Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nichole Cable Cause of Death Released

This is why we said it was nonsense to report "kidnapping gone wrong" by the Bangor Daily News.  Its reporting continues to be poor for many reasons.

Missing Glenburn teen died from asphyxiation, medical examiner says

Nichole Cable
Nichole Cable
BANGOR, Maine — Nichole Cable died of “asphyxia due to compression of the neck,” according to the state medical examiner’s office.
Dr. Margaret Greenwald released her findings about the death of the 15-year-old girl from Glenburn and Alton on Thursday after consulting with the Maine State Police crime lab, which has been reviewing evidence in the case, according to a press release issued by state police.
The man accused of killing Cable is scheduled to be arraigned at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Penobscot Judicial Center.
Kyle Dube, 20 , of Orono is expected to plead not guilty to one count each of kidnapping and murder. He is accused of luring Cable out of her mother’s home by using someone else’s identity on Facebook, then killing her in an abduction gone wrong.
Dube was indicted May 29 by the Penobscot County grand jury.
Superior Court Justice William Anderson has been assigned to Dube’s case but will be unavailable Wednesday. Justice Ann Murray will handle Dube’s arraignment and Anderson will deal with all other matters in the case.
Dube was charged on May 21 in connection with the death of Cable on Mother’s Day, the day she disappeared. Her body was found late May 20 in a wooded area of Old Town after Dube’s girlfriend and brother told police where Dube said he had left the girl’s body.
He intended to “kidnap Nichole and hide her; that he would later find her and be the hero,” the affidavit, written by Maine State Police Detective Thomas D. Pickering, said.
Dube’s brother Dustin Dube told police that Kyle Dube said he had Cable “meet him down the road [from her house]; that he waited in the woods wearing a ski mask; that he had duct tape; that he jumped out of the bushes and took Nichole; that he duct taped her; that he put Nichole in his father’s pickup truck; that when he removed Nichole from the truck she was dead; that he dumped Nichole’s body in the woods near the Dysart’s gas station in Old Town; that Nichole is in the woods covered in sticks.”
Kyle Dube’s girlfriend told police that he had told her a similar story and also said he had thrown Cable’s clothes out the window of the truck on his way back, the affidavit said.
Text messages between Cable and Dube show the two were together the night before she disappeared. Cable told her boyfriend the next morning, May 12, that she was upset the night before because Dube groped her and attempted to kiss her and then bit her, according to a search warrant affidavit filed by Maine State Police Detective Christopher Tupper released June 6.
“[Dube] wouldn’t stop and he ended up leaving a [bite] mark on me. So as soon as he got off me I had him bring me home,” she sent by text message at 8:48 a.m.
When police questioned Dube about the bite mark, “Dube stated while kissing Nichole she bit him and he bit her back,” Tupper’s affidavit states.
Dube created a fake Facebook page using the name Bryan Butterfield of Bangor to communicate with Cable and lure her out of her home, according to court documents.
“According to Nichole’s text messages and Facebook messages she was planning on meeting Bryan Butterfield at the end of her road to hang out for a few minutes, smoke marijuana, and get a free bag of marijuana,” Tupper’s affidavit states.
Police linked Dube, a 2011 Orono High School graduate, to the fake Facebook page because he updated the page using his cellphone, according to the Tupper affidavit.
The same cellphone was used to communicate with the 90-pound Glenburn teenager around the time she left her house, which her mother told investigators was about 9 p.m., the day she died. Cable was texting Dube about meeting Butterfield.
Investigators found a knit hat with an eye hole cut into it at the end of the dirt road in Glenburn near where Cable was staying and DNA found on the hat matched Dube, according to the Pickering affidavit. A sock found at the scene had DNA that matched both Dube and Cable.
One of her sneakers was found near the hat and the second one was found across the street, indicating to police that the girl attempted to run, the Tupper affidavit states.
Cable’s pink hoodie, torn up the front and dirty on the back with one sleeve turned inside out, was found several miles down the road, next to some black rope, according to the Tupper affidavit.
Dube was in Penobscot County Jail at the time of his arrest for murder. He reported to jail on May 17 to serve a 90-day sentence for charges stemming from a high-speed motorcycle chase last year that ended when he crashed into a police cruiser.
If convicted of the charges he faces in Cable’s death, Dube faces between 25 years and life in prison.


Calico said...

OT: the 29-yo non-blood related "uncle" of 10-yo Kami Ring has been arrested for her rape and murder:

Anonymous said...

When did pedophilia become an epidemic in this country? SMH

Anonymous said...

Call it CHILD RAPE/MURDER...kill pedophilia!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anon@ 9:19
and why do women continue to leave their children with grown men who have nothing to offer other than babysitting?

I can't wrap my mind around women who continue to do this for their own selfish reasons....have they never read the news?

