Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mindy McCree Denies Shooting

Mindy McCready denies shooting boyfriend: 'He was my soulmate'

The past few years haven't been easy for Mindy McCready; the country singer has dealt with drug addiction and jail, plus a protracted custody battle over her son with Billy McKnight. But Jan. 13, the day her boyfriend David Wilson died of a gunshot wound, was likely her lowest point in recent memory, as she told NBC's Andrea Canning on TODAY Tuesday.
"I have never gone through anything this painful," she said in an interview at her home in Little Rock, Ark. "He didn't just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soulmate."
Wilson, a 34-year-old record producer, was initially rushed to the hospital earlier in January after suffering reportedly self-inflicted gunshot woundthat did not immediately kill him. McCready was with him after the shooting. "I just started screaming, calling 911," she said. "I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die."
"He was responding," she added, saying he was only making "sounds," not words.
The investigation as to the cause of death remains open, and there are no suspects in the case (including McCready), Cleburne County Sheriff's Department said. Tests that will determine whether it was suicide or murder are due back in a few weeks.
But there remain lingering questions. McCready denied that Wilson, the father of her other son Zane, was having an affair, and explained that the bullet wasn't found until the next day because "it was in the dog's mouth." 
And when asked directly whether she shot Wilson, she was adamant: "Oh, my God, no. He was my life. We were each others' life."


sidewalk super said...

denial not reliable.....
With him now dead, she will continue spiraling down....
"in the dog's mouth"??
Why lie down next to person you've just shot when chances might exist of exposure?

shmi said...

Something that stuck out at me during her interview.

"He was not having an affair with another woman".

Was he having an affair with a man?

Confusing denial, "Oh my God, no".

Vita said...

The interview, it is not shown in it's entirety. Her to say this is the worst pain she has ever felt in her life. The question asked of her, for her response is not shown.

She is alive, he is not. Point blank asked if she believes he killed himself, her answer: I don't know. How could she not know? was there other people on her property, inside her house? was it only he and she present?
He to shoot himself on the front porch of the house, that was mighty nice of him. No mess inside the house.

The bullet (unsaid if it is the bullet that killed Wilson) not found until days later, was in her dogs mouth she says. The dog was shot? or he packed the bullet in his cheek like chew? or he found it, as LE could not, after they arrived on the scene? makes no sense.

Question, do you think he was murdered? her answer: I don't know

She was present in the house or on her property, she to say she laid down next to him, he still alive.
He making sounds. If your loved one has a gun shot wound and is clinging to life, why would you not be on the phone with a ER tech, being instructed on how to keep him alive? waiting for an ambulance. Or if not on the phone, instincts to kick in, attempting to use pressure, CPR, anything, screaming to a neighbor for help.

She to lay down next to him, she says passive, story book. He the love of her life, she did what? stared at him till he took his last breath?

I read in a presser, his 35th birthday approaching, he was to receive a portion of his inheritance left by his father. Amount not said, but it was substantial. That within their circle, she and he were having issues, he questioning remaining in their relationship.

The sheriff not closing the case, waiting for forensics, is telling. She has quite the past herself with chronic addiction, is this her today or is she sober? what do addicts do best? they lie. Will be interesting when the forensics are in and released.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter for posting about this....I used to love Mindy McCready and have followed her longtime battles for years now. My gut tells me so much is wrong with this, even with so much missing information.

Vita, you said perfectly everything I had in my head! I have been reading here for a few years now but don't post, I am trying to figure out how to do that. All I can figure out is the anonymous post. Love all the regular posters here!

Skeptical said...

I wonder if checking his hands for gunshot residue is part of the forensics? Would that be standard procedure for a small town Arkansas sheriff's department? Did they check Mindy?

Mouse74 said...

Laying next to your soul mate while they are dying?? Completely unexpected behaviour. I would be a wreck, frantic, not able to lay down, are you kidding me? The thought of finding my husband shot, I can't fathom laying down and accepting he was dying, absolutely NOT.

