Monday, June 17, 2013

Where Is Levon Wameling?

Levon Wameline, 9 months, went "missing" in May, while in the care of his father, Jevon Wameling.

Jevon Wameling did not report him missing, however, until June 11th, and only to his family.

His family did not report him missing, instead, choosing to call the family's attorney, who then in turn told police.

No one, including the family, was in a hurry to report the 9 month old missing.

The attorney said that Jevon got home with the baby, having custody since the baby's mother was in rehab, locked himself out of the house, placed the baby on the front steps, and ran around to the back of the house to let himself in, but by the time he got back to the front of the house, Levon was gone.

There is nothing credible about this story.

Jevon Wameling is a Person of Interest, and even without statements, the story rings as hollow as the story told by Deborah Bradley or Justin DiPietro, both of whom lied about a fake "kidnapping" in order to cover harm to the child.

So it is with Jevon Wameling, quite likely, that Levon met his demise at the hands of his own father, the very one charged with loving protection of his son.

We are still researching if this is the first child to have met his fate at the hands of Jevon as we have the report that another baby died, several years back, in which Jevon was present.

We hope to update more today.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the mom's FB it sounds like Levon had some health issues. I wonder if what happened to him was a result of negligence rather than intentional. Not to excuse it or minimize the cover-up at all....

sidewalk super said...

This leave-baby-in-the-back-while-I-go-to-the-front-to try-and-get-in is not a new story. We have heard this one before Too. With bad results for the little one who can't protect himself.

Anonymous said...

Here. Read this. Pathetic and sickening, but true.

Anonymous said...

Yeah; and where exactly was the MOTHER? This father may be one of the biggest killer rats alive, I don't doubt that he is; but where was the MOTHER? Off in rehab instead of caring for and protecting her helpless baby. What was she doing BEFORE the child disappeared that led up to HER leaving her child in the hands of a child murderer while she was under the influence and spaced out?

I don't care WHO they are; I do not have one ounce of sympathy for these mothers (or fathers) who infest themselves with drugs/alcohol, leaving their infants at the hands of merciless killers while they supposedly run off for the "cure". They disgust me. There is NO CHILD who is not being neglected (abused) at the hands of a drug/alcohol addle-brained mother and/or father.

They must think caring for and raising a child is some kind of fantasy joke while they stayed doped up and spaced out. They are just as low down and rotten as the one who commits the murder. It was only sheer luck that SHE hadn't already done something horrible to this baby. Observer

Anonymous said...

the above link takes you to 2 videos and a letter "penned" by the videographer of a recent shooting in Columbia, Missouri on June 15th 12:30 am. Would be interested in a SCAN of the words as typed .

JerseyJane said...

You got that right, Observer!! And when these addicts/alcoholics on Social Security Disability are found dead in their paid for housing, the water is turned off, the electic is off, but they sure damn well have tons of alcohol bottles everywhere!! And their children are prisoners in this filth, with government paid for pampers and human urine in old bottles littered a bout..

If the little fella was born with special needs, odds mommy's addiction played a part.. Mom going to rehab is her grooming to become a future Social Security Disability reciprient. It's ALL a game, these generations of low-life's have a generational playbook for the system!!! The number tattoo on her neck is probably her celebrated benefits anniversary!!(scarcasm).. Sorry, I'm sick about this cuz I see good hard-working families with mortgages that fall behind and the government rejects their plea for a little help cuz they "said" the wrong thing.. They said, " I may be able to ask a friend for my mortgage but I'm not sure they have any extra monies to help my family". REJECTED.....

Oops, the good hard-working family didn't have the gamebook!!!!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Where are her other children?

katydid said...

I hope he doesn't get away with it.

Anne said...

This dad's (I hate calling him a dad)story is the worst so far. The whole family has guilty knowledge or they would have asked for help to search for Levon.
Does anyone know about the mom's other child, where he is, did she have custody. Where was CPS, with all these issues coming up, I bet they are familiar with this family.