There really is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Peter, check this out. More than one person saw a toddler wander into the woods and called 911. They are out looking for the toddle. To complicate issues: No one has reported the child missing.,0,3032955.story

Nic said...

God speed to Nichole's family. What a sad report.

I read these posts and look at my kids and hug them and think I'm so lucky. I pray I'm always lucky and that my kids will always be safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nic, for thinking of Nichole's family, and your own children.

Calico, that was rude, to go straight into an OT comment, without one reference for the death of this teen.

All adults need to keep a wary eye open for dangers which may cause harm to our minor aged children, whether they are ours, or not.

Nichole did leave her story behind.
It is too late to save her. Hopefully, it has taught those who have read her story, or served as a reminder, we all can, and do make a difference, by the degree we allow ourselves to become involved in the lives of children.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18, Many people have already commented on Nichole's death. It's tragic and I feel for her family, but Nichole isn't more important than Kami or any other child that has been murdered or abused. I have have compassion for the children and people that we have discussed in this forum, but I will admit some cases touch my heart in a different way. Maybe that's why you are feeling defensive and protective of Nichole. It doesn't make Calico disrespectful because she was sharing another story.

Anonymous said...

Glenburn man plans motorcycle ride to raise funds for permanent Nichole Cable memorial

By Nick McCrea, BDN Staff
Posted June 13, 2013, at 3:44 p.m.

GLENBURN, Maine — A local man is planning a motorcycle ride to raise money in hopes of building a permanent memorial to Nichole Cable in Glenburn.

Tim Munson, a longtime friend of Cable’s mother and stepfather, Kristine and Jason Wiley, is hoping several hundred motorcyclists will come out Saturday to honor the memory of the 15-year-old girl who was killed in May. Police have charged Kyle Dube, 20, with murder and kidnapping in connection with her death.

A temporary memorial has stood at the end of Spruce Lane, near where Cable had been living with the Wileys, since she disappeared on May 12. A week later, police found her body in Old Town.

“It’s spread through our community, it’s hurting all of us,” Munson said Thursday, explaining why he felt the community needs a way to keep Cable’s memory alive through a memorial.

The motorcycle convoy will depart from Glenburn School, 991 Hudson Road, at 10:30 a.m. The group will ride to Milo before turning onto the Argyle Road and heading toward Old Town. The procession will end at Old Town High School. Registration will be held from 8 a.m. to 10 or 10:30 a.m., according to Munson. There will be a $10 registration fee per motorcycle.

Munson said Kristine Wiley will ride with him on the lead bike.

Munson said he’d like the memorial to be located near the public beach at Lakeside Landing, and he is working with town officials to see whether that could be a potential site. He said he’ll look for a local landscaping company to design a memorial with a flower bed of some sort.

Any money raised in excess of what’s needed to complete a memorial will be donated to the Nichole Cable Memorial Fund, Munson said.

Wiley has said she will use her daughter’s memorial fund to spark education and outreach efforts. She is considering several ideas, such as self-defense lessons, seminars to teach parents and kids about online safety, or to support organizations such as the Shaw House or Spruce Run but details haven’t been finalized, she said Thursday.

Anonymous said...

It's probably a werewolf.

Trigger said...

I am sad that a young woman has been murdered by a young man who didn't care about Nicole or her family.

This guy will murder again if he is given the chance.

Katprint said...

There is a glaring lacunae here concerning when/how/why Kyle Dube REMOVED HER CLOTHING before throwing her clothing out the window of his truck after dumping her body. You know, I just hate it when I'm giving someone a ride in my car and all of the sudden their clothing removes itself from their body then hurls itself out my car window. [/sarcasm]

There is no reasonable explanation for removing her clothing if this had been a mere "kidnapping gone wrong." Touching dead people is yucky; dead bodies can be -- and very often are -- dumped without their clothing being removed. Caylee Anthony, for example, was dumped while clothed, as was Laci Peterson.

Coupled with the circumstances that 1) the day before the kidnapping and murder, Dude "groped her and attempted to kiss and then bit her" and 2) her hoodie was found "torn up the front and dirty on the back," it seems very likely that the kidnapping was for the purpose of sexually assaulting her. NOT a false hero kidnapping gone wrong.

Light The Way said...


E X A C T L Y!!

Not only was Nichole dumped nude, she also died from COMPRESSION to the NECK--- Not likely to occur on it's own while Dube left her duct taped. The insinuation (I assume) he was making was that she "suffocated accidentally" on the gag he placed over her mouth.

I've never read a more ridiculous explanation for a crime in my life, given the known circumstances*...

[*Except, maybe, for that Zumba instructor who claimed she had "no idea" she was prostituting herself/others from her studio, thinking all along she was "helping the police".]