The bullet being found the next day in the dog's mouth? Seems like a way to discredit any findings in regards to the bullet found the next day. I don't get this one at all. Definite red flag here.

I hear this "I did not shoot him b/c he was not having an affair with another women". Why did she need to make a point that an affair did not happen? Possibly because that would give her motive to be the shooter? Definite red flag.

Are there any kind of statistics out there in regards to where suicides are genearlly performed? Do most suicide victimes keep it private, in a room, where they are guaranteed to be alone? Just seems odd for the porch to be a place to kill oneself. Not sure if this is a flag...

BostonLady said...

I remember reading about Mindi McCready when she almost died from a severe beating she got from her then boyfriend. Mindi was in the ICU fighting for her life. Then later I read she was arrested. DUI's I watched Dr Drew's Celebrity Rehab when she was on and can remember seeing her have the seizure on camera due to her major alcohol withdrawal. Mindi was a long time alcoholic so her withdrawal caused the seizure (s). At that point it looked like she was going to get her life back and continue on the straight path.

Based on this news, I guess not ! I did not read the whole interview but if she was asked "Did you shoot him" and she responded with an explanation of why she didn't, that's a big red flag. She wasn't asked for a reason.

The other red flag, like others have pointed out is her laying down next to him as he was dying. What? Most would react with horror and would be freaking out. Instead she passively lays down next to him and hears him making sounds? Was she laying there with him to make sure he was dead and couldn't talk when the EMT's arrived?

Mindi has had quite a wild life (if all is truth in the news reports) I think I remember at one point she kidnapped her own son from her mother. Her mother had custody of her son because of Mindi's wild ways and drinking.


Vita said...

Anon when you are at the comment screen you can set up a user name via google. Or click on Name/url and add your chosen user name. Hit preview and the name should replace anonymous. Hope this helps.
Press on a Country Music Station stated, Mindy did not go to Dave Wilson's memorial on January 19th. So many sites with incoming info, she to tell a source that she admitted, she and he did argue the night before.

A memorial service for Mindy McCready‘s life partner, David Wilson, was held January 19 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. E! News notes that the country singer and the nine-month-old son she had with Wilson, Zayne, did not attend.

The Eonline site to ask 5 questions, as you can read it at this link:

Here is where I read, he was upon his 35th birthday, Feb 11, he was to receive a portion of inheritance from his father. The other noted is Dave purchased a brand new truck 3 weeks prior to his " death". Isn't when people are contemplating suicide they give away their possessions, not go out and buy big ticket items.

He is said by his friends he was a happy guy, a happy father, no signs of anything other than, his recent contemplation to remain in the relationship with McCreedy.

Her quote: “I lay down next to him and just pleaded with him not to die.”

If she was the shooter, she would have his blood on her instantly. The described his wound "self inflicted" this equates close range, his arm length, gun to body. This why she laid down next to him? did not aid him, she to plead with him not to die. She to be covered in his blood once LE arrived. I cannot wrap my brain around her statements. Her dreamy like story, my soul mate, she to admit he was alive, she makes an odd micro-expression @1:56, when she replies, "sounds" her eyes change, her head ticks.

Her said, of her reaction to lay with him, he clinging to life, sounds like euthanasia. It doesn't add. Very sad for Wilson, their son, he now fatherless.

Mouse74 said...

Maybe she laid down next to him after he was already dead...and just used that as part of her story.

"I started screaming". Why the need to tell us it prompted her to scream? That's pretty expected. She wants to be sure the interviewer KNEW she was upset, when it's already a given that she would be in the first place.

Vita said...

Mouse and Boston
My first thought when I read the news as it was breaking -

She waited until he was dead
" dead" then she placed the call to 911. He then not able to speak, tell his side. Wondering if she was a bad shot, she thought he would die instantly and he didn't. Did she help him along? by holding his nose, pinching his airway? She did not provide him life sustaining aid, nor attempted to speak to a first responder. Makes you wonder, what she did do vs what she didn't do, by admittance, she did nothing prior to calling 911.