Very wily move of the family to go through an lawyer versus going straight to the police.

It is strange that the families of the killers are so protective of the killer, and any bond they had with the victim is tossed by the wayside. How can they function like that?

ps SO SO sick of the rehab story. When was Levon last seen alive by someone other than the mom or dad?

Anonymous said...

O/T -- Peter, here are some facebook comments by Billie Dunn. I figured you needed somew new comment to write a Hailey-related post so you could actually get some traction going on your blog again. You're welcome.

BillieJean Ostrander Youre just one of the few sick bullies who can't stand me getting attention for my daughter,you obviously know nothing,I don't have any boyfriend,and another thing,you sick person,if Shawn did something to Hailey,it will come out. We have all the best ppl on it,you stay on your bully page & away from Hailey. You don't know more than me & FBI so get a brain cell. There's been one suspect,for good reasons now & that's not me,I'm a mother! & AIDS? Is that a new lie you ppl are conjuring up? No telling,it just never ends with you. Funny all of you bullies,lost or gave away all of your children. Anyone who wants FACTS only,they're right here,most if the Fb pages were put together by that small 10% of hateful bullies,the second set of predators,but she does have a real Fb page too called hope for Hailey. We didn't give up on finding her,we won't give up getting justice. I don't hide behind fake profiles. My name is Billie,not villie,get it right,or does it just kill you to get anything right?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
ot home with the baby, having custody since the baby's mother was in rehab, locked himself out of the house, PLACED THE BABY ON THE FRONT steps, and rAN AROUND TO THE BACK of the house to let himself in, but by the time he got BACK TO THE FRONT of the house, LEVON WAS GONE.

Did he put Levon on his stomach..and suffocate him?

Anonymous said...

Jersey Jane, it gets mighty disgusting doesn't it? There's a whole segment of our poor population who aren't on drugs and alcohol, who work hard, some of them doing two or more jobs twelve to fifteen hours a day at whatever menial work they can find, particularly many poor single mothers; yet can barely pay the rent, buy a loaf of bread and a pot of beans; is there any help for them?

I can answer that: Not one thin dime. They don't have the right "key" to open the door for help and get slapped down at every turn they make seeking help; Yet you've got the druggie/alcoholic trickster mother/father off in rehab playing by the SSI benefits, food stamp and welfare game rules, exactly as you described so they can set themselves up for a lifetime of gimmies while their precious children go ON being neglected and abused and our govm't gets to pay for it, while they make MORE welfare babies!

It makes me p'ssed enough to scream; yet our REAL handicapped, disabled, devastated veterans and elderly SS recipients who paid into their social security benefits all of their lives, KEEP getting their medical benefits cut to the bone and can't even pay their medical copays while they help to FEED, clothe and buy the dope and alcohol for these "rehab" SSI child neglectors and abusers who sit and dope, and booze, off of us!

Hell no, not a one of them has an excuse when one of their babies goes missing! They've decided to "clean up their act?" Come on! All they've decided is to get MORE con money off of the rest of us. Observer.

Anonymous said...

I think the bio dad's LE father threatened Levon's mom. She HAD to go to rehab, they made her. Now Levon is dead and the bio-dad's father is hiring a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

With mention of STEPS, when Levon's body is found look for a footprint on his back...

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote from the mother from cnycentral. It seems way off - but I'll leave the analysis to the pro's as I'm still trying to learn:

"I have nothing. All I have is to sit there on an empty stomach, that's it," says Warney. "Is my baby ok? Who did this to my baby? If my baby is in your house, please return him to his mother where my baby is comforted, loved, fed, pampered, bathed, slept well. I just ask everyone that if you do see Levon Wameling anywhere, dead or alive please contact the police and get him where I can put him to rest."

Anonymous said...

Wow anon 3:48. "My baby" 4x then his full name? Very odd.
She's making sure to claim to take great care of her baby.
Where is the mother's natural denial? She's already thinking about "putting him to rest".
This is all too familiar. I'm not saying she did anything directly to him, but she shows she isn't the loving mother she wants us to believe she is.

