Thursday, January 3, 2013

11 Year Old Girl Charged in Death of Baby Under Evaluation

11-year-old girl charged in death of baby still being evaluated

Three-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway of Clinton died July 8 while under the care of a baby sitter in Fairfield. The baby sitter's 11-year-old daughter has been charged with manslaughter in death.

FAIRFIELD, Maine — The 11-year-old girl charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of a 3-month-old baby last summer is still being evaluated by the state to determine her competency to stand trial, according to the Maine Attorney General’s Office.
She is still undergoing evaluation. There is no next court date set,” Brenda Kielty, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, said Monday.
The girl from Fairfield, whom the Bangor Daily News is not naming because she is a juvenile, is charged with reckless or criminally negligent manslaughter in the death of Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway.
The girl made her initial appearance in Skowhegan District Court on Oct. 22.
John Martin of Skowhegan, the girl’s attorney, pleaded “no answer” on her behalf.
A “no answer” plea in juvenile court is “neither an admission nor denial. A ‘no answer’ comes into play when there are questions about skills associated with [the] competence” of the defendant, Kielty said in October.
Martin requested a competency hearing for the juvenile during the Oct. 22 court appearance, which was granted.
The competency hearing was ordered “to see if she … understands what lawyers do, what judges do, what court proceedings are for and so forth,” Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson, who is prosecuting the case for the state, said outside the court building. Because of the request, Benson said he wasn’t surprised by the no answer plea.
Kielty said Thursday a date for the competency hearing has not yet been set.
Brooklyn was in the care of the girl’s mother in Fairfield on the night of July 8. According Nicole Greenaway of Clinton, her infant was subsequently left alone with the then-10-year-old girl.
Greenaway said in August that a toxicology report revealed that medicine for attention deficit disorder was found in Brooklyn’s system. She said it was the same medication prescribed to the 11-year-old daughter of the baby sitter. There also were bruises on the baby’s face from when she was suffocated, allegedly by the girl.
It looks like someone had beat her up,” said Greenaway in August. “Fingerprint bruises all over her face. A black eye. Bruises across the bridge of her nose.”
Benson declined to give an official cause of death after the October hearing. He said the girl has been in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services since she was charged with manslaughter.
If convicted, the 11-year-old would be in state custody until she is 21 years old.
Weeks before Brooklyn’s death, another baby overdosed on medication in the home of the same Fairfield baby sitter.
Ashley Tenney, the mother of the 8-month-old baby, who survived, told the Bangor Daily News in September that doctors told her they had found amphetamines in her daughter’s system that matched medication prescribed to the 11-year-old for attention deficit disorder.
Brooklyn’s death was declared a homicide on Aug. 29, and the then-10-year-old juvenile was charged with manslaughter the following day. On Sept. 19, the attorney general’s office filed a juvenile petition formally charging the girl with manslaughter.
Benson said the 11-year-old is the youngest person in Maine charged with manslaughter “over the last 20 or 30 years.”


Justme said...

I don't know what future this girl will have but she is obviously a danger to society and needs to be prevented from harming anyone else. What most upsets me is that I can't find anything about charges against the other adults, especially the 11 year-old's mother, who should be held much more accountable for the death of the baby and the attempt on the other child.

Tania Cadogan said...

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DETROIT – A 26-year-old Detroit mother of five is making her first court appearance on a murder charge in the stabbing death of her 8-year-old daughter.

Tameria Greene was found bleeding early Sunday on the floor of the family's apartment. Mother Semeria Greene was arrested and her four sons were taken into protective custody. Greene is due to be arraigned Thursday afternoon on felony murder and child abuse charges.

Michigan's human service director Maura Corrigan says family, friends and neighbors had complained to her agency about Greene's treatment of her five children. Corrigan says child welfare workers had tried repeatedly to remove them from Greene's care in the past two years.

Corrigan says a court denied the last request one month before Tameria's death.
The girl would have turned 9 on Wednesday.

Read more:

Jo said...

