors"

He is not saying the photo is extremely difficult to recognize, but to say it is. He says we cannot trust someone saying they recognize the person in the photo.

He uses IT rather than "the person." Distancing, which may be natural.

"Our neighborhood was so close " bothers me, but I can't put my finger on it.

AND SO. And means missing information. So means he feels he has to explain that his neighbors are devasted, when they thought they had a safe neighborhood.

Ooh, back to "neighborhood was so close." This has been a theme of his throughout interviews. It's like he feels guilty his wife got shot and ruined the nice neighborhood they had. What does he have to do with it? Why the guilt? Why the SO and need to explain?

Atlchanel said...

Is there any information about who lives in the other house down the street that was robbed that morning?

Trigger said...

When Davey Blackburn says "we" I think, does he have a secret lover on the side waiting for him to "move forward" with his life without all the "drama" of a divorce?

My creep meter went crazy when I heard him speak. This man is not emotionally connected to Amanda. He speaks about her like she was a "perfect" fairy tale mother coupled with extra-special Jesus cheerleading powers.

He is controlling all the information and getting off on all the media attention.

This guy is phony, shallow, creepy, and not convincing.

Anonymous said...

Buddy, can you tell us how you are privy to unreleased information?

Anonymous said...

Peter -

I have noticed that sometimes when parents or spouses lose a loved one to violence, they will share the last memory they had with their loved one. For instance, the morning before going to work, the night before, the last phone call, etc. The last words spoken between the two. Also they tend to share what immediate plans they had with their loved one that they no longer get to do ("we were going to go to X event and now we can't").

In this case, has DB described his last night with Amanda, or the morning of the attack? The last words spoken? Is this typical or not typical?

I have a theory about why he was late that morning to the gym, if it is true that he typically went to the gym at 5:30 am.

trustmeigetit said...

Next career..used car sales.

But hoping if he is involved he is making license plates at the local prison .

rob said...

Peter, I am local here is SC. I know many people who attend one of the New Spring campuses. Even though I read Wikipedia said it is a Baptist church, the members say no, it is non-denoninational.(?) I am Baptist, traditional southern Baptist.
When one of my co-workers told me that their womens group got together and had margaritas, I knew, they are not Baptist.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Peter -

I have noticed that sometimes when parents or spouses lose a loved one to violence, they will share the last memory they had with their loved one. For instance, the morning before going to work, the night before, the last phone call, etc. The last words spoken between the two. Also they tend to share what immediate plans they had with their loved one that they no longer get to do ("we were going to go to X event and now we can't").

In this case, has DB described his last night with Amanda, or the morning of the attack? The last words spoken? Is this typical or not typical?

I have a theory about why he was late that morning to the gym, if it is true that he typically went to the gym at 5:30 am.
November 18, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Excellent observation. It is applicable to Statement Analysis and is used in our "Analytical Interviewing" for the very reason you point to.

"I was the last person to see her alive" is sometimes a connection between the killer and the victim. The case of the business partner who killed his friend and family....the name evades me but it is covered on the blog....Tania will identify it... makes you ask, "How do you know you were the last person to see her alive?"

When the loved one is gone, (including missing children cases), the loved one will lose sleep perseverating on the last moments and think over and over of anything they could tell the police. They often leave voice messages for police in the middle of the night saying, "I just remembered!"

This is why, "That's all I know" is a red flag.

It says: "Don't ask me any more questions"

Great post: choose a name!


buddy said...

I'll just say I'm personally interested because I lived in that immediate area for many, many years. I left behind people I still know there. I don't have any great revelations, just second hand info. I'm sworn to discretion. Folks close to this know more than anything I've seen reported on the news. Also, yes I'm biased. I doubt DB had anything to do with this. The more info I get the more I'm convinced.
Yes, DB is wierd. Let's acknowledge that and get it outta the way. lol

Sus said...

I believe they were kicked out by the Baptists when Perry Noble rewrote the Ten Commandments. They began as Baptists.

Anonymous said...

DB seems pretty tech savvy. I wonder if he used the darknet and if there's any way for police to trace anything if he did.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous rob said...
Peter, I am local here is SC. I know many people who attend one of the New Spring campuses. Even though I read Wikipedia said it is a Baptist church, the members say no, it is non-denoninational.(?) I am Baptist, traditional southern Baptist.
When one of my co-workers told me that their womens group got together and had margaritas, I knew, they are not Baptist.

November 18, 2015 at 12:48 PM Delete

I had not heard of New Spring prior to the case but read that a Southern Baptist convention or group publicly corrected the pastor for changing the Ten Commandments.

Truth is worth fighting for and I respected them for it.

Not a baptist, I am a fan of many baptists, including Charles Spurgeon as well as a host of reformed baptist pastors that have more intellect while they are asleep than I have at my best.


Buckley said...

And why our reaction to it is more of a priority to you than the info itself?

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