Lucy said...

I'm going to need DNA confirmation to believe that Jevon is Levon's biological father. Which could contribute to motive, if he thought that the baby was his but it became more and more obvious that he is not.

Anonymous said...

Wow! critical anon: 7 "she's"! Levon disappeared while "he" bio-dad babysat.

Anonymous said...

Baby definitely does not look to be of mixed race.

Anonymous said...

What parent "babysits" their own baby?

Anonymous said...


JerseyJane said...

YUP, Baby-Daddy! Got that right...

Neck tattoo has many meanings.. Some the meanings is....."proud I don't hold down a full-time job"... Other meanings gang related like the numbers are the sub zip code of their area they are from and cover for sell of drugs or the person may of done time in prison and it's their cell block number or if the neck tattoo is a name on a female it is a dead persons name that was killed by another gang....

Gang members are all colors now, so let's not go racial..that comment is for the people that just don't know the facts of this lifestyle...

Anonymous said...

2nd baby recently to go missing while mom is in re-hab and left baby in dad care. Maybe the moms should go to rehab DURING the pregnancy and stop relying on the bad dads...

toonces said...

In the photos I have seen, this child does not look half black, but he does look like a drug baby....hazy strained eyes and translucent unhealthy pallor. Elaina has the same drug-baby look to her. I should say "had." *sighs.* poor babies.... Trash parents. Too common lately.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why anyone would concern themselves over whether this baby appears to be bi-racial, mixed, or claim they would need a DNA test to prove this childs' parentage. Sick.

What difference does it make? This is a human being baby with the same likes and dislikes, suffers hunger and feels pain the same as you do, and is deserving of the right to life with care, love and dignity.

If your point is that he 'doesn't look mixed' and maybe this would cause the baby daddy to stress out and kill the baby, that is not a good enough excuse. Many bi-racial babies don't take on extreme individual bi-racial features until later on, and some never, or very few obvious characteristics.

What I see is a very sad child, pensive and tense, having suffered great pain and turmoil. There is not one photo of this child relaxed or smiling, not that I've seen. Observer.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/you Toonces; this child does appear to be a drug baby from birth. Definitely, pure low-life dope/booze trash responsible for an innocent helpless baby.

Like all the rest of these doped up and drunk pregnant women, this sorry,low-down POS mother on drugs (and/or alcohol) needs court ordered, forced instutionalization and sterilization like they used to do at the Gracewood School for the Mentally Disturbed near Augusta, Ga. The first thing they did upon admittance was sterilize the individual who had been assigned there, both male and female, then proceeded to treat those who could be treated.

I know for a fact this was true as I had a mother-in-law who was employed there as a house mother. It was her job to try to keep the males and females from cohabitating during nighttime hours as many slept in open dorms and had freedom of movement around the campus during the daytime hours.

Too bad there aren't more of these functioning operations in this country; don't know if any are even in existance any longer, but they certainly ought to be! Observer

toonces said...

Observer, it doesn't matter if this child is white, black, Chinese, or Turkish. The point is, there are a lot of young men out there who would highly resent being lied to by a woman who is having sex with others, and then manipulated into believing offspring of said woman is his own, to the point of taking his anger out on the child. Immaturity, drug use, lack of education, mental illness, and poor upbringing might contribute to those feelings, which turn into actions.
This explanation is not meant as defense of such behavior in any way. However, it does point to motive of said sick individual, which is the point that you missed.

toonces said...

Lol observer, I have also often wished there could be enforced sterilization in some cases. The problem is, who decides? By the time you could enforce it, the person has already done something terrible. I guess it would prevent future incidents, if used as a punishment.

Anonymous said...

Toonces, your post @ 9:41; you are right, of course. There are many men who would take it out on the child if they suspected it did not belong to them.