I agree Justme. The mother should not have been taking in children to babysit if she was not able to control her 11 year old daughter. After the first incident, she should have discontinued taking care of other children. Also, why did the 11 year old have access to her medication? That should have been locked up and distributed to her by her mother as needed. Sounds like the mother was very careless and should be held accountable as well.

Big Russian said...

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Pak31 said...

I agree with Justme. The 11 year old's mother knew her child was a danger around other children and yet she did nothing to prevent her daughter from being near the baby. Even the other woman whose baby survived a prior overdose by this girl did nothing. Lastly, I'm still disappointed in Brooklyn's own mother. She too knew that the 11 year old was a danger yet she still left her precious baby there. I don't know how you could even consider leaving your child in that home, even worse Brooklyn's mom didn't really do anything major that night, she did not even really need a sitter. It's obvious that the 11 year old had her mom wrapped around her little finger. Telling her that she wouldn't go to summer school unless Brooklyn spent the night. What kind of parent allows this behavior?

Tania Cadogan said...

What scares me is the possibility she could be released at age 21.

She could go bck to living a normal life get pregnant and have a child.

My concern then becomes about the safety of any child she has.
She has murdered once, it is likely she will do so again.
Wull they remove the child from her custody as soon as it is born or will they take a chance and leave it with her?
if they leave it with her will there be ssupervision, rtequired medication, CPS visits and suchlike so that at the first whiff of a problem the child is taken into safety?
Will they look at the costs and decide she is an adult, we trust her to take her medications etc and then hope to hell nothing happens to the child?
Will they say it will never happen again as they look at the remains of another child dead at her hands?

Personally for her own safety and the safety of children elsewhere she should never be released, she should be sent to a secure hospital where they can make sure she gets the help and sipport she needs, the medication and hopefully prevention of any pregnancy.

Some people , for whatever reason, are born broken.
Nothing we do can ever fix them, even enough to be trusted in open society.
For their sakes and ours they should be kept locked away from society, they can have the freedoms of the hospital grounds, escorted visits outside the grounds according to their progress, supervised medication and can live generally happy and safe lives protected from themselves.

I fear if nothing is done now then we wuill read of more victims at her hands.

Anonymous said...

When you think about it, this is an incredible story; how THREE mothers could even take the risk of allowing this dangerously mentally ill child around these babies the first time, much less run the risk of abuse after the first time one of them was medicated by her.

How could these mothers not know that no defenseless child should ever be left in the home with this mentally disturbed child; or that her own mother would have not taken steps to keep all other children away from her and all meds locked away from her possible tampering?

It is beyond words, how very little some mothers care about their babies. Yes indeed, the mother of this abusive/killer child most certainly should be prosecuted. She knew better that to EVER trust her disturbed child around another child, yet she actually allowed her to babysit them upstairs alone? What did it matter if she was sitting right downstairs? What could she do to pretect this baby from her monster daughter? Nothing.

John Mc Gowan said...


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Anonymous said...

245 arrested!

Anonymous said...

It is only a movie John.

Posible though, and likely, that some authentic info has been used in its' making, some unfounded and some misused.

Still, just a movie.

Anonymous said...

Patricia said ...

It is hard not to wonder about parental neglect, naivete or generations of poor parenting with any one of these three mothers involved ... however I don't think we can assume that the mother of child who killed the baby knew, or even suspected, that her daughter was prone to actually killing. In hindsight, it is easy to look at the two instances where the child gave her own medication to babies and see the seriousness of it. However, even professionals didn't seem to fully recognize it the first time.
I also don't think we can assume that the child will necessarily kill again. It is possible that she has a diagnosable condition such as Reactive Attachment Disorder. Children with that are prone to killing and will go out of their way to set up situations where they have the opportunity. My questions about the parenting lead me to consider that. I think it's quite possible that all of the mothers involved come from troubled backrounds with a lack of wise parenting so it would all feel pretty normal to them ... until something horrible like this happens.

Reactive Attachment Disorder can be treated. It is a very serious condition and is often the result of a lack of healthy bonding/ good parenting/feelings of security.
As horrible as it is that this young girl killed a baby I don't think she is necessarily hopelessly ill or evil. She might be ... but I don't think it's fair to assume that at this point.