I searched online to see if the 911 call was released. It has not been released. She has more than one 911 call attached to her, audio on the net, her past.

If he was contemplating leaving, it establishes her motive. She to gain her first, oldest son back into her custody in Dec 2012, this would shatter her world. He the father of her youngest son, would bring on yet another custody battle. They not married. Her past precedes her. She thinking no way, not doing this again, no one, not even you are taking my son.

Game over you lose.

C5H11ONO said...

And when asked directly whether she shot Wilson, she was adamant: "Oh, my God, no. He was my life. We were each others' life."

"Oh, my God, no." - It has been found that when a person invokes the name of God there is a good chance he is being deceptive.
"He was my life. We were each others' life." She chose to answer for him even though he is not there. I believe in some crimes, the guilty person who denies complicity finds it difficult to keep the pronoung "we" out of a statement completely. This may indicate that she had involvement.

C5H11ONO said...

Above info from my Peter Hyatt notes! :)

Lemon said...

Welcome Laurie.

If you click on "Name/Url", you do not have to add a URL, you can just type in a name/nickname only and it will display similar to "sidewalk super" or "shmi" at the top. Hope this helps.

Lemon said...

"I just started screaming, calling 911," she said. "I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die."

There is a disconnect between screaming and calling 911, and 'lay' down and pleaded.

It is backwards in momentum. There is no 'dawning understanding' of the situation, and then a rush. There is the chaotic rush, then the "lay down" and "pleading".

rob said...

Mindy's brain if fried.
She shot him, picked up the shell and hid it. When LE looked and couldn't find it, they may have said, If he shot himself, the casing would be here. Oh no, next day, she finds it in the dogs mouth.
Do you think she thought to wash her hands? Will that remove gunshot residue?
I agree Vita, she either waited for death or helped him along, before calling 911.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

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Tania Cadogan said...

just reading the article i see deception,
What is to be seen is why she is being deceptive.

Asked in a soon-to-air "Dateline" interview if she shot Wilson, McCready replied: "Oh, my God, no. Oh, my God, no. ... He was my life. We were each other's life."

No strong first person singular event specific past tense denial.
repeats Oh my go, no twice indicating sensitivity also invokes god's name in order to make her denial seem more honest and believable
She doesn't know to what? it was a compound question which must be avoided.

"David was not having an affair with another woman. That is absolutely totally untrue," McCready said.
Anything in the negative is sensitive
Why does she say another woman?
Why doesn't she say the expected having an affair since the assumption would be the affair would be with a woman.
Were there previous affairs she knew of which would allow for another woman as opposed to the same woman or woman singular?
Could he have been having an affair with someone other than another woman ie a man?
Additonal words , qualifiers, weaken the statement.

In this case we have 8 qualifiers in regard to the denying of an affair.
Here, instead of the denial of 6 words David was not having an affair, we have it weakened by the addition of woman, further weakened by the addition of another implying there were other woman before then, then we have three additional qualifiers which weaken it even further absolutely, totally and untrue.

This leads me to wonder if he was unfaithful, she found out and jealousy took over either by killing him herself or hiring someone.

How loud was the tv if she didn't hear a gunshot?
Guns are noisy things, you can't not hear a gun go off in your house unless you have really bad hearing , the tv is on full blast and there is a lot of other noise.

She started to scream, she doesn't tell us she did scream.
the 911 call will be very revealing.

Why did she lie down next to him rather than rendering first aid?
was she still on the phone with the dispatcher when she lay down next to him?
what did the dispatcher say to do as he was still alive enough to make sounds?

Did she lie down next to him so there would be blood transfer aand thus concealing any blood that might have sprayed on her if she shot him?