It's a deep subject with many ramifications and I know there will always be some exceptions, but personally I have come to believe that all newborns should be DNA tested and women forced to stop blaming men who aren't responsible for their child, yet get nabbed for support all of their lives. Similarly, the man who fathered the child should be the one mandatorily supporting it. Should a non-biolgical father chose not to have the DNA revealed, then that should be his choice if he wants to accept the child as his own.

Not only that however, IMO, a child should have the right to know who their biological parents are on both sides should they inquire. For one thing, many diseases are hereditary; and secondly, a child should have the right to know who they are and where they belong instead of searching their whole long life through. So many children have had to grow up living their lives in lies and obscurity.

It just ain't right! Observer

Anonymous said...

Similarly, there are males who sign on as fathers in order to keep the female tied to them, regardless whether the baby is theirs or not.

Anonymous said...

There are also males who turn to threats and violence upon learning of potential fatherhood.

Both situations are "sick".

Speaking of, "sick" it appears the mother in this case has drug addiction related issues. Perhaps someone may have taken advantage of her circumstance? I pray this baby is. ring better taken care of elsewhere and will soon be found alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Being, not ring. My apologies for the typo.

JerseyJane said...

Observer, I respect your knowledge u acquired from your career path.. You are an angel for sharing and enlightening!
I also believe, the young man, should not sign a birth certificate as the child's father until DNA is done. Too many young men don't realize THAT signing that birth certificate makes them the father of that child legally even if they find out laterit isnt their child.. Some states it is easier than others to reverse the signing if u are found not to be the father..others are not...single young men can be just as niave when it comes to a young girl professing the baby to be his... Many young girls know that the baby may not be a certain guys, but, play games and JUST pick the better guy, not caring about lying, just choosing to be a very selfish person that will go with a better guy as a meal ticket..

Maybe, just maybe, if MORE young men would wake up to this fact and find out first with DNA, it may cut down on the manipulating of the female... If she is cornered and made accounted for to tell the truth, maybe they would start respecting the whole process of creating a child and know it's a life committment at that for the real parents of that child....
Of course, I like things done the right way, the old-fashioned way but morals don't existed as they should, so much has been lost. The moral fiber in a high majority is far gone in the modern day male and female, for shame... And it continues with each new generation.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this case,
From the obvious, it appears that the female's particular choice of a meal ticket was starved.

JerseyJane said...

Yup, no meal here..LOL.. He appears as a pretty boy! With his rings and hoodie twists!!! Bahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
On Levon's missing poster "height and weight not available" he looks TINY!

Anonymous said...

Rings and hoodie twists remind me of a peacock. The alleged father in this case still lives at his mother's house, no? If he were a peacock he'd be all show, no go. Jmo with the flow.

Coughing said...

OT, Peter, another child abduction attempt on same block as mom who got the beat down in suspicious story: re masked man. He was not wearing a mask this time and there were multiple witnesses. We shall see how this plays out I guess.

Anonymous said...

Toonces, back in the days when I was familiar with the Gracewood School for the Mentally Disturbed (near Augusta, Ga), sterilization was not used as a form of punishment. It was used as a requirement of the patient being housed and able to live in open housing and on campus. These were not severely mentally retarded patients; if the caretakers hadn't known better, some of them seemed as normal as you and I, but all were deemed unable to function on their own in society. I never saw a ward or other lock-down area where there were severely mentally disturbed being treated there.

They all had to be sterilized prior to being allowed contact with others as they would form relationships among themselves, some falling in love for years together. Courtships were allowed to some degree but sexual relations were discouraged when caught. There was no maternity ward or nursery there so it was understandable that they could not be allowed to procreate.

I was there many evenings (and sometimes during the day time when my mother-in-law had day hours of duty) and saw how they were treated and helped her pass out snacks and medications at bedtime. She told me many of their stories, how they had lived there for years, some since childhood and many commited from their teenage and later years. There were many who were older who had been there most of their lives. It was a lovely place and they were well cared for.