We can speculate but we'll never really know what was behind it. It isn't fair or helpful for me to assume anything about either the mother or the daughter who killed. The whole situation is incredibly tragic and I hope that there will be help given to all who can benefit from it,

Anonymous said...

This is the mother's (babysitter) Facebook with pics of the 10 year old. Read her post from July 8 early morning.

Anonymous said...

They knew.

dadgum said...

Her July posts are odd to me. Concerned for concern for the baby, her parents, or even her own daughter..

Anonymous said...

Patricia said ...

To Anonymous@12:53PM , thanks for the link. The last two paragraphs state that the girl does have RAD ( reactive Attachment Disorder.

The DHHS notice also said that the 10-year-old suffers from attachment disorder. Children with that condition, according to the clinic fact sheet, are typically neglected, abused or orphaned; and the developing brain may be permanently altered.

The disorder happens, the fact sheet says, "because the child's basic needs for comfort, affection and nurturing aren't met and loving, caring attachments with others are never established."

However, I was wrong about whether or not the first incident was taken seriously enough. I had forgotten that the mother had been told that her daughter was not to be left alone with babies. It appears that the mother disregarded that altogether.

Anonymous said...

The 11-year-old's Facebook page

Anonymous said...

Patricia, no offense meant, and I admire your intelligence; but this just goes to show that you should not be trying to diagnose a child you know little about other than what you've read and what you believe to be her symptoms and the posible cause thereof, but the fact remains; she has coldly and deliberately killed another helpless human being and tried once before to kill yet another one.

This alone should tell you that this child is a dangerous killer no matter what label you think might explain her actions and try to stick on her, or all the whys and wherefores you project into her being what she is: A killer.

All the analysis in the world will not change that, justify or excuse her. For whatever reason you think you've nailed as the cause; she remains a dangerous killer. There are fluke cells inside her brain no matter how they got there; they are affixed and attached there and are a part of her being; and for danged sure you can't reach inside her brain and replace them with good ones.

She projects the similarities and traits of being criminally insane and void of conscience (yes, at her young age) because those are the brain cells she possesses, but she is still a dangerous killer.

Anonymous said...

Further, I take exception to your analytical "because the childs' basic needs for comfort, attention and nurturing aren't met and loving, caring attachmets with others aren't established"... is pure popycock.

Have you any idea how many children grew up poor and basically neglected, with little attention from either parent other than to provide for their basic needs? How many more had few friends and attachments, if any; they had to rush home from school to help take care of the little ones or work in the fields, clean others homes, whatever, some even babysitting other kids too? Many adults had absolutely no social life, attachments or bonding with anyone while they were growing up; yet did not go off the deep end while growing up and made normal lives for themselves.

You need to consider that many families raised children for many decades where they had little time to give to them; farmers, factory workers, single parents who had to work two jobs and on and on. While they may have loved them deeply, not every mother (or father) has time to sit around coddling their child. Nice and dreamy, sure, but frequently not practical or realistic either. According to this theory, half the country would have been in prison decades ago for having murdered someone.

According to this particular analysis, hardly any of these children ever had a chance in life, including all those who came from alcoholic and/or drug infested homes, who also had few parental or close attachments. There are MANY of these children from all walks of life who have gone on to make successful and happy lives and never thought about committing a murder.

Therefore, this is not the reason this child murdered this baby. She did it because she wanted too, remembering that the last baby she gave her meds too didn't die so this time she made sure to beat the baby too, deciding to make SURE this one died.

rob said...

I remember when there were state mental hospitals. Dark windows, creepy looking places. We passed the one in our state capital on the way to the beach several times a year. I used to wonder what went on in there, mostly judging from movies I had watched. But those places were closed, and families of the insane or criminally insane were expected to care for their person and keep that person from hurting themselves or others.
I'm sure some people were there who didn't need to be there. But the problem is the ones who do need to be there and the families who are at the end of their rope, looking for answers where there are none. What insurance company is going to cover this type of long-term care. Lifetime.
Some humans, for whatever reason, should not live among us. This child will probably never live among others, until she kills again or is killed. Sad, sad story.

Anonymous said...

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