If he killed himself then there will be gunshot residue on his hands and also on the cuffs and sleeves of anything he was wearing.
has it been tested for?

Was she tested for GSR?

Where was he shot and with what? could he have used the gun on himself to cause the injury?
is he left or right handed?
where was the gun in relation to him?

Her story and explanations are off, the fact she skipped the memorial also smacks of her hiding and avoiding the family and the guilt

Vita said...

Her quote: “I lay down next to him and just pleaded with him not to die.”

What was Wilson's version? she to lay down, she laying next to him. My guess is her face was in his. He to stare into the eyes of hers, he to gurgle, he to make sounds ...
Her to use the word " Pleaded"
What is the definition of Plea?
To beg for mercy

She openly confidently states she did not aid him what so ever. She though cannot respond with a defining yes or no that he did indeed kill himself.

She cannot respond with a definitive upon the question was he murdered? nope. She asked point blank did she kill him. Her answer OH MY GOD NO. God knows alright. Yep he does. The motive is spelled out. He threatened to leave her the night before they " Argued"

He to be gaining an inheritance upon his birthday, 2/11/13 from his father. Check = power. His son, they not married. She known to be a psycho, druggie, her past is beyond ugly. He and she became pregnant, he to be tied to her, he knowing she needed a 200 percent baby sitter while pregnant. His baby at risk. Her first son finally awarded back to her, Christmas 2012.

Dude having some clarity, the money coming, I do not have to live this way. I can make it on my own, take my son etc. She didn't like his game plan, therefore she removed his options for him. No custody battle, she has to be flat broke drenched in her own legal fees. Beyond disgusting, disturbing. The victim being his son, my thinking is he ( his son) was the only reason why he remained with her, that she became pg by him. He to stick it out even though everyone could tell him 1000 reasons why he should not hook up, be with Mindy. He wanted out, he wanted a life with his son. She to herself, to stew for the hours of, the next day: "over your dead body" try to take my son now.

He paid with his life, he wanting out, wanting a good life for his son. Mindy to live in her bubble world, she did what she felt was reasonable. " All Options" off the table.

Jen said...

I don't know what to think about this she eluding that he accidentally self-inflicted a gun shot wound? I don't see how a self inflicted gun shot could not be suicide unless an accidental discharge while cleaning or handling the weapon...but if that's the case why not say..' I believe it was an accident' or something like that?

As far as the 'sounds' me, it's likely that she would be haunted by the experience of laying beside him or being in close proximity while he was dying, regardless of whether she was responsible for shooting him or not. I was at my fathers bedside as he took his last breaths and the sound is excruciating. Although my dad was coming to the end of a long, painful was still all I could do to not jump on top of him and try to assist him. So, I can't imagine finding a young, healthy person in the condition she describes and just 'laying down beside him', surrendering his fate to her pleas 'not to die' way! Seems more like shes trying to pre-explain why she is covered with his blood and gun powder residue, etc.

I agree with Vita...McCready was not about to risk another custody battle and she was well aware what she stood to lose if he revealed negative information about her parenting or she eliminated the problem. Now he can never take custody AND her baby son probably inherits the trust his father left out pretty good for her!

Sus said...

"I just started screaming."
Just weakens the statement.
Started does not mean she did scream.

"Calling 911."
No pronoun. She doesn't claim this as fact.

"I lay down next to him and just, just pleaded with him not to die."
Has a pronoun and she claims this, though if she is really on the phone to 911 she should be busy with their instructions. Out of order. "just just" weakens pleading.

People lay down next to their loved ones when they KNOW they are going to die, helping to ease their passage. They try to save them otherwise. She lay beside him waiting for him to die, then called 911.

Laurie said...

Testing my name, sorry.....don't want to be anonymous!

Laurie said...

Yay it worked! Thanks for the name help guys :)

Tania Cadogan said...

WTG Laurie and welcome aboard

Tania Cadogan said...