Many of the residents were wards of the court and many were brought there by parents or other relatives who could no longer manage them or care for them. It was maintained and supported by the State of Georgia; however, parents and other relatives could openly visit on certain days of the week, and were sometimes allowed to eat in the cafeteria with them; they could bring gifts to their loved one and could make monetary donations to the house fund. They held big christmas parties and celebrated other holiday occasions frequently.

If a parent decided they wanted to take their child back home to live they could withdraw them unless they were court ordered to live on the grounds permanently; in such a case a court order was required to remove a patient. The grounds and housing was fenced and closed but they were never treated like prisioners; some were assigned to cottages with individual house mothers and some to dorms. I never met one patient who wasn't happy and smiling.

It's a sorry shame and a disgrace on our court system that we don't have similar institutions today (not to my knowledge) where these insane dope heads could be housed via court order, take their pitiful kids away from them permanently, put a stop to their procreating and stop their madness once and for all. Observer

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 18, 2013 at 9:20 PM

Your story is frightening. In many ways.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

taly's high court today faulted the acquittal of Amanda Knox by the appeals court for the murder of her roommate, ruling that it WAS a 'sex game gone wrong' and ordered her back for trial.

The Supreme Court said the ruling was full of 'deficiencies, contradictions and illogical' conclusions and ordered the new appeals court to look at all the evidence to determine whether Knox helped kill the teen.

In March, the Court of Cassation overturned Knox's acquittal in the 2007 murder of flatmate Meredith Kercher and ordered a new trial.

On Tuesday, the high court issued its written reasoning for doing so. Kercher's body was found in November 2007 in her bedroom of the house she shared with Knox in Perugia, a central Italian town popular with foreign exchange students.

Knox, now 25, and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 29, were initially convicted and sentenced to long prison terms, but a Perugia appeals court acquitted them in 2011, criticizing virtually the entire case mounted by prosecutors.

The appellate court noted that the murder weapon was never found, said that DNA tests were faulty and that prosecutors provided no murder motive.

A young man from Ivory Coast, Rudy Guede, was convicted of the slaying in a separate proceeding and is serving a 16-year sentence.

In the 74-page Cassation ruling, the high court judges said they 'had to recognize that he (Guede) was not the sole author' of the crime, Italian news agency LaPresse reported. The judges though said he was the 'main protagonist'.
They said the new appeal process would serve to 'not only demonstrate the presence of the two suspects in the place of the crime, but to possibly outline the subjective position of Guede's accomplices'.

It said hypotheses ran from a simple case of forced sex involving Kercher 'to a group erotic game that blew up and got out of control'.
The high court faulted the Perugia appeals court for 'multiple instances of deficiencies, contradictions and illogical' conclusions.

The new court must conduct a full examination of evidence to resolve the ambiguities, it said.

Knox left Italy a free woman after her 2011 acquittal, after serving nearly four years of a 26-year prison sentence.

Now a University of Washington student in Seattle, she has called the reversal by the Cassation 'painful' but said she was confident she would be exonerated.

Italian law cannot compel Knox to return for the new trial and her lawyers have said she has no plans to do so. It is unclear what would happen to Knox if a possible conviction from the new trial is upheld on final appeal.

No date for the new trial has been set. Florence's appeals court was chosen since Perugia only has one appellate court.

Knox and Sollecito denied wrongdoing and said they weren't even in the apartment that night, although they acknowledged they had smoked marijuana and their memories were clouded.

Last month Knox said the future was very unsure for her financially and that she is almost broke because of her huge legal bills - despite a $1.5million book advance.

Tania Cadogan said...

She will be paid a reported $4million in total for her memoir Waiting To Be Heard but claimed that her retrial and a potential libel lawsuits will leave her penniless.
Knox also revealed that to make money in the future she will be writing more books and will be taking a creative writing course at the University of Washington, near her home in Seattle.