For the bullet to have been 'found by the dog' it would have to be a through and through injury.

The angle of the entry and exit woulnd would show which way the bullet pierced his bullet ie front or back, it would show the angle the gun was held at and the height.

For a suicide there would be stippling around the injury from the gunpowder and possibly also burning (bullets get hot on firing)

The type of bullet as well as gun can affect the damage it causes and how far it travels.

What is interesting is that she doesn't tell us she performed any first aid especially given he was still alive and making sounds, on seeing a patient in this situation instinct is to try and stop the bleeding, give cpr if neded, make the patient comfortable and warm since shock kills as well as calling 911.

I have been involved in several life or death situations (nearly all have been particularly messy bar the stab wound to the heart which was surprisingly bloodless) My first and instant action is take control of the situation, make sure 911(999) has been called and then stop the bleeding, get the patient commfortable, get bystanders organised as to stopping and directing traffic, making tea (depending on location)and general reassuring of all. I am also very bossy and if the patient isn't co-operating i have become school principle hobs and pretty much told them behave or else (especially if they are drunk) I am also a fun firstaider, i will joke with the patient if conscious or not (they may still hear) as it distracts them from the pain as well as calming panicking bystanders ie if i am calm and not worried they aren't either.

What i don't do is lie down next to them and stare into their eyes whilst waiting for the medics to arrive.

I wonder where he allegedly shot himself as suicides tend to get comfortable first ie sitting or lying down, suicides usally tend to leave a note as well saying why.

If in the house and it's a through and through there is usually an indication of where the bullet ended up such as in the wall, ceiling etc, if outside again it will leave a mark where it lands sometimes embedding itself in something like trees, walls etc or the ground.
Where was the bullet that the dog could clearly find it and why would the dog bring a bullet back?
Dogs do not like guns unless trained, it would not smell nice (gunpowder for one).

Also it is possible there may be prints on it (human sweat is corrosive and will leave a corroded print even after firing)
prints could be obtained from the handle, the trigger, the barrel, unfired bullets, the Magazine.
If he shot himself his prints should be on the handle, trigger, bullets etc, her prints should not be on it.

LE need to have her take a polygraph, i bet she will fail since her statements so far indicate deception.

Pak31 said...

Interesting comments from everyone. Very insightful. I watched the video, trying to be very open minded. She didn't come across as honest to me. Her emotions come and go, her answers skirt the issue or just don't sound convincing. If she can't be sure whether he was murdered or it was suicide then she should be happy that the police are looking at all angles. If he WAS her whole life then she should want to know the truth. I just have a feeling she did this to him. Her emotions come across as someone scared that he was leaving her. I know we know that may have been the truth, but I now think that she freaked out because she thought she was about to lose everything in her life.

Vita said...

A detailed article on David Wilson, his inheritance - he was to receive.
What Mindy is to gain? his son is the one that is to receive everything. In a perfect world, fits here, as he is 9 months old.

He had no will. Nothing filed by him, he fully aware of his inheritance, left by his mother, father, both deceased. Sigh, this little baby to be the one who will suffer endlessly. His dad, his grandparents all gone.

Read article link:

IN the know said...

Mindy said on Oprah her mother was very abusive. Her son who was taken away from her, Zander, lived with her mother, Gayle, and told Mindy "mommy, her heart is black." Mindy said there was no love, only abuse on a daily basis growing up. I knew gayle. I found her creepy. In this video, I see Mindy acting like her mother. Gayle would create a lot of drama, very hurtful, then act like the victim. Gayle also lost custody of her son for emotional abuse. She made her 5 year old son say he was sexually abused by his father. She did not care about scaring her son. She wanted to hurt her ex husband. She also got Mindy to lie under oath. And that's what I see here. Mindy showing her Mom that she can play her game better. I can see Mindy thinking while giving this interview "Is this how you do it mom?" or "I can play this game better than you mom." Mindy is identifying with her abuser, her mother.. Also, her sex tape. the REAL Mindy. She tells her then boyfriend about 4 times that she is going to kill him. Yes, a sex tape, where she should be acting sexy. She smacks him with a hair brush, & slaps him. He even tells her she is abusive. She is very possessive saying I better be the only woman. She grills him if he would ever cheat, he says no. She laughs very seductively then eerily says "I don't believe you". She also says if she had cheated on McKnight he would've put a bullet in her head. As far as statement analysis, she is very certain he was not having an affair, the bullet was in the dogs mouth, but doesn't have that confidence when asked if she killed him. It's as if she puts to use all the years of watching soap opera's to deliver her great acting performance. She seems like she is trying to force tears, contorting her face, instead of them coming naturally.Motive? She gets attention. Stays in the news. she has been trying to revive her failed career. Plus sympathy. Maybe another Oprah appearance. also, her mother Gayle had a horrible relationship, husband cheated on her constantly and had their son taken away from her. I think Mindy said to herself she wasn't going to let this guy put her through that. Perhaps thinking "this is how you do it mom." And he was planning on leaving her, so there is motive. Was he suicidal? did he suffer depression? previous suicide attempts? If not, it would be hard to believe he would do this. wouldn't he want to live for his son? Another factor, his inheritance. That money could be used to take his son from Mindy. Did she have money? And if he was her soulmate, why weren't they married? Or at least engaged? He didn't want to marry her? His life partner? Yet he was about to leave her? A big red flag is claiming she didn't hear the gun go off because of TV. Because she knew she couldn't say I heard the gunshot, ran out, saw him, called 911? as evidence would contradict that. B/c she waited for him to die for sure? She laid down with him to sabotage the crime scene. Now his blood is on her, her finger prints are on the gun, gun powder on her. Another red flag, she doesn't know if it was suicide or murder. but at first she had her publicist say he committed suicide. Now she's realizing evidence shows homicide. "Ok, he was murdered." She's not forthcoming. She doesn't know anything. She was watching TV, she doesn't know if he was murdered. final thoughts, if you knew her mother, you would understand why Mindy is living out her mother's secret desires. Identifying with her abuser(in my opinion).

years ago said...

My fiance shot himself in front of me. I immediately covered my ears and ran away...I don't remember my feet hitting the ground to get in the house. I was too shocked to say what happened, I just said help Matthew, keeping my ears covered and unable to move once inside the house.

Anonymous said...

I find this interview not really an interview, but part of the game of a psychopath. In my opinion, it's as if she knows she did it, and she knows the police know she did it, so she is doing what she needs to do, which is go on TV and deny it. Play the part of innocent grieving girlfriend, I mean, soulmate. She is careful not to give out anything that could be used against her. She's reciting the words she planned months ago that she would say. And when asked if he was murdered, it seems like her answer "I don't know" is more like a check mate with the detectives on the case as she shrugs her shoulders, and now... there's my answer, now catch me if you can. In her sex tape she brags she has a very high IQ. Too bad she has a major personality disorder, sociopath? psychopath? Where one lacks guilt and a conscience that tells us right from wrong. She got that from her mother. IMO.

Anonymous said...

It strikes me odd that she is already saying the sheriff is on a witch hunt. He has not named her a suspect, and he is only doing his job. He's on a with hunt, yet she herself says she doesn't know if he was murdered. Very contradictory. If she can't rule out murder, then she shouldn't be so defensive that the Sheriff is looking at other possibilities besides suicide. Doesn't make sense. Unless that is her excuse for lawyering up and not talking to police anymore. Very defensive behavior, not cooperating.

Unknown said...

Most suspicious thing she said in her interview in my opinion was that she said that she told Wilson that she "forgave" him as he laid dying. Forgave him for what?

Clarks said...

Now she is gone too. Do we help people like this by letting them out easy? Bobby Brown released after only 9 hours for 3rd DUI