The prospect will inevitably cause further anguish to the family of Meredith Kercher, 21, the British student and her former roommate who she was accused of killing in 2007 in Perugia, Italy.

They are already angry at the string of interviews Knox has given to promote the book in which she has tried to portray herself as a victim of a gross injustice.
Speaking to the Toronto Post last month she said that she is scared and uncertain how she will get by in the years to come.

Knox, 25, said: ‘I don’t know what I am going to do. The future is very unsure for me financially.’

Her book could trigger a wave of costly libel lawsuits from police and prosecutors in Italy who she claims framed her, but Knox was unrepentant.
She said: ‘People asked me if I would change the book and I said absolutely not.

‘I am not going to change my story just because someone is threatening to sue me but I mean it sucks. It sucks and it sucks.’

Knox did not elaborate on what kind writing she will undertake in the future but said that it was ‘crushing’ to read the book by Miss Kercher’s father John in which he called on her to ‘come clean’.

Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were initially found guilty for the murder of Miss Kercher but were acquitted in 2011.

In the latest of many twists in the case, the Italian Supreme Court ruled in March that both Knox and Sollecito will face a retrial.
In an interview this week, Sollecito said that the prospect did not bother him and hinted that like Knox he might not return to Italy and face a possible jail term if found guilty again.

He said: ‘It’s something like a very far-away thought in my mind. I already know that I'm innocent and we already have proved it. So for me, it's kind of nonsense.”

Rudy Guede, a drifter from the Ivory Coast, was convicted of Kercher’s sexual assault and murder and is currently serving 30 years in jail.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend has been forced to abandon his new life in Switzerland after authorities revoked his residence permit.

Rafaelle Sollecito served four years in prison for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, who was found half naked, her throat slit, in the flat she shared with Knox in Perugia.

He and Knox were freed on appeal in 2011. But in March this year Italy’s highest court sensationally overturned their verdict, ordering the pair to stand retrial.
Immediately afterwards Sollecito left Italy for a new life on the picturesque shores of Lake Lugano, in the Italian-speaking southern Alps.

He said he liked Switzerland because people there are ‘more discreet’.

The student engineer denied that he was fleeing justice and said he would return to face retrial.

He had already been granted residence and registered a not-for-profit company to help victims of miscarriages of justice.

The 29-year-old planned to finish his degree in robotic surgery by correspondence while working on his foundation.

The charity’s purpose was to review cold cases and produce manuscripts and films to tell their stories.

But angry locals, disturbed by the presence of an accused killer in their quiet town, launched a campaign to run him out of town.

Right wing politician Daniele Caverzasio petitioned the council saying: ‘Isn’t being on trial for murder a good enough reason to revoke residency?’

Authorities subsequently found that he hadn’t fully declared his pending legal proceedings on his application form.

Sollecito’s father, Francesco Sollecito, condemned the decision, saying it amounted to ‘a moral and social lynching of someone who has been found not guilty.
He said: ‘The town of Lugano has missed a good opportunity to show fairness to someone who has always been innocent and must endure two more trials at least.’

Rafaelle will not appeal the council’s decision, his father said, but will instead return to his home town of Giovinazzo, near Bari in southern Italy, immediately.

He will finish his final exams to graduate from the University of Verona by long distance study, he said.

The retrial is expected to start in the autumn. Knox, who after the appeal verdict in 2011 returned to her hometown of Seattle, is studying for a creative writing degree. She is not expected to attend.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I also don't think it should matter if this child is mixed race or not, he still doesn't deserve to be missing or worse! I have a mixed race grandson,in pictures he looks very light skinned but with a very wide nose..however in real life, his skin is fairly dark. I wonder if this is the case with this baby. However no matter what the color of his skin, he doesn't deserve anything less than parents who are doting, wonderful parents. I know a lot of people always blame the mothers in these cases, but perhaps the mother was actually trying to make her life and the baby's life better by kicking her drug habbbit. Just because it was court ordered doesn't make it a bad thing.

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